Natalie Portman Hints at Female Marvel Superhero Movie in the Works

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Captain Marvel Art Natalie Portman Hints at Female Marvel Superhero Movie in the Works

We have echoed the thoughts of many other comic book fans, when it comes to our stance towards the issue of diversity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; in short, the MCU needs more of it. The upcoming installments in Phase 2 will make progress on that front by introducing characters like Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and then Scarlet Witch in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, but as right now there’s been no official confirmation that a Marvel superhero movie featuring a non-white and/or non-male protagonist will be made in the near future.

However, there has been the off-hand statement made by Marvel executives here and there in recent months, suggesting that the studio is taking steps to change that. First, Marvel Studios producer Louis D’Esposito acknowledged that there’s “a drumbeat that is getting louder and louder” for a female superhero mainstay in the MCU. And now, it appears that Marvel could be developing a TV series based around Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell in the Captain America movies) – one that builds on the foundation laid by Joss Whedon’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (assuming the latter is a success when it premieres on ABC next week).

Kat Dennings and Natalie Portman in Thor Natalie Portman Hints at Female Marvel Superhero Movie in the Works

We can add Natalie Portman – who reprises as astrophysicist Jane Foster in Thor: The Dark World this fall – to the list of Marvel folk who’ve hinted that a female superhero move is in the works. Here is what the Oscar-winning actress said, during her interview with SciFiNow:

“There are definitely many strong women [in the MCU], but it will be exciting when there is a central female character which I think is coming – I have heard is coming – and, of course, also a central non-white character will also be exciting. Title characters.”

Comic book legend and Marvel executive producer Stan Lee has continually name-dropped Black Panther as a comic book character who is going to get their own solo vehicle in the foreseeable future, but as of right now there doesn’t seem to be much (if any) room for the Prince of Wakanda to be included in Phase 3 of the MCU (given the momentum that properties like Inhumans and Doctor Strange have on their sides, anyway). That’s not to say a Marvel Studio release featuring a central non-white lead isn’t part of the studio’s plan leading up to Avengers 4 in 2021, but (as Portman implies) there seems to be a more likely chance that a female superhero standalone vehicle will hit the big screen first.

avengers age ultron black widow Natalie Portman Hints at Female Marvel Superhero Movie in the Works

There’s been talk over the years about Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow getting her own solo vehicle, but that seems unlikely to happen. In part, that’s because it would appear that Natasha Romanoff is going to be (essentially) a central player alongside Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) in the Captain America sequel – leading up to her playing an important role in Avengers: Age of Ultron thereafter.

Beyond that, the most obvious choice for a female Marvel superhero flick is Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel, with regard to the list of female comic book characters that Marvel Studios can actually include in the MCU (due to Fox and Sony owning the rights to many of the popular female Marvel superheroes). Fan-favorite Katee Sackhoff (Riddick) has expressed her interest in playing a couple of different comic book characters – including Typhoid Mary from Daredevil (the movie rights for which now belong to Marvel Studios) – and recently let it be known that Marvel has expressed an interest in collaborating with her… but almost certainly not on a new Daredevil movie, to prevent any confusion.

Would Katee Sackhoff be a good choice to play Ms./Captain Marvel in the MCU, or should the actress be cast as someone else? Better yet, forget which female characters are more likely to get their own standalone vehicle – who do you want to see featured as the lead in an upcoming Marvel female superhero film (be it a Phase 3 or Phase 4 installment)?


Thor: The Dark World opens in theaters on November 8th, 2013, followed thereafter by Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014, The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1st, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31st, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6th, 2016, July 8th, 2016 and May 5th, 2017.

Source: SciFiNow

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  1. Marvel seems to be beating DC to the punch…WonderWoman needs to happen, this jus puts more pressure on DC to step up which could be a good thing…personally i dont think WW is a good character too cheesey

    • Why does it have to be a competition. I doubt DC is over there crapping themselves over marvel maybe doing a female hero. DC has a plan and they aint going to ruin it just to try and get a female hero first. Marvel may be ahead but DC had an extremely successful batman trilogy. Not everything needs to connect. They are now trying to build a shared universe hence whu they are behind. Id rather have nolans trilogy than a sooner WW film

      • See but that’s with DC. DC can’t really do anything successful now a days without the word “Batman” in the title. It’s been like that since the 90′s and it continues now.

