Creative Differences Are Knocking Directors Out of Marvel Movies

Published 3 years ago by , Updated January 29th, 2014 at 2:27 pm,

Official Marvel Studios Logo Creative Differences Are Knocking Directors Out of Marvel Movies

Marvel Studios now has five movies under its belt, with a sixth coming next summer in The Avengers, two confirmed for 2013 and another pair of unannounced films scheduled for 2014. All of these movies exist in a shared universe, taking part in an ongoing continuity with an overarching storyline running congruently in the background.

While seeing movies follow the comic books in this respect makes The Avengers possible, this strategy does also have its downside as we saw most evidently in Iron Man 2. Each movie by Marvel Studios must follow certain guidelines and must include certain characters portrayed in a very specific way, thus restricting the creative freedom of the filmmakers and talent involved.

Combine this lack of creative freedom with Marvel’s super tight money management and strict deadlines and we have Iron Man 1 filming without a complete script and Iron Man 2 becoming a complete mess, so much so that Mickey Rourke had bad things to say about Marvel. Then there’s Ed Norton who couldn’t even get along with Marvel enough to return for what would have been one of his coolest roles ever in The Avengers.

All this to say, Jon Favreau felt Marvel didn’t really know what they were doing with the next Iron Man movie and he wanted out. Kenneth Branagh also doesn’t want to return for Thor 2, so Marvel brought in Monster director Patty Jenkins who would have been the first female director to work for the studio. After she signed on, met with the cast, all things were positive until out of the blue she also dropped out. Why?

THR reports that like Branagh, “creative differences” are what made Jenkins pass on the job she was so excited for, but it’s not all negative, at least on the surface. Apparently, she’s in line to direct another film for the studio down the road, one that’s not a sequel.

“I have had a great time working at Marvel. We parted on very good terms, and I look forward to working with them again.”

Thor 2 is still on schedule and Marvel is reportedly going to replace Jenkins quickly – they just need to find a director who will eagerly follow all of Marvel’s demands and comply with the pre-established story arcs and creative direction. It’s a shame Jenkins couldn’t do her thing as her character-driven and dramatic expertise would lend itself well for a Thor sequel, where the first one had too much shine and camp factor.

With so many of Marvel’s directors dropping out and Joe Johnston (Captain America) not signing until after seeing where The Avengers leaves the character he helped establish, it’s interesting to see how the shared Marvel cinematic universe affects those behind the cameras and what they’re allowed to do.

As our own Kofi Outlaw questioned, is The Avengers hurting other Marvel movies?

Let us hope Joss Whedon knocks it out of the park with The Avengers and that the solo movie sequels that come out afterwards (Thor 2 and Shane Black’s Iron Man 3) bump up the quality.

The Avengers opens May 4, 2012 and Thor 2 hits theaters in the on November 15, 2013


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Source: THR

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  1. when did RDJ bash whedon or the avengers? i missed that article. as far as him saying shane black’s script is the best he’s read, maybe he was only referring to solo IM scripts. it’s no secret he has an attitude. he took control of the stage show at comic-con with the cast, but i think it was him being in character (a genius, billionaire playboy philanthropist)

    • @ If the article is solely referring to Downey’s most recent quote, then he didn’t “bash” either. He merely noted that the Avengers’ character costumes create a unique visual challenge that he hopes they can manage.

      That said, I think this article mainly misses the point. Marvel has a rather transparently tight grasp on their projects. This is out of both creative (the shared universe) and financial (the Merrily Lynch deal) necessity. Directors who experience success with them understandably leverage that success with more individual control in their next projects. Jenkins case is not necessarily similar to Favreau’s or Brannaugh’s. For all we know, she could’ve pulled-out in response to the chauvinistic treatment she was getting from a rather large swath of genre fans.

      Whatever the case, in an industry where most proposed projects never happen, Marvels recent track record has been nothing short of phenomenal. The fact that they’ve had some directorial turnover (if Avengers producer Favreau can be included in that group) has not yet shown itself to be a cause for concern. Heck, we may get to a point where no director stays for more than one project, yet we still get solid movies.

