Iron Man 2: Marvel Blindsides Terrence Howard

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iron man site james rhodes Iron Man 2: Marvel Blindsides Terrence HowardWhat the heck is wrong with Marvel Studios?

First they drag their feet on hiring Jon Favreau to direct Iron Man 2 (no-brainer, right?), and now it seems that they’ve bungled the Terrence Howard/James  issue.

It seems that Marvel never notified Howard that he was dropped from the sequel. He heard about it the same way the rest of us did – by reading about it on the internet.

According to SuperHeroHype, Terrence was doing a radio interview with NPR to promote his debut album “Shine Through It,” when of course he was asked about the Don Cheadle replacing him in the sequel.

Here’s what he had to say:

“It was the surprise of a lifetime,” he said. “There was no explanation. [The contract] just…up and vanished. I read something in the trades implicating that it was about money or something, but apparently the contracts that we write and sign aren’t worth the paper that they’re printed on, sometimes. Promises aren’t kept, and good faith negotiations aren’t always held up.”

Now if he’s telling the truth… damn.

We’ll keep you posted on this story as more details come to light. Personally, I can’t wait to hear what Marvel has to say about this.

Is it possible the story of his replacement in Iron Man 2 is all unfounded B.S.?

Source: SHH

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  1. I really feel like Howard is a very talented actor. The role he played in Iron Man was perfect and just discrete enough for his big unavailing in the sequel. Did they replace Mary Jane in spider-man? Or Halle Berry as storm in X-Men? No. Because it is part of the continuation that is the Iron Man chronicles. If this report is true, then the fans have no choice but to not support this movie. And another thing. If you’ve never seen Iron Man, you will be lost when it comes to the sequel. Horrible decision. Horrible.

  2. Did Kirsten Dunst or Halle Berry ask for more money than the production company is willing to pay?

  3. WTF sometimes Marvel makes me wonder… Don’t they know people hate re-casting of roles in movies? Why not recast Robert Downey while they are at it???

  4. C’mon Favreau and Downey help your boy out!

  5. @Vin

    Dont go giving marvel any ideas! Heresy! Do not even joke about recasting RDJ! They might actually try it. And he IS Iron Man

  6. I doubt they would try recasting RDJ and if they did I would not see the sequal defenitly, im stillunsure bout it now but I will still go see it.

  7. I keep seeing people blame Marvel but it was Howard who demanded more money. Sure, he’s a very good actor but I think it is the consensus, at least on Screen Rant, that his performance as Jim Phodes left a bit to be desired. I’m curious just how much he turned down.

  8. @Jess
    I know, I was just kidding around. Although nothing surprises me anymore. But They wont recast RDJ.

  9. I think the only person who can “blackmail” his way to more money for the sequel would be RDJ. Everyone else, if they demand too much money, they can just recast them, but Marvel knows they can’t recast RDJ, so if he has unreasonable demands, the movie might not go forward at all. But luckily it seems only Howard has done so, and the recast could discourage Paltrow from doing the same.

  10. @Deadpool

    I was hopeing you were kidding lol But you are right nothing about the movies suprise me anymore.

  11. No way man, I’ve watch Iron like 6 times at the movies and every time I’d watch it the two both Robert Downey Jr and Terrence Howard felt like a ying and a yang. It’s hard to find actor the can fell as if they are true to the character. First off if they do decide to cut out Terrence Howard I will not go see iron man 2 and I bet money on it that millions of other will do the same.

  12. Just because we lose an actor for the part, dosent mean the movie is going to suck. If Howard screwed himself over then thats his fault, let someone who really wants to do the part do it. If people are not going to see this movie just because he is gone, then I just find it ridiculose. Im unhappy about it but im still going to see the movie.

