Marvel Studios Has Movies Planned Through to 2021

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marvel studios future movies Marvel Studios Has Movies Planned Through to 2021

Two-and-a-half years ago, Marvel President of Consumer Products Paul Gitter spoke about the future of Marvel Studios and how they were beginning to brand around the tagline “Avengers Assemble.” He revealed that there was a master plan in place all way up to 2017.

Since that time, Captain America, Thor, The Avengers and most recently, Iron Man 3, hit theaters, breaking multiple records around the world – all of which was in the planning stages as far back as 2006. Today, Marvel has at least another four years planned out beyond 2017.

In speaking with Wired about the young Marvel Studios and how they began their now-headline-breaking panels at Comic-Con as far back as 2006, Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige teased that there’s much more to come.

“I could arguably say what we’re planning for the year 2021. Will that happen? I don’t know. But what we planned for 2015 in 2006 is happening.”

Going forward, it’s about growing the franchise beyond the characters who’ve seen success in theaters already.

“Five years ago, looking at our plan, we knew that if Avengers was going to work, the movies had to stand alone. Now we have to prove to the studio that we’re more than just these five characters, these five franchises.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Production Art 570x370 Marvel Studios Has Movies Planned Through to 2021

So just how does Feige and Marvel orchestrate a massive shared film universe, managing multiple in-production projects at once, while also picking and choosing obscure characters from Marvel Comics to invest in (i.e. Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, etc.)?

“Disney has allowed us to be a relatively small, tight-knit brain trust. These billion-dollar ventures come down to 10 people or fewer in a room saying, ‘You know what would be cool?’”

The big questions of course are what additional new characters and properties could make their way to theaters in between threequels to Captain AmericaThor and The Avengers and will the studio ever push three movies out in one year? We know Ant-Man comes after The Avengers: Age of Ultron and sometime after that Doctor Strange will get his own film.

As it stands, Disney and Marvel Studios planted their feet in the ground earlier this summer to lay claim to key summer weekends in 2016 and 2017 but they’re not prepared to discuss what those projects are quite yet. Feige previously said we’d learn about those in 2014, and we expect that means it’ll be part of their Comic-Con panel next year.

Comic Con 2013 Guardians of the Galaxy Cast on Stage 570x377 Marvel Studios Has Movies Planned Through to 2021

The cast of Guardians of the Galaxy at Comic-Con

In the meantime, Marvel needs to keep fans focused on what’s coming out now. Iron Man 3 offered the strongest start imaginable to Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, cementing its place as the fourth top-grossing film of all-time, sitting right behind The Avengers (and James Cameron). Going forward however, Marvel needs to promote the sequels to Thor (watch the new trailer!) and Captain America which are being used to test non-summer dates for the studio. Thor: The Dark World releases this November, Captain America: The Winter Soldier in April, and even Guardians of the Galaxy – the studio’s riskiest bet to date – is testing an August release date, leaving the key summer weekends next year to partners at Fox and Sony to release X-Men: Days of Future Past and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, respectively.

This year Feige has gone on record multiple times explaining his desire and the studio’s need to keep crafting movies that offer something different. We saw that in Iron Man 3 and we’re absolutely getting it from the Cap/Thor sequels and GuardiansDoctor Strange opens up the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the mystical and magical side of things which has yet to be explored, but what else remains beyond that we don’t quite know. Another, different Hulk movie? Heroes for Hire? The Inhumans?

What movies would you like to see going forward? Did we mention that Marvel has literally eight years of movies in development?


Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

Let me know on Twitter @rob_keyes what Marvel character you’d like to see most onscreen!

Source: Wired

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  1. Cool.

    Just make sure they’re good and not pumped out to keep the hamster wheel of money spinning.

    • Marvel.

  2. Sounds like I have my movie plans for the next 8 years then.

    “while also picking and choosing obscure characters from Marvel Comics to invest in (i.e. Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, etc.)”…..Hmmm I agree with the GOTG thing but definitely not the Ant-Man thing. He’s not an obscure character in the comics at all.

  3. I hope one of their ideas is to start a Marvel Knights department! We need a new take on Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Punisher, and Blade! Would also like to see a take on the Thunderbolts as well!

    • Well, the good people at the “Dredd Sequel” campaign pointed me to a similar campaign for a Marvel Knights movie so you never know….

      • No one asked.

