SR Pick: I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC: Thor vs. Green Lantern

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Marvel Dc Thor Green Lantern SR Pick: Im a Marvel...and Im a DC: Thor vs. Green Lantern

Without a doubt, the biggest brawl this summer isn’t happening on the big screen, but at the box office, where Marvel’s Thor will face off against DC’s Green Lantern to prove which heavyweight hero is the fanboy favorite.

The mighty God of Thunder swung his hammer into theaters today and has received generally favorable reviews so far (check our Thor review here). Still, the most recent trailers for Green Lantern suggest that Ryan Reynolds and company may turn in an epic piece of escapist cinema, not to mention one that isn’t bogged down by the overarching narrative of The Avengers.

Given that Green Lantern doesn’t hit theaters until June 17th, it’s impossible to know who will win the superhero showdown. But that hasn’t stopped YouTube favorite ItsJustSomeRandomGuy from weighing in on the debate with another entry in his popular “I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC” series.

In the hilarious video, Green Lantern and Thor action figures trade verbal blows on a variety of issues, from Thor‘s Chris Hemsworth looking like a steroid-pumped version of Kurt Cobain to Green Lantern casting Gossip Girl Blake Lively to capture the “tween market.” Check out Thor vs. Green Lantern (the YouTube version) below.

As a comic book fan, I’m not particularly enamored with either Green Lantern or Thor. I like both characters, and have especially come to appreciate Green Lantern more since Geoff Johns resurrected the character in recent years, but when it comes to the movies, I’m really just hoping for a good popcorn flick.

That being said, if I had to pick sides, I’d have to throw my support behind Green Lantern, if only because it will allow Warner Bros. to continue pursuing additional films with some of my other favorite DC characters. We all know how Marvel’s movies are going to play out, thanks to the company’s strategic push toward The Avengers. DC’s future film slate is much more up in the air. Will we ever get a Justice League movie? Maybe not, but the success of films like Green Lantern could help make it more likely.

What do you think? Are you pro-Thor or pro-Green Lantern? More importantly, what do you think of the latest I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC video?

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  1. Thor all the way. GL looks like a waste of a budget to me.

    • I felt the same way about IM2 :P

  2. thor

  3. Kurt Cobain on steroids. :)

  4. thor =)

  5. Going to see Thor tomorrow, but I like Green Lantern more as a character and potential franchise.

  6. in brightest day!

  7. As a kid I read both Marvel and DC comics.As did most of my friends.We were never asked to choose which one we liked best.I will see both movies this summer(and Captain America and X-men)and will judge each one by it’s merit.Not by which company put it out.

  8. Thor, not just because hes a marvel, but also it doesnt look nearly as fake, and, frankly, they did take RR away from marvel, and Im a Deadpool fan, and makes me so mad, I could… BRANDON SMASH!!!

    • Seriously??? Ryan Reynolds can still play Deadpool. DC did not steal him away, for god’s sake I mean what was RR supposed to do, turn down a major superhero role to a potential Deadpool movie, who, lets face it, is not as big a player in the Marvel universe as Green Lantern is in the DC universe. And to your point about the CGI, the only problem I had with it was how they did the Guardians. However, they still have like a month to perfect it, so you never know…

      • Deadpool has a WAY bigger fan base then GL, he is a better character, and hes funny AND a bad ass… GL is some guy with a ring… way to complicated, and bad CGI, they might have a month to make it look good (or better) but you tell me if it look good by then… i have my doubts…

        • Deadpool has a bigger fanbase? Really? And being a complicated character is a bad thing? Rightttttt >_>

          The way that comment is worded seems you just want GL to fail because you are not a fan and scared that it actually looks mindblowing awesome.

        • Yeah, and Deadpool is just a guy with smart mout. Or Spiderman is just a guy with the abilities of a spider. GL is more than “just a guy with a ring”.

  9. Sit thy 5 dollar ass down before I make it change!!!

  10. Hehehe, “I know, right?!” lives on. Thor is a better character, has wayyy better actors, and has actual sets and costumes to work with. No contest.

