What Films Are Coming From Marvel Studios in 2014? [Updated]

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marvel movie updates kevin feige What Films Are Coming From Marvel Studios in 2014? [Updated]

Marvel Studios has had a tough time keeping to their plan of two theatrical releases per year. Delays with Thor and The Avengers had Iron Man 2 release by itself in 2010 and next year, The Avengers is without a partner since Runaways was indefinitely postponed. For 2013 and 2014 however, it’s back to two films/year or… more.

Today, the news came from Disney that Marvel would be releasing The Avengers in 3D (post-converted), but that unsurprising news was padded with something far more interesting: Marvel Studios claiming another release date in 2014 to release one of their films earlier.

Up until now, the official slate of upcoming films from Marvel Studios was scheduled as follows:

[Updates: Thor 2 moved again and Guardians of the Galaxy is coming in August 2014]


  • The Avengers (May 4)
  • Runaways (canned)


  • Iron Man 3 (May 3)
  • Thor 2 (July 26 pushed back to November 15 8th)


[Update: Marvel has nothing currently scheduled in their original May 16 and June 27 dates]

As of today, the 2014 schedule changes and the June 27 project will now be releasing on April 4th, nearly three months earlier. No information has been given on the 2014 releases but we do know The Avengers will get a sequel eventually and that there’s talk of a follow-up for Captain America’s solo outing as well. Reports from two months ago also indicated that Marvel Studios would be working on Ant-ManGuardians of the Galaxy and The Inhumans after Iron Man 3 and Thor 2.

So, will these 2014 movies simply be sequels to what we already know? Is Edgar Wright’s latest Ant-Man script finally going to be pushed into production? Is Marvel preparing to finally introduce some other characters in solo films? Or, as reported frequently in recent months, is the studio going to take the risk by bringing fans deeper into the Marvel cosmic universe post-Avengers? Let’s examine what we know.

Two years might be pushing it for The Avengers 2 so it’s more likely that’ll be a 2015 release, depending on the success of its predecessor at the box office next summer. That would open up the 2014 dates to be used for films launching from characters and storylines introduced in The Avengers. Chris Evans went on record stating that the next time we’d see him suit up as the star-spangled Avenger would be in 2014 at the earliest. Ant-Man has been in development for a very long time and writer/director Edgar Wright told us at Comic-Con this summer that his latest script was being submitted days later and that they already have concept art.

Looking at the revised dates, there are two possibilities.

  1. Marvel will add a third release date, either in the summer (maybe making use of that June 27 date) or in the fall, something they’re testing in 2013 with Thor 2. This would allow them to play with interconnected films and/or do more to setup for The Avengers 2 the following year.
  2. Dropping a summer date for a spring date means one of two things. This mystery project is not a big-budget tentpole or it directly ties into whatever the second movie is in May and needs to come before it. The May date is the most important and has to stay there.

The April release is very likely Ant-Man finally getting his post-Avengers introduction in time for The Avengers 2 or it could be Runaways, the lower-budget film Peter Sollett was going to direct off of Drew Pearce’s script, a script that Marvel apparently really likes, and one that Pearce says could still be adapted after The Avengers. As for the May date, that’s going to be a major project. Expect a Captain America sequel.

Guardians of the Galaxy and The Inhumans are actively in development and are possibilities as well, but Marvel will not talk about those until we’ve very close to The Avengers (or afterwards) to avoid fans digging into how those play off and tie-in to what happens in The Avengers. Marvel knows what these films are so there’s very deliberate reasons for not announcing them – it’s because they’re launching off of The Avengers.

Other, not very likely projects, include Black PantherDr. Stange, Heroes for Hire and a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie.

What would you like to see Marvel Studios do in 2014? Ant-Man and Captain America or a few cosmic movies?

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.


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  1. @TheAvenger I think a SHEILD movie would be an easy sell to the public. Humans oing against super powered villains. Works for me. Just look at how mission impossible:ghost protocol is doing. I mean isnt that the exact template a sheild movie would take? Just replace the threat with some known super villains or group and u have a major blockbuster. Seems pretty straight forward to me. The general public would eat it up.

