Kevin Feige: No Additional Marvel Phase 3 Movie Announcements Until 2014

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Marvel Studios Doctor Strange Movie Logo Fan Made Kevin Feige: No Additional Marvel Phase 3 Movie Announcements Until 2014

Marvel’s remaining Phase 2 movies were the focus of the studio’s 2013 Comic-Con panel. New footage from the Thor and Captain America sequels was shown at the event, but the highlights were the Guardians of the Galaxy segment – featuring the cast and raw footage from James Gunn’s hilariously off-beat sci-fi vision – as well as the announcement trailer for Joss Whedon’s capstone Phase 2 installment, which we now know is called Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Prior to this year’s ‘Con, there were rumors swirling around that Marvel would use its panel to announce at least one of the films that it has tentative plans to release in either Summer 2016 or 2017. That didn’t happen, and the latest word from Marvel Studio President of Production Kevin Feige is that we shouldn’t expect to soon hear an official confirmation of what films are going to be included in Phase 3 (besides the previously-announced Ant-Man and The Avengers 3, obviously) – at least, not until next year.

Collider sat down with Feige for an interview, prior to him taking the stage at the 2013 ‘Con. That discussion was heavily focused on Marvel Studios’s future slate, and why Feige believes it’s so important to keep taking risks in Phase 2 (and beyond) – with the next big “risk” being the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, since it’s neither a sequel nor an adaptation of a widely-known comic book property.

To quote Feige on the subject:

“… So the need for the new is something we talk about, and we’ve been talking about for the past five years.  Everything we’ve done has been a plan, has been premeditated.  I love that Warner Bros. is doing it.  I love that there will be announcements from other studios later today, about this notion of shared universes.  It did not exist, and we thought it’d be fun to play with it.

“I love that our success has inspired people to do it, because the audience said, “we like that.  We want more of that, please.”  So, I love it, and I can’t wait to see those movies that come out.  We’re not thinking three years ahead, even five years ahead and 10 years ahead.  How do we keep it fresh?  And Guardians is our big answer to that.”

As far as additional Phase 3 announcements go, Feige said “It would probably be, at the earliest, a year from now [in 2014].” For the time being, the smart bet is that Thor 3 and Captain America 3 will be included as part of Phase 3 (in addition to Ant-Man), before Avengers 3 reaches theaters in 2018, in keeping with the three-year period between the previous movies (featuring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes united together).

marvel movies ant man black panther dr strange Kevin Feige: No Additional Marvel Phase 3 Movie Announcements Until 2014

Therefore, when you consider Feige’s comments about bringing new material to the Marvel Cinematic Universe – in combination with the unlikelihood of Iron Man 4 happening – it’s reasonable to conclude that two new superheroes will make the jump to the big screen in Phase 3 (one in 2016, the other at an as-yet unspecified date in 2017).

Who might those two crime-fighters in question be? Well, Doctor Strange is all-but-confirmed, what with Feige continuing to name-drop the Sorcerer Supreme during interviews and those circulating rumors about what sort of actor Marvel wants to portray the character in his screen debut.

There’s also been a fair amount of rumor-mongering and talk about Black Panther being part of Phase 3 (for example, Stan Lee keeps implying that a Black Panther film is in development). However, Marvel’s co-president Louis D’Esposito recently alluded to T’Challa being a potential star for a Marvel One-Shot short film – meaning, a feature-length Black Panther movie is starting to seem more and more like something that’s not be in the cards for Phase 3 (or the near future in general).

Inhumans Movie News 570x356 Kevin Feige: No Additional Marvel Phase 3 Movie Announcements Until 2014

Inhumans, on the other hand, is a comic book property that has been part of the ongoing discussion since back before it was clear where Marvel would head post-Avengers. Furthermore, Feige has previously expressed his confidence that the relatively-obscure team of cosmic superheroes will become members of the MCU lineup in the foreseeable future (hint, hint), and one of the confirmed villains in Guardians of the Galaxy – Ronan the Accuser (being played by Lee Pace) – has a connection to the Inhumans’ leader, Black Bolt, as far as the comic book continuity is concerned.

