Kevin Feige: Marvel is Too Busy to Make a Female Superhero Movie

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Black Widow comics Kevin Feige: Marvel is Too Busy to Make a Female Superhero Movie

There are plenty of reasons to love the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel Studios has been a major force in propelling comic book movies to the forefront of Hollywood as well as the top of the box office, and has delivered some pretty fantastic films along the way.

With each new movie that is announced by Marvel, however, it’s getting more and more difficult to ignore just how heavily the studio leans towards making movies about male superheroes – to the point of virtual exclusivity. It’s telling that many of the prominent female characters in Marvel movies – such as Peggy Carter, Jane Foster, and Pepper Potts – were introduced as love interests for the male superheroes.

Since gender in comic books and comic book movies has been the subject of much debate in recent years, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has been asked more than once why the MCU is so overwhelmingly flooded with male superheroes. His reasons in the past have generally followed a pattern of saying that it’s not the right time, that the right idea hasn’t come along yet, or even that Marvel wouldn’t get the “credit for making a Black Widow movie. In a recent interview with CBR, Feige was quick to say that female superheroes have definite box office potential.

“I think it comes down to timing, which is what I’ve sort of always said, and it comes down to us being able to tell the right story. I very much believe in doing it. I very much believe that it’s unfair to say, ‘People don’t want to see movies with female heroes,’ then list five movies that were not very good, therefore, people didn’t go to the movies because they weren’t good movies, versus [because] they were female leads. And they don’t mention ‘Hunger Games,’ ‘Frozen,’ ‘Divergent.’ You can go back to ‘Kill Bill’ or ‘Aliens.’ These are all female-led movies. It can certainly be done. I hope we do it sooner rather than later.”

Scarlet Witch concept art Kevin Feige: Marvel is Too Busy to Make a Female Superhero Movie

That all sounds very positive so far, but if you’re starting to suspect that there’s a “but” on the way, you’d be right.

“But we find ourselves in the very strange position of managing more franchises than most people have — which is a very, very good thing and we don’t take for granted, but is a challenging thing. You may notice from those release dates, we have three for 2017. And that’s because just the timing worked on what was sort of gearing up. But it does mean you have to put one franchise on hold for three or four years in order to introduce a new one? I don’t know. Those are the kinds of chess matches we’re playing right now.”

Of course there is a limit to how many movies Marvel can produce each year, but for some reason Feige and co. never suffer from this same struggle when it comes to introducing male superheroes. So far the MCU consists of eight movies about male superheroes and two team-ups with only one female team member apiece. Of the upcoming Marvel movies, two are dedicated to introducing new male superheroes in their own standalone movies. After years of fans asking for a Captain Marvel movie or a Black Widow movie, Feige’s excuse that Marvel is just too busy is starting to wear thin.

Feige’s comments also come in the wake of Guardians of the Galaxy grossing a staggering $160.4 million over its opening weekend, nearly matching Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘s opening weekend domestically. All this despite the fact that Guardians of the Galaxy is based on a pretty obscure Marvel team that almost no one amongst mainstream audiences had heard of previously (even Marvel legend Stan Lee confessed to not being completely sure who they are). When it comes to introducing new franchises to the Marvel universe, the studio felt that a movie with a genetically-engineered space raccoon whose best friend is a sentient alien tree was a safer bet than a movie with a female lead.

Kamala Khan Ms Marvel Comics Kevin Feige: Marvel is Too Busy to Make a Female Superhero Movie

Guardians of the Galaxy is also an example of how a movie that a lot of people had doubts about (it even made it onto Screen Rant’s list of riskiest box office bets) can win an audience through the sheer power of great trailers, great early reviews and great word-of-mouth advertising. Similarly, last month a movie in which Scarlett Johansson played a superpowered drug mule domestically surpassed a movie that starred Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as Hercules. Lack of box office potential no longer seems like much of an excuse for the lack of female superhero films.

Feige is right at the top of the Marvel Studios food chain, so the fact that he is only vaguely hopeful that a female-led superhero movie will happen sooner rather than later doesn’t bode well for Carol Danvers, Natasha Romanoff or Jennifer Walters getting their chance in the spotlight any time soon. Based on this and his past responses to similar questions, there’s been very little indication that Feige himself has much active interest in producing a female superhero movie, and that’s bound to be a major roadblock. After all, it’s safe to assume that Feige didn’t get The Avengers or Iron Man made purely by “hoping” that they would happen.

