Marvel Studios Announces 5 New Release Dates; 3 Movies Coming in 2017

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Marvel Studios Doctor Strange Movie Logo Fan Made Marvel Studios Announces 5 New Release Dates; 3 Movies Coming in 2017

If The Avengers 3 is in 2019, this is how Phase 3 is now shaping up:

  • May 1, 2015 – The Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • July 17, 2015 – Ant-Man
  • May 6, 2016 – Captain America 3 (Untitled)
  • July 8, 2016 – Doctor Strange (Unannounced)
  • May 5, 2017 – Unannounced
  • July 28, 2017 - Unannounced
  • November 3, 2017 - Unannounced
  • July 6, 2018 - Unannounced
  • November 2, 2018 - Unannounced
  • May 3, 2019 – The Avengers 3 (Unannounced)

Marvel has a working relationship with Sony and the Spider-Man franchise so they’re willing to take turns taking the opening weekend in May when necessary. So, expect The Amazing Spider-Man 3 in May 2018, explaining why Marvel didn’t put a date there.

We should also note that Marvel isn’t afraid of changing up the formula and order of releases in Phase 3. Cap 3 for instance comes before Thor 3, when their predecessors had Thor always coming first. That means instead of Thor 3 being the easy guess for May 2017, that could instead be for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – keeping the surefire box office hit Thor 3 to be used in November where The Dark World performed well last year, or used in 2018 to help launch a riskier bet – a new property like The Inhumans.

The most exciting fact is that there are even more dates for new characters, leaving the door open for the long-awaited introductions of other more diverse characters like Black Panther and Ms. Marvel. We’ll be find out in just over a week when Marvel Studios takes to the stage next Saturday in Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center.

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Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, Captain America 3 on May 6 2016, and unannounced films for July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. First paragraph is wrong. There was an African American Captain America already. It came out in Truth: Red, White & Black. it was a pretty major story line.

    • I was just about to point this out. Glad somebody else caught that.

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  3. I think they’re going to divide the confrontation with Thanos into a two-part movie. Given how many characters will be involved (at least 20 with the all of the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy) you’d need that much cinematic space to make that work. So I think Infinity Part I will come out in 2018 and Infinity Part II will come out in 2019. That’s just my guess. I also don’t think we’ll be getting the name of all of those release dates at this comic con. We’ll get a few, but the rest will probably be left a mystery till next year (after Avengers 2 has come and gone).

  4. Adam Warlock is all I have to say..

  5. im no DC fanboy
    nor am i a marvel fanatic

    i love each property for their respectic takes on the artform ive come to love over the years

    that being said you guys are so far up fiege and co’s back end he’ll soon have to start charging you rent

    remember, in journalism.. a lack of bias is one of its core tenets


    whatever the resulting lineup i think they basic overarching plot will follow marvels recent infinity gauntlet storyline implemented in a multi release of 3 or 2 minimum (harry potter formula) with steve and or tony linking up with Quill &co to stop some unstoppable force no doubt brought about by thanos as a distraction
    the end of which will see the heroes rushing back to earth for avengers 3 to face the true mastermind and wrap up the grand finale

    • Ha ha, good point about screenrant’s love of Feige.

    • You gotta be new around here… SR is usually enthusiastic about ALL projects and, if any, they have been more often accused of being DC biased than Marvel biased (not Rob but Kofi and others).

      And as far as being biased go, it is interesting that you chose the word “fanboy” for DC but the word “fanatic” for Marvel… Subconscious betrayal right there? You know those two words have very different connotations, don’t you?

      After that you try to establish yourself as neutral (sneakily?) only to immediately pass judgement and throw an accusation to SR… You haven’t fooled me. Try again.

  6. This news pretty much confirms Iron Man 4 will be in Phase 3 (4 new properties: Ant-Man, Dr. Strange, and two others), 4 sequels: Cap 3, Thor 3, Iron Man 4, and either GOTG 2, Hulk 2 or a combination GOTG /Hulk movie) and Avengers 3.

  7. Avengers 3 in 2019 is way too long from now, Avengers 2 quickly about to come next year in May, the wait for a third avengers is too long

  8. It’s obvious that one of these movies will be Dr. Strange but I just hope the other two will be Black Panther and Captain Marvel. Those two are long overdue for some screen time. Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa anyone?

    A solo Black Widow movie is not going to work. No one cares about her, she’s only popular as apart of an ensemble movie. With the way Marvel movies are going, having a main character just be great with hand to hand combat will be underwhelming. At Least Cap, is superhuman. But you can’t give me GOTG, Dr. Strange, Scarlet Witch, Thor 3 and then give me Black Widow. No thanks!

