Kevin Feige Talks Possible Movies for Marvel’s Phase Three

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marvel movies ant man black panther dr strange Kevin Feige Talks Possible Movies for Marvels Phase Three

Co-writer/director Shane Black’s Iron Man 3 has ruffled some feathers amongst the comic book crowd – just listen to the Screen Rant Underground Podcast for proof of that – but the overall reception has been respectable. Now that it’s accumulated some $1 billion in the bank already, the film is paving the way for the rest of Phase Two in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (which will culminate with The Avengers 2 in Summer 2015) to be even more financially-rewarding than Phase One.

Such continued box office success for the upcoming Phase Two sequels – combined with director James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy setting the stage for other C-list or D-list comic book superheroes to make the jump to the big screen - would mean that Marvel, and President of Production Kevin Feige, have no excuse to make Phase Three any less ambitious or pioneering in spirit than Phase Two.

Feige sat down with EW, to discuss the possible films that will be arriving in Phase Three. Filmmaker Edgar Wright’s long-gestating Ant-Man - which is currently undergoing rewrites to better maintain continuity in the MCU – is the first on the docket, with a set release date six months after Avengers 2 opens in theaters. Certain projects have been floated about as likely candidates to follow thereafter, chief among them being a Doctor Strange movie.

On the topic of Doctor Strange, Feige said:

“I would love Strange to be a part of that only because he’s a great character. He’s a great standalone character. He’s got a great origin story, for the most part. And that world of pure magic, we haven’t done yet. There’s a whole supernatural/magic alternate dimension going on in the Marvel comics that we haven’t ever touched on. So I think that’s exciting.”

Ant Man Footage Online Doctor Strange Rumors Viggo Mortensen Kevin Feige Talks Possible Movies for Marvels Phase Three

Surgeon-turned sorcerer Stephen Strange was rumored to be portrayed by Justin Theroux – costar of Your Highness and screenwriter on Iron Man 2 – with Evil Dead (2013) director Fede Alvarez being in charge of realizing the magic-powered character in live-action movie form. The latter has denied any involvement with the superhero flick at this point, and the only thing that’s confirmed right now is that Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer (the writing duo on Conan the Barbarian (2011)) penned a Doctor Strange script a couple years back.

Feige told Screen Rant‘s Amy Nicholson that “we’re not absolutely sure” about Doctor Strange joining the MCU during Phase Three yet; the same holds true for another heavily-rumored non-sequel comic book superhero installment, Black Panther:

Marvel just says everything is speculation at this point. Right now, those rumblings you hear are just evidence of the passion for this character — internally as much as from outside

black panther movie writer Kevin Feige Talks Possible Movies for Marvels Phase Three

That speculation includes rumors about Chadwick Boseman (42) being shortlisted to play T’Challa, Prince of the (fictional) African nation of Wakanda, in the Black Panther movie. Comic book fans (us included) have been chomping at the bit, in hopes that T’Challa will be introduced in Phase Three alongside the aforementioned superheroes; for the time being, though, it’s not guaranteed to happen (though, no doubt, a Black Panther movie should be made somewhere down the line).

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  1. Inhumans, Daredevil, Iron Man 4, Avengers #3, all a big YES! for me.
    A stand-alone Hulk movie is a NO!, especially that dumb Planet hulk or WW Hulk. Forget those ideas.
    I would be up for a Black Panther solo movie, but would rather see him as a supporting character in a Captain America or Avengers flick (maybe #3, with Vision??). A Dr. Strange solo movie would be OK (keep him solo, not an Avenger). I also want a heroes For Hire movie (keep Iron Fist and Power man a duo, but not Avengers members). Maybe a Moon Knight solo flick would be OK as well.
    And get Goliath (Hank Pym) and Wasp into The Avengers pronto!
    And future Avengers villains we need: Skrulls, Kang, Ultron, Diablo, Whirlwind, and a REAl Mandarin!

