Marvel Netflix Series Will Be ‘Gritty Crime Stories’; ‘Jessica Jones’ Casting

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marvel netflix defenders tv series Marvel Netflix Series Will Be Gritty Crime Stories; Jessica Jones Casting

Marve Studios will introduce a new property on the big screen in 2015, when the Ant-Man movie serves as the official beginning of “Phase 3″ for Marvel’s Shared Universe. Earlier in the year, however, the studio will premiere two new small screen properties: Agent Carter and Daredevil, the latter being the first of four planned Netflix series based around Marvel superheroes who hang around Hell’s Kitchen. (The shows will crossover in a Defenders mini-series down the line.)

Agent Carter, like Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., will be airing on ABC, and is expected to strike a tone similar to the latter’s – one that still allows for the inclusion of more adult elements, but not too intense and/or mature for a family audience. Netflix’s Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos, when he spoke to Empire Magazine (via CBM), indicated that the Marvel Netflix series may have greater flexibility, tonally-speaking, than other Marvel shows.

Marvel Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada has touched on this issue before, having said before that the studio’s upcoming Netflix series may feel different than even past film releases – with shows like Daredevil and Luke Cage exploring the “street level Noir side of the Marvel Universe.” Sarandos echoed that sentiment during his talk with Empire, as he offered the following answer when asked how the Daredevil series will differ from the 2003 movie adaptation of the comic book property (and the precedent that will set for the Hell’s Kitchen-based series that follow, in turn).

“The ['Daredevil'] series will not be afraid to go darker than the film did. What we love about this particular set of heroes [from Hell's Kitchen] is that they’re a little more down to Earth. Costume wise and also in that these are gritty crime stories, more in the streets than in the clouds.”

It makes sense for Daredevil to be more hard-hitting than previous Marvel shows; not just because of the character and his world on the comic book page (though that’s part of it), but also because Netflix will place fewer restrictions on the show’s content than, say, ABC does with S.H.I.E.L.D.. We’ve seen a trend in the personnel recruited for these series thus far – see the Daredevil showrunner Steven S. DeKnight (the creator of Spartacus) and Jessica Jones showrunner Melissa Rosenberg (ex-writer/producer on Dexter) – that suggests the other Hell’s Kitchen shows will take advantage of that extra space – and thus, feel more like cable programs set in the Marvel Universe.

Jessica Jones Marvel Netflix Series Will Be Gritty Crime Stories; Jessica Jones Casting

Daredevil is currently shooting and will be made available on Netflix beginning May 2015, but there’s been no announcement yet about when Jessica Jones might begin production (much less, when it’ll hit Netflix). Sarandos offered something of an update on the situation during his Empire talk, while he also revealed what the big step will be in the construction of this Marvel Netflix universe – namely, finding the right person to play Jessica Jones.

“Right now, the writers’ rooms are open and they’re looking at casting Jessica. If you sense some hesitation in my voice, that’s classic Marvel fashion. They like to keep that veil of secrecy. But Daredevil is already shooting, since that’s out first. Eventually the series will run very close together. You can then have a separate season where the characters will cross over [with 'The Defenders'].”

Sarandos, as you can see, did not elaborate much on the casting process for Jessica Jones; it’s still safe to assume that we’ll learn more about that series (including, who ends up landing the title role), sometime before 2014 draws to a close. Chances are that Marvel Studios will go with more of a less-known up and comer for the role, much as it did when it cast Boardwalk Empire‘s Charlie Cox to play Matt Murdock on Daredevil – before filling out the remainder of the cast with a mix of bigger name types and character actor talent (a la Vincent D’Onofrio for Daredevil).

The Netflix head also mentioned that a potential crossover between the Hell’s Kitchen superhero series and Marvel Studios’ film releases “has definitely been talked about.” Given the nature of Marvel’s Shared Universe, though, wouldn’t it have been more noteworthy if Sarandos has said that was not an option? Moving on…

Daredevil premieres on Netflix in May 2015.

Source: Empire Magazine (via CBM)

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  1. Do we still stand with Eden Sher as Jessica Jones? Where did that rumor go?

