Marvel Pressing Ahead With Doctor Strange Movie

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dr strange marvel movie Marvel Pressing Ahead With Doctor Strange Movie

With the exception of Thor, Marvel in-house productions have dealt with comic book characters rooted in the sci-fi, not fantasy, genre. However, now that the studio is reportedly moving ahead with a Dr. Strange movie, it is going to become near impossible to avoid introducing overt supernatural elements into the Marvel movie universe.

The magically-empowered Stephen Strange is not one of the more mainstream characters in the Marvel catalogue. Even so, it now appears that he could be one of the first non-Avengers characters to make the jump to the big screen.

Screenwriting duo Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer (the upcoming Conan the Barbarian rebooot) were reportedly hired last year to draft a script for the Dr. Strange movie. The project will be live-action and not a computer-animated film by Pixar, as was previously rumored.

According to Twitch, Donnelly and Oppenheimer have turned in their Dr. Strange script and Marvel is forwarding their draft to an undisclosed shortlist of directors “to try and sign someone up to ‘oversee continued development’” of the project.

Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 have already been scheduled for release in Summer 2013, so it seems unlikely that Dr. Strange will make the jump to the big screen before 2014 – perhaps, even around the same time that Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man movie finally arrives.

dr. strange movie Marvel Pressing Ahead With Doctor Strange Movie

Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko co-created Dr. Strange back in 1963. The character began as a highly-respected and arrogant surgeon whose career came to an abrupt end after his hands were irreparably damaged in a car accident. He would eventually go on to become “Sorcerer Supreme” after saving the life of “The Ancient One” and subsequently being gifted with powerful magical abilities as a reward. In terms of appearance, Dr. Strange can be identified by his dark hair with graying temples, a thin mustache-goatee, and his trademark blue garbs, yellow gloves, and flowing red cloak. While self-appointed candidate Patrick Dempsey would actually be a decent fit for the character, someone like Liam Neeson admittedly bears a stronger physical resemblance.

A couple of the items glimpsed in Odin’s Vault in Thor do pave the way for an eventual movie based on the Dr. Strange comic, which has historically boasted some of the more surreal and bizarre imagery in the Marvel universe (Ditko’s illustrations have often been compared to the collective work of Salvador Dali). In the hands of a director with great visual prowess, a Dr. Strange movie could easily look unlike any other comic book adaptation out there.

While a Dr. Strange movie penned solely by Donnelly and Oppenheimer – whose resume includes Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, A Sound of Thunder, and Sahara – sounds less appetizing, it’s possible that several other writers will eventually be brought onboard to rework and polish off their draft before the day is out (case in point: some half a dozen different writers worked on Iron Man).

We’ll keep you posted on the status of the Dr. Strange movie as more information is released.

Source: Twitch

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    • yeah but since he was Howard Stark he can never be Strange because it a Marvel Studios movie so it will be in the same universe



    • But he already played Howard Stark like you pointed out… how weird would it be if Tony Stark or Steve Rogers met Dr.Strange and said: “Hey you look EXACTLY like this guy I know”.

      No, that would never work… IMO it would mess up the MCU’s continuity.

      • @TheAvenger
        Does it really really matter. If yiur a good actor people dont see you they see the character and if he happens to be the best for the role than I say let him do it. The Devils Double is a perfect example of him balancing two characters perfectly.

        On the other hand I really dont care if this movie gets made though I hope it would be a good film if made. Im still a little disappointed with Captain America. It was good right up until the montages, (minus the USO scenes that overstayed their welcome) then it was like we “hurry up we need to throw some Star Wars homage in it and throw Cap in the Artic.”

  4. Well the reason why Marvel is fast tracking Dr. Strange is because they want the next movies to be cosmic. It started with Thor. Then the Avengers will be battling the Skrulls. Is seems logical that Strange will be next since his worlds are around the cosmos. Once he is introduced, then we can easily have Adam Warlock, Thanos, the Infinity Gauntlet , Quasar or maybe even a Silver Surfer reboot vs Galactus. Besides , the Eye of Agamotto and the Gauntlet were already introduced in Thor. So I can see why this move makes perfect sense. Go for it!

