Marvel Hires Writers For Dr. Strange Movie; Patrick Dempsey Interested? [Updated]

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dr strange movie writers Marvel Hires Writers For Dr. Strange Movie; Patrick Dempsey Interested? [Updated]

[Updated: Is Patrick Dempsey interested in playing Dr. Strange? Read On!]

This morning we reported on the rumor that Marvel Studios is looking at the idea of introducing some of their lesser known characters through short films that would be attached to the theatrical releases of their blockbuster tentpole features. The plan would allow for unknown-to-the-mainstream secondary characters to debut to a large built-in audience, and Marvel could gauge response to see whether or not they want to make full-length movies for those respective characters.

Characters that come to minds of fans are the obvious choices who have popped up in interviews and speculation over the years. These include Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Iron Fist and Luke Cage, and strangely enough, one of these characters may already be on their way to getting a solo movie. Deadline is reporting that Marvel Studios has finally hired writers to pen the script for Dr. Strange!

Marvel has selected Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer to write the screenplay for the Dr. Strange adaptation and they come with plenty of recent experience. Donnelly and Oppenheimer penned the script for Marcus Nispel’s Conan which just finished production as well as the adaptation of the Uncharted video game movie. They also wrote a draft for Jon Favreau’s Cowboys and Aliens. Their experience in writing in the genres of comics, video games and epics – all involving action and some involving supernatural elements – lends itself well to a Dr. Strange story.

Dr. Strange has been a character made clear by the folks at Marvel as a property of interest and in the talk surrounding the production of Thor, it was hoped that the movie about the Asgardian God of Thunder could help open the door (and the minds of mainstream audiences) to the themes of mysticism and magic, so a character like Dr. Strange could get his feature film treatment.

Dr. Strange may be a tough sell on his own so I wouldn’t doubt that there would be cross-overs and cameos with Marvel’s line-up of films. Then again, it’s a likely possibility that the Disney-owned Marvel Studios may put into production small-budget films based on their more obscure characters such as Strange, so it may not be that much of a risk depending on the profile of the cast members and the budget.

Update: Speaking of the cast, Bleeding Cool is reporting that Patrick Dempsey (Grey’s Anatomy) is interested in playing Dr. Strange, and artist Arne Starr seconds that motion, whipping up a faux promo poster of Dempsey as Doc Strange, which reportedly put the actor on Marvel’s radar for the part.

drstrange movie patrick dempsey Marvel Hires Writers For Dr. Strange Movie; Patrick Dempsey Interested? [Updated]

We’ll check into this a little bit further and then get back to you – in the meantime, start asking yourself “Would McDreamy make a good Doctor Strange?

There’s also the idea of a Defenders movie which would have Dr. Strange lead and fight alongside other key members of the Marvel Universe, many of which are Avengers members, to combat mystic and supernatural threats. The Defenders were never an official team and its members continuously changed based on the enemy and situation. Such a movie could include the likes of Hulk or Thor and act as a spin-off to The Avengers.

marvel adventures hulk 8 the defenders 280x425 Marvel Hires Writers For Dr. Strange Movie; Patrick Dempsey Interested? [Updated]

Dr. Strange and the Defenders

It’s clear that Marvel is looking ahead long-term as word on the street points to a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie being made after The Avengers and other reports indicate that Marvel is in talks with a “notable Hollywood star” about the Luke Cage character. We also know that Peter Sollett (Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist) has been hired to direct the Runaways movie based off a script by Drew Pearce and we can’t forget about Edgar Wright’s long-gestating Ant-Man movie.

It’s an exciting time to be a Marvel fan and there’s plenty to look forward to.

What do you think about the prospect of a Dr. Strange movie?

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Iron Man 2 is currently in theaters everywhere; Thor opens May 5, 2011; The First Avenger: Captain America hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012. We’ll find out what comes next at San Diego Comic-Con next month!