Source: CBR

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  1. I may be wrong, but does it not seem like they have this planned out for the long haul? Now I get it trying to have a female superhero, but they have plans which have been built up around a central villain (Thanos) for the first three phases of their shared movie universe. So of course they would have thought about it long out and decided which characters would work with what they were trying to do and what have you. This, to me, doesn’t seem like a random “Let’s make this superhero movie or that one because RANDOM!” To me, they have a plan, they are sticking with it and going from there. There’s nothing to say that a female superhero movie isn’t just a few years away. That may be hard to take right now, but I’d say be patient.

    • That’s exactly what I thought. His responses are more about how they’ve had a plan for years and, sorry, but a female-led superhero movie wasn’t part of that original plan all those years ago, so don’t expect one of the movies on these dates to be it. His other comment about how they weren’t going to be “bullied” into doing it also backs that up. They aren’t going to change their plan that is already in motion, which again, doesn’t include a female-led movie.

      That being said, no doubt once Avengers 3 and Phase 3 are done, you can be your ass a female superhero movie will be one of the first movies in Phase 4.

      Also, they are doing Agent Carter and Jessica Jones, and while we haven’t seen anything from them, although we can get a pretty good idea of what Carter will be like based off of Cap 1 and the One Shot, it’s still them putting out female led properties, and hopefully they will be great.

      • Forgot to add this:

        Marvel changing Thor to female in the comics also leads me to believe that it is some sort of “preparation” for that character to change in the movies as well. To get the idea of a female Thor into people’s heads, even if they don’t read the comics.

        My bet is that when Thor is replaced in the MCU, they’ll want to keep an Asgardian presence, and the best character from the Thor side, at least so far, is Lady Sif. She’s not only a fan favorite but also pretty much the only secondary Thor character to get a lot of screen time and focus, especially since she did a story on AoS. They make allusions to her being kind of the best warrior on Asgard, after Thor of course, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to, after Thor either dies or gives up the hammer or something to stay with Jane, see her pick up Mjolnir and be the main Asgard hero for the MCU for a while.

        Just seems like a logical move to me. Also sort of the same thing for Falcon taking over as Cap in the comics. Once they do the complete Winter Soldier story of him taking over as Cap, for probably his own trilogy and an Avengers movie or two, he’ll give up the Cap mantle and Falcon will take his place.

        • Eh…Jamie Alexander really only gets a combined 2-3 minutes of speaking time on screen. That’s not enough to qualify to carry an entire movie. We don’t have any idea of her personality or if she’ll get audiences behind her like even Loki can.

          • She’s really the only Thor secondary character that gets any sort of attention though. I know being on AoS at this point wouldn’t be considered a big plus, but still, she’s one of the three movie characters to appear in the show. (The others being Hill and Fury). That at least shows that Marvel knows she is a semi-popular character and that they’re willing to have more of her in the MCU, and that that’s something the people want.

            You’re right though, overall she doesn’t have tons of screen time, but if they do intend to bring her to the front, they could have her play a bigger role in Thor 3 as, presumably, it’s the last Thor movie and his last appearance would be Avengers 3, and at that point Marvel would have the wheels in motion for his successor. Outside of them just introducing a completely new character to replace him I really do think she is the best choice. It would be harder for them to pull off a “reboot” of a character like they do in the comics, and “promoting” an already existing character seems like the best choice.

    • I think that is probably right. If the central theme running through phases 1 to 3 is Thanos and the Infinity Stones/Gauntlet, then it rather limits the choice of new franchises – thus not random at all. And let’s face it, Marvel comics have historically been very male-centric in terms of their main characters; with female heroes either mirrors of male counterparts or as members of a team.

      I’d love to see Carol Danvers make it to the big screen, but I’d also like to see Adam Warlock, Hank Pym, Stephen Strange, The Vision, etc., and the latter four are all dudes. Perhaps Scarlet Witch will have a big part to play, and not just as a love interest, given Joss W. history of writing terrific female characters.

