Leading up to and throughout the Christmas holidays, a bunch of fun little tidbits about Marvel Studios’ upcoming movies popped up online so we’ve gathered them all here for you to keep in the loop and give you your fix of Thor, Iron Man 2 and The First Avenger: Captain America.

In this Marvel news round-up we talk about the Thor rehearsals, an actor who just missed out on playing the Mighty God of Thunder, the production start date of a certain American Captain, a neat new look at Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash and some rumors are shot down.

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The First Avenger: Captain America is set for a June production start! As we know, the Captain America origins films is slated for release in July of 2011, the same summer as Thor which kicks off that season with a May release. With Thor currently in rehearsals and starting principal photography in just a few weeks, we’re happy to see Captain America moving forward.

This news come from director Joe Johnston in the art department for The First Avenger: Captain America and you can check out his latest project, The Wolfman, in theaters February 12, 2010.

Let’s hope for some casting announcements soon!

Source: Fangoria


Alexander Skarsgård, an actor I wrote about a lot as a supporter of his candidacy for the role of Thor, talks about how close he really was to getting the role.

He reveals that he auditioned for it many times and the he is very humbled by the fact he was in the running for so long and even considered for that high profile of a role. Skarsgård can be seen as one of the stars of HBO’s True Blood series and for Thor, you’ll have to settle for his father  Stellan having a role in the movie instead.

Although I liked Alexander for the role, I can’t argue about the selection of Chris Hemsworth who I think will own the role in the Kenneth Branagh-directed Marvel Studios production.

Source: The Playlist


With Iron Man 2 kicking off summer 2010 with an early May release, we can expect a ton of toy merchandising to come with it but none will be as good as this custom Whiplash figure made by “Sabretooth” on the Figure Realm website.

Made with real fabrics for his jumpsuit, this recreation of Mickey Rourke’s race-stopping attire is made with real fabrics.

iron man 2 custom whiplash figure Marvel Movie Tidbits: Thor, Iron Man 2 & Captain America

Head to the site for other pics of this figure and more of an Iron Man and War Machine figure he built.

Source: Figure Realm

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thor cast jude law robert de niro Marvel Movie Tidbits: Thor, Iron Man 2 & Captain America

Before we found out that Stuart Townsend, Ray Stevenson and Tadanobu Asano would be playing the Warriors Three in Thor, two big-name rumored actors for the roles were Jude Law and Robert De Niro.

Obviously this ended up not being the case and according to Law, he knew nothing about it or the rumors. I don’t believe that because the guy has a tattoo of Rorschach from Watchmen (from years before the movie)  but true or not, it doesn’t matter; production starts in a few weeks and Law is not one of The Warriors Three.

I dig Jude Law and wouldn’t have minded him in some role in the movie.

Source: Splashpage


Another actor rumored for Thor (a rumor I hadn’t even heard of) was for Justin Chatwin from 2009’s best movie, Dragonball Evolution. Fortunately this “rumor” was shot down by actress Jaimie Alexander, who’s playing Sif in Thor.

Jaimie tweeted before the holidays about the rehearsals and said that Chatwin thing was false and made some brief updates about the rehearsals and her co-stars:

“can’t stop staring at Thor’s arms…..Chris is HUGE! :o)”

“is so thankful for all the wonderful people working on “Thor” :) I am truly blessed xo”

“feels bad for accidentally punching Fandral in the stomach… good thing he’s a sweet guy!”

“Justin Chatwin isn’t going to be in THOR. Just clearing up another rumor. Sleep well out there xoxoxox”

Source: Jaimie Alexander

From his brief role in A Perfect Getaway, Hemsworth did look huge and he also looks huge (read: angry) in the picture of him and his brother Liam beating on some (villainous) dude outside a club for trespassing in Asgard or making fun of Miley Cyrus (same thing). He must work for Loki:

Don’t worry – No one was hurt in this rehearsal and the police were not involved. It’s just brotherly love.

Source: TMZ

That’s it for for this Marvel Holiday wrap-up, Have a happy New Year!

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Iron Man 2 opens May 7, 2010, Thor opens May 20, 2011, The First Avenger: Captain America hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.