Marvel’s ‘Avengers’ Phase One Box Set Delayed Until 2013

Published 3 years ago by , Updated May 12th, 2013 at 8:03 am,

We recently learned that Marvel’s impressive 10-disc Phase One Blu-ray Collection was not going to arrive on time along with the Blu-Ray/DVD release of The Avengers.

Reports said the briefcase – in which all of the Blu-Ray discs (Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, and The Avengers) and a Tesseract replica were contained – bore a striking resemblance to a case designed and owned by Rimowa BhmbH, a German company who approved the use of a briefcase replica in The Avengers, but not for use outside of appearing in the film itself. The lawsuit put a hold on the box set indefinitely, but it sounds like fans will only have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on the collection.

Coming Soon has learned the Marvel Phase One set will still see release next spring, complete with a briefcase to hold all the films and the Tesseract – but the case design will be changed. However, it’s not clear just how drastic the design change will be, but since the lawsuit filed sited the “trademark parallel ridges around the body,” maybe the case will be smoothed out instead. That seems like a hefty undertaking, especially if the sets were already manufactured and ready to ship later this month for the home video release of The Avengers.

It’s not clear if Disney and Marvel are going to lose money with this debacle, but one could say that this might actually work out for the studios in the end. All those fans who pre-ordered the box set likely won’t want to wait until spring 2013 to get their hands on The Avengers, so they’ll buy it on Blu-Ray or DVD, and probably still purchase the box set when the time comes.

No doubt there will be some rumoring that this could all be a kind of marketing plot to milk The Avengers for all its worth and get fans to double-dip, but that seems overly diabolical. Fans are surely disappointed in having to wait for this awesome set, but hopefully it will be well worth the wait; at least they won’t have to worry about getting their money back from pre-orders that were placed months in advance.

The Avengers hits Blu-Ray and DVD on September 25th, and we’ll do our best to let you know when Disney and Marvel set a release date for the slightly modified Phase One box set.


Source: ComingSoon

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  1. Complete BS. It’s one thing to delay the release until 2013 but to have to change the design is another thing. Box set is sounding like it’s not worth the hassle and wait now. Really glad I didn’t pre-order.

  2. I am now beating my forehead in the wall. Rimowa just lost a lot of business me thinks. I could be wrong. Still sux.

  3. I’m guessing the briefcase company won’t lose money since the majority of people won’t even know about this issue arising.

    It’s a bit of a shame but it’ll get money anyway.

  4. Am I the only one who thought The Avengers was better than The Dark Knight Rises? Not trying to start a fanboy war, but the commentators over at IGN seem to think The Avengers sucked and TDKR was godly.

    • Avengers didn’t suck but personally, I liked TDKR more.

      There was just a more epic quality to it that was added due to the fact we’ve all followed the story twice before and Avengers was the first (if you think of it as a standalone team up movie).

      Plus I left The Avengers unable to remember most other than the RDJ line to Thor when they first met while I left TDKR satisfied and with most of the movie still playing in my mind.

      I don’t hate Marvel films, I love them, it’s just Avengers couldn’t compare for me.

      • I wouldn’t say TDKR was more epic in quality. The cop vs thug riot was severly overlooked and short, and the quick final fight between Batman and Bane was cheesey. The Avengers, meanwhile, had all fo NYC being attacked by a near-unlimited amount of aliens, and six amazing superheroes taking them out as a team. Anyone remember Thor assisting Captain America? Hawkeye shooting his arrows without even looking? Or Hulk smashing Loki around like a ragdoll? Epic moments in a thirty minute battle.

      • Dazz…

        I didn’t think anyone else felt quite the way I did… :)

        I loved watching “The Avengers” and thought it was great fun. Then, I hit the Lobby after the film, and my first thought, LITERALLY, was about what to have for lunch. TA made no real impact on me. After I watched TDKR, I remained thoughtful about it for hours…I wanted to discuss it with my friends; I kept considering what had happened during the film and considering the links to the other two films in the trilogy.

        I saw TA once in the theater and felt perfectly satisfied not going back. I’ve seen TDKR FIVE times in theaters and loved it more each time (I won’t go a sixth only because I don’t wish to be committed, but I would be quite happy doing so).

