Marvel Planning Movies Based On Obscure Heroes

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marvel character composit Marvel Planning Movies Based On Obscure Heroes

So by now we all know a few of the top names associated with the Marvel Movie Universe. Heroes like Spider-Man, The Hulk or The X-Men were always headliners – no surprise that they were some of the first properties that Marvel took from page to the screen. Then came the slew of second tier characters – Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, and Thor – which Marvel has worked very hard to catapult into the global limelight.

Lately we’ve all been following Marvel’s epic uphill battle to bring Captain America and The Avengers to cinematic life – but what about the many, many, other heroes of the Marvel Universe? When will they be getting their big screen due?

Well, according to an exclusive report over at CHUD, Marvel is already thinking several chess moves ahead, by taking some of their “bench player” superheroes and developing them into small-scale films.

If you’ve been wondering if/when/how lesser-known Marvel properties like Power Man and/or Iron Fist, Dr. Strange, Power Pack or Moon Knight were ever going to be developed into movies, this is your answer: Marvel is betting that for about $20-40 million dollars per pic (small change for a major studio film) they can take some of these bench players and turn them into franchise success stories, a la Iron Man.

Best of all: by operating on that smaller scale, Marvel can utilize emerging acting talent (not just big name stars) and lesser-known directors who may just (gasp!) offer an original cinematic vision. It’s a great plan, in my opinion – though it does leave us with one glaring question: which Marvel “bench players” would we like to see onscreen?

Well after doing some recent “research” on the big Marvel Comics crossover events of the last few years (“Civil War”, “Secret Invasion”, “Dark Reign”) I have to say that Power Man and Iron Fist (maybe their Heroes For Hire team), Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), The Runaways (supposedly in development already) and Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) are all characters who could fill out a movie pretty well – and for fairly cheap.

heroes for hire Marvel Planning Movies Based On Obscure Heroes

Heroes For Hire

Spider Woman and Ms  Marvel by hotrod5 Marvel Planning Movies Based On Obscure Heroes

Spider-Woman and Ms. Marvel

PowerPack Marvel Planning Movies Based On Obscure Heroes

Power Pack...for the kiddies, of course.

That’s my “mainstream Marvel” wish, but there are also genre divisions of the Marvel brand that I’ve long thought are prime subjects for a movie franchise: namely, the “Midnight Sons” division.

I know I’ve talked about it before, but the Marvel crossover event “Rise of the Midnight Sons”, which occurred in the 90s, would be great fodder for another Avengers-style Marvel movie crossover. The Midnight Sons story arch included supernatural heroes Ghost Rider, Dr. Strange, Morbius the living Vampire, Blade and The Nightstalkers (see Blade 3), and the Darkhold Redeemers, as they fought against the evil demonic forces of the Marvel Universe. I’ve long said that the blending of superhero/horror genres would be very appealing, cinematically speaking – especially if it culminated in a huge Midnight Sons movie showdown.

Again, it could all be done for relatively cheap: let the characters and the stories make the movie, instead of big splashy F/X-driven bonanzas.

marvel midnight sons Marvel Planning Movies Based On Obscure Heroes

Marvel's "Midnight Sons" team

Well, that’s my two cents – what about you guys? Which Marvel Universe characters would you like to see catapult from  obscurity into the cinematic limelight? Do you like that Disney/Marvel is truly trying to expand their superhero brand name – or are you having painful flashbacks of films like Fantastic Four and Elektra?

I’m sure these “Marvel Indie Films” will be starting to roll into production before too long. Stay tuned.

Source: CHUD

Spider-Woman & Ms. Marvel Image: Hotrod5 @ Deviant Art

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  1. i just wish we could get ROM SPACEKNIGHT MOVIE!!!!

  2. Shocking how many people have no idea who Moon Knight is.

  3. A Midnight Sons movie sounds awesome! But does Marvel Studios currently have the rights to all those characters (like Blade, and Ghost Rider)?

  4. Oooooh! OOOOOOOH!


    Peter Porker, the Amazing Spider-Ham!

    (*Runs from room amidst barrage of rotting veggies*)

  5. Awesome idea!!! Blade is at New Line Cinema/Amen Ra films and Ghost Rider is still at Sony ;(

  6. OH YES!!! ROM THE SPACEKNIGHT!( Marvel has to get the rights back though.) Cameo a character or two from “Guardians of The Galaxy” “StarFox”, “Nova” or “Adam Worlock”!!!

  7. Some of these characters need to be done animated first.

  8. Heroes For Hire!!! screenplay by Shane Black, directed by Ridley Scott produced by Antione Fuqua co-produced by Kevin Feige. Sounds MARVELous!!!

  9. cool news there. Cant wait to see what smaller/less known characters come about out of this

  10. Just throwing names out there:

    I read Cloak and Dagger as a kid. It could be a movie about kids on the streets.

    Also my brother read Wonder Man and the West Coast Avengers (which I'm sure will be in the works if The Avengers works out).

