Disney Sets 2016-2017 Dates For Two Unannounced Marvel Studios Movies

Published 2 years ago by , Updated August 7th, 2013 at 12:34 pm,

marvel movies ant man black panther dr strange Disney Sets 2016 2017 Dates For Two Unannounced Marvel Studios Movies

[Update: Marvel Studios plans out to 2021]

Iron Man 3 currently sits as the fifth highest grossing film of all-time, proving to moviegoers that Marvel Studios doesn’t need to rely on The Avengers team-up to hit record-breaking numbers. With their last two films both sitting in top five list for worldwide theatrical earnings, sequels to Captain America and Thor both on the way, and Guardians of the Galaxy beginning to shoot this month, there’s no stopping the Disney-owned production house.

Joss Whedon’s first script draft for The Avengers 2 has already been submitted and Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man finally has a firm release date. With Marvel Studios President of Production unofficially confirming that Doctor Strange is also coming up in Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was only a matter of time before Disney marked their territory for what comes next.

The announcements may be a result of contract negotiations with franchise star Robert Downey Jr., who reportedly was in talks to return for The Avengers 2 & 3, with Iron Man 4 being a question mark. Regardless, Disney has officially nabbed the most coveted release dates for 2016 and 2017, that being the very first weekend of May for each year. Here’s Marvel Studios’ official slate from 2013-2017 as it currently stands:

  • May 3 2013 – Iron Man 3
  • Nov 8 2013 – Thor: The Dark World
  • Apr 4 2014 – Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • Aug 1 2014 – Guardians of the Galaxy
  • May 1 2015 – The Untitled Avengers Sequel
  • Nov 6 2015 – Ant-Man
  • May 6 2016 – Unannounced Marvel Film
  • May 5 2017 – Unannounced Marvel Film

Disney’s official press release directly references the success of their summer opening films (their most profitable ones) and their tradition of being the studio to open the summer blockbuster season. The timing of the dates could be simply to lock key summer dates before competitor Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment do since Man of Steel opens this weekend and does not mean that there will only be one film in each of those years. With Marvel’s upcoming test of spring, fall and late-summer release dates over the next year and a half, the success of Thor: The Dark World could dictate where Disney positions its other Phase Three films, since there will most likely be a minimum of two films per year going forward.

The many characters of the Marvel universe Disney Sets 2016 2017 Dates For Two Unannounced Marvel Studios Movies

That makes speculating on what these two films that much more difficult since positioning unknown, riskier projects like Doctor StrangeBlack Panther, The Inhumans and another Hulk movie might be less likely candidates for early May release dates over additional installments to the Iron Man, Captain America and Thor series, or even a sequel or spinoff of Guardians. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Doctor Strange in 2016, we’re just not sure if it’ll be in May.

Another possibility is that The Avengers 3 could be coming just two years after The Avengers 2, but with the amount of character films and other properties Marvel aims to launch between the “main events” we’re not counting that, nor are we going to consider the re-aquired Daredevil, Punisher or Blade properties as realistic possibilities either, not for these release dates anyway.

With Marvel Studios expected to have an exciting presentations at Comic-Con and D23 this summer, centered around the Thor sequel, the mysterious titles may be announced at either


Iron Man 3 is currently in theaters, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016 and May 5 2017.

Let me know on Twitter @rob_keyes what movies should take these release dates!

Source: Disney

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  1. BP in my opinion would be a very difficult sell. The character has always (IMO) been out of place in a city setting.

    I would love to see the history of the mantle being passed down and the history against the Jabari tribe and other outsiders.

    Maybe a small flashback showing the meteorite landing and why Wakanda is the way it is.

    Small connection to the Starks and Shield with regards to vibranium.

    At most a 1/4 of the movie can be done in a ‘city’. Have someone find out about the vibranium and make a move on it trying to secure their place within AIM or some such having them follow Panther back.

    • I defiantly recommend reading Black Panther: The Man Without Fear. Its basically about Black Panther looking after Hell’s Kitchen instead of Daredevil and its an awesome comic showing how BP can work in a city setting.

      • Yes but then he is more or less just Daredevil or Spiderman etc.

        You dont have the depth or even regality the character that BP is.