    • why do you speak “we/ us” ?
      just speak for yourself and your opinion – if it differs from others – great – if it’s similar as others – great –

      and as for Eden Sher – she works for ABC = Disney = Marvel – she reportedly went in for a meeting at Marvel – that’s it
      to make any leaps that she would be up for Jessica Jones …. is just that a leap with no basis for speculation
      if she was being considered for a role in any Marvel projects – it would probably be for something far down the line or may be after her current show is cancelled – which probably won’t happen for another few years as the Middle is considered a solid show

      I never quite understand why some people seem to believe every rumor or jump to certain conclusions with no facts or anything else – especially when almost every rumor seems to be proven false – ie. Johnny Depp was NEVER considered for Dr. Strange

      • and if they are casting for Jessica Jones right now – my guess would be someone in their late 20s/ early 30s

        such as:
        Meghan Ory
        Eliza Dushku
        Amanda Seyfried
        Elisha Cuthbert
        Anna Kendrick
        Andrea Bowen
        Summer Glau
        Olivia Wilde
        Melissa Sagemiller
        Abigail Spencer
        Tracy Spiridakos
        Dreama Walker
        Maggie Grace
        Sophia Bush
        Sarah Jones – Alcatraz tv show
        Chyler Leigh – Grey’s Anatomy

        and yes some of these actresses are the same I suggested for Mockingbird on AoS – some/ many/ most of these actresses are definitely on Marvel’s radar for current or future projects

        as is Josh Halloway now that his CBS show was cancelled – I’m sure ABC/ Marvel want to find something for him asap before some other project picks him up.

        • Oh, you’re the same guy that was going on that he was SO CLOSE to calling the Mockingbird casting – even though you’d spent ages creating a list of over a dozen potential names that DIDN’T include Adrianne Palicki?

          Why are YOU chastising people for asking about a particular rumor? To quote your eloquent reply on the other message board “alright … to that I say … uh … isn’t this entire site about people being excited/ agitated/ sharing their opinions/ ideas, etc ?”

          • +1 Dave….I hate this guest guy, lol. He hates on eveyones opinions and hopes for casting, then spouts out a list 2 pages long of various actresses with connections to Joss Whedon, Disney, or some obscure sci-fi shows, then if one of them is possibly cast, he ‘knew it all along’.

            Get over yourself guest, you’re no different from the rest of us.

          • the dude above – didn’t seem to have or share an opinion of his own – he asked what “we” thought and as I said there is no “we” – all I did was question not attack the dude why he would use “we” ? are you part of the Borg or something ?
            why not just address or comment on what I actually said?

            and I wouldn’t say I went ON & ON and Mockingbird and fyi coming up with a list of possible actresses for a role – is not a rumor – it’s a prediction/ possibilities, etc – there’s a difference. A few posts on the subject isn’t going on & on.

            and as I said yes I actually did ALMOST included Adrianna Palicki – but didn’t because of her role in About a Boy on NBC.

            anywho … happy Wed to you & all. :)

        • Jesus, all these guesses and u were still wrong? Krysten Ritter by the way.

      • A simple nope, that was just a rumor olmansito may have sufficed, but thanks anywho for the self righteous indignation ‘guest’. Btw, how do you know Depp was never “considered” for Strange?

        • Johnny Depp being considered was completely debunked by Marvel – never considered/ never a meeting – look it up.
          virtually every website ran with the story all basically based off one story from Deadline (I think) – and it was totally false.
          and it’s basically always the same with every new rumor – ONE site reports a new actor name and then there’s not follow up – no contacting or getting a response from Marvel. and then a few days or a week later it’s another name – rinse & repeat.

          so logically why believe any rumors when there’s just another one coming up in a few days/ next week?
          and as I’ve said until there is an OFFICIAL release date – the odds any casting news will happen are slim to zero – based on the only consistent MO Marvel has exhibited. Why would Dr. Strange be any different ??

          also I wasn’t being self-righteous, just questioning the other dude’s “group mentality” – which many people tend to have these days and I just never understand why? Hey – Olmansito – if I hurt your feelings – my apologies.
          even if I disagree with someone’s opinion – I do appreciate they have one versus saying: what do “we” think ….

          as for an extended response – besides “a simple nope” – call me crazy but an opinion or statement should be explained not just a one word or barely a sentence answer – this isn’t Twitter. as well I’m NOT typing on my cell phone – so typing out a longer post is really not a big deal (I type fairly fast).

          • Thing is, you mentioned making leaps but when she first went to Marvel, people assumed she was up for Ms Marvel in a film role while some of us suggested she might be Jessica Jones, for a variety of reasons.

            You got a little heated there in your response, that’s all. Sure, saying more than “Nope” is better for everyone because you get to give your thoughts and opinions and it’s always interesting to see how others think instead of the generic herd mentality of single word responses and following what the masses think about something but still, you shouldn’t be jumping on the guy/girl for mentioning something that a few people have wondered on the comments before.