Source: Deadline

Updated Sources: Bleeding Cool & Arne Starr Artwork

Header image edited from Dr. Strange art by YamaO.

Marvel Adventures Hulk #8 cover by Juan Roman cano Santacruz.

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  1. Hmmmmmmm, imma go buy some Tecates and Tacos so I can invite Guillermo Del Toro tomorrow to watch the Mexico game with me and try to convince him to direct the Dr. Strange film 😀 Wish me luck guys lol

  2. Yeah good luck with that..

    No matter what format they choose I don’t think by necessity it has to be an origin story. Perhaps in a full length film a back-story origin might be worthwhile but I guess it depends on what they look to accomplish beyond the immediate entertainment goal…

  3. This sounds like a well thought out plan by The house of M

    • The combining of science and fantasy is tricky 😀 but I’ve seen and read good stories done in the genre. Feige say’s it best, that their goal (Marvel) is to just “go one step beyond what you can accept normally.” They’ve been doing that from the start. Iron Man’s power technology is impossible given what we know today. Most mutation done using high energy particles is harmful or deadly. Even the hated Ang Lee “Hulk” bears this out. So Hulk is like one in a hundred trillion or something, more likely is that string theory is a totally accurate model, along those lines of probability.

      Thor will be handled the same way. His universe will be portrayed as an unknown aspect that’s been discovered recently. As I’ve written before scientists speculate all the time and who can say what the true nature of the Norse gods is? Just because a race believes something about themselves doesn’t make it the ultimate reality. This has real life parallels. A semi closed off society existing on the Isle of Sulawesi, the Toraja tribe, believe their ancestors descended from the stars in sky ships. The name Toraja means “the people from above. A fundamental mystery in a story doesn’t mean the story can’t be enjoyable, nor is there any rule that say’s it has to be answered…

  4. “These include Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Iron Fist and Luke Cage, and strangely enough, one of these characters may already be on their way to getting a solo movie.”

    Uh.. I believe Dr. Strange has already had his own solo movie… 😀

    It was quite good for its time, a little off the origin but for the time frame and medium (TV) was done very well.

  5. yes, one of my favorite characters next to IRoN FiST.
    BRing on Baron mordo !
    Bring on Dormammu !
    given the proper design crew the sanctum sanctorum would look amazing, along W/the mirror containg the ancient one.

  6. While I’m not opposed to having short films – let’s say a Beta Ray Bill adventure comes together and is put in front of next year’s Thor, or a bit with Adam Warlock in front of The Avengers…

    I do question the problem of casting such films. It’s not a guarantee that the same actors would play the characters; it isn’t a given that the director of the short will be given the director reigns of the feature.

    They would have to be either different, tell a origin story (say, a hero gets his/her powers or skills in youth or the past (say, Namor) or have it revolve around a side character who is witness to an event (a crew cleaning up the mess left by Hulk and Abomination ie. “Damage Control”)…or a teaser involving a takeover by The Skrulls or The High Evolutionary etc, a SHIELD recruitment video…

    But as for Doctor Strange, it sounds more like a feature, and not a follow up to the Marvel Animated feature from a few years ago.

    Someone up there in the comments mentioned Del Toro; if memory serves, there was some consideration on his part as he hoped Neil Gaiman would write the script. That could have been a pipe dream rumor a few years ago; it was before Del Toro took on (and later left) Hobbit.

    Del Toro would still be a good choice.
    I also wouldn’t mind an offer to any of the following directors:

    – David Cronenberg (a longshot)

    – J.A. Bayona (the Orphange)

    – Mike Mendez (not a well known director, but see The Gravedancers)

    – Alex Proyas (just because I watched Dark City for the hundreth time last weekend)

    – Sam Raimi (see Spider-Man 2 for the inside jokes)

    – Rob Bowman (yes, Bowman did direct Elektra; but he also helmed the first X-Files film and the apoco-Dragon flick Ring Of Fire)

    and the director who would be PERFECT but would not touch this in a million years, David Lynch.