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        • +1,000,000,000

    • online19. com

    • @goldilocks I totally Agree with you.. You’re along the same line with was I was thinking .. No more Hulk stand alone movies.. Mark Raffalo as Hulk is pretty Awesome and has been critically praised but to Make a next Hulk movie .. they would to Go the “Planet Hulk ” route . and Bruce Banner isn’t in that at all… Black Panther should be feat in a Captain America (combo) movie using some of the Storyline from the(Cartoon) Avengers 2 Movie .. where He goes to captain America for Help after his Father Death cause Wakanda is in Trouble . etc… whereas he is Introduced to the MCU with support frm Cap A. Dr Strange diff should have a Standalone movie … Introducing him in the Avengers 2 or 3 may be Too Early .. they need to aleast make 2 DR S movie before he gets a Big Role in Avengers. Heroes For Hire Movie would Be Epic with Iron Fist and Luke Cage . showing their story maybe one or two Avengers could make a cameo . We difinately need Skrulls, Kang, Ultron, Diablo, Whirlwind as VILLIANS

    • Just remember that like with dark knight saga and the amazing Spider-man series marvel seems to change the comics so that it fits with the avengers and so on

    • Just remember that comics are changed to fit movies so planet hulk would be different from the comics same with ww hulk

  2. Hoping they can bring Ghost Rider in as a villain for Avengers in the line of the comic book in which he makes his first appearance…..

  3. What if…. Avengers 2 uses Mandarin as the villain. After hearing all of the complaints on the IM3 version, wouldn’t it be pretty legit if he came back and wrecked havoc the way fans thought he would have during IM3. Personally I would be fine with that. The back story would be that he was essentially laying low during IM3 or something. Idk how the back story would go but if Loki can be in Thor then be the main villain for Avengers, I think Mandarin should at least have consideration for being the main Villain during Avengers 2. Thoughts?

    • The thing with Killian being the Mandarin raises questions if he really was behind the Ten Rings (which are real as seen in the first film) or simply used their name. If he did simply use their name, there’s the possibility that the real leader will reveal himself.
      I don’t care though. For me the Mandarin was realized enough in Trevor’s appearance and Killian’s villiany.

    • I’m in agreement with that. I’d been thinking that “Trevor” was actually the Mandarin, but Killian was so devout or whatever in taking the rap for it—since he was only saying it so that Tony would believe it. I mean, didn’t “Mandarin” kill that guy on television when he told the Pres to call? How could “Trevor” have believed that wasn’t real when he’s the one who had the gun?

      • Trevor said he used make-up to potray the Mandarin. And to me the Vice-Pres was up to more then meets the eye..MAYBE he was the true Mandarin…

      • Well, when “Trevor” was talking to Tony Stark in the mansion and was explaining to him that there was no Mandarin and that he was just an actor, he said that they wouldn’t even let him hold a real gun. So if I had to guess, the hostage they had was killed by somebody else off camera.

    • I would personally love to see a REAL mandarin that is…yes, Chinese like a Fu Manchu warlord and one-sided “political correctness” be hanged, fighting it out with Iron Man, REAL rings zapping away, be they magic, science, alien technology or the one-in-a-million GOOD CrackerJack prize! Just Do It! If that offends anyone’s national sensitivities, well too tough to chew!
      I’d also like to see The Avengers fighting Ultron, Kang, Skrulls, Whirlwind, and Diablo.

  4. With Ghost Rider and Blade back at Marvel and a rumoured Dr Strange movie. Why not a Midnight Sons reunion movie?

    • I would definitely spend the cash to go see a Midnight Sons movie!

  5. I believe that Marvel should create a Marvel Knights subdivision film company and produce smaller budget, darker R rated films for Daredevil, Punisher, Ghost Rider and Blade….. Just a thought.

    • Daredevil versus Kingpin and Mr. Fear. It was once discussed as a possibility years ago. Now just do it!

