Marvel Studios Has Movies Planned Through to 2021

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marvel studios future movies Marvel Studios Has Movies Planned Through to 2021

Two-and-a-half years ago, Marvel President of Consumer Products Paul Gitter spoke about the future of Marvel Studios and how they were beginning to brand around the tagline “Avengers Assemble.” He revealed that there was a master plan in place all way up to 2017.

Since that time, Captain America, Thor, The Avengers and most recently, Iron Man 3, hit theaters, breaking multiple records around the world – all of which was in the planning stages as far back as 2006. Today, Marvel has at least another four years planned out beyond 2017.

In speaking with Wired about the young Marvel Studios and how they began their now-headline-breaking panels at Comic-Con as far back as 2006, Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige teased that there’s much more to come.

“I could arguably say what we’re planning for the year 2021. Will that happen? I don’t know. But what we planned for 2015 in 2006 is happening.”

Going forward, it’s about growing the franchise beyond the characters who’ve seen success in theaters already.

“Five years ago, looking at our plan, we knew that if Avengers was going to work, the movies had to stand alone. Now we have to prove to the studio that we’re more than just these five characters, these five franchises.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Production Art 570x370 Marvel Studios Has Movies Planned Through to 2021

So just how does Feige and Marvel orchestrate a massive shared film universe, managing multiple in-production projects at once, while also picking and choosing obscure characters from Marvel Comics to invest in (i.e. Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, etc.)?

“Disney has allowed us to be a relatively small, tight-knit brain trust. These billion-dollar ventures come down to 10 people or fewer in a room saying, ‘You know what would be cool?'”

The big questions of course are what additional new characters and properties could make their way to theaters in between threequels to Captain AmericaThor and The Avengers and will the studio ever push three movies out in one year? We know Ant-Man comes after The Avengers: Age of Ultron and sometime after that Doctor Strange will get his own film.

As it stands, Disney and Marvel Studios planted their feet in the ground earlier this summer to lay claim to key summer weekends in 2016 and 2017 but they’re not prepared to discuss what those projects are quite yet. Feige previously said we’d learn about those in 2014, and we expect that means it’ll be part of their Comic-Con panel next year.

Comic Con 2013 Guardians of the Galaxy Cast on Stage 570x377 Marvel Studios Has Movies Planned Through to 2021

The cast of Guardians of the Galaxy at Comic-Con

In the meantime, Marvel needs to keep fans focused on what’s coming out now. Iron Man 3 offered the strongest start imaginable to Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, cementing its place as the fourth top-grossing film of all-time, sitting right behind The Avengers (and James Cameron). Going forward however, Marvel needs to promote the sequels to Thor (watch the new trailer!) and Captain America which are being used to test non-summer dates for the studio. Thor: The Dark World releases this November, Captain America: The Winter Soldier in April, and even Guardians of the Galaxy – the studio’s riskiest bet to date – is testing an August release date, leaving the key summer weekends next year to partners at Fox and Sony to release X-Men: Days of Future Past and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, respectively.

This year Feige has gone on record multiple times explaining his desire and the studio’s need to keep crafting movies that offer something different. We saw that in Iron Man 3 and we’re absolutely getting it from the Cap/Thor sequels and GuardiansDoctor Strange opens up the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the mystical and magical side of things which has yet to be explored, but what else remains beyond that we don’t quite know. Another, different Hulk movie? Heroes for Hire? The Inhumans?

What movies would you like to see going forward? Did we mention that Marvel has literally eight years of movies in development?


Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

Let me know on Twitter @rob_keyes what Marvel character you’d like to see most onscreen!

Source: Wired

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  1. Thunderbolts.

    Very few other franchises from Marvel introduces an element as unique as these guys. If they went with Black Panther or Captain Marvel it’d pretty much be your typical origin movie setup, some unique hooks to get you in (black superhero, female superhero, magical background etc.) but you can pretty much get a rough idea what the plot is going to be and if you steer away from that, you end up getting IM3 controversy all over again.

    The weakest side of Marvel is the villainous side with the only character that has had any real development being Loki. It’d be refreshing to see a more closer in-depth look at the villains and whether they are redeemable, outright evil or pitiable. The Thunderbolts are pretty much similar in regards to GotG being they are a massive risk with massive rewards.

    It has to be based on Busiek’s run because it’s just too good and it captures the heart of the series.

