Marvel Begins Work on ‘Iron Fist’ Movie

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iron fist movie writer Marvel Begins Work on Iron Fist Movie

With Marvel laying down the groundwork and announcing plans for a schedule of big budget summer superhero movies back in 2008 after the success of Iron Man, those projects (and the dreams of many fans come true) have since become a reality. Iron Man 2 came and went and we’re already deep into production for Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor, both due out next year.

We all know these heroes and stars will team-up for The Avengers in 2012 but the question of what comes next remains somewhat of a mystery. With talk of so many second tier Marvel characters getting potential feature film treatment and some of them even getting writers and/or a director, we’re starting to get an idea of what heroes may hit the silver screens next. One of them of course, is Danny Rand aka Iron Fist.

Almost exactly a year ago, action star Ray Park (Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace) stated that he very much desires to play Iron Fist in his film adaptation, after having been attached to star in the project a decade ago before Marvel got back the rights to the property. Since that time, the character has been name-dropped by Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee, Marvel President Kevin Feige and many others but now it’s officially moving forward.

According to Deadline’s exclusive, Marvel Studios has hired screenwriter Rich Wilkes (xXx) to pen the screenplay for Iron Fist and all I can say is “finally!” Iron Fist can make for one very unique action movie if done correctly and I’m curious as to how he’ll be introduced. We know Marvel has an interest in possibly developing a series of micro-budget films for secondary (read: completely unknown to the mainstream) characters and that some of them may be introduced through Marvel short films attached to their big summer blockbusters (a la Disney’s Pixar with their animated shorts) to help gauge fan reaction and moviegoer demand for full features of said characters.

For those unfamiliar with Danny Rand, Iron Fist is one of the greatest unarmed fighters in the world, having mastered many martial arts and their accompanying weapons. For his superhero ability, he possesses the power of the Iron Fist which allows him to control Chi energy, augmenting all of his natural abilities and making him unstoppable for a time, but it cannot be used continuously. His big move involves channeling the Chi into his fist, wrapping it in energy so he can really lay down the pain. Iron Fist can also has the ability to heal himself and others.

Perhaps it’s better to see Danny Rand in action to get a better idea of what Iron Fist is really all about. Here’s an Iron Fist gameplay trailer from his appearance in the Activision video game, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2:

Iron Fist, like Dr. Strange, Runaways and other projects (Ant-Man, SHIELD, etc.)  in development will all be among the first Marvel Studios movies to be distributed by their new owner, Disney, as their current contract expires with Paramount after Captain America, Thor, The Avengers and Iron Man 3 all debut.

With Iron Fist getting a writer, albeit one that I’m hesitant on after seeing xXx, does this mean he won’t be teaming up with Luke Cage in a Heroes for Hire film as Ray Park suggested last summer? Will Luke Cage be next to get his only solo film since in May we heard Marvel was in talks with a known Hollywood actor to play the Power Man?

Let the speculation begin as to who should portray Danny Rand on screen!

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Source: Deadline

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  1. lets hope this isnt rushed

    • I don’t think you have to worry about that as it has been in development hell for ten years now.

  2. Yes, Yes, for the love of god yes!!!! One of my fave heroes. lets just hope Luke Cage is in it.

    • they should use the iron fist costume from marvels ultimate avengers alliance game or at least base the costume concept of that.

    • luke cage is ready to bust out of his cage!!!!!! go iron fist.

  3. Ryan Phillippe would be a great choice I think.

    Rob I have noticed in a few of the Marvel series that Shang Chi Master of Kung Fu is taking center stage (Shadowland and Moon Knight)..this probably means that they are gearing up for him to make an appearance somewhere as well as Moon Knight..

    Love Iron Fist..

  4. I wonder if Tarantino and RZA will have to change the title of there movie “Man With The Iron Fist” because of this movie?

  5. Ugh I’m disseminated to hear Marvel just making what ever character they can alot of these cahracters just can’t hold a film together by them selves. I’m sorry, but alot of these guys like Iron Fist just are not that interesting. If they do this it has to be low budget. I can seem them logically spending more than 40 mil on this other wise it will probably be bomb at the office. There just isn’t mass appeal there.