    • I thought there was one, Punisher Warzone and Ghost Rider Spirit Of Vengeance were released under the Marvel Knights label.

    • Dude, the prospect of Marvel Knight’s being it’s own separate rated R thing sounds so rad.

      I hope the dream becomes a reality.

    • Moon Knight please…

  4. First off don’t get me started on Ant-Man. Of all the Marvel universe characters were going to run with Ant-Man? Ugh…. the film will be likened to a ‘Honey I Shrunk The Kids’ comic rendition. Marvel, you’re killing me…

    As for what they SHOULD do? Let’s get a really good writer/director to give us a good Punisher reboot? (C. Nolan you listening?), or a Daredevil reboot (although I rather liked the Ben Affleck version quite a bit), or better yet, a Silver Surfer solo? Or a Deadpool? All these good choices and we’re running with Ant Man eh? Jeezus!

    • Wouldn’t the Silver Surfer fall under Fantastic Four territory which belongs to Fox? Please correct me if I am wrong.

      • Maybe you’re right? Forgot about all this licensing crap…ugh

        • And the Deadpool rights also still belong to Fox

    • David, I assume you are the person who knows nothing about Ant-Man and is making ignorant claims because all you can relate to the character is his name and you assume all he does is shrink.
      Maybe you read more into his character before making such claims based on absolute zero knowledge about the character.
      You probably forget how integral he is to the avengers, or the fact that he also becomes giant man, or the fact that he is one of the smartest people in the Marvel Universe.
      Know something before you make an ignorant assertion.

      • Not ignorant but you may be for assuming as much…

        I just don’t like the character and the challenge at making a live action film about him and his abilities will monumental without making it look comedic. Ant-man in the comics on ink and paper may be one thing but live action is another matter entirely….

        • Alright then I respect your opinion.
          My only issue was hating on something if you didn’t know anything about it that’s all.
          All i can say is trust Marvel :)

          • I do and I definitely hope they can pull it off….they’re on a roll and don’t need any missteps! hehehehe :)

          • @Will

            You learned a valuable lesson there and I hope others read this too.

            Just because someone says something negative about a comic book character, doesn’t mean they don’t know anything about the character to say such things.

            • I knew that before hand, I just hear the same thing from people before, (not on this site), who don’t know much about a character and basically write it off.
              I actually came back on to apologize but he had already replied.
              I respect everyone’s opinion because to be honest it’s just a fictional character.

              • Yea no biggie. All good and intense but passionate discussion… Good stuff!

      • Yep, where there’s a “Will” there’s a way. I for one am in Hank Pym’s corner, and hoping for Goliath and Wasp ASAP.

    • I suggest you watch or re-watch the old black and white 1957 film “The Incredible Shrinking Man”

      Ant-man can work on screen.

      • I hope so….

    • I dunno. I think the same thing could have been said about Iron Man before the first film. I’ll hold judgment about the film’s quality and Pym’s worth as the focus of the movie until after I’ve seen it.

    • You lost me after “I rather liked the Ben Affleck version quite a bit”.

      And what makes you think it’ll turn out like a Honey I Shrunk the Kids? Nothing Marvel has done to date suggests that.

      I agree that the Punisher and DD deserve a proper movie, but it’ll be years before Marvel gets to that. I’m hoping that it’s happening in Phase 4, which would focus more on the street-level characters which a little Doctor Strange, Hulk, Nick Fury/SHIELD, etc mixed in for continuity’s sake

      • hehehehe…What?! yea not many like Affleck’s Daredevil. I don’t know why, but it kind’ve stuck with me. I didn’t care much for Elektra in the film but Affleck, Michael Clarke Duncan as The Kingpin and Jon Favreau as Foggy werent too bad? Maybe they were and I still loved it…hehehe

        Punisher is one of may favs and there seems to of been so many attempts to get it right and they just can’t do it, which is a shame because he’s an awesome character, as is his story.

        • You know what? I too enjoyed Daredevil! And I’m not ashamed to admit it. Was it a excellent movie? No, but it was pretty cool!

          • Thanks SureBob! We can hold off the Daredevil naysayers together! heheheh…. :)

          • I bought the Daredevil DVD. It was not bad at the time (not great, but just about all we had for hero movies). I hope they do the once-proposed Daredevil versus Kingpin and Mr. Fear movie.

        • i liked the film as well. i tried watching elektra, and it bored me, and i could watch jennifer garner all day, but that film…ugh. she was definately better in DD. if ben could hit the gym, and direct the next DD, i bet it could be a good movie.

