Kevin Feige Talks Possible Movies for Marvel’s Phase Three

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marvel movies ant man black panther dr strange Kevin Feige Talks Possible Movies for Marvels Phase Three

Co-writer/director Shane Black’s Iron Man 3 has ruffled some feathers amongst the comic book crowd – just listen to the Screen Rant Underground Podcast for proof of that – but the overall reception has been respectable. Now that it’s accumulated some $1 billion in the bank already, the film is paving the way for the rest of Phase Two in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (which will culminate with The Avengers 2 in Summer 2015) to be even more financially-rewarding than Phase One.

Such continued box office success for the upcoming Phase Two sequels – combined with director James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy setting the stage for other C-list or D-list comic book superheroes to make the jump to the big screen – would mean that Marvel, and President of Production Kevin Feige, have no excuse to make Phase Three any less ambitious or pioneering in spirit than Phase Two.

Feige sat down with EW, to discuss the possible films that will be arriving in Phase Three. Filmmaker Edgar Wright’s long-gestating Ant-Man – which is currently undergoing rewrites to better maintain continuity in the MCU – is the first on the docket, with a set release date six months after Avengers 2 opens in theaters. Certain projects have been floated about as likely candidates to follow thereafter, chief among them being a Doctor Strange movie.

On the topic of Doctor Strange, Feige said:

“I would love Strange to be a part of that only because he’s a great character. He’s a great standalone character. He’s got a great origin story, for the most part. And that world of pure magic, we haven’t done yet. There’s a whole supernatural/magic alternate dimension going on in the Marvel comics that we haven’t ever touched on. So I think that’s exciting.”

Ant Man Footage Online Doctor Strange Rumors Viggo Mortensen Kevin Feige Talks Possible Movies for Marvels Phase Three

Surgeon-turned sorcerer Stephen Strange was rumored to be portrayed by Justin Theroux – costar of Your Highness and screenwriter on Iron Man 2 – with Evil Dead (2013) director Fede Alvarez being in charge of realizing the magic-powered character in live-action movie form. The latter has denied any involvement with the superhero flick at this point, and the only thing that’s confirmed right now is that Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer (the writing duo on Conan the Barbarian (2011)) penned a Doctor Strange script a couple years back.

Feige told Screen Rant‘s Amy Nicholson that “we’re not absolutely sure” about Doctor Strange joining the MCU during Phase Three yet; the same holds true for another heavily-rumored non-sequel comic book superhero installment, Black Panther:

Marvel just says everything is speculation at this point. Right now, those rumblings you hear are just evidence of the passion for this character — internally as much as from outside

black panther movie writer Kevin Feige Talks Possible Movies for Marvels Phase Three

That speculation includes rumors about Chadwick Boseman (42) being shortlisted to play T’Challa, Prince of the (fictional) African nation of Wakanda, in the Black Panther movie. Comic book fans (us included) have been chomping at the bit, in hopes that T’Challa will be introduced in Phase Three alongside the aforementioned superheroes; for the time being, though, it’s not guaranteed to happen (though, no doubt, a Black Panther movie should be made somewhere down the line).

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  1. I am very much sold an all these ideas especially Dr. Strange and Black Panther! They could use already introduced characters in these as well. :)

    Inhumans sounds awesome too, but who knows when we can get that since there will probably be 1-2 sequels with the core team (Cap, Thor, Hulk or Iron Man) and Avengers 3, so yeah we’ll see how much room there is for new characters. One or two movie tops in one phase I believe, depending on whether there will be five or six movies in Phase 3.

  2. From what I gather here, Marvel is taking this entire process literally one hit at a time, meaning that they wait and see what the audiences respond to. Iron man 3 and THOR 2 are pretty safe bets from a box office success likelihood standpoint, but Guardians of the Galaxy is a risk still, that is until proven otherwise. Captain America 2 will surely rake in some nice cash and Avengers 2 will more than likely be successful also. I guess they are afraid nobody will watch Black Panther or Doctor Strange. That doesn’t make any sense if you consider what a huge hit Iron Man was.

    • Thor II isn’t safe.

      • per imdb-thor “$449,326,618 (Worldwide) (25 August 2011), 77% on RT, and after the success of the avengers, AND IM3, (love it or hate) i’m pretty confident thor/dw will bank some bucks. maybe not a billion, but more than double it’s budget, if not triple.

