Marvel Hires Writers For Dr. Strange Movie; Patrick Dempsey Interested? [Updated]

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dr strange movie writers Marvel Hires Writers For Dr. Strange Movie; Patrick Dempsey Interested? [Updated]

[Updated: Is Patrick Dempsey interested in playing Dr. Strange? Read On!]

This morning we reported on the rumor that Marvel Studios is looking at the idea of introducing some of their lesser known characters through short films that would be attached to the theatrical releases of their blockbuster tentpole features. The plan would allow for unknown-to-the-mainstream secondary characters to debut to a large built-in audience, and Marvel could gauge response to see whether or not they want to make full-length movies for those respective characters.

Characters that come to minds of fans are the obvious choices who have popped up in interviews and speculation over the years. These include Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Iron Fist and Luke Cage, and strangely enough, one of these characters may already be on their way to getting a solo movie. Deadline is reporting that Marvel Studios has finally hired writers to pen the script for Dr. Strange!

Marvel has selected Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer to write the screenplay for the Dr. Strange adaptation and they come with plenty of recent experience. Donnelly and Oppenheimer penned the script for Marcus Nispel’s Conan which just finished production as well as the adaptation of the Uncharted video game movie. They also wrote a draft for Jon Favreau’s Cowboys and Aliens. Their experience in writing in the genres of comics, video games and epics – all involving action and some involving supernatural elements – lends itself well to a Dr. Strange story.

Dr. Strange has been a character made clear by the folks at Marvel as a property of interest and in the talk surrounding the production of Thor, it was hoped that the movie about the Asgardian God of Thunder could help open the door (and the minds of mainstream audiences) to the themes of mysticism and magic, so a character like Dr. Strange could get his feature film treatment.

Dr. Strange may be a tough sell on his own so I wouldn’t doubt that there would be cross-overs and cameos with Marvel’s line-up of films. Then again, it’s a likely possibility that the Disney-owned Marvel Studios may put into production small-budget films based on their more obscure characters such as Strange, so it may not be that much of a risk depending on the profile of the cast members and the budget.

Update: Speaking of the cast, Bleeding Cool is reporting that Patrick Dempsey (Grey’s Anatomy) is interested in playing Dr. Strange, and artist Arne Starr seconds that motion, whipping up a faux promo poster of Dempsey as Doc Strange, which reportedly put the actor on Marvel’s radar for the part.

drstrange movie patrick dempsey Marvel Hires Writers For Dr. Strange Movie; Patrick Dempsey Interested? [Updated]

We’ll check into this a little bit further and then get back to you – in the meantime, start asking yourself “Would McDreamy make a good Doctor Strange?

There’s also the idea of a Defenders movie which would have Dr. Strange lead and fight alongside other key members of the Marvel Universe, many of which are Avengers members, to combat mystic and supernatural threats. The Defenders were never an official team and its members continuously changed based on the enemy and situation. Such a movie could include the likes of Hulk or Thor and act as a spin-off to The Avengers.

marvel adventures hulk 8 the defenders 280x425 Marvel Hires Writers For Dr. Strange Movie; Patrick Dempsey Interested? [Updated]

Dr. Strange and the Defenders

It’s clear that Marvel is looking ahead long-term as word on the street points to a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie being made after The Avengers and other reports indicate that Marvel is in talks with a “notable Hollywood star” about the Luke Cage character. We also know that Peter Sollett (Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist) has been hired to direct the Runaways movie based off a script by Drew Pearce and we can’t forget about Edgar Wright’s long-gestating Ant-Man movie.

It’s an exciting time to be a Marvel fan and there’s plenty to look forward to.

What do you think about the prospect of a Dr. Strange movie?

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Iron Man 2 is currently in theaters everywhere; Thor opens May 5, 2011; The First Avenger: Captain America hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012. We’ll find out what comes next at San Diego Comic-Con next month!

Source: Deadline

Updated Sources: Bleeding Cool & Arne Starr Artwork

Header image edited from Dr. Strange art by YamaO.

Marvel Adventures Hulk #8 cover by Juan Roman cano Santacruz.

