Marvel Planning Movies Based On Obscure Heroes

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marvel character composit Marvel Planning Movies Based On Obscure Heroes

So by now we all know a few of the top names associated with the Marvel Movie Universe. Heroes like Spider-Man, The Hulk or The X-Men were always headliners – no surprise that they were some of the first properties that Marvel took from page to the screen. Then came the slew of second tier characters – Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, and Thor – which Marvel has worked very hard to catapult into the global limelight.

Lately we’ve all been following Marvel’s epic uphill battle to bring Captain America and The Avengers to cinematic life – but what about the many, many, other heroes of the Marvel Universe? When will they be getting their big screen due?

Well, according to an exclusive report over at CHUD, Marvel is already thinking several chess moves ahead, by taking some of their “bench player” superheroes and developing them into small-scale films.

If you’ve been wondering if/when/how lesser-known Marvel properties like Power Man and/or Iron Fist, Dr. Strange, Power Pack or Moon Knight were ever going to be developed into movies, this is your answer: Marvel is betting that for about $20-40 million dollars per pic (small change for a major studio film) they can take some of these bench players and turn them into franchise success stories, a la Iron Man.

Best of all: by operating on that smaller scale, Marvel can utilize emerging acting talent (not just big name stars) and lesser-known directors who may just (gasp!) offer an original cinematic vision. It’s a great plan, in my opinion – though it does leave us with one glaring question: which Marvel “bench players” would we like to see onscreen?

Well after doing some recent “research” on the big Marvel Comics crossover events of the last few years (“Civil War”, “Secret Invasion”, “Dark Reign”) I have to say that Power Man and Iron Fist (maybe their Heroes For Hire team), Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), The Runaways (supposedly in development already) and Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) are all characters who could fill out a movie pretty well – and for fairly cheap.

heroes for hire Marvel Planning Movies Based On Obscure Heroes

Heroes For Hire

Spider Woman and Ms  Marvel by hotrod5 Marvel Planning Movies Based On Obscure Heroes

Spider-Woman and Ms. Marvel

PowerPack Marvel Planning Movies Based On Obscure Heroes

Power Pack...for the kiddies, of course.

That’s my “mainstream Marvel” wish, but there are also genre divisions of the Marvel brand that I’ve long thought are prime subjects for a movie franchise: namely, the “Midnight Sons” division.

I know I’ve talked about it before, but the Marvel crossover event “Rise of the Midnight Sons”, which occurred in the 90s, would be great fodder for another Avengers-style Marvel movie crossover. The Midnight Sons story arch included supernatural heroes Ghost Rider, Dr. Strange, Morbius the living Vampire, Blade and The Nightstalkers (see Blade 3), and the Darkhold Redeemers, as they fought against the evil demonic forces of the Marvel Universe. I’ve long said that the blending of superhero/horror genres would be very appealing, cinematically speaking – especially if it culminated in a huge Midnight Sons movie showdown.

Again, it could all be done for relatively cheap: let the characters and the stories make the movie, instead of big splashy F/X-driven bonanzas.

marvel midnight sons Marvel Planning Movies Based On Obscure Heroes

Marvel's "Midnight Sons" team

Well, that’s my two cents – what about you guys? Which Marvel Universe characters would you like to see catapult fromĀ  obscurity into the cinematic limelight? Do you like that Disney/Marvel is truly trying to expand their superhero brand name – or are you having painful flashbacks of films like Fantastic Four and Elektra?

I’m sure these “Marvel Indie Films” will be starting to roll into production before too long. Stay tuned.

Source: CHUD

Spider-Woman & Ms. Marvel Image: Hotrod5 @ Deviant Art

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  1. I tend to disagree. You can do a GREAT story without spending a lot of money. Case in point first Blade. Even if you had removed Snipes (big money there) and used a talented no name you would have had a great movie.

    Along the lines of Midnight Sons most effects are makeup/costume design. Sure some fire and brimstone is nice but no need to go all overboard. At its roots it is a horror story.

    Recovering their properties I concur however a “deal is a deal” they would probably have to pay out of their noses with no guaruntee of a return on that. So its probabl finacially better to just wait it out.

  2. yeah, you're right it was a long story. but have you read Avengers Annual 7 (i think) the death of Adam Warlock and Thanos? great story. Adam Warlock first apearance was a Thor issue. got his butt kicked by thor foe messing with Sif. Indeed Adam Warlock, Silver Surfer and Captain Mar-vell was my favorite cosmic characters.

  3. Starring Terry Lewis as Luke Cage And Sean Willaim Scott as Iron Fist. Straight ActionComedy flick

  4. True of the budget. Some movies under the 100 million mark have done well enough.
    Case in point:
    Hellboy 2: 80 mil
    District 9: 30 mil
    Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: 15 mil
    Slumdog Millionare:15 mil
    Paranormal Activity: 15 th

  5. This is great news and a genius move by Marvel so long as they stick with the plan and don't muck it up by letting executives who are more focused on dollars then quality, get involved.

