Marvel Studios Schedules Second Unannounced Film For 2016

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Marvel Studios Doctor Strange Movie Logo Fan Made Marvel Studios Schedules Second Unannounced Film For 2016

Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios made sure to mark their long-term territory just a day before before rival Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment released Man of Steel to great box office success, ensuring that their own upcoming slate of films maintain their key summer dates, before WB potentially announced their own upcoming slate of DC Universe movies. After the sequels to Thor, Captain America and The Avengers release, and after introducing new characters in Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man, Marvel already had another two projects greenlit behind-the-scenes for the beginnings of summer 2016 and summer 2017.

The timing also coincides with the studio’s upcoming presence at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 where it’s a safe bet Marvel Studios’ unreleased films coming this year and next will be presented to fans along with more hints and reveals towards the franchise’s future. We knew these two mysterious dates were just a part of the puzzle since Marvel Studios is aiming for at least two features per year, and today, Disney selected a second date for July 8, 2016 for another unannounced Marvel movie.

Of the solo character films released so far by Marvel Studios, Thor made the most money outside of Iron Man, so it’s likely that with Iron Man 4 not currently in the cards the studio may position the third Chris Hemsworth vehicle and followup to Thor: The Dark World for one of the two key May summer dates. Knowing The Avengers 3 is unofficially official – and that Robert Downey Jr. is signed for it – we expect Thor 3 to debut after Ant-Man as the second chapter in Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That would mean Thor 3 releases May 6, 2016 with the July 8, 2016 slot likely going to a new property.

Marvel Studios Black Panther Movie Logo Fan Made Marvel Studios Schedules Second Unannounced Film For 2016

Marvel Studios will not use the most important and profitable weekend (first weekend of May) of the summer to launch an unknown such as The Inhumans, Black Panther or Doctor Strange, so they’ll use the May summer slots (previously held by the Iron Man films, Thor 1 and The Avengers) for a sure-fire success such as Thor or Captain America. These are the flagship titles in between each Avengers team-up now that Iron Man is out of the way. And just like the first sequels to Thor and Captain America are separated by a year, with Thor again coming first, we expect a similar structure in Phase Three.

Don’t be surprised to see Marvel Studios, during their Thor: The Dark World panel at Comic-Con in a few weeks, to announce Thor 3 and Doctor Strange for 2016. The big question is whether or not The Avengers 3 will see a three-year gap or if it’s the film to release May 2017. We don’t think so, with more and more rumors and discussion adding credence to the idea of a Hulk sequel, a Black Panther film and The Inhumans. And if Guardians of the Galaxy is as big as Marvel is hoping it can be, it needs a Phase Three sequel as well.


Iron Man 3 is currently in theaters, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. Oh man I can’t wait for all these sequels! (I can’t believe I just said oh man)

  2. ive been waitingmon black panther for yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaars! he took out all the avengers by himself broooooo

  3. Blue Blazes!! Hopefully Nova will be apart of Phase 3!!

  4. I know we are all stoked for the follow ups, but I’d love to see a phase with all original characters…

    Ant-Man 2015
    Doc Strange 2016
    Black Panther 2016
    Inhumans 2017

    Maybe for giggles, throw in Thor 3 (2017) and Cap 3. 6 movies in between Avengers movies would be awesome. I already hate the idea of them fast tracking Avengers 3 for 2017.

    • maybe for giggles throw in thor 3 -_- are you for real? what is that suppose to mean? we all know thor can take everyone of these out. dont even start bro…

      • thor couldnt get pass capts shield but oooooooook…black panther already murked thor

        • You mean the same shield that was thrown at Thors head and bounced off? Okay. Just checking.

            • show me a bag of feathers that would destroy a large portion of a forrest by bouncing off a wall.
              thats what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.

      • I mean throwing it into the phase of being released. I’m more so stating it would be nice to have all new characters instead of sequels.

      • I don’t think that’s really what he meant when he posted that. But still, Dr Strange battles and defeats beings as tough as (or even tougher than) Thor’s daddy on a regular basis. 😛

    • Your slated RDs look pretty solid.

      But here’s my thought on it.

      2015: Ant-Man
      2016: Doctor Strange
      2016: Cap 3
      2017: Thor 3
      2017: GotG2
      2018: Inhumans
      2018: The Avengers 3

      • i honestly font think they will do a GotG movie UNLESS the rumors are true about thanos being the avengers 3 villain. but i do think the guardians are just a one of deal. just because of thanos.