        • @ Peter

          Valid point. Batman/Superman films are WB/DC sellers since forever. Some people in noticed online want to see WB/DC release two films a year instead one film every two or three years.

          • Actually, DC was releasing one film a year from 2008-2013.

            • That’s one film a year? Id have to check that. And it was two Batman films, 1 Green Lantern film. None of which have anything to do with each other though as they don’t share the same universe.

        • Well man of steel was very successful. Arrow has been successful as well. Superman vs batman will launch thr shared universe. I dont see why everyone thinks that is a problem

          • Man of Steel was financially successful (to a certain extent), but not critically. It still made less than what Warner Bros. hoped it would. The Superhero of all Superheroes made less than a Spider-Man reboot that everyone claims they didn’t want and much less than the crazily successful Hunger Games.

            As for Arrow, it’s successful on CW’s level but it only averagesd about two million viewers a week. That’s not exactly spectacular. I hope it grows during the upcoming season.

            • Doesnt matter if its only CW successful, its still successful and people watch it. Same with supernatural and smallville. Nowhere did WB say or expect to make a billion dollars off man of steel. And of course they may have wanted it, every film wants to make a billion. They are very happy with man of steel as is the majority of fans

          • because it’s the same two characters being used over and over again.

            let’s be clear, i’m not against new supes or bats movies, but they are not the only characters in the DC-verse. Marvel has been very shrewd with their plans. I think people tend to forget that a few years ago, Avengers (and Justice League) were thought of as unfilmable; too many characters, too many powers. Marvel’s phase 1 was essentially an experiment to see IF the film could be made AND be successful.

            DC’s continued reliance on just two characters speaks of either cowardice or lack of faith in the depth of characters available. I know they tried to expand things with Green Lantern (and failed), but The Incredible Hulk didn’t do as well as Marvel had hoped and it didn’t stop their plans.

            The main problem is DC really don’t seem to have a long term plan; their plans seem to be more reactionary than anything.

            • To be fair they did do other dc properties like watchmen and v for vendetta even constintine

          • man of steel was bashed by critics,but in my opinion it was great for the most part.

    • Michael jai white as BlackPanther…Charlize theron as Ms.Marvel, even though she played a similar role in Hancock i still see her being carol danvers

      • I see Charlize Theron as Enchantress, and so does Chris Hemsworth

      • top choices for ms. marvel role:

        -jennifer aniston

        -katherine heigel

        -kate upton

        -sarah jessica parker

        -kristin davis

    • These ‘us’ vs ‘them’ arguments are tiresome. You own Marvel stock? What does it matter to you who beats who?

  2. I hope Captain Marvel happens. There really has not been a good solo movie featuring a female superhero. The only ones over the past decade that come to mind are Catwoman and Elektra, and both are godawful crap fests. There really aren’t a lot of good female characters in comic book films in general, come to think of it. I didn’t care for Storm in the X films, and most of the other female characters except Mystique were underutilized. Invisible Woman was bad in the FF movies. Say what you want about her, but Black Widow is probably the best portrayed. And Faora was one of the best parts of Man of Steel. Too bad Wonder Woman will never happen any time soon. We’ll probably get a Wonder Man film before Wonder Woman.

    • Yeah, I have never been impressed with Halle as Storm. I would love to see some re-casting there.

  3. Every day that goes by I get madder that Marvel isn’t fast-tracking a Katee Sackhoff Captain Marvel movie.

  4. Is it possible that they may turn Jane Foster into some female hero in the next Thor flick? That may sound dumb… but when I read the headline, that was the first thing that popped into my mind.

    • Probably not. She apparently didn’t want to do Thor 2. They had to be like “uh uh. you signed a contract.”