  2. Would like screent rant to do an article on which studio owns the rights to which marvel character. Great idea. Getting hard to track everything.

    • You mean like this?

      • I was actually wondering the same thing, thanks Rob :)

        • Thanks.

      • Holy Cow that’s a mess. Not the article. It was done in a easy way to follow I’m referring to how everything is divided.

        • You’re correct. It’s a mess and squashes my dreams of a Civil War movie

      • That article must be a little old though, because Kevin Feige said they regained the rights to Punisher back earlier this year…

        And the article doesn’t really mention the FF either (and I believe, if Fox doesn’t make an FF movie in the next year or two, the rights will revert back to Marvel Studios as well)

  3. Well they may be waiting till after the Avengers releases to see if people like the way they did the hulk in it or if they even like Mark as banner/hulk. they then may release a hulk movie with mark in it. the only reason they aren’t making a sequal is because people didn’t like the other two hulk movies. so it’s smart to wait and see if people will like the hulk in the avengers and if they do then just make a sequal with mark and style of banner/hulk from the avengers and hopefully people will like it. but i would like to see all those other movie possibilities too.

    • The hulk movie being the reason they moved that one movie was cause they are going to wait till after the avengers to make it cause they want to see if no one liked the hulk and if they didn’t then they still have room to do a different movie.

  4. Hoping the day will come where Spiderman, Fantastic Four and the Avengers work side by side to battle Dr doom or Magneto or REAL GALACTUS (A cosmic cloud does NOT count) in a live action movie. Also, I hope I’ll be in my early 30′s by then.

  5. i heard that black panther and ant-man wee both in development and to be released to 2014 and hulk to be released in 2015 with the avengers

  6. i heard that black panther and ant-man wee both in development and to be released to 2014 and hulk to be released in 2015 with the avengers.

  7. The movies we KNOW are coming include Spiderman, Wolverine 2, Ghost Rider 2 and isn’t a Daredevil reboot in the works? Also I’m sure a sequel to X-men origins is being kicked around. What about Deadpool and The Dark Tower?

    • plus the FF4 reboot.

    • Once again, NOTHING to do with Marvel Studios:
      Ghost Rider 2 is being released next year (Columbia or Sony or something)
      Amazing Spider-Man is coming out next year as well (Sony)
      Wolverine 2, Deadpool and X-Men First Class 2 are in development (Fox)
      And yes, there are some talk of a Daredevil and FF reboot by Fox (hope that doesn’t happen because then, Marvel can regain the rights)

      But NONE of those characters have anything to do with Marvel Studios or in fact, this article ;)

  8. The Incredible Hulk left some loose ends I’d like to see wrapped up. The Consultant (the short film on the Thor Blu-Ray) helped say what happened to The Abomination, but there was nothing on The Leader. If it’s not explained in The Avengers, I’d like another movie. With all the planning they’ve put into these films, I’d be surprised to see them leave that to be never resolved.

  9. Dead……. wait for it……… POOL!

    Pretty please with poison cherries on top.

    • Love Deadpool but that’s a 20th Century Fox property and not Marvel Studios :)

  10. What I want for the (possible) Avenger tie in’s for 2014
    Hulk: (what happend to the leader?)
    Antman: Come on, he’s a big player in the Avengers!
    Black Panther: Another big name in the avengers
    Ms. Marvel: depends how they do the avengers movie, she could have her own movie

    Other marvel movie’s I’ld love to see in 2014 (possible)
    -Dr. Strange (most likely less money involved and after what you said about the film being in may, this is definitly a realistic movie for them to do)
    -heros for hire
    -Wolverine, I mean, we know he is going to Japan and stuff, so why not?
    -x-men (second class? LOL)

    I hope they do these first then focus on the cosmic heros, unless there is a tie in…

    • Deadpool corps? lol!!! The head in xmo:w could be Headpool!!! BTW, the only zombie from the comics that was worth a damn and made the series somewhat enjoyable, then he went to another dimention and turned the crappy zombie dimention and one of the worst thing in comic history into THE worst thing in comic history.