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  1. I tell them it will probably never happen Sony won’t give up the rights to the cash cow property Spiderman just like fox would kill the xfranchisr before losing that cash. So it will never happen.

    That’s what I would tell them but I’d never have a friend who would like to see the two team up. I don’t know anyone who even thinks the FF are cool and nobody likes the crappy movies.

    I actually never liked team ups unless it’s an official team. With the exception of Batman and Superman because they actually play off each other well and make for good stories.

  2. It’s not simply that I don’t believe it’s that they are simply not real. I’ve actually made it a hobby of mine to study these things I’m a big fan of Penn & Tellar and follow the Hudeni logic. I wanted to believe so bad I’ve made a hubby of trying to prove they exist and of discovered over time they don’t. Fung Shui is simply idiotic and had been disproven on a daily basis. I have however met with lots of vooodo / hoodu experts / practicers and they are all frauds even those who don’t make money off of it are fakes. They try to take credit for everything that happens even ten years later. I met a man who claimed he killed sone one with a curse because 6 years later the guy died.

    I discovered these people prove that it’s not real all on their own.

  3. There are actually alot of differances between stark in the movies and in the comics.

    However while I don’t neccesarily disagree with you I do hope that you know there is a differance between A suit of iron that flies and magic one is not just as realistic as the other.

    • Im having a hard time understanding the context of that last statement. A suit of armor an don is what is confusing me… can you rephrase that?

      As for the differences in the two Starks… Comic/Movie While Im sure there are some I dont think many are “character” changing.

      Feel free to post them here or shoot me an email. photos at it is a through away address so I dont mind.

      • THROW!!! :D

  4. OOK. A few actors that come to mind as Dr.Stephen Strange are 1)Clive Owen 2) Daniel Day Lewis 3) Jim Caviezel 4)Ralph Fiennes

  5. I would say RDJ but he’s taken. So in my opinion Liem Nieson is the only option.

  6. I think Dr. Strange would be the most interesting character for Marvel to try next. I don’t know much about him, but I always felt he had a captivating look that can draw in audiences. I would actually watch this if it comes out. As for McDreamy as Strange, I’m not 100% sure on that…. But that’s not my decision to make. I don’t know much about the character so this isn’t one casting decision I will have my own direct opinion on… Hope they do a good job because I would like to see this happen.

  7. Patrick Dempsey???????????

    I’m confused….

  8. A “Dr Strange” film directed by Christopher Nolan would be awesome.

  9. hey guys,

    i just had a great idea, Cast STEPHEN COLBERT as president in the upcoming Avengers movie.

    adding Colbert to the marvel universe would be epic. i literally just started this goup on facebook and could really use your support.

    help me out please…!/group.php?gid=133610829991951

  10. Hell if garry shandling can be an senator. why cant Colbert be the prez.
    oh and F*ck Patrick Dempsey.
    i say Ras al ghul himself, Jim Caviezel, Oded Fehr, or Ralph Fiennes.

    • i like the thought of Oded Fehr as Dr. Strange
      i thought he did a great job om Charmed as Zanku he was real good in the Mummy Movies too

      till next time

  11. I’m okay with Patrick Dempsey…but if he lost out– I’d be even better if his former Gery’s co-star Kathy Heigel was Clea.

  12. Sad thing.. Ed Norton with a goatee and his demeanor screams Dr. Strange to me.

    As long as we are speaking things Strange….

    Can we agree that:

    “Stephen Strange is a world-renowned but selfish neurosurgeon, until a car accident damaged his hands, preventing him from conducting surgery. Depressed and scouring the world for a cure to his condition, Strange locates a hermit called the Ancient One in the Himalayas. After Strange selflessly attempts to thwart the Ancient One’s traitorous disciple, Baron Mordo (who would become one of Stange’s most enduring antagonists), he is taught the mystic arts.”

    Does not need to be changed?

  13. Guest I’m not saying it would be a terrible story just unrealistic. The moment magic shows up everything becomes unrealistic.

    • ????

      Opposed to say a man dressing up as a bat? Humans being turned into Vampire type creatures and a scientist/Doctor creating a cure in a basement lab powered by generators? You know the sub 200pd man and supersonic tin man thing so I wont do that one again.