        • You do know that the GotG movie has been official for quite a long time now right?

          • seriously? wow, who knew -_-

            im talking about 2, i was not replying to you either

      • That seems pretty plausible; though I think they are right May 2016 will be for an established property, so I’d say maybe:

        2015: Ant-Man
        2016: Thor 3
        2016: Doctor Strange
        2017: Cap 3
        2017: Inhumans
        2018: GotG2
        2018: The Avengers 3

          • Also seems plausible; gonna be exciting to see what they do, whatever it is.

    • Maybe they are aware that the CBM bubble will burst soon, and they’re trying to cash in as much as they can. Maybe that’s why they have 2 movies coming out each year for the next 4 years.

      • @ kyle

      • Superheroes are not a fad; and if they are, it is a generational fad that will be around for the next ~30 years. It is better to accept this now.

        • Hey I like superhero movies just as much as the next guy, maybe even more, but I find it unsettling to know that Marvel is coming out with 2 $200 million movies each year for the next 4+ years, that’s not even counting the $200 million movies WB/DC, Fox, and Sony are making. With that high a budget, it’s going to get pretty easy for a couple of these movies to flop, especially in 2015, when we are going to see at least a dozen $200 million dollar movies. I feel like the general audience will get pretty tired of superhero movies. Maybe not in the next 3 years, but the number of CBM is increasing each year.

          • They are?

            Marvel (including Fox and Sony)
            X-Men: First class
            Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
            Men in Black 3
            the Amazing Spider-Man
            Iron Man 3
            The Wolverine
            Kick Ass 2
            Thor: The Dark World
            Cap 2
            Avengers 2
            Fantastic Four
            May Untitled
            July Untitled

            Even if we predict a Fox Marvel film in 2016, that still puts us at at 3-4 films a year. Marvel is consistently 2 a year, Fox is 1 a year and Sony is every other year since they just have Spider-Man.

            Green Lantern
            Dark Knight Rises
            Man of steel

            Its not looking like DC is gonna go 2 films a year since they are struggling to find success with anything other than Superman and Batman and until they can guarantee success, I doubt Warner Bros is going to loosen their collar.

            Dark Horse
            300 Rise of an Empire
            Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

            Its less than a month away from RIPD and I have seen less than five commercials/trailers for it so Im kind of doubting that their marketing will mean success. Its taken them 7 years to release another 300 film and 9 years for Sin City and they have both been pushed back lately. I doubt RIPD will get a sequel and it will probably be 5+ years before we see any more 300 or Sin City films.

            Other companies
            Green Hornet
            Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot

            I dont see more than 1 film a year coming from other publishers.

            There we have it, the CBM industry is not currently growing except at the box office.

            • I always find it strange why people say such things as: “since they[DC] are struggling to find success with anything other than Superman and Batman”– They haven’t tried anything other than Batman/Supes on the big screen…ever (to the best of my knowledge).

              Dude, I think you’re sort of proving my point. You don’t think 3-4 $200 million blockbusters of the same genre a year is a bit too much? With 3-4 movies having been released last year, and w 3-4 movies next year? And for the foreseeable future?

              You listed like 13 upcoming CBM, all of which will be released in the next 4 years, and none of them are DC movies (there will be DC movies). Not even counting the potential X-Men movies that will come out in that time frame if TW and X-M:DoFP are successful. Take in mind that all of them will be on the up end of $200 million, and will be released in the next 4 years. That’s 13 movies (not counting the unreleased films from DC and or Fox).

              Now, take in mind the non comic book $200 million movies coming out in that same timeframe(4 years):

              The Lone Ranger
              Pacific Rim
              Transformers 2
              The Hobbit 2 and 3
              Fast and Furious 7
              Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
              James Bond movie
              Independence Day 2 and 3 ( if 2 is successful)
              Star Wars VII
              Pirates 5
              Avatar 2 (I think)
              Jurassik Park IV

              That’s a lot of movies, and all of them are coming out in an even smaller timeframe (2 years). And that’s only the ones that I know/ have been released. You seriously don’t think that’s a lot?