  11. personally i would like to a sequel to x men 1st class or an xmen movie with another villian other than magneto,someone like sinister or apocalypse or do a night of the sentinels type,but if we’re talking something new that we havent seen on the big screen i would probably go with deadpool but it has to be done right,i wish chris nolan would come on over to marvel although i dont mind matthew vaughn he did a great job with the last xmen movie

  12. Like I’ve been saying for quite a while now,they really need a follow up to The Incredible Hulk.

    Also,people keep parroting the same thing about GoG,Dr. Strange,or Black Panther,what about some other characters that could be done? I would be interested in seeing a Cloak And Dagger movie,or if they were bold enough,a Moon Knight movie.

    Maybe a CG Rom Space Knight movie could work,or another one I would like to see is Vision and The Scarlet Witch.

    There are so many characters to choose from,I guess it just comes down to which one’s are economically viable.I know that some of the one’s that I’ve suggested aren’t,but neither is a lot of them I guess.

    Sorry guys,but no matter how you cut it,there just wouldn’t be any interest in an Ant-Man movie outside of the fanboy crowd.

  13. While Dr. Strange is most likely one if the two forthcoming movies, I think it’s smart for Marvel/Disney to be vague, in this regard.
    1)The we don’t know if any characters would revert back to Marvel by that time. FF (depending on if Fox moves forward with it), Ghost Rider (depending on the upcoming movie’s performance) and Spiderman (based on the *remote* possibility of Sony selling its film division) could each change Marvels plan.

    3)If Marvel increases its film slate, then who knows which ones would get the summer release?

    2) Television may raise the profile of some Marvel characters. Even a Taskmaster cameo on AKA could change the pecking order if movie priorities.

    The safe money is on Strange and either Captain America or one if the cosmic projects. However, there’s just too much that could change between now and 2014 to be sure.

  14. Black panther & silver surfer…Get to it marvel.

    • Silver surfer would not be available to make as the movie rights still belong to Fox.

  15. This is a long shot but heres my wishlist:

    2012: Avengers
    2013: Iron Man 3, Thor 2
    2014: Captain America 2 (Introducing Black Panther), Ant-Man (If there is a third movie) Luke Cage (Introducing Iron Fist to set up Heroes for Hire.)
    2015: Avengers 2, Black Panther, Thor 3
    2016: Iron Man 4, Heroes for Hire, Captain America 3

    Honestly I go to the movies every other weekend, I really wouldnt mind if they made 4 Marvel Movies a year but that would never happen because casual fans would get sick of it. Anyways hopefully they bump it up to 3. These solo film years are a killer.

  16. grrr I hate how one of my computers has my name set as stevey and the other one as StevenMarvel. Too bad I cant edit after the fact.

    • I can change for you. Want it to say “Stevey” with the same email?

      • That’d be great, I want it to say StevenMarvel.

        • Done.

  17. Would be awesome if there was an ant man movie

  18. I think Namor could be a good movie to make, would be nice to see an underwater kingdom. Namor is like General Zod, but not as physically strong as Zod is.
    Would be Great to see Marvel events like Civil war be made in the Silver Screen. Sadly, Fox, Sony, and Lionsgate are obstacles in getting the characters needed.
    Also, I really did not like Xmen First class. Critics are looking on the political and psychological aspect too much and praise the film for this, THIS IS A COMIC BOOK MOVIE. The things that made X men great were NOT present in the film and the previous ones, Wolverine’s Origins was dumbed down, Magneto was not a powerhouse, a LOT of drama for an action film, though they have touched the social issues the Xmen relate too.

  19. Whats with Marvel and skipping summer releases. Still dont get why The Avengers is not in a more profitable month like june or july.

    • It’s kinda like a tradition now…
      IM1 was released in early May. So was IM2, Thor, an now Avengers and IM3 as well.
      I like it, because my birthday is on the second of May, so I always treat myself and my friends to a Marvel movie around that time… ;)

      • @ TheAvenger

        It’s love/hate for me,lol. I hate waiting so long for Summer to come around because that’s when most of the movies i wanna see come out. But then, it gives me time to save up money. Glad theres plenty of time between The Avengers & TDKR releases, especially with all the promotion material of TDKR has been released. One thing about me is i don’t wanna see too many superhero films in one year. Two is good enough, Three maybe.