    • @anonymous: Interesting how you dismiss BP and Ms Marvel and how they will be made. Couldn’t you say that about any new property that Marvel tries to present to the masses? It would be the same for the Thunderbolts, let me see, a team of individuals get together, battle each other, a leader emerges among them and eventually they get on the same page and save the day. Yeah, that’s much more unique than a Wakandan prince from a completely non-western culture or an alien super powered female who can hold her own just like Ridley in Alien.

      Just sayin.

      • BP and Carol are still by the books superheroes you’ve seen in all of the MCU films so far. Cosmic Marvel is already being explored by the GotG which only minimises Carol’s importance. I’ll give BP some slack, he introduces Wakanda, Vibranium, politics and the fact that he plays King, a more interesting role than most characters to be introduced.

        Also no leader emerged from their climax with Zemo. They chose to mutiny against him together. Only 3 were on the same page by the end of it. Hawkeye came in and led them himself; another misused character in the MCU.

        • @anonymous: I suspect you are still under-rating the fact that no MCU story on the big screen is akin to Ms. Marvel. We don’t get to see the world through the eyes of a hi-powered female protagonist. Black Widow is so insignificant that she doesn’t even get her own movie (and probably shouldn’t) She is a secondary character with no powers in IM2, Avengers, and coming soon CA2. We don’t have a hot ass-kicking blond who can hold her own against IM or Thor. If done correctly, which is the same problem WB is having with their WW property, this movie will speak to a segment that is quickly growing in the fanboy nation. Guys will see it just because she’s hot; they will love her if she can kick ass without being a feminist. This would be a unique proposition within itself. Male characters get away with chauvinistic, misogyny all the time.

          We agree on BP,

          Regarding the Thunderbolts, I am still correct when I said a leader would emerge, it was Hawkeye. Teams always have to have a leader so that is part and parcel of superhero groups. I will say it has a unique twist from all the other teams, however they will still function like all the other teams. You can’t escape the classic story paradigm of story telling.

          99% of most stories begins with a protagonist who is challenged when he/she meets the antagonist, the antagonist unloads on the protagonist and we all watch to see how the protagonist rises to the challenge while tying up a few loose ends that the story dangled in front of us somewhere in the first act.

  2. Squirrel Girl

    • Captain diplomat with sidekicks, Predicted Future Earnings Girl and Legally Cohesive Man. Perhaps then we could get the studio cross overs we’d all like to see.
      Board meetings and spread sheets to the rescue!!

      • Squirrel Girl is a real Marvel Comics character, look it up.

        • Great Lake Avengerz film, I’m all for it…

    • Who is she, everyone always mentions her? Sounds “nuts” to me!

  3. You know, all this speculation is awesome. I love the what ifs. Here is the biggest what if of all……

    What if Disney FINALLY paid Fox and Sony whatever dollar amount they want to get back Spidey, FF and X-Men? They have the billions and billions to do it. They could then re-launch everything and have one giant shared Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    Problem is, at this point it may be too late. With DOFP looking so good and Amazing Spider-Man doing well. If they looked at it after X3 and SM3 then there could have been a good chance since both of them were terrible and fans were pissed, but not sure now.

    • If they pay up they’d be bankrupt and then they’d sell all their IPs again.

      That’s a pretty sad What If. lol

      • You really think Disney doesn’t have the money to afford it? They could buy Canada if they wanted……though not sure why they would want to.

        • Seriously doubt the could buy my country.. We are apart of The G8 n that means we are one of the eighth richest countries…. Nice try though

          • Logan and Alpha Flight would never let a seriously sinister company like Disney one foot inside that gr8 country.

          • No you’re not x3

          • Bud, Italy is part of the Great 8. So it’s not exactly a title that implies that much financial “greatness” anymore

        • you think sony or fox would sell the rights to spiderman or xmen? would you? they’re goldmines! projects like GotG and Ant-man are risky and worth little if they fail, but spiderman and xmen can fail as many times as they want and still make money because they’re popular, marvel will most likely never get the rights of spidey and xmen back

          • I say we all go steal those rights back. All we need is an umbrella and a shoe lace…

          • Maybe it’s just me, but DoFP is looking so crowded, I’m skeptical they can pull off a truly entertaining film with so many people. For a while it was like every day a new mutant was announced (which would be fun viral marketing for a smaller X-Men film.)

    • First, Marvel doesn’t need Spider-man or Xmen/ FF. They have literally thousands of characters they can use.

