Marvel Applying for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Trademarks – In Preparation for Film?

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Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Marvel Applying for Guardians of the Galaxy Trademarks   In Preparation for Film?

We’ve long speculated about how “Phase 2″ of the Marvel Movie Universe will take form, with the popular theory being that films like Iron Man 3 and Captain America 2 will continue the superhero drama on Earth, while films like Thor 2 will explore events in the Marvel cosmic universe. Part of the reasoning behind that speculation has been the longtime rumor that Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy would be getting their own film – and today, that rumor is taking another step closer to being truth.

Marvel has apparently filed various trademark applications for its Guardians of the Galaxy brand; Bleeding Cool states that everything from, ” jewelery to beverages to furniture  to cosmetics” has been covered in the applications, which span numerous international classes and also cover the usual merchandising materials (toys, video games, food, retails services, etc).

This step is a standard practice for Marvel: since the movie branch of the company got started, merchandising has been secured lock-step with the rollout of their various films. While this is pretty much true of any studio looking to launch a franchise, in the case of Marvel Studios, the legal pre-work may also be a tip of the hat in regards to the studio’s often secretive plans.

Right now there are still open spots in the 2014 Marvel movie slate. We know that Captain America 2 will arrive in April of that year, but there has been much debate over what other film(s) will be unveiled. So far, the most likely (and speculated) possibilities have been Edgar Wrights gestating Ant-Man movie; the long-rumored Black Panther movie, and, of course, Guardians of the Galaxy.

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Marvel Applying for Guardians of the Galaxy Trademarks   In Preparation for Film?

For those who don’t know: GotG is a Marvel Comics team that dates all the way back to 1969. The story follows a look into the 31st Century at a team of eclectic alien beings who (as their team name would suggest) defend the cosmos against evil threats. The series was relaunched in 2008, with an updated team roster and an origin story that revolved around interplanetary policeman Star-Lord (pictured above, in the funky helmet) forming a team of intergalactic beings who will proactively eliminate cosmic threats before they become threats. That team includes a battle-hardened raccoon, a telepathic dog, a couple of green-skinned warriors, among others.

A Guardians of the Galaxy movie would be an exciting departure for Marvel Studios – a film that would plunge us headlong into Star Wars-style sci-fi territory. While it would be a hard sell as, say, a companion piece to Iron Man or The Avengers, there’s still time for some of the upcoming films – looking at you, Thor 2 - to lay the groundwork for other galactic settings and beings to be implemented into the MMU in a smooth, organic way. In any event, the marketing dept. would have to learn some new tricks, if a Guardians of the Galaxy movie is truly what Marvel has in the cards.

With DC/Warner Bros. going down some radically different routes with their superhero films – see Barry Sonnenfeld’s Metal Men movie, or the rumored Suicide Squad movie – it would also behoove Marvel Studios to change up the formula a bit, and offer audiences some more variety.

We’ll keep you updated on any Guardians of the Galaxy updates; look for some official word on Marvel’s film plans during Comic-Con 2012 in a few weeks.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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  1. I sure hope this happens. Cosmic Marvel is the only thing Marvel makes worth reading and even that’s pretty much gone these days. :\

    • You should read Uncanny X-Force, it’s fantastic.

      • I might do that. As long as they aren’t as entangled in the whole AvX thing going right now as the other books. I don’t really like watching the Avengers become jerks and the X-Men become dictators. :\

        • Well that’s a pretty simplistic description of what’s going on but I’ll give it to ya… Yeah X-Force is self contained for the most part. It’s just really gritty and violent, pretty shocking at times. I strongly recommend starting at the beginning, there hasn’t been a stinker yet in the series.

          • Isn’t AoA Nightcrawler in it? It might be worth it for that.

    • This all seems very Green Lanternish. Hopefully MARVEL can do what DC failed to do. -I do not doubt them.

