Kevin Feige Talks Thanos and the Buildup to Marvel ‘Phase Three’

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Marvel Thanos Plans Phase Three Kevin Feige Talks Thanos and the Buildup to Marvel Phase Three

With the blockbuster success of The Avengers keeping hordes of comic book fans and newcomers glued to their seats from beginning to end, Marvel managed to pull off one odds-defying feat. But when the mysterious figure behind the events of the film was revealed to be none other than Thanos, the die-hard fans understood just how wide Marvel had opened the door, and what kinds of stories were now possible for The Avengers 2 and beyond.

Thanos the Mad Titan has since been confirmed to be appearing in both The Avengers 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy, cementing his role in the creation of ‘Phase Two,’ and Marvel’s leap into the cosmos. According to Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, the company has big plans for Thanos in the coming years, but are intent on letting the stories play out at their own pace.

Despite fan wishes to see Thanos as the main villain in The Avengers, things worked out differently, with Joss Whedon (now overseer of all of Marvel’s ‘Phase Two’ properties) deciding instead to place the power-hungry alien as the veritable book-end to the entire first round of Marvel films. We noted at the time that the assembled evidence – the Infinity Gauntlet in Odin’s vault, Thor preparing to face an even greater villain in Asgard – likely meant that Thanos’ appearance was confirmation of his central role in several future films, not just a nod to patient fans.

Thanos in The Avengers  Kevin Feige Talks Thanos and the Buildup to Marvel Phase Three

That looks to be the case after all, as Kevin Feige spoke about the fan reaction to Thanos’ reveal with MTV Splash Page. The brief mid-credits scene may have left some audience members scratching their heads, but the purple-skinned grinner is most definitely a sign of things to come from Marvel – in ‘Phase Two’ and beyond:

“There’s a great track record now about lobbing something in at the last moment to get the audience buzzing[...] Particularly when it came to Thanos, [we knew] that most people in that audience had no idea who that purple guy was — but they could clearly tell he was important, and knew if they asked the two or three people sitting next to them, somebody would know who he was.

“Clearly, there’s a purpose to us putting him in the end of that movie. We do have plans for him[...] I wouldn’t say we ever feel the need to rush anything one way or the other. We succeeded in Phase One because we stuck to our guns and stuck to the plan. That plan took place over many, many years and it ultimately paid off. I see Phase Two unfolding in the same way of us taking our time, us doing what’s right for each individual movie, while folding in elements that will not only build up to the culmination of Phase Two, but even Phase Three.”

The commitment to an unhurried plan is certainly a good thing, with the Marvel Movie Universe set to get exponentially larger over the next few years. Aside from continuing the individual stories established and expanded upon in regards to Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and S.H.I.E.L.D., the larger scale of ‘Phase Two’ will do what comic books attempt on a weekly basis: weave many stories into a single arc. The positioning of the mysterious Tesseract (‘Cosmic Cube’) as the MacGuffin that bonded the individual Avengers allowed audiences a way in, regardless of how familiar (or not) they were with the source material. With Thanos being prepared as the main antagonist for Phase Two, the character is certainly capable of tying more stories together than an inanimate cube.

Thanos Thor Infinity Gauntlet Kevin Feige Talks Thanos and the Buildup to Marvel Phase Three

Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet, in the comics and Odin’s vault

It’s strange to think that much of Marvel’s current success is due to Iron Man, which went out of its way to ground the comic book within reality. Since then fans have accepted a bit more outlandish and fantastical content with each film, preparing them (hopefully) for all-out cosmic insanity beginning with Guardians of the Galaxy. Obviously more viewers have been convinced to delve into the cosmic side than were turned off by it, as Feige went on to explain how much the films have spurred interest in actual comic books:

“Suddenly, you have a million people who had never heard of an Infinity Gauntlet or a Mad Titan learning those terms[...] I love that. I love when the experience goes beyond the movie theater and encourages people to look deeper into our universe.

