Marvel Pressing Ahead With Doctor Strange Movie

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dr strange marvel movie Marvel Pressing Ahead With Doctor Strange Movie

With the exception of Thor, Marvel in-house productions have dealt with comic book characters rooted in the sci-fi, not fantasy, genre. However, now that the studio is reportedly moving ahead with a Dr. Strange movie, it is going to become near impossible to avoid introducing overt supernatural elements into the Marvel movie universe.

The magically-empowered Stephen Strange is not one of the more mainstream characters in the Marvel catalogue. Even so, it now appears that he could be one of the first non-Avengers characters to make the jump to the big screen.

Screenwriting duo Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer (the upcoming Conan the Barbarian rebooot) were reportedly hired last year to draft a script for the Dr. Strange movie. The project will be live-action and not a computer-animated film by Pixar, as was previously rumored.

According to Twitch, Donnelly and Oppenheimer have turned in their Dr. Strange script and Marvel is forwarding their draft to an undisclosed shortlist of directors “to try and sign someone up to ‘oversee continued development'” of the project.

Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 have already been scheduled for release in Summer 2013, so it seems unlikely that Dr. Strange will make the jump to the big screen before 2014 – perhaps, even around the same time that Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man movie finally arrives.

dr. strange movie Marvel Pressing Ahead With Doctor Strange Movie

Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko co-created Dr. Strange back in 1963. The character began as a highly-respected and arrogant surgeon whose career came to an abrupt end after his hands were irreparably damaged in a car accident. He would eventually go on to become “Sorcerer Supreme” after saving the life of “The Ancient One” and subsequently being gifted with powerful magical abilities as a reward. In terms of appearance, Dr. Strange can be identified by his dark hair with graying temples, a thin mustache-goatee, and his trademark blue garbs, yellow gloves, and flowing red cloak. While self-appointed candidate Patrick Dempsey would actually be a decent fit for the character, someone like Liam Neeson admittedly bears a stronger physical resemblance.

A couple of the items glimpsed in Odin’s Vault in Thor do pave the way for an eventual movie based on the Dr. Strange comic, which has historically boasted some of the more surreal and bizarre imagery in the Marvel universe (Ditko’s illustrations have often been compared to the collective work of Salvador Dali). In the hands of a director with great visual prowess, a Dr. Strange movie could easily look unlike any other comic book adaptation out there.

While a Dr. Strange movie penned solely by Donnelly and Oppenheimer – whose resume includes Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, A Sound of Thunder, and Sahara – sounds less appetizing, it’s possible that several other writers will eventually be brought onboard to rework and polish off their draft before the day is out (case in point: some half a dozen different writers worked on Iron Man).

We’ll keep you posted on the status of the Dr. Strange movie as more information is released.

Source: Twitch

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  1. yes bring it on.

  2. Dempsey I can see as Dr. Strange.

    Neeson I can see as Dr. Orpheus.

    • Grey’s F in Anatomy is not Dr. Strange material. That show is ridiculous as well as his acting.

  3. please no dempsey! I vote Joe Manganiello (who would have also made a perfect SUPERMAN I might add), for those of you who dont know Joe he plays the werewolf ALCIDE on TRUEBLOOD. the guy would be perfect for Dr Strange. I dont really have alot of faith in the writers they have now but it is early in the process.

    • ya no dempsey

    • Don’t know about his acting but I could “see” him pulling off the look.

  4. If Guillermo del toro directed and karl urben or adrien brody played Dr.Strange and have christopher eccleston as baron mordo that would be one kick a%^ movie.

    • Del Toro yes, everyone else NO

  5. eh i dont know, its a hard character to sell, same with ant man but heres my picks anyway: Johnny Depp, Joseph Fiennes or Billy Crudup

  6. Marvel has done nothing but good so far, I say bring it

    • Uh,I would argue that Ironman 2 wasn’t good.Everything else was pretty good though.

      • Iron Man 2 was better than The Incredible Hulk.

