Joe Quesada Talks Marvel Television Opportunities

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disney marvel logos Joe Quesada Talks Marvel Television Opportunities

With the earth-shattering news last year of Disney acquiring Marvel, many wondered what opportunities such a merger would open doors to for the powerhouse comic publisher. Disney’s empire spans across many mediums including that of television with networks such as ABC for which the Marvel brand could – and will – take advantage of.

Earlier this summer, Marvel Entertainment launched a new division specific to television to be headed up by comic industry veteran Jeph Loeb and Marvel exec Dan Buckly. The new division would handle projects such as cartoons, straight-to-DVD features and what everyone would love to see one day, live-action Marvel television programs.

Back at San Diego Comic-Con, MTV asked Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada about their new-found situation under the ownership of Disney and how it can positively affect their growth in the TV market, although he was tight-lipped about any specific potential projects.

“We have a strategy at Marvel β€” nothing we’re really ready to talk about… What I can talk about is that it’s a brave new world for Marvel. Now that we’ve been purchased by Disney, we’re part of the Disney family. Our strength, our leverage is that much more… Disney’s an international, worldwide company, and Marvel’s well on its way to becoming that as well. Marvel does things that Disney’s has trouble doing β€” which is attracting a male audience. That’s really our bailiwick, and not so much for Disney. Where they’re very strong in girls, we’re very strong in boys. It’s a perfect marriage.”

We can agree that Marvel will open doors for Disney (and vice versa) to hit different demographics with their wide-range of recognizable brands and a library of over 5000 characters, but what will we see next? Over the years, we’ve seen iterations of popular characters and series such as Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk and others, but what will Marvel’s new division, under the supervision of Disney, bring us that’s new?

“We’re talking to some people, we have some great ideas, [and] we want to make sure that whatever we come out with first, whatever we decide to come out with first, is explosive and just has everyone smiling from ear to ear and saying that is quintessentially Marvel.”

What about a live-action Marvel series instead of the usual animated fare?

“Anything and everything is on the table… We’re thinking about every possibility for Marvel. The one thing about Marvel is that, it while may seem like we do a lot of things by the seat of our pants, we’re a very methodical company β€” we think about things very thoroughly and no decision is made in a vacuum.”

Hopefully this means we’ll see Marvel expand into something completely new and unique, offering unique television we’ve yet to see. ABC (Disney) has the financial power to spend big on prime time series such as Lost so a live-action Marvel superhero series may not be too far-fetched.

The question is, what would such a series be about? What character(s) would it feature?

When I think Marvel and television, I immediately reflect upon the animated X-Men cartoon of the 1990s, also known as the greatest cartoon of all time. I’d love to see a live-action X-Men series but with Fox owning their rights and the budgetary needs of such a show, that’s not likely something we’ll see for very long time, if ever.

With Marvel Studios doing amazing things on the film front, expanding the franchise with many of their characters in early development as their own solo movies, there’s so much opportunity for Marvel and Disney to do great things. Let’s hope what they do is as great as the potential.

Perhaps those rumored Marvel short films to introduce secondary characters, debuting alongside their blockbuster theatrical releases such as The Avengers will lead into live-action television programs? There’s a thought.

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Source: MTV

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  1. If they can work out a way to have the big screen heroes make cameos in a TV series, that would be EPIC.

    • one final note, the subplot of Banner being hunted should definietly be used in the avengers

    • Thanks for the link Jake! That was pretty well done, man.

  2. I hate Loeb, he should go back to DC(love his Batman stuff) because he hasn’t had one good story line while at Marvel. Really, Red Hulk turns out to be General Ross? Such garbage. And the anime series that are coming out just look terrible. Not really sure what characters would be good for a live action series. It would cost a lot of special effects money for most of the characters in the Marvel Universe.

    • Wolverine Evolution was awesome if you haven’t read it. Of course the art work was just amazing. I am all kinds of down for anybody who kills Captain America. I like his Batman too. He writes that really well.