Lastly, an Inhumans movie being released as part of Phase 3 would be in keeping with Feige’s desire to keep offering fans something new and fresh. The project would join Guardians of the Galaxy as one of the cosmic alternatives to the Earth-based MCU franchises (Captain America, Ant-Man), the half-Earth/half-cosmic nature of the Thor movies, and the possible new branch of superhero mysticism (Doctor Strange). We’ll see, of course.


Thor: The Dark World opens in U.S. theaters on November 8th, 2013, followed by Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1st, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6th, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6th, 2016, July 8th, 2016 and May 5th, 2017.

Source: Collider

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  1. Black Panther needs his own movie. It’s time for Marvel to step up and make it happen. Onviously, BP is a very interesting character. So, the only reason why I think that Marvel is hesitant is because some there worry that a black superhero can’t deliver office gold. Personally, I reject that notion.

    • I highly doubt that it’s racial, don’t Strawman argue with them and accuse them of racism to put yourself on a pedestal. The reason that’s been dropped a few times on why they haven’t moved forward with BP is bc the script was much too dark in respect to the other movies. Apparently the script they have now wouldn’t be very cohesive with the other movies and has much too mature content for kids to be viewing. I want BP to show up one day too, but I hope they can reach the balance they’re hoping for first. Expect to see him in Phase 4 if he never is announced for Phase 3.

      • Clearly, your reading comprehension skills are piss poor. I didn’t accuse Marvel of racism. I accused Marvel of having the wrong belief that a movie based upon a black superhero might not be a financial success.

    • Maybe they are just taking their time and doing it right. Did you ever consider this? Maybe they are waiting to make a Black Panther movie when it makes the most sense STORY WISE to do so.

      • I prefer this to just rushing out a bunch of heroes all around the same period of time and just basically ruining everything by overloading The Avengers movies with characters, basically rendering them to the level of X-Men characters instead of giving them each a moment to truly shine on screen. To heck with that mess, says I! They are doing it right this way, so that is for example Captain America is unavailable due to scheduling conflicts with another movie, they could bring in someone else to take up that void while still keeping the movies both fresh and exciting!

        • * all the while not screwing up the continuity

      • they had since 1992 to get it right 21 and bp has been in talks for yeaaaaars fool

        • How does BP ending up in development hell equal racism is what I want to know. They made Heimdall a black dude for cryin’ out loud.

          • And Nick Fury.

          • It’s not so much as racism as its believed in Disneys overall corporate culture that characters of color won’t bring in enough green which is false.

        • Exactly, luther.

  2. CAW!! CAW!! Falcon movie. :)

  3. What I hope Phase three is:
    2015: Ant-Man
    2016: Thor 3 and Black Panther
    2017: Dr. Strange and Cap 3
    2018: InHumans and Guardians 2

    • This would be most perfect.

  4. Black Panther could totally handle his own movie…though past his origin I dont know much else about him as a solo hero.

    • T’Challa has faced many dangers as King of Wakanda, The Black Panther.

      His arch-nemesis may be debated, but I’ve always saw Ulysses Klaw, a south African mercenary who discovered the unique sound properties of vibranium and exploited them into a weapon, a sonic gun to replace the hand he lost, as Panther ultimate opposite.

      Also, he’s fought: The Supremecists (a group of elitist white supervillains from nearby Azania), Jakarra, a man made of vibranium and looks like a red The Thing, Kiber the cruel, The white Ape…. he even fought his own panther god to test his mettle as a king.

      there are no shortage of solo Panther stories. It’s shameful that we get a thor 3 or cap 3 before Panther.

    • It’s okay… He can just be an AVENGER after that!

  5. Its very nice to see feige praise WB instead of everyone bashing each other. Cause everyone from phister, frank miller to whedon they all slung some dirt

  6. Black Panther.

    I dont care about anything else.

  7. All I want from phase 3 is a new Hulk movie with lots of Ruffalo in it.

  8. I want to see an Inhumans movie… and possibly a second GOTG movie.

  9. Leave Inhumans to Fox and the Fantastic Four reboot. We need a Runaways or Young Avengers movie.

  10. I’m glad they’re slowing down a bit on the confirmation of new movies. There’s so much to look forward to right now, they don’t need to drag it on so much. But yeah, I want Doc Strange and Black Panther. I want Heroes for Hire and I think that’d be a cool way to reintroduce Daredevil and more street level heroes. I would love Inhumans. Black Bolts the man!

