Black Panther, Loki & Ms. Marvel Namedropped For Potential Marvel One-Shots

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Black Panther Marvel Studios Black Panther, Loki & Ms. Marvel Namedropped For Potential Marvel One Shots

Premiering at Comic-Con and releasing as a special feature attached to the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray in September, Agent Carter offers fans their first Marvel One-Shot period piece. It wasn’t always the obvious choice though as Marvel Studios explored the possibilities – and still is considering – shorts for superheroes down the road, potentially even the likes of Black Panther and Ms. Marvel.

EW chatted with Marvel co-president Louis D’Esposito, executive producer on all Marvel Studios films and director of the latest two one-shots, Item 47 (that came with The Avengers) and Agent Carter, who addressed the idea of future Marvel One-Shots taking advantage of the more recognizable and even superpowered characters of the Marvel library.

“We would love to, but it’s difficult because there’s a cost to that. If Iron Man is flying around doing something, that very costly. And first of all, what’s the story? Is it important that that superhero is in the story?

“I’ve been asked many times too, would you introduce new characters? That even proves to be very difficult, just from a cost perspective. What does the costume look like? Who is the actor playing it? A lot of R&D goes into it. We have a great concept department here, a visual development department, and it takes time.”

D’Esposito previously told Screen Rant that their research shows that one of the best selling points to boost home video sales and buzz is to add truly original content and this is why we’re seeing the trend of every Marvel Studios home video release ship with a new Marvel One-Shot short film going forward. The goal in these is to tell new and additional stories that are different than the feature-length spectacles and that’s just one of the many reasons, in addition to costs, scheduling and future plans, that they focus on non-superhero supporting characters… at least, so far.

Ms Marvel Carol Danvers Marvel Comics Black Panther, Loki & Ms. Marvel Namedropped For Potential Marvel One Shots

The short film director admits that they are in fact, starting to think about and look into superhero characters but they need to be careful about who they select and who to cast since said characters will likely have a long-term role to play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One character D’Esposito really wanted to explore was Loki but the costs of doing such a thing in Asgard was simply too expensive. Another personal favorite is Ms. Marvel:

“Let’s just say I knew I was going to direct Captain Marvel [as a feature], right? And we knew who was going to play her.  That would make it easy to introduce her first in a One-Shot. But that’s a plan that requires a lot of coordination. And I don’t know if really we … if I’ve been thinking that far ahead. It’s difficult enough to find something that’s enjoyable, that we can tell with the budget limitations and in the time we have. Introducing a lot of complicated variables might weaken that.”

Other ideas that came up included a Dum Dum Dugan (Neal McDonough) short featuring a young Nick Fury and, believe it or not, a Black Panther One-Shot. Casting the latter was going to be a challenge, not to mention making a believable set that looked like the fictional African nation of Wakanda. Black Panther is one of the most talked about and desired properties from Marvel Comics fans and is a hopeful new character launch for Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, alongside other newcomers Ant-Man (which has a release date) and Doctor Strange (confirmed to be coming sometime after that).

For now, we look forward to Agent Carter which takes place during World World II and sees Hayley Atwell return as British Agent Peggy Carter working for the SSR, the pre-cursor to S.H.I.E.L.D.. It’ll be playing during Comic-Con and Screen Rant will be in attendance. It’s helping pave the way for more female Marvel characters while the studio also considers tapping into super-powered characters.

The question is, who’s next for the One-Shot coming with Thor: The Dark World?


Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Source: EW

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  1. Is Scrooge McDuck running Marvel’s financial department or what!

    DVD/BluRay sales do better when they have original content that people actually want to see, not just some cheaply made filler!

    • Nope, he’s running Wal-Mart where I work.

  2. Wow, a lot of divisiveness when it comes to these one-shot ideas.

    I understand the passion people have for the characters, but I think you guys are taking the term “one-shot” a bit too literally.