        • Agreed. Daredevil was a decent movie (could have been done better, but didn’t suck like say the first Punisher movie). The Elektra movie, however… (sigh). I’ve loved Jennifer Garner since Alias, but I was sorely, sorely disappointed.

    • This David Lawyer is proof that the biggest thing Ant-Man has working against it is the title.

      I’m dead serious when I say that I am more excited about Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man then I am about Joss Whedon’s Avengers 2: Here we go again.

      • Agree with you 100%, Mindbender.

        • I didn’t enjoy the Daredevil nor the Punisher films, so would like to see Marvel rectify this, perhaps by combining the two with Moon Knight, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Shang-Chi, Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, and Black Cat. They could battle a Thunderbolts team, perhaps consisting of; Baron Zemo, Moonstone, Radioactive Man, Photon, Speed Demon, Joystick, Swordsman, Purple Man, Atlas, and Songbird. Or perhaps pit them against the Hood and his crew, consisting of; Absorbing Man, Wrecking Crew, Constrictor, Jack O’ Lantern, Shocker, Madame Masque, the Crimson Cowl, and the Wizard…

          As far as Ant-Man is concerned, it has a great Director in Edgar Wright and he seemz to be leaning towardz the newer version of Ant-Man in Scott Lang which could be a very funny film. Hez no Deadpool, but comical none-the-less. Itz true his powerz aren’t the best, but he is one of the five smartest men on the Planet and the creator of Ultron, although that will most likely change in the movie universe. I’m looking forward to the film as much as I am for the Captain America. I’m more excited about the Thor sequel and the GotG, which if they do right has the potential to be my favorite Marvel film.

          Enough from me…

          • I’m not sure Marvel can use some of the Villainz from Spider-Manz gallery and the Ant-Man film should introduce the Wasp.

      • BUT the ONLY opinion that matters in that department is the general public which I think they will see things quite the opposite from what you say Dr.
        You know the green is the only thing that matters in the studios eyes!
        I’m a bit apprehensive about AntMan as well but I hope that Edgar Wright will pull it off, if anyone can I think he can!

        I REALLY hope that us Hulk fans get a sequel to TIH, It does not look like we will get it anytime soon but if it does come after The Avengers 2 I can live with that!
        I really would like a Black Panther movie also, but I think that is already on it’s way, it just might be the second film of 2016 that is the June movie that they have the weekend already reserved!

        I don’t understand why they have May and July dates in 2016 and the next is the 2017 date, does anyone else think that Marvel may try to get 3 movies out in 2016? because if not those are 2 very close dates to release movies in 1 year than I have ever seen, especially under a studio like Marvel….isn’t it?

        • You have to remember that Disney studio is also putting out Star Wars films as well as many other Disney properties, so they can’t overwhelm themselves by adding too many Marvel films. As a fan, I would go see a movie a month we’re it possible, but some viewerz get bored when bombarded with too many films in a franchise.

          I agree with a Hulk film. I really hope they’re holding off so they can do a proper World War Hulk storyline. I know they’ve done the cartoon movie but I think live action could potentially be dangerously good.

      • I’d agree, except I really really love Ultron. I wish he was part of Ant-Man’s story.

      • A lot has to do with how well the story is delivered. A lot has to do with the right casting. Five-six years ago, most people would have likely agreed that Captain America would have been the linchpin of the Avengers, and when they announced that Robert Downey JR was going to be Iron Man, I know a lot of people, myself included, were like, “really??”.

        Same goes for Thor. For several years they seemed to have no script, then a director, then no director. When the announced Hewsworth, and I saw him in Star Trek, I was like “that’s who they got to play Thor? Seriously?” I’d actually given up on the movie until I saw they’d signed Anthony Hopkins, because he is one of the few actors (which I can count on one hand) who’ve never done a bad movie as far as I am concerned.

        So far, Marvel has proven they know what they are doing (sure there are things that might have been done better, but in hindsight you can always find ways things could have been done better), so until the seriously drop the ball, one has to trust things will turn out well.

  5. That’s awesome as long as there are no more Mandarin level twists (which I hated). Come to think of it, IM3 was the only Marvel Studios film I truly hated. Anywho, The Inhumans are one franchise that I have been dying to see. Doc Strange, Black Panther, Ms. Marvel and Heroes for Hire should be the next films leading up to Avengers 3.