      Second, why pay for them back when they are making money from Fox and Sony for doing very little? In a funny way those Fox/ Sony’s movies go a long way to make Marvel’s movies look better.(Its like Coke bottling the generic colas and making money no matter what you buy)

      Third, Marvel has a hard enough time packing in all the movies they are making now in a calendar year, now you want them to try and make more?

      What they should do is take a small group of characters that work well together and lease them to a good movie company to make their own universe like Fox is doing.
      I would take Ghost Rider, Blade, Cloak & Dagger, Moonknight and Daredevil and see if Legendary Pictures would want to work together.
      Imagine a Midnight Sons movie from Legendary and Del Toro!

      • I agree with everything except that I think Sony is doing a pretty good job with the Spider-Man reboot so far.

        A separate Legendary/Marvel Knights studio would be amazing. Ridiculous, really.

      • In rebuttal:

        First, Marvel does indeed have thousands of characters, but do you really think that (other than the Avengers) any of them hold a candle in popularity to Spider-Man or the X-Men?

        Second, Not sure what you mean by Marvel is making money off of the other movies. The rights were sold, they do not get any cash from what those movies do really. Unless you mean that they suck so bad that it makes more people go see the Marvel made movies, which makes no sense. People are going to see them anyway.

        Third, You are correct, right now they are having an issue packing in all of the movies they want to right now, but if they buy those back, they hire more people and get more studios etc… just like when a company buys another company, they build a new building to house the employees they don’t lay off, or move into another building.

        Fourth, I agree, Marvel Knights would be a great set of movies (though I would prefer a Midnight Sons branch, I know its older, but I liked it better than Marvel Knights). Though I am not a huge fan of Del Toro’s concepts. He goes a little too over the edge for my tastes at times. It isn’t comic books or even fantasy at that point, its just……odd (Pan’s Labyrinth/Hellboy).

        • I’m 99.9% sure that Marvel gets a cut of the profits from Fox and Sony. It wouldn’t make sense otherwise.

        • There are already Marvel Knights movie, they are Punisher Warzone and Ghost Rider Spirit Of Vengeance

        • The only thing about #3 is that it’s not exactly the capability of the studios to generate productions – it’s the danger of over-saturation. The public has a limited interest/attention span and wallet. So if a studio produced 10 movies in a year but the bulk of the population is only going to dish out 4-5 movies a year, that’s going to be a lot of loss. And the studios (producers) are only profits-driven after all.

          As for your first point, no, those other characters definitely do not hold a candle to Spider-man and X-men. But at this point Marvel already has their powerhouses, and they’re good at making more. So basically they’ve filled their jar with rocks and (especially with their somewhat indie approach to obscure characters) all they need now is the sand to fill in the smaller profit margins.

        • The problem with people dreaming of Marvel Studios having the rights to all the things Sony and Fox have rights to…. we’d then be getting a lot fewer Marvel Comics movies all of a sudden.

          Instead of Marvel Studios’ 2 movies a year, plus Sony’s Spiderman and FF movies, plus Fox’s X-Men movies, we’d just be getting 2 movies a year from Marvel Studios. They’d have to decide between Spiderman, X-Men, FF, Avengers, etc, which 2 movies to develop next. I’d rather have more Marvel stuff coming out than less.

    • I mean no one really cares, Batman vs Superman is coming out in 2015.

      • I care fella, I care.

    • There’s no point in Marvel doing that. It would cost billions and Marvel doesn’t have the production capacity of doing MORE films than they have planned per year, meaning you’d have to trade out current movies for an X-Men or Spider-Man, etc.

      I for one want to see X-Men AND Spider-Man AND Thor AND Guardians. The only way that happens is if those licenses are divided among different studios as per Avi Arad’s original genius plan.

      • Rob, might I ask why does Marvel have the 2 dates in 2016 May and July?
        Will that be the year they try 3 movies in a year? or are they really gonna leave 10 months roughly between the last movie (early in 2016) and the first in 2017, as opposed to having a movie like Thor 2 (November) 2013 and Cap 2 (April) 2014?

        I know they have had movies that far apart before but I personally find it ODD to say the least to have 2 movies 60 days apart!

      • If Fox and Sony just asked for Marvel’s INPUT on making these films, the world would no doubt be a better place. All the studios would benefit from this – Fox and Sony may release a decent movie (it’s like they change things on purpose just to annoy the fans), and Marvel would still benefit from merch and comic etc. After all, the Marvel name does appear on all the Movies.