    (Don’t laugh, geeks. Lynch could actually get away with Doctor Strange casting a command spell invoking the powers of the Eye Of Agamotto)

    • “I do question the problem of casting such films. It’s not a guarantee that the same actors would play the characters; it isn’t a given that the director of the short will be given the director reigns of the feature.”


      I want you to cut my front lawn. If you do it well as written in this contract I will hire you to cut my front and back lawn three times. Each time you cut my lawn if you show up on time do a great job and my lawn grows cause of your attention to detail I will pay you a bonus.

      After 3 times we will renegotiate the contract.

      There is no problem when a contract covering everything can be made. You do this short we CAN/MIGHT bring you back based on the response.

      • Sure. Hire me the first time for a short time. But when the yard grows bigger you might just want a better lawn cutter, a bigger name, bigger reputation.

        I can still write out a blueprint, but you may feel that even though you like me as a lawncutter and hedger, you need someone with more seasoning, just to be safe.

        I could convince you.

        • Yes but that will be in the contract. The only way it wont work is if people dont see it. If people dont see it they will find out why. When they find out why they will make corrections.

          That is why so many people are still in Hollywood.

          I mean after the fiasco of Wild Wild West:

          Barry Sonnerfield
          Will Smith
          Kevin Kline
          Salma Hayek
          Kenneth Branagh

          Are still in the business as is to a degree the writers…

          While they may have not worked well together they are still doing other stuff and soetimes doing it well.

          I mean me if I did a sucky job after sucky job and only performed sporaticly I would be out a job and career…. 😀 You have a contract and are protected for a bit. 😀

  7. “it was hoped that the movie about the Asgardian God of Thunder could help open the door (and the minds of mainstream audiences) to the themes of mysticism and magic”

    I am SOOOOOO tired of this schtick from Marvel. Do they feel movie-goers are so freakin’ stupid that they can’t grasp the idea of a movie as NOT being real? This has been my one criticism of how Marvel has handled it’s movie thought processes.

    • I hear you. You have things like Harry Potter, Buffy, Legends of the Seeker, etc Yet Marvel has to coddle….

      • Its not that they dont want to incorporate magic, its the fact that Iron Man and Hulk were made with a “real world” sense. Since Marvel is making all their films part of the same world they need to find a way to add a world of magic with the world they already have. It doesnt seem like a hard thing to do especially since the comics are already that way, but not everything can translate into film. Give some credit to Marvel for not forcing these kinds of films, they are taking their time to make sure they come out good.

        • I don’t get this “not everything can translate to film CRAP”. What a load of BS.

          Is the TV show “Supernatural” hinged in the real world?

          How about “Fringe”?

          Audiences know these are super hero movies and will suspend their disbelief. As you say it’s not that hard to do. A good writer will make it work.

    • its not because the guys at marvel think the audience is that stupid, its because the movies they put out (at least up to the avengers) are all set in the universe which Iron Man established.

      Plus, even in the comics there is logic to magic. Asgard, Olympus, and anywhere else that gods reside is literally just an alternate dimension and the Scarlet Witch, who got her powers from a genetic mutation, could warp reality down to the smallest detail.

      • exactly :)

      • What Universe did Ironman “establish”? Im not understanding this terminology.

        Ironmans suit is all tech based. There is no hint of magic or no magic nor does there need to be.

        What in the movies universe says you CANT have “magic” ala Dr. Strange?

        What in the comic book of Ironman says you CAN have magic ala Dr. Strange?

        Stop (not you just a generalization) cramming REAL down our throats. Its not real. It will never be real in our lifetime. A man can not fly at supersonc speeds using a suit of metal that can deflect rounds from a jet.

        A sub 200pd man can not add mass making him in excess of 1 ton or there abouts able to lift a tank.

        Repeat after me… IT IS NOT REAL.

        Stop trying to spoon feed people. People know it is fake. They know it is a comic book character they know it is not real.