        Too many people jump on this band wagon and it is getting tiring. The movie was actually given good reviews by critics. It has some really interesting plot points and fleshed out characters. It may have too many bread crumbs to the other Marvel movies for some people, but this makes it flawed, not a bad movie.

        • I agree with that with only one exception being I don’t find Iron Man 2 to be better than The Incredible Hulk at all.

        • I also think IM2 was a little better than the Hulk… both movies would get a 3 out of 5 from me, but TIH just felt a little boring when I watched it. IM2 still had the “WOW!” factor, but unfortunately it failed because of all the not-so-subtle hints for the MCU.

          But I see it this way: Thor and Cap was a huge success, partly due to IM2’s semi-failure. Marvel learnt a great deal from IM2… they learnt to be more subtle and discrete with their easter-eggs. If they had not learnt that lesson before hand, Thor and Cap would have ended up the exact same way as IM2.

        • eh i really liked TIH i would say they are about the same, so fari loved them all but my favs go Iron Man> Captain America/Thor>IM 2/ TIH

      • Iron Man 2 wasnt bad it just wasnt as good as Iron Man 1, and can you really blame it cuz not only was the first awesome but the second had to juggle all the avengers stuff because they knew that would be the movie most people would see

        • Personally,I thought that IM2 was extremely weaksauce and the constant bickering between Tony and Pepper got old fast.

          Whiplash was a weak villain that didn’t get nearly enough time to shine and the overall plot was kind of all over the place.

          They should’ve just made Mickey Rourke into Crimson Dynamo instead of mixing two characters into one.

      • IYO maybe. In mine, better than TDK, which was better than BB, which was better than BF, which was better than Howard The Duck and Spawn but not much else of the genre.

  7. Not really interested or excited, but ill watch…

  8. bring it!!

  9. They should do a direct adaptation from the Dr Strange marvel animation film that come out a few years ago. The whole sub-plot with him unable to forgive himself for failing to save his sister was deep. I thinks that’s where the main audience will be able to connect.

    • If you have any interest in a DR STRANGE movie and have not seen the animated DOCTOR STRANGE released in 2007 Direct to video. This is a solid animated film from Marvel and quote possibly the best of the Marvel animated films. Whomever wrote the story did a better job then some of the big screen tent poles (can you say Green Lantern).

      In all seriousness though this animate Strange film is a solid winner.

  10. Wonder how long before all of the fanboys call for Nathan Fillion as Dr. Srange.

    Anyway,never really kept up with this character,so I’m not interested until I see a trailer.

    I think Dempsey seems a little to soft spoken to play the this character,and I would imagine that he would have a more prominent voice.

    Seems that Depp would probably be the best choice right now,but I don’t see that he would ever do it.

  11. Shang Chi- Master of Kung Fu!

    I say do a movie on Shang Chi- Master of Kung Fu! Couldn’t be any worse than Catwoman/DD/Elecktra movies. I loved those cheesy 70’s comics. Kung Fu! With the exclamtion!

    • Nah… would rather see Hong Kong Phooey!! Afterall, he IS the “Number One Super Guy”

  12. “Stan Lee​ and artist Steve Ditko​ co-creteated Dr. Strange back in 1963.” Perhaps, the only time the team co-creteated anything ~ and look what we got! By the last hair of Montezuma!

    • They also co-created Spider-Man…

    • Um… yeah. 😛

      Seriously, though, thanks for catching that.

  13. I could see marvel doing like 2 big character movies and one smaller character a year… example: iron man 3, thor 2, and dr strange in 2013. Would be pretty sweet at least

  14. I vote for tarsem singh to direct!

    • With Brendan McCarthy on concept art, plz. Or Jemma Salume. Good designs all around.

      • Great call on Brendan McCarthy, S.Matt.

  15. I think Johnny Depp WOULD do this, just because it’s right up his alley as being one of these outlandish movies, Strange isn’t your traditional superhero at all. He’s a magician.

    I think they would probably be best served in starting to keep all the non-Avengers characters separate from the Avengers universe though.

    • I think Depp would do it (especially if Burton directed!) but he is not physically big enough for the role and neither is Dempsey for that matter.