        I will be getting BOTH on Blu-ray when they are released…I will definitely be looking for a trilogy collection for the Dark Knight films.

        I loved both films, but I simply found TDKR a better, more entertaining film.

        Now, I’m looking forward to whatever happens next in the Batman universe–”The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1″, et all–(and am HIGHLY anticipating “Man of Steel”, next year), and I am hoping the Marvel Phase Two films can maintain the momentum running through “The Avengers”…

        • Me too i think the avengers is really over rated i saw avengers once and didnt even watch it on dvd after it was released i have seen the the dark knight rises 3 times in theatres it just dosent get boring. there is so much depth in the movie that you really get lost.

    • I think The Avengers was a more entertaining film, But TDKR was a better film, if that makes sense.

    • Chris Nolan is my #1 favorite director. And coming from a huge Chris Nolan fan… The Avengers was much better than TDKR.

    • actually i thought that too. i think it was just cause i was a lot more hyped for the avengers. and after i watched it i couldn’t stop thinking about it. but after tdkr, i felt like i could have liked it so much more than i did. i wanted to like it more, but i just didn’t think it was better than the avengers. id still say the dark knight is the best out of the three

    • I personally rank The Avengers as the 3rd best superhero film this summer. I think both TDKR and Spider-man were better. Don’t take this as if I hate The Avengers though, because I don’t. I just personally have always been a way bigger Batman and Spider-Man fan. I don’t give a hoot about this Phase on set either because I already own most of the other films and I already pre-ordered the Avengers by purchasing the Bestbuy exclusive metal pack.

    • I agree TA was better than TDKR. Rises just had too many plot holes and out of character moments. The rumor is there will be an extended cut and that may clear up some of the glaringly blatant plot holes, but there were still too many things about that movie that made me mad.

    • No, you’re right. Saw TDKR, glad I saw it to “complete” the story, but it left me feeling nothing. #2 was perfect. The Avengers was fantastic, humor is underrated. Saw it three times with my daughter, enjoyed it every time.

    • The Avengers was ok. The continuity between films is way off how they try to tie everything in together. The Incredible Hulk shouldn’t even been in The Avengers box set. It really has nothing to do with The Avengers now…

      TDKR was good. I still need to see it again. My only real beef is not using Katie Holmes in TDK as Rachel Dawes. I guess we can blame Tom Cruise for that from what I hear. I just need continuity of actors in films don’t change up mid game.

      I’m looking forward to see the new Batman for the Justic League.

    • You’re not the only one. I got to see Hulk vs Thor on the big screen and the end of the movie teased Thanos. As a comic book geek, TDKR doesn’t compare what-so-ever with the Avengers.

      • I agree. Nolan´s Batman movie were just not “comic book movie”-enough for me. They were movies about a dude jumping around in a black rubber suit. But that wasn´t Batman.

    • TDKR made me long for Marvels touch. It was needlessly drawn out, full of gaping plot holes, and lazily acted. Broke my heart to watch, as I (like most of the world) adored The Dark Knight.

    • They are literally not comparable. They are both great films. But it’s like saying. Star Wars is better than Citizen Kane. They are not the same style / type of film. Not comparable.

  5. doesnt effect me :D phew… i was thinking about getting this but there no point in me getting it.

  6. Wait, is the Bluray 3D, Bluray, DVD, Digital Copy also delayed? If so….!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • No the Avengers combo packed set to be released this month won’t be delayed. Only the set that includes all the movies will be delayed.

  7. Of course they want you to double dip. Triple dip. Quadruple dip. This will get released, and like the Transformers crap, two or three more “special” sets will get released. Then, we’ll FINALLY get a directors cut, but it will be slimmed down on extras, then eventually, we’ll get a directors cut with all the extras that were in most of the rest of the so-called “special” sets. They may skip a mode or two there, but that’s the way it’s been going with these big-name movies. Make one movie, then milk it for years, intentionally holding back extra stuff just to get you to compulsively buy the next version. Yay capitalism.

    • So now is the time for digital download of movies and when they add all this stuff it’s included at no charge when they re-release the movie you should get the upgrades. I need a cloud with all my movies in it so I don’t have to take up so much space in my home… And those movies need to be 1080p quality with the right aspect ratio and HD sound…

  8. I was going to buy this when it came out however I have no problem waiting a few extra months. I don’t own any of the movies in the set and I can surely wait for the Avengers.

