Terry Crews Says ‘He’s Game’ to Play Marvel’s Luke Cage in Netflix Series

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Terry Crews in the Expendables 2 Terry Crews Says Hes Game to Play Marvels Luke Cage in Netflix Series

Ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe really kicked into high gear a few years ago, fans have endlessly debated about which actors would be the best fit for specific characters. One such character is Luke Cage (a.k.a. Power Man), who has never before received a proper live-action adaptation on either the big or small screen. Whenever rumors of a possible Luke Cage film have been brought up, only a few men have repeatedly found their way onto the dream casting list, and one of them is definitely Terry Crews.

The former NFL player-turned-actor has proven himself to be more than capable of excelling at both action and humor, able to switch from badass to comedian in the course of the same scene. This skill set would seemingly make him a perfect choice to play the always tough, yet occasionally sarcastic, Hero for Hire. Not to mention that Crews is the spitting image of how Cage is currently drawn.

Unfortunately, Crews publicly withdrew himself from contention for the Cage role back in September, seemingly out of the belief that Marvel would never actually push forward with a film about a character it didn’t see as a priority. That all changed in November though, when Marvel announced it was teaming with Netflix to create streaming series starring Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.

Marvel TV Shows Luke Cage Daredevil 570x294 Terry Crews Says Hes Game to Play Marvels Luke Cage in Netflix Series

With shooting on Daredevil set to begin in summer 2014, and Luke Cage sure to follow not too long after that, Crews has now seen fit to change his tune. During a recent interview with Collider, Crews expressed interest in the role, and seems to just be waiting for Netflix to contact him:

“I heard [it’s greenlit] but I haven’t gotten any calls.  I’ve been hearing stuff like, ‘oh you’re too old,’ and I’m like, ‘Man do my workout 20 years ago and we’ll talk about who’s too old (laughs). Like I said, anything can happen, I never rule anything out.  I’m game.  There are no rules.  What’s up, Marvel?  I’m right here, baby.  I ain’t goin nowhere. You know where I live! (laughs)”

Crews also clarified exactly why he chose to rule himself out previously:

“Actually I took myself out of the Luke Cage running a while back, just because it was people trying to put people against each other.  [It was] Idris vs. Michael Jai and I’m like, ‘Wait a minute, this is not even greenlit!  Can we talk to Marvel?  Why are you talking to me? Don’t put me against my homeboy for a movie that’s not existing.’  I said, ‘Take me out!”

Terry Crews on Brooklyn Nine Nine Terry Crews Says Hes Game to Play Marvels Luke Cage in Netflix Series

While there’s little doubt that many fans would love to see Crews play Cage, one question mark is the actor’s ongoing commitment to recently renewed Fox sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Crews plays a large supporting role on the Andy Samberg-fronted police comedy, and it would be completely up to FOX as to whether they would allow him to star in a high-profile series for a competitor at the same time.

Also, despite Crews laughing it off above, Marvel/Netflix may very well prefer to hire a young, up-and-coming actor to play Cage. Crews is 45, and while that’s by no means old, it’s certainly not very young either. Plus, Marvel/Netflix might not want to pay Crews’ asking price, one that will surely be much higher than most other actors that audition for the part. That all said, if the two companies value the opinion of fans, Crews will definitely be a top contender to lead the Marvel Universe’s expansion into streaming video.


Netflix’s Luke Cage series is still in preproduction, and has no definite premiere date.

Source: Collider

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  1. Just because he’s older doesn’t mean he can’t play the role. Hell, if they wanted to keep him around for a while, Crews could probably do this for another 10-15 years. If not, it’s not like Cage is a major character in comics, anyway.

  2. No offense Mr. Crews… you’re badass awesome and you’re hillariously funny (which fits the MCU comedic vibe well), but I do think you look a tad too old for Luke Cage :(
    You can play kickass Bishop though… whoops, that’s FOX property *sigh*

  3. Crews too old??

    I would rather have one epic Luke Cage movie than a series of mediocre tripe.

    Would love a live action scene of Luke and DareDevil eating lunch in costume.

    • Umm…. There’s nothing “epic” about Luke Cage…

  4. He’s perfect!

  5. I can’t want this enough. Age is just a number; Crews is still in fantastic shape and he could easily play the role for another decade before he starts to look too old.

