Scott Porter Wants To Play Nova in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

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It may still be a bit hard to believe, but in today’s film industry the most sure-fire way for a young, good-looking actor to find blockbuster success is to dress up in spandex and pretend to be a superhero. Nobody knows this better than Marvel, and with The Avengers in the bag and ‘Phase Two’ of the Marvel film universe set to take comic book fans into outer space, the casting short-lists and auditions are sure to begin any day now.

Rather than waiting to be called upon, Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights, Hart of Dixie) is voicing his wish to play Nova in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. The interstellar cop may not be one of the confirmed members of the James Gunn-helmed film, but Porter believes he has the knowledge of the character that’s needed to do the role justice.

There’s a good chance that Scott Porter’s name will be familiar to those who followed the pre-Avengers days of Marvel movie production, since he was on the short-list of actors vying for the role of Captain America back in 2010, as well as the titular role in the stalled production of DC’s Flash film. Chris Evans eventually swooped in, and the rest is history, but that hasn’t lessened Porter’s willingness to bring a beloved hero to life on film.

Speaking with MTV, Porter touched upon his work within the Marvel universe so far, despite missing the opportunity to wield Captain America’s shield on celluloid. He’s since voiced the iconic X-Men leader Cyclops in two TV series (Wolverine, X-Men), and a character in last year’s X-Men: Destiny video game. The pursuit of superheroes in any form isn’t accidental, according to Porter, but the sign of a life spent steeped in comic books:

“As far as superheroes go, I’m the voice of Cyclops in a couple different projects, which was very cool. But I still would love to play a superhero in live action. Marvel just announced that they’re going to do ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ which is another property that I love and that I read growing up, and I’d love to play Nova. I think any kid who gets into the acting business, I think they have a couple of things that they always want to do. For me it was: play a war hero, play an athlete, which I got to do, die a horrible death in a horror movie, which I’ve gotten to do, and then be a superhero. So I’ve marked two things off the list, and am working at the others.

“Gunn is a unique choice. But I think that he could be a really great shepherd for that property. I think ‘Guardians’ is going to be a lot of fun I think it’s going to be really cool. I thought the next thing that I would try and go after would probably be ‘Heroes For Hire,’ but it looks like ‘Guardians’ is around, so…”

Marvel Guardians Galaxy Concept Art 570x286 Scott Porter Wants To Play Nova in Guardians of the Galaxy

If those comments sound like they’re coming from someone who knows their comic books, that’s no coincidence. When his fanboy knowledge was challenged online, Porter took to Twitter to reply to his critics via CBM‘s Josh Wilding, confirming to the world that his knowledge of Guardians went farther back than most:

“@Josh_Wilding Also Tell them I read GoTG in the days of Yondu. I became a fan of Nova’s in #NewWarriors/#KingsofPain. I loved #Annihilation.

“@Josh_Wilding Oh. And last thing. I know that Nova isn’t a current Guardian. Who cares. Galactic Marvel movie with no Nova? He makes sense.”

The specific story arcs mentioned by Porter stretch all the way back to the earliest days of the cross-species team, as well as the 1990 series which introduced teenage Richard Rider as a human member of the interstellar Nova Corps (inspired by Stan Lee’s student-turned-hero Peter Parker). That kind of familiarity may come as a surprise to those who still see Porter as Friday Night Lights‘ wheelchair-bound former quarterback, Jason Street, but having had the opportunity to talk comics with Porter in person at E3 2011 while promoting X-Men: Destiny, his credentials are not in question. The guy knows his stuff.

While Nova has yet to be confirmed for Guardians, we’re just as certain that there is a role for the space cop, since Nova is one character we’ve expected Marvel to introduce with Phase Two since before Guardians was announced. The human inductee into a galactic police force may not have the name recognition for his own film – and Star-Lord’s role within Guardians already bears a strong enough resemblance to Green Lantern to raise eyebrows – so introducing the character within a larger team would be a wise move. Considering Porter has also done some of his best work as part of an ensemble cast, it could be the opportunity he’d need to prove his ability to helm a Nova film himself. If nothing else, entrusting a well-liked hero to an actor familiar with over two decades of backstory is a move fans could get behind.

Guardians of the Galaxy Nova1 Scott Porter Wants To Play Nova in Guardians of the Galaxy

Strong, human characters for audiences to relate to might also be a smart addition for Guardians, considering word of the “twisted” take James Gunn is planning for the film. That’s on top of the main villain Thanos, who is sure to bring some seriously cosmic and less-grounded story along with him.

Do you think Nova is worthy of his own film, or is an introduction with Guardians the wise move? Has Porter’s argument convinced you he should be considered for the role? If not, who should be? Share your thoughts in the comments.

The full Marvel ‘Phase Two’ release schedule is as follows: Iron Man 3 hits theaters on May 3rd, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8th, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014, and The Avengers 2 on May 1st, 2015.