    • I think as long as they market these movies the right way, they’ll do fine. I’m sure hardly any general audiences know who people like Guardians of the Galaxy (hell, most comic book fans didn’t know who they were), Doctor Strange, and Black Panther are, so hearing about those kinds of movies coming out, most people won’t think twice about them. However, make sure to advertise them a lot as being part of the Avengers universe, then it’ll likely attract more audiences.

      I really do think it’s GotG that will have the biggest problems. Just for the simple fact of what it is. I think there’s gonna be a big divide between people, like some people will LOVE the idea of a talking raccoon/tree, others will think it’s ridiculous and not be able to get behind it at all. I think it might have been smarter to introduce them in The Avengers 2 (a movie everyone’s gonna see anyway), then give them a standalone movie after once you’ve given people time to familiarize with the characters. I just hope if GotG doesn’t do that well at the box office that it doesn’t discourage other more obscure projects.

      • *just as good or better

  3. The remaining Marvel phase 2 movies could all be just as bad or worse than IM 3, and I will STILL keep my faith in Marvel all the way to phase 3 because Ant-Man is in Edgar Wright’s hands. That’s my most anticipated Marvel movie as of right now, more so than Guardian’s and A2.

    • Well lets hope you are wrong. IM 3 was too family friendly, with way to much comedy. They better not screw up captain America new film, he’s my favorite character. Sreenrant has reported it would be a thriller/action movie; that sounds perfect for Captain America.

      But after seeing IM 3, I slowly losing faith in the franchise.

      • I’m just saying they could be, but I don’t think they will be. I’m hoping they won’t, at least.

        I’ll cry if Guardian’s somehow ends up sucking, which I can’t fathom how considering it should be our first official look at the Mad Titan.

        • …but wait a tic…

          …perhaps we get a glimpse of Thanos in Thor 2?

          After all, with Loki imprisoned I’m sure Thor has continually pressed the question he asked in Avengers:

          “Who showed you this power? Who controls the would-be king?”

      • Seriously? One movie that wasn’t 100% up to previous standards, although still a great romp, and you’re ready to bail?

        Ok, bye then.

        • That can’t be directed at me, seeing how I stated that 3 more movies could also suck and I STILL WON’T BAIL.

    • Yes, garnering an average audience rating of 4 out of 5 and making a billion dollars. Hopefully, they are all “just as bad” as Iron Man 3. 😀

      (No spoilers here, but I loved everything about the twist; huge improvement on particular characters, and brilliant writing)

      • With respect sir, quality and quantity are two completely different things.

        • This is why we don’t get anything nice.

          Too many buttmunches whining and pretending their rants are relevent.

          You all talk as if the movie was a catastrophe.. keep talking this way and the franchise will end prematurely.

          • Is it because I’m a doctor that I’m the only one who sees the irony of some of these responses? Is the world really that stupid?

            “Too many buttmunches whining and pretending their rants are relevent.”

            That’s awesome. If all our rants are irrelevant… okay professor… what does that say about your rant?

        • And opinion and fact are also two completely things. Your opinion that IM3 is bad is not fact, yet you continue to write as though it is.

          • Once again… with the ironic statements…

        • That’s true, they aren’t the same; completely separate categories of accidents. So only the audience ratings of the films quality was directly germane. However, IM3 has grossed $1 billion largely because of the enthusiastic audience reception (admittedly also true of some terrible films, such as Transformers 2). Alls I’m saying is, Iron Man 3 is successful; Marvel will likely emulate it in the future. I, for one, am happy with that.

          • The thing about IM3 is, if you don’t know (or care) who The Mandarin is in the comics, then the movie works and the, “twist” is trivial to the general audience and nothing more than an interesting surprise.

            I agree it’s in general a good thing but I temper that with my hope that the controversial backlash comic book fans have generated over the twist will make Marvel think twice about similar tampering in the future.

            There is absolutely NO reason why Marvel can’t stay true to the canon they, themselves, have created and at the same time please both the uninformed watcher AND comic book fan alike.