“I was equally excited by the notion that people went out and tried shawarma for the first time.”

Guardians and Thor 2 will surely provide a bit more insight into Thanos’ role – especially if Odin’s vault is, indeed, robbed. We know Joss Whedon has got some big ideas, so Thanos might be a major part of them.

The full Marvel ‘Phase Two’ release schedule is as follows: Iron Man 3 hits theaters on May 3rd, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8th, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014, and The Avengers 2 on May 1st, 2015.


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Source: MTV Splash Page

Thanos Artwork property of Marvel Comics

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  1. Still think the Gem in Loki’s Staff was the Blue Mind Gem, especially when you consider it’s powers.

    • That makes a lot of sense. Didn’t Thanos’ give him that staff?

      • Yes he did… I think Marvel said that it WAS the gem you speak of Ace.

    • I’d like to believe that too, but facts still remain that the Infinity Gauntlet seen in THOR had all the gems in place (raising the question: how did Loki get the gem without anybody noticing?) and then there’s the size of the thing… the blue orb/gem on Loki’s staff looked a lot bigger than the infinity gems from the gauntlet.

      But hopefully they’ll shed some light on that in Thor 2… I really want it to be an infinity gem as well.

      • OR the gauntlet did not have the gems in it. If that is the picture above from the movie it appears it has place holder gems.

        Maybe the gauntlet was used before (in a galaxy far far away) and the gems were scattered across the universe for safety.

        I have only watched Thor twice (not my favorite) so I dont recall if all the gems were in there. If they were why would the Frost Giants only go after the one item and why wouldnt Loki just take the Gauntlet and claim power as I would believe the Gauntlet with the gems are more powerful then Odin and all of Asgard.

        • I’ve watched Thor a few times (and like in the picture above), it really looks like the gems are there, on the gauntlet.
          But then again, maybe they’re fake gems or something… ‘ya never know what Marvel might throw at us.

          • Honestly I think the inclusion of the Infinity Gauntlet was a throw away Easter Egg in Thor and wasn’t intended to be anything more than that. That basically the inclusion of Thanos and possibly the Infinity Gems didn’t really come about till Joss Whedon started re-writing Avengers and advising on Captain America.

            That of course creates a bit of problem going forward but nothing that can’t be retconned around.

        • I think you’re right. taking a second look, it does look like the gauntlet is empty. The Infinity gems in the comics are very bright and have a distinct color of their own. The gauntlet shown in Odins vault lacks luster and brightness. Perhaps the Guardians have the infinity gems and Thanos is on a mad chase to find them. Taken from the synopsis of GOTG: “A U.S. pilot who ends up in space in the middle of a universal conflict and goes on the run with futuristic ex-cons who have something everyone wants.” —- this makes perfect sense

          • Or the guardians are the ones who steal the gauntlet in Thor: TDW and he is also chasing them in the GOTG movie.

    • It wasn’t the Mind Gem. They said that it was of the same substance as the Tesseract, explaining its power to shut down the portal.

      • They said it got its power from the Tesseract. That’s quite different.

  2. Many fans need to look around and realize how special this times are with all of our favorite comic book characters brought to life in front of our eyes. Not trying to be sentimental or serious but I remember a time when people frown upon reading comic books and would laugh at people talking with the friends about how cool it would be to see SHIELD on screen or who would play Captain America. It’s amazing what this guys have done. I commend them and wish them the best for “PHASE 2″, i know they have my full attention and interest.

    • Loc420 well said. We just might be living in a Golden Age

      • The Golden Age has happened already for Comic Books. We are in the Platinum Age.

    • Don’t get excited, we’re still a bunch of dorks.

      • Well said.