    • Variety confirmed the release date for DS as July 8, 2016..

    • Marvel has scripts for Vision, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel; plus Feige has stated that he wants to make an Inhumans movie. Therefore, I’d wager that two of those four movies will be introduced in Phase 3 and the other two will be introduced in Phase 4.

      I’m also hoping Marvel introduces multiple Horror properties in Phase 4 or 5 starting with Tomb of Dracula (Featuring Blade) and Man-Thing.

      • Man-Thing has been name-dropped in AoS, so it’s definitely a possibility, though I find him somewhat hard to reconcile with their current PG13 policy.

  9. I enjoy marvel movies universe and it is fun and captain america 3 ,doctor strange is coming in 2016 and they are three film are coming in 2017 and two in coming 2018 one is coming in 2019 and the avengers 3 will be coming in 2018/2019 summer and black phanther,inhuman,planet hulk ,guardians of the galaxy 2,thor 3,iron fist will be relese in 2017,2018,2019. for future marvel movies.

  10. •May 1, 2015 – The Avengers: Age of Ultron
    •July 17, 2015 – Ant-Man
    •May 6, 2016 – Captain America 3 (Untitled)
    •July 8, 2016 – Doctor Strange (Unannounced)
    •May 5, 2017 – Inhumans. Gives them a chance to really expand the Marvel Cosmic side of things, since the Inhumans make a real easy lead-in to intros to the Eternals of Titan (Mentor, Eros, ISAAC… THANOS), Warlock/ Her, Captain Marvel, Nova, Quasar, Moondragon, etc.
    •July 28, 2017 – Black Panther
    •November 3, 2017 – Thor 3. My hope would be for a Surtur/ Ragnarok storyline
    •July 6, 2018 – Captain Marvel… maybe Hulk, but I think any Hulk movie will more likely be a way to bring Jennifer Walters and/or She-Hulk into the MCU than a Planet Hulk attempt.
    •November 2, 2018 – GotG2. I think the Infinity Gauntlet ends up a 2-parter starting in space here with the GotG, which ends with Thanos crushing the Guardians and heading towards earth for the cliffhanger, leading into…
    •May 3, 2019 – The Avengers 3 (Unannounced)

  11. The best most attractive prediction I have seen so far:

    Avengers: Age Of Ultron: May 1, 2015

    Ant-Man: July 17, 2015

    Captain America 3: May 6, 2016

    Doctor Strange: July 8, 2016

    Thor 3: Ragnarok: May 5, 2017

    Black Panther: July 28, 2017

    Guardians 2 & Hulk 2: November 3, 2017

    Ms. Marvel: July 6, 2018

    Inhumans: November 2, 2018

    Avengers 3: May 3, 2019

    • So you’re rooting for TWO massive events (Ragnarok and the Infinity Gauntlet) in the same phase? Not a good idea for several reasons:
      - What are you gonna top your overstuffed Phase 3 with in the subsequent Phases 4 and 5?
      - Thor first needs to deal with the problem of Loki impersonating Odin in a movie that would introduce the Enchantress (as Loki’s lieutenant like in the comics) and her minion Skurge the Executioner, so that she…
      - …can help in the fight against Surtur (again, like in the comics) in Thor 4: Ragnarok. There’s really no room for these two storylines in only one film. Also, this turn of events would interestingly mirror Loki’s actions in Thor 1 and 2.
      - Ragnarok ends with the fall of Asgard on Earth, which can then be handled by the Avengers and a new and improved SHIELD alongside the surviving Asgardians.

      • Thor can easily deal with Loki, the Enchantress and Surtur in the same movie. You just wait and see it (first act, second act, third act). It is coming and the ending doesn’t have to be exactly like you said. It wouldn’t be the first deviation from the comics.

        One practical reason for that is that Chris Hemsworth, just like Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans, is going to be done after his Thor trilogy and the Avengers trilogy (6 movies each). It is now or never. The momentum is here and now. Remember you need a succesful phase 3 first in order to have a phase 4 and 5. No need to hold back.

        Regarding what to do after phase 3, use your imagination, there are plenty of things to do. Regarding villains you still have Kang, Korvac, the Beyonder, Masters of Evil,… regarding stories you could still use War of Kings at the cosmic level (once you have already introduced the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Inhumans), you could use the more grounded New Avengers (having already introduced Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil and Jessica Jones in TV first), you could come up with an original story, etc.

