Marvel TV Panel NYCC ’11: Ultimate Spider-Man, Hulk, Avengers Season 2 & More

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Marvel TV Panel NYCC 2011 Marvel TV Panel NYCC 11: Ultimate Spider Man, Hulk, Avengers Season 2 & More

We already covered the DC Animated panel at NYCC ’11 – which featured DC Universe animated features coming to DVD/Blu-ray – and yesterday, we covered the Marvel Television panel hosted by Vice President of Marvel Television, Jeph Loeb.

The topics and television properties showcased in the panel were wide-ranging – from live-action (A.K.A. Jessica Jones, The Hulk, Cloak and Dagger, and Mockingbird) to animated (Ultimate Spider-Man, Hulk: Agents of S.M.A.S.H. and The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes season 2).

There was a lot to cover, so we’ve sectioned our report in order of the topics discussed. You can jump to specific shows by using the links below:

Jessica Jones

The first part of the panel dealt with the “Live Action-in-Development” television properties in Marvel’s lineup (Jeph Loeb stressed the words “in-development,” as these shows are still in the planning stages). First up was the live-action ABC television adaptation of Brian Michael-Bendis’ acclaimed comic book, Alias (no relation to the hit J.J. Abrams show of the same name) which will be called A.K.A. Jessica Jones.

AKA Jessica Jones TV Show Marvel TV Panel NYCC 11: Ultimate Spider Man, Hulk, Avengers Season 2 & More

  • The show, of course, could not be called Alias because of the aforementioned J.J. Abrams show on ABC.
  • Like the comic book, A.K.A. will see Jessica Jones as private detective in New York City trying to put her life together.
  • Carol Danvers (A.K.A. Miss Marvel) and Luke Cage (A.K.A. Power Man), both of whom are Avengers in the comic books, will appear in the show.
  • It was not elaborated on as to whether or not Carol and Luke will be superheroes, but if they’re “taking their cues from the Marvel movie universe,” we can probably assume that they will be to some degree.

The Hulk

Next up in the “Live Action-in-Development” portion of the panel was ABC’s The Hulk. Jeph Loeb revealed very little about that TV show, which is going to be produced by Guillermo del Toro, except that:

  • The show will deal primarily with Bruce Banner and Betty Ross’ relationship.
  • Special effects have reached such an advanced state that making a live-action Hulk show – with computer-generated Hulk effects – is totally possible.
  • For an idea of what Hulk will look like in the show, watch The Avengers (we’ll believe this last part when we see it).

Cloak and Dagger

Third on the “Live Action” slate was Cloak and Dagger, an ABC Family show aimed a teenagers, which will take place in a “post-Katrina New Orleans.” For those not in the know, the comic book is about two teenage runaways: 1) “Cloak,” A.K.A. Tyrone Johnson, a seventeen-year-old Boston boy who runs away to New York because his debilitating stutter prevents him from calling out to his friend and saving him from getting hit by a car. 2) “Dagger,” A.K.A. Tandy Bowen, an incredibly privileged rich girl who runs away from her home because her super model mother doesn’t have time for her.

Cloak and Dagger TV Show Marvel TV Panel NYCC 11: Ultimate Spider Man, Hulk, Avengers Season 2 & More

One thing leads to another, the two runaways accept an offer to go to a shelter with strange men, the men forcibly take the runaways to a criminal chemist who tests synthetic heroin on them – and voila! They get superpowers (although this was later retconned so they were mutants all along, and the synthetic heroin simply triggered their x-genes).

Cloak’s power is his ability to connect to the “Darkforce Dimension,” as well as to become intangible and to teleport (by vanishing inside of his “cloak,” of course). Dagger’s power is her ability to create “light-based” daggers – which can heal people, if she so chooses – as well as to eliminate people’s addictions, whatever they may be.

It’s easy to imagine that the show will follow the above basic storyline, with the only key difference (so far) being the change of locale from NYC to New Orleans.

Mockingbird & Ultimate Spider-Man…

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  1. Very exited to see what Mockingbird, AKA Jessica Jones and the Hulk will bring (still disappointed that none of these shows will tie-in with the movie-universe…).

    I’m also hyped for Ultimate Spider-Man (the cast looks unbelievable) and of course, Avengers: EMH Season 2! 😀
    I just WISH we had an official release date for season 2! Will Avengers: EMH start this year or won’t it! Ack! Can someone give me some answers? :(

    • @TheAvenger, in one of the interviews this weekend Loeb said it was possible that they can be linked.

      Also, I tweeted Marvel on Friday asking about the EMH premier and they said they did not release that info yet.

      • Yeah, I also heard he said “it could happen” — but an answer like that isn’t good enough IMO… and usually when people give indefinite answers like that, it means it won’t happen (usually).

        I do hope the shows will tie-in with the MCU though, but until Loeb says “Yes it will”, I’m gonna remain skeptical.

  2. Hope to see cameo’s of Captain America! He needs his own show!!

  3. All that sounds good. Lets get cracking.

  4. Not feeling a lot of love for any of the new series being bandied about, I’m sorry to say.
    Still completely pissed that Spectacular Spider-man was given the boot out the door with nary a backward glance, as well as Wolverine and the X-Men.
    The anime versions currently being shown on GTV4 are boring.