  4. I understand that they have to plan ahead, but they should just focus on the phase II films at the moment.

  5. Inhumans,Namor,Black Panther,Luke Cage,and a Hulk sequel i am SO up for, but the whole Magic element i am kinda over and have seen so many Magic films lately.I think if they really wanted to use Magic elements they should have kept Thor and them Gods, and Used Mandarin as the Mandarin, not use Magic as an Excuse to make a film.

    • Were talking Marvel magic here, not fantasy magic.

      Completely separate beasts.

      • Yes, exactly, and I can just imagine the classic “magic” stylings of Ditko lanscapes and spell beams/shields on a big screen in live action; Strange invoking various extradimensional beings while Dormammu rants insanely!

        • +1 on Steve Ditko art.

  6. I really want them to establish the Marvel Knights film(s), I think i’d be more excited for that than the Avengers and I don’t even know much about Marvel Knights, the character are just that badass aha.

  7. Okay, I’m on a roll with the IM 3 analogies today-

    IM 3 is exactly like the song it opens to, “Blue” by Eiffel 65:

    You can only enjoy it if you ignore how ridiculous it is.

    • i enjoyed IM3 just fine. there was no ridiculousness in it as far as i’m concerned. The [gentleman] doth protest too much, methinks, and on a thread that has nothing to do with hating on IM3.

      • Totally agree on all counts there Jeffro.

        • Okay guys, first of all…it’s a Marvel thread… so anything Marvel is fair game.

          Second, continuing to insist that IM 3 is devoid of any of the problems that people continue to point out is nothing but blind devotion. Which I do respect, by the way… but I’m also not afraid to call it out.

          • Well guess what buddy its your opinion, which is great to have and great to share, but you don’t have to keep posting about it every two seconds. Just because you didn’t like the movie (for whatever reason I personally don’t understand your reasoning) doesn’t mean you’re going to force your opinions on others.

            • Do you not see the irony of what you just posted? Everything you just said can be flipped and directed at you.

              Of course it’s my opinion. Like it or not, it is shared by many… not just a few. I’m not trying to force an opinion. That analogy is just a fun way of sharing mine, and if it ticks off people then good.

              love Marvel which is why I’m not giving them an inch on this. They no longer care about telling Iron Man, all that matters is selling Iron Man.

              • Shared by many, but still by far a minority. Doesn’t mean the opinion is illegitimate; but it is not shared by most viewers of the film.

                • I understand that, agree, and respect that point completely.

                • I think if we were able to take a comprehensive poll, you would find that the majority of comicbook fans didn’t appreciate Black’s, “twist”. Of course even if every single comic book fan didn’t like it yes, we would still be a small percentage of all those who saw the movie.

                  Marvel needs to realize however that these movies are transitory. They will make their money and eventually the bubble will pop and they will be left with no one interested in reading their comics because the fans have abandoned them over the compromises they have made in those movies. It’s not as if the general audience is going to run out and start buying comics.

                  To put in simply……even though we are a minority…don’t bite the hand that has fed and supported you for 40+ years.

          • Really, I can respect that people are bothered about certain aspects of Iron Man 3. I really can. But the vast majority of the audience was not disappointed, both fan and casual, as demonstrated by the great legs and WOM. The audience I saw it with LOVED the twist, vocally and loudly. So you didn’t like it. Doesn’t mean that it was objectively bad; just not to your tastes. Most people disagree.

            • It wasn’t the twist that has my feathers ruffled sir. It’s the complete lack of continuity in respect to the three films featuring Iron Man which proceeded it.

              • Yeah, I was speaking in general there; hadn’t gotten to your list of concerns below. Is all good. :)

  8. Why does everyone b**** about IM3…apart from them changing up The Mandarin and it not really following the ‘main’ comics all that well, it was an enjoyable film…surely that’s the overall point!

    Proper Marvel fans know there are countless dimensions and universes in their series and they don’t all stick to the same point (how many different Spidermen are there with different origins)…the MCU is just another one of these.

    Anyways, hope they do bring in Black Panther, the sooner the better!

    • i agree, i dont see why all the hate, i’ll admit i diddnt like how they brought the madarin out to be a wannabe drunk exploited actor out of hollywood , but i thought the movie overall was great

      • It’s simple: too much of the story doesn’t make sense, and the finale causes the entire story to eat itself.