      Daniel if I may what are your favorite movies? Like the top 5. Are they all realistic? How realistic? At what point (besides “magic” I guess) do you say nah unrealistic and refuse to see and or talk down about the film/possibility? Aliens? Ghosts? Mythology?

  14. I loved the Dr Strange animated film and would love to see something similar make the big screen in my opinion it was among marvels best animated films.

  15. Neeson doesnt scream Dr.Strange to me.

  16. WTF Aknot do you even read peoples comments. Several times I have said exactly this ” a movie does not need to be realistic to be good.” All I’ve said was that including magic automatically makes something unrealistic. I never said that’s a bad thing. I’ve admited many times that I like unrealistic movies. In fact if you go back to the spider man thread I said ” Not every movie needs to be realistic and spiderman would be better off as an epic fantasy.”

    • WTF do you read what you write??

      “Guest I’m not saying it would be a terrible story just UNREALISTIC. The moment magic shows up everything becomes UNREALISTIC.”

      So I asked you:
      Daniel if I may what are your favorite movies? Like the top 5. Are they all realistic? How realistic? At what point (besides “magic” I guess) do you say nah unrealistic and refuse to see and or talk down about the film/possibility? Aliens? Ghosts? Mythology?

      Im asking you where you draw the line besides magic. Did I say you dont like unrealistic movies? Did I say you thought they were all a bad thing? Nope but apparently there are some movies (magic?) that “The moment magic shows up everything becomes unrealistic.”

      No reason to go spastic.

      Nope just trying to figure your “point” of unrealistic.

  17. I do you have a point at all?

    Are you trying to make the argument that magic is realistic?

    Guest was saying they could add Dr Strange to the Iron man story and it still be realistic I was pointing out that it wouldn’t be anymore if you add Strange. I don’t understand how my top 5 films have anything to do with the subject.

    I never decide to not see a film because it’s unrealistic. I judge a movie based on it story and characters. The depth and plot and things like that. The only time I care about realism is when a film is trying very hard to be realistic and does something completely unrealistic. I loved Hellboy but if they tried to say the movie was realistic and grounded in realism it would of bothered me.

    Yes Aliens , ghosts , mythology and magic are all unrealistic. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like movies or shows based on those things. I like Star Trek, Supernatural, hellboy , Buffy, Angel and I’m absolutely in love with Greek Mythology. I also think the Game Mass Effect would be an amazing film.

    My top 5 films are
    The Departed
    The Prestiege
    and Gross Point Blank

    not that that has any relavance on the subject.

    My gave TV shows are
    The Shield

    gave books just the top three to hard to decide beyond that.

    Catcher in the Rye
    I am legend
    Enders Game

    I also like long walks on the beach and sun sets

    • Nope, just trying to get an idea of the person on the other end so I know what I can discuss with them. You seem pretty eclectic so I thought I would try to gauge you by what you like thats all.

      When walking on the beach do you like to hold hands?

      So while you might think it is not relavent I do being on an “entertainment/movie” site and all.

  18. Daniel and Aknot, please dial it down a notch or two.



    • Rgrr that

  19. It’s not at all relavant to the disscusion since you know I enjoy fantasy non realistic movies. My top 5 films are pretty unimportant to this conversation. The disscusion was putting magic in a film makes unrealistic. It was not what films does Daniel like hell it wasn’t even wheather or not I enjoy unrealistic films it was simply that magic is not real or even close and so its not realistic.

    Ok I can’t lie I don’t actually like the beach to much sand, to many people, to much sun burning and I’d rather swim in a pool.