    • Nope. Strange, Ms. Marvel, Black Panther & Heroes for Hire can all stand on their own. Do they really have to be Avengers? I mean Heroes for Hire is the street level version of The Avengers anyway.

      • I was just saying that they should lead up to the Avengers 3 with Ant-Man and have a completely new roster for the film. And we all know that Marvel is gonna milk Iron Man dry so he’ll be there taking all of the screen time in the next 2 installments anyway.

      • @warclown: Why shouldn’t Ms. Marvel and Black Panther be in the Avengers. I agree with Heroes for Hire but Ms Marvel and BP would be more useful than Black Widow and Hawkeye.

        Besides, didn’t the line up of the comic book Avengers go through many transitions? Why not the live action version of the Avengers also?

        Just sayin.

    • Yea I didn’t care much for IM3 as well for that very specific fact that they screwed up the Mandarin. It started out so good too until….

    • I didn’t hate Iron Man 3, in part because I am not convinced the Mandarin was a fake. I still think it will eventually be revealed that Adrian was just another pawn of Mandarin’s and that he simply hired someone to pretend to be his master, laying a further level of obfuscation upon the man pulling the strings, who I think will in turn be just a puppet of Thanos himself.

      • I didn’t hate the third film but it was, in my opinion, the weakest of the three and the most over-hyped. The Mandarin flat out pissed me off. I really wanted to see Iron Man battle a fierce opponent who isn’t in a metal suit.

        Ms. Marvel certainly does deserve a spot on the Avengerz roster, plain and simple, as does the Black Panther.

  6. Black Panther in the jungles of Wakanda Namor in Atlantis if fox doesn’t own the rights to him would be pretty cool places to look into along with the Inhumans.

    • Could work for me. But MAYBE, like Aquaman they are waiting for Avatar 2 and their water effects/water cameras to hit before tackling something like Namor and Aquaman for DC.

    • Absolutely. The Inhumanz on the Moon, and maybe they can use the Watcher if Fox doesn’t own the rightz. The Savage Land and Ka-zar or better still, Warlock and the Infinity Watch with the Mole Man would be great.

  7. hey…as long as we get 3 black panthers,a TRUE and FLAWLESS punisher movie(my all time favorites) and 3 phases of civil war arc because we all damn well know disney has the dinero to make this happen and make history

    • I think the Civil War crossover is too in depth for film. It would take more than one, perhapz a trilogy, to get it right, and Marvel would need to reaquire the rightz to Spider-Man, who was integral to the story, the Fantastic Four, and if not the X-men then at least Wolverine. It would require probably a dozen stand alone films first to introduce characterz so the audiance can understand why they choose to be pro or anti-registration. It would probably be easier to tackle an Infinity film and leave out Spidey, FF, and the X-squadz, because they really didn’t have too much to add the the crossover anyway. All you really need is Thanos, Mistress Death, (Mephisto would be good as would Eternity and the Living Tribunal) the Avengers, mainly Hulk, Thor, Vision, and Cap, Doctor Strange, and the Guardians of the Galaxy (Warlock is needed for this.)
      Or, an Annihilation film, and you can swap out Warlock for Nova.
      Actually, since we know they’re introducing Ronan in the GotG film, all we really need is Nova and to introuduce Annihilus and Annihilation is ready to go. Galactus and the Surfer would be helpful, which may be why Marvel tried to buy the rightz back a few monthz ago. They could also introduce Wraith, though thatz not too important, and they could add Moondragon, Blastaar and Super Skrull.

  8. Black panther hopefully (for the sake of God) will be part of the plan.

    • Black Panther would be badass!

  9. I just want a heroes for hire movie, luke cage and iron fist

  10. They’re going to need another franchise to do what Iron Man 1 did. I think they’re putting that all on Doc Strange. I don’t think we’ll get a Heroes For Hire or a Black Panther movie until Phase 4.

  11. Hopefully WB is taking notes.

    • to be honest….and no disrespect…wb is KILLING marvel in animated movies….likeit makes no sense…so go with what you are good at lol..notice marvel hasnt released any animation since the avenger kids

      • who cares about animated movies?

        • i do and millions of others….sir slashnor madam

          • I love the animated movies too but come on, we’re getting Ant Man on film before the Flash or Wonder Woman, that’s craziness.

