Marvel’s Kevin Feige Talks ‘Phase Two’ Post-Credit Scenes & Avenger Team-ups

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Kevin Feige Iron Man 3 Interview Marvels Kevin Feige Talks Phase Two Post Credit Scenes & Avenger Team ups

In its build-up to The Avengers, Marvel trained audiences to stay in their seats for a post-credits capper. The ending “button scenes” were necessary to link all the films together before Avengers came around – but now that the heroes have finally teamed up, will Marvel maintain the tradition?

Says Marvel President Kevin Feige, the answer is: Probably. But not because the franchise itself demands the post-credits button scenes—it’s because fans do.

Said Feige at a press day for Iron Man 3:

“I don’t want to be in that theater for the first time when even two people stay behind and nothing happens, frankly. I like that we’ve trained at least some people to stay behind and get a little reward, but you’re absolutely right it served a different purpose—it was a part of the, ‘Hey, surprise! These are connected. We’re building towards something here.'”

Originally, the plan was to scrap the post-credits scenes starting with The Avengers, which infamously shot its shawarma bit after the film’s premiere “just because we thought it would be fun,” said Feige. “There was not going to be a tag until that point.”

His argument for wanting to cut them makes sense, even as he admits the studio will likely maintain the tradition. “Frankly, the whole purpose of Iron Man 3 is to say that these characters can exist just as successfully on their own again,” said Feige. “But, as I said – I don’t want to be there when nothing happens after people sit through eight minutes of credits.”

banner stark Marvels Kevin Feige Talks Phase Two Post Credit Scenes & Avenger Team ups

Bruce Banner and Tony Stark in ‘The Avengers’

As for having the characters reassert their individuality now that Tony Stark has his own posse of super-friends, what’s to keep him from, say, calling up Hulk when the Mandarin proves to be a tough rival? Answered Feige:

“If you’re reading a standalone Iron Man comic, they don’t spend every page explaining where every other Marvel hero is. The audience kind of accepts that there are times when they’re on their own and there are times when they are together. I’m betting that movie audiences will feel the same way. That being said, there is a little bit of lip service here and there to that.”

So if Feige’s challenge for the first films was to tie the franchise together, now he’s got to find the right distance to give each character space to reign over their own movie, while still building toward Avengers 2. And with fans now friendly with each superhero, do they want to see post-credits sequences that push toward plot-points in the sequel, or a simple shawarma-esque reunion with the gang goofing-off?

Let us know your “button scene” hopes in the comments.

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Iron Man 3 will be in theaters on May 3, 2013.

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  2. They definitely seem to have written themselves into a bit of a whole. On the one hand, they can’t just continue to hint towards other characters because that’s been done before and it really won’t have too much staying power any more and yet another shwarma-esque scene would be interpreted as a cop-out or a let down.

    One idea that would be really interesting is to have all of the Phase 2 films post credit scenes be a segment of a larger, yet still minor story, the story of where the Hulk is at. Imagine after the credits if we just see someone running through the forest and then it pans up to Bruce Banner or the Hulk, everyone would freak out. And then Hulk doesn’t need to appear in the next Thor or Cap, just in their post scenes. That way we get a neat little back story on what Hulk’s been up to without spending too much time or money investing in a real story.

    Who wouldn’t like to see a little Hulkage going on?

    • I think thats a fine idea

    • Excellent idea.


    • I love the ‘button’ scenes as their calling them now. I love irregardless if it’s a plot set-up or just a ‘for fun’. I think the idea of having it be on on-going little Hulk at the end of the next couple of films is an awesome idea to give us some of what came out so great character wise from the Avengers without forcing a full commitment before their ready, keep up hyped, and gauge direction.
      Another reason I hope they stay is for a totally different non-film reason. It’s become a time for us fans to interact about what we just saw, what we think is coming, etc. Modern evolution of when comic fans would get together to shoot the sh*t about heroes and storylines.

    • The is a cool idea. You’d feel like you are getting a little bit extra. It’s kind of like the Marvel figures that come with a piece of a new figure if you collect the whole set.

    • Pretty dumb idea. Will never happen. Stick to reading posts.

    • What an EPIC Idea!!
      Come on Joss and Kevin – DO THIS!

  3. They have to do the post credit scene with this movie leading up to guardians of the galaxy.

  4. Put the tesseract back for the post-credit scene, and have Dr Strange (Nic Cage) involved with it.

    • NO NO NO NO NOOOOO!!!!!! Nic Cage can stick to his lame Ghost Rider monstrosities.

