Black Panther, Loki & Ms. Marvel Namedropped For Potential Marvel One-Shots

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Black Panther Marvel Studios Black Panther, Loki & Ms. Marvel Namedropped For Potential Marvel One Shots

Premiering at Comic-Con and releasing as a special feature attached to the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray in September, Agent Carter offers fans their first Marvel One-Shot period piece. It wasn’t always the obvious choice though as Marvel Studios explored the possibilities – and still is considering – shorts for superheroes down the road, potentially even the likes of Black Panther and Ms. Marvel.

EW chatted with Marvel co-president Louis D’Esposito, executive producer on all Marvel Studios films and director of the latest two one-shots, Item 47 (that came with The Avengers) and Agent Carter, who addressed the idea of future Marvel One-Shots taking advantage of the more recognizable and even superpowered characters of the Marvel library.

“We would love to, but it’s difficult because there’s a cost to that. If Iron Man is flying around doing something, that very costly. And first of all, what’s the story? Is it important that that superhero is in the story?

“I’ve been asked many times too, would you introduce new characters? That even proves to be very difficult, just from a cost perspective. What does the costume look like? Who is the actor playing it? A lot of R&D goes into it. We have a great concept department here, a visual development department, and it takes time.”

D’Esposito previously told Screen Rant that their research shows that one of the best selling points to boost home video sales and buzz is to add truly original content and this is why we’re seeing the trend of every Marvel Studios home video release ship with a new Marvel One-Shot short film going forward. The goal in these is to tell new and additional stories that are different than the feature-length spectacles and that’s just one of the many reasons, in addition to costs, scheduling and future plans, that they focus on non-superhero supporting characters… at least, so far.

Ms Marvel Carol Danvers Marvel Comics Black Panther, Loki & Ms. Marvel Namedropped For Potential Marvel One Shots

The short film director admits that they are in fact, starting to think about and look into superhero characters but they need to be careful about who they select and who to cast since said characters will likely have a long-term role to play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One character D’Esposito really wanted to explore was Loki but the costs of doing such a thing in Asgard was simply too expensive. Another personal favorite is Ms. Marvel:

“Let’s just say I knew I was going to direct Captain Marvel [as a feature], right? And we knew who was going to play her.  That would make it easy to introduce her first in a One-Shot. But that’s a plan that requires a lot of coordination. And I don’t know if really we … if I’ve been thinking that far ahead. It’s difficult enough to find something that’s enjoyable, that we can tell with the budget limitations and in the time we have. Introducing a lot of complicated variables might weaken that.”

Other ideas that came up included a Dum Dum Dugan (Neal McDonough) short featuring a young Nick Fury and, believe it or not, a Black Panther One-Shot. Casting the latter was going to be a challenge, not to mention making a believable set that looked like the fictional African nation of Wakanda. Black Panther is one of the most talked about and desired properties from Marvel Comics fans and is a hopeful new character launch for Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, alongside other newcomers Ant-Man (which has a release date) and Doctor Strange (confirmed to be coming sometime after that).

For now, we look forward to Agent Carter which takes place during World World II and sees Hayley Atwell return as British Agent Peggy Carter working for the SSR, the pre-cursor to S.H.I.E.L.D.. It’ll be playing during Comic-Con and Screen Rant will be in attendance. It’s helping pave the way for more female Marvel characters while the studio also considers tapping into super-powered characters.

The question is, who’s next for the One-Shot coming with Thor: The Dark World?


Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Source: EW

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  1. Black Panther please :)

  2. Other ideas that came up included a Dum Dum Dugan (Neal McDonough) short featuring a young Nick Fury and, believe it or not, a Black Panther One-Shot. Casting the latter was going to be a challenge, not to mention making a believable set that looked like the fictional African nation of Wakanda.

  3. I’m sorry but giving Ms. Marvel & Black Panther one-shots are an insult. They are way too important to the Marvel Universe.

    • These two characters need full length movies.

      • No offense, but the general public doesn’t know who those characters are. You have to ease them into those sorts of stories or else you’ll get Green Lantern all over again.

        • /Sigh “Was Iron Man well known to the general public before his movie?” (The answer is no)

          • but RDJ was, unless Marvel Studios plans to get someone high profile enough to play ether character doubleJ is 100 correct.

          • YES

        • I had no idea who Iron Man was before (thought he was some construction worker who gained the power to control metal) or Nick Fury, or Hawkeye, or Bucky. And now I (and millions more) do.