            Like you said, differing opinions.

            All I’m gonna add is that I hope this more mature way of thinking allows us to have Netflix shows starring The Punisher and Ghost Rider in future. No network restrictions to follow (especially since US networks are a lot stricter than UK networks and US cable companies for the most part, as seen when Janet Jackson’s boob made a Superbowl appearance and while the US networks seemed to have a meltdown and the FCC got tougher, that kind of thing has happened on major British networks like the BBC and ITV and people just shrugged, said “it happens” and moved on without giving it a second thought and honestly, it’s unfair to the majority of US viewers to restrict creativity and content just because some people at the top don’t like something and decide to speak for the majority of viewers. We had an old woman in the 70s called Mary Whitehouse who used to complain a lot about TV content and she became a national figure of fun because she was so laughably prudish and against everything that aired on TV).

            • to your 2nd point, i couldn’t agree more. the FCC is a bunch of tight@$$3$. as for mary whitehouse, i refer you to the awesome Pink Floyd album Animals and the song Pigs (three different ones) i think i remember you posted once you were in your 30′s, so it shouldn’t be too much before your time.

          • You’re a turd blossom

      • Maybe the guy was just asking a question based on an article that was printed here months ago. They bought up the notion of Eden Sher playing either Jones or Ms. Marvel. It is also kind of ironic since you are posting speculative lists about castings.

          • Belly button of the Universe, wow. It seems like guest got bent out of shape do to a the wording of your simple question.

            • unless you’re all part of the Borg or something – why would anyone type: what do “we” think
              didn’t get bent out of shape – just pointing that out to the the OP – it is quite normal to question someone without “attacking” them

              incidentally what’s wrong with trying to speak/ write properly or pointing out to others sometimes their syntax is a little off?

        • nothing ironic – FYI – there’s a difference between a speculation and a rumor – you do all realize that right ?

          • @Guest…

            You realize speculation to the masses leads to rumor right? You say you are speculating. So in a sense you are helping to fuel other rumors when you post your predictions.

            Sites run stories based on a rumor because someone somewhere has speculation based on information. They run rumors and speculation to spark conversation. To give our mundane moments/lives some cinema and nerd gossip. It’s fun to guess and predict based on rumors. Not sure why it bothers you so much.

            Also, in regards to your list of speculative castings above, your exact words were….

            “…some/ many/ most of these actresses are definitely on Marvel’s radar for current or future projects.”

            How do you know they are on Marvel’s radar? Did you get it from a rumor? Your wording implies that the actresses you posted ARE being considered which means you know a bit of information and are sharing it with the internet. Although Marvel has not confirmed any of those actresses. Isn’t that how rumors start?

            How is that any different from what Screen Rant and other sites do?

          • It is even more ironic that you are now trying to pull the grammar police card because you decided what he meant based on something that is not even a grammatical error.

            Merriam-Webster definition of We- 1. I and the rest of a group that includes me : you and I : you and I and another or others : I and another or others not including you —used as pronoun of the first person plural.

            2. Used by sovereigns —used by writers to keep an impersonal character

            I guess the term “We the People” offends you too?

  2. Stereotypical Agents of Shield never hooked me in, Gotham looks like it will try to hard to be a prequel for every Batman character in existence, and not in an a good way, The flash looks interesting but the comic nerd in me can’t get over the fact that they reveal a major villain too early in the story, I’m hoping that these Netflix shows actually live up to the hype, or that Daredevil at the very least is lightyears better than the crap Affleck was unfortunate enough to be in.

    • Major villain too early? Would that be Professor Zoom?

      • I am so ready for Professor Zoom to fight The Flash as a reaccuring villain on that series…! Of course, there are other villains I hope to see there as well: Captain Cold, Mirror Master, maybe Time Commander? I am a little worried about Flash looking too “freshman-ish” and young, but I am willing to give him a chance.

      • Yes Zoom, aka reverse flash, when they showed that scene in the trailer where Young Barry watches Zoom kill his mom in front of him I knew it pretty much ruined his origins and motivations. He doesn’t know who killed his mom in the comics, and because they blame his dad for it he becomes a forensic analysis to help prove his innocence and find out who the real killer is. It’s like Batman never being able to catch the dude who killed his parents, Flash never officially finds out who killed his mom and it’s much later implied that Zoom killed her.

      • Scratching my head over that one. I mean, wouldn’t Professor Zoom be a major question Barry wants to have answered before he can go on to be a truly great hero?