        Let’s also not forget that we are talking about what to do after 2020 and a lot of things can happen between now and then: Sony could have given Spiderman back to Marvel, or Fox’s bid for Time Warner might be succesful and they might have to resolve the conflict of having X-Men/Fantastic Four and all the DC superheroes under the same roof, or the whole CBMs bubble bursts and there is no more phase N going on. They have to go all out to keep the momentum. Worry about the now and only later about the future. Now is the time to bring in the big guns.

        • “Thor can easily deal with Loki, the Enchantress and Surtur in the same movie.” I don’t see how unless the action feels much too rushed or the movie clocks in at 4 hours. These are not the kind of things Thor can casually dispose of with a snap of his fingers. Also, Sony has just proved once again that cramming too many villains in a movie is not a good idea. And now you want 3 of them (not to mention Skurge) PLUS A FULL-ON APOCALYPSE all rolled up into the sequel? No, just no.

          “No need to hold back.” No need to overkill either. Again, one massive event per phase is enough. To draw a comparison, you don’t see Marvel comics doing big crossovers every month, do you? A little respite with smaller scale stories is necessary between the big game-changers. The guys in charge understand this, it’s what worked in the comics for decades and it’s how the MCU phases were designed: a build-up that culminates in an Avengers movie where they need to reunite. Rewind, repeat.

          OF COURSE there are plenty of things to do after Phase 3! You misunderstood me, what I meant was: how do you top such an overstuffed Phase 3 like the one you envision without it being a recipe for indigestion? Like I said, a little respite is necessary to catch breath.

          Also, what makes you think Hemsworth’s contract can’t be extended, or the part recast?

          • Your problem is that you have a very heavily preconceived idea of how the Ragnarok story should unravel on film. You have to let go a bit and open your mind (i.e. let go of Skurge for instance).

            Separately, the fact that Sony has failed (twice) to have multiple villains in a movie doesn’t mean other studios will have to follow the same fate (the Joker and Two Faces totally worked for me in TDK). Loki needs no introduction after three movies, the Enchantress can be very well introduced from the beginning and grow during the movie, and Surtur doesn’t need extended dialogues so people get who he is: a fire demon bringing the fall of Asgard. It can be done and it can work. Have a little faith.

            Also and more importantly, you keep mentioning Ragnarok as a “massive event”, but it is NOT, because it is NOT a crossover. As you pointed out, in the comics Marvel does one crossover per year (Original Sin, Infinity, Age of Ultron, Avengers vs. X-Men, Fear Itself, Siege, Secret Invasion, World War Hulk, Civil War, House of M,…) but what those crossovers have in common is that they bring everybody together (Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Spiderman,…). In the MCU those events have translated into the Avengers team-up movies, but Ragnarok is not an Avengers event, it is a Thor event, it is a self contained story. So basically it is not that “game-changer” that you keep implying. You don’t see Iron-Man or Hulk or Captain America in Ragnarok, do you? Thor could just break the Ragnarok cycle, enter in hibernation, be believed missing in action, only to wake up just in time for Avengers 3 and Thanos. Do I have to spell everything out? There are many ways to do things here and still stay true to the comics. But mainly you are wrong in giving Ragnarok and the Infinity Gauntlet the same rank/status. The Infinity Gaunlet is a proper crossover and Ragnarok is not.

            In short, I think your love (I think) for the Ragnarok story arc is blinding you a bit. I think the Enchantress and Surtur will appear in Thor 3 (all rumors point to that) and I don’t think that will make phase 3 overstuffed or create indigestion. It is truly just an Asgard/Thor story, so I am sorry but whether you like it or not, it is very likely gonna happen as I said (i.e. Thor 3 will be about Ragnarok and Avengers 3 about the Infinity Gauntlet).

            And for the record, I am looking forward to it.

            • If the Enchantress is in Thor 3, I really hope Skurge is too: the two of them are so inextricably linked that seeing her without him would be like eating nachos without melted cheddar. And it would be nice to see a brute who can pack a serious punch against Thor for a change.

              As for TDK, it only had one main villain. We saw plenty of Dent before his transformation but Two-Face himself didn’t get nearly enough screen time IMO and his turn from good-hearted politician to raving lunatic felt a little bit rushed (I mean that good a man gets mad in a heartbeat because of an accident? Come on!).

