Iron Man 2: Marvel Blindsides Terrence Howard

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iron man site james rhodes Iron Man 2: Marvel Blindsides Terrence HowardWhat the heck is wrong with Marvel Studios?

First they drag their feet on hiring Jon Favreau to direct Iron Man 2 (no-brainer, right?), and now it seems that they’ve bungled the Terrence Howard/JamesĀ  issue.

It seems that Marvel never notified Howard that he was dropped from the sequel. He heard about it the same way the rest of us did – by reading about it on the internet.

According to SuperHeroHype, Terrence was doing a radio interview with NPR to promote his debut album “Shine Through It,” when of course he was asked about the Don Cheadle replacing him in the sequel.

Here’s what he had to say:

“It was the surprise of a lifetime,” he said. “There was no explanation. [The contract] just…up and vanished. I read something in the trades implicating that it was about money or something, but apparently the contracts that we write and sign aren’t worth the paper that they’re printed on, sometimes. Promises aren’t kept, and good faith negotiations aren’t always held up.”

Now if he’s telling the truth… damn.

We’ll keep you posted on this story as more details come to light. Personally, I can’t wait to hear what Marvel has to say about this.

Is it possible the story of his replacement in Iron Man 2 is all unfounded B.S.?

Source: SHH

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  1. woah.

    I hope Marvel didn’t do that – they’re brand new and high-rollin’. It would be unwise to destroy the respect and fanbase they have earned. People do not forget these sorts of things.

  2. I really, really hope this is actually just one big rumor. Howard did a solid job in Iron Man, even if he got very little sreen time. I think he could do well as War Machine. If they put someone in, it would ruin the continuity. If this is just unfounded rumors, that would make my day.

  3. I hope so too. They really shouldnt mess with the chemistry they already have. Didnt the movie make enough for you to bring everyone back Marvel?!? They have a chance now to go crawling back to him and beg him to come back. They should do it too. One of the reasons Iron Man was such a good movie was that the right choices were made in casting. Everyone was believable. There was some serious talent in that movie. Not to knock Don Cheadle, he’s good too, but we dont know if he would do a good job as Rhodey. We do know Terrence Howard does.
    Besides, if they plan on making a War Machine spin off, they should keep the actor that is excited about the role.

  4. I agree completely with deadpool. Casting is everythign in a movie sometimes. I’m not trying to knock Cheadle but Howard already proved he could pull off the role and another aspect of that is Cheadle just looks a bit too old to be pulling off the Rhodey role. Rhodey and Stark are the young captains and princes of enterprise (with a military spin for Rhodey in the movie) and Howard has that look and attitude.

    I could just see Howard’s role expanding to take over as Tony slides down his slippery slope. You could see they were really good friends and Rhodey wasn’t afraid to tell Tony when he ws screwing up and stand up to him but at the same time be that supportive friend. I’m highly disappointed in Marvel if this is true.

  5. I’m a little skeptical about this. Not that it couldn’t have occurred but it just doesn’t quite seem like how it’s done.

    I interned for a studio lawyer and watched how they did business. It’s really a lot like buying a house, with the lawyers, managers and agents acting like relators and the studio and the talent acting like buyers and sellers.

    The agent/manager does talk to the client during the dealmaking process. In the office I worked in, negotiations didn’t disappear so much as stall out, with one side or the other not following up or responding to a deal on the table.

    For him to be caught unawares really strikes me as a face saving move. My experience, and granted its rather limited so someone with more can jump in here and trump me, is that talent knows when deals have fallen apart. Their negotiators, the agents and managers they pay, have told them as much well before it hits the press.

  6. @Jody

    I know what you mean. It sounds completely bizarre. Only time will tell what the real story is here.


  7. If he hasent been replaced ,
    Why is he talking about his contract vanishing ?
    why didnt Paramount set the record straight from the outset?
    and there has also been no denial from Jon Favreau.
    I think its very possible that Howard is trying to torpedo the deal with Cheadle So that Paramount will have no choice but to turn to him ,
    at which point he will ask for more money .
    I think he would love it if this story got all over the internet and fans DEMANDED his return.

  8. You think someone in his camp started it?

  9. I dont know what happened.
    but I am hesitant to say its all the studio without more information.

  10. My theory is that he wanted more money, and Marvel said they were re-casting the part with Cheadle, thus forcing Howard to take not as big of a raise.

    Sony did the same thing with Tobey Maguire over Spidey 2 when he demanded $25 million for the sequel to the super hit film. So Sony hired Jake Gyllenhaal, and Tobey caved. Though he’s getting a big payday for Spidey 4 and 5.


  11. Heath,
    while it doesnt seem Howard is caving yet,
    that sounds like a good theory to me.

  12. I dont know… this whole situation is bizare to begin with. Im hopeing at the end of all this BS, Howard still ends up playing Rhodey

  13. Maybe Marvel is just testing the waters to see what kind of reactions fans would have if they recast the role, haha.

  14. I re-watched Iron Man last night, and I think Howard should stay.


  15. It might be out of Howards control at this point

  16. What the hell is wrong with you people?

    Marvel is a completely YOUNG and NEW film studio. They don’t have the funding that all of the other major studios have out there like Paramount and Sony.