    They should tackle this from multiple angles or genres: Horror/Supernatural, Drama/Thriller and ction/Comedy.

    Possible second & theird Tier characters that could prdouce profitable films if done right:

    LUKE CAGE: PItch this as a 'Hero for the Streets' film throwing in some rich and elitist white guy from royalty or at least 'Old Money' who is trying to run poor people out of their neighborhood so he can tear it down and build condos or something and you could probably easily make 40+million espcially if you throw in some popular black actors like Ice Cube.

    DOCTOR STRANGE: This is a character just waiting for a John Faverua director to make him shine. Their is soo much potential with Strange and with the HARRY POTTER series coming to an end its the perfect time to fill that 'magical gap' that will be left after the last HP film has aired.

    BLADE: Marvel needs to either get involved with whomever owns the rights to Blade (I assume Wesley Snipes) or buy them back and move forward with another BLADE film. The popular Vampire pop-culture makes this prime time for anything vampire that is done at least half-decent to awesome. I imagine if BLADE (the 1st film) had not been released until now it would be an even bigger hit then before.

    CABLE: I know this character is from the future and so it would imply doing him in a SciFi type of film whihc means big bucks, but I don't think that has to be the case. You have this guy transport to our time from the future and aside from a few key scenes that's all the hi-tech scifi you feature. The rest of teh film is about him getting a mission achieved while trying not to interfere in the past any more then he has to. You could heighten this by pushing his character into a direct meeting with the killer of his wife and child and show his difficulty with wrestling with how not to interfer in an event like that. Thats some serious human drama. Imagine if you lost a spouse and child to a killer and had the chance to stop it by being sent back in time but if you did you risk the death of the world b/c stopping their deaths would prevent you from fulfilling your mission which success means the death or life of everyone in the future.

  6. Terry Crews IS Luke Cage and my Iron Fist would be Jason Statham.

  7. I'd rather see Idris Elba as Luke Cage unless Terry Lewis can prove he has REAL acting chops.


    A character who had a book in the 90's. Some weirdo rogues gallery, (8 Ball, anyone?) but some of this could be handled as a bigger dreamscape of sorts. The character itself is rather simple in design.

    2- MAN-THING (restart)

    Remember: Ted Sallis created a synthetic recreation of Cap'n America's Super Soldier serum. In The Incredible Hulk, there was a base near the Florida Everglades. Could loosely tie in to “The Universe”

    3- SHANG CHI
    So what if they bribe Tony Jaa to do it and you get 90% Muay Thai? Could even subtitle the thing and it would still be cool. You know I'm right and it's not open for debate.

    4- DEATHLOK.
    Just because I want one.





    Those are the only ones off the top of my head.

  9. How about Chewitel Ejiofor as DEATHLOK?

  10. i wanna see a black panther movie. this is long overdue

  11. Oh I'm not sure, Kofi. I feel the characters you hinted for movies there (save for Dr. Strange, Heroes for Hire) are more of third tier or fourth tier Marvel characters. If Thor and Iron Man are second tier as you suggested, then they are not to be classified with Power Pack and Midnight Sons considering their antecedents.

    I would suggest that these movies focus on the so-called 'second tier characters' for starters. Exploring third tier ones like Elektra and Man-thing have not been too successful. I doubt Ant-Man would be too. I believe for now, superhero movies are hinging on four things:1. great script 2. great cast 3. great action (and FX) and finally,4. great fan following. Item 4 is the ace because these fans, negative reviews or no, will storm the theatres. So it's probably safer for Marvel to go with a well-known character possibly known through the (70s?) 80s, 90s and 2000s. For diverse reasons then, people will come to watch.

    Who are second-tier Marvel Characters? Sub-Mariner, Silver Surfer, Alpha Flight, Black Panther.. I feel these should be given their shot.

    Terry Crews as Power Man? Too old for me.

  12. Very great news.

  13. has everyone forgotten about the “What If?” Series, I think some what if movies would be awesome, in the What if series, wolverine fights conan, conan chops off wolverines head after a bloody fight, where wolverin amputates his arm. I think the what if series should be considered because it would allow them to break the rules in this “What If” universe to do absoltely anything they wanted, almost regardless of realism

    • and no one would want to see them because we all know what that would be in terms of the film franchise: cheating. that’s why ppl hated prince of persia and next. investing an hour and a half to something that essentially didn’t happen…. and that’s why ppl are getting ticked off at x-men, esp wolverine. everyone, and i mean EVERYONE (even Hugh Jackman) is ignoring the existence of that movie in the continuity of the series.

  14. only problem with certain things:
    ghost rider and blade are not in marvel’s distribution rights. the studios have those. and morbius the living vampire and spider girl are tied to the spiderman franchise, also owned by Sony. tho if they could find a way that sony Didn’t own the rights to spidergirl, that would be epic apple sauce.

  15. I could die a happy person if they made a Midnight Sons movie. I’ve been a fan of the series for over 20 years, still have most of them.

  16. Definatly want power pack. been a long time fan