  3. Do the whole new Guardians of the Galaxy series…tat would be awesome. Or if they run out of ideas they can do the Defenders.

  4. shield would be a cool show, cameos from the real heroes now and then would be cool. Or heroes for hire could be cool too.

    • I have to agree that S.H.I.E.L.D would probably be the easiest and best way to go for a live action T.V. series. The Legend of Shang Chi would also work.

  5. They should make The Sentry into a TV show. He isn’t that well known (for now), but his story is pretty powerful. You can’t help but feel for the character. For those who don’t know, The Sentry (Robert Reynolds) is the most powerful hero of the entire Marvel universe, but he is also the strongest villain. His mental state determines his power, and he struggles everyday to control the power of a million suns!!!
    He is my favorite superhero (in the Marvel Universe anyway) and I was very sorry to see him die in the comics, hopefully to rise again!!!

    • Someone as powerful and unstable as The Sentry should be left alone. This whole premise has already been explored with Phoenix / Dark Phoenix and she was by far a more interesting character.

      If MARVEL decide to ressurect him they should sell him off to DC and pitch him up against Superman. Excessively powerful characters like that don’t really hold my interest for too long.

      A one off story could work but not an ongoing series.

      • I know, Sentry allows reminded me of a long blond haired vrsion of Superman,includingthe big S(stands for SUCKS). Just kidding.

        • Well actually that was Marvel’s intent. They wanted an over the top powerful superhero in their universe. Their spin on it though, was that his only weakness is himself. The Sentry would be a great character to do a show on (see my comment below). His mental instability, and agoraphobia make him a wild card when it comes to fighting, some days he can go and make a stand while other days he can’t seem to get out of bed. For those who don’t know the character can have that surprise factor when they find out The Void is The Sentry, and that he is the culmination of all the good AND all the evil. If you read my comment below, you will see some ways they could use him and recent Marvel events with each other. His story wouldn’t have to be stretched out over 10 seasons or anything, but you can stretch the revelations of his character to a few seasons (i.e. revealing he is The Void, his true origin, and end it with his death).

      • It’s the problem with super-powerful characters. You either have them as villains, in which case the over-powered heroes prove themselves by defeating him despite the odds (Sentry, Magneto, Onslaught, Black Adam etc) or if you make him a hero you have to give him some sort of mental weakness in order to make him “interesting.”
        Super-powerful villains who become heroes get an automatic power level drop in order to keep the weak hero versus super villain aspect going (Juggernaut) or they end up turning bad again (Magneto).
        Personally my favourite character in Marvel U was the Beyonder. Someone who could arm-wrestle Celestials was just… awesome.
        Of course then they turned him into a Cosmic Cube in Secret Wars III. I never accepted that retcon.

  6. Always talking…
    But it’s never something they can talk about…
    But it won’t stop them from talking.

    The same old BS we’ve heard for years and years and years.

  7. Crazy thought here. It seems that the Hulk may be done for awhile as far as starring in his own live action movies. No one’s mentioned anything about a sequel. At least not until the Avengers movie is out of the way and that’s damn near two years from now. What if they decided to do another live action Hulk tv show in the same vein as the one from the 70’s. The last Hulk movie set that up. Only problem the production value may be high what with a cgi Hulk running around. Then again with the house of mouse paying the bills maybe some a less expensive but still passable cgi model could be used. And there’s no way a bodybuilder could double as the green guy. Or could he? Some camera tricks to make him appear bigger on side of the regular actors a la the elves and hobbits in Lord
    of the Rings. I don’t know. Maybe maybe not.

    • It shouldn’t be out of the question, yes the production cost might be a little highfor a TV production but they’ll get money from ads pluss DVD or BLU-Ray sales.