    • He never bashed Whedon or The Avengers.
      RDJ was just being his usual self… ;)

      He made a few remarks that could have been interpreted as “bad” (by those with no sense of humor), but I’ve seen enough RDJ interviews to know that he’s just the type of guy that loves to screw around with people (in a funny way ;)).

  2. I thought Ed Norton is one of those actors whos difficult to work with. Always wanting to change things within the script was what he was known for. Marvel Studios should of been more wiser before casting him if they knew he was like that. Because obviously he was gonna have to be a team player for The Avengers film & not be asking for changes when it would just complicate other actor’s parts in the film. As for Mickey Rourke, if he whines about some of the the other movies he’s been in besides Ironman 2, who cares what he had to say. Imo, i don’t find Ironman 2 as complete mess. All i could say is it wasn’t great or better. But it wasn’t as terrible as people hype it up to be. The whole SHIELD issue in the film, they had as much screentime in Thor. Atleast pretty close to it, only Nick Fury wasn’t in that film till the after credits. People liked Thor better too. I don’t feel The Avengers is hurting the solo movies because i feel they’re still starting things out with what they’re doin with these films they’re wanting to make.

  3. honestly I think that Marvel strategy once deemed brilliant will turn out to be a big mistake.
    They axed their whole strategy on the “shared universe” idea (multi-pictures deal,very fierce negotiation with their talent ) .On the first sight it may seem original,as far as I know the avengers is the first crossover in the history of cinema, and a good way of launching fledging franchise by leveraging the popularity of solid character that guest stars.But it costs way too much (director and actor pulling out because there’s no wiggle room for artistic creation, messy solo movies script ,production process rushed ) for an uncertain benefit: movies are not comics.People don’t want to commit when they go to cinema, they want immediate closure : a good hint of that mindframe is how cliffangher ending are always a source of complaint in movies. Crossover and shared universe are a geek guilty pleasure that feel comfortable in their favorite universe that they know backhand .Mainstream public can only be confused by the concept. The avengers will be ironman and friends for mainstream and if there is only a hint through word of mouth or marketing campaign that there is need to watch thor,captain america and IM to understand references the movie is dead in the water. DKR and Amazing spiderman will crush avengers next summer.
    DC did it with batman the way it should be done : give a director free rein on a character. Burton and Nolan gave challenging movies that were box office and critical success.You can secure top talent that will only come if they can “do their thing”,mainstream can follow it without too much of a headache.
    I will go see Avengers this summer as it’s a fan wet dream but it’s a deadend. And DC will probably pullout of JL and try to go on with DK if as I think avengers scores average (500-600) while DKR smashes again the box office 800-1000

    • Bit off on the figures by a Billion , and the shared universe concept is working well and will be copied by DC Warner.
      No one saw that but it great for comics fans in general.
      lets hope DC can do something besides reboot batman every 20 years and MOS is brilliant.

  4. I kinda agree with you ghinzdra,but I totally disagree that they should give directors free reign.It can work depending on the director,or it can be a total failure like with a movie like The Spirit.

    As for next summer,I think that TDKR will top the box office,but I don’t think that The Avengers will be that far behind,and The Amazing Spider-Man won’t come close to either of those.Here’s the odd thing though,I honestly believe that both TDKR and The Avengers will be huge disappointments,especially The Avengers,and I feel that Amazing Spider-Man will be like this year’s X-Men:First Class.Not necessarily the biggest,but probably the best one as far as the story goes.

    As for Marvel,I think they are making some pretty big creative mistakes.The quality of these movies seems to be on the decline since The Incredible Hulk,imo.Iron Man 2 was a farcry from the first movie,Thor was decent,but kind of flat,and Cap was way too much of a set up movie with poorly constructed montage scenes.I think that basically Marvel is throwing all their eggs into the Avenger’s basket.It will definitely be a successful movie,but I think that after it’s over,the bloom just might be off of the rose with anything else that follows.