    • @loc420 you said it man. I remember being in elementary school back in 1992 and the Marvel Masterpiece trading cards were the rage then. All of us would argue over who would win in a fight, and which of the characters they could make a movie out of.
      Funny story about those Marvel Masterpiece trading cards back in ’92.- Most of the kids in class had them, and they were the focal point of indoor free time… up until one of the teacher’s assistant took a closer look at them, specifically the White Queen and Psylocke. From then on they were deemed “inappropriate” and a note was sent home to all parents banning the cards at school! Look up the 92 Marvel Masterpiece versions of the aforementioned characters and then laugh at how those images are pretty tame compared to today’s standards.

  3. Love what marvel has accomplished. Obviously they have had a plan in place for years. Hey DC /WB are you taking notes?

    • They don’t need to take notes, they just need to get off their @$$es and start doing something: brain storming, planning, hiring.
      I still say they need to get a team of people to manage their DCMU (Timm and Dini for example).

      • @ The Avenger

        I second that nomination of choice!

    • @ Rome

      Same here. Kevin Feige,Marvel Studios/Disney carefully planned things out for Phase One & indeed it payed off well. I dunno if its just me but i have a feeling that their films are gonna do better than WB/DC’s in the long-run for sure. I mean they rushed Green Lantern, Jonah Hex & The Losers were flops because general audiences probly didn’t know them well. I know some people aren’t too thrilled about Snyder’s Man Of Steel & prefer solo films to come first before a Justice League. DC should be it’s own studio perhaps. I doubt they’re taking any good notes.

      • I actually enjoyed The Losers and have watched it several times. As far as the other two it has been the term in college basketball one and done haha.

      • Pretty sure Marvel Studios was already well on their with planning things before Disney bought Marvel in 2009.

  4. I am truly happy that thanos will be in guardians of the galaxy,the avengers 2 and i truly love marvel athey ave done amazing super hero ,and great super vilain .

  5. I have one concern with Thanos being the main vilian. In the comics it took the entire Marvel Universe to stop Thanos with the infinity gauntlet. I don’t see the GoTG and the Avengers being enough. Either they have to power down Thanos a bit, (I think that would be a disservice to him) or bring in more people. Having more people brings a hole new set of challenges to Mr. Whedon for Avengers 2. It will be intersting to see how it comes together.

    • How about Thanos steals the Infinity Gauntlet, loses to The Avengers in their sequel and realises he’s missing something that could’ve helped him win, therefore setting up a rematch in future?

      • @Dazz
        I would like to see Red Skull return for the sequel with The Mandarian. Plus Whedon said he wanted a smaller scale film for Avengers 2. Then bring in Thanos for the 3rd

    • I’d rather see a less amount of people win a battle that ud assume they wouldn’t (thanos infinity) than see 6 people man handle a vilian and his supposes army (loki) with ease.

      • @ Dazz: Interesting approach and that could work but then it goes back to my original statement after that.

        @ trey: I agree with what you said. My only fear is that having the Avengers beating Thanos sort of cheapens him and the power that the gauntlet should have.

    • I think its more to balance the main characters screen time; what i think is that this will be the avengers team for the next movie:

      Iron Man, War Machine, Captain America, Falcon, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk, Thor, Sif and the warriors three (maybe), Dr Strange (possibly), Ant-Man and Wasp not to forget the Guardians of Galaxy, Adam Warlock and hopefully Nova and Silver Surfer

      23 Heroes and Shield

      • Lmao! 23 Heroes and Shield, Yeah, that sounds like enough. Seeing that they want to go Cosmic, throw in Ronan, Super-Skrull, Beta Ray Bill, Gladiator, (male) Quasar and Ikon the Spaceknight.

        • It’s not enough for the infinity gauntlet. You can throw in Galactus and all his Heralds, Eternity, and Death and it still wouldnt be enough. S.H.I.E.L.D woldn’t even be worthy of an after thought for Thanos and the gauntlet.

          • Wow, he sounds like a Mad Titan.

    • I may be wasting my time right now, since this thread is 7 months old, but the thing about Thanos was that he defeated himself. So, throw in whomever, it really doesn’t matter who fights him. He allows himself subconsciously to be defeated, with or without the Infinity Gauntlet.