      • No Nic Cage!!!! NO!

        JUST NO!!


      • Nick cage for modok! C’mon a giant nick cage head acting crazy? Brilliant.

      • If Nick Cage were to be anywhere, this is by far the best place for him.

    • George Clooney would be a way better Strange!

      • Enough with the George Clooney already. They guy always looks like he’s smiling. Plus, he’s only 5′ 11″.

        How about Hugh Laurie, Patrick Dempsey (my favorite), Daniel Craig (his presence makes up for his lack of height), Simon Baker (the Mentalist), Rob Lowe, Bradley Cooper (another top favorite). Any of those actors would be a better choice than Clooney.

        • A sugestion I heard, that I agree with is Liam Neeson

          • There’s also Vigo Mortensen and Nathan Fillion

          • Aiden Gillen from Game of Thrones. He plays Lord Baelish. He would be perfect.

        • Jim Cavaziel (Person of Interest) is also another great one!!

        • Andrew Lincoln from Walking Dead as Dr. Strange.

    • Nicholas Cage FTW! I do like him he just keeps taking on bad movies. Set him straight with a good movie in the Marvel world.

  5. Have Samuel L Jackson tell RDJ that he is his real father.

    • Mind blown lol

    • haha

  6. Okay, the headline photo at top, is it from Iron Man 3?? Because I see Coulson in the background!

    • I think that’s IM2… just look at Tony’s hairstyle

      • It’s not from IM3 :-)

    • OR,agent Coulson insn’t really dead?Or,the events in Iron Man 3 happen before The Avengers?

      • Life Model Decoys!

        • I agree. LMD’s is one of Shield’s biggest achievements. Its the perfect way to introduce that tech to the us, and a way to get Coulson back. Im sure thats how they are going todo that especially since Agent Coulsonwill be the star of the “Shield” series.

      • HAVE O SEEN ANY OF THE TRAILERS????? TS EVER SAYS “EVER SINCE THE EVENTS IN NY THINGS ARE DIFFERENT” wow does anyone pay attention? GOTO YOUTUBE and watch the trailers, you may learn something!!

      • But who is the dude chatting with RDJ, if not Shane Black? I reckon it was a LDM of Coulson that was killed in The Avengers. Tony makes a reference to them in the tower scene with Potts, when Coulson is on his way up the elevator.

  7. i want to see a Hawkeye/Black Widow movie…with Jeremy Renner and Scarlet Johannson.

    • Wasn’t that Mr. & Mrs. Smith?

      • Kind-of, a few more arrows and leather

      • Or Kim Possible.

  8. The headline photo is from IM3. Is that not Shane Black there with RDJ? Why would he have been on the set for anything else?

    • The person standing next to RDJ is Kevin Feige.
      Pic’s from IM2, not IM3.

      If it were from IM3, do you think they’d be dumb enough to post a pic with such a huge spoiler in it?

  9. What about Agent Coulson returning from the death at the post credits? As a Jedi Hologram? And he says the the Extremis is just a manifestation of the force before telling Tony that he needs to go to a far away galaxy so he could learn the ways of the force. That could cause Tony to go to space and meet the Guardians of the Galaxy!

    • LOL I wouldn’t miss a Marvel Movie after that ending.

  10. Give the fans what they want!

  11. I will be so angry if there’s no post-credit scene!

  12. I have a great idea! Nick Fury arriving at Tony’s and saying “I’m here to talk you about the Avengers initiative”, then we get a dafu’ look from Tony and a slow realisation that Nick Fury has Alzheimer. Then bang! explosions everywhere and someone kidnaps Fury in front of him. That would leave a heck of a cliff-hanger for a very heartbreaking Avengers 2.

  13. Funny thing is, there are still people who don’t stay behind.

    For example, when I saw Iron Man 2, there were only four of us left to see Mjolnir.

    With Captain America, 8 of us were there to see the Avengers preview.

    There were 6 of us who saw Thanos after The Avengers and then 4 of them left while myself and another stayed hoping for something else but didn’t get it (they filmed the shawarma scene after the movie had already been released in the UK).