  5. You could do a CGI Hulk if it could be pulled off, the Cylons in Battlestar Galactica and the werewolves in the american Being Human were CG and looked good, wonder if they would use the same VFX team.

    • I’m not saying it won’t be acceptable, but I doubt that it’ll match the CGI from The Avengers. I mean, that would be some pathetic movie CGI if that were the case.

  6. It would be cool to have an Avengers episode some time in the series.

    • In which one of the shows?

      Because if you’re talking about Ultimate Spider-Man, I can say that The Avengers will indeed be guest stars in a few of the episodes. (Confirmed a while ago)

      • No, he’s talking about The Hulk live-action, although I think what he said went without saying.

        • Surely it wouldn’t work though?
          Would they get an entirely new cast to portray the Avengers (which is a stupid idea) or would they fork up thousands of dollars to get the movie cast to do an episode (which is unlike)?

          It would be kinda cool, but only if they get the REAL Avengers IMO (i.e. the movie cast)

          • You would think that they would do it maybe once a season to jump ratings up. Can you imagine RDJ being on the TV show? It’d be the most viewed episode of any show.

            • Yeah, but imagine how much it would cost to get RDJ, Evans, Hemsworth, etc. to appear in a tv show.

              It would boost rating (that goes without saying), but it wouldn’t be financially viable.

              • Yeah, that’s never going to happen.

  7. I really look forward to ultimate spidey, the spectacular series was fantastic and dini is nothing short of an animation legend. but why did they leave the out the gloves of spideys costume connecting to the chest portion? is it easier animation wise to do without it? just curious. I kinda hate jeff loeb tho, his run on ultimates and ultimatum and red hulk where nothing short of terrible. regardless of what great works hes done in the past, its clear hes lost touch with what makes up a good story and dialouge. his involvement make me uneasy but wont deter me from checking any of these shows out.

  8. About it focusing more on the relationship between Bruce Banner and Betty Ross which makes it like Lois & Clark with the Hulk.

  9. YES!

  10. TV Hulk is going to have the same design and CG model from the Avengers to cut costs but not the same actor.

    • The Hulk Tv show will have a different approach like the creation its not only CGI involve there’s there’s Different kind of elements that’s going to take place is the creation will be just like the Human Hulk,just like Del Toro said that the CG model is different than the movies said Del Toro its not like the movies.

    • Not really going to have the same design like the avengers said Del Toro said.

  11. Um…Spider-Man isnt 6ft tall. He is 5’10”

  12. Superman Returns costume was reused for Smallville I suppose they’re doing the same thing I guess by reusing the cg Hulk from The Avengers.

  13. You could do some episodes were they’re building up to a hulk out near the end like Banner working on a cure in some hideout and the military comes in and all hell breaks loose.

  14. Get Lou Ferrigno to do the voice of the Hulk in the new TV series, he’d done the voice of the Hulk in the 1996 Hulk cartoon, Ed Norton Hulk and The Avengers.

  15. Could have it be like 24 or Prison Break with the main character being hunted by government forces and the Bruce and Betty love story would make it like The Fly or King Kong the series with a woman trying save the man she loves.

  16. Is Betty going to be a scientist as she was in the movies and 1982 & 1996 cartoons?

  17. Just treat the old series as the 1950′s George Reeves Superman show and the new series as Smallville.

  18. Not have the Hulk just fight crooks and thugs week to week have him fight gamma powered enemies like Smallville and Dark Angel.

  19. Del Toro has turned in the pilot screenplay to the network and waiting for a greenlight.

  20. They need to have the same cast from the Hulk Film 2008 Film.

    • Having the same cast from the 2008 film would be hurting the project by staying put instead of moving forward.

  21. Having a new cast is more likely because Del Toro and Eick would want to do their own creative blueprint and would be separating themselves from previous live action Hulk TV and movie adaptations.

  22. What about making Betty a military officer in the new TV series like in the upcoming Hulk: Season One graphic novel coming out in September 2012?

  23. Having a new cast is just a way to separate the new series from previous live action Hulk TV and movie adaptations.

  24. They said last year they were going to do the Hulk using prosthetics and puppetry with a mix of CG now they say they’re reusing the CG Hulk from the Avengers to cut costs.

    A similar thing happened with the 2008 hulk film were they planned to have prosthetics and puppetry with a mix of CG but went with full CG Hulk.

  25. Have Rick Jones be in the series because he was never used in either of the Hulk movies.

  26. Rick Jones could be like John Connor, a rebellious teen on a motorcycle who helps out with Banner on his search for a cure and the guilt that he messed up his life by going out on a testing range only to be saved by Bruce and get zapped by gamma rays.

  27. Lets hope the Hulk doesn’t suffer the same fate as the Wonder Woman pilot.

  28. The pilot is said to be airing soon after The Avengers in the pilot season and first season in the Autumn.

  29. They are sort of waiting for the Avengers to come out in May to start casting and production on the Hulk series.