        • OK, this is even a good concept. Let the other studios make the movies, but have Marvel have a lot more input. I just really want the quality of movie that Marvel has been putting out. I also would like some larger scale crossovers and to see Spider-Man, or the X-Men or even FF in other movies. Or even their villains in other movies. Dr. Doom has fought the Avengers on many occasions, as has Magneto. Also, The X-Men have been in Asgard and there have been many X-Men that have been Avengers in the past.

          When it all comes down to it, if there could just be one shared universe, I dont really care who is putting out the movies.

    • I’d like to see the studio making fantastic Four pay Marvel or whoever has the rights to use Sandman (who was in a Spiderman flick) and Medusa (who will no doubt be in the Inhumans flick), so they copuld have the fantastic Four fight the Frightful Four (Wizard, Sandman, Trapster, Medusa). Now that would be a good fight!

      • I’m all for an Inhumans film, that would be a good way to expand the Universe into the Cosmos. I’d love to see Warlock and Nova used and really wanna see Mephisto, Eternity, Ego the living Planet (How cool would that be) the In-betweener, the Stranger, Celestials, the Living Tribunal, hell even Fin Fang Foom…

    • Concerning X Men…
      DOFP isn’t looking like it’s going to work in the long run, imo…

      Singer isn’t bringing back Cyke, which is going to catch up with him after this movie is released.

      I’m not necessarily saying this because I am a Cyke fan, but if Cyke isn’t around, it’s going to be really hard to explain how things move forward…
      (There’s just so many important things he’s responcible for… Schism, AvX… Cable…)

      Especially with this “X Factor” thing people are talking about… No Cable sounds a little… weird…

      My hunch is that DOFP is going to hyped as all hell and it’s not going to meet expectations, after that, they’re going to keep trying to make X movies, but it’s just not going to work being that such a pivotal character isn’t present.

      Among other things they can’t really explain away that X3 managed to ruin, and then we have issues from XMO, ON TOP of that, inconsistencies from the praised First Class.

      These X Men movies are going to fade away into obscurity. And they deserve it.

      I do hope X Men and FF comes back to Marvel, really.

      Whedon showed he can pull X Men off with Astonishing X Men, Singer showed he can take too many liberties and jack it up. Ratner helped push it over the edge… So far over, in fact, Singer can’t even change it (or refuses to) EVEN with Time travel. Though.. That could be just my fanboy-ness talking.

      As far as Spidey, Sony isn’t about to let him go for whatever reason.
      I googled something earlier where they talked about it.

      • Just a quick note, if Wolverine goes back in time to the first class era and changes something then it is conceivable that the first 3 films will not occur as they did. Which would allow for a fairly simple way to side step Cyclops’ death should he be needed down the line.

      • Why can’t the movies be like the excellent X-men show that was on Fox Kids Network years ago? I even bought the DVDs…good stories, artwork, action…yes indeed!

  4. Since Del Toro’s remake of The Incredible Hulk TV Show has been put on hold, Marvel should get him to direct The Incredible Hulk 2.

    • That could very possibly be THE $h!t if it happened.

    • + 1

  5. i understand everything about what people are saying about SM, but i want to see a marvel version in this universe. Also I want a venom vs. carnage movie.

    • Have you tried asking Father Christmas?

    • I never cared for Venom or Carnage myself, but that is just me.

  6. Marvel is going to kill this whole thing.

    WB is a complete mess; apparently they’re having a wonder woman t.v series coming out and are discussing Flash. They’re gonna have nothing to release in cinemas and they think they can get a Justice League film going with rebooted characters(rebooted Wonderwoman, Flash, Green lantern, Arrow, Batman, etc).

    Warner Brothers can’t do anything without Nolan’s guidance and they are gonna screw up the DC universe. MoS was awesome but they’re gonna wrecked the sequel with him fighting a weak human dressed in a bat suit(and we’re supposed to believe a human can hurt him).

    • Obviously you’ve never read The Dark Knight Returns

    • I did. made watch Percy Jackson.

      • feel a bit bad now.

        • Go drunk Trent, you’re home

    • Sucks that Marvel have fans like you. Can’t just be happy for Marvel, instead, you start bashing another studio. So sad.

    • I did.

  7. Cap3, Thor3,GOTG2, Ant-Man 2,Inhumans,Black Panther, Namor, Luke Cage/Iron Fist, Ms. Marvel, and Hulk 2 are prob the movies being discussed.

