Marvel Studios’ Panel Plans For Comic-Con 2010

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marvel studios panel comic con Marvel Studios Panel Plans For Comic Con 2010

It’s been a big month for Marvel Studios news and if the earlier report about their plans for San Diego Comic-Con has any truth to it, it got a lot bigger.

A few weeks ago we wrote about the rumor that the folks at Marvel were looking into the strategy of introducing members of their vast line-up of lesser known characters through short films attached to the theatrical releases of their tentpole big budget superhero epics. What that means for us moviegoers is that, like Disney does with Pixar films (remember, Disney owns Marvel now), we could start seeing The Avengers among other upcoming flicks showcasing 10-minute shorts for the likes of Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Dr. Strange and other characters the studio is interested in adding to their growing franchise.

It made total sense and while unconfirmed, I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if Marvel goes down that path.

Later that day, news broke that Marvel Studios had signed a deal with the writing pair Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer (Conan, Cowboys and Aliens) to pen the screenplay for a Dr. Strange movie. That, combined with the recent news about the Runaways movie, a S.H.I.E.L.D. film after The Avengers and reports that the studio is in talks with a notable actor about Luke Cage, really emphasized the idea that Marvel wants to grow their franchise and give many of their other properties a chance in the spotlight.

And yes, there’s still Ant-Man

All of this represents only what has happened over the last few months, with much of it occurring just in the last few weeks no less. What happens next week at San Diego Comic-Con when director Kenneth Branagh shows up to debut the first ever Thor trailer for Marvel Studios? What else will they show? What other movies will they tease or announce? What surprises will keep fans talking for months and months after the event closes?

Comic-Con is the most exciting time of the year for comic book fans and most especially, comic book movie fans. Last year we were treated to the wildly entertaining Iron Man 2 panel, but this year we’re likely getting so much more. After all, Marvel has two feature films debuting next year in Thor and The First Avenger: Captain America. On top of that, they have started preliminary work on The Avengers among other properties mentioned above and, unlike last year, we can expect competition from Warner Bros. who will start the ball rolling with Green Lantern and their upcoming slate of movies.

Suffice to say, we expect big things from this year and according to [an anonymous source] we’ll be getting just that. The [source] has revealed plans for Marvel Studios’ panel at Comic Con from one of those infamous “well-connected” people. Let’s go through the four points one at a time:

Continue to see Marvel’s rumored comic-con plans, the new Bruce Banner, Joss Whedon and Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye!

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  1. It would be a major disappointment if they don’t bring Edward back for another spin as the Hulk… both in the Avengers and in a Hulk 2. I’m going to see the Avengers either way… but I have to assume it would be a better film with him in it.

  2. Stephen Colbert should be cast as The President in the new Avengers Movie

    • He already played the President in Monsters Vs Aliens..

  3. So upset I can’t go

    • HEY! We agree on something. ;) While I know SD/Cali is what it is I wish they would alternate the thing East Coast West Coast….

      • I so agree my man. I’m here in DC.

      • Dude, Comic Con NYC in the Fall.

        • Cool beans…is it just as big as the one SD/Cali?

          • so when the con moves to the east coast soemwhere, us west coasters can b**** and whine about traveling too, nice!!

        • Yeah, I can’t make it to ComiCon in Cali this year but I’ll mos def. be going back home to NY for it in the fall.

          • What about in the south? Like Dallas? I live in texas and want to go to one…

  4. When does SDCC actually start?

    • Bigfoot

      Comic-Con runs from July 22-25. Preview night on the 21st.


  5. awesome

  6. On the article itself. I find that to be a lot of information. I think we will get answers to about 60/70 percent of that and just a little more icing for the rest.

    Norton while a great actor in his own does not need to be in the Avengers. I only speak for myself when I say this but when you put together a team of “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” I want to see a knock down slap around slobber knocker.

    I dont need a love triangle between Wasp/IM and Pym, Wondermans part time job as a stuntman, Thor dealing with his hippocratic oath as a Doctor, etc.. (yes I know Wonderman is not in the film just saying)

    All that (since they are in the same Universe) can be done in their own movie or can wait for the second movie.

    I wanna see some Avenging.

    I dont know how this works do they need “investors” so to speak or with Disney at their back they just need their thumbs up? If they just need Disney having 2 to 4 movies a year (full featured) is not a stretch. However it may be a stretch on the actors, directors writers etc.

    I just hope Marvel/Disney keeps a tight reign on everyone to keep the flow and feel of the movies consistent. I know in the publishing business they get together on occasion and say what can be done, what cant be done, how this character would react etc. With the way Hollywood CAN be this could be an issue.

  7. Oh how I wish the x-men rights weren’t stuck with fox. I think we’re about to be right in the middle of a comic book movie reinassance and it started with iron man, continued with the dark knight and is going to keep rolling. Or I could be way off and all these movies will be terrible

    • Nope you are spot on. There will be “crap”. However I think Marvel is corralling the properties they can and making sure they are done right.

