Will Marvel Studios Expand To Releasing 3-4 Movies Per Year? [Updated]

Published 1 year ago by , Updated July 23rd, 2014 at 7:45 am,

Official Marvel Studios Logo Will Marvel Studios Expand To Releasing 3 4 Movies Per Year? [Updated]

The release of The Avengers in 2012 was an exceptional year for Marvel Studios, not only because it represented the assembling of their heroes for an unprecedented, box office record-breaking team-up event film, but because it was the production house’s only release that year. After Iron Man 2 in 2010, the plan for the young studio going forward was to release two features annually, beginning in 2011 with Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger, followed by The Avengers and Runaways in 2012.

At the last minute, Marvel canned Runaways however and instead chose to focus all resources towards launching the flagship property of the franchise. Going forward, Marvel Studios is back to at least two films per year, but with so many properties and characters earning attention from fans, executives at Marvel and interested filmmakers, could Marvel expand their capacity to develop three or even four releases per year?

There were always rumors that this could be the case, with additional films coming from micro-budgets and more obscure characters being introduced via short films attached to theatrical releases of Marvel’s major releases, but that hasn’t been the case, at least so far. And as the Marvel Cinematic Universe expands onto television, there’s less of a need to split resources and make four big budget features per year since characters as recognizable as Daredevil can find their live-action origins told on the small screen (see: Marvel-Netflix deal).

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two Logo 1024x575 Will Marvel Studios Expand To Releasing 3 4 Movies Per Year? [Updated]

When our own Kofi Outlaw spoke with Feige at the Thor: The Dark World junket last fall and asked about Marvel increasing their production capacity to three films per year, he indicated that it’s possible, but unlikely anytime soon.

“There are no plans for it. Sometimes, depending on what’s ready when, it may fall that way, but we’re in a very nice rhythm right now. We’re built – the entire studio is built to confidently deliver two movies per year that we’re proud of.”

Speaking on the same topic last week during the Captain America: The Winter Soldier press junket, specifically on whether or not moviegoers could see more than two films in one year sometime during Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Feige told Badass Digest the same thing, indicating that it would depend on the timing and situation.

“I think television is filling some of that now, in terms of bringing out more product. That’s certainly the idea with the Netflix shows. But I don’t know that we will necessarily say ‘Okay, we’re now moving strategically to three a year, now we’re moving to four a year.’ What I think is more likely – if [knocks on wood-like table] the next group of movies work and people want to see additional stories – we’ll have too many franchises and you can’t do one of each franchise every two or three years. We’d have to move to three a year, but that would have to be a natural move if it were to occur. We’d have a [script] draft, we’d have a filmmaker, we’d have a character the audience wants to see – let’s slot in a place for a third one. Or a fourth one… But it’s hard enough to deliver two quality, hopefully bar-raising movies a year.”

Marvel currently has two unannounced films with summer 2016 release dates, one in 2017 with a guaranteed second coming that year as well, and while we won’t find out what these are until closer to the summer, we do know that there will be one new property introduced in each of the two years. Knowing that, if Marvel Studios follows the plan Feige hinted to us, that means we’re already going to see the start of a problem Feige hinted at in the quote above – that there won’t be room in the current ‘Phase’ structure for timely sequels to all their sub-franchises.

Unannounced Captain America 3 Logo Will Marvel Studios Expand To Releasing 3 4 Movies Per Year? [Updated]

Captain America 3 and Thor 3 are both happening, both have writers, and in the case of the former, even have directors – but if both come in Phase 3, that leaves no room for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 if the plan remains to introduce new properties in each of those years. One of those new properties is unofficially confirmed to be Doctor Strange (Marvel is looking for a director) with the other being the biggest mystery release from the studio to date. Traditionally, reports and leaks made it easy to speculate in the past, but this time around there are so many options, from Black Panther and Ms. Marvel to Planet Hulk, The Inhumans and more.

We continue hearing rumors that Ms. Marvel may yet be another new superpowered hero to be introduced in The Avengers: Age of Ultron - alongside surprise recent addition Vision (Paul Bettany) - with the character a contender to get a movie in Phase 3. Similar to the talk of Scarlett Johansson getting getting a Black Widow standalone feature,  the Ms. Marvel rumor conflicts with what Feige said to Badass Digest about the studio already having a rough idea of what films are coming in 2016-17 and having no current plans for a female-led film among them.

Captain America 3 will be shooting next year and a likely May 2016 release, so if Guardians of the Galaxy is ripe for a Phase 3 sequel it’s possible that Thor 3 is held back until Phase 4, that is, unless we get more movies than we expected which is a definite possibility…

Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Inhumans Will Marvel Studios Expand To Releasing 3 4 Movies Per Year? [Updated]

Of course, there’s the curious “merging of brands” that Vin Diesel talked up when describing his meetings with Marvel to potentially play a central character in a new property come 2016-17, one we speculate could be The Inhumans, a film that may tie into some of the things we’re beginning to see in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and what could play a part in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Interestingly, that timeline Diesel hinted at also coincides with what Marvel President of Consumer Products for Marvel Paul Gitter mentioned three years ago about some master plan at Marvel Studios culminating in some sort of event for 2017. Could The Inhumans help bring the Guardians of the Galaxy to earth in time for The Avengers 3?