  8. phase 3
    ant man confirmed
    dr strange 87% sure
    black panther 59% sure
    thor 3 30%
    captain america 3/ guardians 2 29/47%
    avengers 3 more or less confirmed

    phase 4
    Captain america 3/Guardians 2 51/34%
    Miss marvel 65%
    Black panther 2/Doctor strange 2 31%/13%
    Luke cage:hero for hire 10%
    scarlet witch/quick sliver 4%
    New Avengers 0.01

    that is my prediction for the coming films if you put ant man out of the picture for one second the other charecters can form a second team “B team”
    for smaller and/or covert missions
    miss marvel
    black P
    doctor S
    Luke cage
    scarlet witch
    and quick silver
    would make a badass new avengers team but dont know any more good villains to put them up against.

  9. I did. I made him watch Percy Jackson. He’s really depressed now, been in he’s room or days, just rocking back and forth mumbling ‘why, why?’

    • wut…

      • I know right? I keep hitting the reply button and then it get’s posted somewhere on here that completely doesn’t make sense.

    • The Sea Of Monsters?

  10. Iron Man 3 is number 4? When did it pass Deathly Hallows Part 2?

  11. Why was the mobile version of the site taken away???

  12. Thunderbolts could be incredible.
    Runaways would be good for a teenage audience.
    Heroes For hire featuring Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil, Moon Knight, Ghost rider, and Man Thing.
    Man Thing.
    The Defenders with either Beta Ray Bill or Firelord in place of the Surfer. If Marvel can use Firelord.
    Either New Avengers or West Coast Avengers, basically a secondary Avengers team consisting of Hercules, Wonder-Man, Vision, Ms. marvel, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Spider-Woman, etc.
    I suppose X-Factor is also off limits, which is a shame.
    Warlock and the Infinity Watch. I’d love to see Mephisto used.

    I’d love to see some good large scale company wide crossovers (Absent Spidey, X-men, and FF, of course) such as World War Hulk, Civil War, Infinity Gauntlet/War or Secret Wars, though that would have to be revamped since certain integral characters would be absent.

    The X franchise, Spider-Man and his vast villains gallery, and the Fantastic Four truly do comprise a large amount of bankable characters.

    I’d be happy if Marvel could broker some sort of deal to reaquire Galactus and the Surfer, and I’d love to see the Fantastic Four properly use Doom, next to Thanos he’s my favorite character.

    Enough from me…

    • Maybe enough, but quite a lot of great ideas… SSV for President (of Marvel Studios)

      • Thanks for the vote of confidence. It seems all too obvious to me, as an onlooker and fanboy, on how to make future Marvel films work, I imagine marvel has a good grasp on what the future holds and are being tight-liped and elusive about informing the masses as to keep us all intrigued and interested, which seems to be working seeing as how we are all on here speculating. There is so much potential to be found from a source material that spans Seventy plus years.

        I think they should also do a new Tales From the Crypt or similar style film from the 50’s horror comics.

  13. I’d like to see a whole black panther story ark at somepoint before avengers 3 so he could come I’m then. I really do like antman and hope hank and Janet join the avengers sooner than later. If they expand the avengers to space I think it’d be interesting to see the kree empire which could introduce mar’vel and ms marvel who later could join the avengers. I’d also like to see beta ray bill at somepoint I’m a later Thor movie or maybe a short film like they did for Peggy carter. So basically I’d like to see everything they did with Earths mightiest Heros in live action form.

  14. I had NO IDEA Lee Pace was so damn tall!! I really hope he is not killed off and appears in more than 1 marvel movie! he is a very good actor and deserves more than 1 movie, I am a much bigger fan of Pace’s than I am of Del Toro!! but Del Toro can play the hell out of a villain NO DOUBT

    and the more I look at that GOTG pic, the one with the 5 Guardians in it I can honestly say that Bautista and Saldana, I really do not like the way that those 2 look! I think the 2 CGI characters look better in that image!

    I just hope for the movies sake that they look better than that drawing! because if not, it might have some issues!

  15. I’d like to see a new Punisher movie, perhaps a reboot of Daredevil. If Fox and Disney got together, they could bring together X-Men, Fantastic Four, and The Avengers to produce THE INFINITY GAUNTLET. That would be pretty big.

  16. I believe Daredevil, Moonknight and Hero’s for hire could work well as weekly series for ABC. I would love to see a Cloak and Dagger and Daredevil on the big screen but I doubt we ever will. Anyone know if Marvel owns the rights to Daredevil again?