  9. how much

  10. “trademark parallel ridges around the body” – yes, and Rimowa BhmbH should be very proud of that. Obviously they have to protect the rights of their truly original creation… some ridges on a silver case (sarc-mark).

    I’ve seen cases like that in more movies and tv shows than I can count. Hell, I even own a silver suit case with parallel ridges on it – and I’ve had the case for over 8 years (before this movie even came out, or before it started development)

    If this company can sue Disney/Marvel, then why can’t the creator of the original silver suit case with parallel ridges sue Rimowa BhmbH? Or why shouldn’t the family of the creator of the first ever suitcase sue everyone! – these lawsuits are frickin ridiculous IMO.

    Like I tried saying in the previous article, Marvel/Disney was very stupid for not thinking they’d get sued (or thinking they’d get away with it) so they’re in the wrong too, but this whole suit is just ridiculous IMO, and I stand by that opinion.

    I don’t have a side in this matter because I was never going to buy one of these sets anyway (too expensive and only being released in the US and Canada) and I think both parties (Marvel/Disney and Rimowa BhmbH) are equally out of their minds in this particular instance.

    • “I’ve seen cases like that in more movies and tv shows than I can count.”

      They´re not getting sued because they used it in a movie, they´re getting sued because they want to produce (and sell of course) a product that´s based on that company´s product. And I totally understand that. Lets say you invent and sell something. Then comes another company and sells your product. Wouldn´t you be pissed too?

      • I would be pissed, but it’s something that happens in every day life… and contrary to popular belief, a bit of competition is actually healthy for business in the long run.

        But that’s not really what this is about though… I seriously doubt Rimowa BhmbH was going to mass-produce the case themselves and sell it. Their intent was to “design” it for for Marvel/Disney only, and if they can sue Marvel for making more cases based on their “design”, then I can’t see why all the other suitcase “designers” shouldn’t sue Rimowa BhmbH for copying their “designs” – it’s a never ending cycle of people suing other people for no good reason IMO – the same can be applied to the recent Samsung/Apple debacle… Apple sues Samsung for copying them, while Apple has been copying other companies’ tech for years.

        So yeah, if Rimowa BhmbH was going to produce more cases themselves and sell it, then I can kinda see their point (although, nothing’s stopping them from doing so now – the case marvel made isn’t for luggage/storage, it’s for a dvd set – so Rimowa BhmbH can still make their own cases), but I doubt that that was their intention in the first place… I’m certain they just saw a chance to cash in (even more) on The Avengers’ success.

    • You obviously never entertained the notion that the cases you’ve seen in the movies with “TRADEMARK parallel ridges” are cases made by the same company that is having issues with Marvel currently. It baffles me that something as unique as that, protected heavily by a company, wouldn’t turn on a light bulb in your head saying hey maybe it’s the same company.

      Quote: “Hell, I even own a silver suit case with parallel ridges on it – and I’ve had the case for over 8 years (before this movie even came out, or before it started development) ”

      It’s quite humorous that your logic states that this company with it’s trademark parallel ridges didn’t exist before The Avengers came out.

  11. Are they also going to have a regular dvd box set for people that don’t have blue ray?

    • You’ll be able to get all of the movies individually on DVD, but they won’t have this massive Phase 1 set on anything but Blu-ray.

  12. Well I guess I can wait for this to be released. In the meantime if I really want to see the movie I’ll download it instead of paying more money to have two versions. Or just wait the couple months itll take to get on Netflix.

  13. Why don’t we sue the pants of marvel in a class action lawsuit for breech of contract for paying fort it ahead of tune and expecting the product by a certain date. In my job if your late on a promised product you pay damages why should a movie company be held to different standards. A the very least they should give us a copy of the blue ray add an apology.

    • I got a mail from Amazon that they as an apology will send a free copy of The Avengers Blue Ray/DVD set.
      Provided that the Phase one was ordered between June and August.

      Have to say it is cool done by Amazon.

  14. Good means theyll have time to release it in the uk

  15. how much does it 10 disc blu ray box set?
    does it ship to hong kong