      • I would love to see it too, but, when I think about it, I would be happy if a Marvel movie was released every week. I do, however, think that SHIELD is the best format to release all the heroes that they “don’t have time for”. Not working for SHIELD, but them keeping tabs on the heroes. Really, there is so much they could do with that show. I hope they don’t make it mainly these characters they created. They would have plenty of exposure working in conjunction with these street level heroes.

        Moon Knight please!!!

  6. Man if Guardians of Galaxy is a success critically and financially (at least to the level of CA:TFA) then Ant- Man, Doctor Strange, and Black Panther will be cake walks.

    I feel they’ll need to expand in the future to accommodate all their properties, which is something I’m reluctant for.

  7. Black Panther & Doctor Strange please!!!!

    • @The Avenger, Wasup dude? I’m hearing that Marvel Studios may be using the term “META-humans” instead of mutants. What do you think?

      • If they can’t stay true to the source material, I think it’s better that they don’t use it.
        In the comics there are meta-humans (I believe Cap and Luke Cage are referred to as meta-humans?), but if Marvel Studios is thinking of calling mutant characters “meta-humans”, just for convenience’s sake, they should stop while’s they’re ahead.
        Especially with Quicksilver & the Scarlet Witch’s origins and backstories: I don’t think they should use those characters if it’ll mean deviating from the comics (especially when there are so many other characters they could include).

        It’s a tricky thing. Right now all the fans are clamoring for the brother/sister duo, but I PROMISE you, the moment Avengers 2 comes out and those two characters turn out to be different than they are in the comics, all those fans will ~mysteriously~ disappear and all we’ll be left with is even more backlash than what we’re seeing with The Mandarin now – I guarantee you that.

        And if/when Fox decides to use those characters (which they are allowed to do), then it starts getting confusing for the general movie goers and casual fans since the characters will obviously be very different in the MCU as opposed to the FMCU – another reason for them to tread carefully.

        I say leave the whole mutant-dilemma thing alone and stick with what they can accomplish and adapt well, with as little risk possible (Black Panther, Ms Marvel, Ant-Man, Wasp, Dr Strange for example).

        • @Avenger

          I don’t think it’s as tricky as you are making it. How a character got their actual powers is not that hard to interchange. I agree with most of what you write, but I want to see the Scarlet Witch more than anything. She is not only the most powerful character in the MCU, she is a woman and she will introduce the magic theme to the films. True, they could screw up anyone, but so far their track record is pretty damn good. I think the Mandarin screw-up is too fresh in your mind. Whedon will do the Witch justice.

      • Well if that is what they must do, so be it, do whatever it takes, call them the Bobbsy twins or heckel and jekyll, but get Pietro and Wanda up and flying. And Goliath and Wasp as well, while you are at it, Marvel, please!

        • I’m with you. Everyone seems to be so pessimistic on here lately. Maybe because of IM3, but really it was their first screw up of a character. They may redeem themselves on it yet and it was still a good action flick.

          I do have to say Quicksilver will be something that could be done the wrong way. I mean, unless they show slow motion shots of him in action, or make him more like Ozymandias from the Watchmen, I can’t figure out how they will make it work. I hope they surprise me.

          Wanda is, not only the most interesting female Avenger, but the most interesting Avenger period. She will be the greatest introduction to the “Magical” phase 3 and she will be the first super-powered female. I think they’ll start as villains, but that is one reason I love her. She’s a bad, bad girl!!

  8. Marvel has to be careful. Not all of us were fortunate to grow up reading comic books, of having our parents pass them down unto us. They have to be aware of the casual movie-goer. Don’t bombard us with so many characters at once, but don’t take too long with each new one getting a solo film.

    Hulk’s origins were already explained in Avengers—> he was trying to replicate the super-serum for Cap. America using gamma radiation—we got it. It doesn’t seem like a solo-Hulk film is necessary. Another solo-Iron Man also seems unnecessary. Just have Tony Stark pop up every once in a while. How old will RDJ be by then? Give the guy a break, people. Besides, it’s cameos we all love.