    • well the only sensible reason why they couldn’t do that is because they pick average-godawful director instead of visionary director . I think miller crazy rants, wtf books and past mediocre movie made clear as to which kind he belonged. As for Marvel they’re treating the movie business like it’s the same thing as comics .They learned nothing of the 90′s when they overflowed the comics market .Now that they successfuly crampled it they crank out average B-movies that will have the same result. A single studio simply can’t produce 2 superhero movies a year,especially when they’re as generic as marvel movies and that there are 3-4 other studios producing superheroes movies .Public is growing tired and the fact that cap and thor scored average 300-400 after the 600 of IM shows that it requires a little more thinking. 2-3 movies a year FOR THE WHOLE MARKET is the optimum. One disney/marvel,One wb/dc, one alternative (either fox with x-men – they work better in their own universe anyway- or sony with spiderman.) There’s just no room for dozen of characters, sorry for iron fist and other daredevil fan. You need strong archetype: badass normal batman,friendly spiderman,techy ironman . Something that sticks . A long term strategy would be to only release top tier character that can stand on their own managed by top director with complete creative control and once in a while (like every 10 years) to pick up a couple of lesser known character and give them a shot to see if they stick. Batman,spiderman and superman had dozen of year to penetrate the world popular culture(there are batman and spiderman manga for christ’s sake! with completely different spin on the character) and build a fanbase.Ironman has already taken that spot for the next decade and entered the a-list. Now they should wait but they won’t because they’re hungry and dumb. As it stands now the genre is just waiting for its own “cuthroat island”.

      • Um…the genre already had its own “Cutthroat Island” this year, it was called “Green Lantern”. The studio lost over $200m on it.

        • @Keon,

          Where did you get that figure from?

          WB isn’t losing money on GL overall.

  5. Speaking as a fanboy ;):
    You guys are entitled to your own opinions, but I can guarantee that when (and this isn’t an “if”), WHEN The Avengers & IM3 blows you all away, you’ll come crawling back saying “Marvel Studios is the best! How could we ever have doubted them!?”

    Speaking as a film critic: The only reason the last few marvel flicks weren’t as great as IM1 is because they were setting up The Avengers — that’s it. I know I’ve said this before, but after The Avengers, Marvel will most likely focus on the individual characters again.
    Reason: the characters are now established. That job is done. Now they can focus on developing those characters in their own movies and have a team up movie or two along the way — but all this crossover stuff and shared-plots (the things that made IM2, Thor and Cap a bit underwhelming), will mainly end as soon as The Avengers hits theaters.


    • job is done? great! because the windows is closing anyway so there won’t have another shot. Just how long exactly do you think the genre will carry on? no genre dominates more than a decade give or take . Superhero fad began with x-men in 2000. Its consumption date is closing in marvel movies last batch, green lantern, first class box office figures proved it. Not a single movie grossing 500 million. You can argue they are smaller character, avengers got in the way but still there wasn’t any really successful introduction of a character. People are getting fed up. Avengers will have iron man gross at best and after that it will be over. Thor and cap will never emerge whatever you may think and marvel delusional market plan about small timers like iron fist or Luke cage the public don’t give a crap about will crash big time. They re as stupid as wb ordering a sequel for green lantern while movie wasn’t fully shot and Internet reaction was awful.

      • the fad started in 2000? really? well lets look @ that claim. according to wikipedia (i know, i know) from 78-80 there were 2 live action “superhero ” films released (superman 1 & 2), and from there on it just keeps getting bigger. from 81-90 there were 10 films released, ’91-2000, 22 films, ’01-’10, 39 films, however, that list also includes such movies as “superhero movie”, “lightspeed”, “the specials”, “kick-ass”, “sky-high”
        according to this list, that’s an average of 4/year.but in 2008 there were 8 (which includes “superhero movie”) in 2011 there were 5 movies released, 4 set for 2012, so far. however, i would not say that this is the dominate genre, i believe that would go to “horror” films. in 2001 there were 35 horror films released in the us, in 2009 there were…anyone…anyone…187. 10 of those were diret to dvd releases. so i think the comic book, superhero, whatever you want to call it genre is not going anywhere for a long time. who cares if they dont make 500 million? not the studios, cause they keep making them. the only film of this genre to hit that mark was TDK, and lets face facts, if heath ledger had not died before it’s release, i don’t believe it would have hit that mark.(i base that claim on the fact that BB only did 205 mil, and is ranked at 109 all time box office, i could be wrong. when TDKR comes out, we will see. i hope it does well.

        on a side note, i wish they would get away from how much money the movie has brought in, but tell how many tickets were bought. it seems like that would be a more accurate factor as to how well a film did, because ticket prices are different all over the country, inflation, etc…i’m just sayin…

        • Actually yes, the fad really did begin in 2000.