  20. @Daniel f It’s perfectly fine for YOU to believe that certain things like Voodoun or Shamanism is not real. But you can’t conclude them as being “UNIVERSALLY” untrue or unreal. Like the guy you met that was a fake,that was your own personal experience but my personal experience is different from yours because I’ve learned that REAL shamans or spiritualists won’t waste their precious time trying to convince you that what they do is real, they have more important things to do. I actually resent your comments on Feng Shui and how you say it’s crap. I have a high respect for Asian culture which you obviously don’t. To say that Feng Shui which is 1000′s of years old is fake is also saying that Taoism and other Asian spiritual systems are crap.Try convincing that to an Asian or any other person who practices it. If you practiced it and it didn’t work for you then either you were doing it wrong or you were already just too pessimistic about it. What are you going to tell me that Tai Chi or Chi Kung is fake or crap now too. TDK and Iron Man are the greatest CBMS’s of all time not just because of the great acting and drama but the fact that they took CBMS to a new level.They made them more realistic and grounded.Iron Man & Batman are both UNREALISTIC. Are there people going around doing what they’re doing and wearing what they’re wearing? NO! Are there cops, soldiers,special agents etc.,who do something similar to what they do? Yes, now that’s realistic. Are there people called Shamans,or Spiritual people in the world YES! Whether you want to believe it’s real or not, they do exist. Nolan and Favereau raised the bar very high with what they did,now that formula is expected to be followed so that is why a middle ground must be met if they incorporate magic.They just can’t throw it out there when there is a formula in place.People know Batman & Iron Man are not real and most people don’t believe in magic or occult sciences. They are NOT trying to convince people that the stuff is real they are just taking an intelligent approach on HOW to incorporate it through what actually does exist and the possibilities of other related things in order for it all to mesh smoother.

  21. Are there people who call them selves shamans ? Yes. Can they do any thing special? No.

    Do some people practice Fung Shui? Yes. Can orangimg furniture realy make a differance in your life other than preventing fire hazards? No.

    This isn’t opinion it’s fact deal with. Sorry to hurt your fantasy but orca trolls and ogres are not real either.

  22. Wow! Why don’t you just say “To each his own,but that just does’nt work for me”. You are just coming off as an extremely arrogant person,a regular Mr.Knowitall. Just because Feng Shui hasn’t helped you in particular doesn’t mean it can’t and hasn’t helped 1000′s or millions of other people to straighten out and organize they’re lives while also understanding that there ARE subtle energies in around us such as polarity that have a more positive affect by were and how we place certain things.So the people who came up with Taoist ways of thinking were just idiots that didn’t know what they were talkng about. Native American,African,or even Australian Aborigine SHAMANS were and are just mumbo jumbo talking idiots right? They DO perform special things. They know about Herbology,nature,and the spirit world. They help people stay tuned to nature learn Wisdom,learn more about themselves and many other things that the average person does NOT know or do. If you want to live in a one dimensional tunnel visioned world,are not a spiritual person and close minded,hey that’s your choice and that’s ok but just because a person doesn’t want to think like YOU doesn’t mean they’re wrong. You have the same mentality of an old European Imperialist.

    • Wow! Why don’t you just say “To each his own,but that just does’nt work for me”

      He cant. That and his disdain for the beach will be his downfall… ;)

      As for our conversation… It did have a lot to do with the talk as you speak and write as what can be taken as plain fact. You never really say things like I think, or in my opinion. I think that is also the issue Ulik there may have.

      See you state things like:
      “Actually yes the movies CAN’T make it believable.” Which is wrong because watching a movie such as Ironman you can tend to believe it is “possible”. For a fleeting moment. That is the point some people in this thread were trying to drive home.

      Then you go and almost contradict yourself by making the below statement.

      “However I agree that mixing that with reality grounded things such as Iron Man will be difficult. If they don’t connect Dr Strange to the IM universe I see no problems. However I’m skeptic as to how they are going to make Thir work in the UM universe.” Reality grounded goes hand in hand with “believable”.

      Following up with:
      “Meh never said it won’t be entertaining just said it can not be realistic.” Yet something like a cell phone in the plam of your hand wasnt realistic 30 years ago and is today….. but you are saying things like “magic” possibly Aliens and Ghosts cant or wont be proven to exists in the years to come.

      Which goes back to the initial start of this whole fiasco. Possibility and Believability of things that make up a Comic Book Movie and if it could be/is realistic.