        As long as you do it without insulting people and give a plausible explanation they dont care. They want to be entertained.

        • -_- i guess some people just dont understand.

          • Lets just put it this way, i can picture someone creating a suit that flys, i cant picture someone sticking out their finger and shoot purple beams out of it.

            • However you can picture a sub 200 pd man growing in size and strength to about a ton..???

            • From “Invincible Iron Man” issue 21

              THE STORY:
              Tony’s closest friends and lovers have gathered to try and help the man rebuild his shattered consciousness, body, life and legacy…but when Tony gets the call, does he WANT to come back? CAN he…even with Dr. Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts, bridging the gap between the two worlds? And you didn’t think the bad guys were going to just sit back and let Tony rest and recuperate, did you?

              So the comic books can tell a great story with these characters but the movies can’t make it believable? LOL!

              • Actually yes the movies CAN’T make it believable.

                • @Daniel f,

                  Apologies for not making myself clear.

                  I’m not literally talking about that particular story as an entire full lenghth movie but rather as a scene and about Doc Strange & Iron Man co-inhabiting the same universe like they do in the comic books.

                  I’m sure you’ll disagree so please enlighten me. :-)

          • I dont that is why Im asking you to explain it. Lets see you say:

            “its the fact that Iron Man and Hulk were made with a “real world” sense. ”

            How was Hulk in the real world sense? How was Ironman in the real world sense? While you MIGHT be able to explain some of Ironman as being real other parts you cant. I wont even touch on the Hulk.

            However you made the statement so how is it “real”? How is it so real that it cant include what comic book readers know as “magic”?

            Ojex then states Ironman established a Universe. Well the universe is made up of a person that can fly in a metal suit that can deflect rounds from a fighter jet while flying at super sonic speeds…. not to mention a certain Jade Giant that a man can turn into.

            So why cant that universe incorporate Magic if they can incorporate the other two?

            Help me out here. Explain it.

            Giving an example I can see a movie like the Rocketeer being “real” but fake. It is/was based on current tech. There are packs like that. However even in this day and age it is not anywhere near being perfected. However it is believable. Ironman and the Hulk are not.

            • THEY ARE GONNA INCORPORATE MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats why they just hired the f-ing writers. They just needed to figure out how it was all gonna fit in. Damn, pay attention.

              • Aknot,

                While what has been “established” in Marvel’s universe isn’t hands-on, touch it, feel it, smell it real, it’s EXPLAINABLE. 100 years ago the thought of technology allowing people to fly in planes was way beyond what they could comprehend, but technology has caught up and surpassed that so the audience could understand that while it’s not “real” their minds are open to the “possiblity”. Same with some weird drug or serum. In the past, plants and other items were used for healing and other effects and technology has made it possible to create all sorts of effects (steroids anyone?). Now the thing with “magic” is that Hollywood in the past has used that as a general term to cover just about anything they couldn’t directly explain away so audiences have accepted “magic” as more of a cop-out.
                Think of it this way, even though they’re both movies, Transformers would look pretty silly in a Harry Potter movie because they’ve both established different “movie universes”, one of technology the other of magic. Marvel is trying to merge them without turning off audiences.

                • @Chiguy great post there!!!

                • “Marvel is trying to merge them without turning off audiences.”

                  I agree. However why would you have to change anything about Dr. Strange? How would it turn off the audience?

                  Magic/Mysticism/Shamanism/Voodoo/Witchcraft/Spiritualism etc, in general is not a foreign concept at all. We have been dealing with it for thousands of years and im sure it will be around for thousands more.

                  Just because Marvels take on Magic may be different then Harry Potters does not mean it wont/cant work.

                  “The Vishanti are a fictional triumvirate of powerful mystical beings appearing in the Marvel Comics universe. The three beings who make up the Vishanti are Agamotto the All-Seeing (The Light of Truth), Omnipotent Oshtur (Oshtur the Omnipotent, Lady of the Skies), and Hoary Hoggoth (Hoggoth the Hoary, Lord of Hosts). They are extra-dimensional creatures with vast magical abilities, which are generally benevolent towards humanity and support the Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme. They grant occult power and knowledge to benevolent practitioners of sorcery, including Doctor Strange. The three all live in extra-dimensional homes, but can observe and interact with other dimensions from their homes.”

