What Films Are Coming From Marvel Studios in 2014? [Updated]

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marvel movie updates kevin feige What Films Are Coming From Marvel Studios in 2014? [Updated]

Marvel Studios has had a tough time keeping to their plan of two theatrical releases per year. Delays with Thor and The Avengers had Iron Man 2 release by itself in 2010 and next year, The Avengers is without a partner since Runaways was indefinitely postponed. For 2013 and 2014 however, it’s back to two films/year or… more.

Today, the news came from Disney that Marvel would be releasing The Avengers in 3D (post-converted), but that unsurprising news was padded with something far more interesting: Marvel Studios claiming another release date in 2014 to release one of their films earlier.

Up until now, the official slate of upcoming films from Marvel Studios was scheduled as follows:

[Updates: Thor 2 moved again and Guardians of the Galaxy is coming in August 2014]


  • The Avengers (May 4)
  • Runaways (canned)


  • Iron Man 3 (May 3)
  • Thor 2 (July 26 pushed back to November 15 8th)


[Update: Marvel has nothing currently scheduled in their original May 16 and June 27 dates]

As of today, the 2014 schedule changes and the June 27 project will now be releasing on April 4th, nearly three months earlier. No information has been given on the 2014 releases but we do know The Avengers will get a sequel eventually and that there’s talk of a follow-up for Captain America’s solo outing as well. Reports from two months ago also indicated that Marvel Studios would be working on Ant-ManGuardians of the Galaxy and The Inhumans after Iron Man 3 and Thor 2.

So, will these 2014 movies simply be sequels to what we already know? Is Edgar Wright’s latest Ant-Man script finally going to be pushed into production? Is Marvel preparing to finally introduce some other characters in solo films? Or, as reported frequently in recent months, is the studio going to take the risk by bringing fans deeper into the Marvel cosmic universe post-Avengers? Let’s examine what we know.

Two years might be pushing it for The Avengers 2 so it’s more likely that’ll be a 2015 release, depending on the success of its predecessor at the box office next summer. That would open up the 2014 dates to be used for films launching from characters and storylines introduced in The Avengers. Chris Evans went on record stating that the next time we’d see him suit up as the star-spangled Avenger would be in 2014 at the earliest. Ant-Man has been in development for a very long time and writer/director Edgar Wright told us at Comic-Con this summer that his latest script was being submitted days later and that they already have concept art.

Looking at the revised dates, there are two possibilities.

  1. Marvel will add a third release date, either in the summer (maybe making use of that June 27 date) or in the fall, something they’re testing in 2013 with Thor 2. This would allow them to play with interconnected films and/or do more to setup for The Avengers 2 the following year.
  2. Dropping a summer date for a spring date means one of two things. This mystery project is not a big-budget tentpole or it directly ties into whatever the second movie is in May and needs to come before it. The May date is the most important and has to stay there.

The April release is very likely Ant-Man finally getting his post-Avengers introduction in time for The Avengers 2 or it could be Runaways, the lower-budget film Peter Sollett was going to direct off of Drew Pearce’s script, a script that Marvel apparently really likes, and one that Pearce says could still be adapted after The Avengers. As for the May date, that’s going to be a major project. Expect a Captain America sequel.

Guardians of the Galaxy and The Inhumans are actively in development and are possibilities as well, but Marvel will not talk about those until we’ve very close to The Avengers (or afterwards) to avoid fans digging into how those play off and tie-in to what happens in The Avengers. Marvel knows what these films are so there’s very deliberate reasons for not announcing them – it’s because they’re launching off of The Avengers.

Other, not very likely projects, include Black PantherDr. Stange, Heroes for Hire and a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie.

What would you like to see Marvel Studios do in 2014? Ant-Man and Captain America or a few cosmic movies?

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.


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  1. I hope they bring in some of the other Pantheons in Thor 2, I would love to see Hercules brought into the Marvel Movie Universe. ;-)

  2. Guardians of the Galaxy would be an awesome movie. You obviously wouldent delve into the thick backstory of the characters, but the core team in the midst of an epic space battle would be very very cool. (If for no other reason than to see Groot and Rocket Racoon do their thing)

    • one question,are the avengers graphic-pics from the actuell movie,the real pics? if it´s so, then the hulk looks awesome,hope in the movie he really have that body and the facial expression,like in the pics!

    • Personally, I’d only want to see the Guardians if the original characters are used, otherwise I’ll pass on that one and option for S.H.E.I.L.D or Black Panther,or Warlock instead, as they could fly under the radar. Doctor Strange would be a good one too, however the best of the lot goes to BP,or S.H.E.I.L.D. would be cool if they started out with the original concepts instead of pushing for the Ultimate version. They could do that on the second go around. Honestly I’d like to see a bad guy get a shot in a major movie say, THANOS.

  3. Did anyone mention deadpool? if they do a deadpool corp movie, headpool could be played by the head at the end of xmo:w!!!

    Ryan Reynolds would be deadpool, anna farris lady deadpool, and the head would be headpool (minus the zombie part!!! the rest are just fill ins…

    • Fox is producing Deadpool, not Marvel Studios.

  4. more Marvel Comic movies? give a break ! We want more DC movies…LOL

  5. I wish it could be ROM SPACEKNIGHT!!! but i know it won’t be (Damn you Parker Brothers) 2nd pick would be Dr. Strange

    • I too would like to see Parker Bros. let a ROM: The Space Knight movie be made. That was a fun comic.

      • Well, I suspect that Hasbro (where Parker Bros. is now housed) would be excited about working with Disney, but don’t see Marvel/Disney being too excited about the necessary profit-sharing that would need to come with such a project. They already surprised me by linking Micronauts to Paramount (something that seems as unwise as possible, despite the likelihood that was the only way they could link JJ Abrams to the project).