                  • 1. I was saying that the yearly number is going to mostly stay the same
                    2. I said Transformers 4 belongs on my list, not that it is because I forgot to put it.
                    3. a $200 million movie is about equal to what $100 million was worth many years ago. There were flops back then but that never killed the movie industry.
                    4. I believe that James Cameron said a few weeks ago that it would be later than 2015. It also took him close to 20 years to make Avatar so I wouldnt be surprised if it took at least 10 to get the sequal out.
                    5. Even if you dont count the other failed released films, theres still the many JL movies in developmental hell, which the actual Justice League movie has been in developmental hell for a while too.

                    • About Avatar, I don’t really think it really did take him that long to make it. Sure, he first thought of making the movie after Titanic cam out in 1997, but he didn’t even right the script until 2005. The only reason it took him so long, from what I know is that he needed technology to catch up to his imagination. Plus sequels are generally easier to make because you already have an establish universe and you just have to build on it, so I don’t think Avatar 2 will take 10 years to make, all the main actors will be so much older and will have mostly moved on (Sigourney Weaver is slated to return, and she’s 63!). I expect it to come out in 2015 or in the next 2 years following it.

                      I don’t really think those JL movies are in development hell after MoS, more like development prison, waiting to either breakout or be released. It’s just a matter of time before WB/DC will release dates for some of these movies, mainly MoS2. I think they’re just waiting a few more weeks until we get the full B.O. returns for MoS.

                    • He started Avatar BEFORE Titanic, but I will let the ten years thing go cus it could go either way.
                      Im saying that they havent been successful though that all could change but Im sure it will be several successful movies before WB loosens DCs collar and allows them to do more than one a year. They succeded with Batman and now Superman, thats still the major two. Green Lantern will probably make WB continue to keep the collar tight for a few more years.

              • “Too much” is defined by how much the market can bear; if anything, the number proves the opposite of your thesis. The studios are going there, because that is where audience interest lies.

                • Audience interest changes over time. 3-4 $200 million same genre movies a year for the near future is bound to create oversaturation. Pretty soon audiences are just going to say: “we get it already! they’re a bunch of people with super powers and a lot of personal problems” especially with the increase in sequels. All I’m saying is they are giving us the same thing 3-4 a year, they are diluting their own currency. All these movies are incredibly expansive and all are now expected to make upwards of a billion dollars ($600 million to $1 billion). That’s going to be hard if audiences lose interest, which is most like going to happen, considering there are 13 confirmed CBM coming out in the next 4 years, and at least 3 more which could be confirmed in that time frame.

              • Dude DC has done Green Lantern! That is a DC character and it didn’t work well. Also a Jonah Hex movie and Catwoman. So besides superman and batman, dc has not had success with other characters.

    • Yes, I could get behind all of these movies, popcorn bucket in hand. I also hope that with Ant-man coming out, they will fast-track developing him for The Avengers franchise, anticipating that eventually the actors portraying Thor, Iron Man, and perhaps Cap will be getting too old for the parts, and they may have to have other Avengers ready to take the reins (think Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Goliath, Wasp, for starters, maybe Black panther and Vision later on). May the day not come for many many years when an Avengers movie has Cap, Iron Man, and Thor off on another mission somewhere else for an Avengers flick, but looking hopefully way into the future, perhaps this might be good long-term planning, “just in case”.

      • Besides Inhumans, maybe Black Panther or Dr. Strange, I think I would not be too alone in hoping for an eventual Heroes For Hire movie, or one with Moon Knight (or a combo movie of Luke Cage/Power Man, Iron Fist, and Moon Knight all in one action flick??). Not in a hurry at all for another Hulk flick, tho.

        • What they will most likely do is recast them with younger actors. Most people don’t know who’s in the Avengers beyond, Capt. ‘Murica, Iron Man, Thor, Ant-Man, and SHIELD, and it’s safer to recast actors for already proven roles than to introduce new ones. Personally I just want a Black Panther movie, that would just be great. I could settle for a Heroes for Hire movie, but I think it would be better served as a TV series.

          • People know who Ant-Man is?!?!?!?! Since when??? Also, its not neccesarily safer to recast actors. Its hard to get a recast where people arent butt hurt because the new guy isnt anywhere near as good as the old guy. Iron Man, for one, will be difficult to recast because of how perfect RDJ is for the role.

            • I still hold that it is easier to recast already proven money banks, and to attempt to bring in new characters. Regarding RDJ, I think it will be abundantly evident that he and the others, mainly he because he’s the oldest of them, are getting older. Assuming they are keeping with their Avengers every three years, we won’t see Avengers 3 until 2018! Iron Man is going to be 53 in 2018! They are getting old.