    They CAN do a 15 minute intro to establish a character. I know they haven’t done that yet, but they could easily do it. I say put it in front of an actual movie. Or put it at the end of the credits. Either way, people will definitely sick around to see it.

    I personally just feel lucky that Marvel has done the job that they’ve done so far and introduced as many characters as they have; AND they’re always putting more and more in these solo movies. Beggars can’t always be choosers. I understand the worry, but I just think it’s unfounded.

    • Whoops… *stick around

      • Yeah, they could even start keeping the One Shot plot details a secret and kill two birds with one stone.

        Boost blu ray sales (hopefully they add them to DVD too) and also introduce a character by having the public buy the enw releases not only because they loved the movie but to see what the new One Shot gives us.

        • I agree, they should include them in the DVD, too. But what would be even more ambitious would be to put them in front or at the end of a movie in theaters… like the end credits scenes, just longer.

          • That’s an interesting idea. They used to have shorts before movies and I think they could pull it off. Maybe in the end like you mentioned. But, I do think that I would be more likely to buy the DVD if it included them so that would make more money. Especially since they are pulling in so much from theaters anyway.

    • The problem with one shots is, if they are going to do an origin story (which is highly likely) that would make it difficult to do the origin story again, “correctly” (as in a full movie)

      I would much rather see a character like BP done right the first time.

  3. Please let the upcoming films be Daredevil and Black Panther. Marvel will be fools if they do not start both franchises on the same year and link them to each other since both characters are close in the comics

    *Black Panther film
    *Daredevil film featuring Daredevil’s origin and war against Kingpin’s criminal empire
    *Black Panther sequel
    *Daredevil sequel featuring the Hand storyline
    *Black Panther threequel
    *Daredevil threequel featuring the Shadowland storyline and includes an end-credit scene where Black Panther is kicking ass in Hell’s Kitchen and tells one of the crooks that Hell’s Kitchen is his turf now

    • agreed, there is no reason to be doing one-shots for these characters.
      and iam sick of hearing marvel’s “well it costs money” the last two marvel
      films alone made over 2.7 billion dollars worldwide just at the box-office.
      60 million more was poured into iron man 3 and we got a mandarin debacle
      and a bunch of robots again for the second straight iron man… its time to
      for MARVEL to MAN-UP and bring more characters on screen rather then just talk about it.

      • Yep, I agree

        Marvel needs to give characters like Black Panther and Daredevil the same level confidence that they gave Iron Man or Thor (who didn’t get little short intros stuff but proper movies, i don’t remember any talk about introducing those characters with little one-shot/short stuff, so it if was not the way forward then why is it now)

        Making proper movies is what got marvel to the position they are in now, so why suddenly are the half measures an ok way to go about it with these characters
        Sure learn from the mistakes of the first bunch, like don’t use the same or poor villains over and over, but keep what worked
        Fortune favours the bold after all, and thus far they have been bold and gained a fortune
        Given what they have done thus far has worked why change

  4. I’ve been a proponent of releasing a steady stream of Anthology films for DC to boot and shape their universe, but yet again Marvel is doing it first and better.

    These one shots are great, they lower risk and introduce lessor known characters. And lets face it, even the best superhero movies have A LOT of dead weight in exposition and BS.

    I’d rather see a tightly and written and paced 20 minute short film about Black Panther than a bloated 2 hour movie.

    Thor, I’m looking at you and your bloated and boring intro film. Edit that down to 20 minutes, and I guarantee you have a better, more entertaining movie.

    • Wow, totally agree on the Thor movie. Although, I’d probably want a full, but shortened version(90 minutes or so).

    • What iff Joseph Gorn Levin played Black Panther?? I love him acting in the Baitman movie! Butt if he passed it off then deff David tennant an a German actor would kill in thatrole. ooooo or Kristopher Waltz he hosted that Saturday night live episode and german is well.

  5. OK, I know I am reaching way-way far when we are talking about Marvel One-Shots here, but I wanna do this dumb joke, so here goes….