    Most of you don’t seem to realize that they had to borrow all of their money to make Iron Man and Hulk from multiple banks with a very special term. If the movies didn’t succeed, they would LOSE all of the rights (comics and movie) of Iron Man and Hulk to these guys! They took a HUGE risk and it worked.

    Now that both movies did well, they want to expand to make more films. But MORE films require MORE money! I liked Howard in Iron Man too but to ask for MORE money after one film? Come on. Even Howard was quoted as being surprised by this as if he didn’t have any control over his agent.

    Marvel so far has been VERY interested in pushing independent filmmakers and actors. They are not against having big names attached to their films but they aren’t too crazy about writing 40 million dollar checks to actors either. We live in a crazy idiotic times where it’s considered NORMAL to blow all your money on an actor instead of the movie itself.

    In the 70s, before the corporations took over the studios, people used to LOVE making films. It wasn’t about how much money can we make out of this and that. It was about the STORY not about the ACTORS themselves. And the audience was ok with that. Now it’s like money is all the filmmakers and actors care about. I’m really sick of this. If Howard feels he needs more money than he should just leave the character to someone else. It isn’t like there’s no one else that can play his role better than him.

    So please cut Marvel some slack. They are the most ambitious young studio that we’ve ever seen. Thinnk about it, they are NOT just making movies here. They are trying to create a UNIVERSE. All of their films will tie into each other. No other studio has ever done this because they’re all too greedy to do crossovers unless they own the property (like aliens vs predator).

  17. Sabin I understand where you are coming from, I miss movies like that too and now its all about money, money, and did I forget money, But put yourself in Howards shoes (if this is true). If all of a sudden you just got drop and they dont even tell you but you find out over the internet. Personally if that was me I wouldnt have enjoyed being blindsided either. Im not against Marvel because they have produced some kickass movies but I dont think it is right for them to just drop Howard like a sack of rocks and then not even tell him.

  18. I had also heard Terrance on NPR and I was just in shock to hear his side of the story. Aside from this news, I thought Terrance was incredibly thought provoking person to listen to.

  19. I actually dont have a problem with Marvel Not paying Howard if he demaneded
    excessive amounts of cash .
    I just hope they lock Cheadle down with a two picture deal,
    So this doesnt happen twice.

  20. @Gary

    I agree about losing Howard over hmoney.
    I didn’t really think his acting in the first Ironman warranted Marvel or Favreau asking him back.

  21. Thank you Sabin for addressing how I feel about how movies are truly supposed to be made!
    I do not think its Marvel’s fault for not informing Howard, it is probably Howard’s agents who did not tell him. Think of the legal issues, Marvel does not want that.
    But, why are we defending Howard? Honestly, I hate it when actors demand so much money when a property does well! Yes they are the face of a movie, but they are only one part of an ensemble! Plus they work about 6 hours total from a possible 15 hour day, considering camera set ups and takes. Plus all the perks of doing for press junkets and premieres, etc.
    If Howard wanted more cash, he could have asked for a merchandising cut, think of all the War-Machine toys kids are going to buy? The War-Machine suit is the cooler of the two, that is going to be a great property!
    Seriously, Sabin nailed it! It is not Marvel’s fault! This time, we should side with the Studio.

  22. Well, I, for one, do not know who to side with because I don’t know the whole situation. If the reason is Howard asked for more money, then Howard should know that actors have been dropped for that very reason (although they are usually informed). If the reason is that Marvel just wanted someone else, I see a breach of contract here (if Howard is right about the contract referenced above).

  23. John has got a point but if you think about it. The next Ironman is suppose to make a bloody fortune so it wouldnt suprise me if Howard was dropped because he was asking for too much money.

  24. I’m pretty sure if Marvel did break the contract like Howard claims, he would be doing more about it than talking about it on talk radio. Does he really think that people will believe he would simply “accept” the fact that the contracts don’t hold water?? Yah right, no way he would not sue over that. The fact that he’s not fighting this shows he knows the reason why he’s dropped from the film…

  25. You are right Ken, if Marvel did breach the contract there should have been reports of Howard’s lawyers suing Marvel even before news broke out that Cheadle got the role of Rhodey.

  26. I wouldnt mind seeing Cheadle do the part however i still think they shouldnt switch parts and drop people but if thats whats best for the movie I wont fight it. This could be like the whole Heath Ledger thing when nobody wanted him to play the joker then he kicked ass. Mabey that will happen with Cheadle here but were just gonna have to wait and see.

  27. This has to be the biggest load I have heard in awhile this pisses me off just like when warner brothers replaced michael keaton with val kilmer and we see how that turned out marvel is screwing up big time

  28. Well JD5DAD, so far the evidence shows that it was not Marvel, but Howard that screwed up the deal. Sure keeping the same actors are important, but not SO important that Marvel needs to put up whatever money that is demanded from them. One has to be reasonable you know.

    Moral of the story, get greedy, you get nothing, lol.