              • Yes, but it may be smarter to not try to bank on RDJ after the recast and just use him as a minor character until they can be sure people are ok with the recast.

            • I can’t imagine who could fill Downey’s shoes unless they were peeing in his closet, either. While the character he portrays is not as Stark was in the comics, Downey has the character HE tries to invent down pat! As for Ant-man, I know who he is quite well, as I liked him especially as Goliath and Giant-man since his inception, me going back to buying the original comics when they first came out in the 60s (I am 55 years young, but “think” alot younger!). I especially liked him as Goliath (blue/yellow costume), when he Avengers team was Cap, Quicksilver, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Goliath and Wasp, with some guest appearences by Black Widow (who was much different, as was Hawkeye, then portrayed in The Avengers movie). I also really liked Iron Man in the comics as well as the afore-mentioned Avengers team members. For those who like nostalgia, remember when Hank Pym became Yellowjacket for awhile (kind of a male Wasp)? I really hope they get Hank Pym into Avengers quickly.

              • I meant the general public

          • I would almost say a Heroes For Hire TV show would actually be the best way to go as well, when one really thinks about it.

            • @CreacK and Goldilocks
              I don’t think there’s anyone in Hollywood right now that has the kind of charm and charisma to replace RDJ, but I think that’s the route Disney/Marvel is going to take. IM3 made $1.2 billion! Iron Man alone would sell tickets, regardless of who wears the armor.

              I really hope the SHIELD TV show is successful so we might get more Marvel live action shows. Personally SHIELD isn’t on my list of most anticipated shows coming out this fall. For some reason I just don’t like it. Probably has to do with that cast of “teenagers.” After watching the latest trailer, I was like, “I see two adults and children.” I’ll give it a shot though, but I just don’t think it’s going to be that good. I hope I’m proven wrong on that one, or else we might never see a Heroes for Hire TV show.

  5. CBM fans everywhere should be rejoicing over this news of upcoming dates. Marvel is clearly on top of their game, and the CBM genre, announcing dates this far in advance. Marvel’s brain trust is the best in the bussiness.

  6. I almost fainted when I saw that Black Panther logo until I realized it was fan-made and there was no official release date…and then I got real sad. We need Black Panther to happen already! Can’t wait for sdcc.

  7. Dont see how this news is shocking, not like anyone expected marvel to slow down, the only way that would happen is a string of failures which is unlikely, very unlikely but not improbable when the unkown films start coming out

    • No one is shocked :)

      • @ Rob

        What are the chances of an Iron Man 4 movie, even without RDJ, in the future?

        • 100%. But potentially not for a LONG while.

          • @ Rob

            That’s good news, thanks!

  8. I doubt there will be a Cap 3, Chris Evans is only signed on for 5 movies and by Avengers 2 he will have done 4 already unless of course they

    • @ Darth

      I like Chris Evans, but he’s not exactly turning down othe roles to play Cap, so I think Marvel could re-sign him.

      Chris Hemsworth on the other hand is quite popular, and getting more so. He maybe harder to re-sign. He’s being offered a lot of roles.

    • @darth
      i believe they signed CE for 6 films, not 5. he even said in an interview if he does a cameo that will count as one of his films, and he said he doubts marvel will pay that money for 5 minutes of film.
      i also remember reading that hemsworth is only signed for 3, thor 2 being the end of his contract.

      • Im pretty sure that Hemsworth, Ruffalo, and evens are all on 6 film contracts. It does not make sense that they would sign Evans to 6 and Hemsworth to 3 when they had the same plan for both(2 trilogies each). The reason for Downey being on a smaller contract(Im guessing 5) is that Iron Man was made before they even realized that Avengers could become a reality.

  9. I had a bunch of early Doctor Strange comics when I was a kid in the 60’s. Sold’em later to buy a car…. along with a bunch of Spiderman too. Regrets? You bet.

    I’ve got a lot of ideas for the Doctor Strange movie. I wonder if I should write a script. It would be hard to get Marvel’s attention….. I’m sure they get tons of submissions. I’d probably be wasting my time.