                  Thats the opening you got these 3 “entities” speaking to the Ancient One. Telling him how his time is coming to an end and someone needs to be “prepped” to replace him as the Sorcerer Supreme as someone always needs to be in place to thwart “bad mojo”. The Sorcerer Supreme would protect Earth’s dimension for the Vishanti and fight their enemies and in return could call upon the powers of the Vishanti. Recent events (evolution of man in general and the fiddling with genetics, space travel, etc) have started to change things in the world no the Universe as we know it. Just as there is good there is evil. Evil sees the change and assumes it is a weakness. Evil is coming.

                  Now evil can be a multitude of things from Aliens (Skrulls) to Gods (Loki) to Man himself (Hulk). Not to mention Trinity of Ashes which is the bad counter part to The Vishanti. They have been increasing their power in their followers on Earth. Easily susceptible are those that crave power… those that want to be heroes or have hero like powers yet are easily corruptible.

                  That is easily a 10 min tops intro. Done in swirly red/blue/black smoke with flash back type things. (showing Ironman, Hulk and possibly an alien craft skrull in nature..)

                  After that is explained to The Ancient One you see Baron Mordo eavesdropping on the scene… you then cut to Stephen Strange driving his sports car, on the phone rattling on about how he is the best in his field and doesnt do charity work blah blah blah. Then he does a Peter Pan through a guard rail. The rest is history.

                  You can even have him go to Tony Stark looking to find some type of “tech” solution to get his hands to work as well as they did pre crash to no avail. That was his last “realistic” approach until he is told of one high in the Himalayians… and so his journey begins…

                  Come on Marvel who wants to hire me!!!

                  Sorry I babbled on….

  8. Oh and for the record im a big comic fan. I want to see all this happen however I dont want to see the Characters “crippled”.

    Heck I would love in my life time to see a 15 min battle tween the Hulk and Superman on the big screen…. never happen… at least while im alive but I can dream. 😀

  9. I’d like to see the all the female superheroes wrestle in a giant bowl of jello.

  10. Would Colin Farrell be a bad choice to play Dr. Strange? Any early casting rumors we want to start???

    • Liam Neeson, Ethan Hawke, Doug Jones (Del Toro reference), and Jeffery Dean Morgan.

      That’s all I got.

  11. Come on del Toro/Gaiman collaboration!

  12. @Aknot You make some great points there and I agree. But what you have to realize is that you and I are comic book fans and we will accept it because of that. The general movie goers AND CRITICS will pick apart anything that seems to not meld right or make sense. The Hulk IS based on “pseudo-science” and “Modern” science like Iron Man. The premise of The Hulk is based on cellular manipulation(which IS real today) through Gamma Rays(which is real),exploring the human potential for cellular regeneration, the hidden human potential at the cellular level and cures for diseases such as cancer. Remember those “Urban Myths” about people lifting cars to save a loved one pinned under it or doing incredible feats of strength during desperation and when the adrenaline levels are at it’s peak? Some of those stories are indeed true because there are some amazing things humans can do when the adrenaline levels are sky high. Scientists ARE actually studying these things today but creating a monster,mutants or freaks through cellular manipulation or an accident in science IS NOT a far fetched idea and has happened. The Hulk is sort of a modern day Frankenstein/Jekyl & Hyde. Adrenaline is a natural biological chemical manufactured by the adrenal glands that can cause the brain to do things that you can’t physically can’t do with out it especially an increase in strength,speed,endurance,and pain threshold combined with absolute Rage,a man or woman CAN and have done some almost “superhuman” actions. There was a man who was on LSD in Long Island years ago who beat the hell out of over 10 police and broke off a car door. In no way am I condoning such an action or drug use but the LSD mixed with high adrenaline levels caused the man to tolerate injuries from the police that should have knocked him out or even killed him the guy just kept coming. There are things in science and technology that exist now and have existed for a while that is classified,will not ever be presented and some things that science and government feel the public is NOT ready for. So “pseudo-science” IS based on reality.