    • That’s not true. Iron fist has fans and there’s no way of telling which direction the film is taking or who is interested. I’m pretty sure if marketed and done correctly, This could be the next big martial arts film.

      • Iron Fist has fans, but not a lot and no one outside of comics knows who he is. To be honest I can’t figure out why he has fan his stories are fairly uninteresting as is the character him self.

        That aside pretending he is interesting he isn’t at all very well known and the next big martial arts film means very little considering the last big martial arts film wasn’t a ground breaking success. They make a limited amount of money and usually lack a large budget. So as I said anything of 40mil would be dumb.

        Calling it a Martial arts film sort of proves my point though. Martial arts films may be fun for some, but they are shallow entertainment.

        • Wow i feel that you have such a negative out look on almost anything. I mean Iron Fist has a great and rich back story recently retold and tweaked. And to say that Bruebaker didnt make that book anything less than gold is crazy! I think this would and could be a great movie as long as they keep his origion a matial arts movie and his exploits super hero.

          • power of the iron fist.

        • True on the martial arts part but I still think that this movie has plenty of potential. I think Marvel can do alot with him and he has an interesting background imo.

        • i hear ya daniel, if nobody is talking about batman it’s a stupid idea.

          • I think Daniel’s point is….

            Yeah He has a (relatively small) fanbase… which are always the first people you alienate when you adapt their beloved characters to film. They obviously aren’t going to put an actor up on screen in that outfit he wears. Dude looks super gay in print… imagine it in real life. ~shudders~ So that will get the fans upset right off the bat. And then who are you making the film for? other comic book fans know of him but think He is kinda a boring character…. and no one else has ever heard of the guy.

            would I see it? maybe. I’d have to be sold by previews and good reviews. I would be more inclined to see a movie with Iron Fist and Luke Cage together though. That way I feel like I would be getting more bang for my buck. :)

            • theyre not going to put him up in the disco collar because that would be a mistake, and it would probably even be a mistake to put up the current outfit. but the great thing is that his out fit mearly needs to be of a matial arts design, green, and have the iron fist logo on it and theyre good. but if you read the latest iron fist story it developed him much more as a solo character and showed past iron fist. so this is really a mantle that he’s trying to live up to.

              i mean come on his father dragged himself and his pregnant wife to an acciant lost city so he could become the iron fist, but died on the journey. so his mother had him in the city and he was trained from birth to face the dragon and gain its power. he fights a dragon for chi! learns the secrets of kun lun and soon leaves the city and ends up being a stark/wayne buisnes man. this is a deep story. and who knows the first 10 mins can be so details about past iron fist. theres a good amount of great story to work with.

              and although his fan base is relativly small, its always growing. id say more people know about him than hellboy and look how that turned out! granted that was because of del toro but still iron fist can work.

            • i agree the outfit would be wrong even color selection of the outfit would be wrong. and yes…
              Luke Cage is a must to create a balance in the story. but what kills me is just because you haven’t heard of the guy doesn’t mean the movie is going to be a lackluster film. they already have a experienced action actor passionate about bringing the character to life and enough source material to make it interesting. i mean Iron Fist been around since the 70′s. i never heard of the watchmen until the movie came out. and the film was long but it was good. even though they was a little overboard with the sex scenes. but back to Iron Fist, i would put him regular clothes doing his thing fighting crime. and that goes for Luke Cage too.

        • Doesn’t matter. It’s the trailers, director, star and marketing that will sell the movie.

          It could make for an incredible action film if done right and let’s not forget the massive Marvel cameos that could play a role.

      • shang chi might appear in a heroes for hire movie, probably not a stand alone,

  6. all im gonna say is Scott Adkins!

    • exactly :D

    • He’s pretty bad-ass, can’t lie. From his Deadpool moves to his small role in Tournament and starring in Ninja.

      I still think they’ll go for someone in their late twenties though.

  7. If this is done right,it can be pretty epic.But you have to do it with the proper storyline and actor.I disgree on Ray Park being Iron Fist.I have nothing against him,but hes not the man for the part.Scott Adkins is the best actor to potray iron fist.Hes a much better Martial Artist than Park,and hes just fits the role better.I think it would be a success if they have the right choreographer,setting and actors,(not to mention story)it could be a surprise hit.Iron Fist is a martial arts masterpiece waiting to happen.