  2. How many female staring comics are there? Female super heros are a tricky thing to do, because of the violence against women issue. The fight between Electra and Bullseye had to be toned down because he was beating a woman. The most famous female superhero(Wonder Woman)has never had a movie. It will happen after Phase 3 people just need to be patiant.

    • Quite a few actually. Which is why as a woman who loves these films I find a bit perplexing that Marvel for all their planning didn’t bother to “plan” a female-driven film.

      • As devils advocate wasn’t there some talk a few months back of black widow getting her own solo movie? maybe it won’t be phase 3,but phase 4-5 likely. As much as i want carol and others to appear tis slowly seems to be going through, and while tricky, they have Joss Wheaton, the guy knows how to write iconic female heroes.

  3. I’m probably going to get hate for this, but I really don’t want a female-led Marvel movie.. I just don’t find Marvel’s Female Superheroes all that interesting. I mean Black Widow’s great and all, and Scarlett is gorgeous and great as the character, and I loved her in Avengers and Cap 2. But I just don’t find the female characters in Marvel that fun to put time into. I truly believe that DC has the better female characters, and I would much rather see female leads from them, such as Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Zatanna, Cat Woman, Supergirl, and even a Harley Quinn Origins.

  4. Don’t call me a misogynist or things like that, but I wouldn’t concern myself about the need to putting out a female-led superhero movies as soon as possible. I’m one among the probably minority who thinks it’s better for Marvel Studio to release a quality movie instead of rushing in something just for the sake of pleasing certain demographic.

    So far they have shown that their female characters played a strong, intelligent role in their movies, even the likes of Jane Foster or Darcy (which some might see as weak) were important elements in the story conclusion, especially in The Dark World. Black Widow, Maria Hill and albeit short, Sharon Carter were important pieces of the puzzle in Winter Soldier that if you think of it, the movie would not end in a better light without their involvement. Remember, it was Black Widow (who possessed ZERO superpower) who closed the portal in The Avengers. Do I want a movie headlined by Carol Danvers? Absolutely, but even if she shows up in another title beside Captain Marvel, I’d be totally okay as long as she’s a strong-willed important part and not just some eyecandy (looking at you Michael Bay). And I really thiiink she’s going to show up sooner or later, as Feige said.

    More than that, we all must realize something. Feige is a man who’s really good, nope GREAT with words. So sometimes you can’t take what he said literally because he clearly has a superhero skill to manage conversation to not let slip important information. Just because he might have said ‘something’ does NOT mean that what he completely ‘meant’. That’s one part of him I really like.

    So far, amongs the speculated Phase 3 movies, there are 2 titles in 2017 that have yet to be announced. Many people thought, the May one will be Thor 3. What if… just a big what if, those turns out to be:
    - Black Panther, though I kinda doubt it, since it’s possible he might have more important role in Captain America 3 instead… hint: broken vibranium shield in Age of Ultron.
    - Captain Marvel featuring Carol Danvers, which lead up to Avengers 3 due to her connection to Kree, Ronan and eventually Thanos. What if she received her powers from Mar-vell who came to Earth to warn about Thanos?

    Remember that Feige said he wants to try the formula of ‘sequel and new properties each year’, and we already have one sequel (Guardians 2) standing in July that year. So the possibilities of both of them as new properties make sense as well. Beside, if Thor 3 is indeed a Ragnarok, they might save it for Phase 4 as a conclusion to Chris Hemsworth current contract (similar to Iron Man 3). He had stated that he’ll keep doing the role as long as Marvel have him though, and that the 3rd part is still a loooong way from happening. There are 2 properties reaching its finale or some sort (at least in contract wise) in Phase 3, Captain America 3 is definitely one of them, Avengers 3 is a safe bet, so would Marvel risk concluding 3 properties at once with Thor 3 as well? Hmmm….

    Well, that’s my two cents, but the point is… let’s not get too worked-up and then starts overblowing stuff just because we interpret Feige’s words as is. Is Marvel too busy for a female super hero movie? …Probably, but NOBODY knows the fact about that, or the actual reasoning for that beside the folks at Marvel, right? So let’s not jump into conclusion, and just wait and see while hoping for the best…

    • We’re now six years and 15 movies into the Marvel Cinematic Universe if you include confirmed upcoming movies. I don’t really thinking putting a female superhero movie into development now could be considered “rushing.”

      • ^This.