        I also don’t agree with his assessment of Gotham, either, I think it seems pretty damn interesting as a concept at the moment.

        Wholeheartedly agree about AOS, though. Couldn’t enjoy that show at all, too slow, too boring, not much happened each week, it was just an hour of nothing.

        (And before any trolls come back with “short attention span” comments, no. I prefer when shows and movies take their time to build a world and the characters living in it but I sat through AOS and at the end of every episode, I couldn’t help thinking “So, what exactly happened that I should care about?”. If you enjoy the show, good for you, it’s just not for me and I’m fine with that because there are other shows I’m interested in rather than arguing about something that I won’t bother watching again anyway.)

        • Like I said, discovering the identity of his mother’s killer is what drove him to pursue a career in forensics and ultimately the accident that turned him into the Flash. Up until he meet professor Zoom he was convinced some Joe Chill guy killed his mom, New 52 ups the ante by making it so that he can prove his fathers innocence while maintaining his belief that his father didn’t kill his mother. For the show that could’ve been a great mystery for the audience, who killed his mom, and I would’ve skipped work if I had to, to watch the pilot but when they show Zoom killing his mom in front of Barry it took away my interest.

    • I think it does make sense that we’ll get to see early versions of Batman villains in Gotham. If we didn’t, it would be just like any other cop show. Of course it’s got to touch upon the Batman mythology through more characters than just Jim Gordon.

      Why do you think it won’t be in a good way? What makes the way bad?

    • Something tells me you’d be a nightmare to serve in a restaurant

  3. I think everyone expects these to be proper cable series. I expect a lot from Daredevil and the others. Perhaps I am setting myself up for disappointment; though, I am not concerned.

    • I wouldn’t expect a Game of Thrones level of violence, like the chopping off of heads and total obliteration of bodies, but there being some “graphic” fight scenes where maybe some arms get broken and guys get really bloody probably isn’t out of the realm of possibility. They can’t go too dark since it still has to fit into the already goofy MCU.

      • I wasn’t talking about how graphic it would be. By “proper cable series” I meant that it would be well written and eventful. It should, however, have Game of Thrones level production value because it has a comparable budget(~$40 million per season).

        What I want is a series that compares, in some aspects, to Breaking Bad, Fargo, The Wire, Boardwalk Empire, True Detective, etc. I want interesting and well written characters throughout, high level cinematography, snappy and restrained dialogue, great locations, and a non-episodic pace. It should have Game of Thrones level production value because it has a comparable budget.

        The budget for Game of Thrones season one is estimated at $50 to $60 million (~$5.5 million per episode). Marvel Netflix whole series budget is $200 million ($3.3 million per episode). With smaller casts, less costumes, easier locations, faster production, and no revenue sharing, the Marvel Netflix series has no justification for having lesser production quality than GOT.

        • I think that just by having a showrunner who came from a cable network, or whatever title Starz falls under, ensures some level of production quality akin to those other shows, regardless of budget or what area of TV it appears on.

          Sadly though, because of the “poor” production quality of AoS, no matter how good the Netflix shows are there will be tons of people calling it terrible. Just wait for the first Daredevil costume shot to be released.

        • You are so wrong… Game of Thrones hasn’t $40 million budget. Season 2 and season 3 of Game of Thrones had $70 million. So it is a quite big difference, almost double. Season 4 had a bigger budget than season 2 and 3, but we don’t know how much bigger.

          Two, the first season of game of thrones didn’t have $5.5 million per episode. It is stated $60 million dollars for whole season, which means $6 million per episode.

        • Sorry boy, but Game of Thrones had for season 2 and 3 $7 million per episode. Season 4 had even a bigger budget than this. 3.3 million budget isn’t comparable with $7 million. It’s actually a huge difference between 3.3 and 7. So don’t expect daredevil to have GOT’s production value.

          • “So don’t expect daredevil to have GoT’s production value.”

            Well, that depends on what they need to produce.

            GoT takes place in several huge locations. There’s a lot of big battle scenes with hundreds of extras and even if they’re really cheap, it still adds up. Almost everybody is in costume and using ancient weapons. There’s a lot of CGI because it’s fantasy. And almost everything needs to be build because it’s a fictional world.

            Daredevil takes place in New York. That’s real world urban scenery which will be easy to find. The scenes and set pieces can be a lot smaller and Daredevil is a one-man-army who’ll probably never be fighting more than a handful of guys at a time. They can do mostly practical stunts and almost no CGI is required. Most people will be wearing regular clothes and using regular props that are also easily obtainable.