That’s another question for another day so for now, we wonder if when Marvel begins making some more official Phase 3 announcements, if we could start seeing more than two films per year, sooner rather than later, providing they fit into the master plan and offer something ‘different’ – a requirement for projects according to Kevin Feige. If Captain America keeps getting sequels, and films like Ant-Man, Doctor Strange and Guardians are all going to get sequels – in between new properties – then Marvel might be forced to release more films per year to avoid long waits in between series installments.

What’s your ideal Phase 3 release schedule? Let us know in the comments!

[Update: The Answer is YES and we’re getting three Marvel Studios movies in 2017. Check out the Phase 3 release dates here!]


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014, The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. We already have the next 2 years planned in cement:
    2014:Captain America: The Winter Soldier; Guardians of the Galaxy
    2015:Avengers: Age of Ultron; Antman
    Then we start getting into known territory, until I say Comic-Con this year. They will let their schedule be known after Ant-Man. IMO I think it would be a good Idea to go to 3 movies a year starting in 2017 and following for at least 4-5 years. Then maybe drop back down to 2 or go to 4, just depends on the stories down the line. I think the have the perfect plat-form, but need to expand on the other things they want to show.(Ala. Dr. Eric Selvig’s board in Thor:TDW) So here is what I think could be the possibilities for after 2015.
    2016:Captain America 3; Black Panther or Doctor Strange
    2017:Thor 3(Ragnarok? leading to the possibilty of Strange); Black Panther or Doctor Strange; Inhumans or Guardians 2 leading into Avengers
    2018: Could go back to 2 films this year; Avengers: Infinity War?; Guardians 2 or Inhumans
    2019-2025: Then 2 sequels a year with a new property or character making the 3rd; Captain Marvel, Adam Warlock/Him, Quasar, or the countless others that have had an impact in the comics with these stories. The ideal situation for the release dates would be: April-May 1st release, July-August 2nd release, November-December 3rd release. If they go to 4 a year, we might actually get movies to actually want to watch from January-February, that aren’t still playing from December. Sorry I ranted on for so long, forgot who said it above. I’m addicted to these movies/characters/comics/universe.

  2. Dear World stop acting like Marvel is the only one in the superhero movie market.

    And I prefer to see if DC/WB can bite them in the ass in 2016. Also I’m sure WB knows how to handle franchises, look at Harry Potter.

    • Oh here we go again, “DC WILL KICK MARVEL’S ASS IN 2016″… Can we please not make everything about DC vs Marvel, and appreciate both companies? Also, stop assuming this will beat this, and that will beat that… Come back in a few years, when you actually have some footage of Batman vs Superman or the Marvel movie coming out in 2016 to support your claim.

      • Oh, wait. I replied the wrong user. Sorry.

        • No you didn’t. She was the one who brought the versus thing up.

    • Of course they know how to handle franchises, just look at The Dark Knight Ri-…

      Look at Superman Retur-…

      Look at Green Lant-…

      … The tv shows are good?

    • Considering that, with the notable exception of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, WB/DC hasn’t made a truly standout superhero movie since Batman Return…

    • Laura… this was not a question about DC/WB… I love all comic characters, but you are crazy if you think that DC/WB’s movie game is on par with Marvel. Just look at the body of work, and you will have your answer. Although I love Batman as does everyone else, only the Dark Knight was the good movie out of the Nolan Trilogy, though all were enjoyable. Marvel brings us the stories that we want to see, and are the originals to the shared universe today. Also, though I like all comic characters, DC’s characters are more far-fetched, or ridiculously over-powered. Harder to have people connect with them the way Marvel is/and hopefully continues to do.

      • Well “Batman Begins” was good as well, “TDKR” was alright.

    • They may as well be. Fox is running the X-Men franchise into the ground.

      • Agreed… I don’t know what Fox is thinking. They would have a legit cash cow, if they put the right people working their franchise. DC could compete, or be bigger than all b/c of the mystery of what they have going and Batman & Superman enough right there. They have to just make it a Justice League movie if they keep moving it back. I want them to challenge Marvel to make quality entertainment, and fun to watch.

    • Just was listing what I think could happen her Laura for the MCU. Still got ideas about the DCU, but this article is thoughts about MCU, and what we think could play out.