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Source: MTV, ComicBookMovie

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  1. I’m quite surprised that the writer of this article calls GotG similar to Green Lantern yet Nova is somehow different. Nova is actually way similar to GL. Both are members of intergalactic police forces with the word “Corps” in their names. Both can fly and project energy. Both get their powers from an external source the wear (GL’s ring, Nova’s helmet). Both are cocky and crack jokes. Hell, their both singular heroes, whereas GotG is a whole freaking team.

    Sorry for the rant but I found that very confuzzling.

    • @Mad Titan Sorry for the confusion, but I was getting at the same thing you’re arguing. We’d mentioned in the prior plot release just how closely Star-Lord’s role specifically would parallel that of GL.

      I was emphasizing how that was already a little too close for comfort, considering how poorly that film turned out. Therefore a Nova standalone film would be almost a complete retread of the same outline.

      I’m a big fan of Nova, but yeah, they’re basically the same.

      • Oh okay, I see now. If I sounded kinda mean before, it wasn’t intentional– it was just confusion at it’s finest. This is still a good and informative article, and I’ve been gravitating towards your website lately since IGN is slacking badly. I bid you good day, sir.

      • I don’t think GL did badly because he was a “space cop” i think the execution was poor. There really isn’t alot space scenes in GL most of the action happens on earth. Hopefully GotG will be more like a Star Wars or Star Trek with capes. I think that was something GL was really lacking.

    • Nova doesn’t get his power from his helmet and it doesn’t come from something he wears either…

      Also I would never describe Nova as cocky or a joke cracker, unless your using Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 as a reference; where I feel he is completely mis-characterized.

      Just say’n

      • In the early comics (The man called Nova) When he first got Introduced he almost mirrored Peter Parkers personality, But after the Annihilation war He became I much darker character…. :I

  2. I just REALLY hope they don’t use Jeph Loeb’s dead son Nova instead of Richard. :/

    • So you’re saying you rather Richard Rider vs. Sam Alexander.

      • Yes. Richard Rider is the only Nova that should matter when discussing the character unless we’re talking about the Corps as a whole.

  3. I don’t know about NOVA in this GoTG. Nova is suppose to be established before you find out who Star Lord is. There are alot of beings to introduce as is. Even if you ignored the other team memebers and their orgins, Star Lord and Nova have to get some kind of proper set up before they meet.

  4. I still think that this movie is a mistake. It’s gonna be Tron: Legacy and Green Lantern meets Phantom Menace all over again. Green Screen phoniness, bad acting, and an all around FUBAR.

    • thor worked…
      not sure where youre getting bad acting from either.

    • Well Tron:Legacy was awesome so i dont know where you are getting at there

  5. Nova would be cool and all, but I just can’t wait to see Warlock and Gamora!!!

    • for me its Drax and Rocket Raccoon. XD
      also warlock isnt confirmed atm but ill take it as you hope hes in. i also do

    • Warlock’s not in the film roster, unfortunately.

      • Marvel said that more characters are going to be announced in the next few months, so that’s not really a confirmed fact yet.

  6. It will be interesting, to see how the characters are portrayed for the big screen, specially Rocket Raccoon. First time I read a Guardians comic book, he reminded me of Reepicheep from Chronicles of Narnia, a feisty, battle loving rodent. Granted they are entirely different species with different weapons, settings etc. but seriously, it will be awesome to see how they do this.

  7. OMFG!! I didn’t read this article yet, just the headline only pumped me up!! Thanks for the upload screenrant!! This just made my day!!! Nova’s badass!!

  8. Jason statham could be rocket raccoon!

    • +1,000,000

    • Agreed wholeheartedly!

    • thad be wickeddd

    • My #1 pick as well.

      • sounds good

    • Excellent choice!

    • I’d never have thought of that but yes.

  9. I’ve always liked Nova. He’s always been awesome, and his costume is one of my favorites. He really shined in the Annihilation event though, that’s what set him apart from Green Lantern. Losing his whole corps, while the green lantern corp still stands in DC (we’ll see after the third army…).
    In the movie-verse the Nova Corps should be destroyed already, to set him apart from Green Lantern though.

  10. Solid actor nothing bas nor great

  11. Just finished reading the report, Scott Porter would be perfect for Nova! He knows the character and looks the character; he looks just like Richard Rider. Plus seeing that he does the voice of Cyclops, he knows how to play a voice of a superheroic leader. As a given, they will make him physically tone out more and then Bam! The Human Rocket will be on the big screen!!

    “Blue Blazes!” They should have him make a cameo in the GOTG movie while Xandar is still around. Then during Phase 3, destroy Xandar and give Nova his own film.

    Better yet, make a Phase 1 cosmic movie line up; GOTG 2, Nova, Silver Surfer, Kree (Ronan) vs Skrulls (Super-Skrull) which will lead up to an Annihilation movie.

    Nova has a huge link to Starlord (their buds), Drax (taught Nova to be ruthless), and Gamora (love interest). It would be a shame for Nova to not at least give him a cameo in the GOTG movie.