    • @Ren

      I enjoyed the Norton “Hulk” movie and the ’70s/’80s Bixby/Ferrigno show, but now that Hulk is a movie star that will be in “Avengers”, they’re not going to have a live-action show, at the very least CERTAINLY not in the movie universe. They might consider a well-done animated show…

  8. Maybe some of the less powerful characters such as Punisher or Amadeus Cho, or for that matter secondary ones like Hercules or Daredevil. Also maybe groups like the Thunderbolts. There all comics so they all got long running story lines that can work on the weekly basis of TV

    • While Daredevil is at Fox…

      Marvel DID get the Punisher rights back from Lionsgate. And wasn’t the announcement like “More Frank Castle than The Punisher”? Hmmm…. I wonder…

  9. Oh great so the most vile evil corporation has bought one of the most freest form of media and now are going to soften it up and milk it for all its worth. Thank god for darkhorse comics. Marvel = fail, disney = monopoly, greed and misdirection.

  10. Maybe they can make some masterpieces…

  11. I would like to repeat my last post of The Sentry having his own show…they should make this happen!

  12. I would love an Exiles series. Am in love with the comics!

  13. I agree with Yamil. This would be a great opportunity to do a lot of the secondary characters. Not to say that Daredevil is one but I would love to see him in a live action series. Hero’s for hire would kick ass as a TV series. Dr. Strange and the Defenders, the list could go on and on. With the success of shows such as Smallville and Heroes (the first season of course.) the possibilities are endless. I think it would be hard to do something with a lot of CGI like Spidey, the Hulk, or even the X-men. Some of the other characters though are very feasible. The Punisher and Blade are also possibilities.

  14. Rob…
    Thank you for the article; I’m curious to see what Marvel can make happen, ESPECIALLY now that “Smallville” is about to enter its last season for DC (sigh). I disagree with only one thing you said above: “the animated X-Men cartoon of the 1990s, also known as the greatest cartoon of all time”. Ignoring for a moment all of the classic greats (Warner Brothers’ “Looney Toons” and “Merrie Melodies” and Disney’s “Duck Tales” and “Darkwing Duck”, among quite a few others), the nostalgic ’80s greats (“He Man”, “Transformers”, “G.I. Joe”, “Thundercats”, none of which were considered grand quality but were damned fun), and the Japanese anime greats (“Battle of the Planets”/”Gatchaman”, “Robotech”/”Macross”, and “Voltron”, which blew the minds of so many American kids), there is still ONE cartoon that, to this day, is revered…”Batman: The Animated Series”. In my opinion, THAT trumps the X-Men offering, easily.

    …but I’m just sayin’… πŸ˜›

    • @Archeon. I must agree, Batman The Animated series was A SERIOUS show. Not meant for little kiddies. That show blew me away then,Disney brought in “Gargolyles” which started out great then got sour. Yeah, but as far as theme music,animation quality,story telling, and almost adult plot lines,”Batman T.A.S” was THE best.(in my opinion)

  15. The Punisher would make an excellent show. If done right it could incorporate all the things people love about Dexter and comics all in one kick ass show. If done wrong though it would be a cheap Dexter knockoff. I think it would be the one comic worth trying a live-action show for.

  16. it got to be Heroes for Hire tv show what about they do another Power Pack tv show they did try and do a Power Pack tv show but it did not get picked up

  17. Why isn’t pixar making a friggin antman movie yet? Disney owns marvel and pixar right? What the hell?

  18. They should do a Spidey Show instead of that crap reboot that no one wants oh yeah Sony owns him for now.
    Dr Strange would be a good show idea also

  19. One of the greatest Cartoons of all time Rob, but not the greatest lol

    I would say for me it’s

    Justice League Unlimited
    Batman TAS
    then the Xmen 90’s cartoon.

    Lets hope we get some good TV shows out of this. Maybe we could get a Daredevil live action TV show instead of a film.

    • All good stuff but for me, the X-Men series defined me and had the greatest impact. It’s also one of the few shows which is just as good and powerful watching now as it was when I was a kid.