    • Pff… my theater at the midnight showing of Avengers stayed packed through thanos… and at least 1/3 was there for Shwarma…

  14. Iron Man 3 Post credit scene – Tony stark putting the finishing touches on his deep space suit saying “I feel I can help them in some way” with wasp flying in and saying “I think they can hold their own” then cut to black

    • You could add there a huge closeup to the table to reveal a tiny Henry Pym (Steve Carell) looking at them.

  15. Put Tony arriving at a planet with his Deep Space Suit then something jumps from behind him startling him. He turns and sees Rocket Raccon, voice by Jim Carrey, then the scene finishes with him saying “An Ewok!”

    • Carrey as RR?

      I’m still hoping for Statham personally. Someone who sounds badass but can also sound sarcastic when he needs to be.

      I’m honestly expecting Stark to crash land on a moon, find himself surrounded by guns, makes a comment about being in Narnia then it shows the Guardians staring down at him before cutting to the Marvel logo.

  16. What if they did a little easter egg scene right in the middle of the movie. This may sound dumb but say after the attack at tony’s house there’s a news broadcast being shown on a small tv in a prison like cell. And who’s watching….a tied up Captain America. That’s it dont reference it again, don’t even have cap’s situation asked about throughout the movie.

    • You had my curiosity, now you have my attention.

  17. Does anyone know when they put the showings up?

  18. Johnny Depp would be a great Dr Strange.

    • that would be interesting to see how he would interpret the character i hope its not too jack sparrow though lol

  19. Give us the button scenes! Even if it’s not a big set up for the upcoming films. Use them. I would like to see the button scenes set up for Guardians, or Phase 3. Give us a little mystery.

  20. if hulk would appear in IM3 Mandarin would be.. i dont know dead… did you see what hulk did to thor and loki… so as much as i want hulk in IM3 it would defeat the purpose of the movie of teaching mr. stark a lesson

  21. Post credit scene: T’Challa meets The World Security Council to explain the existence of Wakanda and its large amount of vibranium…

  22. Is it possible that Coulson will become Vision?

  23. I enjoy the button scenes. And I think what Joss Whedon did after The Avengers credits was a really fun endnote to a rollercoaster of a movie. Now that Marvel doesn’t have to use the button scenes to sneak in hints about where the movies are going, I think it would be neat if they continued to use them to show moments like that – just the characters hanging out, having those funny day-to-day moments that we don’t have time to see in the films themselves. And then maybe, when the audience is once again unsuspecting, slip in another plot hint. Button scenes work best when the audience is kept guessing as to what they’ll be about.

  24. Yes, button the movies. I live for what little coolness will be shown!

  25. Keep the after-credit scenes as a preview of the next upcoming movie(s). And no more eating piggy-chow food that no one ever heard and and can’t pronounce. That particular scene was not very good. And the food did not look like a Whopper or half as good as a McRib, either!

    • The Mcrib and a Whopper are not even real FOOD! Have you ever even tried Shawarama? that sh*t is the BOMB Schawarma is actually a pita like sandwich with grilled chicken and pickles in a wrapped pita with a puree garlic sauce and it is UNBELIEVABLY TASTY!! I had never even hear of it before the Avengers but I wanted to see what the fuss was about, so I looked it up online and found a resturaunt very close by, It is a middle eastern street food and very delicious!! I eat it all the time now! DONT KNOCK IT UNTIL U TRY IT.

      LOL did you know that Schawarma sales grew like 500% after that scene in the Avengers? Google Schawarma restaraunt in your area and give it a try, It is also cheaper than a NASTY WHOPPER OR MCRIB and it is REAL MEAT

  26. iron man rocks.

  27. The truth is…….

    I am IRONMAN!

  28. They need to keep the button scenes, they are fun, and always keep you guessing and looking forward to the next movie. I think they’re great.

  29. I say yes to the button scenes. It is a great trend like finding toys in your cereal box.

    Any of the following buttons work for me:

    a) A scene depicting Ruffalo getting chased by some militants and Tony thinking out loud to himself, it has been awhile since I called my new buddy Bruce. I wonder what he is up too.

    b) Hawkeye and Fury arguing over his new assignment to which Hawkeye says I need some new gear then, and he dons a new mask with special ops vision gear attached to the mask. He says something to the effect, ” Never again will I be taken hostage.” after sliding on the new mask and walking off camera.

    c) Tony is about to take out Pepper on an outdoor picnic date and storm clouds threaten to ruin their picnic so Tony calls Thor and ask him to stop it or postpone it until they are back home. Thor says, “Unbelievable” to the camera and walks off the set.