          • Gotta love when people use ONE example to prove a point. By the way, when did Haekwye and Nick Fury have their own full length movies Van Dyne? I must have missed those.

            • nick fury did have his own movie man

              • For this MCU? I don’t think so clown. I’m aware of Hasselhoff’s “thing”.

              • :)

            • Well, when that one example is perfectly relevant to the situation… yah.
              The fact of the matter is, before the movies, no one really knew who Iron Man was. Now he’s a cultural icon. Who needs another example when that one proves the point?

        • The general public doesn’t know who the Gardians of the Galaxy are. And yet…

          • *Guardians*

        • Screw that, I want Black Panther now in this *itch! Excuse my tone but I’m freaking sick of hearing that it is soooo damn difficult to do this film. It just sounds to me that DisneyMarvel don’t want to do it in the first place.

      • Initially it was Marvels idea that the “one shot” concept be used to push some of Marvel’s other heroes forward and see which ones got the most excitement going for them. Somehow along the way it became too expensive to do actual heroes and they started focusing on non-powered individuals. I think that’s a shame because I was excited by the concept.

    • I agree, these one-shots should be used to tell stories of the side characters that are not going to get their own movies. Characters like War Machine, Maria Hill, Falcon, Winter Soldier, Sif, The Warriors 3, and maybe some of the new characters from the SHIELD TV show.
      What would be cool as the movie list gets longer and more of these one shots are produced, to have a Marvel Film fest where these all get played on the big screen in between the features.

  4. I tell you man Marvel is killing it.

  5. Their just putting out comic book movies like hot cakes.

    • Would you expect IHOP to make money if they stopped selling pancakes?

  6. So black panther is only worthy of a one shot uh? Total B.S!! This character is one of the founding members of the Avengers and can certainly hold his own against any hero or villian and yet he’s only being considered for a frickin one shot?!! Hey Marvel, I got two words for YOU–FULL LENGTH!

    • He wasn’t a founding member of the Avengers. He joined to the team in number 52.

    • Would you be willing to go to Marvel and appoint yourself as financial advisor and producer for his movie then? Making movie isn’t as easy as making donuts… hell, even donuts take extra time (and resources) to make ;)

    • introducing Black Panther as a one shot doesn’t mean he won’t get a feature length latter on and the same goes for Ms Marvel also why is it a good idea to give everyone feature length movies?

      • Not saying everyone deserves a full length feature but Black Panther does

      • It is not a good idea to give everyone a feature length movie. I think smaller one shots and cameos would be best.

        People have a difficult time understanding that the MMU is not like the Brood Queen from Alien spewing out perfect Xenomorph eggs like a conveyer belt.

        Part of me wishes they would so when they start putting out subpar stuff and allowing people to see what happens. Of course all they would do is complain…….

      • The problem with this idea is (as I’ve said elsewhere in this thread), they will most likely do an origin story. So doing a 20 min origin will really hurt a background like BP. If they later decide to give BP a full movie they can’t exactly go back and do the origin story AGAIN.

        I say do it once and do it right the first time.

        He wasn’t a founding member that is true but he WAS one of the first recruits and important because he [and Falcon] were the first Black Marvel Superheroes.

    • Did anyone actually read the article? The plan is to use the one-shots to introduce characters who could then go on to have a larger role, up to and including their own feature length.

      • Exactly!

      • I get that, the problem is that only the real fans watch these. If you a one shot THEN a movie who is going to see the movie because only a small percentage has seen the first part of the story.

        Now if they wanted to use the TV show to springboard a character into the movie that is different.
        Especially with a character like Ms Marvel. She started in SHIELD, so you could easily have her as a character on the TV show with her origin unfolding over a course of a season.

      • Yes people did read the article, doesn’t mean they have to like the idea any better

        • Oops, apologies Justin my previous comment was @Thracian

          I actually agree with you, although I’d prefer connecting a character like Ms Marvel to Shield through something like a Cap film rather than the tv show, or even both, due to her character history

  7. Noooooooooo

  8. You guys should realize, if we’re being persistent that they need to get their own big-shot movies first, it would took Marvel like 5 or 10 years until the end of Phase 3 or perhaps Phase 4 to finally able to include them in the Avengers movie.
    I personally would LOVE to see them own their own big movie, but we all must remember that Marvel is limited in their resource (financial & etc). I think these One-Shots can be a good way to tease or showcase the origin of those characters (Ms. Marvel, Black Phanter) so that they don’t need to be in their own origin full-length movie before able to be included in the team/assemble movie (look at what happened to Ant-man & Wasp).
    After they do that, and give understanding to the public audience, Marvel can make them the big movies without the need to introduce them from scratch again. In fact, I think this idea would also work for Hawkeye and Black Widow, no need to feature them in a solo movie. A series of One-Shots would be financially affordable to fill in the gaps.