    • I think that as this is Guardians of the Galaxy week, a lot of people reading this article would be inclined to trust Marvel for their “world-building” and ignore the idea that female superheroes have always been extremely important in the comics and would make an awesome part of the extended cinematic marvel universe.

      Imagine if Black Widow had gotten her own film before Avengers or just how much more bad-ass BvS would’ve been if Wonder Woman already had an established franchise. That’s the whole point of these movies right? To be crossover-franchises?

  5. Marvel should flip gender on Doctor Strange. There are female surgeons right? I’d watch a woman playing Doctor Strange. The Sorcerous Supreme!


    Cate Blanchett with hair dyed black (and white streaks)

    • Sorceress

  6. Basically, women are an important part of the movie-going audience and therefore they need to make a female-led film because it would attract a large audience, similar to how the Hunger Games attract larger audiences.

    With that said, these ridiculous demands that every demographic be represented are getting old quickly. Yes, there should be a female-led Marvel film, but to act as-if they OWE it to you is silly. They have a pre-planned multi-film narrative and tossing in a random female character led film just to appease a demographic would likely go against their plans. Plus, if you cave and give one specific demographic a film, just because they demanded loudly, where does it eventually stop?

    “I have a squinty left eye and a limp in my right leg, so I insist that Feige introduce a squinty-eyed, limpy-leg hero into the MCU so I can feel fully represented.”

    • The problem with your argument is that there are females in the Marvel comic -universe. There aren’t any squinty left eye limpers” however. It would be nice to see them explore the female superheroes that already exist within the lexicon of Marvel. I don’t think that’s asking them to make sure they represent every demographic but to pay attention to one that not only buys comics but exists within the comics themselves. That’s not asking too much.

    • You guys do understand that people (myself included) aren’t saying that these movies HAVE TO or MUST include “every demographic” including “random” characters… just saying that they probably should. I mean, a whole cast of films filled with white male leads is just less interesting than the group of people going to see them.

    • Are you kidding? Asking Marvel to include a demographic that consists of 50% of the population is too much to ask for?

    • Every Demographic? 51 % of the population is female, so Marvel is actually writing for the minority. I suppose that would be the 15 year old fanboys! Maybe Marvel should aim a little higher!

  7. What about the Agent Carter TV show that’s coming out next season? Have you seen the one-shot? By setting it during an era when women were undervalued, they have the potential to write some really great female character stories, better than anything they’ve ever done in the comics before. And although TV may not be as lucrative as cinema, it has the opportunity to explore stories in a lot more depth.

    They’re also going to do a Jessica Jones story on Netflix, which if they do properly, has the potential to launch a very different kind of heroine in contrast with Peggy Carter.

    Also, hasn’t Screen Rant reported on a rumour that Eden Sher was being groomed by Marvel to take on the role of Ms. Marvel?

    Sure, it may be getting crowded in theatres, but the presence of these characters on the small screen shows Marvel’s commitment to developing a much more sophisticated take on female super heroes.

  8. Understandably a tricky situation. Like someone said, it’s hard to show a man fighting a woman because audiences may feel uncomfortable seeing that, and on the flip side you don’t want the woman to completely overpower every opponent because then it looks like she hasn’t been challenged.

    I think that can be avoided with a Ms. Marvel flick. Moonstone would make for a good villain, and is female. In fact an easy peasy story is that they both gain their powers at the same time, though Moonstone lets it go to her head and abuses her power seeking revenge against those that have done her wrong. Moonstone can later become neutral/heroic for future movies. Bam, two female protagonists in the book next phase.

    Domino might belong to Fox. Tigra? Nah, pass. Mockingbird is more of a TV/netflix character, but if they decide to do a movie based on SHIELD (what’s left of it, or what becomes of it when/if it’s restored) then there are plenty of characters to use here. Hell, we can even put BW & Hawkeye in here with the other agents. There are so many villainous organizations that you could pit against them that I’m not even sure why we haven’t gotten a SHIELD movie…oh wait, that was TWS. Teehee.

    I personally don’t think that a few lines in both Thor movies translates to Jamie Alexander being able to carry a solo Sif film. So far I haven’t connected with her tough, “take no crap” personality. At least with Hemsworth we’ve gotten dramatic, comedic and intense acting range from him.