    • wow, i was just about to say that :)

    • Ulik,

      Can you explain what people see when they explain a “ghost” sighting?
      Can you explain why years ago people were persecuted as Witches/Warlocks?
      Can you explain modern day (and previous days) Druidism? Shamanism? Spirit Walks?

      Can you explain the unexplainable? You know the things that go bump in the night, the (accurate) fortune tellers, palm readers, star gazers?

      Are you saying there are no unsolved…. “happenings” that have no scientific or fact based answer in the world today? Things that COULD be based on the occult and or magic?

      The Occult, Magic, Spirits, etc is very well known in the public and is an occurrence in peoples everyday life more so then the “pseudo-science”.

      To many that is pretty real. To others they are aware of it and others dont necessarily believe in it yet they are aware of it. As long as they are not given it as “Fact” I don’t see issues with it.

      Again they know its a comic they know it is fake.

      I concur with your Jekyll and Hyde comparison however how far do you “stretch” your “pseudo-science” for entertainment purposes and why cant you just as well use/stretch the belief of magic that has been around a whole heck of a lot longer then pseudo-science?

        • My bad I meant they measure “Paranormal” activity.

  13. @Ulik

    But why does it have to be based on science? That is my point.

    As Aknot said, stop spoon-feeding us like we are 7 year olds. And stop using it as a crutch or excuse when thinking about putting a character in a movie.

    If they take this approach with Dr. Strange it will ruin him. He is not a technophage, he is a sorcerer.

      • Plausible? Sit well? My wife has no clue about superheroes. However if the acting, directing, special effects are decent great she doesnt care.

        She wants to be entertained. Being entertained does not mean having to have a “logical” explanation.

        Why is it asking to much from the non fans? Any high school “kid” should have learned and or know some Norse Mythology.

        What is wrong with having a different “plane” with ruling Gods that are no longer as “strong” on our plane of existence?

        I can see the talk now.

        Tony Stark: What an Actual Norse God? Unbelievable.
        Nick Fury: About as believeable a flying tin man and guy that truns green and can bench press a tank.
        Tony Stark: Touche. Sign him up.

          • Ok.. But how can you sell the general public so short by saying they wont/cant see A Norse God (mythology) fighting a Jekyll and Hyde monster (science) while a Master of the Mystic Arts (magic) transforms the dust around him into a physical shield protecting innocent people?

            If they can accept everything else they have seen so far? (Ironman/Spiderman/Hulk/Superman/Blade/Watchmen/Batman/etc)

            Marvel (i hope) wont say leave your brain at the door. However Fury has been putting together (and as referenced there are others) a team. The seed is planted. To say anything and everything must have a pseudo science approach or it wont be accepted is crazy.

            As a matter of fact mentioning Blade and MiB in another thread just makes me believe it is more plausible and people will understand it better.

            What better way to introduce magic/aliens/Gods then to say hey guess what.. they have been around for a long time. They have been doing stuff the Government has been covering up. The human race is to fragile to understand.

            Well guess what… Thanks to The Hulk fiasco and Mr. Stark the cat is slowly coming out of the bag.

            They are not different characters. They are just Characters. If handled correctly there is no reason why people cant “believe” making them unique characters.

            • Do you not understand that the Spider-Man films, the Blade films, and the Iron Man films were not in the same universe? Theres plenty of magic films out there but Harry Potter and Iron Man are not part of the same film universe.

              • I understand this apparently more then any of you do. So let me ask you something. When one of your non geek friends ask you or makes a statement of…

                Man it would be cool if Spiderman teamed up with the Fantastic Four like I saw in that cartoon/comic of yours…

                What do you tell them?