        How dare we ask questions like: If Jarvis can control all the suits at once, why the hell didn’t he do that when the mansion was being attacked? If the suits can be controlled remotely, why doesn’t Tony have at least one patrolling the site where he houses weapons of mass destruction? Make no mistake about it, the IM suit is a WMD.

        Better yet, how is it possible for such a lazy attack to occur in the first place?

        Tony Stark houses WMDs. If this is the genius we are led to believe he is, where the hell is the defense?

        Let’s take a look at that forced kid side-kick stuff too. Doesn’t make any sense considering who Tony Stark is. As the most recognizable face on the planet with near infinite resources, why waste one second and contact SHIELD if you get accidentally blasted into TN? Instead we have to buy into the “fish out of water without his resources” angle which is stupid considering he crash lands in America.

        These are just some of the reasons people complain about IM 3, Mandarin debacle aside, since you both asked.

        • Completely agree, in real life Tony Stark would’ve had his mansion guarded and no one would’ve been allowed within 5 miles of it without feeling a full on Unibeam right in the kisser…but man, that would be a rubbish film!!!

          • @Captain_Britain

            Agreed there too, it’d be a terrible movie if he had defenses.

            But lets look at it this way:

            * Stark was under too much stress wanting to save Pepper to remember JARVIS could control all the suits?

            * Stark’s arrogant enough to not consider defenses and then depressed over New York and doesn’t even think of having defenses for his own house?

            * Why contact SHIELD if they remind him of a bad time in his life that he suffers anxiety over? I live with clinical depression so I know how hard it is when something upsets you and you choose to avoid it and do things on your own even if you need the help.

            There we go. “Plot holes” explained through logic and common sense.

            • @ Dazz

              Umm, no. Logic and common sense are the very things that created the plot holes in the first place.

            • Actually in the movie, Tony asked Jarvis why the person at the door (Maya Hansen) was able to get so close to the house without Tony being notified. Tony mentioned that the security had been turned up.

              • Again… something mentioned briefly in passing does not make up for a poorly drawn up plot device, one which negates everything established in the prior films.

          • @ Jeffro

            Lame excuses don’t constitute a refutation.

            The suit in Avengers took that long to deploy because it was still being put together. It wasn’t finished.

            Even if it takes a second for suits to be deployed, and even if Jarvis received some sort of interference due to the missiles… that still doesn’t make up for the fact that following all the previous installments… it’s makes absolutely ZERO sense for Tony to not be 100% prepared for a scenario like that. IM 2 establishes that if you make god bleed, there will be sharks in the water. And Avengers establishes that there are things in this world that Tony doesn’t understand. Given that he’s supposed to be a genius, it doesn’t make any sense that if you want to destroy his crib, you simply stroll up to the front door and open fire.

            I’m glad you realize that the stupid kid scenes are non-refutable. I call that progress.

            • @ mindbender

              calling my valid responses “lame excuses” is pretty trollish of you. the rest of us dummies will enjoy marvel’s films, without your approval.
              on some other thread you claimed to be an actual Dr, i hope it’s not as an MD, because your bedside manner sucks @$$!
              don’t break a leg when you fall off that high horse you’re on.

              • and when refutations fail… insults shall ensue.

                stay classy.

                • Well, I see Jeffro’s reply as rather valid and DM’s responses to be a little of the “one upper” type, to be honest, which goes completely against standard debate oriented conversation.

                  Don’t shut down invited debate with such responses if you want to look…inviting…instead, make your case, point for point. The responders have often taken their time to delineate their side, one should do the same and not work the passive-agressive angle.

        • Those are some fair points; none of them bothered me at all in the theater, and probably won’t in future viewings. Different strokes and all that.

          The kid bits were a huge hit with the viewers; hysterical laughter all around in my showing.

          • I will be honest. The part about Jarvis controlling all the suits at the end and not doing that when Tony’s mansion was being demolished I really didn’t start to think about until after the movie.

            The parts with the kid, however… I immediately recognized it as being out of place and a way of ignoring what is established before it. The way he behaves with that kid is the exact opposite of how you define a billionaire-genius-playboy-philanthropist.