  11. Black Panther………….please already….

    Inhumans could be really cool also. This could lead to like some huge showdown with Thanos/Ronan in Avengers 3, Guardians could even be in it to.

  12. Love, love, love this site. This is my first time posting, so here it goes:

    This seems like a great plan, as long as Disney/Marvel Studios reserves that second date for 2017. Right now, we have:

    “Ant-Man” – 11/6/15
    “Thor 3″ – 5/6/16 (for argument’s sake)
    Some unknown film – 7/8/16 (for argument’s sake)
    “Captain America 3″ – some unknown date in 2017
    Some unknown film – 5/5/17
    Third “Avengers” film – sometime (most likely May) in 2018.

    Total Phase Three films: 6.

    • Welcome to the site.

  13. Since they got back Punisher, Ghost Rider, and Daredevil…they need to do a Marvel Knights movie..that would be Beast!

    • +99 Golden ScreenRants, a ticket-stub from 1999 Family Values tour, and a half eaten jelly donut.

  14. Woops, the “Captain America 3″ date and the unknown film on 5/5/17 should, obviously, be for argument’s sake, too.

  15. A lot of people have been clamoring for a BP movie. I think he deserves to have a slot in Phase 3. Inhumans would be very interesting especially if GOTG succeeds (I’m almost certain it will).

    I also hope they consider a Namor movie. I hope Fox doesn’t own the rights for him, being Namor much closer related to the Fantastic 4.

    • Marvel owns the rights to Namor

  16. I hope that Avengers 3 is in 2019. That would allow the obvious sequels of Cap and Thor to happen, as well as the already confirmed Ant-Man. It will also allow a more heros to be established for the big showdown with Thanos, as it took so many people in the comics to stop him, you will clearly need as many heros as possible in the movies. My reason will be made clear below.

    2015: Avengers 2 + Ant-Man
    2016: 2 Movies
    2017: 2 Movies
    2018: 2 Movies
    2019: Avengers 3

    2 movie spaces will be taken by Cap and Thor. This leaves 4 spaces left. I hope GOTG 2 takes one of those, leaving 3 spaces left. This should hopefully allow Dr Strange and Black Panther to get a film each. There is now one space left for a new property.

    Add in the possibility of a 3 movie year and there are now 2 more movie spaces. There could also be a third space if they release A3 later in the summer of 2019, around August, and then you could release another new property in the traditional May slot. Even later in the summer, Avengers will crush everything.

    One movie I would really like to see, I can’t remember where I saw it suggested is a Thanos quest film of him gathering the final few Infinity Gems, establishing him as a hard ass prior to A3. Another film I would personally like to see is a SHIELD film and a Hulk film. The ultimate epic thing to happen would be if the FF reboot failed to go into production and the rights reverted to Marvel so we could see them in A3 and then we have Dooooooom for a future film, though I doubt that will happen.

    Hats of Marvel/Kev for backing your characters!! I hope you inspire DC to do the same (it appears it has started to inspire them, c’mon Batman Vs Superman!) and find their own Kevin Feige.


  17. Just wondering: where did that Doctor Strange movie title logo come from?

  18. I can totally wait until 2014 for more announcements. They’re already working on five films as it is so I’m already plenty satisfied and excited.

  19. I really do want to see the following introduced sooner or later in some capacity in Phase 2, on the S.H.I.E.L.D. show, Phase 3, and beyond

    Black Panther
    Dr. Strange
    Jack of Hearts
    Reboots of Daredevil, ghost rider, and blade
    Iron Fist
    Luke Cage
    Marvel Knights

    Villains I want to see at some point

    Baron Zemo
    Radioactive Man
    Absorbing Man
    Grey Gargoyle
    Tiger Shark

  20. “Everything we’ve done has been a plan, has been premeditated. ”

    This is the exact reason why I love Marvel so much!!

    He’s right, Marvel is inspiring other studios, WB, Fox, to follow their lead with shared universes and crossovers and we all win with that!! Thank you Marvel!!!

    I would love to see a Black Panther movie, and a Dr. Strange movie be part of the next phase. I would still love an Iron Man 4, even if it is without RDJ, just to keep the character going.