  8. @The Truth

    couldnt have said that better myself… your a smart guy haha

  9. Love Iron Fist…hated the writing for xXx. it was so nonsensical.

    *crosses fingers*

  10. if they rush iron fist, it will be terrable, take your time on it, he has such a history so embrace it, and most of all, do it right…

  11. I sooooooooooooooooooooo want an Iron Fist movie !!!!
    I always thought that Iron Fist is one of Marvel’s coolest characters . He’s been one of my favs since I was a kid ( and Luke Cage too ) . Heroes For Hire would be awesome as well but I’d be happy if they can finally just get an Iron Fist movie made already.

    I would love to see Ray Park play this one but I think the next best choice would be Jason Statham.

    Statham , in my opinion , is a solid actor . He has proven repeatedly that he can do action very well and his martial arts skills are top notch for movies.

    what do you think ?
    how do you feel about Statham for Iron Fist ?
    anyone agree ?

    • i dont see him. he’s a little to old and just doesnt look the part. but i also dont agree with scott adkins. ray park looks the part and isnt a bad actor. id love to see him.

      • adkins is really good, watch undisputed 2 and you will see that he can be a total psycho, and watch ninja for the opposite. not to mention his fighting skills are insane (he’s one of my martial arts idols irl), park is to broad imo (judging by the last season of heroes) and lets face it, he hasn’t really played any big memorable roles in his acting career(other than stunt work).

        • ive seen undisputed 2 and 3 and they were based on all action on his part. he’s not a balieable actor. and he doesnt look like danny rand. and park was both darth maul and snake eyes. pretty big parts. and did grat as both.

  12. Ryan Pillipe sounds like the best idea so far especially being that Ryan is an actor foremost but has been practicing Martial Arts since he was 8 years old so it would be natural for him. You need someone who is a skilled Actor/Martial Artist someone similar to Wesley Snipes but Caucasian.(No IRS jokes,they’re getting old). I love the potential of how EPIC this could be then Luke Cage’s own gritty & grounded solo movie then merging Luke Cage’s “Gritty & Grounded” world with Iron Fist’s “Mystical Martial Arts” world for a “Heroes for Hire” movie. Sort of like “Kill Bill” + “American Gangster” + “Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon”. My casting choices are Idris Elba for LUKE CAGE and Ryan Phillipe for Iron Fist.

  13. michael jai white =luke cage and ryan phillipe nuff said.

  14. I just recently got into Iron Fist. You guys know that show Stan Lee’s Superhumans? It’s awesome cuz every character on that show is like a character in Marvel(no offense DC). One guy was like Human Torch, another was like Maverick, the host was Mr. Fantastic, another one was Electro, another one Strong Guy(X-Factor), and another one…Iron Fist. Harnessing the power of your chi is something bewildering. Some shaolin monk on the show was doing the Bruce Lee death punch thing and matching Lee’s strength. Oh yeah, on some other show was some guy having metal stick to him. Like big hammers and stuff. Magneto, anyone? Make mine Marvel! (Rick Flare woooo!)

  15. Scott Adkins is the only guy who could do this character justice. It absolutely HAS to be him. Ryan Phillipe? are you serious?

    • Scott Adkins are u serious the guy need better acting skills. Ryan Phillipe is better cause his a martial artist and a actor.

  16. meh Scott Adkins is not enough of a pretty boy. Of course we dont know the path they are taking with IF.

    DanielF…. And people didn’t know who Blade was outside of comics either, or the Watchmen, or (shudder) Electra, or other movies that have been made from comic books.

    It does not matter. What matters is if the subject/movie/story is interesting and can appeal to both the comic readers and the public.

    We know martial arts already has a niche, add in the comic fans, then the “mystical” portion and you have a hit if done right.

    The issue you may have is distancing it from Bruce Wayne going on his sabbatical and getting trained.

    Here is something “funny” which would never happen… do an IF movie a Luke Cage movie then an IF/Luke movie ending in a monthly cable TV show called Heroes for Hire. I dont see special effects being that outrageous. It is also a way to introduce lesser known heroes and villains.