    • I think you’re in the wrong place talking about a DC/WB movie. Ledger is gone. He mad The Dark Knight as the saw to be true in Dark Knight Rises. Green Lantern, Superman, Dark Knight Rises, Batman Begins … these movies are not in the same class as what Marvel is doing with its characters and their movies. The Iron series, Thor series, Cpt America series, S.H.E.I.L.D. and may the heaven have mercy on your soul if I mention the Avengers. I have to be honest and say DC has some cool character but maybe they’re just picking the wrong people to make their movies. Minus Ledger’s performance in Dark Knight they have a closet full of disappointments

  3. Honestly, I’m surprised Kevin Feige can control and keep track doing 2 films a year! Doing 2 films a year is TONS OF HARD WORK (even though it may seem like nothing). Seriously, 3 or 4 films a year would be good for the fans, but I’m not after quantity, I’m after quality.

    • So what? Can’t they hire more people?

  4. 2016-
    Captain America: The Captain (SHIELD is destroyed before Avengers 3)
    Doctor Strange (introduces magic to the universe in preparation for Avengers 3)

    Thor: The Ragnarok (ends this chapter of Thor & Loki’s relationship, possibly introduces an Infinity Stone)
    Black Panther (they’re gonna need him come Avengers 3…)

    Guardians of the Galaxy: The Wrath of Thanos (they try take him on, but they fail. They are gonna need some help…)
    Nova (furthers the Thanos story line)

    Marvel’s The Avengers: The Infinity Gauntlet (the Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers team up to take on Thanos.

    Phase 4 begins later in 2019 with Inhumans.

    • I like your timeline here but Cap 3 is the death of captain America with Bucky taking over. And after 2015 the will be 3 movies coming out. They will do one movie ironman with RDJ. It’s too long between there biggest standalone franchise with having a movie.

      • @Inrickwetrust – They’ll be no more solo ‘Iron Man’ films my friend, at least not with RDJ in the wing. He’s signed on for two ‘Avengers’ sequels and that’s it. Now I could see RDJ making a cameo in a film or two along the way like he did in “The Incredible Hulk”, but that’s about it with that.

        • Or making a cameo in Guardians, then back to Avengers 2, possibly a small tie in on GoTG 2, and Avengers 3 he will be one of the heroes to die against Thanos.

          • I could see those scenarios playing out. I don’t think we’ll see any Avengers members casualties in ‘Age Of Ultron’ most likely, but in ‘Avengers 3′ against ‘Thonos’ I think we will see a member die in battle and maybe a few will die. That’s why Marvel is introducing new members and other heroes, I fully expect to see ‘Black Panther’, ‘Dr. Strange’ and ‘Ms. Marvel’ introduced during ‘Phase 3′.

          • LOL damn man, I meant ‘Thanos’, i spelled it wrong the first time, sorry about that.

            • I agree with you 100%, Adam Warlock would still be fun to see in one of the movies… say Guardians 2? Right before Avengers 3, and leading to possibilities of the Inhumans needing to come out with them. Even if they do only one year with 3 movies, it needs to be 2017. Doctor Strange/Black Panther?/Inhumans all possibilities IMO for the new property each year they promised. I think we need Cap.3/Thor3/GotG2 after Avengers 2.

        • Marvel sure want to make at least one more IM film and I’m sure they can talk RDJ into it. Also, after aliens (and soon magic) have made it into the MCU and the Mandarin’s persona was hijacked by AIM in IM3, you can bet the real Mandarin will want the world to know you don’t mess with him.

    • I still think that 2017, will hold three features, this is the reason the dates haven’t been set. I may be wrong with my list above, but they will have to at least do 3 a year a cpl of times, just to introduce what they need with this continuity.

  5. For one thing Marvel should have 7 films for ‘Phase 3′, I definitely don’t see that 5 film s…. working for ‘Phase 3′ like they’re doing with ‘Phase 2′. The films I would like to see for ‘Phase 3′ is “Ant-Man”(already officially confirmed of course), “Dr. Strange”, “Captain America 3″(Now confirmed), “Black Panther”(Hope it’s finally confirmed), “Thor 3″(Soon to be confirmed), “Indestructible Hulk” and of course “Avengers 3″(Most likely ‘Infinity Gauntlet’). I would love to also see ‘Ms. Marvel’, ‘Inhumans’, ‘New Avengers’ and ‘GOTG 2′ among ‘Phase 4′ films.

    • Should? They ARE having 7 films in Phase III.

      • I sure hope so, it would seem like 7 films in ‘Phase 3′ would be a great fit.

      • They will if they have three movies come out in 2017. If not it will still only be 6 movies in phase 3. Antman, 2 in 2016, 2 in 2017, and finished with Avengers 3.

  6. I would like to see a Great Lakes Avengers movie at some point.

    • Same here, too bad most of those characters are owned by FOX.

      • Like I said earlier. Fox is running the X-Men franchise into the ground. I’d like it better if they shared production rights or something, instead of hogging them all like a little kid not sharing toys.

  7. One per week sounds about right to me.

  8. “…and you can’t do one of each franchise every two or three years.”