    I’m all for a Doctor Strange solo film, although it’s a lot of Google searches for me to learn who he really is.

    I also want to throw in the idea for FEMALE heroes. This can’t just be a boys club with only Black Widow. Can’t we even out the playing field a little?

    • Dr. Strange solo flick, I’m for that. Don’t need a Hulk solo flick, tho, better things to do. I would like another Iron man solo flick, tho; love Iron Man.
      As far as female heores for avengers go, I am definitely putting Wasp and scarlet Witch up for my first Avengers female choices. I know alot of people want Ms. Marvel, although I remember a female Captain Marvel from the comics who was a member of the Avengers years ago for a short time, a black gal who looked really nifty in a white suit. Although I have some info about her in one of my books around here somewhere, I don’t remember alot about her off the top of my head, but there would be another eventual possibility (after Wasp and Scarlet Witch, natch). I would not be quite so enthusiastic about, say, She-Hulk or Tigra. I do however remember Mockingbird was not bad as an Avenger (love interest for Hawkeye, altho Black Widow was also at one point in the early comics).

      • They need another solo Hulk movie. They just owe it to the character to blow people away. Get Peter David to write it and Hickman and Fraction to spice it up and add some sci-fi elements. They could expand the gamma-world with the Leader, She-Hulk (although they need to probably set her up for a later time, after getting the blood transfusion) Rulk, Doc Samson and, most of all, Mr. Fix-It.

  9. I say go for it! its gonna be really fun to get exposed to many new heroes! Its the best to learn the origins. im just wondering how they will continue all of them separately. Like we now would have to continue Dr. Strange 2 and maybe 3 and Ant-man 2-3 and so on. Thats shaky territory. just be careful Marvel

    • Let’s get exposed to more villains as well. I vote for Ultron, Kang, Whirlwind, Skrulls or Super-Skrull, and Diablo, for starters, as far as Avengers nemesis-types go.

      • Haha, they should have Whirlwind just to be a joke. They could get Zack Galifanakis and have him spin around in circles really fast, knocking into crap like a bull in a china shop. Then the Great Lakes Avengers would fight him and Squirrel Girl would slap him with her tail, or throw acorns at him. God, I’m already bored with this idea.

        • wow you guys know so many more heroes than me hahah hats off.

  10. Slowly phase out the current avengers and slowly phase in new ones. I could see by Avengers 3 having a team led by Black Panther and including Ms. Marvel, Ant-Man, Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Vision, and War Machine, and 1-2 of the original like Stark and Banner as background characters. I’m wondering if Phase 3 will lead up to Hero vs. Hero setting. Civil War? Except updated based on the characters used. Maybe Captain America goes rogue with some of the members and pits him against Stark like in the comics.

    • I like you idea of slowly phasing in new Avengers. But, I think to keep it in touch with the comics, that it should be Wasp who’s actually leading the team. She has been chairperson of the Avengers for a long time. Of course, she would have to show her growth as a character, from the light-spirited, party-girl to a more mature and grounded person. Black Panther is a great character that I hope to see on the big screen, but he has never led the Avengers.

      But to have a superheroine as the leader of the group would be great!

      • Before I say this, please do not think I mean to discriminate in the least against female characters, because I don’t. But in the Avengers comics I remember from the 60s and 70s, none of the women characters (although there were several) were really quite right to be the team leader. It was just the way they were written in those days. I am absolutely fine with a female leader if the part is written as such that would qualify her, but at that time, the only ones really capable of doing a good job heads and shoulder above the rest as team leader were Captain America, who was perfect (heroic, level-headed, a born leader) and possibly in his absence Iron man (Tony Stark). When Hawkeye was the West Coast Avengers leader, I was not sure he was right for the job, although I had no one else in mind in particular. Please don’t think I am one of those who do not think women cannot be good leaders, just because I am a man. I could have voted for former UN Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick for President if she had run for the White House (she considered it back in the day….), and thought Margaret Thatcher was not bad as the Iron Lady of Britain.