    I wouldn’t mind a Black Widow led film, but who are the villains? What makes the story interesting? A problem you run into when you make these stone cold character types with little to no emotion shown (looking at you Haywire) is that its hard for the audience to connect or care about them enough to feel satisfied watching their 2 hour long outings. She’s great when she’s fighting, but you don’t make a movie with non-stop fighting unless the director is Gareth Evans.

    A She-Hulk movie could be fun in the same vein of GOTG. She’s a Hulk that’s intelligent and in control. I think there could be an interesting pair with her AND her cousin Bruce, but for one I don’t know any of her villains, and for two you really can’t introduce her WITHOUT having Bruce show up. If they titled the movie “She-Hulk” and it just so happens to have Bruce as a supporting character (a la BW, Fury, Hill & Falcon) then it could work…I think…I hope.

    I think a Spider-Woman movie can be done without Sony unleashing their lawyers right? I’d like to see her come before they run a possible Skrull invasion movie, though I don’t think Marvel should have the Skrull Queen turn out to be the same person in disguise – Just for the mind screw effect, include Spider-Woman beforehand.

    Elektra can bring martial arts back to the big screen, but she’s initially a villain of sorts, so unless the writers do a quick hero turn like they did with Gamora, I don’t see an Elektra origin being a hot property. The Hand are a great group of villains, so it’d be a missed opportunity for Marvel to ignore them – Perhaps we’ll see them on TV or netflix.

    Satana (and her brother for that matter) would come in a Strange or Ghost Rider movie, naturally. She’s far more interesting than Daimon, and although there’s a good story to be told about two half-demon siblings on opposite sides of the fence, I still feel Daimon is such a weak character that you may as well title the movie after Satana. Bringing them up does make me wonder how audiences would feel about demonic protagonist – In other words, is there a big enough audience to ensure Marvel pumps out nothing but blockbusters? Religious is an iffy thing.

  9. Meanwhile, Sony is planning to make a female-lead superhero film starring a Spider-Man character (Black Cat? Spider-Woman?) 2017.

  10. Too busy?? These films have been planned out probably more than any other franchise in history. So they could not conceive of an audience who wants to see women get (at the very least) equal films/screen time? I would even love to see a male superhero role or two gender-swapped. THERE IS A LEGITIMATE AUDIENCE FOR FEMALE LEADS. This should have already been capitalized on, I hope DC doesn’t make the same mistakes…

  11. Your title for this is misleading, your making him sound negative

    • How is it misleading? Did you miss the paragraph that starts with “But…”?

      • Trust me: it’s more objective than the title I had in mind… ;)

      • I think what Feige meant was that their plans for the next 3-4 years are locked and they could introduce another female protagonist (after Romanoff and Gamora) only in Phase 4. Of course, he wouldn’t explicitly promise that

        • *Romanoff and Gamora and the Scarlett Witch

      • He said your title is misleading. Why are you mentioning paragraphs?

        • … Because the paragraph beginning with “but…” is the one where Feige explained that Marvel is too busy right now. As it says in the headline. Which means that the headline is not misleading.

          I know you guys love headlines but the words underneath them are important too.

          • No, he doesn’t say that…..

            I do appreciate the talking down to though.

  12. One aspect to this giant equation that is being ignored is that there may not have been any great female character stories being pitched to Marvel to make a standalone film out of. Think about it, Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk films, And Man, and Guardians (and probably the Avengers) were all films that were either pitched to Marvel or were films in development (with eventual passionate filmmakers behind the helm). No great director is out there pitching a Captain Marvel or Black Widow movie to Marvel. And quite frankly, the only directors I can think of that would be interested would be Joss Whedon (probably too busy with Avengers movies and the various other projects he does) and maybe Keven Smith.

    I also slightly agree that there aren’t that many great female Marvel characters to choose from, particularly when you negate the X-Men characters. I would like to see Captain Marvel (if it was Carol Danvers, call her Ms. Marvel, if you’d like), but I don’t know for her own solo film. I’d also like to see She-Hulk. Nor do I see the Black Widow carrying a film all by herself. I think a Hawkeye/Black Widow/Mockingbird film could work.

