Marvel’s Kevin Feige Talks ‘Avengers 2 & 3′, Thor 3, ‘Guardians’ & More [Video]

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WARNING: Major Thor 2 SPOILERS in this Video!!!!


We attended the Thor: The Dark World junket in London and had a chance to sit down with Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige to talk about Marvel Movie topics including the big revelations of the Thor 2 button scenes; new story details for Guardians of the Galaxy; the probability that we’ll see Thor 3 in the near future; what those two movies planned for 2016 and 2017 might be – and much more Marvel Movie goodness.

You can watch our interview with Feige in the video above, and get more detailed analysis from the interview transcript below:

Screenrant: Thor: The Dark World  is very pivotal not just for Phase 2 but setting up a lot of the Phase 3; in those button scenes we get this revelation that what we’ve been seeing now is kind of building towards something. You have the Tesseract which is the mind gem, blue, the Aether which is the power gem, red –  are we building towards an Avengers 3 with Thanos and the infinity gauntlet?

Kevin Feige: I don’t know that I would spell it out that clearly, necessarily, but certainly fans of the comics could surmise that all of this is leading somewhere. Joss’ decision to have Thanos turn around, smile to the audience at the end of ‘Avengers’, it was always the plan to show that the Tesseract was indeed an infinity stone. A lot of that will tie first into ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’ which comes out next year and then where it goes from there we’ll see.

Guardians of the Galaxy Character Roster Concept Art Line up Marvels Kevin Feige Talks Avengers 2 & 3, Thor 3, Guardians & More [Video]

Screenrant: The orb in Guardians: We were debating the colors: is that time or space?

Kevin Feige: Here’s what I would say I would not necessarily attribute them based on colors because you’re close but you’re not 100% right on what each one is. Did you visit the Guardian set?

Screenrant: No my co-editor he heard about it.

Kevin Feige: How the hell did you know about the orb? Look at you guys… yes the MacGuffin of ‘Guardians’ certainly plays into MacGuffins from the past.

Screenrant: And it also could be tied to the Scarlet Witch [in Avengers 2]! Reality-based powers, that’s a difficult trick to pull… But we’re talking about Thor 2, and where it ends it now seems kind of a set up for Thor 3 – is that something that’s coming in phase 3? or do we have to wait beyond that to get that?

Kevin Feige: Well we’ll see. It won’t be until probably sometime next year before we announce the 2016 movies and the 2017 movies, and a lot of that will depend on the reception to the next batch of movies. What we’re actively working on is Thor’s next appearance in ‘Age of Ultron.’ Where he goes beyond that we have a lot of ideas. You’re right that where we leave the characters in this movie sort of hints what could happen in the future, but we’ll see where that goes after ‘Avengers 2.’

Ultron Marvel Comics Annihilation Conquest 5 Marvels Kevin Feige Talks Avengers 2 & 3, Thor 3, Guardians & More [Video]

Screenrant: How do you fit Thor and Ultron in one movie? This is a movie that’s very cosmic and Ultron is a very technology based villain – how do you kind of fit those two together?

Kevin Feige: Finding that balance has always been what that cinematic universe has been about. Iron Man is a very technological hero his movies are always technologically based. The first ‘Thor’ was all about introducing Asgard and Thor in that more fantastical realm into the more reality-based MCU, and explain that obviously it might look like magic, but it’s another form of science and technology. As we go into Ultron clearly he does come out of technology, but we’re using all of our tools at our disposal that we’ve established so far as part of the MCU to build the storyline of ‘Age of Ultron.’

Screenrant: Is Joss [Whedon] in position to also architect Phase 3 or is that still being determined?

Kevin Feige: It’s still being determined. All of his efforts right now in what he’s doing for us primarily, obviously, writing and prepping ‘Age of Ultron’ but also in reading the drafts of the films in phase 2, watching early cuts and a) to inform him where the characters are going to end up in the beginning of ‘Age of Ultron’ and also to get his input and his wisdom into all of these. But right now it’s all about leading up to ‘Age of Ultron.’

Inhumans Movie News 570x356 Marvels Kevin Feige Talks Avengers 2 & 3, Thor 3, Guardians & More [Video]

Screenrant: Just going with the [Infinity] gem theory, there’s still a lot of room for Dr. Strange, mysticism and even The Inhumans; how close are we to those announcements of the 2016 films?