            So at the end of the day, a series like GoT will have a lot of expenses that a series like Daredevil doesn’t have, and you can’t really say that one will have better production value than the other based on budgets alone.

      • i would say you’ll defo see murder scenes and some gnarly battery type stuff. this is the kind of stuff these guys handle.

  4. I like Meghan Markle for Jessica Jones.

    • we do need her on the screens during Suits downtime

  5. Excitedly waiting for these shows. It’s great that they are on Netflix, cause there won’t be so many restrictions as they are on big tv networks. That’s a huge plus.

    I’m okay with Agents of SHIELD (although I’m not really hooked), and looking very much forward to Agent Carter. These netflix series make me even more excited, because we need to see a bit of the darker street-level side of Marvel, not just the gods, billionaires and super soldiers.

    • Yes! Which makes this the perfect time and place ti do a Punisher series or at least some cameos

  6. To date, Marvel hasn’t released a ‘terrible’ film. So I trust what they’re doing. However this series turns out, I’m sure it will turn out better than the movie. So if I go in with no expectations, I have a feeling that it’s going to be really enjoyable and exciting. And even offer yet another side to the marvel universe

    • “To date, Marvel hasn’t released a ‘terrible’ film.”

      Iron Man 3

      • Iron man 3 was fantastic, there was not a thing wrong with that movie…

        • You’re kidding, right?

          • @Archaeon…

            You’re kidding right? You are the same person who replies that Iron Man 3 was terrible every time you see someone (even newbies) say they loved it. Hey it is your opinion but WE GET IT!!! Also, whenever it is about Man of Steel you say it was great when many people (critics and fans) didn’t like it that much. Iron Man 3 (critically) more liked. I liked Man of Steel. I liked Iron Man 3. I liked Iron Man 3 better. Neither of the 2 films were really great but were better than good.

            @Matt I agree that MCU hasn’t released a terrible film. Some of them aren’t great but none are terrible.

            @Orange… I also really liked Iron Man 3.

            • Gambit…

              Ummm, you’ll notice I said NOTHING about MoS. Of course, now that YOU have mentioned it, I think it was a fantastic CBM.

              See? YOU gave me that opportunity…Thank you. :)

              As for IM3, I didn’t bring that up either, but I am happy to provide an opposing viewpoint to those who loved it…just like so MANY people do for both sides of ALL of these various movies.

              You “GET IT”? Good. You’ll KEEP getting it if you choose to read and respond to my opinion given as all others here are…Enjoy. :D

              As an example, YOU gave YOUR opinion right after you commented on my expression of mine, so…more power to ya. I’m fine with it.

  7. still waiting for some leaked photos of the DD costume.

  8. Does anyone think it might be possible for Elektra to be in the daredevil show

    • I can’t imagine anyone does not think Elektra is a possibility. The “gritty street level” stuff suggests they will take inspiration from Frank Miller’s run.

      I really want to see Typhoid Mary.

  9. Lots of Jessica Jones news before the end of the year, or at least the casting of Jones, and then it releases in Fall 2015, so they have 2 Netflix shows a year in a Spring/Fall pattern, so then in 2016 it’s, for example, Luke Cage in Spring and Iron Fist in Fall. Then they could do Defenders in Spring 2017, which maybe has some events that “reverberate” into whatever movie comes out after it, or vice versa.

    Just my thoughts.

  10. I want to see the daredevil costume.
    Also, who could possibly play Jessica Jones?
    I tryed using my magic 8 ball, but it keeps giving me “ask later”
    Any suggestions?

    • Yes, the costume…very important for me as well. Let’s see DD looking like DD!
      My magic 8 ball must be billeted in my corner pocket as well, but I am hioping it just doesn’t look like dark leather.
      Also, let’s see Mr. Fear versus Daredevil! I’d be up for that!

      • “hioping” = “hoping”. oops.

        • This just in! The magic 8 ball gave me something different!I asked it who should be Jessica Jones and it says… Anna Kendrick!!? Eh.. its better than ask again later.

  11. Agent Carter, Agents of Shield, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Defenders…gonna be luvin’ me some marvelous Marvel viewing, you betcher yinger-yangers as a tobacco pouch!

  12. Please no masks or stupid costumes. So far we have gotten suits ( iron man, ant man,) uniforms ( widow, cap, guardians) and plain clothes ( hulk, scarlet witch) with no secret identities nonsense. I just hope they keep that up but I can’t see how with iron fist and daredevil. Still looking forward to this new format, but especially the Agent Carter ABC series this winter.