        • Don’t worry, I agree completely with you on everything! The way they used to write women heroines in the 60s and 70s didn’t scream “leader material” to me either. That’s why I said that they would have to show somehow Wasp’s growth as a person before thinking of putting her in such a position (let’s remember we are talking potential Avengers 3 movie here, or even beyond that… which could take a while ;-)). And for now, I agree I could only see Cap as leader, maybe Stark (with a big maybe…). Thor could lead a battle, but Cap is a better strategist in my mind. As for Hawkeye, he was leader for a while in WCA, but his temper often got the best of him, he even quit for a while. I often thought he was trying too hard to be leader, as opposed to let’s say Wasp and Dr. Pym, who didn’t want to be leaders but stepped in because the job had to be done. I think they even were better at it than Hawkeye… poor Cint. I like the character, but he’s no team leader :-(

          Anyway, don’t worry about your comment, I think I’ve pretty much agreed with everything you’ve ever posted on SR since I joined ;-)

  11. Hulk hasn’t really gotten a chance. We just see origin stories over and over again. Give him some of his better storylines and he would thrive. Planet Hulk should wait, though, until CGI or whatever has advanced at least 5 more years. Probably more like 10.

  12. I bet that IM3′s success is just making DC/WB chomp at the bit even more, waiting to see if MoS takes off. Regardless of my dislike for what I have seen of MoS, I am rooting for it because I want to see A JL movie and it’s all riding on this show.

    As for the article…..

    I really do not get what the hang up is with green lighting a Black Panther movie. The Blade trilogy, as flawed as it was, proved that a black character can successfully carry a franchise. So they can’t play that card (plus they are trying to interject ethnic talent in other places already).

    It’s a great origin story, has direct and intimate tie-ins with The Avengers, would explore a different, interesting and new locales and Marvel has the financial backing to do it right (especially now)….So WHAT’S THE FREAKIN’ PROBLEM???

    I hope that the Ant-Man rewrites are going to make Pym the main character. If Wright doesn’t like it kick him and his desire to make “his” movie, to the curb and get someone more willing to be a part of the MSU

    I have always loved the Sorcerer Supreme and look forward ot the day I can see him up on the big screen uttering those famous words……”With the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak I bind you for time and all eternity!”. The biggest hang up to making this successful is finding the correct actor for the role.

    Inhumans are an awesome group and would love to see them also brought to the silver screen. My only worry about them is, they have pretty close ties with the Fantastic Four so without the FF as a tie-in, I’m not sure how they would be introduced.

    And last…..What to do with all those newly re-acquired properties? Face facts, if we want to see them any time soon, Marvel won’t be doing them. So they do what they did with them previously, farm them out BUT this time make sure to not sign silly contracts with words like, “in perpetuity”. Marvel should retain creative control first and foremost. They would just be looking for outside financial backing to share in the profits. Doing so would also allow crossovers to happen both ways. Wouldn’t it be cool to see Daredevil pop up in a future Avengers movie, even if only for 1 min and then have say, Bruce banner show up in a 3rd party studio Daredevil movie?

    • @mongoose, Wasn’t it you and I who said that Gamora should be played by a woman of color, preferably a Black or Hispanic woman? Look what happened, we got an awesome and very qualified Afro-Latina(Zoe Saldana) actress for the role, isn’t that sweet!!!? I know Marvel reads these posts but that’s kind of eerie. LOL!

      • I would like to take credit for the idea but a good idea is a good idea. I would like to think the Exec’s at Marvel aren’t relying on us to figure out what they should do (even though it’s a nice thought) and decided, like we did, that a black actress would be best for the part.

        I also don’t know if Saldana is the one I had in mind. I was thinking of someone a bit…hummmm……beefier? (yes I know that’s an unflattering term) and taller. Guess I was looking for someone a bit more physically imposing whereas Saldana is pretty lithe. She IS a great actress however so it may very well work.