Kevin Feige: I think it will be sometime next year; sometime in the first half of next year. First we have to really decide which ones we want to do and both of the ones you named are among the projects we’re talking about. If you look at the films for next year, ‘The Winter Soldier’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ the year after that ‘Age of Ultron’ and ‘Ant Man’, we really like – and I don’t know if this will always be the case – but we like that in those two years there’s an existent franchise – new stories of an existing character – and then a whole new group of characters. We find that that’s a nice rhythm for our two films a year.

Screenrant: Is that gonna stick? Are we ever going to go three films a year?

Kevin Feige: There are no plans for it, sometimes depending on what’s ready when it may fall that way, but we’re in a very nice rhythm right now. The entire studio is built to comfortably deliver two of these a year that we’re proud of.


Iron Man 3 is now available on home video, Thor: The Dark World is currently in theaters, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. Go ScreenRant!! “How the hell did you know about the orb?” <— Love this!

    • “We know a lot of things”. Awesome! :D

      And also Kofi finally said Joss instead of Josh! ;)

      • I don’t know, I kinda of enjoy his Kofi-isms. I usually listen to the podcast when I’m out running with my dog, and when he says “Josh Whedon” I automatically laugh. The other one that he doesn’t do anymore is saying “Meme” as “mee-mee” instead of “meem.” I always loved that one.

        You’re the best Kofi. I’m not hating on you.

        • Nope, not hating here either. Just observing. I love the whole Screenrant gang. :)

          • I think it’s just my Philly accent – I know he’s Joss!

            I read the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie adaptation novel before that movie was ever out! Read it in ONE DAY. That’s my level of Whedon knowledge!

  2. well, it’s all a guessing game!

  3. Happy Veteran’s Day all! I know comic-books have helped many a soldier through rough times! Thank goodness for fantasy!

  4. Varun Sreenivas

    Thanos never used face cream ;)

  5. Mitch Dinn

    Seth Bennett

  6. Ted Bruce Bratsberg

    Why do they have to make sequels until we completely throw up just thinking about them?

    • John Mcguire

      You don’t have to watch them! You do know that? lol, –

      “there’s always barber college!”…

  7. Happy Rememberance Day and good interview SR. The newest bit to come out of it was his plan to have a new property and a sequel each year.
    That pretty much confirms Thor 3 for 2016, considering it’s box office success and ending, and a newer property (hopefully Inhumans).
    For that one slot in 2017 probz a new property they have planned, and they’re waiting to see how Captain America and GotG does before they announce a slot for a second film. Cool, cool

  8. Excited for ALL of those

  9. Iron Man 3 was a big disappointment , what they did to Mandarin was akin to what was done with Galactus in FF4 2. !!!

    • Short Change

      Aint lyin IM3 sucked ass, but Thor 2 was awesome!

      • Is lying, it didn’t, it was brilliant. Get a clue, Facebooker.

        Sorry everyone, irritated by the pedantic comments and influx of Facebook posts on the comment section that are so $tupid, I’m losing faith in humanity’s future as an intelligent species.

        • Yeah the Facebook posts are really annoying.

    • OMG not again with this whiny Mandarin crap!! GEEZ, Give it up and move on in life…you will be much happier

    • Kyle Robert Rife

      No, it wasn’t! Because that never was the Mandarin!! Killian’s character embodied the traits of the “Mandarin”, from more the modern versions in comics. As in, no longer a Fu man Chu stereotype. No one saw Kingsley’s “Trevor” coming. But it gave brilliant social commentary about our fears as a nation. We give fear a “face”, the obvious appearance of a terrorist. Most of these guys really are just losers putting on a show, backed by a man in the suit.

  10. Great job. Interview somebody and make sure the mic can hear you, but not who you are interviewing. Glad it’s typed up in the article.

    • Lots of deaf people visiting this site, huh? First people complaining about not being able to understand Vic on the podcust, now this. I must have super hearing or something, because I could understand him perfectly. ;)

      • @TheLostWinchester same, yeah Joss was quieter but in no way could I not here him.

        • Which Joss Whedon clip are you referring to?

      • To be fair, Vic has some kinda weird set-up at his house, that makes it very echoey. Personally, I can make out what he’s saying no problem, but I do often wonder why they’ve never tried to resolve the problem after all the times he’s been on the podcast. They obviously listen to the recordings before they post it so they must know about it.

    • Sound was the responsibility of the studio, not us.

      We would’ve had air-tight sound quality if it was up to us :-)

  11. J Oscar Campos

    I got that complete series. …infinity

    • A medal is in the mail as we speak.

    • Which complete series? Infinity is the new one, but the movies are roughly based on “The Infinity Gauntlet” which is an older series.