  7. Warlock/Magus obviously.

  8. I love being a Marvel fan in this day and age. Excelsior!!

    • CORRECT!!!

  9. :D Phase 3 confirmed.

    • hope they have kang for avengers 3 villain or ultron =)

      • I didn’t even think of Kang, that would be awesome!!!

        Ultron, Masters of Evil, Galactus (if the rights return by then) and The Skrulls and Kree going at it on earth. Love to see one of these villains in the third movie (since its obvious Thanos will be in the second)

  10. This is an aside, but is the top image official(-ish) concept art from Marvel Studios or just something coming our way from the vast universe of comic art and fanarts? Because if that were to be the actual design for Thanos in the movies I for one would definitely be very pleased.

    • Pretty sure that’s official concept art from the movie.

      • Awesome, I hope it doesn’t change too much in the final product.

      • It’s a screencap from the post credits scene IMO

        • I’m talking about the FIRST pic at the very top of the page (not the second one). That first pic was definitely not a screengrab from the movie…

  11. My only wish is that they cast Thanos correctly. Every villain so far has been wonderfully cast; Jeff Bridges, Hugo Weaving, Tom Hiddleston being the best decisions in my opinion. They need someone used to playing a villain, but I would hate to see them blow an unnecessary chunk of their budget on another big name and have other elements of the movie suffer.

    As far as what I think we can look forward to in phase 2 and even phase 3… I think everyone needs to be ready for some pretty crucial deaths. It sucks to think about, but they are called the “Avengers” meaning what unites them is something to avenge. And with a villain like Thanos.. I really do not think he’s going down without taking at least one or 2 central characters with him. Think about this from several stand points… Avengers 2 will be released the year Robert Downey jr. Turns 50. So if anyone will be the first to go, it’s gotta be tony stark. That doesn’t necessarily mean the death of Iron Man, only the first man to wear his suit. Could easily be handed down to Rhodes. Maybe Stark won’t even be the first to be killed, but this kind of thinking is, in my opinion, most plausible as it would bring the team together again to fight a greater, common enemy. Thoughts?

    • Marvel did say that when RDJ does decide to leave, they are just going to recast Tony Stark. I don’t think killing off core characters is really Marvel’s style. I hope they do though, if a death scene is pulled off well it would really elavate the film.

      • But Feige also said that if RDJ chose to stay (which is the real question), that they’d be prepared tp make it work: i.e. Stark is a character that can age in their universe…

        • RDJ still looks pretty young. Actually reading it here is the first I heard that he was actually that old in real life. Even if he does turn 50 (actually it think he’s only just around 47-48 right now) he can still play the part of the younger Tony Stark. Lots of old actors are still in the game like Harrison Ford or Liam Neeson.

      • RE-CASTING TONY STARK WOULD BE A MAJOR MISTAKE FOR MARVEL… IMO!! IF anything the should just kill him off, TONY STARK/RDJ is the glue that MADE the Avengers and all of this universe work, so it would be a HUGE HUGE MISTAKE to RE-CAST! IMO I dont think that the HULK will last in the Avengers, because in The cast of the comic book Avengers world there is no HULK in the cast of heros anymore.

    • I really hope Thanos is CGI Hulk style minus the actor. After that it will take some changes to the voice via electronic means.

      I do not want to see any resemblance to any known actor portraying Thanos.

      The pic above has already set the mark for Thanos. (although I think he could have been a little beefer have to rethink when I get the BLuRay)

    • Actually the perfect death for them to “avenge” would be Captain America. If you think about it he died (and came back of course) not too long ago in the comics. In Captain America 2 they’re gonna reintroduce Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soldier and thats exactly who took Steve Rodgers place as captain america for a while when he died in the comics.