    Now if Marvel had the cojones to make Thor a woman in the movies, too, that would be interesting…

    • The movies are about making money, not having “cajones”. The comic version of Thor trying a new and unproven direction won’t have any effect on phase 3. If it works and fans support the new direction then maybe, maybe it could happen at a later date in the movies. Still, as others have noted the new direction has some hurdles such as what to call the new Thor given that Thor’s name is Thor and he will still be alive just without his power and his hammer.

    • We have no idea what or hasn’t been pitched to Marvel. Numerous female-driven stories could have been pitched over the years- it could simply be that they aren’t ready to make one.

  13. Basically what this means is that the Black Widow won’t be getting a solo movie in phase 3. That was already widely known. After phase 3 is done the Avengers, movie version, will look quite different. Odds are someone dies in A2. It won’t be Cap, Thor or Iron Man. So it is either Hawkeye or BW. Or both.

    The Avengers in phase 4 will be very different. Joss will likely be gone and a new person will be brought in to manage it. So what is all the controversy about?

    Possible Avengers roster in phase 4 & 5:
    Captain Marvel(Carol Danvers)
    Scarlett Witch

    Black Panther

    Semi-retired or dead:
    Cap(Steve Rodgers or Bucky Barnes?) Cap dying while fighting Thanos makes some sense, could even happen vs Ultron.
    Iron Man(Rhodey or Stark?) (Stark running Avengers as a CEO, no longer in the field.)
    Hawkeye(Dead/killed by Ultron)
    Black Widow(Dead/killed by Ultron or retired after Hawkeye dies)
    Thor (Back in Asgard ruling is very likely after Thor 3/A3.)

    • Possible roster for the Avengers in Phase 4:

      Captain Marvel(Carol Danvers)
      Scarlett Witch
      Iron Man(Rhodey)
      Captain America(Bucky Barnes)
      Black Panther

    • You’re assuming that if someone is perceived dead they cant be brought back to life firectly in that movie, or later.
      How many times have we see the opposite?
      Red Skull (likely coming back)
      Cap (crashed/frozen)
      Tony (original shrapnel and later a forcibly removed arc reactor, house crashing on him)
      Thor sacrificing himself in Thor 1 against the destroyer

      Whoever it is may well ‘die’ in that movie only to be brought back in a later movie.

      • Should be ‘directly’ and not firectly.

      • I wouldn’t consider Loki, Skye, Deathlok, Tony, or Cap in that category. Loki never died; he faked his own death. And did anyone other than Thor actually buy that? Skye never died, Deathlok was not shown on screen to have died, Tony was known to still be alive throughout the incidents in question, and Cap couldn’t possibly die in “The First Avenger” since he had to become an actual Avenger!

        Of the options you give, the only real “dead-and-back-to-life” stories are Coulson and Thor. Bucky and Pepper both fell to their perceived death but didn’t actually die. They did set it up that they had actually died, so they can fall into that category as well.

        Red Skull may return, but doesn’t have to. If the Tesseract is the Space Gem, then there’s no reason to think he even did die!

        Having said all that, at some point they need to show there to be serious consequences to what happens. Someone’s going to need to die, and it will need to be done in such a way that the fans of that particular character don’t get angry about it. But they can’t keep bringing characters back to life.

        • Well said. My money is on Hawkeye being the first Avenger perm-death. Ultron is just to rough a villain for none of the Avengers to die or get seriously maimed. Heck, we know Caps shield will get broken already.

        • Completely agree on the “serious consequences” point. However I think that’s one of the advantages of having actors with limited time to play roles: eventually they have to leave, so make the exit dramatic.

  14. Hmmm… I’m gonna call BS on that one. Marvel plans well in advance and they had plenty of time – and characters – to choose from. I think they simply don’t want to take the time develop a female superhero film. Marvel is no different than any other studio that gets cold feet when it comes to female-driven films. The sad part is that the box-office numbers proves that women – and men- support and pay to see these films. So their reticence isn’t backed up by any facts. All they would need to do is to create a well-written script like they do for all of their other films and choose a great actress to helm the lead (of which there are plenty to choose from).

    • Very well said. Took the words right out of my mouth.

    • Hindsight is 20/20.

      When the MCU was being developed it wasn’t known if Thor or Cap would be hits. Thankfully they were and now there is a strong possibility that 3 more phases will make it on-screen. Those next three phases are largely wide open and will include a movie with a female lead. Captain Marvel)Carol Danvers) or She-Hulk are the most likely.