    • couldnt have said it better!

  17. i think they should just make heroes for hire and star michael jai as luke cage and scott adkins as ironfist, the two work fine together, not to mention they have alot of martial arts skills and can do their own stunts (not to sure about MJW).

    like the many others have said, if they write up a decent script, have a well known stunt/martial arts choreographer and get a somewhat decent director then they’re all set… of course all this is easier said then done…

  18. While I m slightly disappointed that Luke Cage will not be in this, there is that chance that a Luke Cage film could shortly follow. Then at some point, there is a “Heroes For Hire” movie. This is under Marvel’s (film universe) brand- it’s possible that characters and some events could cross-over.

    This was one of the reasons why Iron Fist kept stalling, if I’m not mistaken….not having the rights to use some supporting characters, such as Misty Knight. Then there’s the Cage angle, where most would like it if Cage and Rand had a superhero buddy-team up movie. John Turman (one of the writers of Ang Lee’s ‘Hulk’) worked on the endless drafts for quite a number of years. The possible directors went from Kirk Wong (Big Hit) to Steve Carr (Daddy Day Camp)…

    Ray Park has always been connected to the project. I still think he will be considered for Iron Fist. The added bonus to this, of course, is that Iron Fist will be a film with a modest/low budget.

    I would like to see Ray Park in the role…and face off against Scott Adkins as Steel Serpent.

  19. For once I am gonna have to agree with Daniel. Despite what the fans of Iron Fist say, when it all comes out in the wash, it is just another Martial Arts movie. His mutant powers are not all that impressive and have been done before. Really he pretty much has the same powers as every other martial art character that has power. They just slapped a different name on it just like they do everytime. He hasn’t made the line up for Marvel vs Capcom 3 because Ken and Ryu would beat him senseless. His background story is just as boring. On top of that, I just can’t see them doing a really great movie about a guy dressed like a Mellow Yellow Can. I will give it it’s fair due and say that if they did the Hero’s for Hire story line it might be alright.
    The problem as I see it is that yeah, people that don’t read the comics have no clue who Ironfist is. A lot of people that read comics are surprised they even thought about making this movie period. AKnot says that nobody knew who the Watchmen, Elektra, and Blade were before their movies either. Here is the difference between those movies and this one.
    Blade has a great story period. It is a twist on vampires and vampire lore. The fact that he is a daywalker added a lot to that series along with him being a Hunter.
    Watchmen had diversity of character. The focus was never on one individual hero. It was about all of them. If they made an Owlman movie it would suck because he is not enough of a Hero to sustain a full movie.
    Elektra was a chick. That was and is needed in the comic world to try to bring in a different fanbase. Of course the guys watch or read it because she is hot. The girls like it because it is a woman kicking the crap out of everybody. You know… Girl Power.
    As I said before, Hero’s for Hire would be alright. Then the main focus would not be totally on Iron Fist. We also wouldn’t have to worry about a Luke Cage movie that is going to be just as bad. I like the idea of Ray Park as Iron Fist. He seems to really want to do it and it would be a great switch to see him do a role where he actually talks. I think if they cast anybody else then anything with Iron Fist is gonna suck. Passion for a character carries over into their performance and makes or breaks that character. As far as Luke Cage. I look for someone like Rampage Jackson to take that spot.
    So far, out of all the 2nd tier people that have been mentioned for movies the only two that sound remotely interesting are Deadpool and Dr. Strange. I could see Black Panther being decent but not all that big. Ant-man, in the Avengers.

    • When you say “and have been done before” lets be clear about which came first. Iron Fist made his debut in the early 70′s so chances are all those later characters you are thinking of borrowed from him, not the other way around. ;)

      • So what you are saying is that Iron Fist set the bar for everybody else? You are right, because the Japanese never made a movie or wrote a story about a martial arts master that could control the energy around him before the 70′s. That is just dumb.