    • Just to nitpick; films like “Ghost World”, “Road to Perdition”, “A History of Violence” all predate “Iron Man”, and all were pretty decent.
      On the other hand, films like “Jonah Hex”, “The Spirit” and “Wanted” (all post “Iron Man”) sucked hairy balls.
      So the notion that we are in some kind of “comic book renaissance” is flawed, movie making is still dependent on execution, not the source material.

      • I liked the spirit, and wanted, havent seen Jonah Hex but the one thing is that they werent marvel or mainstream DC

  8. This Comic Con is going to be off the hook. There are going to be some possibly good upcoming films coming out in the next two years. I love that we are in the time of film history where we, as fan, can see all these great comic book characters and stories that can now be successfully made into live action films.
    Also, I kind of hope that they hold out on telling what they want to do with Norton/Hulk on the Avengers movie and when the trailers hits, just totally blowing me away with him in it. That moment of surprise can be both exciting and entertaining.

    • Well hopefully by the time they get to 4 movies a year they have all their properties back one way or another.

      What better way to increase the movie going public then giving them what they want?

      People have been buying/reading comics/cartoons for a lifetime. If done right there is no way they could (imo) over saturate it and or burn people out.

      Especially if you leap frog the characters and once every 4/5 years bring them all together tieing maybe parts of their story line into a big movie…

      The only problem i see is retaining the talent (when it clicks) over a certain period of time or keeping the same standard level.

      • Yeah you have made a great point, if they do keep pumping these films out at this rate they will most defintely over saturate the audiences of these films. Hopefully they scale it down a bit after these next few years.

  9. I am with you greenknight. Like you said the geek in me loves it but if the non-geek public stops seeing them, due to constant bombardment, they will disappear.

  10. I think it’s kind of funny that they are shooting Captain America (keyword: America) in London…

    • It’s funny that World War 2 took place in Europe (keyword: Europe)

      • Good point, for some reason I completely forgot about that and the whole he has to be in WWII thing. Thanks, but still you have to admit that it is pretty funny hearing “Captain America filming in London”.

      • :) (keyword: colon, bracket)

        • to jrb, Lmao!

  11. Come aknot you just want it to bea brainless film? There has be more than just knock down drag out I don’t want another transformers.

    • In a way yes. There are somethings that just warrant “leave your brain at the door have a great time”.

      Im not asking for it to be moronic. However to me the Avengers is about the Masked hero not the person under the mask.

      You call in the Avengers after the Hulk hands Ironman his tin behind to him.

      You call in the Avengers when Thor just cant handle all the mythological beasts raining down on earth from Asgard.

      You call in the Avengers to stem an Alien Invasion after Shield failed in diplomatic terms…

      Anything else like love triangles, family issues, etc can be handled in their own movies with crossovers if need be.

      So yes if seeing 2 hours worth of decent “fisticuffs” between super powers is considered brainless I will take it. Ok add a little talking and planning maybe a disagreement between say IM and Cap however for the most part it can be brainless.

      Issue with Transformers is you were hard pressed to tell them from each other and it was difficult to see who was winning what. However I enjoyed tohse parts of the film more so then the “love” scenes and the stupid brownie scene.

        • ehhhh I tend to disagree with you. Then why go to the movies if you know the ending? (LoTR, Hobbit, Star Trek, etc)

          I mean they were big money makers as people went to see them yet for the most part especially LoTR most everyone knew…and there was nothing really on the line.

          As long as the “WOW” factor is there, they do it well, and they dont do it often (every 3 years?) a movie where you combine characters from other movies just to beat the snot out of something they cant handle alone I believe would work.

          (I dont seriously mean the whole movie of fighting but love interests, family issues etc need to be left in their movies)

          Having arguments, training, meetings, membership drives, etc can be worked in. I just dont want to see Tony Stark, Steve, Banner, etc more then I have to and more then their counterparts.

  12. All these rumours are very cool, but none of them are particularly surprising.

    I really hope that Guillermo del Tor is selected to direct Doctor Strange, and that he then asks Neil Gaiman to rewrite the script.

    After hearing the possibility of a Gaiman/del Toro Doctor Strange, anything else would be a major let-down.

    I also hope for more news on The Hobbit.

  13. Ugh if it turns out how you want it I won’t bothering seeing it. I don’t like brailess films. At least add a lil depth , meaning prat least heart.

    • (not arguing with you… ;) )

      How so though? The issue I would see happening is how do you weave it with their movie timeline?

      You have to be very careful what you do with say Ironman in The Avengers so it does not effect Ironman the Movie since they are all in the same universe.

      I mean you only have (depending on how they shoot it) a little over 2 hours. I dont think you could cover to much in 2 hours that people wouldn’t be trying to say “yeah but what about Pepper?” or even if they leave it hanging for Avengers part 2 what if there is an IM between that.

      Then you have to make sure everyone knows this happened before Ironman 2 After Hulk 3 and during Thor 2. Which to me confuses/distracts the average movie goer right there taking away from the experience.