  12. The more i hear about the MCU the more the DCU and it’s lack of direction/diversity seems pale by comparison.

    • So Batman, Nightwing, Flash and Wonder Woman in the MOS sequel is a lack of direction/diversity?

      • LMAO….That’s great Dazz

    • Seems to me DC has a very definite direction, they’re just being very discreet about it.

    • Entirely unneccesary input. Bashing DC in a completely non-DC article is as bad or even worse than DC fanboys trolling Marvel articles to rile everyone up.

      • @Hollywood – Tiberius wasn’t bashing DC. He said he likes the direction of the MCU over the direction of DCU – you may want to reevaluate your understanding of the word bashing.


    • It’s not a competition. I enjoy both Marvel and DC output. It’s only a competition to people who choose to view it that way. If you and a lot of other people realized the truth, that they are not in a war with each other, then we wouldn’t have to witness the Marvel vs. DC bullsh#@

  13. You would have thought they would have to start releasing more than 2 films a year? I mean if they release a new character film and an established film every year then wouldn’t it end up with huge gaps in Avengers movies?

    I suppose Falcon/Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch/Ant Man are being introduced whilst others might be dropped say Iron Man might hook up with GOTG to get over some of his (WTF aliens) angst? But then I suppose Iron Patriot would be bought in as cover?

    • Marvel knows that digging into more than 2 films at year at this point would be over-extending their production capabilities. Eventually they will ramp up to 3 films a year but it’s a pretty big leap to make. Marvel, I’m very sure, is very wary of jumping in too deep when they’re already deep enough.

  14. EXCITED.♡‿♡

  15. thor the darkworld put the MCU back on track and i hope they give alan traylor some good money to direct more marvel films, his was the best one behind the avengers as best marvel movie because it stayed close to the comic book. iam also so tired of people asking kevin feige about how ultron and thor fit together as if they really exist. its all part of the MCU and
    all fantasy and the disconnection from reality that comes with it when we
    watch those movies. in the real world does anyone think a villian is going
    to say ” i wont attack iron man because he is a technologically based
    superhero”…. did the chitauri sit and have a think session and say ”
    we will only attack GODS GREEN MONSTERS and leave everyone else alone…

    • Doubt he will come back. He is doing terminator not to mentuon marvel stepped in and did some things he didnt like

  16. Man of Steel was a big pile of sh*t

    • I’ve made my feelings on MoS pretty obvious on these boards and I am pretty heavily Marvel biased…. but there’s a time and a place and this isn’t either.

  17. Here’s my prediction for the next films up until 2018, which should go without saying that this is purely speculation & playing the guessing game.

    2016 – Thor 3, Dr. Strange
    2017 – Captain America 3, Inhumans, Captain Marvel
    2018 – Avengers 3, Guardians of the Galaxy 2

    Yes, I know that Feige already said that there would not be more than two films a year, but I don’t think rumors of a Captain Marvel film started popping up for no reason. Plus, how terrible would it make DC look if Marvel were the ones to come out with a major female superhero film before they did. Maybe it’ll come out in 2018 with Avengers 3, but I definitely think it’s being worked on.

    • I’d rather Ms Marvel be in Captain America 3 to introduce her and then get a Black Panther movie.

  18. Hulk 2 = Planet Hulk
    Avengers 3 = World War Hulk

    Best story arcs in recent memory and ready made for feature films with crossovers. Pay the goddamned money and get the Xmen rights from Fox so I can see the Green Scar tear through them to get to Xavier.

  19. Adrian Age Scott

    Manadrin in ironman 3 was a let down. That was a pathetic bad guy

    • One Mandarin struck fear in the public via viral videos, the real one was a physical menace once he revealed his Extremis powers.

      Are you sure you actually watched IM3?

  20. I dont like that constant chasing of macguffins, even kevin fiege callrd it that. It shies to me marvel us gonna cost by with the films including a gem which is a shame. I get that the gems needs to be introduced but id like some creativity involved.

  21. 2016 – Thor 3, Dr.Strange
    2017 – Captain America 3, Guadians of the Galaxy 2
    2018 – Inhumans, The Avengers 3(possible crossover with both Guardians, and Inhumans)

    Black Panther could possibly be were GOTG2 is and then GOTG2 could possibly be where Inhumans are.

  22. THOR 2…I slept in theatre watching this… I woke up brother is king

    • I fell asleep reading your comment, woke up, it was still pointless.

      • +Infinity

      • Hands down the best reply in the entire thread.