    • Um what makes Thor a better character??? Because let me tell you, before I got into comics, I had never even heard of the guy. Green Lantern is much more well known and to be honest, I’d rather read a GL comic over a Thor any day. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read Thor and I like him, but he’s not the better character.

      • Green Lantern is not more well known than Thor. Even people who don’t read comics know who Thor is because he’s the Norse God of Thunder. Green Lantern? Sounds like something people pick up at the hardware store before going camping. Setting that aside, Hal Jordan isn’t even the most interesting of the 4 Earth Lanterns. The one time he WAS interesting, idiot writers retconned it away and dragged Hal’s vanilla corpse back into the spotlight long after the fans moved on.

        • Um, I meant Thor the comic book character, dingus. Nobody except comic fans know Thor as a superhero. And people do know who Green Lantern is, he’s been featured in animated series from DC. Basically anyone who watched Justice League knows the Green Lantern corps and anyone who ever saw Green Lantern: First Flight knows Hal Jordan, who is actually the best Green Lantern, at least IMO. All of the other GLs are B-list characters compared to him.

    • You just like to complain and make yourself sound important.

      Quite a few people much prefer Green Lantern and thoroughly enjoyed the trailers and are highly anticipating the film.

      For my part, I’m looking forward to seeing both (“Thor”, this evening).

      Contest (assinine and pointless, though it is) still on.

      • Yup. People who don’t even read comics know about GL because of the Justice league cartoons some of us grew up with or just heard about it from other ppl.

  11. I am DC!

  12. Love both Universes and look forward to as many of these films as they are going to long as they remain entertaining..Bring it!!

  13. Thor was pretty good! I am definitely looking forward to Green Lantern and Cap. A, though. My theater was not packed for Thor and I feel like it may be because lack of knowledge of the character? I fear the same may be said for G.L. :(

    • Either that, or people just live under a rock and watch crappy reality shows..

      • Hahaha! Probably what you said.

    • I don’t think we have to worry about G.L., he’s much more well known among the general population than Thor is. Some of my friends who have never read comics in their lives know Green Lantern and can’t wait for his movie this June.

  14. Marvel all the way.

    “Or did Thor just blow thy mind!”

  15. Green Lantern looks like something new and fresh.

    Thor is just another Marvel formula movie. That’s not a bad thing, its just not exciting.

    GL by a light year.

    • I beg to differ. I actually think GL wins by 2 light years.

    • So two full hours of Bad CGI wins because it looks fresh? I’ll give you that it looks fresh i have not seen many films with 2 full hours of horrible looking CGI and rarely see films that through a crazy wild character like Van Wilder in to an action film.

      • Thats just your opinion dude. CGI complaints have become a minority here since the 2nd trailer hit. If you don’t like it fine just don’t be preaching the same stuff over and over trying to get ppl to accept it.

    • new and fresh? check this out:

      sorry bout it

  16. Green Lantern FTW

  17. GL!

  18. Well that was interesting to say the least

  19. Why can’t you people just enjoy both movies instead of comparing them? You can’t compare them because GL hasn’t even been RELEASED yet. Sheesh. I’m hoping that GL is an awesome movie because I want to have a great time watching it. I thoroughly enjoyed Thor and I hope that Cap is awesome too.

  20. I want BOTH movies to succeed. I remember my extreme disappointment when I didn’t like the first Hulk movie, and never wanted to experience that ever again. I’m sure I will though eventually, but I hope it’s not either one of these movies.

  21. GL all the way, although I am looking forward to seeing Thor. GL’s just always been my favorite superhero character. I just cannot stand Marvel fanboys who just trash on GL only because he’s a DC. Um newsflash, DC is just as good as Marvel. I’ve read some really good stories and some really bad ones from BOTH companies, but the characters themselves have always been equal, it just depends on how they’re written.

    • I agree… Comic book movies are comic book movies, and super heroes are super heroes no matter who created them, brand favoritism is both unnecessary and at this point hard to truly distinguish, I mean, at this point Disney owns Marvel… So does that mean they get profit off of the Universal Studios Islands of Adventure rides featuring Marvel superheroes???

      But Universal theme parks COMPETE with Disney…. Right??? But AMC THEATERS doesn’t care who sees which movies, because they are showing them all and taking EVERYBODY’S money!!!