  13. I am truly disappointed that Howards is not going to be in Iron Man 2. This is a large mistake on Marvel’s part.

  14. Don Cheadle?? Don Cheadle??!! You have got to be kidding me? Terrence Howards IS James Rhodes AND War Machine. Anyone else will ruin what has begun as a GREAT FRANCHISE. Regarding how much Terrence was paid it’s all called business. It’s called negotiations. He obviously was paid that much for some reasons. I feel it IS because he is the perfect James Rhodes/War Machine. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO RENEGOTIATIONS?? Especially in light of the success of the movie, wouldn’t you think that both, Marvel and T.H. would be interested in that? Terrence desiring less, and Marvel meeting him somewhere in the middle? With such a successful movie, to recast now, with a lesser actor, i.e, Don Cheadle just doesn’t have the look, he cannot act as well, and the part has already been established!!! It would be TOTALLY FOOLISH on many levels. The inquiries regarding Terrence and his meekness with the character may have some validity, but I will offer a better point of view. I, being a life-long fan and collector of Ironman (I own nearly every comic, going back to his first appearance in Tales of Suspense), see a relationship between Tony and James that is very personal and sensitive. They ARE best friends and MORE. The movie depicts a more casual James Rhodes and not a gruff, war-like version. Well, most of the scenes that Terrence is in, are scenes with Tony/Ironman. He doesn’t need to be a gruff, intimidating character in those scenes. There is a close friendship developing there. In the scenes where he is taking command, I see no problem with the way that Terrence Howard supported those lines and portrayed the role. If he didn’t live up to the role, then the director is responsible for NOT directing the scenes well enough. I think Jon Favreau did direct him properly, and that the sensitive James Rhodes was NEEDED there supporting Tony Stark in that fashion; Tony Stark, a man who can trust virtually no one. James Rhodes is the same way in the comics. Sensitive and understanding when it comes to Tony, and controlling and powerful when it comes to leading in the military arena and with War Machine. So tell me, why not over the course of a few movies or a movie trilogy or more, James Rhodes could become more hardened and more military-ish due to the demands and knowledge that comes about? That, also with the acceptance of what Tony has chosen to do as Ironman. A vengeful, challenging change. The same thing happened with Tony in just one movie; his motives changed to fit the demands of his change of heart. Why could it not happen with James Rhodes? Also, the interaction between RDJ and T.H. are so natural. Can one just suspect that it will happen with another actor? I think not! Especially with such an extraordinary movie to begin with, why take the chance? I am upset that this is going on. Finally a decent Superhero movie, to me better than TDK, for more reasons than me being an Ironman fan, and they have to go and pull all this hollywood dung into it. Sheeeesh! What an upset it will be if the same cast is not involved. This may not be my last word on this………

  15. I don’t know, the only thing I can agree with is that the part has already been established. I don’t think I can agree that Terrance Howard has the look for the part, nor would I agree that Howard can act better than Cheadle…

    But yes, you’re right on one point, the part has already been established, it’ll be a little weird.

  16. Ironman2You said:”There is a close friendship developing there. In the scenes where he is taking command, I see no problem with the way that Terrence Howard supported those lines and portrayed the role.”

    I can see that because I’ve seen military men do it all my life. It’s like a mode switch. Flip the switch and they go from normal to command.

    If you want to see Cheadle in a command role, check his performance in “Lost in Space.” I don’t think he has anything on Howard. Chalk this up to personality conflicts. Professional disagreement.

  17. …If Marvel is thinking about replacing Terrence Howard with ANYONE ELSE, I hereby DEMAND that they keep him! (It’s not as if I have any first-hand information o_O ) Anyone with me?


  18. Oh, and thanks Old Man for watching my back. Hope things are well in your world!

  19. I still can’t believe that they are considering replacing Terrence Howard. It makes me sick to think about it, when the original cast worked so well with me. =( I cannot even consider it correctly. I am a purest, and desire continuity, and if it’s about $$$. Then it should be solved. PERIOD.
    If I had to think this way (and I am not saying I am)I would have a consideration like this: I did just recently watched Spawn, and thereafter viewed on the ScreenRant Newsletter the new movie “Black Dynamite”, and I thought that Michael Jai White might perform well as James Rhodes/War Machine. If you have seen Spawn, I think you might agree that he has the look and the ability to act those parts. There were some sensitive parts in Spawn, so maybe he could portray the “best friend” Rhodey. I STILL WANT HOWARD TO CONTINUE THE ROLE! ‘NUFF SAID ~J

  20. @Ironman2you
    Unfortunately, I think its too late now. Cheadle is War Machine. I actually like the Jai White call. I thought he should get it when they were casting the first movie. He could totally pull it off.

    Spawn. I miss that movie. I really do. What ever happened to the proposed sequel?

  21. Thanks Jon for the kick in the gut. UGH! I really am upset at that choice. Pathetic. I am having a problem with accepting that. Looks like I have to live in denial. SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH.
    Somebody wake me up!!! SPAWN. A sequel would be so welcomed by everyone, especially with the CGI now. With so much comic reference to draw from there could be an awesome movie produced. Cheadle is not War Machine. Cheadle is NOT War Machine. I am going to have to repeat it until 2010. I cannot BELIEVE that MARVEL would do that to us!! If it was any other movie, I would choose to just forget about it. Son of a gun. What a waste. Forgive me, I HAD TO RANT. Glad there was a place. Pish.

    • Please repeat it until 2017.

      I hate Cheadle as Rhodey too. At the very least to replace Howard, they could at least hire Michael Jai White. I’m sure he can take salary less than a million that Cheadle take for greater comfort and pleasure of my mind of who can be Rhodey.

      IT’S DEFINITELY NOT CHEADLE! a good actor that he is, he’s just don’t fit the part.

      How I wish Cheadle could be as sensible as Eric Stoltz when he opted out of Marty McFly since he’s sensible enough to know he doesn’t fit as Marty.