    I also liked Excalibur, which was a British group I believe, but I didn't read much of it.

    I guess I would have to dig into my comic collection to remember some of the others…

    (I do remember Moon Knight though)

  11. Okay, from the article I read in stating “A 20 million dollar film can take much bigger risks than one that costs a hundred million more than that”; does that mean some of these adaption can finally be R Rated?
    Infact you gotta admit some of these comic characters are meant to be R rated if you want stay truthful wth the source material.

  12. Yeah, “Cloak & Dagger” would be awesome! They're already on the list.

  13. @Deacon, your right, certain characters like Blade and the Midnight Sons, The Punisher or ManThing can really be only done properly Rated R. It's imperative that Marvel creates a sub-studio controlled by “Marvel Studios” only that can take on the more adult themed stuff while having a different name under their banner. Just letting other studios handle the more adult characters isn't the right thing to do. The Punisher will never get a proper rendered movie until it's done by Marvel Studios themselves. “Midnight Sons Studios” sounds good to me

  14. Moon Knight, which you've already suggested here, stands out as a character with a lot of potential in film. He's almost like a comic book Jason Bourne with his multiple personalities issues.

    I think Nova holds some potential, too. The downside to a character like him is that he really needs a larger budget for special effects (scenes in space, alien enemies, etc.).

    Cloak and Dagger also have a very feasible chance on film. My only concern with them is that I'm not sure they have the potential to really draw in huge numbers, but who knows? In the right hands, they could pull a Blade and build a solid cult following.

  15. I don't know about “shocking”.. this isn't a comic book site, is it?

  16. I loved West Coast Avengers. Glad to see someone else givin' 'em props. The whole Vision and Scarlet Witch storyline was great, as was the Wonder Man stuff. They sorta drifted off into obscurity at some point. Maybe if Hawkeye makes his rumored cameo it'll set those gears in motion…

  17. That Midnight Son's team movie sounds awesome. I'd be down. Nicolas Cage and Wesley Snipes though? Or recast both roles?

  18. sentry needs a movie man!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I want It ALL, dagnabit!! But I do love the small scale almost indie approach with lesser known heroes. Great opportunity to find talent and see which characters do well. Also, the more Marvel we get on the big screen, the better.

  20. How about Peter Quill the Star-Lord? I imagine though these sort of sci-fi flicks would need larger budgets. I would also love to see a solo Silver Surfer film.

  21. MAR-VEL !!! As in Captain Marvel. He would be a great introduction into the cosmic (with all apologies to Silver Surfer…) side of the marvel universe, and a great way to get the Skrulls involved in the current canon as they battle the Kree. I always thought Capt. Marvel was a pretty cool character and with today's tech would rock as a movie.

  22. i like that idea about mar-vell or how about Adam Warlock The Infinity Gaunlet. What do you think?

  23. Adam Warlock Definitely! or machine man maybe

  24. I just re read the six part series “The Infinity Gauntlet” last week. Fairly entertaining stuff, a bit heavy and perhaps a bit dated. Lots of characters, practically too many. Very very cosmic and have always felt the ending to be rushed.

    Could almost be impossible to adapt to the screen unless you had six movies and a Director like Terry Gilliam to mastermind such a monumental task.

  25. I've always thought a “Deathlok” movie would be cool and “The Inhumans” as well would be awesome. I call for Zack Snyder to direct both films. :-)

  26. hmmmm small budget….
    MoonKnight Hawkeye (Mockingbird), Submariner
    Alpha Flight, Tigress, Black Cat (SM Tie in)
    Ares/Hercules (Thor tie in), Machineman/Deathlok is a must

  27. My idea would be this: Keep Blade as the “older, experienced leader” of the team – But kick the story off with Johnny Blaze having an encounter at a biker bar with a powerful demon that results in the Ghost Rider power being transferred from him, to a younger biker that tries to aid him in the fight (Dan Ketch).

    This would be true to the comics, in having Blaze be a kind of guide for the new Ghost Rider – and would also knock Cage back into supporting role status (where he's been doing well as of late).

    Of course, Blaze's “Hellfire Shotgun” would have to be in the movie :-)

  28. There's definitely a way to do it good and somewhat cheap. Syfy channel and other cable channels seem to make two hour long series specials constantly so the budget would be about right. Go with lesser known/TV actors and there's a pile of money saved right away.
    I think the 90's era heroes were good new characters overshadowed by the overprinting and production scandal of multiple zero and number one issues with different covers. So X-force originals Shatterstar, Deadpool, Cable, Feral, etc. I also agree that Midnight Sons would be good too.

  29. I really like the idea, but I'm not 100% comfortable with these films being low-budget. I want the filmmakers to have as few restrictions as possible, and money is one of the biggest of them.

    Midnight Sons sure would be great. Damn I wish Marvel would be a bit more aggressive when it comes to recovering their film properties.