  20. I personally would like any and either of the following:

    1- Doctor Strange
    2- Ant-Man/ Pym
    3- Black Panther
    4 –

    Now, I think it is a given that the main film is Cap 2. No question there. Black Panther had a bit of an Easter Egg in Iron Man 2, so it’s possible. But the Ant-Man bit seems more solid to me. I also would love to see a Doctor Strange film- but no script, no director. It’s unlikely.

    Oh, what’s that? No.4?

    The Hawkeye/ Black Widow spinoff, what else (didn’t Jeremy Renner say the other day he’d love to be in a solo superhero film?)

    Come to think of it, I’d love to see Namor too, but he strikes me as more of a major character, loads of history.

    • Actually, Renner said quite the opposite ;)
      He said he’s taking a break from action movies for a while and that we wouldn’t be seeing him do another superhero movie for quite some time…

  21. Hey, wanna hear something funky? Remember a few years ago when Disney got the rights to the Venom spinoff/reboot film? Wouldn’t be a hoot if…

    Awwww shucks.

  22. They need to get a Black Panther movie with Chiwetel Ejiofor as T’Challa. FTW! I’ve seen Redbelt and thought WOW this guy is perfect for T’Challa. I love The Wire and Stringer Bell but Chiwetel is just too good.

  23. I would love to see an Ultimate adaptation of the Knights saga with Strange, Moonknight and such…. it probably wont happen but we can dream :P

  24. Black Panther, Black Panther, Black Panther!!!

    • Black Panther, Black Panther, Black Panther!!!!

  25. I say bring on the Marvel movies and expand the Marvel movie universe wit :
    A Hulk sequel (with The Leader as the Villian)
    Captain America 2 ( introducing The Falcon and Baron Zemo as the villian)
    A SHIELD movie
    Dr. Strange
    Heroes For Hire
    Avengers 2 (with adding new members Ant-Man, Wasp, The Vision, Spider- Woman and Ms. Marvel)
    Black Panther
    As far as Cosmic heroes expand the Marvel Movie universe with:
    Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Inhumans… then go further with a Captain Marvel movie ( I know many comic fans think of the DC version, as I do.. but I loved the Marvel version as well)
    Also, a Moon Knight movie !

  26. Also a Namor movie and expand with a another superhero team The Defenders !

  27. I am surprised that no seems to have followed up on Johnny Depp’s interest in Namor. Since he himself brought it up, this should be a Coup for Marvel and Disney. There is a lot of reaction for his Tonto portrayal, for better or worse, he is making this attention and who better to bring attention to a character that seems to be an afterthought in most comic fans’ minds! Rob???????

  28. Anyone who ever collected comics probably has a favorite that they would potentially like to see on film. The reality is though that not all characters are necessarily popular enough to sell a big (or even moderate) budget movie; some of them didn’t even move allot of comic books and didn’t last long in print.

    The performance of many of the comic themed movies over the past few years has shown that they may not all be a slam dunk profit-wise. At this point most of the better known comic characters have been done (two or three times in some cases); and even though there are tons of characters left, outside of die-hard comic book fans most of them are not really well known.

  29. Marvel will have a really hard time trying to make the Inhumans and GOTG work. These are too obscure for the public to notice, it may end up as another watchmen, aside from the heavy effects they’ll be needing. I think at this time, Namor would be the best superhero to include. Black Panther is also good, but Namor is also a recognizable hero and it can bring in the Underwater Mythology as a fresh concept in Superhero flicks, like what they did with Thor and the 9 realms. Namor is also an antihero, meaning he can have wolverine like following and the general audience are attracted to these kinds of heroes. As of now, the heroes that Marvel really needs to introduce in the films are Black Panther, Ant Man/ Wasp, Dr. Strange, and Namor because these heroes have a better history in Marvel compared to Inhumans and GOTG.