      • Oh, well that’s kind of a relief. I want to see more Sif and less Jane. Maybe there will be a HISHE with Sif killing off Jane with Loki’s help. That’d be a good time

        • I wanna see Sif be Wonder Woman instead. Jaimie Alexander is perfect imo

          • No kidding! I mentioned that to my wife, who loves WW and she got all excited. She’d nail it

            • Yeah i really think so as well. I want someone who can bring more than sex appeal to the role. Wonder Woman in the MoS universe needs to basically be Xena.

              • It’d be a shame, as deep as they can write these characters, for the role of wonder woman to be reduced to cleavage.

                • I agree. I know DC doesn’t always make the best decisions but it seems like that with these superheroes they’re trying to be really careful. I think that’s best. I hope they don’t over do the careful and hold back too much but I am optimistic that when they do a WW movie, they’ll try to make it at least MoS good. Looks like they’re using the CW to experiment with what works and what doesn’t. Maybe they’ll get all their early mistakes out there.

          • prediction of roles that jennifer aniston could play:

            wonder woman



        • There should be a ‘Sif and the Warriors Three’ movie. It allow a female lead and also show us more of the nine realms.

  5. Captain Marvel – Malin Akerman. Nuff said.

    • come on, you can’t be serious? Malin Åkerman basically made a name for herself by showing her tatas in almost every movie she was in. She’s not that talented if you ask me…

      I’d rather see Yvonne Strahovski in the role.

      • I disagree with your opinion. I think that she is talented. I also like her rack.

        • Since when did she have a rack? Seem more like hooks to keep your paintings on the wall.

  6. Gotta be careful about this. I mean we haven’t had a good female superhero movie yet.

    • And we never will with tentative thinking like that, their are a good few actresses with the screen presence and acting ability to carry films so why would Marvel be careful…take a risk it will be a home run based on the fact it’s Marvel and they will laugh all the way to the bank!!


      • Iron Maiden: Ground Through the Pepper Mill – The sequel

    • That was not because they were female hero movies, but because the movies had sh*tty scripts and casting.

      Also, Catwoman and Elektra were both introduced as villains first in movies, so that’s something to consider as well. They were doing the whole “bad girl in tight clothes doing good” gig, which is ridiculous. I can’t recall any female led superhero movie besides those at the moment.

      An MCU movie with Captain Marvel, She-Hulk or maybe Mockingbird would be different. You only need to look at how well they wrote female characters in the MCU so far.

      • She hulk sounds like a movie doomed to fail. They havent even made a successful hulk movie, pushing she hulk front in center is awful. She needs to stay away from the mcu

      • female heroes who never get enough screen time:



        -black widow


        -ms. marvel



    • she-hulk movie?

  7. Yeah sounds like she’s saying female lead and Black Panther. If Marvel gets on the female lead movie before DC gets the ball rolling on a Wonder Woman movie I’m gonna disappointed. WW is the most iconic female superhero. She deserves her own movie and a well done movie at that. Not just some pretty face with plenty of cleavage. That would be a joke. We need a real warrior princess. I wonder if DC is still allowed to use Whedon’s script. Not sure of the legalities but I wonder if Whedon would be ok with that.

    • What was the problem with Whedon’s script?

      • I don’t think they ever said. I think they were so focused on TDK movies and not sure about the combined universe idea and all that kind of stuff that they decided it was too risky.

      • Well, there are a few things. Really clichéd and overly foreshadowed plot twists, Wonder Woman having sex with Steve Trevor with basically no build up of the relationship whatsoever… it was almost like there was a checklist of ‘cheesy things for a superhero movie’ and Joss was ticking them off one by one.

        • Hmm…I hadn’t heard any of that. Joss is touted as someone who appreciates and does female roles well but that description doesn’t surprise me. I remember in one Buffy episode she turned invisible and one of the first things she did was go have sex with Spike in his little crypt.

          • The script isn’t necessarily ‘really disrespectful towards women,’ but it just doesn’t come across like a genuine romance. They basically kiss each other once and the next thing you know, they’re having sex. It’s almost as if there ‘needed’ to be a romance subplot between two characters and it was just crammed in there. Don’t think about the last bit of that sentence too much.