    • Dr.Strange isn’t a cosmic hero. He’s part of the supernatural side (magic) of the Marvel U. The cosmic side is basically unproven science while the supernatural side is plainly MAGIC (no explanation to the powers and feats). Cosmic characters include FF, Thanos, Silver Surfer.

      Thor is kind of the bridge that connects the cosmic side with the supernatural side, so I understand that it’s a confusing subject. Basically Thor and the rest of Asgard is part of the cosmic AND supernatural sides of the Marvel U, but the rest of Marvel’s characters belong to EITHER the cosmic or the supernatural (they don’t belong to both).

      TRUST ME, I’m good with this stuff ;)

    • @miguel rodriguez, Marvel is moving into the supernatural realm cuz Harry Potter is over.

  5. poor old marvel, cant make the movies they really want to now, xmen,f4,spiderman etc that they risk their hard won success making movies out of their 3rd rate stable of characters? what next beta ray bill? power pack?

  6. I never know who this character is but now that I know, doing a movie about Doctor Strange is a great idea.

  7. Why oh why would Marvel start a movie on a foundation made by people who’ve demonstrated they excel in writing horrible movies?
    Dylan Dog & A Sound of Thunder for christ sake! Everything else in their catalog don’t bode well either.

    I don’t get it. Why not try and contact Guillermo Del Toro & Neil Gaiman, who already showed interest in the project.
    Especially when you consider who Dr. Strange is, and the fact that he isn’t a high profile character. Why not at least give him a solid foundation in a really good movie, instead of starting out with crud.

    Why don’t movie studios in general factor logic into their decisions? A horrible movie as a starting point, isn’t a fantastic premise to make a franchise out of. And it wouldn’t surprise me if Marvel would like as many franchises as possible.

  8. Well its good news that Marvel Studios is pushing forward with the Dr.Strange/Magic element with their film Universe. The concept will allow them to get away from that *false pretense of Thor and the Asgardians being an *Alien race instead of actual Humanity worshipped deties.
    Gaea will be revelied as Thor’ true mother (as in the books) and the ‘Mother of all the other Pantheons. So now I can look to see pZeus,Hercules ,Pluto..etc..etc..

    Now Vampires and Warewolves can be introduced.Now that MS, has the rights of ‘Blade back …a ‘Midnight Sons film can be adapted like the ‘Underworld films.

    As far as ‘who should play the good Doctor…Dempsey,Caviezel..I can see for ‘Marketing purposes. Some of the names being thrown out there have no ‘Business thought at all. If they are going to make the film certain *aspects to marketing and future projects are of an issue. They cannot offer the role to someone to old to commit to future movies and still be in range of the characters *percieved age . They cannot offer the role to someone,who dosnt already have a following in Hollywood of a ‘Charasmatic leading Man. Sorry fans of*****
    Since everyone is quick to point out about Dr. Strange’s *General Public popularity..
    Marvel Studios have proven..they’re not STUPID!
    It ain’t going to happen.

  9. Wasn’t Tom Welling attached to this a while back?

    • Nope. He was asked what hero he would like to portray next (after the finale of Smallvile), and he said that he was meeting with Marvel, but I don’t think that anything prosperous ever came of that “meeting”.

  10. This COULD work but i just dont see it working on the screen in such a way that it will line up with the other Marvel Studios films and you kno wthey will try, if this were a stand alone i would say go for it but i think its too early for a character that obscure and that (forgive the pun) strange to find its feet not only with mainstream audiences, but in a universe that has essentially ignored magic altogether (Thor was mostly explained as science not real magic) i think it will seem out of place

    • I don’t really care if they make this movie or not (I think it would be pretty cool if they did, tho, other then less GP awareness of the character) but if they do it would introduce magic. I mean it is the Marvel Universe, after all. You say they’ve “ignored it altogether” but they haven’t made that many movies, and the Avenger said up there, Thor is both cosmic and magic.