    • Don’t forget other studios also inspire Marvel for serious take of character.

  21. I have a feeling Marvel are going to surprise us all with their Phase 3 line-up and apart from those heavily rumoured such as Dr Strange and Black Panther (these must be a certainty by now) as well as Inhumans, we’re going to get a Shang-Chi movie.

    Think about this for a moment; they film extra scenes for IM3 for the Chinese market, so imagine the buzz for a Chinese MCU superhero. This would be filmed in China, have mainly Chinese actors, but could introduce SHIELD in China, possibly have him be an agent, bring in some of the other already established characters -Fury, Widow, Hawkeye etc, and if we have a mystical film with Dr Strange, and then a Kung-Fu character, between them they could easily hint at Iron Fist for the future. Just a thought, but one I can’t shake.

    • And a perfect way to build economic/political bridge with China.

      • I should have said a way to further those relations

  22. 2015: Ant-Man
    2016: Runnawys and Thor 3
    2017: Captain America 3, Doctor Strange, and Spiderman 3
    2018: Heroes for Hire and Defenders
    2019: Avengers 3

    Heroes for Hire will reintroduce the hulk and will also set the ground work for the Defenders.

    • If marvel got the rights back to spiderman I would get the drawing of the iron Spidey armor standing on caps shield from civil war tatted on my calf….sheesh

  23. Hulk sequel with She-Hulk, Leader, Abomination, and S.HIE.L.D. AND Inhuman, Black Panther, Ant-Man, and a Namor for Phase 3 is what I want to see. I really want The Hulk, Inhumans, and Namor tho.

  24. Black Panther, Punisher, and Daredevil

    If anyone else were to replace these two iconic, major characters that have influenced the world of comic books.

    I do not believe Doctor Strange needs a movie mainly because the guy is unknown and should first get some mainstream exposure (maybe his own cartoon show?). And what the hell is up with people already vociferating a GotG sequel when they haven’t even saw the first one yet?!

    • Dr Strange will probably happen because it allows them to introduce another aspect of the Marvel Universe – Magic/Mystical – and if it works then they can expand on this in the same way as if GotG works we’ll see Nova, Warlock, Captain Marvel etc

  25. Give us The Incredible Hulk 2 already!!!!!

    • Yes, new Hulk movie!!!

  26. The black panther cannot be a marvel one shot. This would be an insult to the first black superhero. If chris evans was casted as cap and got full length movie then the black panther deserves the same.

    • I strongly agree with your first two sentences. I don’t agree with your third sentence. Captain America being made before BP makes a lot of sense since Captain America is more well known both here and worldwide.

      • Cap is my favorite hero, the slight was meant more for chris evans who has so so acting chops and learning on the fly because he was so cheap to sign they got him for 9 movies.

  27. So 2 thoughts I had recently.

    1. In the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D preview there is that mysterious hologram looking dude. I had an epiphany, what if that is Daimon Hellstrom? His ties into the paranormal/occult/Hell realm’s make him very intriguing. Also, I think in the Ultimate comics he was a spy for S.H.I.E.L.D.

    2. I was watching Avengers again a couple of days ago. The scene where Widow and Banner are talking and she is trying to recruit him is what I want to bring up. BW tells Banner that SHIELD has kept others off his scent. I think that is a reference to Wolverine. Wolverines early appearance in Marvel was because he was tasked with hunting down Hulk. Plus Wolverine has heightened senses.

    • She probably meant general thunderbolt ross and the hulkbusters ( my guess anyway) wolverine is wishful thinking, fox needs to finish ruining
      xmen universe further before we see that happening.

      • marvel knights movie? punisher,daredevil maybe a lil ghostrider?

  28. Both daredevil and punisher should just be in a movie together like marvel teamup did back in the day with a comicbook. There is just not enough time to
    worry about standalone films forever.

  29. i post this everytime but bp has Single handed destroyed all the avengers…alssssssoooooo i find it FREAKING disrespectful that you can have captain americas shield and not talk that vibraium is part of its componets!!!!!!

    • I think vibranium may been mentioned once. Black panther way overdue, i truly believe the panther will bring in the box office gold. Look at how much time was wasted on a kid and a extremis pepper potts instead of expanding on don cheadles war machine.