            • It’s rare that men write a script with strong women in it that *don’t* have to have some motivation of romance, but rather, can simply be human, powerful, and lead.

              It’d be refreshing to see more of it.

              • From what ive heard there is a long lotr esc monolouge. The 2nd act is like a romantic comendy and he didnt like WW villains so he made his own

    • DC seems very reluctant to engage in a wonder-woman cinematic venture.

  8. Yvonne Strahovski.

    • ^ +1. Make this happen!!!

  9. Perhaps she was referencing the Agent Carter short?

  10. SHAZAM! Wait… are we talking about the same Captain Marvel?

    • lol. in the new iteration of Ms. Marvel, she’s called Captain Marvel. Apparently she got demoted. But that’s what i thought as well

      • Earth 616 if I’m not mistaken

  11. I’m really hoping for a Captain Marvel movie, I mean if they introduce the Kree in Guardians of the Galaxy, then the road it set.

    Many mentioned She-Hulk before, which is also something to consider.

    Also, Mockingbird maybe? Hawkeye could be the supporting co-lead.

    Also, I really hope that the Wasp has a big role in Ant-Man. We don’t know anything about that movie just yet, so everyone assumes that Janet will be in it. Well, I certainly hope so. I would be so disappointed if Janet would be looked over.

    Ant-Man needs to be an Ant-Man&Wasp movie.

    Black Panther is also something we need, but Doctor Strange was hinted more. They could introduce T’challa sooner though, then give him his own movie after. That would be great.

  12. I think introducing Ms. Marvel in GOTG either as a toss away scene or via the post credit easter egg would be perfect….since Ronan could be the foil in the scene.

    But I am not sold on Katee….I like her well enough..but something just does not scream “Ms. Marvel” to me..she looks the part though…maybe if she had a good director.

  13. I hope they come out with a Ms. Marvel film. Have her join the Avengers. Black Panther needs to come out aswell.

  14. So if we don’t agree with you, we’re racist? Hating on ‘skinny blonde bitches’ isn’t exactly venom-less.

  15. crossing my finger for ms marvel!!

    • there was a black captain marvel who was also known as moncia rambeau and her other title which was “photon”

      • sorry I meant monica rambeau.

  16. Marvel has a pretty diverse group of characters already. Choosing to cast Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury was brilliant. Marvel has handicapped heroes too…. Professor X is in a wheelchair…. Daredevil is blind…… Hulk is mentally challenged, plus he has anger management problems (just to cover the angry demographic). The Thing is ugly. Spiderman is poor.

    With Whedon involved it would make sense to break out a female superhero, since he’s good with women characters. Ms. Marvel is a good choice. She’s got the outer space thing going on, which Whedon has demonstrated he can handle with the Firefly/Serenity series.

    I’m in.

  17. Well, I haven’t seen her act in anything yet. Is she already established as an actress? I’m not being facetious or sarcastic in any way, just genuinely clueless.

  18. Isn’t that also a hint for Black Panther? I hope so! He is the only non-white character I can think of and he HAS to appear in face three. He is just bad-ass.

    • “face-three”? Better than being two-faced, I suppose!

    • Luke Cage (Power Man) is also black.

      • what about night thrasher? no one ever really mentions him.

  19. Want Wasp in Avengers, and Goliath, too. Get on it, Marvel!

  20. If all they’re going for is diversity, you could kill two birds with one stone and use the Monica Rambeau Captain Marvel, who is both black and female. But while we’re talking about diversity, where are the Jewish and Latino superheroes?

    Personally, I’m not a fan of diversity simply for the sake of diversity. But at the same time, changing a character’s ethnicity or nationality doesn’t bother me. Storm never seemed African, Black Widow never seemed Russian and Banshee never seemed Scottish. Didn’t really bother me. But I’m not a fan of changing a character’s gender, like they did with Jimmy Olsen and talked about doing with Mary Jane.