    • Once again, I couldn’t agree with you more, Mongoose.

      I see you’ve been posting a bit more regularly as-of-late than you have in the past few months… are you back as a regular?! :)

      • Come to think of it, I haven’t seen you around much either @Blastaar.
        Am I just being a d!** (not seeing anything you post), or have you been absent from the SR comment section as well lately? ;)

        • @The Avenger, Firstly I agree with the post you made up top that Marvel needs to tread lightly as to not shoot themselves in the foot, especially with the “meta-humans” or whatever they’re going call them vs mutants . Yeah, I haven’t been on as much as I used to because of work and all that. I hope all is well with you though. I forgot, didn’t you say that you live in South Africa? If so, then what do you think about Marvel shooting there, you think you might try to get a look when they arrive?

          • Hehehe, when I found out Avengers 2 might be shooting in Cape Town (a 20 minute drive from my home town), I nearly had a heart attack.

            If the rumor turns out to be true, there’s no way I won’t be there. Need to get some exclusive set pics for ScreenRant! ;)

      • Unfortunately work keeps me pretty busy lately but I do tend to post more on the superhero threads. Sometimes though so many articles pop up at once that it’s tough to respond to everything I would like to so I end up picking and choosing a bit more than I used to. I do read just about everything however.

        • I know what you mean about having to “pick and choose”. With my last year of school, things are insanely busy, so I’ve been reading/commenting on SR less than half as much as I used to :(
          If I’m not mistaken though, a while back you said you had some health problems? I trust all is well on that front?

    • Daredevil, Inhumans, Black Panther, Pym as Ant-Man…yup, all ideas I could get behind for solo flicks, Mongoose. Re: Fantastic Four reboot, I am still fantasizing about them fighting the Frightful Four: Wizard, Sandman, Trapster, Medusa. There might be a rights problem since sandman appeared in a Spiderman movie already, and Medusa likely would be tied into an Inhumans flick. Frightful Four versus Fantastic Four would be a great 4 on 4 slobberknocker. In the 60s and 70s, these two teams really battled each other to a standstill at times, and were about an even match. Some of the better plot-threads occurred when these two teams clashed as well, as I remember. Dr. Doom is a great villain, but he has been done already twice. I don’t mind leftovers for dinner, either, but after a time they re-qualify more as ancient artifacts and blah-blah re-runs. bring on the steak: bring on the Frightful Four!

  13. Two words:Squirrel Girl

    • @dallan007, LOL! A Squirrel Girl easter egg would be hilarious, I’d love to see that!

    • + 3 words – Great Lakes Avengers!!!

      • @LMD,RLMAO!!!!! Oh, no! You went there. Big Bertha!!!!!!! I loved how cheesy GLA was. A nod to them would be funny BUT SERIOUSLY THEY COULD ACTUALLY WORK THAT INTO THE S.H.I.E.L.D SHOW. They could say they have a group of heroes out in the Great Lakes area, it’d be a little cheesy but could totally work. LOL!!!!

  14. What about Thunderbolts & Man-Thing?

    • They already made a Man-Thing movie that was trash.

  15. How about a Fantastic Four Reboot and Mrs Marvel can be Introduced .. i think the in this movie the SKRULLS can be featured or is this a little Far fetched

  16. We definitely need Female Charcthers .. Introduction of Wasp–played by (Eva Longoria) in Ant Man for Avengers 3 .. Scarlet Witch (Sienna Miller) ( in Avengers 2 , Ms Marvel (Blake Lively) could come in around Phase 4 as a Feature in a Superhero Standalone Movie hen go Up to Avengers 4, theres also MockingBird – She was an Avenger for brief time. She could be part of a SubStory (undercover mission dealing with the Avengers )tying in SHEILD and Nick Fury .. also She Hulk, Spider Woman, Tigra but they will need features in movies before an offical Avenger apperance..

    • Blake Lively = Hot but also = Horrible actress.

