Marvel Pressing Ahead With Doctor Strange Movie

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dr strange marvel movie Marvel Pressing Ahead With Doctor Strange Movie

With the exception of Thor, Marvel in-house productions have dealt with comic book characters rooted in the sci-fi, not fantasy, genre. However, now that the studio is reportedly moving ahead with a Dr. Strange movie, it is going to become near impossible to avoid introducing overt supernatural elements into the Marvel movie universe.

The magically-empowered Stephen Strange is not one of the more mainstream characters in the Marvel catalogue. Even so, it now appears that he could be one of the first non-Avengers characters to make the jump to the big screen.

Screenwriting duo Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer (the upcoming Conan the Barbarian rebooot) were reportedly hired last year to draft a script for the Dr. Strange movie. The project will be live-action and not a computer-animated film by Pixar, as was previously rumored.

According to Twitch, Donnelly and Oppenheimer have turned in their Dr. Strange script and Marvel is forwarding their draft to an undisclosed shortlist of directors “to try and sign someone up to ‘oversee continued development’” of the project.

Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 have already been scheduled for release in Summer 2013, so it seems unlikely that Dr. Strange will make the jump to the big screen before 2014 – perhaps, even around the same time that Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man movie finally arrives.

dr. strange movie Marvel Pressing Ahead With Doctor Strange Movie

Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko co-created Dr. Strange back in 1963. The character began as a highly-respected and arrogant surgeon whose career came to an abrupt end after his hands were irreparably damaged in a car accident. He would eventually go on to become “Sorcerer Supreme” after saving the life of “The Ancient One” and subsequently being gifted with powerful magical abilities as a reward. In terms of appearance, Dr. Strange can be identified by his dark hair with graying temples, a thin mustache-goatee, and his trademark blue garbs, yellow gloves, and flowing red cloak. While self-appointed candidate Patrick Dempsey would actually be a decent fit for the character, someone like Liam Neeson admittedly bears a stronger physical resemblance.

A couple of the items glimpsed in Odin’s Vault in Thor do pave the way for an eventual movie based on the Dr. Strange comic, which has historically boasted some of the more surreal and bizarre imagery in the Marvel universe (Ditko’s illustrations have often been compared to the collective work of Salvador Dali). In the hands of a director with great visual prowess, a Dr. Strange movie could easily look unlike any other comic book adaptation out there.

While a Dr. Strange movie penned solely by Donnelly and Oppenheimer – whose resume includes Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, A Sound of Thunder, and Sahara – sounds less appetizing, it’s possible that several other writers will eventually be brought onboard to rework and polish off their draft before the day is out (case in point: some half a dozen different writers worked on Iron Man).

We’ll keep you posted on the status of the Dr. Strange movie as more information is released.

Source: Twitch

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  1. Sadly, I fully expect the film to be a watered down, dumbed down pile of tripe with a predictable story.

    I would really love to be proved wrong.

    Will they ever credit their audiences with any intelligence?

  2. Jim Caviezel would be perfect fit to play Dr. Strange!

    • Caviezel would be excellent. I would also send the script to Johnny Depp.

  3. This could be very cool! As long as they don’t insist on the hackneyed origin story and default black leather outfit. Give us mystery. Give us atmosphere. Give us their costumes pretty much as they were in Strange’s comics heyday. Dormammu (especially given how good the new Ghost Rider looks), the Mindless Ones and Clea should be on board for this. Keep the writers/directors for Ghost Rider (the first one) as well as Daredevil away from this one. The Hellboy: The Golden Army team would do well with Stephen Strange’s world. This might even work well as a period piece, similar to Captain America. Now if we could just get some talented writers/directors on Man-Thing (the 2004 film was DISMAL)! Meanwhile, keeping fingers crossed for a well-crafted Strange tale yielding big box office. Voldemort beware…


  5. Johnny depp as dr strange nuff said !!!!

    • I could see Johnny drop as strange but the question is would he consider playing in a cbm?

      • Depp has good relations with Disney, pretty sure he can work as Dr. Strange, also, I’ve never seen him as a sorcerer before.

    • No disrespect to J. Depp but, Jim Caviezel would make the best Dr. Strange, for one he has the height, and body build. Plus have you seen The Count of Monte Cristo? When the Count is introduced you couldn’t tell me he didn’t look exactly like Dr. Steven Strange, the way he was dressed and everything.

      • Ok yeah I saw the scene and he has the voice for spells it won’t sound dumb when he says them. Though I always thought if the cinema company was going to use long haired Dr. Strange then he has to grow a beard/goatee.


        Agreed. 03:37- 03:54 The more I watch Caviezel as the Count, the more he’s convinced me he’s the man to play Marvel Comics’ Dr. Strange (2015).

  6. This would make a much better television show or miniseries, especially on HBO or Showtime.

    • I agree with this man! Strange would make a lovely series, not all the details snippedbour and crammed together into a two hour rundown. HBO should bebleaping at this opportunity, before mvie drctors spoil the good parts…

  7. Dr. Strange is the Marvel hero I most want to see. It give Marvel blockbuster a real opportunity to delve deeply into metaphysics. I can’t wait to see that happen!

  8. Dr. Strange is the Marvel hero I most want to see. It gives Marvel blockbuster a real opportunity to delve deeply (for the 1st time) into metaphysics. I can’t wait to see that happen!