      So basically in Captain America 2 they introduce Barnes as the winter soldier and he stays around like that through the end of the movie and goes on to appear in the Avengers 2, etc. Part way through the Avengers 2 or 3 Captain America is unexpectedly killed and everyone is emotionally affected by it because he’s the leader type of the Avengers and the last person they expected to die. Then Bucky decides to step up to take his place and rallies the rest of the Avengers to defeat whoever they are fighting at the time.

      • Wow, you want Captain America to die? Yikes, that’s un-American.

        • Not if its in the line of service. Cap’s always been JUST a man standing up for truth, justice, and the American way. As long as he dies standing up for and defending whats right its not un-American. Countless cops, fire fighters, and US armed forces do it every day.

          That only makes him the one people expect the least to fall, giving it the most affect for the other characters and the audiance. Of course it could also still work just as well if they only BELIEVE he’s dead for a good part of the movie only to find near the end that he had just been captured by the enemy and sealed away untill they find him. It can also give him enough time to come back and play a deciding role in the final battle of the movie.

          But that way of doing things might not give the drive to “avenge” him the edge it would need in the movie.

          • i agree i mean it would be dramatic to do it to iron man as well but killing off cap or believing he is killed off would bring the team together more to fight for him. and it would be cool to see the winter soldier step up

    • Not really.

      Thanos can be a threat to the Universe and not need the involvement of everyone. (not that I would want it that way)

      Think of Galactus (no not the cloud of dust one) and how this benevolent being was stopped by the FF. (again in the comics)

      Thanos has an agenda. The only way the Avengers are even involved is because Thanos helped Loki. Screw up his agenda and he will have to plan another way to complete that agenda. Earth and its heroes are below him, a gnat if you will.

      Anyhoo I think it will be more on the Galactus level (from the books) with regards to how it is possible to defeat Thanos with the hand full of heroes we know and are expecting.

        • You misunderstand me.

          Galactus in the books was stopped by the FF. Not by getting the snot beat out of him, not by getting help from a multitude of sources.

          Galactus was defeated because The Watcher (Utahh or some such) hinted at the Ultimate Nulifier.

          Reed decided that Galactus could be destroyed (along with the rest of the known universe) or make a deal that he left Earth alone.

          So it is possible for the defeat of Thanos without the help of a whole slew of Marvel characters.

          At least for now……..

          • Thanos with the Gauntlet was massively overpowered back then so they could do a big crossover book. They don’t need to go that far with him in the movies, since he was formidable enough on his own. The Infinity Gauntlet Thanos was just the uber-villian of the moment, kind of like the Beyonder before him and Onslaught that came after. They can adjust his power level according to what they need to put across on screen and the general public will never know the difference.

    • I just envisioned that entire scene in my head. Not bad. It won’t happen but not bad. I pictured Capt on the ground breathing heavily says, “WE, need help.” Then Fury in the copper calling the professor. Really, all you would need after that is a pan from the back of the Professor’s head to his side and he says, “I know.” End credit scene.

      Best is when you mentioned the Blackbird scene, I couldn’t help but envision them playing the 90′s X-Men theme music.

    • To battle thanos, the avengers need help to defeat him. I think thanos needs to win at the beginning. but I think that at least 2 avengers needs to be wounded like maybe Ironman and Captain America. So Hawkeye have more screentime. Hawkeye,Black Widow,Thor,Hulk,Falcon,and nick fury and winter soldier with the help from the guardians of the galaxy finally take down Thanos,but he lives for another day.

    • I hear what you’re saying and would love to see it… in theory, but cramming too many characters in a story (in a film format, I love the Infinity Gauntlet LS) will just weaken the entire experience IMO.

      Here’s what I’d like to see happening.

      1. Guardians is about our misfit team coming into possession not of the infinity gauntlet, but one or more gems. Perhaps the mind gem (right? it’s been a long time since I’ve read the source stuff) which provides an introduction to Warlock and his relationship with Thanos. The end result is a sound beating for the GotG and a huge win for Thanos… this sets him up as the heavy he is and it’s a good downer, “Empire” ending.