      • YES. I did enjoy Green Lantern

  2. This is really happening? lol.

    Better idea. Double feature Grindhouse style PowerMan and Iron Fist. Sequel leads to the team up, Heroes for Hire.

    • I agree… I’d much rather want to see a ‘Black Panther’, ‘Luke Cage & Iron Fist’ and ‘Dr Strange’ movie.

      I’m not against GotG (they’re great characters with awesome stories), but IMO, this (as well as Marvels planned Runaways and Inhumans movies) shouldn’t be a priority right now – much like WB/DC shouldn’t be focusing on Metal Men and Suicide Squad IMO.

      • While I agree that I would much rather the focus on a BP or *cough* SCOTT PYM *cough* version of Ant-Man or Dr. Strange movie adaption, I can’t say as I’m opposed to GoTG. I honestly didn’t know much about them but after seeing the team on A:EMH, I was sold as long as they use that character line-up.

        • “Scott Pym”? You mean Hank/Henry Pym right?

          • Yeah, seems like he’s combining Hank and Scott Lang’s Ant-Man

          • sorry SORRY, I was thinking about the Scott Lang twist they are supposedly doing when I was typing that.

            Yes, it should read HANK PYM. I don’t want to see anyone named Scott or Lang anywhere in Ant-Man.

            • @Mongoose,I totally agree, ABSOLUTELY NO Scott Lang or O’grady incarnations of A.N.T-Man AT ALL!!! Edgar Wright should be slapped for even thinking that. I bet Joss Whedon even frowned upon it, and it also even messed up any potential for any easter eggs alluding to Hank Pym or A.N.T-Man in the first Avengers movie. Marvel should have hired someone else by now, how does it take a person 4-5 years to write a script!? Get the hell outta here!

              • Further more, Edgar Wright is no James Cameron or Ridley Scott, I could understand those guys taking years because their hands are full like crazy but Edgar Wright!? Oh please, how many movies does he churn out a year to justify for such a situation for him to take so long and still not get it right?

            • *Phew*, for a second there I thought my future self could no longer tell the difference between HANK PYM and Scott Lang ;)

          • He is just making fun of the two Ant-mans. No need to jump on him

            • no, they were correct.

              If I make a mistake I fully expect to be called out on it.

              Just wish I had an *edit* feature! >< :)

    • @Ignur Rant,

      OMG dude! Grindhouse Powerman and Ironfist. Comic movie porn! I’ll never be able to get this out of my head until they make the frigg’n thing now!!!
      I hate you. I just want you to know that.

      • My 2 Cents

        Yes!! I know man. I do hope Marvel Studios moves past this style of action-comedy comicbooks and flex their creati

      • My 2 Cents

        Yes!! I know man. I do hope Marvel Studios moves past this formula of action-comedy comicbooks and flex their creative muscles a bit.

        • Just so you know man.. I passed that idea on to some fellow old heads and each one of them damn near slobbered at the idea.
          One character further.. Shang-Chi!

          Still hate you for putting that in my head.

          • My2Cents
            haha nice! I kinda flesh it out in my head a while back ago. Each movie about hour 20 minutes.

            With PowerMan Luke Cage,I wanted it filmed like those 70s blaxxplotations films paying major homage to Shaft.
            And with IronFist, i think it be cool to emulate the Enter the Dragon vibe/look of Bruce Lee. And def throw Shang-Chi in there.

            I just think it be really cool to film them old school visually but in a modern setting.

  3. I hope that maybe (just maybe) this will help open the door to getting the Inhumans on the big screen. Black Bolt would be epic!

  4. they should do a Dr Strange movie over GOTG

  5. Wish Marvel would just stick to the movies fans want – Iron Man, Capt America, Thor, Avengers 2 & let’s see Hulk getting the ‘green’ light again !!!
    We’ve got plenty superheroes right now on-screen – let’s see Marvel focus on the villians…so important – if they get it wrong like Dr Doom in FF, it’s awful – get it right, like Loki and it’s magic.