            • Yeah, it is certainly a plot weakness, certainly not a perfect movie. It wouldn’t be the first successful and beloved movie to have gaps in the plot.

              The kid stuff…didn’t bother, me, and seems to have been quite the hit. Jon Campea has declared it the best part of the movie, even.

        • “Let’s take a look at that forced kid side-kick stuff too. Doesn’t make any sense considering who Tony Stark is. As the most recognizable face on the planet with near infinite resources, why waste one second and contact SHIELD if you get accidentally blasted into TN? Instead we have to buy into the “fish out of water without his resources” angle which is stupid considering he crash lands in America.”

          Because the whole movie is Tony struggling after the events of The Avengers. Its why he built so many suits, why he had so many designs, why he created the “House Party Protocol”, its why he didn’t call SHEILD or Banner. He had to prove to himself that he was enough. Practically the whole movie is Tony having anxiety issues about not being good enough if something like New York happens again. I totally buy him struggling on by himself, refusing to ask for help, proving to himself he can get buy no matter what.

          • That completely conflicts with Tony’s statements about protecting Pepper at all costs. If he truly feels that way about Pepper, he doesn’t pull a “I can do this all on my own” routine.

          • Actually acathla… what you are describing is a narcissist that is supposed to no longer exist after Tony was willing to “take one for the team” in Avengers.

            • I’ll keep going, I don’t mind.

              What you described acathla is EXACTLY my problem with IM 3. There is absolutely, positively, NO CONTINUITY with the previous 3 films that proceeded it, not even the most recent one.

              That explanation of Tony’s actions completely disregards what he did and learned in the Avengers: that he DOESN’T have all the answers. That even he needs help at times. That sometimes you have to sacrifice things in order to achieve the greater good.

              The motivations you described, are EXACTLY the reason I have a problem with IM 3, as it completely ignores the previous film.

  9. Even though Iron Man 3 made over a billion already, Idon’t care to hear much about Phase 3,4,,7,10, with the sour taste they left in my mouth with Iron Man 3. I’ll wait and see what Thor and Captain America brings to the table before I start getting excited.

    • Don’t get me wrong the movie ain’t bad, but it ain’t great either.

  10. I want Panther and Inhumans i love Blackbolt so much that costume is so awesome. Enjoyed IM3 plenty look forward to Marvel’s future.

  11. IM2 was better than IM3

    • IM3 had a climax that lasted over five minutes…

      That being said, both sucked.

    • lol.

    • Don’t watch ’em. The last thing Marvel needs to do right now is keep trying to please everybody. That’s the one mistake I felt like IM3 made.

      If there’s a few movies that just core comic fans or just sci-fi fans only like, that’s a good thing. As long as they tie it in with a big Avengers movie or something, it’ll make a billion dollars when everyone comes together to see what happens.

  12. Feige seems like a big time cosmic Marvel fan. That’s my kind of guy. The more obscure, the better… for the most part anyway. Doctor Strange and GOTG are two I’d love and can’t wait to see.

    • Ever since Thanos turned his head and grinned at the end of Avengers, I’ve been saying over and over that you have to introduce the characters who can successfully tangle with him. As of right now, that list includes absolutely nobody. That won’t be the case once Doctor Strange enters the mix, who I would assume should pave the way for Adam Warlock.

      • That would be awesome. Between Warlock and Strange, and then add Nova along with Drax. Those are some pretty powerful players in the Marvel Universe.

        That’s the main reason why I think you’ll see Stark join the GOTG movie, one because he’s best as a supporting character, and so they can tie it together with a GOTG appearance in the Avengers 2 or 3. Because they’ll need everybody to beat Thanos, and even then it might not work. (Which is why they’ll bring in Scarlet Witch) 😉

  13. What ever happened to the Marvel Micro films.

    After the success of super-low budget films like “Paranormal Activity” and “Chronicle” didn’t Marvel announce they were looking into lower budget superhero films.

    Sure the big guys like Doctor Strange and Ant-Man could utilize a hundred million dollar budget. But guys like Luke Cage, Moon Knight, Miss Marvel, and even Runaways, could all be big successes with budgets under $5million

    • I think Strange would be better served with a slightly bigger budget. He has the potential of being pretty epic movie-wise.

