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hulk thor iron man Marvel Studios Movie UpdateSo what’s happening with Marvel Studios? We’ve got the invincible-looking Iron Man opening May 2, 2008 and The Incredible Hulk smashing into theaters June 13. But what about the other planned movies, such as Thor and Ant-Man, both rumored for release in 2009? What about other movies?

Marvel’s ultimate goal is to have total control over the filmed adaptations of their characters; mission accomplished. However, their other goal of two films per year appears to be in danger. Due to the Writers Strike debacle, things have been delayed. Unlike a major studio, which has billions to spend on 24/7 re-writes, Marvel Studios only has about $525 million from Merrill Lynch, though that number could be higher with other investments, with movie budgets ranging from $45 million to $165 million. Paramount Pictures is distributing (except Hulk, which is Universal–a holdover from the Ang Lee film).

Based on reports, it looks like Marvel may have already spent around $130 million on Iron Man and $150 million on Hulk. So where does that leave Ant-Man and Thor (still being re-written to get the budget down)? With script re-writes, apparently. Already the directors (Edgar Wright and Matthew Vaughn, respectively) are actively working on new projects.

In 2006, former Marvel Studios head Avi Arad said the director he wanted for Captain America, at the time their hoped-for debut film (now Iron Man), wasn’t available until 2009, but the strike may have hurt that (and no, I don’t know who that director was). So Cap in 2009 may not happen (Colin Ferguson for Cap!).

So if Vaughn is waiting for Thor and working on a film adaptation of Mark Millar’s Kick-Ass comic, while Wright moves onto Scott Pilgrim: Precious Little Life before making Ant-Man, what do we have for 2009? Do we even have one movie? I’d say yes, and it could very well be…Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD. It’s pure speculation on my part, but if rumors are true, we’ll be seeing Fury in Iron Man, played by Samuel L. Jackson (since they based Ultimates Fury on the awesome Jackson), so why not?

I’m extremely excited for Iron Man, and Hulk is looking killer; I want to see Marvel keep up with the momentum, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that 2009 brings more Marvel Studios awesomeness! Yes, I know X-Men Origins: Wolverine opens then, but that’s a FOX movie first, Marvel second.

Source: Ain’t It Cool News (Vaughn’s next) and AICN again (Wright’s next)

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  1. Doh! No Captain America???? I feel like I could cry right now……or break something heavy and expensive. :-(

    I really hope they get that film moving soon.

    Cap and Iron Man are my two all time favorite Marvel characters.

    ….and they’d better use Steve Rogers as Cap and NOT Bucky Barnes.

    Iron Man is gonna be GREAT!!!

    Hulk is looking good.

    I can’t wait to see those films (especially IM)!!

  2. Odd how the Justice League removes “of America” to be PC. I doubt Marvel will cave and bring us Captain Global.

    DC is testicularly challenged. ;-º

  3. Boy I hear that Jim…

    Is it just me or is everyone sick of Sam Jackson yet?

  4. Antman? Thor? Surely, there are other secondary Marvel characters in the stable that are more interesting. Let’s face it, outside of faithful fans of the comic books, no one knows of Antman and Thor. True, Iron Man is largely unknown, but the movie is not really about Shellhead, but Tony Stark. To spend $100 million + on a character that shrinks to insect size is really claptrap. I submit a character such as Deathlok, Luke Cage or even Morbius has much more cinematic possibility. Thor, if done right, could be coolth.
    Now that both D.C. and Marvel have plumbed the crap out of all their “A” list players, they should be selective for the “B” team or lose the momentum they’ve gained. I, too, think an Avengers movie would be great, but we don’t need Antman – we need the Vision! Bring on Ulton!

  5. Snowdog,

    You don’t know what you’re talking about. Thor is extremely popular and EVERYONE knows him. Ant-man I wont argue you with, I don’t know why they’d ever make a movie about him. I’d rather see a solo of every X-character EVER before him

  6. If the whole purpose of a Thor or Antman movie is to build toward an Avengers movie, I’d soon see already established Marvel characters like Beast, or even Logan make a guest shot. I agree with 790 that some characters are just better translated in comic form than in motion pictures. I think Marvel has done a pretty good job at keeping it “real” with their recent releases – X-Men, Spiderman – now Hulk and Iron Man. Fantastic Four borders the line between suspension of disbelief and just plain silly. I think Antman pole vaults over the line to insulting the intelligence of the audience. Just my two cents…

  7. If the whole purpose of a Thor or Antman movie is to build toward an Avengers movie, I’d soon see already established Marvel characters like Beast, or even Logan make a guest shot. I agree with 790 that some characters are just better translated in comic form than in motion pictures. I think Marvel has done a pretty good job at keeping it “real” with their recent releases – X-Men, Spiderman – now Hulk and Iron Man. Fantastic Four borders the line between suspension of disbelief and just plain silly. I think Antman pole vaults over the line to insulting the intelligence of the audience. Just my two cents…

  8. Hmmm. That actually might work.

  9. Woah, what is every superhero going to get their own movie?

    Thor, yea I’ve heard of him (carrys a big hammer) wouldn’t pay to see his film same with Captain America or Antman.
    Nothing personal just think some characters should stay on the page.

    Thor included.
    Oh yeah and you can throw Shazam in there to.
    Sgt Carter face =

  10. Ya know something 790, you might be on to something there. I think a Pixar Ant-Man would be a MUCH better way to go.

    Has there been any talk of a Ghostrider sequel? The first one, although not spectacular, wasn’t that bad. I wouldn’t mind seeing a second one.

    I do like Thor, and I think it would be a fun movie, just as a Captain America movie would be fun, too. I just think that they would ALL be better served by being in an Avengers flick so we don’t have to go through SOOOO many origin films.