      Neeson is the best match that I can think of and it would kind of be a return of sorts for him considering he was “Darkman”

      • I dont wanna see Depp for multiple reasons. 1) He is a little too cooky. Thr Doctor Strange marvel animation went a good route by making Strange disbelief the idea of magic. Depp has magic and flamboyant written all over him. 2) The cost. To secure multiple pictures (including cameos in marvel cinematiic universe) will cost money. Lots of money. So much money in fact I could see quality in supporting actors and special effects suffer. 3) With such a big name attach I dont think they will market it right and Depp will have a few character re-writes of his own to add. Maybe Jackie Chan or Ken Wantanabe for the sorrceor supreme and anither strong actor for the evil Student rival.

        A semi-unknown with a very strong supporting class is the best way to IMO. Maybe

        • Matter fact Jackie is who I want. He has a certain amout of wise-a** goofyness coupled with wisdom to really piss you off during training you assume is pointless. Especially if they re-do the scene of him breaking down the wall every day they had in Docor Strange.

    • I think Dr. Strange would be a cool character to introduce into the Marvel Movie Universe. Thor showed us Asgard and the Nine Realms, this movie will be able to expand on more of the magic, mystical parts of the Marvel Universe on film.

      • Agree with Ignur too. NO DEPP!!!

    • I agree, I also think Depp WOULD do t, but I don’t think that anyone WANTS him to do it 😉 IMO, he looks nothing like Dr.Strange and the Studio would have to fork out A LOT of money to bring him on board.

  16. Eh, I could do w/ out this movie. Bring on Black Panther.

    • yes the black panther rocks

  17. How about Pierce Brosnan as Dr. Strange?

  18. COMING SUMMER 2012!

    Marvel Studios in operation with Stranger Danger productions presents DOCTOR STRANGE featuring Keanu Reeves.

    An arrogant and selfish surgeon known more for his elitism and surgical skill then humanitarianism. After brush with death leaves Strange without the use of his hands, that whcih has afforded him his lifestyle and status in society, Stephen Strange quickly finds just how shallow those at the top can be when your down and out. After spending his entire fortune in search of a cure for his hands Stephen Strange finds himself wondering the back alleyways on the city that once called him king. All seems lost when a chance encounter with the supernatural puts Stephen Strange back on path to redemption and healing and even on the path to the Sorcerer Supreme.

    Instead of the traditional take on magic, in DOCTOR STRANGE magic would be the last of natures mysterious energy, the “undiscovered science”. A form of energy that a special gifted few can see, tap into and even manipulate. It would present magic as the they yet to be understood form of energy that is all around us. Anyway thats my take.

    • I really like the first paragraph though. But I hope the filmmakers keep the “traditional take on magic” because they did that same “science and magic = same thing” in Thor that was never really clarified or confirmed. Dr Strange should deff be more supernatural than science, which is how I feel bout Thor, too IMO.

      • Dr.Strange = magic
        Thor = science + magic = cosmic = unproven science

  19. I still want iron fist

    • Ha ha ha. I want damn near everything.

  20. OMG can’t wait for this movie to come out! the perfect dr. strange will be jim caviezel remember the way he look in count of montecrito with cape and everything… like i said perfect!!!

  21. I’m so psyched that Marvel is starting on these films with their second string characyers, and I could totally see Liam Neeson do Strange

  22. Only Timothy Dalton has the look and the physical presence to play Dr. Strange!
    About now he should be old enough and about ready to re-enter the Hollywood big time.
    Check out any of his Bond films or Rocketeer and tell me if I’m wrong.

  23. Only Liam Neeson can pull this off! Lets do this!

  24. Sorry Im not trying to bash Dr. Strange at all cause I know there are those of you that like him and thats cool. Its just, the character never did anything for me. I would like Marvel to make a movie on somebody more well known, but I know theres not that many more 1st string characters really left!

    Not hating on strange at all, if he gets a movie cool, Ill check for it. Put id rather watch, something else…

    Just sayin..

    • Strange is an old character whose comics go way back. He has a lot of older fans. So that some consider him a second-string seems a little uninformed. Just sayin..