            • but dont forget wb is not evvveeeeen close to money like disney …disney owns pretty much owns everything bit youre right its crazy

          • I do as well. Loved Planet Hulk. Marvel has the ability to make animated filmz that aren’t easily translated to live action. It broadens their range and allowz them to play around with rosterz and crossoverz.

        • I do care and all my friends and u r saying as if people outside nerds r caring for GOTG or Antman

    • They have a plan in place. They have movies planned through…2015.

  12. Maybe this?


    • Sorry, i meant maybe this,

      2014 cap: tws, GotG 2015 avengers:age of ultron, antman 2016 Dr. Strange, Hulk Smash 2017 Black Panther, Thor: Revenge of Surtur 2018 Avengers: Infinty War, Cap 3: Masters of Evil 2019 GotG: Adam Warlock, Giant Man 2020 Inhumans, Iron Man: Armor Wars 2021 Avengers: Evolutionary War, Dr. Strange: Mephisto

      • The only one of those I’d ever switch out is Yellow Jacket in place of Giant Man. Other than that solid list IMO.

        • Yeah… I think the antman sequel will be giantman, pacific rim-style. And the dr. Strange: Mephisto could lead into RISE of the MIDNIGHT SONS w/ ghost rider and blade. mayne tie-in a moon knight button.

  13. If Guardians of the Galaxy is well taken, I think that would be the perfect opportunity to introduce more the of the cosmic characters in the marvel universe, like Silver Surfer, Adam Warlock, Eternity, Living Tribunal. That could potentially be fantastic and fit perfectly into the Thanos/Avengers story line.

    • Marvel doesn’t own the Silver Surfer film rights

      • I don’t imagine Ant-Man will get a sequel. I like the way you made you list Pitt Man, very interesting.

        I’d like to see;
        2016 Dr. Strange, Dormammu as the antagonist
        Heroes For Hire; Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Moon Knight, Daredevil, Misty Knight, Shang-Chi, and Ghost Rider Vs. a team of Villainz, perhaps the Thunderboltz or the Hood and co.

        2017 Black Panther
        Guardians 2, introducing Nova
        Thor 3, Surtur as the antagonist

        2018 Hulk, Planet Hulk
        Dr. Strange, introduce Mephisto
        Defenders; Hulk, Strange, Namor, and Beta Ray Bill or Nova in place of the Surfer
        Captain America 3, Baron Zemo as the antagonist
        Avengerz 3, perhaps Infinity Gauntlet

        2019 Inhumans
        Heroes For Hire 2

        2020 Annihilation

        • Sorry, *You’re list

          • Ha, meant your… Having one of those dayz…

  14. Two films I must see in the next 8 years:

    Black Panther

    Ms Marvel

    Everything else is fine and dandy but these two would be epic for many different reasons.

    Make the Movie Marvel!

  15. Im starting to believe these unannounced movies are Black Panther and Doctor Strange. They probably are. Now what movies happen after Avengers 3, im sure will consist of Thor 3, Captain America 3, possibly an Incredible Hulk 2, maybe a Ms. Marvel, maybe an Ant Man 2, hopefully an Inhumans (named my Call of Duty Elite Clan this lmao), and we can all agree there needs to be a movie for Iron Fist and Luke Cage. These are the only ones I can think of. Besides a possible Avengers 4 and Avengers 5 if possible. Maybe a Guardians of the Galaxy 2 or that could be pushing it? Who knows? We just have to wait and see and keep our trust in Marvel and Kevin Feige.

    • Doctor Strange can’t be unannounced if they already announced their intention to make his movie a while ago.

      BP and Inhumans are just speculation started by Feige but not officially given a logo to confirm things like Strange had (the same day they officially revealed the Ant-Man logo).

  16. What do I wanna see?

    Captain Britain and a solo War Machine movie please.

    • A War Machine movie would be NICE!!

    • I’m all for a Captain Britain film, especially if they use Otherworld. I wonder if Marvel could use Psyloche.

  17. “Marvel Studios Has Movies Planned Through to 2021″

    And WTF are they? Probably one of the biggest subject lines with 0 news.

    • Not hard to guess.