        In a city setting he is just another costumed hero. Nothing sets him apart. In Wakanda he is so much more.

        • Wakanda is exactly what could make a Black Panther movie something really epic and awesome.

          Marvel as of right now, doesnt seem to have the balls to explore a new world like Wakanda and having a black hero.

          Many studios have done movies and tv shows set in new worlds, with a historical, mystical vibe, so I see no reason why Marvel cant do it.

        • You’re kidding me, right? In one line you pretty much just lumped all Martial Artist types into a single slot and marginalized them. So DD is the same as Spidey? /rolls eyes.

          BP is just as unique as the others in that he has and uses superior and very specific Wakandian tech that even Stark would be envious of.

          • Yes I did and I stand by it.

            Putting Black Panther in a city setting more or less makes him another Spider-man/Daredevil type character.

            Remember we are talking about a movie that must appeal to the masses not just ‘us people’ that know about the history of the characters.

            Furthermore the Black Panther I know had nothing but his Jungle Smarts and claws. The ‘Tech’ you refer to (maybe?) is the city and weapons therein. The only other weapon I have seen him use that classify him as hi tech is the vibro blade/claw things.

            In closing the title Black Panther is a position of ruling first. I think it would be a much better movie if they went that route, instead of sticking him in a major city.

    • Black Panther??Oh!Oops!I thought you meant BP as in British Petroleum!Oh boy is my face red!Lol!

    • All the reasons youve given for BPM being “difficult sell” are aside from being pointless have no bearing whatsoever on it being a successful movie…

      and why would ANYONE put Black panther in a “City Setting”??
      aside from the recent & deplorable “Man Without Fear” run BP has always mainly been a centrally Wakandan character with a global playground.. having been Oxford &Sorbonne educated &pretty worldly head of state.. plus the idea of creating a CGI Wakanda with is basically a Nairobi meets Dubai meets garden of eden is exciting in itself..

      with a Thor level budget Black Panther should be a smash hit (for all the accountants &bean counters out there)

      good casting &a Hudlin centric plot should see a successful movie.. how Ant Man or Dr Strange or even GOTG got put ahead of BP is beyond me.. but then nothing about the uber cynical apporoach of Fieges direction surprises me tbh

  2. how and can you plan for a movie four years out?

    • By being very good at planning things.

      • As a TV/Film major and with as many rewrites as they get with comic book movies it isnt difficult at all; throw in casting, filming and post and you get 4 years

        • .. and pre-production can go on for as long as they want it to.

  3. So I assume Marvel will reveal these movies (at the very least, the first one) at Comic-Con next month?

    • I could be wrong, but I would doubt it man. It is 3 years away.
      We only got confirmation of Ant-Man this year didnt we?

      They will probably use most of the rest of the year to promote the next 3 films in particular GotG which is arguably viewed as their biggest risk

      Of course, I would love if you are correct

    • It’s possible, and in my opinion, likely.

      But not a guarantee.

  4. I have no interest in a Black Panther standalone. I find he works best as support.

    Personally I would love a Marvel made Punisher or Daredevil movie, but I really doubt we will see them any time soon. I imagine they may keep their more “down to earth” (ie cheap to bring to life) characters for TV and let them show up on S.H.E.I.L.D, ov even a spin off (Heroes for Hire please!!)

    Of all the pre-Avengers film Incredible Hulk was my favourite and I would love a sequel. He was the standout in Avengers and based on that performance alone he will sell tickets

    Joss seems to have a bit of a soft spot for Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, what if he portrays them really well and they are the standout characters in Avengers 2 and get their own film? though I understand that might be a bit hard as they cant mention most of their back story, so that is probably a long shot.

    More realistically my guess is GoTG 2 and Dr Strange.

    A few of the comments suggest Thanos wont show up until Avengers 3, any truth in that (I mean outside of GOTG)

    • I think one of them is a Heroes for Hire movie featuring:

      Luke Cage(the Rock or Michael Jai White)
      Daredevil(Ryan Gosling or Joseph Levitt)
      Iron Fist(Ray Park)
      Blade(Idris Elba)
      Punisher(Kevin Duran)
      Hulk(Mark Ruffalo of course)
      and Colleen Wing(Li Bingbing)

      That way you have another hulk movie and you introduce all the characters fans have been waiting to see.