      I mean its ok in a comic book as you can physically piece it together. However to attempt to put it on the big screen possibly over a few years… I just dont see the need for it.


      To have it as a 5 min “fling” (using relationships) in the movie will leave people with a what the heck was that? Which maybe we comic fans will get the nod but your average movie goer wont.

      Thats why I feel about it the way I do… well that and Im just dying to see a big slobber knocker. Think Superman 2. While Supes tossed (I cant remember which one) one of them into the sign then the other grabbed him you could cut to Wonder Woman standing over them as they came out of the rubble continuing the fight. They dont all need to be on the screen at the same time. This is where your film editor comes to work…

  14. greenknight: Marvel isn’t releasing 4 movies a year. They’re doing their average 2 and just announcing new projects.

    • The article above states:

      “Marvel wants two full-length features a year with the goal of bumping it up to four. “

  15. Oh whoops, missed it. My bad.

    I don’t see it being a problem since not all their movies are going to be blockbusters with 120+ million budgets.

  16. Incredibly green with envy because I’m here in Chicago, and I can’t go to SDCC. *pouts*

    I’m looking forward to Marvel’s movies (especially Cap, Thor and The Avengers)with great anticipation.

  17. At least you guys arnt going because your not in the area. I’m actually close by but can’t go because tickets sold out so damn fast. It’s frustrating lol I’d pay 500 bucks for tickets if I could. :(

  18. i might have to beat up a nerd and snag his badge lol

  19. well what i want to know is when will marvel get the rights back to my favorite the x-men and make agreat x-men film,and spiderman so we can get a chance to see more doc ock,and lizard? and when will we see a hulk sequel with edward norton in it and leader.

  20. Sorry to say this Chris but never.

    • Never say never. Marvel has the backing of Disney now with gazillions of lawyers and not to mention probably pretty deep pockets.

      If they find it may be “worth” it im sure the mouse can break some fingers to get what they want…..

  21. @Greenknight. I know The Marvel animations had plans for 8 animated movies. 6 have been released and “Thor: Tales of asgard” is set to be released next year
    No word yet on the 8th movie or anything after that… I hope they continue with it I thoroughly enjoyed all the Marvel Animated movies (except the 3rd avengers movie *shudder*)

    In other animation news, I believe they will be announcing new spiderman and xmen cartoon series at comic-con (both more so based on the Ultimate versions) I hate this idea because I was really really enjoying “wolverine and the xmen” and “spectacular apiderman”
    Iron Man will continue for season 2
    There are plans for a Thor and an Avengers animated series

    • Thanks!! Avengers toon would be awesome!! :)

  22. Also, more Marvel vs. Capcom 3 characters revealed! SQUEEEE!

  23. Wasn’t this posted a few weeks ago? Also Norton is out why would he appear so much at Comic-Con?

    • all i can say to those that are going…bring tomatoes for the marvel panel……..

    • Neo_3,

      When we posted it a couple weeks back, much of it was speculative – but now we’ve got solid info on what will be presented at the panel next week so we thought we’d update the article with the latest and greatest, and bring it back to everyone’s attention.


  24. I’m not going to see the avengers wen it comes out

  25. @shamose: they already announced a new spiderman animated series based on ultimate spiderman….. its actually called ultimate spiderman lol. o and dont forget the marvel anime shows, they announced four last year, but only showed footage for two of them, iron man and wolverine, while the other to they announced were blade and xmen. hopefully theyll show footage.

    o and i dont see why people are so puset about the thor picture. theyre bsing it off jack kirby’s original work, where if you look at pictures of odin in them, his suit looks similar to the one shown in the movie. in kirby”s original work, the gods were seen as futuristic like shown ,plus you cant judge how suits look by one picture. theres a picture in the new EW that shows odin alot better.

  26. so r u guys going to really not like the movie because theyre staying closer too the roots then most other comic book movies? its only in the more recent versions of thor ewhere its seem as more medieval then futuristic.

  27. im really dissapionted with marvel in their descision to cast a new banner/hulk,and them not standing up and trying to get the rights back to x-men from fox while they turn it into kiddie,nonstopaction garbage. im out and really not that interested in the avengers anymore hulk was and is one of my favorite characters besides x-men and they are just ruining them both.

  28. Never thought I would be, but I’m a bit disappointed with MARVEL as well.

    I still reserve most of my contempt and cynicism at Sony and Fox for their TEEN induced CRAP fests.

    90% of my comic book collection is MARVEL but lately I find myself gravitating towards the DC/WB releases.

      • Thanks greenknight333

        I really appreciate your suggestions. I will check those titles out at some stage. The remaining 10% of my collection is mainly DC but I haven’t really purchased anything other than Batman titles in recent years.

        I guess some of my disappointment with MARVEL is more towards how some of their movies seem to be shaping up. I feel that Warner Bros have really got it together with their DC characters and with Christopher Nolan at the helm of the Batman franchise.