        • Wait, Japanese? Ah no. Any Martial Arts type shows that came out 0f Japan in the 60s’-70′s were centered on the Samurai, not mutants with supernatural abilities.
          Now if you have said kung fu type shows from China, maybe, but even that would be stretching it for the timeframe. I have seen a lot of early low budget kung fu flicks and none mimicked IF’s abilities that I ever saw. Most had some super special technique or minor supernatural ability like unnatural body hardening. Now by the late 70′s and 80′s you did see a lot of characters with those type of abilities in Japanese anime, Chinese higher budget flicks, and video games (like MK).
          I also never claimed he “set the bar” but it most certainly had not all “been done before” by the early 70′s. Not saying it’s impossible but I would doubt it and consider IF to be unique based on the time he was created.

  20. They better stay with Ray Parks

  21. Unless they make this for under $20 million there is no way they will make any money.

    • agreed. lol.

  22. producing an IRON FIST movie = good. hiring XXX writer = baaad

  23. Iron Fist used to be a bit of a joke after some terrible writing on him in the 90′s, but then came Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction which wrote what was possibly the definitive Iron Fist series, “Immortal Iron Fist” in 2006. It was only in that series I finally took a real liking to the character, and they also developed a very interesting and unique supporting cast that gave the character some legitimacy as a starring feature superhero, even if the series didn’t last.

    That’s probably why I think Marvel is finally moving ahead with this movie, because they finally feel comfortable that they have a good starting point in which they can provide the writers with some strong material.

    Ray Park as Iron Fist is still very doable, but I do hope they find an actor who represents Danny Rand well, too. I think where the Immortal Iron Fist most succeeded was that it defined who Danny Rand was as a person and what his characteristic quirks were – and he IS a good character all by himself. He’s not just a martial arts superhero.

    • Then why don’t they have Brubaker and Fraction a part of the writing team for the movie. If they GOTTA HAVE this guy that wrote XXX write the screenplay then they need the best writers from Marvel to be a part of it and make sure that it’s done right. Why have a mediocre Screen Writer do this by himself. I think when “Heroes For Hire” comes out they need Shane Black to right the screenplay,Ridley Scott to direct and Antione Fuqua to Produce.

  24. One of the early Iron Fist appearances involved a fight with Sabretooth, I think that was Sabretooth’s first appearance.

    There’s a tie-in to X-Men, and if we can’t get a twin hero match up with Power Man perhaps we can get a match up with a known villain culminating with a battle between the bestial fury of Sabretooth, and the disciplined fighting skills of the Iron Fist.

    • Jason, that would be sweet but I can’t believe you don’t know that Fox owns the rights to Sabretooth and have had it for over 10 years. So we won’t be seeing Sabretooth vs Iron Fist anytime soon. Although they might be able to replace Sabretooth with “Grizzly”,it’s possible Fox may not own THAT character.

      • I keep forgetting the number of X-Characters who are controlled by Fox at the moment.

        Given the way they’re used, maybe forgetting is the nicest thing I can do with them.

    • Issue 14…. :D However he (Ironfist) had been around for about 4 years before that.

  25. ANyone know if BLADE will revert back to Marvel anytime soon? There wera few pieces in 2009 on screnrant about an upcoming 4th BLADE film but I haven’t heard much in over half a year.

    Whether its a part 4 or a reboot or just a differnet story with teh same character BLADE would be a good choice with all the popoular pro-Vampire in the media world.

  26. This has been really interesting reading this.
    Personally i LOVE Iron fist.I have the whole Marvel premiere series and most of his other marvel appearances-so i see myself as a bit of an Iron fist geek with over 70 original comics of Iron fist(not the new one) I think he is awesome and that Marvel could do so much with this project if they take the jump and run with it properly.
    I think a bigger budget would work better and I think not having luke cage is a mistake however i can see the logic in making more films ie Luke cage and then ‘heroes for hire’.
    I think some villians from other comics may have to be used as an option to make things bit different.
    Marketed properly with a bigger budget….good soundtrack etc…
    This Could be HUGE.

    Iron fist forever.

  27. Yo. I’ gonna play Danny Rand.

  28. thaaat example sucks. the deadpool trailer for that same game is about 100% better, and that’s saying something. lol.

  29. Scott Adkins=Iron Fist. Michael Jai White= Luke Cage (if he’s in the film)

    The both of them would be so perfect.