Clark Gregg Says The Avengers is Just The Beginning

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the avengers movie logo Clark Gregg Says The Avengers is Just The Beginning

This is certainly the most interesting statement to come from the chat with Gregg, specifically when he mentions that the “first act of this giant epic” occurs in The Avengers. It’s no surprise that The Avengers will drive the franchise into spawning many other movies, many that we’ve already seen enter early development (Dr. Strange, Iron First, etc.) but if they (or most) tie into a bigger story arc, then we can start imagining the bigger picture and structure behind it all. It’s a sure-thing The Avengers will have sequels and perhaps then we can see characters like Ant-Man, Wasp, Black Panther and others join the crew.

The Avengers will introduce to us our heroes joining together, and learning to work as a team as we are also introduced to a greater threat for which none of these heroes can stand against alone. But this enemy may be but a minion of the great overarching enemy who we could see in sequels – at least, that’s the plan should Marvel bank well at the box office.

Such a large behind-the-scenes story also provides a place for a SHIELD movie to exist. How about a movie starring Agent Coulson? They’re already in talks with Scarlett Johansson for a possible Black Widow spinoff

“I’m ready. I’m waiting for that call. Definitely Agent Coulson is really shrewd, he doesn’t get into fights that he can’t win. So he’s waiting for the right moment, for a feeble enough opponent to come along. Certainly in Thor, there are some exciting moments involving Agent Coulson. I’m not going to say another word.”

That won’t happen but I’m definitely interested in a potential SHIELD movie for which Samuel L. Jackson hinted at as a potential film shooting next year and for which Marvel President Kevin Feige showed an interest in.

There’s limitless potential here and that’s no doubt a big part of why Disney wanted to jump into the action in acquiring Marvel. The trick will be to ensure each movie is good so we all desire more.

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Thor opens May 5, 2011; The First Avenger: Captain America hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

Source: Techland

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  1. you mean exciting moments as in one of the scenes in the trailer where agent coulson and his team -spoiler alert- get pwned by the destroyer :)

    bring on an agent coulson tv show! that would be awesome

  2. So…does this mean that the whole infinity war saga is going to happen in the Marvel movieverse? We have after all seen pictures of the infinity gauntlet, which will supposedly be in Thor somewhere…

    • Could be… We saw the Infinity Gauntlet up close at Comic-Con, each day they replaced what was on display. From the Thor helmets, to Cap’s shield to the gauntlet.

  3. Ther was a scene from the Thor Footage where Loki was standing in front of a mysterious green box.
    That could be the container for the guantlet.

    • LOL dude, that “mysterious green box” is actually the cosmic cube!!! You have no knowledge of the Marvel Universe

      • And you, Jubaer, probably have too much knowledge of the Marvel Universe. Calm down, man.

  4. Wish they would do the Secret Wars I and II saga, though I am certain it couldn’t be done with any kind of justice on the screen. Too involved with cross-overs.

  5. I would love for Marvel to secretly be giving Clark Gregg Karate and Kung Fu training along the lines that the cast from Matrix received… (by that I don’t mean wire-work.. I just mean months of intense training and fight coordinating.) So he could bust out and kick some serious ass in an upcoming movie. There has to be a reason, beyond the ability to remain calm under pressure, that Nick Fury entrust so much responsibility to him. He must be able to “handle himself” when the poop hits the fan.

    • Hee Hee. He said “poop”.

  6. Possibilities are endless

    Kree/Shrull War
    Infinity Gaunlet/War
    Cosmic Cube/Beyonder
    Skrull Invasion

    I think that if you look at the comic book properties that will give you a clue as to what Marvel’s intentions are in regards to the material it’s films will cover..Very recently Thanos, Nova, Quasar, The Magus, The Revengers(Anti-universe’s Avengers) have taken center stage..I think Thanos will definitely be an antagonist in the Avengers films..and I see a lot of the cosmic characters mentioned above being in the calvary..I don’t know why but I think the Silver Surfer will become a Marvel controlled property in the near future and he will be one of these cosmic heroes to aid the Avengers in their battle with Thanos..Hulk, THor and Drax the Destroyer taking on Thanos in a slugfest..that would be very cool to see..