    I heard rumors about the possible villains in the current draft. Baron Mordo and Dormammu….. I can see how Mordo would be necessary for Strange’s origin story, but I think Dormammu looks too much like Ghost Rider with that flaming head. Bad memories of Ghost Rider on film for me …….. Not good. I would use Eternity for the main villain. Much more interesting, because he isn’t always bad in the comics….. Sometimes his mysterious goals coincide with DS and he helps him. A more complex character, plus he looks cool! That shadowy negative image with the galaxy of stars inside!

    My best ideas are involving a logical system of magic for DS and the world he inhabits. More thought provoking than the usual fantasy “fuzzy” magic, where you don’t really know what the wizard can or can’t do. The magical powers wax and wane depending on where the characters are in the story. I always hated that about fantasy. Look at Gandalf for instance. You never know what he can do or why he can do it. He’s relatively weak in the beginning of the books and then whips out the kick-ass magic for the end. Boo…

    • I think my head would pop if we get an on screen adaptation of Eternity…

      … we would be that much closer to an on screen adaptation of The Living Tribunal.

    • I’d read it!

      But Marvel already has a script being rewritten :)

    • I noticed the lack of Sorcerer Supreme in the title. This I find a good thing. People forget he’s gone years before he inherited the title. And I hope that when the day comes they do it with a story involving Shuma Gorath.

      • Edit: saw they were unofficial titles. But still, I hope they don’t rush the Sorcerer Supreme bit.

    • A flaming-hot head reminds me of a twerpy pissant boss I had at Wal-Mart, always igniting for no reason. However, as far as Dr. Strange villains go, Dormmamu would be my first choice.

  10. Man for the love of God Marvel let one of those dates be for the black panther film.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself, rome.

      • Well, yeah, that would be good. Can’t be responsible for the Fall of Rome, you know.

  11. Personally, out of everything… I can’t wait to see what Edgar Wright does with Ant-Man.

    That has win written all over it. The only thing working against it is the title.

    As far as the Strange movie, I’d like to see Memphisto done if Dormamuu gets screen time. Would be neat to see Memphisto in his “devil’s advocate” role with Thanos.

    • Agreed edgar wright is phenomenal

    • I am anxious to get Ant-man installed into The Avengers, but more so to get Wasp in there as well; and my chief reson, to get one of my favorites, Goliath, in there and rolling. Please let Ant-man be Hank Pym, not Scott Lang. Or–what if they are both in there, and start fighting with each other, in minerature? It would look like two Lilliputians in a blender!

  12. I would love to see Namor pop up in one of the movies!

    • Tell him to control his libido! (Sheesh, that cold water should make that quite a feat).

  13. Bring in Black Panther! The avengers is looking like a white supremacist team at the moment, especially with a couple of eastern Europeans on the way

    • If BP does not get a solo flick or into Avengers. I could see him make a guest app[earence somewhere in a Captain America film. A derivitive of Falcon is doing it, and he is not as big as BP. Couldn’t you just mauow through an extra bucket of theater popcorn in a most excited way seeing Cap and BP fighting baddes side-by-side?!

  14. *crosses fingers for Black Panther, Ms. Marvel, and Dr. Strange movies*

  15. Way to mislead me and give me a huge boner with your fake logos, then deflate my huge boner when I realized they were fake.

    • Look at it this way: at least now you don’t you don’t have to risk the dangerous side-effects of En-zyte or Vi-agra to have a good time. Just yell, “Make Mine Marvel”, and you’re ready to go!!!

  16. My list for best Marvel movies so far:

    Iron Man
    The Avengers
    Captain ‘Murica
    Iron Man 3
    Iron Man 2

    If you count The Incredible Hulk, I’d place him above Iron Man 3 maybe above Cap, but probably equal to Cap.

    • Why would anyone not count The Incredible Hulk? It’s the second Marvel Studios movie ever released.

      • From what I’ve seen on some forums, people don’t really consider it as part of the MCU. Also what was the first movie that Marvel Studios released? TIH came out before Iron Man I think.

            • I forgot when Hulk came out. It’s been so long since it’s come out. Sort of makes me feel old. For some reason I thought Iron Man came out before Hulk, probably because Iron Man was bigger than Hulk. Guess I was wrong.