      • I hope that if they bring back the Punisher that it will be with Tom Jane.

    • I could see Black Panther being better in the movies just like Blade was. That will, of course, depend on the people making the movie.

  5. I think these will be sequels to phase 2 movies.

  6. would love to see a new Hulk movie

  7. Hulk please, it was better than the both cap and Thor but they’re already getting sequels. Boo Feige

    • Hulk has 3 movies the hulk, the sequel the incredible hulk and avengers

  8. I am hoping for Ms Marvel / Captain Marvel and Dr Strange however I suspect that if Angela is played by Karen Gillian in Guardians of the Galaxy, she might be set up for a spinoff as a grey character.

  9. “Iron Man 3 currently sits as the fifth highest grossing film of all-time, proving to moviegoers that Marvel Studios doesn’t need to rely on The Avengers team-up to hit record-breaking numbers.”

    In a way it did. Iron Man 3 was the first follow-up to the Avengers, so the popularity of that movie probably was a factor in leading people to see Iron Man 3.

    Sadly it could have been either Thor 2 or Captain America 2…

  10. I hope it isn’t called The Avengers 2. Return of The Avengers has a better ring.

  11. I want to see a stand-alone Hulk film that puts the hulk against the Leader and Madman. Here’s the story: the Leader(Samuel Sterns) escaped from S.H.I.E.L.D.(see Fury’s Big Week) and plots to take over the world using an army from mutated people. Then he looks for his brother(Philip Sterns) and turns him into the Madman to battle the Hulk. What do you guys think?

    • Sounds like a great plot maybe throw in the Abomination and have them team up against Hulk to showcase hulk’s true strength.

    • The Nova Corps have a lot of “staff members,” I’m sure it will just be that. Think General Veers from Star Wars.

  12. i would love to see a marvel knights/dark avengers film with

    The Punisher
    Ghost Rider

    With Screen newcomers
    Moon knight

  13. I think it’s Inhumans and Black Panther.

  14. Everybody keeps talking X-men, Spidey, Avengers (both as a team and as individual heroes) for movies…one thing that Marvel should focus on at some point is Doctor Strange!!! I wanna see a Doctor Strange film!!! And maybe a Fantastic 4 reboot (I hear that’s already in the works anyway)…there’s so many possibilities…

  15. So I want to attach a older rumor with this rumor, Tom Welling as Moon Knight? LOL

  16. Well avengers 3 is supposed to kick off the summer of 2018 but Sony has locked that date… Unless….

  17. DEADPOOL needs some attention this movie would be great if the right person gets a hold of it

  18. Iron Man 3 was a disaster, if your measure is, not box office receipts, but quality. My friends who saw it felt the same way.

    • Stand back, I’m going to launch! Lol.

      I grow more disappointed with SOM the more time passes after having seen it. The disappointment started the day of. The movie certainly had some strengths. Finally, We got a look, briefly, at Krypton. Way cool I must say. And the best part of the movie, sadly. Supes in Hollywood/ Pentagon is not the Supes I want to see. I don’t think I ever will see him. Although I’ve come to accept that he’s not a god. He just greatly benefits from exposure to our sun. But how weak does he have to be? Does he have to grimace all the time when exerting himself? Stop already.

      I also don’t want to see a dorky Supes who stands by and let’s someone important to him die, needlessly, out of slavish loyalty to some detail in the original story that I’m sure the authors would have envisioned being translated a bit more realistically than what we saw. “Save a life or keep my identity secret – with eye glasses? Hmm.” Why can’t the crap get tweaked out rather than other details? Not that I’m an expert on Supes.

      Too many weak points all over SOM. Confusing scenes. Utterly bizarre scenes, all traced to attitude, for I have no other way to explain it.

  19. No THANOS in A2?…So who they gonna deal with?

  20. doctor strange be in theaters on friday july 8 2016

  21. dead pool be in theaters on friday june 6 2014

  22. black panther be in theaters on friday may 5 2017

  23. need for speed 2 be in theaters on friday march 3 2017

  24. alice and wonderland 2 be in theaters on friday july 22 2016

  25. sonic be in theaters on friday december 16 2016