      As an aside, there are numerous problems with having a female lead comic hero. Start with the outfits, that will be an issue once She-Hulk makes it onscreen guaranteed. Captain Marvel recently got a new costume, good news is that it is a good one which should translate well onto film.

      • Seriously?? You’re using costumes as an obstacle for why Marvel can’t have a female lead? Give me a break… costumes are re-worked and re-done all the time. All you have to do is look at the majority of the male super heroes in Marvel and DC films to know this. None of them have the original costumes form the comics. That’s flimsy and frankly lame excuse.

  15. These may not technically be superheroes in the sense that they don’t have powers, but here is a list off the top of my head of the female Marvel superheroines that have been introduced and played pretty significant roles in the MCU so far, some more than others:
    Black Widow
    Maria Hill
    Agent 47
    Agent Carter (she’s getting her own show)
    Agent May (not in the movies, but AoS is part of the MCU)
    Wasp (may not be confirmed but will probably happen, and yes she is a superhero, I know)
    Heck, even Pepper Potts donned the Iron Man suit
    Yes, I believe a female headlined movie can do well and I hope to see one soon but if it doesn’t fit into the story line it’s not going to happen. Bottom line, male led movies are a much easier sell so if it ain’t broke don’t fix it (studio logic)

  16. I’d like to see a Screen Rant poll asking how many readers want to see a female-lead super-hero movie.

    And another poll with the choices of female heroes.

  17. Black Widow is already listed on the as “Announced”.

  18. I’m guessing that if Kevin is just playing games and one of the unannounced Phase 3 movies is lead by a female character, there will be another article basically apologizing for dragging Marvel Studios over the coals? It seems that out of all the studios not doing this, Marvel is the only one being expected to do more. Cause seriously. Where’s Wonder Woman? There’s a bonafide hit waiting to happen. And yet… It’s not an article about DCs plan to wedge WW into BvS instead of giving her own movie. The most iconic female super hero ever.

  19. This whole report seems sketchy because we’ve had confirmations from Marvel that there are female solo film scripts in the works. It’s just weird that Feige would say that.

    He could be hiding it for now because they want to have the script ready to go.

  20. So, screenrant it’s now comicrant? I love your page, but to be honest I get bored with so much marvel and DC. I used to find some cool movies here, but not anymore… It’s marvel and DC all day

    • There are 13 stories on the front page alone right now that are completely unrelated to Marvel or DC, yet this is the one you clicked on.

      • I’m not saying I don’t like to know how marvel or DC is going. If you count how much comic posts they have in their front page and if you see how many news a day they post you will see what I’m saying. It’s just that I used to find great movies here and now… I don’t.

  21. If they have trouble with the story it may be they do not understand the subject! Sounds like BS to me!

  22. The truth of the matter is that Feige doesn’t believe a superheroine led movie will make any money, that’s why Marvel will not do one. Feige enjoys Marvel’s status as a hitmaker and he doesn’t want a blot on that record. He’s not looking at comments on blogs; he’s looking at box office receipts. From that he’s interpreting that the movie-going public is satisfied with the female lead as the love interest or senior hot babe and the supporting actresses as heroic or villainous eye candy. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Until people vote with their wallets and not support Marvel films unless things change, we’ll get more of the same.

    • If there are in fact no female-lead films in phase 3, I will be inclined to agree with this. It is just frustrating, as many people throw around the “it will flop” argument and cite all-around awful films like Elektra and Catwoman. They didn’t fail because they were female-led. They failed because they were just so BAD. What makes me angry is that box office/critical duds (X-Men Origins: Wolverine,the lackluster Iron Man 2, etc; I’m also aware most of these films don’t fall under the MCU, but still) are allowed to happen and these studios just keep it moving as if nothing happened. As soon as it involves a woman, they start singing a different tune. But whatever. I will vote with my wallet as you said.