    • That didn’t happen with Ant-Man…

  9. No offense, but the general public doesn’t know who those characters are. You have to ease them into those sorts of stories or else you’ll get Green Lantern all over again.

    • The general public knew who Green Lantern was before they knew Iron Man.

      • Van Dyne, no they didn’t. they did not know either. People on this website have know idea what “general public” means.

        Lol Green lantern and the general public lol

        Green Lantern? I think that’s what I use on my deck to zap bugs, right?

        • *no idea

        • Lots of people knew who Green Lantern was. The Justice League cartoon is what pushed him into existence for me and probably many others.

        • And Iron Man means go press your shirts. I myself knew who both were, inside and out, since they are two of my favorite comic book heroes!

      • Don’t forget the Iron Man cartoon in the 90s. IM was in no way as well known as Spider-man but I think RDJ made it a good gamble. Any “unknown” character with star power in the costume and a good script has a chance.

    • Iron Man and Thor weren’t known. When you take out the X-Men, the FF and Spider-Man (which are licensed by other studios), and the Avengers who are about to finish their run, Marvel doesn’t have that many heroes left…

    • This is one of the most baffling ideas I keep hearing on the internet. Do people realize that before the whole “franchise” boom started almost every movie ever made was full of characters that were actually original and that nobody had ever heard of. Why in god’s name would the “general public” need to know anything about these characters? It’s the job of every movie, even “franchise” ones, to introduce the audiences to the characters as if for the first time. Isn’t that the point? I watch movies in order to “meet” interesting characters and go on a journey of some kind with them. If we really have gotten to a point where the only stories people will deign to see involve characters “everybody” knows about, then I think that’s a pretty sad commentary on our times.

      • Have to agree. “Known” is kind of meaningless.

        No one knew what Star Wars was back in the 70′s but look at it now.

        Fresh and original stories are what is important and for most, a story like BP would be exactly that. If Blade can be successful, I see no reason why people wouldn’t go see a full BP movie.

        GL failed because the story (as portrayed in the movie, not the REAL story) wasn’t that good and that got spread around pretty fast via the internet. IM conversely had a great story/movie, word spread and people flocked to see it.

        While it isn’t always the case, having a good story/movie is kind of important (bewildered at how Transformers 2 did so well)

  10. I understand

  11. I would enjoy a Loki one shot

    • Ugh, phrasing…

  12. Do it, Marvel. Do them all! One-shots are a great way to introduce characters and show what’s happening in the background. Then you can always bring them back later and feature them in an Avengers movie or even give them their own solo movie if they’re that popular.

    • I agree. A oneshot can aleays gauge fan appreciation and lead to a frature fown the road esp for better known heroes. I understand the cost behind these things arent readily recoverable as feature that get bonafide box office returns but I’m pretty aure they do them and will do more because as stated in the article, if new content bundled witha dvd/blueray release increased said sales 10-20% then the 1-2 mil spent to create the one shot becomes a very good investment for them.

  13. I think a one shot featuring a meeting between Prince T’Challa and Agent Carol Danvers could be a good (and cheaper) way of first introducing those characters.

  14. mmm yes, bring on the Loki one-shot! :)

  15. Where’s Goldilocks?

    Here, I’ll handle his post for him:

    “Ms. Marvel in a Marvel One-Shot? I don’t know about you, but for her they should call it ‘Marvel: Several Shots’. Hehehe.”

    • Lol

    • +1000

    • Wheeeee! Thanx, Dr. MB! Appreciate the fill-in. here i am now..I was just contemplating how many people here think a “One-Shot” means they are gonna stop at the drink for a bar, er, stop at the bar for a drink!

      • Probably the same people who think “Black Panther One-Shot” would be about urban terrorists in the 60s and 70s!