    - Kevin Feige

    I REALLY hope WB/DC is reading/listening to this & I REALLY hope they were watching the ‘Marvel Building of a Universe’ special last night & taking serious notes on how to properly build a CBM universe. The ONLY way WB/DC is going to figure it out is if Marvel shows them step by step how to do it.

    WB/DC is dying while Marvel is thriving.

    • Superman,Batman, and the thought of a Justice League movie is whats keeping them alive. If they fail with that, we won’t see anything from DC/WB in that form again. They will just keep pumping out Batman every 10 years, and Superman every 20.

  9. Just a couple of days ago (?) Feige was quoted talking about how Cpt/Ms Marvel is not in the immediate future and how they only do a couple of films a year, blah blah blah.

    I enjoy following rumors to an extent, but it’s getting to be like trivial whiplash.

    For what it’s worth, though, I’d rather they just stick to two films a year and keep the quality high, as others here have said. They can always do some Neflix miniseries if they need another outlet.

    • I keep hearing people say “WB/DC doesn’t HAVE to do the Marvel method” or “There’s more than one way to build a universe” but the truth is; we don’t know. This is the first time a film universe like this has been assembled, and it obviously worked. There may be another way to build it, but would they work? We can’t know, as something like this has never been done before. The safest bet would simply be to replicate the Marvel treatment.

      • I agree, we haven’t seen anything like what Marvel is doing before. There have been series and spinoffs, but I can’t ever remember something of this magnitude. The closest think might be whats been done with Star Trek. With the movies and TV shows emcompassing different time periods and crews.

        And while everyone is looking at how many movies a year Marvel can release, let’s not forget that they’re not the only studio doing CBMs. With Marvel doing 3 or 4 (although I believe they could handle 3 movies a year), FOX doing 1 or 2, Universal doing 1 or 2 and WB/DC doing 1 or 2, we could be looking at up to 10 CBMs a year. It wouldn’t be long before the general public got tired and the CMB market crashed. It happened to the Westerns gandre, it happened to the sci-fi gandre after Star Wars and it will happen to the CBM gandre. Then we’ll be back to CBM every couple years or so.

      • Look WB/DC doesn’t have to follow Marvel. True–they don’t however it’s not because they don’t want to but it’s because they CANNOT! DC/WB can’t translate to movies because their heroes are weak and small compared to Marvel. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, WE HAVE WHEDON they have SUCKER PUNCH!

        I’m rooting for 3-4 Marvel movies a year, and potentially a Marvel series take-over on Netflix while DC clings to tween dramas on CW and CARTOONS! HAHAH

        • In terms of power-sets DC has the more powerful characters in a sense. Marvel wants the readers/watchers to be able to lose their minds in the universes. They humanize the heroes, make the vulnerable but still strong. The Marvel Comic-verse is more realistic, b/c they use real cities, and locations. DC has metropolis, star-city, central city, gotham city, and etc. Don’t be a fan boy, and lose yourself in Marvel story arcs, and you will see what I mean. Plus the Marvel roster has a wider range of known characters by far.

      • The funny thing is though DC did have a whole animated universe from Batman & Superman TAS to Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.

    • As long as they don’t put black Panther, Dr. Strange and Ms. Marvel in those Neflix miniseries I’m cool. I think Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil, Jessica Drew and Punisher fit that mode pretty well on the smaller screen.

  10. I would like to see 3-4 films a year: I would like to see:

    2015: Avengers 2, Antman

  11. How are Disney going to fit all the new “Star wars” films and spin offs in if they have up to four CBMs out every year? They’ve got to leave some breathing space. All the other studios have got to try and squeeze in there too (Not that Disney cares).

  12. I would like to see 3-4 films a year. I would like to see:

    2015: Avengers 2, Antman
    2016: Captain America 3, Winter soldier, Dr Strange
    2017: Thor 3, Black Panther, Black Widow, Hawkeye solo film,
    2018: Avengers 3, Winter Soldier 2, Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch, Guardians of galaxy 2
    2019: Hulk movie, Captain America 4, Inhumans, Black Panther 2
    2020: Dr Strange 2, Winter Soldier 3, Antman 2, Ms Marvel
    2021: Hawkeye 2, Avengers 4, Guardians of galaxy 3
    2022: Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch 2, Hulk 2, Black Widow 2, Inhumans 2

  13. Id rather see new movies than another sequel.

    With the contracts of these actors and actresses ending id rather they save them for the team ups. Id rather see an inhumams than gotg2 or ironmam 4. I think if they want to prevent an issue with renegociation because we already see some actors walk. Away from iconic roles and are speaking of walking away from the roles.

    Look at batman and the backlash of the recasting…would marc walhberg be a better iron man than rdj? How bout jason momoa as thor? Or mbj as captain america? A smart move is to save the flagships for team ups and let new films move in.