      I wish modern cartoons could do that… I look at Wolverine and the X-Men, it’s title alone and the animation take it down a few levels :(

  20. A real gritty on the street level kind of “Daredevil” would be really cool.

    Not too dark but sort of a cross between “The Sheild”, “The Wire” & “Law & Order” with a fair amount of hardcore action.

    Kevin Smith could write and direct as could Frank Miller. :-)

    A Doctor Strange TV show in “Supernatural” – “Fringe” style could work just as well.

    • @Magnetic Awesome idea!

  21. I think The Sentry (see above comments, can you tell he is my favorite?), The Runaways, Power Pack, Heroes for Hire, and even Young Avengers would would. The only problem is making these work without the continuity of the movies. My idea for The Sentry (my favorite) because he is involved in so much of the more recent events in Marvel is maybe to tell his origin, and his present at the same time. This would mirror how the comics did this, and with his origin (what was thought to be, and what actually was-drug addiction) you can get this moving and powerful story. He is a superhero whose story isn’t about the fact that he can do anything and is unmatched, but the inner turmoils he struggles with. Think of Smallville with a more relevant character development ( I love the show, but it is one of its’ faults). Thinking of that, we can have him be involved with Civil War and Seige but think of it when he was actually involved in the comic books. He never really got involved. He mostly just hovered over, and only did a little here and there. At this point you can have him floating there and here is inner monologue going, describing the events around him and why he can’t get involved.
    The Sentry is my favorite Marvel character and not a lot of people are aware of him, so it might draw interest into the characters that he was involved with. I think he has a lot of range as a character and usually with the case of superhero shows, we see less powers and more character involvement. This is an excellent character for that, since he rarely shows off his stuff, for fear of the Void returning!

  22. I think any team in the marvel you could be a good show except the avengers. F4 would be cool, or some merc group ala the A Team.

  23. Magnetic visualy I picture a daredevil show to be kind of like Angel the series it was always so dark and yet so beautiful and cinimatic they nailed it’s visual style and I think it’s perfect for daredevil. Especially when I picture season three when they were in a dark ally in the rain with angel holding his baby it was visually amazing just so beautiful. Obviously I’m talking visually not the same tone as angel it needs less humor and less tongue in cheek other wise we end up with the same thing the movie. I enjoyed the movie for what it was but given a second chance dare devil needs to be less over the top more grounded and taken serious much like the Batman franchise now. Dare devil is a darker character than most marvel. Some parts of the movie were very good like him coming home all beat up but some were awful like most of bullseye and Electra. I would hope this time around we won’t be over burdoned with to much Electra.

    • Angel was a great show. My wife and I used to watch it regularly.

      You’re right, it was cinematically very well shot on 35mm film. The lighting and camera departments worked under the guidance of Ross Berryman, the DP, and he really achieved that classic film noir “look” for Angel.

  24. Not that I would be asked (shucks) but here’s my top 5 roster of wish-list live action possibles

    1 – Sir Percy : Black Knight

    Yes! Merlin! Arthur and the round table! And the Black Knight with the Ebony Blade. Even if you stuck close to the comics and this was a limited run show? The greatness is that later on, other folks can take up the mantle…as a hero or villain.

    Speaking of Knights…

    2 – Marc Spector
    Who can alternate between his cloak and dagger stuff to…well, he found this funky costume down in Egypt see, and it kind of…well, you know.

    3 – Sleepwalker
    You knew I was going to say that. I just think it’s an easy character to adapt. It also could appeal to some demographics.

    4 – Frank Castle/Punisher
    More or less the same reason as Moon Knight. But more in a “Transporter” or “Burn Notice” action type light, so to speak, and not shooting up everyone to pulps.

    5- Warlock
    YES. Go cosmic!

    As for the animated series department? Keep up the Doc Strange/ Planet Hulk quality and we are good to go.