              • Iron Man started the MCU. The MCU is all films produced by Marvel Studios(not Sony or Fos). The only part of TIH that isn’t in the MCU is the alternate ending in the arctic, unless the body in ice is considered just a civilian since it was originally Caps body but it cant be in the MCU because Cap was buried inside of Red Skulls ship. When you said people have been saying its not part of the MCU, it could be because of the recasting or you could be like the general masses and get confused by the difference between The Hulk(2003) and The Incredible Hulk(2008). The Hulk is the failed film directed by Ang Lee starring Eric Bana and produced and distributed by Universal. The Incredible Hulk was the mildly successful film direct by Louis Leterrier starring Edward Norton produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Universal. If you watch The Hulk and then watch the opening credit sequence of The Incredible Hulk, you can tell The Incredible Hulk is in fact a reboot and not a sequel because of how Bruce gets his gamma radiation. Those from the geek community know that when you say The Hulk, your either talking about the 2003 film or the character and that when your talking about Nortans Hulk, you call it The Incredible Hulk. My brother watchs these types of films with me alot(he’s actually part of the reason I’m into geek culture) and yet last May when we were having our Avengers marathon, he still was getting confused by the difference between The Hulk and The Incredible Hulk. This past Christmas, I had The Incredible Hulk on my Christmas wish list and what did my uncle get me? The Hulk, which I already had. I do have The Incredible Hulk now though. My MCU collection is currently up to date and will not deviate from completeness for more than 4.5 months.

                • Dude, I know what The Hulk and The Incredible Hulk are. I was just confused about whether or not TIH came before Iron Man, mainly because Iron Man was so immensely more successful than TIH.

                  • You also said that you thought TIH wasnt part of the MCU

                    • Yes. That’s because I thought it came out before Iron Man.

                  • @Appa ali Apsa
                    Not to keep hamming on about it, but the release date of the movie isn’t at all important.

                    It was clearly produced by Marvel Studios, and if you payed attention to the movie (not trying to sound insulting) you’d have seen all kinds of references towards SHIELD and Stark Enterprises.
                    Nick Fury’s name popped up in the opening credits, Gen Ross was using SHIELD systems to track down Banner, Stark Tech was used to take down the Hulk in the university-fight-scene, hell, RDJ even made a cameo at the end of the movie. If that isn’t a clear indication that it’s part of the MCU, I don’t know what is…

                    In many ways, TIH was confirmation that all these movies tie together in the first place.

                    • Also, dont forget Banners reference to TIH in The Avengers where he says that last time he was in New York, He “kinda broke Harlem.”

                • Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle…!

                • if you want to have a super geek-fest film marathon, you can include it with the others, because, it’s a hulk film, and, even though the story gets bogged down, it is an ok film, for a hulk film.
                  you can watch iron man, then hulk, then skip the intro of TIH; go right to the film,(or, you can use the alternate intro, as you cant really see whats in the ice. marvel should go back and re-do the fx on that and have it be the ship that gets dislodged) as they pick up in south america, where hulk ended; then IM2, thor, CA:TFA, The avengers , then IM3. i’m ramblin

                  • I like your idea, except I would either use your order except Hulk would be first(chronological) or have it be:
                    Captain America: The First Avenger
                    The Hulk
                    Iron Man
                    Iron Man 2
                    A Very Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thors Hammer
                    The Incredible Hulk
                    The Consultant
                    The Avengers
                    Item 47
                    Iron Man 3

            • I cant believe thats from Marvel. They said that S.H.I.E.L.D. sent in a patsy. Thats not true. Sitwell suggested a patsy, Coulson said they needed someone else and then described Stark.

              • …and? That’s SHIELD. Sitwell and Coulson work for SHIELD, and Stark is a consultant for SHIELD (hence, “The Consultant”). Thus, SHIELD sent in a patsy.

                The timeline’s real. It’s from Marvel’s website, as you can see. The very same timeline was apparently included in the ‘Art of The Avengers’ book too.

                • No, Coulson even said they didnt need a patsy, so they didnt send in a patsy, just Stark, not as a patsy.

                  • A “patsy”…isn’t that like a pot-pie with no gravy that Cornish and Finnish people like to eat? No, wait…excuse me, that’s a “pasty”.

                    • Or am I thinking of those little stickers some strippers and burlesque girls wear on certain parts of their bodies to cover their naughty bits? Er, no, that would be “pasties”.

                    • Or maybe I’m thinking of stupid things dull-witted people do? Nope, guess not…that would be “putzy”.

  17. All they’re trying to do right now is get the attention away from Man Of Steel. 2016 is a long ways to go. They can say whatever they want now and change it later.