    • The backlash of the recasting? The Schumacher movies didn’t suck because of the recast, they sucked because both the studio and that hack Schumacher wanted a more campy approach.

      Also, you might want to think about realistic replacements instead of throwing random names around just to prove how right you are.

  14. 2015- Avenger 2

    2015- Ant-Man

    2016- Captain America 3 / Black Panther crossover
    (Most of movie takes place in Wakanda with Cap on the run from SHIELD after being set up. Movie ends with Cap and BPanther saving Wakanda. As UN is awarding Steve with medal BAM…Cap is assassinated by Crossbones and Agent 13. Falcon, Crossbones, and Agent 13 as part of the SHIELD team to hunt down Cap. Villain controlling everything is Mandarin)

    2016- Thor 3

    2017 – World War Hulk movie (with supporting roles/guest roles of Guardians helping to get Hulk off planet and back to Earth)

    2017- Agents of SHIELD – movie with Stark high up and in charge. Hawkeye, Ant-Man, Wasp, Black Widow, and Falcon are all agents trying to hunt down major villains and killer of Cap. This is where we see Bucky take over as Cap and we see the team really starting to split

    2018- Avengers 3 (Civil War)

    2019- Dr. Strange (button scene of Dr. Strange bringing Steve back to life)

    • @Clay – There is one glaring element missing from your choices and it’s a big one, ‘Thanos’. Whedon is not going to introduce such a massive and powerful character and also have all of these Infinity Stones appearing in different MCU films without that payoff finally coming and culminating in ‘Avengers 3′, I don’t see no ‘Civil War’ movie happening anyway, too many important missing heroes for that to happen, I just don’t see it.

      • Phase 3 could be all about us seeing the main team ripping apart without any clear leader. (Death of Cap, Thor’s decline in Ragnarok or decision to stay in Asgard to help rebuild, Hulk in outerspace, Stark not wanting to be IM only as a liason with SHIELD)

        Maybe Bucky steps into Cap’s shoes and has issues with Stark. Black Widow, Hawkeye, Falcon, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, go rogue and side with Bucky. Thanos sends in Skrulls to look like Stark and Maria Hill to set up a registration act and War Machine, Ant-Man, Wasp, Daredevil side with it

        Throw in some Cloak and Dagger through Agents of Shield then into the movie.

        This is when Thanos strikes when the team is at its weakest.

        Nick Fury gathers Dr. Strange and Black Panther. Dr. Strange resurrects Cap as he is the team’s symbol of hope. As the team reunites and fights Thanos and his villains (Abomination, Hydra soldiers, Klaw, Diablo, Crossbones, Mandarin, Wrecking Crew). Guardians swoop in and drop in Hulk to help.

        Hey this is all wishful thinking.

        • Only bad thing though is Fox owns the rights to the Skrulls at this time, I think as part of X-men.. That is who they wanted to use instead of the chitauri in the first, but didnt have the film rights. Imagine if the skrulls came instead of chitauri, and there were a squad of infiltrators. They would be a part of the bigger picture, and take on roles as normal humans on earth, to corrupt agencies from the inside out. Great thought though, still would love for Marvel to get all the rights back on their characters.

        • Why the hell would Strange resurrect Cap? It is so not in his character.

          • Not sure why you think that since some of his powers/abilities deal with necromancy (communication and resurrection of the dead), animation of objects, divine powers, healing, etc.

            Also, he communicates with Agamotto (who is part of the Vishanti) who can resurrect the dead.

            Not in his character?….

            • Because he is a strong believer in avoiding to mess with life and death. He refused to resurrect MJ, remember?

              • 3 things…

                1. He did try to resurrect various characters in the comics A)his brother B) Beasts girlfriend C) After the Defenders died he sought to resurrect them.

                2. These movies are different stories than the comics. They can show Strange resurrect Cap but with consequences for using such magic.

                3. And where did you see he believes in not messing with life and death? He communicates with spirits of deceased and from Astral plane a lot!

                • There’s a sliiiight difference between communicating with the dead and full-blown resurrection, don’t you think?

                  Also, Strange lectures Spider-Man on resurrection during the One More Day/Brand New Day storyline, clearly indicating his views against it. He first refuses to save Aunt May and later refuses to resurrect MJ, resulting in Peter trying to retrieve MJ’s soul behind his back, thus forcing Strange’s hand into helping Peter.

                  You might argue that it’s precisely Strange’s past mistakes you mentioned that led him to know dabbling with resurrection is not a good idea. I was talking about his current point of view but granted, if the first movie is an origin story, he’ll probably make mistakes and one of these mistakes could very well be Cap’s resurrection. So I guess we’re both right.

                  • Totally,

                    What I don’t want is a Dr. Strange who can just resurrect left and right. That takes the seriousness of death away from movies. I’m thinking, however its done, it should be a one or 2 time. Plus, it should have MCU shattering consequences. Maybe the way its done is with the Resurrection stone (actual thing in comics) which may just happen to be an infinity stone.