      Fact of the matter is with your statement of the cell phone there is nothing that should be impossible or that may one day exist that we believe in. This goes for Science based things and spiritually based things. There are untapped and undiscovered things still in this world/Universe etc. It would be a shame for everyone to stop believing and miss out on it.

      As for the Movies it is as realistic at that time as you want it to be. What you take away from it as entertainment is on your own. Just because “x” amount of people believe it as real OR unreal does not make it true or untrue.

      • @Aknot Well said dude. There’s a great movie out there called “The Matrix”. Although the movie is fictional,it’s realistic and very deep in the way it parallels how most people think and believe in OUR REAL WORLD that we all live in today. Some people just don’t want to wake up.

  23. Lol this is Just said I’ll leave you alone I guess I gotta go to sleep at some point and will need to stop laughing at the crazy coming from you.

    Anyway gotta hop on my dragon and fly away. People believed in those at one point as well.

  24. When I said CANT be believable I was refering to strange not IM. IM is grounded in reality and is kind If believeable. I Wasnt talking about Dr Strange. I believe most scientific thing are possible at some point. However mysticism , magic or what spirtuap spell casting thing you throw out there is not and can not be believeable,

    • “However mysticism , magic or what spirtuap spell casting thing you throw out there is not and can not be believeable”

      This is surely your opinion (and im sure others agree with you) however you also need to know people disagree with you.

      A million people in Benin come to mind. Not to mention the believers in Haiti and a few other places.

      “Voodoo is practiced by millions every where in the world. Specially in Haiti(the country where it is mostly practiced), Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Canada, the United States(specially in Louisiana and where there’s a considerate population of Haitian Immigrants), many country in Africa etc… it is quite impossible to know exactly how many people practice it. but one thing for is sure, it is practices by millions all over the world. ”

      While it doesn’t make it believable to you others do find it very believable.

      So as long as YOU dont believe in it as is your prerogative to do so that’s fine. However to make blanket statements as to the believability of something you dont believe in makes no sense. Because if someone else believes it then it becomes believable.

      So words such as:
      However mysticism , magic or what spirtuap spell casting thing you throw out there is not and can not be believeable,

      Should read:
      However mysticism , magic or what spirtuap spell casting thing you throw out there is nothing I can believe in.

      That changes the context of how it is presented. So while YOU can not believe something/someone like Dr. Strange others can.

      Im not trying to change your views or beliefs. Im just making it a point to understand yours (mine and everyone elses) is not the be all end all as you present some of your statements as and or they APPEAR as. Maybe you are just typing to fast to properly articulate it. I do that sometimes, type one thing when I almost mean something entirely different.

  25. Fine it’s something I can’t believe in because it’s not real. There are people who believe dragons exist as well so are films with dragons suddenly grounded in reality?

    • To them yes. (I did catch your wording)

      Reign Of Fire was pretty neat with how it was done using dragons. Even using a scientific/nature base for their fire breathing.

  26. That’s funny ulik cause I was just thinking some people refuse to grow up and face reality instead they choose to live I’m a fantasy world with magic, dragons and fairys. They make for fun books and movies but they are not real.

  27. See how you don’t face the reality that I’ve never said that fairies and dragons are real however people do practice mysticism which some people would consider magic. Is it real, some people don’t think so,some people do. Does it exist,yes you can literally meet people that do these things. Can you meet dragons and fairies ogres & trolls? No.

  28. You can meet people who claim to do these things but they can’t actually do anything. I’m not saying they don’t try but they can’t actually achieve anything. People believe that if they dance a certain way that they can make it rain doesn’t make it true.

  29. I don’t know where you’ve been or traveled to but I work for Delta Airlines and I’ve traveled to many places because I can travel pretty much for free. When you travel and actually go to certain places instead of just reading about stuff or meeting people in the street who claim to be able to do stuff it opens your mind and horizons more. Are there frauds and fakes out there? Of course. The Tibetan Monks are also an example of people who dedicate they’re lives to physical and spiritual discipline. Some of the things I’ve seen them do could be considered magic. But If YOU haven’t lived the life of a Tibetan Monk,Shaman,or Medicine Man,or Voudou Priest,then you can’t say what they do isn’t real.