      • She’s Not that Horrible .. But Anytime I think Scarlet Witch in a Live action movie She comes to mind .. Just because of her look ..

  17. Just a Black Panther movie and something where you can finally team up with Sony and Fox just once to get Spider-man and Wolverine in there with them, please…

    • Spiderman and Wolverine have several movies on their own… I would rather see new superheroes, and that Marvel keep close to the continuity of the comics, by introducing superheroes as they first appear in the comics. Spider-Man and Wolverine haven’t been Avengers for very long.

      Wow… just writing “Wolverine” and “Avengers” in the same sentence seems wierd to me… never saw him as Avengers material to begin with. I like the character just fine, just don’t think his habit of “snikt, snikt” to solve every problem is really suited for the Avengers’ spirit.

  18. Instead of a “Hulk” movie, how about they make s

  19. Jonathan Rhys Meyers would be a Great Dr Strange … I would love to see him as that Charcther .. He is good actor

  20. As long as the “Marvel universe” is economically viable, it will continue indefinitely; but it will not be forever, so when it’s no longer a payday, it will stop. Before that happens, just hope we get a Submariner flick with Johnny Depp (his favorite character).

  21. C LIST & D list characters in the MCU, IM GAMED. Bet i won’t see characters like Dr. Fate or Legion Of Superheroes,etc. in DC’s Universe.

  22. I would love a Black Panther movie, that would be fantastic. I really want, above all else, an Iron Man 4 movie, this time directed by Jon F. or a well accomplished CBM director. No more Shane Black please! Even a Iron Man 4 team up movie with the Hulk, or another character would be great.

    Keep them coming Marvel!!

  23. Man,if they don’t have Black Panther sometimes by phase 3,there’s going to be a riot and I might join in also :D

  24. Taking waayyyy too long for any confirmation of a Black Panther movie or character. It should have been done already. I mean, at least as much so as ANT-MAN. Black Panther is one of the earliest and favorite Avengers. Confirming Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver before Black Panther is just crazy.
    Marvel, listen to your fans. There’s such a clamor for him. He is a great character, and the story of the vibranium can tie into the Shield of Captain America as well as Ultron!

    • IT’S COMING! BE PATIENT. Comic-Con is jus around the corner my fiend..

  25. To many dudes, keep Black Panther and Ant Man and hopefully Wasp but also include a female lead hero, even if she is part of a team (Captain Marvel starring War Machine) (She Hulk starring the Hulk) (Black widow starring Captain America, or a depowered Tony Stark) as long as the lead is female even if the film is called The Hulks, Marvels: Secret War etc… As long as progress is made in modernising this very new genre quick before it becomes dated all to quickly thn it’s all good.

    Anyone who may say that female heros have bombed in the past, this was before Marvel invented the superhero genre, Plastic Catwoman suffers the same fate as plastic Hulk, Elektra was based on the terrible DareDevil, neither was new or a charecter in their own right or had the big budget CGI required for a modern superhero movie. So ill end on a example, try showing Christopher Reeves Superman to a child who is 8 and who has grown up on new superhero films, from my experience they will not make it to the end, same goes for Agents of Shield, as long as the effects are great, the powers exciting and all this is within the first 15 minutes the film will do well, otherwise the kids will just go and play on the PS4 or in the cinema start chucking popcorn and giggling…

  26. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear.
    Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say wonderful blog!

    • I personally think that black panther movie should contain scenes with storm and skip a few years and have like man ape attack and wolverine and black panther team up to save storm because wolverine was told to save her by pro x now that would be cool

  27. my only actor that i really want to see play Black Panther would Djimon Hounsou, he’s the only African actor that i can see play T’Challa

  28. You could have a hulk/panther movie, Banner goes to Africa (again to escape reality) And ends up with T’Challa doing all sorts of weird n wonderful thing, 2 birds/one stone

  29. Then what about The Runaways? I know that it has been on hold because of the success of The Avengers, but that gives it no excuse to completely abandon it, especially since part of it was already worked on.