                    SO if Phase 3 looks like…

                    -Ant-Man (2015)
                    -Cap 3 /Black Panther crossover (2016) (Death of Cap)
                    -Dr. Strange (2016)
                    -Thor 3: Ragnarok (2016)
                    -Avengers 3: (2017) .

                    Here are options:
                    1. button scene after Dr. Strange with Loki and/or Thor to discuss bringing back Frigga which alludes to Thor 3 plot and will lead to Ragnarok in Thor 3.
                    2. a button scene in either Thor 3 or Dr. Strange where Fury, SHIELD and/or Stark tells Dr. Strange to resurrect Steve.
                    3. Maybe in Avengers 3 Scarlet Witch and Strange together resurrect Cap with the stone but it is the catalyst to Thanos game plan. Maybe they tie that into Death somehow or getting hold of the stone.
                    4. Maybe at end of Avengers 3 Steve being resurrected just so we know he is back alive.

                    • Agreed, resurrection shouldn’t happen all the time in the MCU like it does in the comics. Movies need a bit more realism, if it can be said about bringing back the dead… We already have Coulson back.

                      That said, Whedon is driving the boat and if you know his previous works (namely Buffy), he did resurrect characters a few times but never lightly, always at some expense and he’s also no stranger to permanent death: he used it more than once, always in a very shockingly emotional way.

                      I like the idea of Wanda and Strange working together on this, like they need to merge their powers in order to muster enough magic to achieve such a feat.

                      His solo movie should introduce the Enchantress as main villain with her minion Skurge the Executioner, considering Loki is now ruling Asgard (she was his lieutenant during that time in the comics). Loki could see Strange’s powers as a threat and send her against him, and he could defeat her with the help of Wanda.

                      By the way, I don’t think Thor 3 should focus on Ragnarok just yet. Thor still has the small problem of Loki posing as Odin to deal with and it will most probably be the subject of this movie. Better keep Surtur and Ragnarok for Thor 4.

  15. I see it going this way…

    After Avengers 2 which closes Phase 2, comes Phase 3 starting with Ant-Man, then Cap 3 in which Steve Rogers will be replaced by Bucky. Thor 3, then Doctor Strange, then Avengers 3, followed by a Black Widow/Hawkeye feature, GotG2, Hulk 2, then Avengers 4, which will likely be centered around the World War Hulk storyline…and insert a possible return to Tony Stark, where Tony will retire and take over as head of SHIELD, and Rhodey will take over as Iron Man, but don’t count out them squeezing in The Inhumans somehow, Black Panther, and a possible Ms. Marvel feature.

  16. Hello! There were SIX Avengers and only three of them are getting solo films. When did we give up on Hulk 2, Hawkeye 1 and Black Widow 1?!? With three films a year we can have Avengers solo films, Avengers movies and the occasional experiment like Dr. Strange or Guardians. At two films a year, with Ant Man, Dr. Strange and Guardians, we will NEVER see Hulk, or Black Widow. I don’t think one Marvel film per quarter is flooding the market. Heck this year we have two films this summer. Where is our Marvel Christmas film?

    • I think Hulk is a possibility, but if they do it’ll be after Avengers 3 I think. Or he could show up in one of the new solo films, maybe Black Panther? His actions in Johannesburg is going to upset the King of Wakanda. Would be awesome huh? Maybe they will shoot him off after something goes wrong with him. Could be after Avengers 3, or in a movie like Black Panther or Dr. Strange and him come back in some way during Avengers 3.

    • @ carlos

      I don’t understand why they don’t use Arrow (like S.H.I.E.L.D.) to bridge tv w/the movie(s).

  17. I hope this means Marvel will make at least two horror film per year like: Tomb of Dracula, Son of Satan, re-make Man-Thing, Werewolf By Night, Midnight Sons, Nightstalkers etc.

    I’d love for them to release the films as grindhouse style double feature around Halloween, consisting of a low budget 45-60 minute monster B movie – starring creatures like Werewolf by Night, it!, the living vampire, and the Living Mummy- N’Kute. Followed by an R rated horror flick.

    Marvel could turn a healthy profit by reducing their normal budgets by 70% and selling the DVD’s separately.

    • Marvel zombies!

  18. I was late to this post but I’m surprised nobody mentioned the fact that since Marvel has finally realized there shouldn’t be a box set around “superhero” movies. Bc there is no “box” around comics. Each character is it’s own genre. Only by staying true to the source material have they finally understood the treasure that each character has in its own right. Which is why comic book geeks loved and connected w different characters for different reasons in the first place.

    Evidence of this already shows in CATWS and in GOTG. Each is it’s own thing (political thriller, Space/sci-fi adventure) but still true to who they are in the comics. Marvel could potentially produce 3-4 movies a year and provide very different Genre of movie for each of its tittle. Keeping the movies both “new/fresh” and the quality high up!