  23. Wouldn’t it be funny if they made a superhero movie where the majority of the team was female with only one male in the mix?
    When the situation is reversed like that it’s easy to see how annoying things currently are. I am a massive fan of great female characters, in fact most of my favourite movies have female leads.
    I think that the world is in need of a female led movie from Marvel. But we also need to see our female characters being allowed on the same level as the guys. When you look at a lot of movies female characters aren’t really allowed to be ‘strong’ on their own, they seem to need male support. Whereas, a male lead can go kick ass by himself.
    In addition, a lot of female superpowers seem to relegate the girls to being back-up, like Scarlett Witch and Storm from the X-Men, instead of being in the thick of it and fighting hand-to-hand with the bad guys.
    I would personally like to see a female character much like Wolverine. The dark anti-hero with a questionable moral compass and likes to get into fights.

    • You obviously never read comics and are basing your opinion on the movies.

  24. And now presenting Wonder Woman’s letter to Hollywood:
    With love, WW
    PS, F**k you.
    (Thank you thank you. Reply if you agree with her letter. These are her words, not mine.)

  25. All it really takes is for one comic book female superhero-led movie to be successful for Feige and co. to change their mind and find time to produce one. Hopes are on you now Wonder Woman.

  26. Well, DC were the first one to do it with ‘Supergirl’ movie in the 80s.
    Then in the early 00′s Marvel (or rather Fox ) made ‘Elektra’ movie.
    I dunno, I think Kevin Feige may have dropped the ball on this subject. I guess during planning of the original MCU phases, he didn’t anticipated the sudden demand for Superhero Female movies.

    Remember kids, 52% of the world population are females. So there’s your target market. The demand is out there, so where’s the supply ?

  27. There are plenty of superhero movies with women. Avengers, Winter Soldier, X-Men 1-4.

    Oh, you mean those women don’t count? They only count if the camera is on them the entire time? Who knew that you could completely shove wonderful characters aside because you think the only women who matter are those who are the camera’s focus!

    I do apologize for ever thinking that women can be strong, powerful, wonderful characters regardless of screen time. I guess I just don’t know how feminist wailing works! I thought you cared about having strong female characters regardless of how long they’re on camera instead of completely and totally ignoring their existence!

    My bad.

    • As a woman I find your comment condescending in the extreme. The women you are speaking of are all supporting characters. The subject at hand is female LEADS. No one said those women don’t count. We are speaking of women within the Marvel Universe- and there are a lot of them- being given the lead role. Black Widow has now been in 4 Marvel films. How much do we know about her? Not a whole lot. We are speaking of a female Marvel character being given a fully-fleshed out role within her on film just like characters like Iron Man and Captain America have been given.

  28. So far, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has largely pulled upon popular existing characters and memorable storylines involving those characters. Thor (2011) was heavily influenced by J. Michael Straczynski’s Thor series. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) was based very closely on Ed Brubaker’s Captain America run. Now we have Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), which may be a fairly obscure property, but is still based on an extremely well-received series by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning.

    However, due to being a heavily male dominated medium for the last 75 years, female characters often lack both the recognition and the great source material. Any time a female superhero did crop up, she would more-than-likely have been written by men and even if she managed to be a compelling character, the vastly male readers would pass her up for a better known male hero, resulting in the cancellation of her title. Worse yet, some of the most recognizable female characters (especially the ones Marvel Studios has the rights to) are cheap knock offs of male heroes for these same reasons: She-Hulk (Hulk), Ms. Marvel (Captain Marvel), Wasp (Ant Man), etc.

    Point is, Marvel Studios has proved it really wants to deliver a quality movie-going experience. They’ve formulated a plan around recognizable characters and good stories from their close to a century of material as a publishing house. They’re not making an effort to avoid using female characters; they’ve just prioritized properties around good story telling and world building. When we do get a solo female superhero movie, and we will, it will further their narrative and be a good representation of women in media – which is what I think we all want. I mean, we all remember Catwoman, Supergirl, Barbed Wire, Elektra and Tank Girl, right? All of them got women colossally wrong for completely different reasons.

    If you want to take issue with someone, do so with Warner Bros. One of their three most recognizable heroes (their “Trinity”) is Wonder Woman. In the last fifty years Batman has had 8 movies, 1 TV show, 7 animated series, 11 animated films and 28 video games. Superman boasts about half as many total solo appearances but still far outpaces the Amazonian princess who weighs in with only 1 TV show and 1 animated film. Now the former two will co-headline a movie with Wonder Woman regulated to a bit part.