    As for peripheral characters being made into a movie, I think that DC’s Captain Atom would be a cool movie. Some people know him from Justice League, but he’s not very familiar and they really could do a cool movie with him.

  11. I can’t believe I’m typing this but Marvel and Pixar could team up and prob pull off a good Antman film.

  12. Ghostrider was fantastic. Better than I thought it could be. They could do some real cool stuff if they merged Ghost Rider with Hellboy. I’ve heard that Cage is down for a sequel.
    I’m hoping there writing one…
    Yea I wouldn’t mind Thor and Captain America in an Avengers film. No prob there.

  13. Dc could team up with Pixar to make the JLA film. And I would bet Pixar insists that America be in the title.

    KEL what do you think about that one??? Skys the limit on action and vfx???

  14. I only like Batman and the original Green Lantern from DC. I don’t give a flying hamster if there is a Justice League of Panzys or not.

    Other than that, how do you think people who don’t know about Captain America would respond to there being a movie called that. I mean if you ask me if had never heard of him I would be like “Captain America? Are you serious?” and prolly laugh my head off about it. Because you know I’ve heard like 5 people I know say “They’re making a movie about a Black Sabbath song?”

  15. Ok thought, I think they should make the Avengers movie the Captain America origin story or at least start the story with him being unfrozen and make the actual Cap movie only him during WWII with the ending as him being frozen.

  16. “Ghostrider was fantastic.”

    Holy cow… we finally diverge WILDLY on our opinions of a movie. I thought GR was AWFUL.


  17. GR was not a good movie (sorry, 790). I’m with ya, Vic. :-)

    A CG/PIXAR JLA film is a HORRIBLE IDEA. I HATE it. It sucks. Maybe for a TV series but NOT as a movie. I detest the idea. I want to see my fave comic book characters come to LIFE, in live action flesh and blood, not another cartoon. Sorry, guys.

    Also, ALL the people who have commented on how much they think a Captain America movie is kind of a dumb idea probably don’t know enough about Cap to determine that. Seriously, people, how much do any of you naysayers even know about Cap? Obviously, if you were familiar with Cap then you’d most likely agree that a Cap movie is a GREAT idea. Origin and everything.

    Also, I can’t wait for Green Lantern (yes, I know he’s DC). I’m extremely excited that the film will be based on Hal Jordan, the fan fave, original, and BEST GL of all time. He’s one of the comic book characters, along with the Flash, (Barry Allen) who should definitely get a movie. Before secondtier characters like Antman get films anyway….

    And, Andy, a Captain Atom movie isn’t a bad idea. He’s got a pretty cool origin, IMO. I liked the JLU version of him best, personally. It would also be neat if the Atom got a movie or an appearance in one. He’s another shrinking character and is, IMO, MUCH more interesting than Antman (no offense meant).

  18. There’s a CGI cartoon that’s in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance video game that really looks amazing.
    Dr Doom is creepy in it, compared to the camp one that was in the FF movies.
    I think a Pixar/CGI type movie isn’t such a bad idea if done right.
    I think Marvel should just go straight for an Avengers movie. Both Hulk & Iron-Man is enough to prepare the world for it.
    If they make a Capt. America or Thor movie and it bombs, then they might not make Avengers at all.

  19. Yeah, the cut scenes in MA are great, but they aren’t cinematic (IMO). I’d love to see a regular series like that or even a direct to DVD type thing, but not a major motion picture. Nothing beats live action, IMO. I like to see my fave comix characters look REAL.

  20. I’m hearing some strong rumors that there will be no sequel to Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer….

  21. Ghost Rider was a film about a guy with a flaming skull for a head.
    What did you expect?

    Citizen Kane…:-)

  22. Ghost Rider was Bad.
    “…there will be no sequel to Fantastic Four…”
    And who cares I hated how they defiled the F4 in those movies.

  23. I’m with ya on F4 but why did Ghost Rider suck? Can anyone be more specific?

  24. Why ‘Ghost Rider’ sucked. :-)


  25. Yup, 790, I was definitely expecting Citizen Kane. THAT’s why I was dissapointed. :-p

    I’d like to see another F4, the films were OK, kinda dissapointing but not even half as bad as GR, Daredevil, and Electra were, IMO. If they aren’t doing a new F4 anytime soon I say wait a few year and then…..REBOOT!! Do it RIGHT this time, close to the Stan and Jack comix.

  26. Shame no more FF. Although it was a bit light weight it was still good fun and surely Chris Evans made a perfect Human Torch, pity he could not carry the character on in someway.
    At least we got to see the Silver Surfer too. I remember reading in Marvels Foom Fan mag 30 years ago about hoping to get a Surfer movie going. I never thought that in time we’d have movies of most of these amazing creations flying out of our cinema screens.
    So just a reminder that at least we have these movies now to chew the fat over.


    Thanks, 790. :-)

    I, obviously, REALLY dislike their takes on Galactus and Dr. Doom, being a big comix fan and all.

    I thought the Thing in ROTSS looked pretty good, MUCH better than in the first one.

    And yeah, Evans was great.

  28. Good one KEL, I’m sure Vic got a good laugh on that one too.

    For my tastes Fantastic 4 films were very average fare. They upset the comic fans with that horrible version of Galactus. And I thought the Thing never quite looked right.
    Best part of F4 was the Human Torch he was perfectly cast and executed.
    Alba was bland and the guy that played Mr Fantastic was a crappy actor. (IMO).
    Its clobbering time never sounded so shallow.

  29. Not Marvel or Dc, but I think if anything deserves a reboot and would sell tickets like crazy I think it would be a new Spawn movie. As a huge fan of Spawn despite the sick and twisted things in the comics, I still am a big fan.