  16. I hardly pay any attention to these one shots (I buy DVDs), so far they haven’t seemed that important in terms of what they show and how they fit into the overall universe (wasnt there one that was what happened on the way to Thor’s hammer) and I don’t feel like I’ve missed much so far

    The idea of introducing potentially major characters this way is terrible, especially when they are characters like Ms marvel and Black Panther
    Ms marvel could be introduced as a character in another film (like black widow was) before a solo outing but Black Panther doesn’t just deserve his own film but he needs one (imagine if Thor hadn’t got a film but a one shot instead, we would never have seen Asgard yet)
    These one shots will only come out in the blu-ray releases of other marvel films, not everybody has a blu-ray player (I actually don’t know anybody who does) and if they don’t they won’t buy one just so they can see a short introduction video for a marvel character that they might not be familiar with
    So the whole idea will basically be wasted, cos they will have to cover the same stuff again if/when the character get a feature

    Sure Loki is a fan favourite character (like Coulson who also got a couple of one shots)

    But the other 2, seriously, a female superhero who could headline her own film, and a black superhero who could carry his own film, but marvel is worried about sticking their neck out with these characters on feature length solo films (similar to why DC hasn’t done WW yet)
    So their idea is to put out small one shots that won’t reach their entire audience, therefore won’t get the buzz that they want and will result in them being scared off the idea of feature films for them
    Sure the general movie going audience that marvel has might not recognise these character as much (the same was true with most of the phase 1 titles) but marvel has a brand that attracts a large movie going audience anyway (perk of the family friendly look that they have gone for) so why not give them new and interesting characters or push the envelope by being the first to make a highly profitable CBM with a female or black lead

    Sorry marvel but this is a cop out, if you’re going to bring in these characters do it properly or not at all
    GotG got a full length got a feature film, and there is at least one more avengers film (1.5 billion dollars given) to come before there is an opportunity to give these characters the introduction they deserve, they can afford to properly introduce 2 risky characters with proper films and still follow it with avengers 3 (another 1.5 billion at least)

    There’s my 2 cents worth

    • Agreed.

    • BP can, and should IMO, be introduced in another movie, not his own. Thor had to be made, no question. He’s too otherworldly. BP isn’t like that at all. He could just be a buttkicker in a black suit. That’s not so out of the ordinary as a Norse thunder god. Thor never would have gotten made if not for Avengers. I just like the idea of BP being mysterious for a while, and I really don’t think he’s that great a character for a whole movie just yet. That’s me. But it could happen.

      • I would be so very disappointed in marvel if they were happy putting black panther out there as nothing more than ‘a butt kicker in a black suit’
        They would be ignoring some of the most interesting parts of the character, and robbing him of the chance to truly shine
        But that’s my opinion

    • Agreed as well. NO need for One-Shots for Major Marvel Universe characters like Loki, Ms. Marvel, or even Black Panther (I believe, if a Black Panther One-Shot was made, there’d be a muntany from Marvel Comics fans, and a fan like myself) It would be dis-honoring the characters, and those One-Shots are not supposed to be anything MAJOR in terms of how expanded the MCU is. They’re funny little tid-bits, and nothing more.

      Item 47 was pretty interesting, and it paved the way for Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.

  17. I love the idea of one-shots. There was talk a few years ago of ten minute movies before the main features. It’s a great idea. I agree that the whole R&D thing makes it hard. Costume, the way the powers look and work on film. But the biggest would be the actor. They have to sign someone they like and then hope it works, or that that person won’t quit or age before the character makes it into a bigger movie.

    Anyway, now they don’t need to worry. They can introduce characters in the other movies like Quicksilver and Scarlet witch, and Falcon. I think Black Panther should actually be introduced this way instead of a feature film. That way he can be mysterious in the background for a while.

  18. It’ll be too expensive to introduce those characters in One-Shots. At the most marvel’s budget for these shorts can accommodate certain street-level heroes like Punisher or Daredevil (even those characters could start to stretch the budget limits).

    In any case, Black Panther needs a solo film, not a short. The character’s history is so rich and the origin story is so good (if done right), that this is just a thing that needs to happen.
    Accept it Marvel… accept that this needs to happen… ;)

    • +1
      A BP short would have to cut out to much, he needs a solo film

  19. Oh man. They gotta do a movie like Sin City now. Have 3 different short stories played out during one movie within the same Universe. We’ll get Ms. Marvel, Black Panther, and Heroes for Hire all in one.

  20. Black Panther as a short would be so poor. Give him a movie and he will shine! and his whole world.

    A short is not the route to go with this iconic characters of the Avengers.

    • I agree

      A short might make him seem like a poor mans batman, also they wouldnt be able to do wakanda justice at all in a short
      but a full feature could be glorious

  21. lol he called Ms. Marvel Captain Marvel. Get your comic label right Mr. Marvel co-president. Besides…she’s Major Carol Danvers. Not Captain.

    • Actually, in the current comics Carol Danvers is Captain Marvel.