    • I could be wrong, but wasn’t Iron Man considered kind of an obscure character before the movie came out? What about Green Lantern? If they weren’t working toward an Avengers movie, I think the same argument could have been made about Thor. As long as the movie’s good, I don’t see what the character’s “obscurity” has to do with anything. How many people knew who Blade was? I didn’t have any idea that he came from comic books until I saw the opening credits to first movie. Dr. Strange may seem obscure to people in a forum like this, but how many comic book characters won’t be obscure to the general public? Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, Wonder Woman. People knew them, partly due to growing up with comic books, but mostly (I think) because they had a presence on television. I think Dr. Strange has the same shot – outside of the comic book world – as Daredevil, Ghost Rider, the Flash and Spawn did.

      As far as magic being ignored so far in the Marvel films – there’s no point in addressing magic until you introduce a magic character. So it seems to me that the addition of Dr. Strange in itself solves that problem.

      • Thing with comic book characters are not only if they are known but, how much cross-over appeal they have or have had in the past. Iron Man was one of those characters who people knew by name but, honestly outside of die-hard comic book fans ask most people about him all they would know is that he had cool armor and maybe he was rich.

        Blade literally was so obscure that what they did with it kind of defined it and it did actually follow the characters origin as far as the first movie went but, it had no real back-story to hold it down which helped it at first and then killed it when they tried to turn it into everything else.

        Something like Doctor Strange could be done but, honestly without tying it in to the overall thing Marvel Studios has going on how much success it would have is questionable. I collected comics for years and while I was aware of Doctor Strange I never really recall anything about him outside of things I read in cross-overs. And like Blade the darker tone of the whole magic and demonology that such a movie would be dealing in would either be too hardcore for them to consider pushing the envelope and what it might turn into is Harry Potter, which might have mixed results.

        • My experience with Dr. Strange sounds similar to yours. I don’t recall ever buying any of his own comics (if he had one). He was a member of the Defenders, wasn’t he? With the Hulk and Daredevil, maybe? I seem to recall that stories that involved him were darker and more serious than I tended to look for at the time.

          Which comes back to your good point about tone. I wouldn’t want to see Dr. Strange as told through the Harry Potter lense. But, like the comics, I don’t see how the difference in tones would be damaged by the occasional crossover. Maybe he wouldn’t fit into the typical popcorn/action/adventure storylines that will likely be attached to the Avengers and its individual members. But I could see Strange introduced comfortably in a Thor sequel (or maybe Ghost Rider? I can’t keep track of who owns what anymore). A guest spot could introduce him, and thus set him up for his own movie. If and when his character and tone are established (and if successful), then that becomes another avenue to bring in characters whose style might not comfortably fit into the Avengers framework – Daredevil, the Sub-Mariner, etc.

          • Being I collected during the time the Marvel Universe guides were printed I have basic knowledge of allot characters from the time that I collected. Dr. Strange dealt with allot of magic and demonic forces that really could run the risk of looking down right stupid if not done right (see the Ghost Rider movie debacle).

            The problem at this point is that Hollywood does not realize that Marvel titles in general were not standard, dumb-down kiddie stories. While some of the more popular books like Spider-Man and X-Men were toned down for successful Saturday morning fare the base ideas were not strictly for children by a long-shot.

            Blade worked because it was done in a time and by a production company that kind of understood that a character named Blade who fights vampires might entail some blood and they ran with it. Problem now is that the studios want these movies to be Star Wars so they can tie in Happy Meals, toys, etc. and they tap dance around making a kid friendly movie and one adults might want to see. Problem is they don’t always get it right and you end up with a mess.

      • I agree with this.

        I do have to wonder at so many peoples casting suggestions for Liam Neeson…Stephen Strange was not that old when he started out. Neeson I feel would be a poor choice. I did like the idea of Jim Caveziel though. He could pull it off.