    Q: Why is there very little country music in black neighborhoods?
    A: Because every time someone yells “Hoe-Down”, half the guys on the street think some ONE-SHOT their sister!!

    • OK, guys, let the castigating and burning in effigy of Goldilocks begin in 3…2…1…

    • Well, let’s try this one:

      Q: Two potatoes are sitting on a park-bench. How can you tell which one is actually a prostitute?
      A: It’s the one that says “I-DA-HO” on it!

      • Well, how about:

        Bartender: Well, Goldilocks, what kind of beer do you like?
        Goldilocks: Anhauser-Busch.
        Bartender: Mine’s fine, how’s yours? Oh, and what was your favorite beer?

        • Then there’s this one:

          Guy is sitting at a bar, when he hears a voice say from his drink-glass, “Hey, you’re looking good, handsome!” he looks around, startled, but sees no one but himself, the bar-tender, and his glass. Then he hears a little voice again, saying, “Nice suit, there, bub! You gotta have a great tailor!”. The man jumps half-off the bar-stool, because he could swear the little voice came out of his glass. Just as he leans a little closer, he hears the little voice once again: “Hey, saw your new car the other day—looking sharp, Ace!”. The man almost falls off his bar-stool, sure he is cracking up. he points to his glass, and frantically tells the bartender, “I distinctly heard a little voice come out of that glass right there on the bar! What on earth kind of drink is that?!” The bartender chuckles and says, “Why, that’s a COMPLIMENTARY DRINK!”

          • OK, gotta try one more (gonna make a couple of you smile, yet….):

            Q: Why would you never want to work as a locksmith?
            A: Because it’s a door-key job. (“dorky”)

            • OK, guess that’s enough jokes for one night (I hear you trying not to snicker through your nose, anyways).


              Q: What’s brown and sounds like a bell?
              A: “DDUUNNGGG!”

              • And this one.

                Michael Jackson always tried to keep his voice sounding limber, so every morning he would do a few musical vocal exercises, warble a few chords, and sing a few lines from his hit songs to make sure he always sounded in full-throated tune. His manager would often stop by to listen to Michael rehearse. One day, however, Michael’s voice sounded hoarse and scratchy. His manager asked, “What’s a matter, Michael? You sound a little rough today. Got a frog in your throat?”
                “Oh, no”, trilled the singer. “It’s just a little tad pole!”

                {…read that last line until you get it right….}

                • And last but not least:

                  Q: When is a little “o” painful?
                  A: When it makes a “man” “moan”.

                  • ….I’m here all week, folks….

                    • I, for one, find your comments absolutely delightful.

                  • What a sad, lonely and unfunny man(?) you’ve turned out to be, Goldi. This place wouldn’t be the same without you… it’d be much better.

                    • Man. Checked and verified. By woman.

  6. Very disappointing to hear that Marvel only thinks Black Panther worthy of a “one shot”. Doing a short film will make for a rushed and most likely very rushed origin. BP needs a full 2 hour movie to explore his origin and possible intro. to the Avengers.

    • fail at editing…..”Doing a short film will make for a very rushed origin”

  7. I think they ought to just do a Luke Cage one shot. He doesn’t need an entire movie and could easily tell his origin in maybe 15 minutes or so.

  8. It’s always “(fill in the blank) needs a solo film.” “Aunt May needs a solo film.”

    Marvel can, should, and will introduce a lot of characters through their TV shows and movies. If a character is popular enough, then they can think about solo films.

  9. Please do a Loki movie! Purely about him! I was hoping they would consider!! There is great profit out if that!! And they should know it!!! <3 Loki Love! Loki's Army!!

  10. I want Marvel One-Shot: Black Widow! Why not a short films about Widow???

  11. WB/DC is bringing their two bigs in 2015, and Marvel is bringing minor characters already. Marvel Studios is the example of how to do it right.