    • Why would Marvel be trying to get attention away from Man Of Steel?
      Iron Man 3’s run is pretty much over, and they don’t have another movie coming out till November (or the end of July if you include Wolverine).

      The studio-heads have gone on record for saying that if one movie is successful, it can only benefit the genre as a whole. Sure, if IM3 and MOS were released a week or two apart, then there’d be a bit of a rivalry (vying over getting audiences to see their movie, instead of the “competition’s”), but that’s not the case here.

      • You cant say their timing isnt to take attention from man of steel. They are pretty much like, yeah you just saw this movie but we still have this to come.

        • It may be a factor, but I don’t see how they’d benefit from stealing MOS’s thunder at this particular moment. Sure, they may want to “remind” fans of their plans, but I sincerely doubt that’s “all” they wanted to achieve with this reveal.

        • Which by any means isnt a bad thing

  18. I think they are going to use GotG to launch a space phase that only remotely connects to the Avengers movies. So maybe follow up GotG with GotG 2, Nova, Ms Marvel(Beta Ray Bill?) and then use Doctor Strange as way to launch a Magic phase. If you had Mephisto as the bad guy you then could re-launch Blade & Ghost Rider (Midnight Sons?).
    After the Avengers 3rd phase is done then I would expect a more grounded phase with Dare Devil, Heroes for Hire, Black Panther and such.

  19. I am looking forward to most of these Movies, but I wish Marvel would do a proper stand alone Silver Surfer film. Being a Surfer fan, I was very annoyed with the Fantastic Four 2 film. It did not show the Surfer properly as well as the World Devourer (Galactus).

    • Fox owns silver surfer. Not happening.

    • Fox owns Silver Surfer, Galactus and the Fantastic Four

  20. They could do a Vision movie – maybe tied into an already introduced Pym, Ultron, Scarlet Witch? Set up a future Avengers movie.

  21. I would really love to see a hulk sequel!!
    Hey @ Rob do you think we will get a sequel featuring the Giant Green Rage Monster?

    There is so many ways Marvel can go, THIS IS A GREAT TIME to be a CBM fan, I just hope DC can come up with something but they just cant seem to break the ice! I loved MOS but I think Im in the minority on that one :(

  22. I am the last person to try and start a DC vs Marvel flame war, but with all of these Marvel movies planned, DC needs to get things going. Man of Steel being successful is great, but they always get Batman & Superman right in other mediums. It’s time for them to other characters out there or a JL movie, or whatever it is they’re going with. We have had an Iron Man, getting an Ant-Man, and Guardians Of The Galaxy movie, which are all C-List characters, and DC can’t do anything non Batman / Superman related. No matter how much you hate Iron Man 2 or 3, at least their making movies out of characters people didn’t really care that much for. C’mon already.

      • If you look more hi def, then you’ll see that III and IV both fialed at the box office and they actually had several Superman 5s, they just scrapped most of them and then did Superman Returns which was a flop also but they still worked on a sequal only to scrap it and reboot. Superman Returns was supposed to be like a reboot of III and IV only. Batman is similar. They kept working on ideas for a film after Batman & Robin until they finally decided to go ahead with Nolans Batman Begins. The reason for a trilogy is because Nolan doesnt usually even like sequels but he agreed to do The Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises after their respective prior films did good. The whole time, he completely dismissed the idea of doing a fourth since they usually dont do well. Also, since 2008, DC has been doing one film a year, except next year. I do agree that they should move past Batman and Superman though. TV might be tthe way to do it too. Ten years ago, no one would have thought we would see a Green Arrow TV show, but now we have one all because of Justin Hartley on Smallville. They need to use there A listers to introduce B and C listers. Maybe they should have given Bart a bigger role in Smallville. Maybe they should have let them introduce Wonder Woman on Smallville.

  23. Fake holding dice in my hands screaming come on BLACK PANTHER :)

  24. I vote for the Inhumans and Doctor Strange movies… announce them already!

  25. They really do need to do Black Panther. He’s such an awesome character.

  26. I doubt there will be a Black Panther movie when they already said that Wakanda would be difficult to portray (even though they did Asgard without breaking a sweat…)

  27. Aidan Gillen for Doctor Strange!

  28. 2015
    Doctor Strange
    Incredible Hulk 2
    Thor 3 (with Valkyrie in it)
    The Defenders

  29. What the hell? Still no Ms. Marvel movie?