  6. I always thought Crews would make a great Luke Cage. His age does not seem like much of an issue since he is in tremendous shape, and I really never had a definitive idea of how old Cage was supposed to be anyway. The character did serve time in prison, so having some 20-something play the role doesn’t make much more sense, unless of course they are going for the youth movement casting that is popular right now.

  7. I think Crews would crush it as Cage but I think the argument that the author of this article makes is quite true he does work on a FOX show a big competitor of Netflix, personally I don’t think his age would be that big of a problem because even though he is 45 he doesn’t look it to me I would be crazy if I didn’t think he had the build for Cage seriously its crazy how jacked this guy is he makes Hemsworth look skinny I can’t believe it!!! lol The only thing I would be skeptical about honestly is his acting ability Crews is mostly in action movies or comedies bear in mind I don’t know a whole lot about Cage other than the basics like the superpowers and origins for him but I think there is some kind of drama that has to occur somewhere in there and I haven’t really seen Crews do stuff like that also another point I want to make and this is looking at the origin (if I’m wrong please correct me) but the origin goes that Cage was imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit and volunteered for a prison experiment to get a parole but theyre was an accident or the guy doing the experiment tried to kill him and the experiment gave him super strength and unbreakable skin now I’m sure this is not big deal at all what I’m about to say I honestly am thinking to myself how picky I am being while writing this but if Cage is skinny or just not as buff when he is in prison and he only gets buff after the experiment what would that mean for a guy like Crews since he’s a freakin tank ah what am I saying that would be no problem at all they could figure something out I take back what I said gladly :). I have heard that Idris Elba really want to play Cage and while I really want him to hes already Hemidall and I like him in the role and there is also the continuity thing that they have to keep in mind. Overall I would love Crews as Cage I’m just so happy that there is finally soemthing happening with him he deserves a good time on the screen wether the screen is big or small. Also any news on who’s gonna play Daredevil?

    • Fox has a ton of stuff on Netflix as it is, so I wouldn’t think they’d have a problem working together. And in this instance I would think MORE exposure would be a good thing. People see Crews as Luke Cage on Netflix, then finally decide to give Brooklyn Nine-Nine a chance by watching it on Netflix (which will be available eventually). They like it, and decide to catch new episodes on Fox. No matter what, Fox is getting paid.

  8. Terry Crews is awesome. I love Brooklyn 99. But, he may be too old to play Luke Cage. Still, give the man a chance to audition.

  9. I really wouldn’t be able to take him seriously. He’s got the looks but I can’t imagine Luke cage making his pecs dance and grinning.

    • Mehcad Brooks to play Luke Cage or young Black Panther!!!!!!

      • when a Black Panther movie comes along, I’m positive Marvel’s first call will be to Chadwick Boseman.

    • MJ White already played Bronze Tiger in TV’s Arrow series. So no.

      Terry Crews got my vote.

      • what does a DC television show (thats not even connected to their film universe) have to do with a Marvel property?

        Evans starred as two Marvel characters, so did Reynolds. So why would Jai starring on a DC show in a small role hinder him from playing Cage? Please, tell me.

        • Coz dc sucks.

  10. Yes, Crews is kinda old for a introductory Luke Cage series. However, I would be able to look over that, if he didn’t have the acting range of a biscuit.

  11. Terry’s not my first pick for Cage (I’d have gone w/ Michael Jai White) but he is awesome, and I think he’d do a great job as the character.

  12. Terry Crew is old what about Robert Downey Jr. he`s almost 50 and people still want him to play Iron Man while Terry Crew is 45. BIG EFFING DEAL !

  13. he doesn’t look like Cage to me, plus his acting isn’t very good…age i could care less about i want LL Cool J to play Cage but he is also close to 50…doesn’t look a day over 40, and he reminds me of Cage.

    age shouldn’t matter because this netflix show most likely won’t go beyond 5 seasons

    • I like that idea of LL Cool J as Luke Cage I think that would totally work.

      • Hellllllllllllllll Nooooooooooo! All I need is Luke Cage licking his lips every two minutes. That ain’t gangsta!

      • That is a terrible idea. Let him stay on that terrible, unbelievable cop show with cod-piece Robin.

    • LL Cool J? It’s a good thing you don’t work for Marvel.

      • 😀

  14. Does anyone know if he can play serious?

  15. I forgot the “brotha’s” name, but he played in NYPD blue, and played queen latifah’s boyfriend in the movie taxi. I always thought he would make a good Luke cage ,I just don’t remember his name.