        With Rom, I see a good supporting character in an ensemble cosmic story… although the character’s design would need to be tweaked for film. With Hasbro’s recent deal with Universal having been downsized and with Battleship lacking positive buzz, it would seem as if Hasbro would be running to Marvel, in an attempt to make something like this happen.

        • Apologies… I was trying to say that Hasbro surprised me by putting Micronauts at Paramount (despite Marvel having a number of stories and additional characters that already have a built-in audience for the product).

  6. My top three would be Black Panther Dr. Strange then Moonknight

  7. Dr. Strange, fo sho.

  8. I think if it was done well the Black Panther would be a big success. That just goes to show you how dumb Hollywood execs are. Instead thinking about a lame effort like The Runaways. What about Ghost Rider that’s coming out next year? Last time I checked Ghost Rider was a Marvel character.

  9. I say venom = carnage. Drop topher grace and pick someone with muscle. Shane from the walking dead maybe. Also deadpool is a must!

  10. I know S.H.I.E.L.D. has been mentioned, but IMO, Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos could be an awesome flick. I’d love too see a hard R version, but I know THAT would probably not happen.

  11. Dammit I really want them to make a Black Panther movie, so he can be in the Avenger 2 maybe

  12. Deadpool most likely !


      • Not everyone is hip to all the character rights. Dont get so wound up.

  13. Dr. Strange. I would really like to see Dr. Strange.


  15. I really wish they would stick to only 3 heros Iron man cap and spiderman

  16. Next movie to fill the gap should be Namor opens the door for a new fantasic four, dr strange etc

  17. NOVA!!! NOVA!!!!! DO IT! NOVA!

  18. If Marvel pays attention to Screenrant at all, they’ll get busy on a Black Panther movie, followed closely by a Dr. Strange movie.

    • ^ Yup.
      But it’s not just guys/gals on screenrant that want BP and Dr.S, ALL OVER THE WORLD (on many, many websites) are a bunch of people who want this as well.

      We should start a campaign or something (to get marvel to notice what the fans want)

      • @ “The Avenger” I think that is exactly what Marvel is doing with floating out these dates in time/space with no firm film attached. Marvel/Disney knows marketing and public opinion. They are watching sites like this and others to see what fans are clammering for. Get a solid direction from the fan base and then move that out into the public. We are seeing a new wave of movie marketing. The “Heroes” in the untitled 2014 films will show up in hints, references and cameos in 2012, 2013 and based on those results….. We get direction and push. The two things films need.

      • @ The Avenger, I think we kinda have started a campaign, havent we?

  19. I hope it the ORIGINAL Guardians…or a mash up of the original and the new guardians anyways….they cannot make a Guardians movie without at least some of the original characters. It would be like having an Avengers movie without one of the big guns

    • LMAO! It would be like if founding members Antman or Wasp were missing from The Avengers.

      • goes to show how little you know about the original guardians.
        You can’t compare Iron Man to Vance Astro. You can however compare how much Iron man means to the Avengers with how much Vance Astro means to the Guardians. 30+ year history doesn’t lie.

        A new team that’s been around for only a few years doesn’t trump a history that goes back to 1969

        • what are you talkin about Sally? I mentioned Antman&Wasp b/c they are “big guns” missing from the Avengers film. I cld care less about Guardians. Old or new.

  20. lol

  21. Without a doubt, the next Marvel movie franchise that they should parlay into the cinema is Luke Cage: Power Man and Iron Fist! Now I know that Michael Jai White has already been cast as a superhero in Spawn but as much as that movie tanked, I liked it…and him in it. He’s got the martial arts background (see Black Dynomite) and the acting chops. His only downside might be he’s a tad too old now. As for Iron Fist, just get a good actor to fill that role. Maybe Chris Pine can take it on and Ray Park handles all the kung fu and stunts while wearing the mask?? Another dream Luke Cage would be Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. He wasn’t that bad in the A-Team revamp but I doubt that any studio or Marvel would hand over the reins to him.

  22. INHUMANS…bring it

  23. I would almost be afraid that Marvel would screw up a Moon Knight movie. He’s a character badly in need of a reboot in the comics before you can even consider giving him a big screen movie. But, I would love it if they got him back to his roots and had him hunting werewolves as opposed to fighting badly conceived knockoffs of Batman villains. It would remind moviegoers of the Blade series and less like the Dark Knight trilogy.

    I only hope that the CGI for the wolves would be better than the F/X that they’ve used in those Twilight movies.

  24. I am STILL waiting for a Hulk movie that at the very least brings in his cousin..Jennifer Walters. She doesn’t even have to become the She-Hulk yet. Just get her on the screen to introduce her.

    I guess I’ll be waiting for that one until the end of time itself. COME ON MARVEL! GET’R DONE!

  25. Hope it’s Ant Man! Edgar Wright has a fantastic track record and I remember reading an article here that said it was being fashioned as kind of a james bond superhero kind of movie with nation fillion … yes please!!

  26. I would think that the comic book division of Marvel would want to give these second tier characters like Power Man, Iron Fist, Moon Knight, and so on, character defining story arcs that would essentially be comic adaptations of movies that have yet to be filmed.

    Daredevil had both The Elektra Saga and Born Again arcs…where are those types of stories for the above mentioned heroes?

  27. I would like to see Falcon in the next Captain America film. He is my favorite of Cap’s partners.

  28. Seeing an avengers 3 with the avengers from the cartoon who were not in the first movie ( not sure if in avengers 2 ) like panther and ant man and wasp would be a very good film