    Less is more – too many movies could dilute the quality & we end up getting more Ghost Rider drivel.

    • i would have to agree…i’d much rather see a new Hulk movie come to light, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Ant-Man/Wasp…

      if the HAVE to go the cosmic route i think Nova, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel (Kree) are the way to go.

      Another route would be to have this GotG movie with Adam Warlock (not my fav) and have him join the avengers, possibly as Earth’s specific “Guardian” from the GofG team etc…

    • Ghost Rider is not a Marvel Disney property. This is something everyone needs to understand. -Neither is Spiderman- or X-Men.

      • I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that Marvel probably will get Ghost Rider back after that last movie. I really can’t see Sony perusing a 3rd installment when the second one couldn’t even manage to make back its 75 million budget.

  6. I know The Avengers bought you a whole hella lot of goodwill Marvel, but I’m still not sure how you sell an intergalatic rabid raccoon.

    I like GotG but I’m a little skeptical in the MCU…

    • Well, IF a GotG movie ever does get made, I’d assume that Rocket Racoon would be an instant hit among the general audience as well as become a fan favorite.

      Still, I agree with you: I like the characters, but I’m still very skeptical and not really sure if I want them in the MCU just yet…

    • yeah, don’t dis the Raccoon!

    • ^No thanks, more of a Marvel fan myself.

  7. Also, I hate to be “that” guy. But your description of the GotG is incorrect. It STARTED as a space travelling superhero team in the 31st century, but was recently completely retooled as a modern day space travelling team with a completely different roster.

  8. I’m excited for this, I sure hope they go forth with Guadians.

    I know I’ll get alot flack for this, but I never really liked or cared for Hank P. So, if Marvel is to go with the Guardians, check me off as thrilled.

  9. I am actually pretty excited for guardians of the galaxy, never read the comics but is sounds cool and ever since Marvel films made me like Thor, I have faith in any adaption they make.

  10. Personally I see the GotG as more part of the MMU phase 3. I think the whole idea of the avengers sequel being “more personal” will be that it will be based on the secret invasion storyline. This will really drive home the power of Thanos and bring the Avengers together as a trusted uniform force. Then GotG could be the final (or penultimate) film of phase 3 before launching into Avengers 3 and an all out Thanos slug fest, with the Guardians fighting alongside the Avengers.

    • ^^^^^^^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YO!!!!!!!!! ;)

  11. I don’t know anything about these characters, but I’d love to see Marvel do some really sci-fi films that don’t actually connect with the other superheroes in their movies.

  12. If Marvel can make a movie with a telepathic dog and a talking raccoon, without the general movie going public dismissing it as a kids movie, good luck to em. But I think Black Panther or Heroes for Hire would do better for the studio.

    • The “telepathic dog” isn’t actually part of the team that includes the “talking raccoon” (the dog is part of the Inhumans group, not GotG)- the GotG do have a big talking tree though… if that helps ;)
      …but I get your point.

      • Incorrect… Cosmo is the telepathic Russian dog who coordinated Rocket Raccoon and Star Lord’s incarnation of the Guardians. You’re thinking of Lockjaw, the Inhuman’s giant teleporting (not telepathic) dog. Different canine altogether.

        • You’re half right, Lockjaw isn’t really a dog, he just looks like one.

        • Doh, thanks for the correction. Too many “dogs” to keep track of I guess…

  13. I was a huge fan of Micronauts as a kid, so I would love to see Bug on screen, and I think he’d be a pretty good movie character. (only know he’s there because of the images I’ve seen. Not currently reading GotG).

    Otherwise, I think it’s a curious move. Like others have said, maybe Marvel could leave this for after Avengers 2. Oh well.

    • Speaking of your first sentence, I would MUCH rather see a Micronauts film. Acroyer NEEDS his day in the filmic sun…

      • With that rock world and the Worldmind. The first twelve issues with Michael Golden art were the best. For me it never quite got there again.