      2. Solo-film sequels I’m pretty sure have been said to be (mostly) stand alone projects with teasers to Avengers 2 and probably GotG. The one thing that they’ll most likely do is introduce other heroes in the solo films and these could be used to beef up the team to help take on Thanos.

      3. I’m hoping the Thor project introduces us to Annihilus and that helps set up a GotG sequel which will be devoted to the Annhilation Wave… that would be amazing and may explain why Marvel has been rumored to be trying to trade extensions of existing franchises (daredevil) for the return of Silver Surfer and Galactus back to Marvel/Disney.

      These are just the ways that I would try to pull it off if I were Feige and company… In a perfect world Marvel would still control all of it’s characters… I really want to see a marvel reboot of Fox’s mutant massacre.

  12. This is how it works out. Fox has to start a Daredevil Movie in a certain time frame. As Fox owns the rights to Galactus and Silver Surfer, Marvel/Disney cannot use either one in a movie, unless..

    Fox sells the rights or loses the rights to Galactus and Silver Surfer.

  13. I gotta say i love Marvel’s cinematic universe. It’s like a book that i wonder what the next chapter will bring. In Marvel’s case, what will Phase 2 & 3 bring.

    • Yes Marvel Cineatic Universe is the best, consdering WB/DC can only manage Batman, Superman and (Gulp) Green Lantern.

      But Marvel doing an Infinity Gaunlet story line for phase 2 or 3 would involve and need Galactus, and since Fox is not giving up the rights to Galactus, it going to be hard pressed to do the movie right, without a pivotal character.

  14. phase 2 & 3 …. good times ahead people ! good times indeed !

  15. Phase 3 sound great! However if they want to dive into the Cosmic realm more. They will have to make a Cosmic Marvel Phase 1. The movie line up will be:

    Nova Movie, featuring Drax and the death of (male) Quasar
    Quasar (Phyla-Vell) Movie, featuring Adam Warlock and Moondragon
    Silver Surfer Movie, featuring Galactus
    Ronan Movie, featuring Super-Skrull
    Beta Ray Bill Movie, featuring Gladiator and the Shi’ar Imperial Guard
    GOTG 2, featuring the Spaceknights
    Annihilation: Movie, featuring all of them.

    • No can do with Silver Surfer and Galactus. Seeing how they are property of FOX as it stands now. They own the rights, so no movie can have them in it unless fox sells or lose the rights to those characters.

      • I know that. However look at what the Chronicle guys is doing with the F4 material.. nothing. Come November, those writes will revert back to Marvel.

        Also, I’m talking about a Cosmic Phase 1, which would mean this will be happening during Marvel Phase 3. By then, who knows wtf.

          • Actually, having your ducks in a row ready to go does not = development. They have to officially be in “pre-production” for it to fulfill the terms of the contract. It also has to be taken to full term so they can’t just start pre-production, cancel somewhere down the line and get a “by” for X number of years.

            So Fox isn’t quite there yet BUT……FF is not on the same timeline that DD was. I believe they have until sometime next year to get the ball rolling.

            • Hopefully F4 will stay dead in the waters come November. I have a feeling there is some behind the scene pay offs going on to keep them dead in the water.

                • Like 90% of the Marvel fans, I agree.

  16. They’re setting this up for Galactus folks. The only reason Thanos went mad was because Galactus ate his home world.

    • Can’t happen since Fox still owns him and doesn’t seem interested in selling the rights back to Marvel.

      • Yeah, but doesn’t FOX have a deadline to where the rights end up going back to Marvel?

  17. anyone else notice the movie gauntlet is for the right hand yet thanos whears it on his left in the comics?

    • Nailed it! This is an alternate universe. ;)

      However if I remember correctly the gauntlet can/will fit the user. Warlock (much smaller hand) wore it so did Thanos.