      Thor 3,4,5. Cap 3,4,5. Avengers 2,3,4,5
      Dr Strange, Ant-man, Silver Surfer, Incredible Hulk

      • Disney doesn’t own the rightz to Silver Surfer, so that most likely isn’t happening. I don’t imagine Marvel will stretch their filmz beyond a trilogy while there are so many other characterz to work with. I feel like after pulling off three successful Avengerz films Marvel will want to go bigger, which would have to be a major crossover, and Annihilation seemz the most likely, seeing as how all the major characterz are available to them, except for Galactus and the Surfer. There is no need for spider-Man, Fantastic Four, or any X-team for Annihilation to work. Marvel needz only to introduce Nova and Moondragon, easily accomplished in a GotG sequel, Super Skrull and perhapz Mephisto, which could appear in an Inhumanz and Doc Strange film, respectfully, find a replacement for Galactus and the Surfer, which they could do with Beta Ray Bill, (Thor 3?) and a powerful cosmic character such as Mephisto or even perhapz a captured Odin, and Annihilus, obviously, who could appear for the first time in the film. They could introduce Wraith, but thatz not integral, and use Ronan, who is coming in GotG.
        It seemz the most likely route to me, but perhapz itz just wishful thinking…

        • *Respectively not respectfully, my bad…

    • I call that.

      Putting the cart before the horse.

      CMB Movies are one of those things, one bad movie or a series of bad movies and sequels that do not pan out as well as most people thought have been known to ruin franchises.

      They will start putting movies out for quanity and not quality.

      Now if DC is smart, they will give people something to whet their appetite and wait. One movie a year, what is the rush? Do you want quality or quantity?

  18. The movies I’m hoping for are
    1. Black panther
    2. Namor the submariner
    3. Black Bolt (Inhumans)
    4. Another Hulk movie (Hulk vs Red Hulk)
    5. Defenders Movie or a Secret Avengers movie

    • Didn’t think about Namor? Hmm…interesting choice. Might be a good rebuff against DC since they are considering an Aquaman film? At least they have suggested it anyways….

      • I would’ve had Namor as my second choice but I don’t know much about him.

        Be cool if it was set in the 40s though and he fought The Human Torch cause then we get a period movie, a Human Torch that Marvel own the rights to and a link to The Vision all in one film.

        • Problem is that they probably don’t own the rights to a film version of Namor since he is more associated with the Fantastic Four and the X-men. Both of which are licensed to Fox.

          Plus I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t written in the contracts that they can’t use other incarnations of the Torch.

          • well fox is currently working on a FF reboot but have no intentions of crossovers with the xmen, so hopefully it falls through or just plain fails and the rights return to marvel, i know the other studios have started making better adaptions of the marvel characters like spiderman and xmen in recent years but they would be so much better if done by marvel :/

          • I’m not sure Fox has the rightz to Namor, he is a mutant but has also been an Avenger and he could simply be used as an Atlantean rather than a Mutie. Therez a good chance Disney could use him legally.

  19. Damn, Marvel is prepared!

  20. Great Lakes Avengers, I know it most likely will never happened, but please make it happen.

  21. The character I want to see on film the most, besides Pym’s Ant Man, is Iron Fist.

  22. I think they’re definitely moving towards an Inhumans movie.

    Also, kinda tired hearing how GotG is “the most risky” movie. They were all risky to start. If GotG does well, and I think it will, it’ll introduce Marvel to a whole new demographic of sci-fi fans that don’t read comics (if that’s even a thing)!

    Like the article states, the long-term success of Marvel depends on movies like Doctor Strange, GotG and possibly Inhumans doing well. At this point, I’m pretty confident that they can pull it off.

  23. “Disney has allowed us to be a relatively small, tight-knit brain trust. These billion-dollar ventures come down to 10 people or fewer in a room saying, ‘You know what would be cool?’”

    Man, I sure hope WB/DC is reading this. I just wish WB/DC had this or could do something even close to this. Unfortunatly we get Snyder and Goyer sitting in a room consulting with Frank Miller. UGH!

    How is WB/DC going to compete with this? I’m not a Marvel fan, but I have to admire the way they do things, they are first rate all the way.

    • Man, I know. It’s possible that WB/DC has started to work better behind the scenes in ways that we haven’t seen yet…I hope that that is the case. But you just have to wonder. They have to see how much money (and fan goodwill) Marvel has going – wouldn’t that be incentive enough to put together a team that can competently produce DC character films?

      The working model that Marvel has is a fan’s dream come true. I am not familiar with a lot of the characters in this discussion for upcoming films, but if they are as well done as most of the films that we’ve seen from Marvel so far, then I can’t wait to meet them.