    • I like stupid masks, costumes, and secret identities. Gimmee source material and canon any day. This ain’t a show about your dentist, accountant, or stock broker; it’s about SSUUPPEERRHHEERROOEESS! (Every hear of them?)

      • To each their own but it feels that to me Marvel has done a great job creating strong characters who dont need to hide behind masks and costumes. Also for the most part these characters have such long histories that they’re extremely convoluted. The MCU again has done well giving us the core of the chracter personalities and filling in the rest around what story they want to tell. Again I respect your opinion but I hope Marvel continues down the path they’ve set. But if the show comes out and its great AND he/they have secret identities and costumes I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong.

        • Well, it’s all about weather or not the character has a secret identity. Most of the current Avengers don’t. Iron man went public. Captain America was always public. Thor is simply Thor. That’s his only identity (yet). Black Widow is technically more a spy than a superhero. They’ve made Hawkeye a soldier or special agent. Hulk does have a secret identity, but he’s never worn a mask.

          They’ve also haven’t had the need as they’ve operated more like a world saving special force than superheroes patroling the streets to fight ordinary criminals.

          But Daredevil will be that type of crime fighter. Patroling the streets. Fighting ordinary criminals. And he doesn’t want them to know who he is. So he’ll need the mask.

    • yeah batman’s mask totally sucks :/

  13. Terry Crews to play Luke Cage. If he can clear his schedule from Brooklyn 99.

    • Yes

  14. Hehe, right. These will be “gritty crime stories” in the same way Agents of SHIELD is a “serious espionage drama.”

    • Rosario Dawson, Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio is a group somewhat above Clark Gregg, Chloe Bennet and Brett Dalton. Your skepticism is unwarranted.

      • don’t diss Clark gregg bruh. and he can be skeptical if he wants. who are you to say otherwise?

    • No Agents of Shield if a family show, like primeval, merlin, land of the giants, lost in space, or dr who, why adults moan about such shows is beyond me, I’m hoping the Netflix shows are like other Netflix exclusives. Why are you on here being so miserable lol

  15. so, as excited as I am for all of this, am i missing something, or has there never been a Defenders line up with Matt, Luke, Danny, and Jessica?

  16. Thank God.
    Only Cap 2 and maybe these give me hope in the world of candy coated Disney crap.

  17. I hope to see some of the classic daredevil storylines before it got all bogged down and depressing. He had some amazing storylines, like the ones in his yellow costumes done by Woody something (forgotten his name). They were nearly on par with the classic Spiderman’s in terms of character developments and story

  18. Laura Prepon is Jessica Jones, come on Marvel just cast her already… Sigh

  19. Jewel Staite as Jessica Jones, anybody?

    • No I can’t see her doing nude or rape scenes, I want the series to be based on the comics, not make pg13 for families.

      Laura Prepon has shown she can do dark and gritty, she looks the part and does grown up TV… I think Lena Headey would be good, but is a little old, also Emilia Clarke would be fantastic, but she’s on record as saying she doesn’t want to do nude or sex scenes anymore.

      • May I ask where Prepon displayed such acting chops? I’ve only seen her on That 70′s show, October Road and in a guest stint on Castle (which was atrocious, to say the least).

        • Laura Prepon is also on Orange Is The New Black… I haven’t seen it yet, but I heard she does nude scenes in it

          Also, she was in that movie about Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo… serious stuff, right there

      • Also, yeah, I was wondering when someone else was going to bring this up. They have to do those explicit scenes; it’s an integral, albeit unfortunate, part of Jessica Jones’ character. Before anything else, I’ve always thought of her as a victim. They have to do the Purple Man story arc, but I wonder how they’re going to handle it? It already gives me the shivers…

  20. I’m curious to see the set-up…DD’s origin story, whether done as a straight episode (or two) OR in flashbacks. I’m also curious to see the costume design AND how the lawyer aspect is portrayed.

    • Yeah, and Jessica Jones got her powers in high school with Peter Parker, but has since grown up in the comics. Similarly, Iron Fist spent years in training after he lost his parents. So I wonder how all of these shows will fit in to the MCU timeline. So far, the amount of time between each movie has been equal to the amount time between each release IRL. So they’re going to have to rely on flashbacks at some point. This goes back to the questions of whether Doctor Strange will be an origin story, as he would have had to spend some amount of time training as well. And in order to be incorporated in to the Avengers, they would have to either skip his training or flashback through it.