          Yes, there were superhero films before then. Just like there were spy films before Dr. No and there were sci-fi films before Star Wars.

          Just because other films came first doesn’t mean that’s when the fad started. From the late 70s until 2000, how many superhero films were there? They were dominated by two characters — Superman and Batman, which can be traced more to those characters and their extremely influential pop culture legacy. And even they didn’t fare too well at the end of their initial runs. Batman & Robin was thought to be the death of superhero films.

          X-Men really started the fad in 2000 because that’s when studios who had options on all these superhero properties decided “hey, we should really look into investing into these things seriously.” Plus, that’s really when the technology to do superhero films justice came into full effect.

    • @Avenger
      I’m with you. Having 6 interlocked films opens the door to all types of capabilities (even future movie marathons like Planet of the Apes). Beyond that, it may help for us to remember that Marvel is a company that used an innovative film strategy as a major part of their recovery from the brink of bankruptcy… and transform itself into a $4 company billion company that’s now part of Disney.

      If anyone disagrees with their strategy, fine. But to say that DC is doing it right is bit puzzling. Beyond Batman, we’ve recently been given Green Lantern and Jonah Hex. There have been other successful DC projects (such as Red), but those projects have such weak branding that most don’t connect them with to a broader company film effort. Worst of all, let’s not get on Superman. While the latest version looks destined for success, if there is one hero who should be impervious to the need for a reboot, it’s the *first* superhero.

      To the point; Marvel’s strategy may not be flawless… but it’s certainly been incredibly successful… and is on track to have an even greater impact in Phase 2.

  6. Marvel isn’t innocent by any means and I love Norton but he was completely wrong for the role of Banner. Bana and Connelly were so much better even if the original movie was lolwut as a whole. Ang had some itneresting ideas it just didn’t come out all that great.

    Thor was alright but nowhere near Iron Man 1. and Iron Man 2 didn’t feel tight enough honestly so maybe dropping these directors is a good thing. Marvel just needs to not stifle them but the directors have to also try and keep their scope from being too out there otherwise we’ll have another Daredevil or Ang Lee esque Hulk

  7. Marvel sucks. The Avangers movies will now suck, along with the other solo movies because the actors can’t improvise any scene and directors cant change a scene just a tad. Marvel (Disney) needs to calm down before they destroy this whole thing that could be really awesome

    • Are you kidding?!
      The actors improvise all the time (that courthouse scene in IM2 was MOSTLY improv, dude).
      The directors change the scenes all the time as well (The Avengers as an example: Whedon has said countless times that there were many occasions where he needed to change the script/a scene to make it work – he would have to run into a room and rewrite the scene four or five times until he could get an even better scene which worked for everyone)

      I find it very funny how you’ve done absolutely no research to back up these empty claims. (Go watch the director’s commentary, some interviews with the cast and crew, maybe even the behind the scenes featurettes of each Marvel movie, come back here, and try to make those claims again.)

  8. I think its funny how people cant speak their mind on this site without getting blocked. I mean everytime I try to comment it says, “your comment seems to be spam” thats complete bull CRAP. Im not disrespecting anyone on this site at all. Im just stating my point that Marvel(DISNEY) need to let directors and actors do their thing..The whole Chris Evans ‘I dont like the mask, Im a big baby’ really turned me off. I liked how he bulked up for the role. Just man up and wear the damn mask. Captain American never fights without his mask

  9. ghinzdra..has the most real comment on this rant. Im sorry if I offend you Vic, with my realness, I just want people to hear my side