    • Yes, the Daredevil rights have reverted back to Marvel.

    • I agree that if they did not do a movie version right now, there could be room for Moon Knight, Daredevil, and Heroes For Hire as TV series. I think this SHIELD series will do decent as well.

  17. Not every superhero in the Marvel Universe is an Avenger, so you don’t need to worry about that movie series getting too crowded.

  18. Howard The Duck Reboot, just kidding or am I?

  19. Get Heroes For Hire in there, Inhumans, be sure Goliath and Wasp get into Avengers ASAP, and I am happy. Add another Daredevil flick, maybe people like Moon Knight, Black panther, and Vision later on down the line, and I will be approaching ecstatic. Oh, and we need villains: Frightful Four (er, wait, that is another studio, isn’t it, with Fantastic Four), Kang, Skrulls, Whirlwind, maybe Diablo…well, there is a good start, anyways. Maybe a REAL Mandarin would be nice as well.

    • I thought Goliath was Antman?

      • Actually, Henry “Hank” Pym has been Giant-Man, Goliath, Ant-Man, Yellowjacket…a real “Man of a Thousand Faces”. And integral in several capacities to The Avengers. Let’s get him in there and slugging!

    • They could make a film focusing on Villains only, Thunderbolt style, perhaps with the Hood leading an organization of super villains. I could see them using Absorbing Man, Wrecking Crew, Leader, Red Skull, Task Master, Abomination, Kang, Baron Zemo, and M.O.D.O.k.

      Also I’d like to see Red-hulk or Skaar in a future Hulk film, with A-bomb and the Warbound.

      I’d like to see Hellstorm and Brother Voodoo in the Doctor Strange film with Dormamu as the antagonist.

  20. Maybe DC Warner can make a Metamorpho movie? Legion of Super-Heroes? Doctor Fate and Hourman? And oh yes, let’s get Green Lantern #2 and Flash movies moving!!

  21. Will somebody just buy the rights back from Seth Rogan to Green Hornet and make a decent serious GH movie already, or a TV series reminiscent of the one in the 60s?! And what is going on with that Doc Savage flick–we have heard precious little about that recently. And someone buy the rights to T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents and do either a series or a movie on them! Oh, and someone buy the rights to Dark Shadows and let’s have a real, serious effort at that, either in movie or TV series format. Now there is a wish-list that oughta make ya all juice your lacey little drawers in tandem, fellow fansters!

  22. 2021?! Holy bananaballs! That is crazy.

    Well, my respect for Marvel Studios just skyrocketed. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

    Personally, I want then to finally do a Black Panther movie. Other than that, I’m content with whatever Marvel decides to make. I trust their judgement.

  23. Spidergirl. I know she’s not a major hero but I think it could be done

  24. They should make a split off series of street level heroes and villains. Moon Knight could be really cool and probably not take a huge budget to make. Your street level films could be much lower budget, maybe a little more violent, and take the genre into a new area. I think if they did something like this though it should be split off completely from the creative team for the Avengers cycle. It can take place in the same universe, but the Punisher doesn’t exactly need Thor to show up to take out some gangsters.

  25. Wow. That is like every character ever mentioned on this thread.

    I am happy: My three favorites (Thor, Hulk, Dr. Strange) are all in or close to confirmed. I was pleased with the second Hulk movie and felt hey finally did a Bruce Banner right in Avengers, so if they choose to let the Green Golith rest for a few years, I would understand. Dr. Strange may actually work better on the screen then in the comics, something not true for a ton of characters.

    As for the future, I do not see how they do not mine a great female warrior of some kind (Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, ECT), and get Black Panther, Luke Cage, maybe even Shang-Chi involved to get more diversity which is sorely needed.

  26. How come Mr. Sinister been introduced to the X-Men series. He’s one of the best villains, and he still hasn’t shown up in a single X-Men movie yet. :/

  27. A Del Toro hulk would be beyond awesome, However i still hope for a Pacific Rim sequel and/or Justice League Dark.

  28. Captain Marvel, Hawkeye & Mockingbird, Black Panther and Heroes for Hire are the movies I really want to see.

  29. I’d like to see Inhumans, Heroes for hire, the eternals would be awesome,
    S.W.O.R.D should be introduced at some point, Adam Warlock, they have a whole slue of characters to choose from.