  23. Jacob Burke

  24. Thor 3 should introduce Beta Ray Bill

    • I always thought everything about Beta Ray Bill was incredibly lame. Especially his name. I really hope he is never in an MCU movie except for maybe a 10-second walk-by cameo in the background of a scene, but maybe that’s just me.

      • I share those sentiments as well.

  25. *sigh* Can people just stop bitching about Iron Man 3 already. It’s getting old. Move on. Geeze

    • …as soon as people stop praising it.


  26. I like the idea of keeping it a two films a year, one a more established character and one a newer property. With as many characters as they have at their disposal, that could go on like that for decades.

    Looking forward to Doctor Strange and the Inhumans movie. Even though they haven’t confirmed anything that’s the direction I think they’ll go, with Black Panther coming soon after.

  27. Oh yeah Facebook comments!! Now it’s just like Rotten Tomatoes. The reason I found this site in this first place hmmmm….

    • Just saying Screen Rant, can we now look forward to people insulting us or saying that movie A is sh*t and OMG movie B is da bomb!

      • We’re just in a testing phase with FB comments right now. If it stinks, or ruins our community we know and love, better believe we’ll do some serious tweaking :-)

        • You’ve opened a portal to a world I fear none of us are ready for….. Haha

          Sounds like it could be a line from a movie, probably is from 50 movies actually.

          • @ MovieB

            Agreed! There seems to be a certain level of utter garbage being spouted out by an ignorant minority on this thread who shouldn’t be allowed near a computer let alone to post comments on this website.
            I thought Screen Rant was a serious website for proper discussion? What’s going on Screen Rant?

      • @MovieB – Maybe you’re not aware but that happens a lot anyway – the OMG movie-part, not the other part.

        I’m trying to stay ahead of the insulting comments as best I can. If you see someone crossing a line, please reach out to us via the Contact Us page and I’ll take care of it as soon as I can.

        Paul Young – Moderator

        • @ Paul Young

          Point taken. I will do just that.

  28. Mitch Lowe

    Luke Hiscock Alistair Taylor

  29. Really wish you asked him if Loki’s scepter was an infinity gem.

    Power Gem-> The Aether- Owned by The Collector
    Space Gem-> The Tesseract- Owned by Loki acting as Odin
    Mind Gem-> The Gem on Loki’s Scepter(Has all the qualities of the mind gem)- Probably kept secret from “The Council” and in the possession of Nick Fury

    Time Gem-> GOTG orb- Thanos(Via Ronan), The Collector, and Guardians of the Galaxy are all after it
    Reality Gem-> Could be owned by Scarlett Witch, I hope not as I believe she is Inhuman.
    Soul Gem-> I have to think that Adam Warlock has it

    • Illusions are that of the mind; not space.

    • Actuall, Kevin told CraveOnline that the Tesseract was the space gen and the Aether was the reality gem. Personally, I thought the Tesseract was power but oh well.

      • Kevin did not say the Aether was the reality gem.

        I’m curious, why did you think the Tesseract was the power gem? Creating portals through space was a dead give-away to me.

        • Not in this interview he didn’t. I read this from CraveOnline. As for the Tesseract, it didn’t just open portals. Red Skull and SHIELD used it to make weapons, Loki used it to power his sceptor, so on so forth. In the right machine, it seemed capable of doing anything. As for the Aether, people in Dark World did keep stressing how it would alter all “reality.”

          • The one Crave interview where he discusses the Aether, he doesn’t say it’s the reality stone.

            Yes the tesseract generates energy, but its primary ability is to generate portals, bridge space instantaneously. It seemed like the Space stone to me, and then it was confirmed by Feige.

            I’m not saying the Aether isn’t the reality stone. I’m saying Feige didn’t say it was. If you can produce a link to a crave online interview where he says that, then good. But I read the interview where he talks about the stones, and he doesn’t say which stone the Aether is.

          • The one Crave interview where he discusses the Aether, he doesn’t say it’s the reality stone.

            Yes the tesseract generates energy, but its primary ability is to generate portals, bridge space instantaneously. It seemed like the Space stone to me, and also seemed like it could be the power stone, and then it was confirmed by Feige.

            I’m not saying the Aether isn’t the reality stone. I’m saying Feige didn’t say it was. If you can produce a link to a crave online interview where he says that, then good. But I read the interview where he talks about the stones, and he doesn’t say which stone the Aether is.

    • We know that Loki’s scepter was empowered by the Tesseract. It’s not the Mind gem.