  11. TheAvenger – point taken. But I guess what I was trying to say was that Dr. Strange is seen as a protector of Earth from the “outsiders”. “Outsiders” means cosmic beings. So im really hoping that Thanos comes out somewhere down the line. The Infinity Gauntlet was seen in Odin’s vault. Maybe Dr. Strange can tie-up with the Avengers to defeat him in sequel movies

    • @miguel rodriguez, while Dr.Strange has helped fight against cosmic threats in the comics, his primary responsibility as “SORCERER SUPREME” is to protect the earth, it’s inhabitants, and other innocent beings of different realms from INTERDIMENSIONAL & SUPERNATURAL malevolent entities such as demons, energy beings other powerful sorcerers, creatures etc. He faces beings that might not otherwise be able to be dealt with by the likes of Spiderman, Iron Man etc. Some beings can ONLY be dealt with through means of sorcery, magic or by mystical means. However, Thor, Black Panther, Mr.Fantastic, and The Hulk are some of the only ones that can battle physically by and mystical means. Thor bridges the gap through “mjolnir”, Black Panther through his Panther tribe shamanism and mysticism training, Mr. Fantastic through understanding how to affect beings from all planes of existance through energy manipulation and The Hulk through PURE RAGE. The Hulk’s rage is so strong, that it has been proven more than formidable against magic many times.

      • Well said. And, unlike much of the DC comics, the Marvel characters had their limits — so, often various combinations were called for, but not always.

        Yes, BP does need to be made. I wouldn’t argue over others. Marvel’s initial idea was to loan them out to who ever was interested but with guidelines. Their new idea of building them into one universe is also good. But, I lean on the side of getting as much done as possible so I wouldn’t be too enthusiastic about the Marvel (so-called) Cinematic Universe since very little would actually be out there using only that venue.

  12. I think vic is right, get Jim Caviezel for the role. The man is a great actor and will not break the bank, and has the exact look of Strange.

    If they do a Strange movie, they need to follow up with an Infinite Gauntlet film. I know, they wouldn’t be able to have some of the major players (Silver Surfer, Galactus) but I think it could still be great. Only problem is, it would be extremely expensive, more so than Avengers.

    • Not saying that Caviezel is a bad choice because I did like him in Count of Monte Cristo, he is just too young. He needs to be someone that can pull off a believable person in their late 50′s and not just some young guy with some prosthetic wrinkles and grey added to their hair. Neeson just so happens to be the correct age. Plus Caviezel really doesn’t have the forceful and haunting type of voice needed for the role while Neeson does.

      My only concern however, should they want sequels, is that Neeson would possibly have problems 10 years down the line whereas Caviezel would have time on his side and grow into the role a bit.

      I still just can’t picture him bellowing out, “I bind you with the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak!!!”

      • Agreed – Caviezel is NOT the right choice at all. Liam Nieson (sp ?) is the correct age, is a very accomplished actor, and with the proper application of facial hair (real, or otherwise), will look the part perfectly . . . . .

  13. I personally would like David Cronenberg or David Lynch (or his daughter Jennifer, for that matter) – because you need a director who can have an actor to say something like “By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth” and get away with it. In a real perfect world, a call would go to John Carpenter.

    But I know better. I only mention those directors because I think a Doctor Strange film should have an element of the surreal and the bizzare.
    In reality, the directing gig will most likely be offered to someone like Jon Turteltaub.

    Yes. Jon Turteltaub. The fella who directed the National Treasure films.
    You’re going to despise me for that, I know. But it would not shock me if that director wound up being on a short list.

    Hey– I dig Guillermo del Toro as much as anyone. But his plate is full.

  14. never really cared for that character. i think namor,or the inhumans would make a far better character/story films. i think comic book films are better when they are realistic, and you really feel for the characters for diferent reasons, thats what i always enjoyed and seeing incredible powers but, only when used in film at appropriate timeing not nonstop threw the entire films.

  15. also hopeing to see a more realistic version of x-men kinda with a darker tone like the first two films where done , and looking forward to the hulk tv show, and the darker spiderman film.

    • Realistic X-Men has been done to death. They need to do somethin other than Magneto/Xavier conflict. Shoot, put the Sentinels in a movie. Also, neither Namor or the Inhumans or Dr Strange are “realistic”, lol but they’d make cool movies. Imo, I like a certain level of realism when the movie is still comic-booky (ex. Ironman, Incredible Hulk) Like Im not really a big fan of Nolan’s batfilms.

      • I’m not greatly impressed by Nolan’s movies.. there is always something off about them. Haven’t quite pin-pointed it though. I liked Inception most but still prefer Scorsese’s similar Shutter Island, for instance.