        As I read up on it in Wikipedia, Marvel doesn’t own Micronauts or anything resembling the toys. Acroyer is (relatively) clearly based on a toy called “Acroyer.” Bug was referred to as “Galactic Warrior” which is also a toy, but he never looked like the toy. Marvel is also using Marionette, who doesn’t look like any toy, and Commander Rann, who was referred to as “Space Glider” and wore a helmet and glider that looked like the toys.

        Now Marvel refers to them as “Microns” and doesn’t allude to any other characters or past events. And I don’t know how they became big instead of 4 inches tall.

        There was word that JJ Abrams was interested in developing a Micronauts movie, but I don’t even know who owns them now, and Abrams rivals Guillermo Del Toro in rumored projects.

  14. they have so many characters, why are they rushing to have a GotG movie made??

    though i am skeptical, with how the MCU has turned out so far…i really have no reason to not trust the Marvel heads in their decision making haha

    but really, black panther and hank pym make a lot more sense than the GotG….i mean panther and pym are pretty common through different avenger rosters… just give the people what they want. T’challa.

  15. I’m surprised so many people want to see a Black Panther film. As a long time reder of everything Marvel I just don’t see what the appeal is. I’m willing to bet its based on his skin color…. Maybe I’m wrong. Personally I’d like to see a Nova Corps movie or Ms. Marvel film before T’challa or Gaurdians of the Galaxy.

    • It was later Black Panther comics where I think he got a little more respect. Especially when he went up against Iron Man – he showed that he could more than match Tony Stark’s wits and genius. It would make for a pretty cool dynamic in the Avengers movies.

      • I like Black Panther in the early Avengers comics, but him fighting Iron Man? Why would he even want to? They were both Avengers. He would not have a chance against iron Man, and probably would be more smarter than that. Give me a break. If that was in the later comics, tell the Marvel writers not to drink so much when they have to go to work!

        • How bout you actually read the comics before you judge the intentions of a fight…

    • how about because he’s a cool character… period.

    • Unfortunately, I agree about Black Panther being black, and that is his main qualification in many people’s eyes. He might be OK as a supporting character, but is not strong enough to carry his own flick. That is not, incidently, meant to be a slam at him because he is black…I actually liked him in the very early appearences in Avengers. I really don’t want to see those other films you mentioned made (sorry). See my comments elsewhere in this comment section for this story to see my preferences (bigger more lengthy comment dissing Guardians/super racoons), where I expand on what I would like to see…!

      • I think the Avengers need diversity, so race is a factor. That said I think he’d be pretty cool. Also, he’d be relatively simple from a budget standpoint.

        I’ve said it before, I think he’d make a big splash if he just showed up in the next Avengers movie. A guy in a black costume kicking butt doesn’t need that much of an explanation. Sorry fans. Everyone wants everything introduced in movies that really took decades to come together in the comics. They can add more to his back-story later.

        That doesn’t mean I’m for a GotG movie over an Ant-Man, Black Panther, or Dr. Strange movie. As someone else said, Marvel may be drinking their own kool-aid.

    • For some the color of his skin might play a factor (Black Panther is the very first black superhero ever created, so I’m sure he is a role model and inspiration to some people. Plus, the Avengers could use a bit of diversity…), but for me, I just want a Black Panther movie because he’s a fricking awesome character: he has a terrifically original back-story in a great/colorful setting (African grasslands/veld and Wakanda), his personality and skill-set is different and unique that the other Avengers’, etc, etc.

  16. Rocket Raccoon. Seriously. It was insane enough he got a spot in Marvel vs. Capcom, but to think he might actually get put up onto the big screen…

    • Why do people keep bringing this up?

      Do they have to include the character?

      Does he have to be a raccoon, or can he be some kind of small beastly looking thing?

      Haven’t the movies, on occasion, changed a few little details from the comics from time to time?