    • “People don’t want to commit when they go to cinema, they want immediate closure : a good hint of that mindframe is how cliffangher ending are always a source of complaint in movies. Crossover and shared universe are a geek guilty pleasure that feel comfortable in their favorite universe that they know backhand .Mainstream public can only be confused by the concept. The avengers will be ironman and friends for mainstream and if there is only a hint through word of mouth or marketing campaign that there is need to watch thor,captain america and IM to understand references the movie is dead in the water. DKR and Amazing spiderman will crush avengers next summer.” …

      is this one of the “most real” comments you are referring to? where is he coming up with these stats? i doubt there will be anyone going to see “The Avengers” who hasnt seen most, if not all the tie-in films. nobody seemed to mind going to see 8 harry potter movies, or 3 lotr films…to say people dont want to wait for conclusions is just not accurate, maybe it’s you who wants “immediate closure” personally, i have enjoyed this long ride to “The Avengers”, and will still be riding on all the movies. I think Marvel has done a tremendous job keeping the continuity in line on all these movies, and i cant wait to have the ultimate movie marathon the week before “The Avengers” hits the theaters.

      or maybe it’s this one…
      “A long term strategy would be to only release top tier character that can stand on their own managed by top director with complete creative control and once in a while (like every 10 years) to pick up a couple of lesser known character and give them a shot to see if they stick.”

      i really don’t get his point(s).
      and then you contradict yourself…

      “Marvel(DISNEY) need to let directors and actors do their thing..The whole Chris Evans ‘I dont like the mask, Im a big baby’ really turned me off. I liked how he bulked up for the role. Just man up and wear the damn mask. Captain American never fights without his mask”
      wasnt he just doin his thing?
      maybe you want marvel to let some actors improvise lines…maybe like hugh jackman did in xmen 1st class? that was unnecessary profanity imo. i mean c’mon, these films are aimed at kids, do they really need to be dropping the f-bomb? i’m just sayin…

  10. Plunging into a micro-managed, heavily established franchise like the House of Marvel is a HALO jump for any director… and unfortunately, it’s ALL about the strength of the script (Green Lantern, much?)…
    if a decent, journeyman director has a good sci-fi themed superhero premise, strong writing, a workable budget and a good cast, he/she can make a quality, smart and enjoyable film…
    but even an A+-list director cannot make a silk purse out of Ed Norton’s ear, and will create a quick-to-fade embarrassment if the dialogue, setups and back-story aren’t first-rate. We saw it with Iron Man 3 and Favreau.

  11. “A director should be able to give their own input when it comes to writting a script.”

    What ever happened to a director DIRECTING from the script that WRITERS write?

    A director should direct. If they cant handle the script they are given they should kindly pass on the job.

    IF they are given other options then so be it. However for the most parts a director needs to do their job and their job only.

    So if Patty Jenkins is given the option to direct a movie (and accepts) she should direct it. That is her job. She, and other directors, are paid to direct the movie as it is written.

    This is another problem with Hollywood. You get some people that elevate their position higher then it should be and or believe because a few others are talented enough to do it they can just because of their title of ‘director’.

    Ive also read here about no continuity is needed because in “x” amount of years the actors will be so old, yet in almost the post someone says that these characters are iconic and it doesn’t matter who plays them as long as they are written correctly.

    Its no surprise I do not LOVE Nolans Batman. I enjoy them but as far as its comic book counterpart I find it a slap to the face. So no everyone does not fall and bow to everything Nolan does. He had nowhere to go with Batman but up. I think if given the reigns my cat could have made a better Batman then the last one. (prior to Nolan)

    Need I use another director to prove the point? M Night Slamadingdong. He THOUGHT he knew what The Last Air Bender was about.. I mean there is a beginning middle and end already in cartoon format. He is (or was) by all accounts a successful director. All he had to do was ‘copy’ the source materiel.

    No let me put my own spin on things and even go so far as to have the other cast members pronounce the lead characters name like they have a mouth full of bile.

    It is Marvels sandbox. You dont become a leading comic book publisher and presence (Disney) in the entertainment industry by letting people do as they please with your bread and butter. Will there be hits and misses on both sides? You bet no one (not even Nolan) is perfect. However I feel more secure when the source material (within reason) is completed controlled by the people that know it best.