    • I don’t know if they’ll do a Moon Knight movie since its a lot like Batman… don’t get me wrong, I would love a Moon Knight movie, I just can’t see them doing it anytime soon.

  14. patiently waiting for antman and black panther zzzzzzz

  15. Ant-Man before The Black panther, what a joke.

    • While I want a Black Panther movie as much as anyone, Ant-Man DOES deserve to be next in line. He was after all one of the founding members of the original Avengers.

      To be honest he should have at LEAST had a cameo of some sort in Avengers so we felt they were honoring Pym’s existence as a founding member.

  16. You people are trying hard not to make a Black panther movie.

  17. Gammaworld should be the next Hulk movie.

  18. Has anyone besides me ever wanted a Quentin Tarantino The Punisher film?

    • closet you will get to that is Robert Rodriguez’s Desperado.

    • I prefer Martin Scorsese.

  19. To the guy who said that Moon Knight is a lot like Batman, please go do your research because Moon Knight and Batman are nothing alike and they will never be.

    • I can see Moon Knight and the rest of the Marvel Knights finding a home on the SHIELD TV series. Given the “take it to the steets” approach and all, makes sense to see Punisher, Daredevil, Heroes for Hire…

    • Well…yeah, they are. In just about every respect.

      • They are both rich and use gadgets, that is all. Other then that, there are no similarities.

      • Dang it Parmandur… here I am respecting your opinion and all and then you post something like that.

        Explain to me how “in every aspect” Batman and Moon Knight are the same? Batman’s fortune is because of his dad. Moon Knight makes his own fortune as a mercenary BEFORE becoming Moon Night.

        Batman uses the death of his parents as motivation. Moon Knight exists because Marc Spectre dies in Egypt and is saved by the Egyptian moon god.

        Right. Completely the same, Batman and Moon Knight.

        • And also Moon Knight’s motivation is redemption.

          • So hes kinda like Spawn in that respect

        • Fair cop, I admit that was an overstatement. But probably less of an overstatement than “Moon Knight and Batman are nothing alike and they will never be.” The truth lies in-between, but it is much closer to one extreme than to the other.

        • Don’t forget Marc is nutso. Literally. Lol

  20. This is what happens when I don’t leave my iPhone in the car when I go to the beach. I got sloshed and end up on ScreenRant’s comic threads just ranting and ranting and ranting…

  21. I would love to see another daredevil film, I thought the last one was ok, but the next one could be great with marvel studios in full control, I will probably be waiting forever though, what with marvel only making a couple of films a year. I agree with what nowhereman said in a previous post about the lower budget micro films, this could be the way forward for daredevil or the punisher, I’m enjoying the avengers based films but its a shame we will have to wait a while for any of the marvel knights characters, unless they pop up in shield.

  22. Hulk vs. Wolverine
    Carnage USA
    Avenegers Arena directed by Kenta Fukasaku

  23. Interesting, i see Inhuman as been something want to develop since they dont have xmen. Using the terregen mists basicslly gives u xmen style mutants. And so would expand grestly the number of supers in the MCU without needing the inclusion of classical cmen style mutants that fox owns for movies. Solid workaround, agree with feige, would be familiar yet something new.

  24. I think the more these phases move forward the more things will start to really diverge from the comic continuity. Personally i like it as it keeps things fresh and surprising but based on the Madarin reaction it will be polarizing… Well to the marvel comic fans, you dont hear the general audience (whom have no prior knowledge of the comic book variant of Madarin.. 616 continuity.. And not Ultimate). Gen audience, if i go by my friends all thought that was a fun twist. Go figure. They also keep asking when spiderman will show up in avengers… Or batman. Just goes to show, that yes the debate within the confines of fandom might be very devisive.. Its not really an issue to the gen audience (they dont even know the diff between marvel and dc) and they just want to a good movies that entertain. Look at Im3’s box office and you can’t deny that its true.

  25. Let’s be thankful that we all are alive at a time & place when technology can bring the comic book characters we all love to life.
    Nuff said.

    • +1

  26. don’t reboot blade, just make another stand alone trilogy with snipes again, he was the one person that made blade 3 tolerable. same with punisher, bring back ray stevenson and forget tom jane even made a punisher movie 😛

    • Ray Stevenson over Tom Jane? Are you serious?