      • I’d love for DC to go bankrupt and be purchased by Marvel. I imagine they’d keep the DC line going with some revamping and adjustmentz. The two universez have been linked and made aware of one another during the Marvel/DC crossoverz so keeping them separate while occasionaly attempting crossoverz could be interesting. I have nothing againt DC, I just think Marvel producez better material, or even if not better, more relevant. I think they do this by integrating the Super Heroes/Villainz into a more tangible environment, i.e our world, while D.C. seemz to distance their Superz from reality. The secret identity is an antiquated concept that should be used sparingly. D.C. is all maskz and capez. Just my opinion.

  24. A Civil War would be nice. If they pulled it off with the characters they own.

  25. I think by 2017 people will be tired of MARVEL.

    • I don’t, it’ll take quite a few more years than that… and they’ll always have their fan base.

      • Marvels (and comics in general) do not seem to keep the same fan base from one generation to the next, so it is possible that the amount of interest in these movies could reach a point of diminished returns at some point.

  26. Um, I don’t want to be the nitpicker here but… According to BoxOfficeMojo ( Iron Man 3 is 5th highest ever, not 4th. Still, it is an incredible start for phase 2, and I’m super excited to keep seeing what Marvel has planned.

  27. Some Ant-man hate on here eh. The Avengers EMH animated series is what sold Ant-man for me. They better let him use his enlarging ability on top of the shrinking ability. He can be a giant and crush stuff then go down to insect level for sneaky attacks. Too bad they are not using Ultron as Hank Pym’s creation, I feel like that would have been a cool way to introduce him. I think Ant-man will surprise a lot of people if he is used the right way. Glad they didn’t give Shane Black his gig.

    • Me too because as we saw with IM3, Shane knows how to do character development and massive action set-pieces and Ant-Man is reportedly more of a humourous thing like Scott Pilgrim and the 3 Flavours trilogy.

  28. Black Panther and Ms Marvel is probably ones I’m looking forward to see…

    However, I think Black Panther will not come until Dr. Strange is introduced… Considering his Wakandan power is a combination of Science and Magic, they definitely need to introduce a human being (not Asgardian) with power in magic, and that’s Dr. Strange. So my prediction lineup will be: Ant-man, then Dr.Strange and finally Black Panther. Ms Marvel will come later on to connect The Avengers with GotG because it has Kree (Ronan the Accuser), and to serve as the warm up to the inevitable battle between The Avengers and Thanos.

  29. 1. Thor 2 needs to do something special after the nonsense that wrecked the iron man 3 movie and start of phase two storywise (example: stop trying to sell toys)
    2. Not copy fox and sony by casting teenagers and young adults because they come
    3. Cut ties with filmmakers like jon favreau who dont respect the history of characters.

    • 1. IM3 was not nonsense, nor was it wrecked

      2. Young adults can last longer in roles and show a character growing from slightly immature and clueless to confident veteran over the course of their movies

      3. Favreau doesn’t respect character history? Since when? And wouldn’t Marvel have stepped in if they saw something they didn’t like before post-production even finished?

      Why do you complain about great movies?

      • they are good but when i think of greatness i think of quality. The films that come to mind are avengers,mos,batman begins and the dark knight,iron man 1. The rest are either good,mediocre or they plain suck. You see youngsters like the ultimates so anything can be sold to them, but there are those of us that like caviar. I cant wait until your ridiculous fave idea about batman having mask throughout whole movie goes down the toliet where it belongs, when an announcement is made on which actor will play him. No major studio has ever taken that chance on a major superhero going faceless.

        • This comment was rather hard for me to follow, but, I agree Iron Man 3 was nonsensical. The Mandarin twist really ruined it for me, and that aside, I still didn’t particularly enjoy the film.
          The age of the Actors/Actresses doesn’t affect me much, I agree a younger cast is good for future filmz but so long as the acting is good, and the girlz attractive, I’m good with it.
          Why doesn’t Favreau respect the history of the characters?
          As far as studios and facelessness, this isn’t entirely true. Dredd worked well enough that a sequel is in discussion and he wore a mask the entire film, as did V in V for Vendetta.
          I think Thor 2 lookz great and am excited about it, almost as much as I am for the Avengerz sequel and the Guardianz film, which I’m most excited about. I don’t love Batista as Drax nor Zoe as Gamora, but we’ll see…

      • IM3 was a garbage just like Dark of the moon