        • Hey, I know nothing about him. I can imagine a cool looking not-too-anthropomorphised racoon, but I think there’d have to be an explanation of why a racoon is humanoid and intelligent. Easier to just have him be beastly and racoon-like IMO.

  17. Well, with Thanos recently making an appearance in the Avengers movie (hope it’s been long enough that that’s not considered a spoiler) a Guardians of the Galaxy movie being green-lit made more sense to me. It would offer a more full look at where Thanos got his beginnings, as well as introduce a completely different side of the Marvel Universe (which for a while, was easily the most awesome stories going on in Marvel comics).

    It’s worth a shot. If it succeeds, it has the potential to introduce numerous other franchises that would keep us from being burnt out on the Marvel brand and superheroes because it’d be a different kind of a story. Darkhawk, Nova, Captain Marvel, Quasar and so on. If it doesn’t work out, it actually doesn’t hurt anything. The classic superhero movies will still go on.

    • Darkhawk…. yes please. Sleepwalker would be another cool character to see. So would Deathlock.

    • “one with only the original team which seems like that won’t be the case as someone has already mentioned they liked rocket racoon….”


  18. I haven’t read the original GOTG yet but the new one would be pretty cracktastic especially if they would do the Annihilation story 1st which could easily be an Epic Sci Fi trilogy. Ofc that’s not likely to happen until later or ever.

    • if you read the original guardians i would recommend the following:

      marvel super heroes 18 (1st appearance)

      their marvel presents run

      the korvac saga

      jim valentino’s run

      to me those are the highlights…there are other appearances but those would be the main ones

      • I forgot to mention…
        paradise x also contains the original guardians although if i remember correctly its not the same continuity the art in those books is amazing

  19. this is always the pattern.

    *studio takes a risk (eg. marvel’s shared universe)
    *internet naysayers say that they will fail (eg. avengers)
    *they are proved wrong (eg. avengers)
    *studio takes UNNECESSARY risks (eg. guardians of the galaxy)
    *internet folks ‘believe’ in the studio and say that they proved us wrong before, they’ll do it again (eg. here)
    *they don’t. the UNNECESSARY risk bombs…

    people like kevin feige (and his GotG b0ner)… if you give them too much rope, they have a tendency to hang themselves with it.

    GotG should bomb.

    • …for MCU’s own good.

    • Not an impossibility.

    • Sorry but if you are going to use such a complicated example you really NEED to use one where all of that has already happened. Afaik, your example hasn’t really played out before so that last part is nothing but gross speculation.

      • my example hasn’t played out before? are you stupid?
        star was – phantom menace
        spider-man 3
        x-men 3
        batman 3 (the first joel schumacher one, same for batman & robin)

        thats four from just the superhero/fantasy genre. need i give more?

        • Those examples don’t follow your pattern at all. These are just failed sequels, and starwars made a truckload of cash.

        • As il princerino pointed out, your highly detailed outline doesn’t follow ANY of the movies listed.

          • oh and since you were kind enough to post your comment again below, I gave you a fully detailed rebuttal there :)

  20. Like others here, I think it’s a little too early for GOTG. If they implemented it in a way after Avengers 2 as someone said earlier, then maybe Avengers 3 could possibly be The Infinity War including the GOTG or would that be a whole different movie by itself? I don’t know, but it is true that there isn’t any “new” or “current” BIG space or cosmic successful franchise out there(besides Star Trek). This could take the place of Star Wars if done right.

  21. GotG is still too far out there for mainstream movie-goers. This is probably just Marvel hedging their bets on marketing ‘just in case’.

    Avengers was a big hit because everyone recognized the heroes, or at least their names…Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Ironman (thx to RDJ).

    I don’t see them biting on a talking space raccoon.

    I think a Dr. Strange movie that introduces the Black Panther would go over pretty well, or even have those 2 characters introduced in one of the upcoming ‘part 2′ movies, ie. Thor 2, CA 2, etc.