    • Hee Hee. He said “Thanos”. Thrice.

      • Lets not forget the possibility of the Civil and Secret War (excluding Spider-Man, the X-Men, and the Fantastic 4 of course). But out of all of that I’d say that Thanos is the main threat of the Marvel Movie universe. He is the Marvel equivalent of the Anti-Monitor or Darkseid from Dc.

        • Ild like to see either the gauntlet or the skrull invasion… But ild hate to see a civil war, and its not because I hated it, in fact, I LOVED THE CIVIL WAR SAGA!!! Its because that if the avengers was a four hour movie and it was about the civil war, alot would be missed… the avenger would be big enough, but then throw in everyone else? too big and messy… i like the skrull invasion, and the gauntlet, and although I dont have much knowledge about the cosmic cube, i think that might be good… I only read 1-3 comics featuring the beyonder… maybe i should google him…

  7. I would love for marvel to even do an animated Secret Wars Movie with all the voice talent from the live action movies. Secret Wars II just blew chunks, but the first one was epic. Thor, Hulk, Hercules holding up a mountian range to save the rest of the heroes… that Galactus dropped on them! The mutants being their own army because they distrust both sides. Spidey getting a gift of a black suit from the Beyonder that is way more than it seems. Some really good stuff there, very cinematic.

  8. Last line: “The trick will be to ensure each movie is good so we all desire more.”

    Amen. Amen. Amen. I couldn’t agree more.

    Marvel is creating the Marvel Studios movie brand. If they let out a ‘stinker’ early on that will definitely affect the brand. Future films will be judged based on the current ones. Why do you think we have such hesitant faith in Fox Studios regarding X-Men? ’cause they have given us less than quality films to date.

  9. I wish they would let these films stand on their own a little more.

    • How have they not been stand alone films? IM2 was still Tony’s story. As HE dealt with an attack from the US govt, a business rival and a man who’s father used to work with Howard Stark all while trying to SAVE his life. Yes SHIELD got involved but more just to link movies together and show how connected they really are, but at the end of the day it was still Tony’s story.

  10. I am more stoked about these movies at uni was for X-men,because now i am so disappointed with the directions these nitwits have taken with the X-men universe.and i a very big X-fan,i have the logo tattooed only breast,.tags why I’m so pissed at this excrement they have come up with and under a very deceiving title .X-MEN FIRSTCLASS..Please..its X-men de-evolving..Stan Lee should be ashamed for hem doing this ..but at least the whole avengers ,CAP shield and other universe seems on cue..loved with Iron man movies and Tony so cute as hell!!

    • Come on people you need to give the X-Men movie a chance. Yes the title is deceiving but I am still intrigued about seeing the relationship of Xavier and Magneto evolving from friends to enemies. Plus remember they will probably do a sequel, which is when you can add the beloved Cyclops and Jean Grey.

      • Meh.

        We gave them a chance… the first two were solid. Then 3 came along and was a letdown. Then Origins: Wolverine came along with his Roger Rabbit claws and I was done. Seriously? How could the special effects get worse after 3 movies? oh wait… I know… because Hollywood feels like everything has to be a special effect. Those claws looked horrendous. what was wrong with the actual prop items he was wearing in the first 3 films? oh that’s right… NOTHING was wrong with them.

        First Class will be the first Marvel super hero film I don’t see at the theater. and that includes the letdown party that was Ghost Rider. lol

        • @Raven I have to agree with that. Although X-Men #1 was just “ok”. X-Men #2 was had and incredible opening scene and was overall not bad. Now lets not forget Fox’s other UPSETS in the Marvel/Manga universe:MARVEL “Daredevil”,”Elektra”,”Fantastic Four”,”Fantastic Four #2″.MANGA “DragonBall” % “Legend Of Chun Li”. I will not give Fox anymore chances with Marvel,Manga,or Video Game franchises.