      • Yup.

    • Carol Danvers is now Captain Marvel; and Marvel has made it clear that she will be called Captain Marvel in all future projects. Thank God for that; “Ms. Marvel” is a terrible name.

      • Just out of interest, where/when did Marvel say that?

        • When the name change was announced, the editor talked about it some. It’s been a while. Also, notice that they only ever refer to Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel. The “Ms. Marvel” talk only comes from ScreenRant. D’Esposito only mentioned “Captain Marvel.” When (and I think it is a “when”, not an “if”) they introduce her into the movies, it will probably be as Captain Marvel.

  22. My thing is that they need to introduce these characters somehow. They can’t possibly give every character their own movie, so how will they present them?

    One way is to put them in an already established characters movie like they’ve done with many others. But what if a certain character doesn’t fit into the current slate of movies? Well, you can do a one-shot and show an origin or what’s going on behind the scenes of whatever movie it’s featured with.

    Personally, my idea would be to have a 10-15 minute short before each movie, introducing more characters (heroes and villains) and really fleshing out the Marvel Movie-verse. Of course, they still would do the one-shots and the mid/after credits scenes as well.

    • The trouble with the 10-15 minute thing before each movie (which I’m not against)

      they have to start finding a ‘lesser buddy’ that fits with each of the upcoming films
      but also that it might get confusing to movie audiences, are all the characters needed right away that their origins need to be squeezed into a 10-15 minute clip before the main feature
      Plus it put those characters at a disadvantage when they are included in team ups as they weren’t judged important enough to warrant a whole movie (makes them feel like the squirrel in Ice age)

      I like the idea guardian outlaw said further up, about a sin city style movie with multiple characters each playing equal role, heroes for hire might lend itself to that format, do each one separately then have them come together by the end, could do a similar thing with the marvel knights as well

  23. i think a ms marvel anything would be dope. time to see some women kicking ass and who knows what the heck WB is doing with wonder woman…i say bring it!

  24. I would like to see a Saturday serial matinee style “one shot” that featured Captain America and the Howling Commandos infiltrating Wakanda to capture Nazis. That way we would finally get to see Black Panther and Cap’s first battle against one another. It would set up a backstory that could be utilized in the next Avengers film.

  25. —call Tom Jane and have him show up as Frank Castle being recruited into SHIELD;

    – Have a found footage Man-Thing story;

    – Whatever happened to The Leader/ Stearns;

    – I like the Howling Commandos/Dugan idea.

  26. Marvel Studios makes superhero movies. Why waste them with shorts? When you’re done with Avengers, Iron Man etc. who do you have left?
    I hope I’m mistaken but I think they’re just afraid to feature a female and a black character in their own films. There’s nothing more riskier than Guardians of the Galaxy. Even Ant-Man and Doctor Strange are risky. and yet here we are.

    • Exactly! I know a helluva lot more about BP than I do GofTG. However, I am excited to see Guardians because it’s a comic book based movie which I’m sure for” those who don’t know BP” would be as well. Marvel stop playing with yourselves and do this movie.

  27. wow what a insult if black panther gets a “one shot” i would would feel disrespected by marvel for i have been waiting since 1993 for this movie ..i mean the dude took out all the avengers by himself “minus hulk” no bp one shot is all im saying

    • Why can’t they just INTRODUCE him in a one-shot? That way they can bring him into the bigger picture down the road a bit.

      • Cos the character is less likely to be taken seriously if he is introduced in a one-shot (that’s the kind of thing for funny little tid-bits, like Coulson on the road, or the squirrel from ice age) it is not an adequate way to introduce the king of Wakanda or any major character from marvels comics
        It’s just a waste

        Marvel films have got where they are by trusting that their individual characters and stories are good enough to carry and sell a feature film, while building a connected universe
        So why the tip-toeing now

        The one-shots are fine to introduce side characters or maybe minor heroes but major players, just no it disrespects the character
        And it sends a negative message to the audience regarding the studios opinion of the character if the first time you show him isn’t even in another characters film it’s in some cheap little tid-bit
        If they want to tease the introduction of major characters – that’s what trailers are for (teasing a new film)

  28. If Ms Marvel doesn’t get her own film, I’d love to see her in a few One-Shots.

    I’ve read all the 2008 Ms Marvel series and it was a really well written and illustrated series, it’s a shame it was so short.

  29. hey agent 47 was a one shot and look what that built into. Essentially Agent of Shield kinda came from that. You never know. They have to do it and get the feel for what people will really respond to positively