  22. Adam Warlock is part of GOTG.. This will tie in nicely with the Infinity Gauntlet and Thanos :) Avengers 2!!

  23. HEY EVERYONE! Remember THANOS in the end of AVENGERS? Thats why they need a cosmic film. THANOS has to tie in to something, he has to be a threat somewhere, someone has to be fighting him already, so either GUARDIANS or INHUMANS, and the GUARDIANS have a dynamic much like the AVENGERS’ film counterparts, sarcastic, snarky, comedic. GUARDIANS would be a better tent pole film than HEROES, STRANGE or BLACK PANTHER. And seriously? BLACK PANTHER? I’m a black man, and it insults me that everyone is clamoring so hard for a PANTHER film, which will probably never get made, (sounds like reverse racism to me)
    And the charecter i feel their gearing towards incorporating is probably NOVA.
    Not to mention, THANOS is killed in the comics by DRAX the DESTROYER, member of the GUARDIANS.

    Personally I would have loved to see CHRIS EVANS and JAMES MACAVOY portaray NOVA and PETER QUILL/STAR-LORD respectively, unfortunately they are already MARVELITES.

    They should just make a NEW AVENGERS film, that way they could incorporate IRON FIST, LUKE CAGE, DR STRANGE, BLACK PANTHER and MS MARVEL or SPIDERWOMAN. Two charecters who would give BLACK WIDOW a run for her money are MS MARVEL and SPIDERWOMAN.

    BLACK PANTHER and STORM wouldnt be able to appear together because of FOX’S XMEN rights huh?

    • Whoa, easy on the caps there buddy.

      And there’s no reverse racism, T’Challa is awesome and an all around badass. People like him because he’s the closest thing Marvel has to Batman, NOT because he’s black.

      • ^ I agree with what ‘Choppasmith’ said.

    • thanos has thor to tie into. loki & the aliens tied just fine. why ruin thor’s uniqueness by bringing in more intergalactic-ness

  24. Rocket Raccoon is an amazingly well written charecter. He holds an honor and respect for his teams leader, STAR LORD, never seen in other films. As well as his dynamic with his best friend the giant tree prince GROOT. For casual movie goers and non fans, pay a little more attention or open your mind a bit. Because it simply comes down to, charecter development, and a good story. ROCKET RACCOON’S personality alone is one of comradeship and respect that would be incredible for current audiences to see, his commentary alone makes the issues hilarious but insightful.
    GUARDIANS would be an amzaing film, and really, GUARDIANS of the GALAXY would be a better critical success than the AVENGERS. Trust me on that one.

    • At least someone else gets it ;)

      I don’t know however if it would be more of a critical success than The Avengers (which has grossed over 1.4 BILLION in less than 2 months)but it does have the potential to be awesome if done correctly.

  25. Sorry I’m a screenwriter so I’m used to capitalizing names and places, but okay, he is that, MARVELS BATMAN, but who would tie into his story, which charecters could be introduced with T’CHALLA, Dr. Strange is all I can really think of.


    IRON MAN 3
    THOR 2
    NEW AVENGERS instead of HEROES for HIRE, could intro Dr. Strange, Powerman, Iron Fist, as well as a number of female heroes,etc.

    • Cap is tied to the Black Panther’s origins: he and T’Chaka fought during WW2 (Cap was on a secret mission in Wakanda) — This has happened in the Marvel U and Ultimate U (if I remember correctly) so the chances of the MCU doing the same would be pretty good.
      Also, Cap’s shield is made out of Vibranium, so there’s another connection right there…

      I don’t know what Dr Strange has to do with him though…

      • Not to mention his shield is made out of the ore that T’Challa’s entire civilization is based on, technologically speaking.

        • Yup, that’s basically what I said in my previous comment:
          “Cap’s shield is made out of Vibranium, so there’s another connection right there…”