    • I agree that there are times when a director should merely direct the script that has already been written. I’m not denying that. However, during the process of actually filming, they may find out that something from the script feels out of place or just doesn’t work, and want to cut that in order to make the best film possible. We aren’t talking about a huge amount of creative freedom here, we’re talking about cutting a scene here or there or altering dialogue. Marvel isn’t giving these directors that opportunity.

      For example, did anyone else feel that that last sequence in Captain America in 2011 Times Square felt at all out of place? If that movie had ended with the little kids playing in the street, the movie ends on such a strong emotional note. But they needed to add that last sequence because… it was mandated.

      • I concur. Im not saying just do it as it is written without a directors eye but to toss up your arms and walk away because you cant do it the way you want to is unacceptable.

        I have seen many out takes from hey it was going to be done this way but we went this way. There is no reason the director on occasion cant film a certain thing two different ways and say hey I know you wanted this and we did it this way but we also did it this way.

        I guess im old fashion if im hired to do a job a specific way I do it. If I have a suggestion to it differently I suggest it. If the person that hired me does not want it done my way I continue to do what I was hired to do.

        If it goes south I can point the finger and say hey I did it the way they wanted me to do it.

        Some of these people have no leg to stand on thinking they are greater then they really are. Prove yourself THAN you can dictate how much control you should have.

        • What’s that old saying? Every director believes they can write a story, and every writer believes they can direct a movie. Some can even cater the whole thing.

          The thing is though, the writer is really not in the equation once they start shooting the movie, and many times they bring in yet another writer (who probably falls more in line with the director) to make script changes. Look at how many people work on some of these scripts, it is really hard to tell where the ideas came from.

          A director probably gets more say because at the end of the day they get hit with the crap from the fan when the movie bombs. Writers tend to dodge that bullet and move on to the next script treatment.

  12. “As our very own Kofi Outlaw questioned “pfft….I’ve been saying that since there was common sense.
    I’ve been questioning this Avengers movie since I heard about the tie-ins.Yes there will be an Avengers movie,sounds like fun but where will the characters end up in their own movies after that team up,and what’s the use of fighting a major threat by yourself when there is a team to do it for you..yeah yeah it works for the comics but try telling that to the no nonsense movie goers “oh every other character was busy fighting their own battles”.Yet they are there for Avengers Assemble.

    Captain America’s director is even waiting to see…I mean Cap was taken out of his era with stories left to be told and thrown into the future,might as well take it from there,let’s really see how that goes.

    I’ve read where majority if not all have been saying DC should follow Marvel with a tied universe JL movie.Time will tell if WB/DC were the smart ones.

    • @ Djinn

      Im not too worried about the solo movies after The Avengers. I kinda think it as like Batman being a part-timer within the Justice League. He just goes on his own way back to Gotham. So i would imagine Thor, Ironman, Captain America, etc. will do the same in their own ways till the time they’re asked to assemble again.

      • Yeah, and seeing as how RDJ said the Iron Man 3 script was the best he’s read in 5 years (look up all the awesome movies he’s done in the past 5 years ;)), that alone reassures me that Marvel (and their writers) have it in them to continue the “solo films” without there being any confusion concerning The Avengers or whatever.

        • Do you honestly think RDJ will say it sucks before it is in the can? ;)

    • @Djinn: What are you worry about? You have no idea about where the character goes in the end of Avengers / this event???? Sounds like a non comic book fans in here… If you read comic book especially Marvel then you won’t thinking about that because you’d say, “YEAH, I AM A HAPPY FANBOY AFTER I WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!!!!”