  9. For years, I felt that Iron Man and Dr. Strange could be visually stunning movies. They succeeded brilliantly with Iron Man, and the potential of Doc Strange has me very hopeful. That said, the writer needs to fact check a little…”it now appears that he could be one of the first non-Avengers characters to make the jump to the big screen.” Dr. Strange as been an Avenger for some time now. The New Avengers hid out in his house during the SH Civil War and its aftermath. Actually it’s gonna be hard to make a marvel movie that doesn’t have an avenger. Seems like everybody but Deadpool and Ghost Rider has been on th team at some point.

  10. I’d like to see Adrien Brody as Doctor Strange, with Liam Neeson as the voice of Dormammu!

  11. I have been keeping this to myself, but that was before I realized in was already in the works. I was wanting to write the screenplay or at least contribute but regardless, the actor who is perfect, and that NO ONE has mentioned, nor would “see coming” so to speak, Is Hugh Laurie, That’s right Dr. House transformed into Dr Strange. The TV series is completing now, and he must certainly have time to do it, he has big screen experience but is a quality actor who would easily make us forget who he is and focus on the actual story, while I am somewhat intrigued with Johnny Depp as well, I just think there is a little too much “Depp in the waters” lately, he’s been in tons of films lately, I believe Hugh Laurie would be A+. You’re Welcome Marvel, and I can be contacted through my Email if you would like to send me some royalty checks. Thanks! Rock on Marvel Fans………

  12. i have always seen Eric Dane as Dr. Strange. i think he would be absolutely perfect.

  13. LOL, Dr. strange IS an Avenger

  14. I will say this my fellow loyal fans of Dr. Strange that the comics have Dr. Strange as a man who has grey sometimes white temple streaks of hair and that his magical casting voice is that of POWER! And yet when he speaks in normal tones it is soft like a father with wisdom yet only to be aged by the fact that his sole purpose in life is to protect the innocent every sole in our dimension. The sorcerer supreme could not be done justice by merely a man who is old like a father and besides what does every great superhero movie have in common the answer: any leading protagonist must be unknown so that the audience can be imprinted with their hopes of this protagonist its why typecasting is feared by actors because it translates tono further roles sorry Jack Sparrow

    • You are so right Solstice1394! I do not want to see Johnny Depp cast as Strange – haven’t we seen enough of him, and really, does he need to be in everything? Depp is good at many roles, but he is not meant to be in this one.
      Strange must be portrayed by someone with a soft yet deep and resonent voice, someone who will become Strange and not overshadow the role, who is able to communicate using just his eyes and face, tall, dark haired, slightly foreign looking… the man we need is Oded Fehr!
      He has great range and can definitely do arrogant and mystical. He even has the right hands and the perfect natural eyebrow lift just like Strange!

      • ha ha you had me nodding til you came to the part on Oded Fehr – better they go for the Mummy or Deuce Bigalow for better comic relief. seriously Daniel Day-Lewis should also be considered for the part if he’ll take it.

  15. I do hope though that people realizes that i wish to see a few more minutes of screen time as well than 2 minutes of a fight scene.

  16. i think liaam neeson should play strange

  17. My vote would be for Josh Holloway. He has connections through Disney because of his time on “LOST” and he has shown he can transition from arrogant to trustworthy.

  18. I think Cliff Simon would be an awesome Dr. Strange.

  19. I just hope they do it right – I’ve been waiting for this movie since 1968. I hope that they do origins, meeting Eternity, the Living Tribunal and how he and Mordo go back in time to the Creation – all of which come in the earliest part of the story.

  20. I completely agree with Hugh Laurie for the part! The arrogance he brought to the character of Dr. House would be perfect for how Dr. Strange starts out. I just can’t see Johnny Depp as Dr. Strange…maybe just too much on screen pirate time for me to see it..

  21. who is gonna play nightmare?

  22. Can’t wait for Dr. Strange to take the big screen.
    As for the actor capable of bringing Strange to life? Only Oded Fehr can do it! Oded has the right look and is a supremely talented actor who has the range and ability to portray the arrogance and mystical qualities of Strange. Oded Fehr = Dr. Strange!

    • what’s your thing with Oded Fehr?!! like you orgasm at the mere sight of his name :)

      • I know this is a long time between a reply here, but Oded Fehr would be perfect for the role. Not only does he have the look of Strange, but he’s actually PLAYED a Sorcerer Supreme. Not Marvel’s Dr. Strange, but DC’s Dr. Fate. In Justice League and Justice League unlimited, he was excellent.

  23. John Cusack would be a good fit for Dr. Strange, he can pull of the look of strange, is the right age, and has the acting range.

  24. I’m just here to make sure that Hugh Laurie has honourable mention as a potential for Stephen Strange. *scrolls down…………..*. Excellent. Carry on! :p

  25. Dr. strange is an avenger just about every marvel character has been associated with the avengers universe

  26. I hope it will be Neeson to portray Strange *__*

  27. Liam Neeson would be a perfect Doctor Strange

  28. I watched “The Ninth Gate” a few days ago and thought that Johhny Depp circa that film would have made a great Dr. Strange.

    He would have to lose the “Pirates of the Caribbean” silliness… but I think he could pull it off.

    Am I alone in this…?


    • Who all say that Johnny Depp could be Dr.Strange are ididiots. He is scronny as hell, has a little boy face, and everytime I see him act I wanna call him gilbert. I think that liam would be cool but then hes gotten so old lately. I think that the best actor would be somebody who we really dont see because look at Chris Hemsworth and how he was Thor. No one wouldve thoughtve him but he is perfect. A superhero role is a lot different then just any other because you cant just pick out any actor and think he’ll play the part.

  29. battle for the role of doctor strange has begun, its going to be close.
    #Johnny Depp is a good choice.