              Oh, so the end of a world isn’t a massive event? Compared to what exactly, the Big Crunch? Man, the first Avengers film wasn’t even remotely that big! Granted, Ragnarok’s not a crossover (never said it was BTW, I just mentioned crossovers as a point of comparison – and to be fair, most of them aren’t that big either) but it is a game-changer in its own right, a turning point, at least for Thor and all surviving Asgardians. And its direct consequence, the fall of Asgard on Earth, is pretty much guaranteed to attract the world’s (therefore SHIELD’s and the Avengers’) attention and change a thing or two down here as well. And if I remember correctly, Earth’s heroes did help when it (the fall, not Ragnarok) occurred in the comics.

              Again, I feel Loki’s usurpation and Ragnarok don’t belong in the same movie. These are two big plotlines. Loki wants to rule Asgard, so I don’t see him making a pact with Surtur for the sole reason that the latter wants it destroyed plain and simple, and Loki likes to play with his toys for a while before they break. Also, the pact thing has already been made in previous movies featuring Loki and it would feel somewhat redundant.

              On the other hand, Loki and the Enchantress messing things up big time in Thor 3 would weaken Asgard just enough so that Surtur seizes the opportunity to bring Ragnarok. I see Ragnarok/the fall as a two-parter, the first part in Asgard being Thor 4 and the second on Earth being Avengers 4. Surtur might prove to be too much to handle for Asgardians on their own, hence the fall. And in Avengers 4 everyone, Asgardians and Humans alike, come together to deal with the demon for good. By the time A4 comes out, Earth will have more heroes to fight the threat than if it occurs in the previous phase anyway.

              We’ll see how it turns out but I can’t shake the feeling that the usurpation and Ragnarok are too big to be both crammed in one single movie, and that they’d devalue both if they tried to do so. Not to mention the fact that films tend to have one overarching plotline, not two stringed together, especially action blockbusters.

              • We are gonna have to agree to disagree and wait for Thor 3 to see how things pan out.

                As much as you wish for it, I dont see Surtur in an Avengers movie. I think with those expectations you are gona be disappointed.

                • Frankly, I don’t expect anything this soon. It’s just how I’d ideally do the story if I was in Marvel’s stead. I only wish to finally see a truly great Thor movie: the first one was a campy joke almost as bad as Cap 1 and the second one was just barely good.

                  • Thor 3 is Thor: Raganarok.

                    Sorry but I told you so.

    • You can now say you read it here first :)

  12. If you are following the marvel universe by now u know that they have made a new announcement similar to the one they made a while back where they called several release dates but didnt announce which movies are going where heres a reminder

    Many people assume the 2019 date is Avengers 3 (depicting the teams final showdown with the mysterious (to folks like me who dont read comics) Thanos) The problem with this assumption is it implies that the wait in between age of ultron and this film would be a full four years. With the exception of The Dark Knight Rises and Star Trek Into Darkness both of which (for different reasons) can be blamed on their respective directors/writing teams that just doesn’t happen anymore.

    After seeing various lineup theories i took the only bits and pieces of each one that made any sense and compiled my own.

    Disclaimer: as i previously implied i know nothing of the comics.

    I sense the November 2018 film becoming sort of a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice situation. For those not following that very closely the film seems to….for lack of better word….evolved…*coughDCisdespratetocatchuptomarvelandarerushingtheiruniverse*cough* beyond a simple collaboration between the man of steel and the dark knight involving several appearances from nearly all the justice leauge characters and is basically now just a gateway to the justice league film i see the November 2018 marvel film operating in a similar way but with less desperation it would be billed as a normal sequel but have other characters bridge the gap to Avengers 3 in may 2019 heres my theorized rundown this could basically work with any sequel the only thing that would be changed would be hiw certain characters meet but the guardians were fresh in my mind as this theory strolled into my head so for the time being will say its guardians 2 moving to November may seem unusual to some but i say the same thing i said when the assumption that the 2019 date is avengers 3 began you applied the same logic to star wars episode vii’s release and they booked december ok here we go