                For all intent purposes they are all part of the MARVEL universe and will one day be able to. So while they cant legally “show” them they will slowly somehow be represented. (are they allowed to mention names? can they say the Scarlet Spider? Metal Spider? :D)

                I use the Harry Potter (and other Marvel Characters) comparison as people believe that why cant they believe a grown up Harry Potter such as Doctor Strange??

                • -_-

  14. These secondary characters seem extremely boring on the surface.

  15. Dr Strange is pretty much the only Marvel character we havnt seen that I want to. I can’t stand Iron Fist, Cage, panther or moonknight.

  16. Im really getting my geek-on today reading people say how the Hulk and Ant Man can really happen, scientifically. lol.

    • @intelliq I never said that Hulk or Ant-Man actually can happen but there are parallels to those characters that do exist in the “real” world. There are many things that people said years ago that seemed insane or silly like telling someone in the year 1750 that in 21st Century people will be watching people inside of boxes and communicating and doing other crazy things all over the world on these square shaped things.

  17. Maybe the Lucky Charms guy really sits under a rainbow. Could happen! :-p

  18. Voodoo real ? ROFL I can’t stop laughing.

    • Some times I think you post just to elicit a response. Just because your beliefs and views appear to be shallow does not mean something is not “real”.

      There is more backing the validity of Voodoo/Vodou/Vodun then there is not. Now if you are ignorant in what Voodoo/Vodou/Vodun really is I can understand your misgivings.

      • @Aknot thank you for your very intellectual posts,I enjoy conversing with you. @Daniel F As far as something being real or unreal I can accept that something that has not directly affected you and “your” world to not be real to YOU but that does NOT mean that it is NOT real in someone else’s or does not exist. If I never knew you or met you or was directly affected by you then you would not really be real to me either but that doesn’t mean you don’t exist.

  19. Is it real in the sense that some people actually practice it and believe in it ? Yes. Does it actually work or effect the world? No. It’s about as real as fung shi (sp?) the art of moving arranging your house for good fortune. People believe in the dark arts and warewolves as well does not mean they exist.

    • Define work. Who are you to say if I had someone cast a “luck” spell on me and then in 5 days I hit the lottery it didn’t work?

      However we may start to wan off topic here and I dont want to do that.

      We are talking about “fictional” characters in a fictional world coming to the big screen.

      It can all work together Science/Fiction/Fact/Magic/Mythology/Aliens (speaking of I notice no one has mentioned the Skrulls being in the Avengers and how are they going to explain them) as long as it is done Intelligently…just like the comic books.

      Intelligently does not mean it has to be based on fact. Just the reasoning behind it makes sense and can be believed.

    • As far as Voodoo or Santeria etc. It does affect that person and therefore creates a ripple effect that eventually effects the outcome of certain things in the world and that goes for everyone. Fung Shui is real to the people who practices it,is it real to you no,buts that’s fine. If a person practicing Fung Shui has positive or negative results it will also create a ripple effect,affecting the people and possible outcomes of people around that person. Werewolves? Hmmmmm.. Look up Hypertrichosis,Vampires look up Hemophilia,the Dark Arts look up The Thule Society and or Aleister Crowley. And of course there are factual extreme cases of each of these.

  20. Ok I would like to see this directed By Andrew Stanton. His ablility in creating a fantastical world full of action,heart and drama is seen well in his Pixar films and his relationship with disney through pixar could make such a thing plausible. Also Casting the sorcerer supreme I would pick Josh Holloway(from Lost).

  21. Another examplefor you ulik imagine in 1993 being told that they can make a phone smaller than your hand that has no buttons reacts to touching the screen has a camera allows you to surf the Internet and has better /faster and smaller hardware than your desktop. Oh and you can watch movies on it

    • Well if I a closed minded individual I would have said “That’s bullsh*t that’s impossible they can’t do that or we don’t have technology to do that” Fortunately I’m not a closed minded person I would said(back in 1993) “Wow,somebody probably already made it,they’re just not ready for it to come out yet”. Just like GPS has been around since the 60’s.