    Make mine Marvel!

  19. Ugh…no. I’m fine with 1 or 2 Marvel Studio movies every couple of years. Over saturation comes to mind as the main reason not to do this. I’m already sick of seeing Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston and Natalie Portman in the Thor movies, and they’ve only made two since 2011. I’d rather have fewer movies with better scripts, than see a new Marvel movie every 3 months. If they go the route of making 3 + movies per year, there is a high potential of diminishing quality, suspect writing or uninspired direction…which will kill the fan base, and eventually the studio itself.

  20. Okay guys, first off, I am just an ordinary average Joe movie fan that is not a complete comic book nerd that is obsessed with everything and anything Comic book like. Having said that,

    Can anyone explain to me why I find superhero movies like Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, X-Men: First Class, The Incredible Hulk, and Man of Steel and ofcourse the overrated yet epic first Avengers Movie more enjoyable and entertaining than the snooze fest that is Iron Man 2 and 3, both Thor movies, and Captain America: First Avenger

    Sorry but I like movies that are memorable and has a very riveting story. Ironman 2 3, the Thor movies and Captain America movies were just B average popcorn movies, that’s it. Is it wrong that I feel opinionated about this?

    • I have a feeling you won’t have any problems with this new ‘Cap’ film, it sounds like it’s going to be a great film. I did like IM 2 & 3 as well as the first Cap and both Thor films and The Incredible Hulk, none we’re flat out great but they all we’re good and entertaining to me. I think the first ‘Iron Man’ film and The Avengers have been the two truly great MCU films so far, it sounds like The Winter Soldier could be their third truly great film.

    • It’s not wrong, you’re entitled to your opinion like the rest of us. The fact is, I tend to agree with your views. I wouldn’t rate TIH so high, I’m one of the minority who enjoyed IM3 almost as much as IM1 (mostly thanks to sir Ben Kingsley), I found Thor 2 to be an improvement over Thor 1, CA:TFA a piece of donkey dung and though XM:FC was enjoyable, I still have a fanboy beef against the whole X franchise for messing up with the characters’ chronology, but other than that you pretty much nailed it. Avengers MIGHT be overrated on a strict cinematographic level but as far as CBMs go, it’s literally a comic book brought to life. Whedon has nailed comic book grammar on screen like no-one else has so far.

      Also, I agree with Super70: though I despise over-patriotic characters like Cap (I’m not american so I don’t feel concerned one bit) and I thought the first movie was a cheesefest, this sequel looks incredibly promising.

      • Eventhough Cap’s name is obviously political and patriotic, this film sounds like it’s anything but that. Plus S.H.I.E.L.D AND HYDRA are both very powerful governments who are basically worldwide organizations anyway, meaning basically the enemy now consists of all races and not just one in particular anymore. I think this is what’s going to help ‘Cap’ grow in international markets with fans like yourself, because the film seems to be pointing at it’s own American government being dirty and untrustworthy as well. And as we all know all our governments have some dirt in their organizations, no matter what country you hail from. It sounds like this film does a great job of digging into these conspiracies, even if the film is make believe some it’s real life tones might have some truth in them.

        • I know, this is precisely why this film looks so promising to me. Well, that and the costumes look real this time, not made of cheap rubber like in TFA. The first time I came to actually respect Cap in the comics was during Civil War, when his love for his country led him to shed his patriotic blinders and look at his government’s actions for what they really were. It seems the new film draws a lot of inspiration from this storyline and I can’t wait! Only a few days away…

  21. They NEED to amp up their pace. Not only are they introducing more and more characters in the MCU but they’re increasing the number of movies in Phase III. If they keep this slow pace, there’ll be 4 long years between Avengers 2 and 3. That won’t do. Also, we simply want more!

    To the people who fear more quantity will necessarily mean a decline in quality: have you ever heard of business development? With their current wave of success, they have the means to hire more talented people, which in turn would boost their productivity and allow us to enjoy 4 movies per year, even more. As for saturating the market, that’s just a bullsh*t argument: people love CBMs and if more good ones are made, they’ll watch them. How many thrillers are done per year since, like, forever? How many horror flicks? How many rom-coms? Sure, not every one of them is a massive hit but if they were killing the market, I think we’d know by now…

  22. 2015 – Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron
    2015 – Ant-Man
    2016 – Captain America: The Masters of Evil
    2016 – The Inhumans (Guardians of the Galaxy Crossover)
    2017 – Thor: Rise of Ragnarok (May)
    2017 – Doctor Strange(July)
    2017 – Planet Hulk (November)
    2018 – Marvel’s The Avengers: Thanos Imperative
    2018 – Ant-Man 2 (November)
    2019 – Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. (May)
    2019 – The Black Panther (July)
    2019 – Guardians of the Galaxy Sequel – Annihilation Wave (November)
    2020 – Doctor Strange 2 (May)
    2020 – Ms. Marvel (July)
    2020 – The Black Widow (November)
    2021 – Marvel’s The Avengers: Secret Wars