    • It would be wonderful if the DC movies where connected like Marvles it would make it a lot simpler if they decide to make a Justice League movie that way you don’t spend a whole movie interducing hero’s because the viewer would all ready know about them But WB and DC aren’t going to do that because they think that there way is best

  13. i just love it that people come to these forums, hating on a movie, or an idea for a movie, that is months away from being released. i would love to see them eat their own words, but, they wont. even if avengers broke some box office record, or, gob forbid, win some kind of oscar, even if for best score or something, they would never admit that they were wrong. it would just be “meh…the movie sucked, just like i said it would…”everyone is entitled to their opinion, but jeez, wait til you at least see the thing before you go bashing it

  14. Okay. You all people just saying your opinion about “this should be like this…” or “this shouldn’t be like this…” but the point is: JUST LET MARVEL DO WHAT THEY WANT TO DO… We all know that what Marvel Studios doing right now is a revolution in its genre… Audience or Hollywood will accept that either way, and only TIME and MONEY will tell about this continuity. The future of Comic Book Movie adaptation is on the money right now. If it’s going succeed in the box office, then the studio will do this again no matter how bad of critical reaction in it. Money is everything, pal.

  15. In my opinion all the marvel studios films so far have been pretty bland, pretty meh, hopefully the avengers will turn that around, but it seems unlikely. On 5Live Kenneth Branagh didnt mention creative differences, he said he didnt do Thor 2 cause he would have had to jump into preproduction on it straight away and be heavily involved for another couple of yrs and he didnt want to make that kind of commitment. Of course he could just be being diplomatic

  16. Look i doubt that marvel wants another X-men bungle where they had Bryan Singer direct the first two only to have Brett Ratner drop the ball with the last one or lets not mention the whole Spiderman trilogy that was a load flaming Dogie do-doo. i mean really they have to keep a tight rein on the directors if that means that they don’t get to have as much freedom to be creative then so be it I really don’t want to see Iron man and Thor turned in to uttter Crap like the X men and spider man movies were.

  17. You know what? Boo hoo, whiny directors. I didn’t hear about Peter Jackson whining when he directed The Lord of the Rings, or the directors whine when they directed the Harry Potter and Twilight films. An ADAPTATION is going to have defined characters and storylines. Get over it!

  18. I love comic book movies from both DC and Marvel or Image etc.even the ones that get bashed a lot turns out to be a favorite of mine sometimes.Lately those movies are the ones I go to the theater to see.Conan and Cap.A was the last movies I saw in a theater and Ghost Rider 2 seems to be the next time I’ll be in another theater…

    Speaking of Ghost Rider.When was the last time we got a good sequel from Marvel?

    • Iron Man 2 didn’t suck. And if we’re being really serious? Spider-man 2. THAT was a good movie.

      btw, I AM looking forward to Ghost Rider 2, and I did indeed enjoy the first, but the sequel looks a million times better. I’ll be there too.

  19. Marvel wants movies with cookie cutter scripts and very little imagination.
    Is it a coincidence that all these Dirctors are leaving?
    We need someone who can make the next movie into something different and the movie studios need to allow the Directors to think out side of the box.

    • @ MikeyM

      Marvel just wants these films to all be connected in the same universe no matter small the directors have their films be connected to this film or that film.

      I don’t remember the director’s being contracted to make a number of films like most of the cast in solo franchises that leads towards The Avengers. Jon Farveau left because of another project he wanted to work on & little because of how Ironman 2 was made. Joe Johnson might still direct Captain America 2, after Avengers is released. Both Branagh & Jenkins might of wanted to work on other projects perhaps.

      Imo i think Marvel is doin alright for themselves for right now. Ironman 2 is the only film that had SOME negativety towards it. Avengers isn’t out yet & it seems people are jumping to conclusions of what solo franchises will be like after The Avengers. I thought Ironman 2 was decent personally. It wasn’t great but wasn’t as terrible as people exaggerate imo.

      It would be nice if studios if studios let directors think & do things outside of the box. Some studios do, for few directors more than others.

  20. Marvel should direct & produce a Halo movie. That would be awesome! Too bad I don’t think they have the rights to it.

  21. Fantastic Four 1&2 anyone? Doctor Doom, one of the most complicated characters to antagonize the FF is reduced to a pompous Electro type character?! The Silver Surfer… Don’t get me started… There is a reason why Marvel has to control the character and story arcs. These stories have spanned for decades. Generations of fans have seen these stories evolve.

    Some of these creatives think they can rewrite the Marvel Universe. They often do it in the worst way.

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