      Movies like Strange, Thor, Man-Thing.. are the ones after Spider-Man that I really want to see. That is because these were the popular Marvel comics I couldn’t quite get into. Silver Surfer was always flying through weird looking cosmic s**t, I couldn’t follow Thor’s language, and Strange always had those weird symbols dominating his pages. Perfect movie stuff! If anything can bring their stories to life it will be the cinema.

      BTW I love all of the interest being shown here! Even if we disagree with the particular star and director, this is HOT! 8)

    • @ Tim….you shouldn’t feel the need to apologize. Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) has their own likes and dislikes for various reasons. Why is not really important though, if he doesn’t float your boat its cool.

      Why I like him though is he’s the original Wizard. Move over Dumbledore, Voldemort and Harry Potter because the Sorcerer Supreme is making a return! They all need a focus like a wand to peddle their craft while Strange just does it hardcore and old school!

      Who knows, maybe after we talk about the movie for a while, you will gain some interest in him and be willing to give the movie a chance :)

  25. I can’t believe I’m saying this: I’M DISAPPOINTED IN MARVEL STUDIOS. Dr.Strange is a great character and I’ve read many comics about him, but IMO he just shouldn’t be the PRIORITY.

    I think Marvel should have fast-tracked Black Panther instead of Dr.Strange… from all the comments I’ve read in the last few months on this subject – people are way more interested in the Black Panther than any other (possible) upcoming Marvel-movies. With the exception of Ant-Man and the Wasp of course.

    • I agree that Black panther would be better because of the Avengers movie and all (strike while the iron is hot) but for all we know he may already be a part of the plans for Ant-man.

      • Not just because of the Avengers:
        IMO Black Panther has a richer/more interesting back story and can appeal to a larger audience. And let it be clear: I really like Dr.Strange, but while reading his comics or when I watched the animated movie, I never thought: “WOW! he’s so freakin’ awesome!” – But when I read Black Panther, I always say that.

        As a white male I ask: When was the last time we saw a superhero where the protagonist was a black man? Blade and Hancock are the only two I can think of – and IMO the Hancock movie was a little racist: where the guy starts out as a drunk bum. It’s a fact… they (Hollywood) don’t really care about making movies about black superheroes: that’s why I want them to make a Black Panther or Luke Cage movie – to discredit that fact.
        And while I’m on the subject… when last did we see a GOOD female-superhero movie? The answer: NEVER. Catwoman and Elektra sucked donkey balls. If Marvel were to fast-track Ms.Marvel I think it could easily be a rousing success (throw in Wonder Man as a secondary character and Marvel kills two birds with one stone).

        Okay, I said my piece… all out of steam now :P. Please let me know what you guys think of this.

        • Don’t forget Steel!

          Wait – I meant DO forget Steel!

        • I agree with ya avengers on strange getting a movie. just doesnt really seem all that interesting to me…

        • @The Avenger, Incredible post. WELL SAID!!! It’s really sad that Marvel isn’t going straight to Black Panther first. The reasons for them going straight to Dr.Strange may be due to the fact that they might be able to fill the void of Harry Potter or build off of that hype. The interesting thing about Black Panther though, is that Black Panther deals with technology & mysticism/ magic. Hollywood still is racist, sexist and stereotypical.

    • Unfortunately, we wouldn’t see the marriage of T’Challa to Storm, since she is part of X-Men.

  26. Here is a “Dr. Strange” for you: my sister used to have a dentist named “Dr. Looney”!

  27. If they do go through with this though… only Liam Neeson can play the role of the good doctor. I can’t see Dempsey or (as someone pointed out earlier) Johnny Depp.

    But as far as I’m concerned: this project could still take years before we see it on the silver screen – so until they found a director and cast someone as Dr.Strange… I’ll still be holding my thumbs for the Black Panther to make it through first.

  28. I think DOMINIC COOPER is the one i think better laaa who play the roll; as doctor Strange..DOMINIC COOPER from CAPTAIN AMERICA THE FIRST AVENGER