    • I’m also down for an Incredible Hulk sequel set on Earth, preferably with The Leader or the Red Hulk acting as antagonists during Phase Four or beyond

      • Agreed. If they ever make a Planet Hulk movie (and they should), they first need a reason to exile him in space. It would be more dramatic if they spend a whole movie getting to that reason instead of cramming it in a single scene in Avengers 2 or 3. Since Thanos is such a formidable opponent, the Avengers are gonna need all the firepower they can get, so Hulk will be needed. Hence, it’s probably best to wait until Phase IV to make the Earth-based TIH sequel. Planet Hulk in Phase V, then Avengers 5: World War Hulk!

        • Avengers 2 could see Hulk exiled. Heck would be cool if the Guardians are prisoners with Hulk for the planet hulk movie. That would be a good crossover.

          Then at the end of Avengers 3, Guardians arrive with Hulk to smash Thanos up down sideways.

          • Let Drax have the killing blow

          • I don’t see it happening so soon. Avengers 2 needs to deal with the acceptance of this “monster” by both SHIELD and the public. Then in the sequel to TIH, some massive destruction happens (read: Man of Steel magnitude), possibly while battling Red Hulk, prompting his exile. Also, when he comes back after Planet Hulk (that’s the 3rd Hulk movie), he’s really pissed and out for payback so I don’t see him going “oh well, nevermind, we’re pals again so let’s kick Thanos’ butt instead.” His anger will require a whole movie for him to trust his friends again (or at least stop trying to pound them into dust) and there’s simply no room for all these stories before Avengers 3. World War Hulk has to come after Thanos, which means Planet Hulk has too, there’s no other way. Don’t try to rush things.

            • Yeah but I’m seeing the exile as being the result of Ultron’s doing. I could see Ultron sending the hulkbuster to subdue Hulk cause Hulk is the biggest threat to Ultron’s world domination.

              Once Hulk is gone, Ultron can ride things easier against the rest of the team.

              That’s why Hulk could come back to earth without a grudge against the team. I know in the comics the Illuminati exiled him and he comes back pissed but they could change it up.

              Let’s be honest, without Hulk, the Avengers are a much weaker team!

              • Yeah, this could work, but then it’d rule World War Hulk out. Personally, I’d rather see Hulk as a rampaging beast out for revenge than as a tame hero.

    • I want to see a Daredevil and Punisher movie in there somewhere AND a Hero’s for Hire movie.

      Cameo by Ghost Rider somewhere…

      • Those characters as well as Jessica Drew are not on Marvel’s big screen plans, they’re going to be on the small screen as part of that new Netflix deal. All are going to have 13 film solo series and than come together to form the Defenders for another 13 episodes.

        • Doesn’t mean they can’t crossover to big screen. Heck Agents of SHIELD characters have gone back and forth, as with Fury, and Sif.

    • Sounds good to me, I’m loving your MCU line up my friend. I couldn’t have written a better one myself.

  23. i’m just going to say this right now, if we get 3 marvel movies a year plus the spiderman movies, the x men and fantastic four movies and all the dc movies, and i’m not even counting all the other superhero movies that could come out like kick ass 3, then we’re all dead because 10 superhero movies a year is just to much.
    I do love those marvel movies especially the last marvel movie(captain america 2) but this is getting too crowded!

  24. Great, screw original concepts. Keep flooding the theaters with studio-driven sequels and crossovers.

    • A cohesive universe on this scale is an original concept. Also, go watch Captain America 2. It’s an awesome action-espionage film, period, whether you’re into superheroes or not.

  25. Looking forward to all of them, but if you sit around all day waiting, I’ll take forever for it to come out. Go, enjoy your life and watch how the story plays out. Marvel’s not going anywhere.

  26. Me i am looking for see future marvel movies in 2015 the avengers 2,ant-man, 20015 captain america 3,doctore strange, ,2017 thor 3,guardians of the galaxy 2,planet hulk,2018 the avengers 3,black panther,inhuman,2019 doctor strange 2,ant-man 2,nova, 2020 guardians of the galaxy 3,inhuman 2,world war hulk, 2021 doctor strange 3 ant-man 3 nova 2 2022 inhuman 3 ,the defenders ,black panther 2, 2023 vision ,black panther 3,2024 the defenders 2 ,nova 3,loki, 2025 the defenders 3,sif,vision 2.

    • @Daniel Clavette – That’s a hell of a list you put up there and one I would love to see. The only thing I would say is truly missing from it is ‘Ms. Marvel’, but if Marvel get’s the rights back to ‘Namor’ within the next few years that’s another character you better prepare to make room for on your list.