    • You didn’t think disintegrating Cyclops and Xavier was dark? Those were the two darkest moments in the 1st three films. The 3rd by comparison would be Stryker’s altered Cerebrum including Magneto’s alterations.

  16. I am not sure how I feel about a Dr Strange movie. I’ve never much cared for mixing horror\magic\supernatural with superheros. For example, how scary can the wolfman be when theres a big green guy or aguy in a red cape who can sling him across the landscape? On the other hand, theres a great graphic novel with Dr. Strange teaming up with Dr. Doom.

  17. They’re making alot of superhero movies and linking them up – they’re learning form Harry Potter; HUGE amounts of money to be made if you do it right.

    • I don’t really see how Marvel is learning from HP. Marvel is doing a completely different thing.

      I’m probably misunderstanding what you said, but it seems like you’re saying that Marvel is doing what Harry Potter did… which isn’t the case: Harry Potter simply had 7 SEQUELS (which is a huge accomplishment), but what Marvel is doing is MUCH, MUCH more ambitious: taking ALL their different movies with the individual characters (IM, Hulk, IM2, Thor, Cap, Avengers) and connecting them into a bigger universe: the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

      • Hahaha. I thought you were referring to HP Lovecraft for a bit there!

  18. I think Guy Pearce could pull off Dr. Strange, IMO.

    • I don’t see Guy Pearce as Dr.Strange at all but he has the look and reminds me of Mr.Fantastic. Watching him in the “Time Machine” reminded me of Reed Richards. He’d be perfect as Reed Richards.

      • Now that I think about it, he could be a good Mr Fantastic.

  19. No. No. No. Better to be dumped into an acid bath than that! By the Hoary Hairs of Haggoth!

  20. According to the runes the ‘Eye’ is a tuning fork…

  21. (the runes are behind the object)

  22. I know not many agree with Keanu Reeves for this part but take a look at the below interview he did (at YouTube) for his HENRY’S CRIME film and tell me that does not look like a Young Stephen Strange minus the white streak in his hair.

    This video interview is a perfect example why visually Reeves would be a viable choice and his following could help with selling the movie.

    • I like Keanu but no, I can’t see him as Strange.. just scruffy. He does scruffy really well.

  23. Has Strange ever looked at some intimidating threat and gone, “WHOAH!”?

    Didn’t think so…

    • Would love that reaction! =) It would make him more relateable.

  24. They should at least pick a casting director so that they can move ahead with casting choices. Anything to let us know they’re serious. Talk is cheap.


    Here is a 7 part movie from 1978 based on dr strange – LIVE ACTION

  26. Sam Witwer from Being Human… he was also the voice and his likeness was used for the character Starkiller in the game The Force Unleashed.

  27. “Even so, it now appears that he could be one of the first non-Avengers characters to make the jump to the big screen.”
    Hardly. Spiderman and the X-men hit the big screen well before the Avengers. Ghostrider and Elektra too said hi.

  28. I would be thrilled if Benedict Cumberbatch played Dr Strange. One of the greatest actors working today and so right for the role.

    • I was thinking a “Ninth Gate” style Johnny Depp (minus ALL the “Pirates” stupidity,) but Benedict Cumberbatch (sp?) would be awesome as well. Nice one!

  29. You know, Dr Strange offers a great oppertunity for Marvel to revist the IM 1 formula. In IRON MAN we did like the IM SUit scenes and probably wished there were a few more in IM 1 but what made it solid was the way Downey potrayed Stark. The back story of Stepehen Strange is such that the right actor could do with DR Strange what Robert Downey did with Tony Stark/Iron Man. Granted the fantasy angle would require CGI but if they followed the path IM took I think they could do it on a manageble budget, say $60 mill.

    • @Blue Totally agree. I liked both IM and TIH very much more than TDK. Haven’t seen Thor yet but am anticipating it will be great, too.

      Basically, with the above note of yours, any Marvel property could be made as a great pop-corn movie with some smarts and eye-popping CGI. We live in the CGI age. I say, go with it!