  22. I agree and disagree with ulik. People have no problem seeing crazy fantastical films of mystisism. Look at Hellboy and Harry Potter or even Twilight. A film doesn’t have to be realistic to make money or to be good so Dr Strange can easily be successful with out being grounded in reality. However I agree that mixing that with reality grounded things such as Iron Man will be difficult. If they don’t connect Dr Strange to the IM universe I see no problems. However I’m skeptic as to how they are going to make Thir work in the UM universe.

    • “People have no problem seeing crazy fantastical films of mystisism. Look at Hellboy and Harry Potter or even Twilight. A film doesn’t have to be realistic to make money or to be good so Dr Strange can easily be successful with out being grounded in reality. However I agree that mixing that with reality grounded things such as Iron Man will be difficult.”

      Yes :) you win today

        • Meh never said it won’t be entertaining just said it can not be realistic.

  23. The odds that you will get some kind of luck in your life are pretty good some if some one does luck voodoo on you and you get lucky at some point in the next year I have no doubt you will attribute it to that just like if you drop dead three years after someone does a death spell any true believer will say it’s because of the spell. Believers have a way with things like that. Doesn’t make it real every one gets lucky at sone point and everybody dies.

    However you are right we are off topic so I’ll coop and end the conversation.

  24. Give the role to Tom Selleck. K, next topic……..

  25. You know I’m trying to end this absurd conversation and your not helping I can’t believe I have to debate the reality of Voodo, magic or warewolves with somebody other than a 13 year old. I know the Diseases they are not vampires or warewolves those diseases are how the idiotic legends got started they are not vampires or ware wolves though. As for Fung Shui well that doesn’t even deserve a reply it’s the most idiotic concept and IS NOT REAL. Just because a small group of people believe in something does not make it real fir crying out loud. No matter how many idiots believe in something it isn’t going to change the facts. People believed the world was flat as well dies that mean it really was? Did it suddenly become round one day? Is Nessy real as well? How about Big Foot?

    • @Daniel f This conversion still revolves around the subject matter. It’s ok for you to not believe that any of those things because I don’t believe in anything that I don’t actually know is true. But just because i don’t believe in something doesn’t make it automatically fiction. Some of the most outragious and seemingly unrealistic things in this world ARE real and being discovered. Just like you said the world was once BELIEVED as flat until it was discovered to be round. There are many mysterious still unfolding and things that are being deliberately kept secret. Like I said it’s ok to not believe in it. But just cuz YOU don’t believe DON’T make it unreal.

  26. Of course im still here. Had to drive home and go shopping. You do not have to sell me on the “Modern/Pseudoscience”.

    Im not saying that is not real/being used today. Im not saying it does not work on some characters in the Marvel U. (it is not Ironmans Universe…)

    Im saying the use of Magic/Folklore/Mythology/Spiritual will not ruin the MARVEL Universe if done intelligently.

    My question would be why do you (if you do) beleive it works in the comics? Then my follow up would be what is different from Ironman in the comics opposed to the movies?

    There is none. So why does there need to be one in the movies?

    The “General Public” does not understand “Magic/Mythology/Folklore”, etc. My response is Yes they do. As they deal with it all the time. Harry Potter, Twilight, Clash of the Titans, etc. Not to mention what is on TV and Print, to include what they learned in school and college.

    Well they wont understand it in the MARVEL Universe. Why not? If they can believe a man can build a suit such as Stark did, survive that initial flight, Banner doing what he can to include the Abomonation why cant they believe someone can command the Mystic Arts and be a modern day Gandalf?

    And for the record…. yes I believe to a degree their are species out there we have not officially discovered.

    • That’s something I also believe in.

      “Anything that can’t be proven by today’s science either most likely or actually exists.”