    • Henry Simmons – he’s definitely perfect for the role and more important he’s got the acting chops Marvel wants in all their actors –
      he’s like 6’4″ – and has the looks of Taye Diggs. PLUS .. he’s worked with ABC – aka – Marvel.

      he has to be on the short list – he’ll fit in perfectly with all the other Marvel leading men – and he’s got to be affordable.
      Michael Jai White is favored due to his martial arts exp – but that doesn’t really matter with Luke Cage.

      While he’s may be about the same age as Terry Crews – he doesn’t look it. He’s ripe for the picking.

  16. Mr Crews sounds good, but the man you all should check out is Demetriue Grosse. He plays a officer on the show called Banshee on ShowTime. I promise you that you WILL think trice about Crews playing Luke Cage. He is big and bad enough to do a good job. When I first saw him, I thought wow he would be the perfect Power Man.

    • dang, you’re right. just googled him. And he’d be a lot cheaper than Crews too. Plus he would go along with Marvel’s pattern of hiring up and comers

    • I know who I am!

  17. He’s no older than RDJ, REGARDLESS if he wears armor, so long as he can maintain that physique for a few more years, I say make it happen, cap’n.

  18. The possibility of Terry Crews aside. I think they need to focus on height and build in addition to acting ability. Powerman is huge. They probably need someone who is taller than 6’3″.

    • If only Lebron had studied acting. Not suggesting a Shaq/Steel, but it is more plausible casting than Shaq was. I blame the Lakers for Steel and Kazaam.

      • Come on Mr Mite, not him. He really does not fit that role at all. Yes he is big, but not big enough. This is not the NBA, this is Marvel. And Power Man does not need a want to be playing the role that will be going to the big screen. It is way easier to do these characters this route. Now the world knows of them, and the origin was already done on Nexflex. So, it is all about the action onthe big screen. Go look at Demetrius Grosse, he is Power Man.

        • I agree. He is a basketball superstar, not an actor. I want actors for super-hero roles. The best actor to fit the role. Just saying Lebron could play Powerman from a physical standpoint, can you image if he was willing to do his own stunts? He wouldn’t take it anyways, he turned down Space Jam 2.

  19. I am telling you to look up Demetrius Grosse. He is huge and has that mean mean look. Just watch the series on ShowTime called Banshee. The last week show, will show you everything you need to know and see. This guy is Power Man. Just check him out. He is bigger then White and younger than Crews.

    • I agree, except I couldn’t find any height for him. He looks the part somewhat and is already sorta built. I say sorta because Powerman.

        • I can see him as Luke Cage and he looks like he is over 6’3″.

  20. I tell you what. Just watch some of the series. And you will see how big he is. Or the camera is making he look huge.

  21. Sorry, Mr. Crews, but you do not look like Luke Cage….

  22. Crews would be perfect for the role. I have thought about the Cage role for a while but couldn’t think of anyone for the role and never thought of Crews. Now I cant think of anyone else in it. Crews and Andre B. are wasted in that punk ass TV show Brooklyn Nine anyway. Man that show sucks.

    • Could not disagree more. It is a fun show with a talented cast and good writing. It has also been renewed for a 2nd season.

  23. OK, I really like terry crews, but I cant really imagine his as an action actor, I think he should stick to comedy. I feel like it may be hard from them to find an actor to play Luke Cage. First off there aren’t many black action actors to begin with then you add the fact the the actor has to be big and buff, then you are out of luck since there aren’t really any big and buff black action actors (specially any young ones). Then again I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

  24. Sweet Christmas!-(for you old schoolers)

    Are you kidding me? T. Crews would be perfect.

    • +100! That’s exactly what I was thinking. Nuff Said.

  25. Crews would be absolute PERFECT for Luke Cage. I was already excited about this project, but if Marvel signs Crews, I’ll be over the moon for it.

  26. I think Crews is the only real choice. Who else is gonna be able to maintain a work out like that? The only reason age will be an issue is in relation to Jessica Jones. They won’t want too much of a visible age gap between the two so it will largely depend on who they get for Jones.

    • Okay, one more time. Please stop looking around for the person that already out there. Check out Demetrius Grosse. He plays a cop on the series Banshee on ShowTime. Dude is PowerMan. Just check out 1 or 2 shows, and you will forget about Mr Crews.