      The will alone of the user combined with the gems would allow someone to wear it as a boot if they saw fit…..

      So the last entity to wear it wore it on the right hand in the movie Universe.

      Least thats my explaination.

      • The Infinity boot…its gonna revolutionize everyting.

  18. What about Adam Warlock? Everyone’s talking about Nova and Starlord but what about one of Thonos greatest nemesis? I love Adam Warlock and have all of his books which includes my favorite, The Strange Death of Adam Warlock. A villian’s nemesis defines him and Adam was’nt just powerful but just as enigmatic but no ones even mentioned him. Why?

  19. Arg, would you people at SR pretty please stop trying to imply that Thanos will be the main villain in multiple movies?! There is absolutely no shred of proof such is the case.

    He is most definitely the driving force BEHIND the main antagonists but to have him headlining before phase three would be premature and jumping the gun.

  20. An army (Loki and the Chitauri) for the closing chapter of Phase One, an infinitely powerful super-being (Thanos) for the Phase Two… I think for Phase Three it would be cool to have a sort of team that goes up against the Avengers.

  21. I would like it if Thanos was not teh main villain in the film but rather someone that the storyline builds up into a goliath of a villain and the Avengers take on in the third flick.

    • I agree and have said the same thing myself. Build Thanos up to Avengers 3 instead of blowing the load on 2.

  22. Great ideas above. I just hope they dont add too many characters at Avengers 2, becauce like Whedon said “all have to get proper screentime to maintain intresting etc.” This was the problem with some X-men movies.
    I really dont even believe they will defeat Thanos, but they will get weaken his current threat at some point. And yes, some major character has to die or dissappear at least? I like also that maybe Odin gets killed by Thanos? I also like to see Hulk getting 1 more own adventure… Planet Hulk or some other conflict, let’s say vs Beta Ray Bill :)

  23. Adam Warlock, Dr. Strange Silver Surfer and of course Death herself all need to get in the mix. Infinity gauntlet story line has always been one of Marvels best Bring these guys to the show and it spells nothing short of Blockbuster. But it has to be done right.

    • Silver Surfer is owned by Fox.

      • To be accurate, the film rights are. That’s totally different than ownership of the character itself.

        • I stand corrected. lol

  24. Andrew or another readers,

    “We noted at the time that the assembled evidence – the Infinity Gauntlet in Odin’s vault, Thor preparing to face an even greater villain in Asgard”

    From where is this evidence about Thor preparing to face a greater villain?


  25. Daredevil reverted back to Marvel in September 2012. They had a script ready, but it sucked so no-one greenlit it and they missed the deadline. Hopefully the same will happen with the Fantastic Four reboot, especially since the studio know it’ll have to be good since the last ones sucked. Start production in 2014, mid-2015 deadline.

    As for Avengers 2, hopefully Thanos won’t be the villian. Far too overpowered, , you’d need a load more heroes to develop in the next Phases and the plethora of mutants from the X-men series. And it’s too early for too many main heroes to die. So Avengers 3 sounds good for that. By then maybe Marvel can get the X-men and Spider-man rights back too but that’s not looking good since they make money and release regular films.

    But Marvel did manage a deal to put the Oscorp building in ASM in The Avengers next to Stark tower, though they ran out of time to include it. ASM was ok and the X-men films are good so more co-operation deals like that could help to include characters in both series while also taking a load of work off Marvel’s plate. Establishing all these heroes will take time so my guess is some less powerful villian for Avengers 2, Thanos for Avengers 3, then maybe Planet&WWHulk (longshot) and then not Avengers 4…but instead a Marvel Civil War film. That would be epic.

  26. I believe that Thanos will be A villain in GotG, but not the MAIN villain, same in The Avengers 2. Leading up to The Avengers 3… I see him being one of the main villains along side Loki.

    Butttttttttttttt. I don’t know anything.
    only assumptions..