    The biggest diversity diss to date was not including the Wasp in the Avengers. Loved the movie to death but don’t know how you ignore a founding member of the team. And they’re going to ignore her again.

  21. Likely: Captain Marvel, Wasp as part of Ant Man

    Want: She-Hulk, Squirrel Girl

    • abigail breslin for squirrel girl plz

  22. The only actress I can think of for any future female superhero movie is Charlize Theron. I’m actually surprised she hasn’t been in one before. Aeon Flux doesn’t count.

  23. It’s unfortunate they haven’t tried to introduce Valkyrie yet, Katee Sackhoff seems more suited to her then Ms/Captain Marvel in my opinion.

    Also wondering if Spider Women falls into that same loop hole as Scarlet Witch, she’d be another good female character for Marvel to try and roll out later down the road.

  24. I think there is a side of this people are missing. I know I’m going to catch a lot of crap for saying this, but its just a theory… Maybe the reason we’re not getting good mainstream female and non-white leading hero movies, is because the comic book writers have never createded them. Dont get me wrong, there are awesome ones out there, but are they big enough for the General public to embrace and is that particular character strong enough on their own, or do they need another hero to make them relevant and interesting. #Catwoman. Think about it… Lets face it, arguably the most “popular” black Marvel hero has been done (Blade) and though they made a franchise out of them, they didn’t exactly break the bank, and thats what it’s all about, that’s what it has to be about. These aren’t passion projects, it takes money, real money, to make these films and to pay the hundreds of people that work on them. It’s no secret that comics started out driven at a prodaminatly male (boy) audience. Thus back in the day they wrote about white male superheroes… Cause that’s what sold. All the non-white heroes are secondary characters and unfortunately, due to the circumstances all the women are mostly secondary characters that work best in an onsomble team or with a counterpart. Take Catwoman for example, is she awesome… Heck yeah she is, but take Batman out of the equation and she loses some of her luster. I’m not just saying this cause Haley Barry’s Catwoman was a bomb… I’m saying it because regardless of how awesome they could write the script, cast, and shoot the movie, the source material for global awareness just isn’t there… Thus the money isn’t there. The only way to do it is to bring them in and share them to the world the way Black Widow has been handled with the Avengers. Build the general audience fan base first and get them excited in the character. The only way a Black Panther film will even remotely work on a fiscal level is by bringing him on in an avengers film… And then it still may not get the viewer ship he would need to muster to make the film make sense to make. The real problem is that there aren’t any other characters that have been created “big enough” to make a stand alone movie with first. #electra

    • It is a valid point that Catwoman is a niche solo character. She primarily plays off of Batman (and he off of her) when they are combined. Wonder Woman, on the other hand, is clearly a solo character.

      But in any case, the film needs to be really good. Unless it’s Batman or Spiderman or Iron Man, box office success will depend on a film-making job well done. Marvel has a good model for taking characters and giving them the right treatment. If Thor can turn out do well, there is hope.

  25. Captain Marvel sounds good, Katee Sackhoff is fine with me. I am not very familiar with female Marvel superheroes outside of X-M, FF and Black Widow.

    On the DC side, Wonder Woman (Lynn Collins) obviously, but Supergirl, Black Canary, a real Barbara Gordon Batgirl at least as a supporting player in a Batman film, heck there are a lot of great female characters.

    But anyone, Marvel/DC/whoever, needs to approach the female characters wih the same respect and commitment to good filmmaking that they roll out for Batman, etc. The ladies deserve better than what they’ve got in the past.

  26. I would like to see Hayley Atwell from Captain America transported into the future and meet up with captain America again. And I would like to see Kate Beckinsale play Scarlet Witch, she looks like her from the comic books. I would like to see Jessica Biel play Mrs Marvel.

  27. I dont see why anyone would want to see a fake Wonder Woman movie but oh well let them waste their money.

    • Because they’ll never see a real Wonder Woman movie.

  28. Natalie Portman as the Wasp. Just put some wings on her she’s almost small enough already.

  29. i’ve always found natalie portman boring