  12. I love the idea of Scott Porter as Richard Rider, personally.

  13. To be honest, I know very little of Nova, any iteration.

    I do know that I dislike the animated Ultimate Spider-man version heavily (and that’s just one of at least sixty-five flaws that the show has; for some reason, I review it on occasion), and I also know that fans adore the Richard Rider version.

    However, I have to agree that a solo-movie would perhaps work better with him. Or, if he MUST appear in GotG, let it be a cool-enough cameo to set a stage for the aforementioned solo flick.

    Regarding Scott Porter, well, he has the build of a hero, so why not? And if he indeed is well versed in the art of comic books, then I say “give the man the part.”

    Oh, and I can hardly wait for this movie. Though, I’m kind of down that Quasar/Martyr/Phyla-Vell won’t make an appearance. Oh well. To reiterate, I can hardly wait for it to hit the big screen!

  14. sounds like he knows more than half the people that say they know things….

    He knows Nova isn’t a member which a lot of people have said he is (no he is not a member but that doesnt mean a guardians movie wouldnt be a good launch pad for a Nova spinoff)

  15. Give him Daredevil, since Marvel looks to be getting the rights back from Fox very shortly.

    If he doesn’t want Daredevil, then offer the role to Ryan Gosling.

    • I personally would like Jason Statham, and both he and the great Frank Miller said he should get the role.

  16. Nice to see all these REAL nerdy-actors out there. I think he’d make a great Nova: he has the look, and his acting history isn’t bad at all IMO.

  17. I just realized, remember when they said that in the GOTG movie, they will be featured as ex-cons. Well, seeing that they were ex-cons from the Kree Empire (during Annihilation: Conquest), it wouldn’t hurt to make them the ex-cons of the Nova Corps instead (because now the Phalanx isn’t involved). If they implement that instead, we can be introduced to the entire Nova Corps in the GOTG movie and they can introduce Nova as some rookie centurion (we don’t really need to see how he got his powers). Then in Phase 3, give Nova his own movie by destroying the Nova Corps.

  18. Somewhere in the world, Nathan Fillion must be overjoyed that his name is no longer associated with GotG lol. He really didn’t wanna do this movie despite the constant fan casting. lol.

  19. The Guy deserves it!! Give it to him, besides this can only benefit Marvel’s interests… “See we cast fans as super heroes – you may have the chance too someday” everyone fan I know could get behind an actor and felow fan like this. In fact I’ll be dissapointed if Marvel decides to cast someone else who doesnt know jack about the character but they think would bring more money in. I’ll have more respect for you Marvel if you cast him.

  20. Nova is awesome. Get him in his own movie, or in GotG – Doesn’t matter to me. I just want to see him in a live action movie.

  21. Wow this guy knows his stuff!

  22. /shrugs.

    I have no preconceived notions of who would be a match for Nova and see no reason why Porter wouldn’t be right for the part. As long as he is willing to accept a supporting character part and not demand his own film (at least initially) then I say sure.

  23. You guys should of uploaded this image:

    • That’s uncanny.

    • Whoa! That is really creepy!

      Likeness – check
      Knowledge of the character – check (a big deal w/GoTG)
      Passion for the project – check
      All that’s left is acting talent, and whether he can play THIS character well. And honestly, I haven’t seen him in anything so I have no idea.

      • All he has to say is, “Blue Blazes!” and he’s set.

  24. Nova was always pretty cool I’d like to see him in live action

  25. Just what I was suggesting. Nova indeed will be an interesting comic character to launch on the big screen…

    I was reading some of the comments threads here – it would be best not to parallel Marvel’s Nova to DC’s GL – that will be a big disappointment. There are many threads on the comic character of Nova to highlight on that is unique.

    Nova is a human character with flaws (like many) yet he strives to the challenge in his ‘appointed role & powers’ (see original scripts in 80s series – esp the battle scene with an invincible Spinhx).

    The new recent comic thread on Nova expanding his role as a Space Super Cop brings new paradigm of stories and movies . . . ‘Star Wars’, ‘Star Treks’ are popular movie themes that a Nova movie can tap on this popular demand for space science fiction movies franchise . . .

    Some further suggestions:
    Thanos, Spinhx, Galactus are 3 heavy weight villains Nova has encounter . . . definitely fodder for mischief and of course great storyline . . .

    Silver Surfer as an ally for Nova if feature in the movie will be so cool . . .

    Spiderman & Nova have many lovely stories together in the old 80s . . .

    Start of a new franchise?

  26. Wow you guys were chattering about this a year ago? Still no hint about Nova, but my quatloos say: it’s Zac Efron, and it will be a deep, dark, dirty secret revealed as a GotG post-credits easter egg. By which time, the fanboys will be squeeing so hard about how awesome the movie was, they won’t be able to crank up the appropriate levels of nerd rage.

  27. Well, I want to play Nova Star as well. But so far Marvel did not say anything about Nova yet in last weeks private screening of things to come phase 3. I would play Nova for free if I could for Marvel… I love the idea. Even if it only means a cameo for the character. Nova Star is Awsome and I hope he will be in Avengers infinity wars May 18th 2018.