    We know Thanos is in avengers 3 anyway so obviously he gets away after the guardians win. However theyre worried about the kind of threat he could become so we open with the guardians searching for Thanos and the news of his “interest” in Earth reaches them so they head for Earth where they run into either Tony Stark or Captain America depending on which of the actors would be willing to squeeze one extra movie into their contract that would be filming around the same time as Avengers 3 anyway. (I would prefer Stark because i think RDJ could pull off a moment im envisioning later a bit better than chris evans but hed be fine) (feige said in an interview today not to rule out an rdj iron man 4 coincidence? :) ) The guardians introduce themselves to stark/cap and explain their mission then out of nowhere they are attacked by some creature(s) that serve Thanos this is an epic fight that goes on for like 15 mins then stark/cap is somehow put out of commission(how i suppose would again depend on which actor answers the call) and the guardians are cornered. When all seems lost (or as close to lost as you can get with a movies title characters in the middle of the thing :) ) BAM! OUT OF NOWHERE COMES THOR!!!!!!! (Chris hemsworth has not yet spoken of the end for him i do not see his participation being an issue) Thor helps Stark/Cap out and together them and the guardians defeat the servants. Thor is brought up to speed off camera and explain s that he knows of the creatures as well as Thanos neither of which has been seen for [insert random number of millennia here] but he knows Thanos was always obsessed with the infinity stones prompting a quick trip to Asguard.

    Thor takes the guardians and stark/cap to the room from the post-credits scene from Thor: The Dark World where they are joined by the warriors three. He notices the Aether (the device from aforementioned movie) is gone. The Warriors tell him they gave it to The Collector. Star-Lord realizes “That guy that was [whenever he pops up in guardians]/[did whatever he does in the movie]?” *foreboding looks and music to match* They find the collector somehow (this is just a cliff note its only this long because i need to explain the characters and how/why they’re there) but by then he has completed his collection…and is meeting with Thanos. “You have done well” (or cooler variation) Thanos then pulls out the Infinity Gauntlet!!!! The Collector realizes in horror what has helped to achieve! (This idea is based on a description given to me by @Josh Hall you can blame him if his reaction doesnt sound right! :) ) but its too late! The stones are in! The gauntlet is powered up! Thanos powers up whichever gem is appropriate (see disclaimer) and BAM! THE COLLECTOR IS HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!

    And now we come to the climax Stark/Cap Thor and the guardians vs Thanos!!!! A 20-30 min fight scene displaying awesome powers of all kinds ending of course in a stalemate as Thanos escapes and says an epic line implying he is headed for Earth!!!!! Cue the typical “what now” looks/lines then Stark/Cap says (possibly a cooler variation of) (this is where i think stark would be better) “In order to win this we need all the help we can get! We need…….The Avengers!!!!!”


    Remember that epic theme from the current avengers movie? (skip to 1:05) That starts playing during the black screen as the words flash


    [INSERT SUBTITLE HERE (The Infinity Gauntlet is the popular suggestion)

    Note due to length this is copied and pasted from the first site i typed it on so some stuff i know u know is retrreaded

    • “the wait in between age of ultron and this film would be a full four years (…) that just doesn’t happen anymore.” You’re forgetting that each next Avengers movie is not only the sequel to its predecessor, but also the sequel to every film in each phase. Unless they put out one movie every other month, we won’t have many chances to see the Avengers release schedule tighten.

      “I would prefer Stark because i think RDJ could pull off a moment im envisioning later a bit better than chris evans” Also, we’re yet to see Iron Man in space. Apparently, one of the prototypes in IM3 was a space suit and it’d be a shame for it to remain a mere passing nod to the comics. The MCU is going cosmic and of the current Avengers roster, ol’ Shellhead is obviously the best suited for space travel.

  13. @Rob Keyes: “Up until this point the assumption for Phase 3 of the MCU is that after Ant-Man (…) there would be two films in 2016, two in 2017, all leading to The Avengers 3 in May 2018 to round off the next chapter.”

    Uh, nope. We’ve known for quite some time now that Phase 3 would be comprised of 7 films. Those you mentioned only amount to 6.

    Also, Age of Ultron is the Phase 2 closing chapter, not the Phase 3 opener.

  14. Well, it’s very difficult to guess which movies there will be in 2017 and 2018, since there are some candidates.
    2015: Ant-Man
    2016: Captain America 3
    2016: Doctor Strange
    2017: Thor 3
    2017: Black Panther
    2017, 2018: Possible Candidates: Hulk, Inhumans, Ms. Marvel or Captain Marvel, Nova
    2018: Guardians of the Galaxy 2
    2019: Avengers 3

    In phase 4 I really want to see the real Mandarin and the Ten Rings lurking around.
    There could be Iron Man 4, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Hulk and more.

  15. I’m looking forward to Captain America 3.CA2-The Winter Soldier was an outstanding movie,I loved everything about it.Also,think of giving Black Widow her own movie I think that can be very interesting,with a female Avenger taking the lead.Ant-Man should be pretty good as well.Keep these superhero movies coming,that’s really all people want to see nowadays.SUPERHERO ACTION MOVIES.