  22. Green Lantern but both will be in my Blu Ray collection. Also cant wait for Captain America. And Green Lantern will be Epic.

  23. The problem Rob is that Thor was actually good and GL looks horrible and could possibly be the worst comic film of the last 5 years. I’m not much interested in watching Van Wilder get a power ring and do battle with bad CGI in a horrible looking photo shop costume.

    • I should add that i’m a huge GL fan so before people pass my fair issues with GL as just Marvel fanboyism I’d just like to get a preemptive WRONG in there.

    • Don’t know WHAT you’ve been lookin’ at Partner. Tne new trailer’s makin’ the GL movie look pretty GOOD.

      • Aside from the fact that Ryan Reynolds is playing Hal completely wrong and that the character is written like a comedy act. Also aside from the fact that the CGI is overly fake looking and way over used and aside from the horrible costume that looks like bad CGI. Aside from Blake Lively being a part of the cast and what looks like it just may be another bad performance.

        Aside from those things I agree it looks great. :)

        • Did u even see the 2nd trailer?. Comedy was pretty much void except for the “pledge allegiance to a lantern” line which is Acceptable.

          • That’s acceptable to you? That was worse than any line in the first trailer. They purposely made a trailer with less comedy than the first because of complaints. A second trailer with some of the comedy from the first gone does not mean that the movie won’t have comedy suddenly. All those lines will be in the film still. It’s more comedy than should of been in a trailer and it’s less about the amount of comedy and more about the type of comedy which was horrible childish 10 year old jokes. The trailers clearly show this is NOT HAL JORDAN. He’s has the name, but not the personality at all.

            Second trailer with less comedy didn’t drop the over use of CGI didn’t drop the fake looking space stuff. Didn’t drop the horrible costume that looks like photoshop.

            • I don’t understand your complaint about the comedy in the film. What’s wrong with having some humor? The Dark Knight had humor, and I don’t hear anyone complaining about it. Besides, there wasn’t much comedy in the first trailer.

              • Ghost once again as I said just in a post above. IT’S THE TYPE OF JOKES. The Dark knight had witty retort for comedy. Not childish frat boy jokes for dummies. The Dark Knight had smart comedy not Typical Ryan Reynolds Van Wilder humor. All comedy is not all comedy is not all comedy. There are many different kinds. Iron Man had crazy witty humor and TDK had smart slow dry witty humor. Green lantern has childish dumb humor. I pledge allegiance to this green lamp? Really that’s the best they could come up with? Every comical line was awful and sad. I was waiting for Will Ferral to pop out and say hi. So lets not use the cheap go to “Well the Dark Knight had jokes” Bs. TDK had less jokes in the entire film than GL had in two trailers. TDK had smart , dry, witty and some times dark humor. All the jokes in the GL trailer none of them were witty, dark, dry or even moderately smart. they were all dumb man child humor like they were written by a 12 year old. I’m just waiting for Ryan to hold his ring to his back side and shoot out green fog and act like he farted. Fits the tone.

                Lets forget the comedy for a sec. Pretend for a second it’s the most serious film ever made. The CGI is horrible and fake looking. Seriously the space stuff and the GL suits are horrible. It all looks horribly fake. Every single part of Oa is laughable. His suit alone looks like a piss poor photo shop job.

            • That was like what 2 lines? This film was made with more than just us fans in mind so a little humor is not a problem. Also I do remember Hal wisecracking a lot in the comics.

              IM, IM2, TDK, Thor- these all had humor but that did NOT make these films comedies.

              Fake looking space stff? Cuz yea they can actually go up in space to film right?>_>

              Over use of CGI? Geezus man, that was the only way they could really accomplish a sci-fi superhero movie about a space police force that uses rings to basically bring anything they can think of to life. As I said in another post CGI complaints are a minority now.

              • yea I know look at all that CGI in Star Wars.

                They could of made the world not look like a big CGI mess. I understand stuff coming out of the rings has to be CGI, but they didn’t have to make every single other aspect of the film CGI as well. They even went as far as to make the costumes CGI. Practical effects don’t exist in GL at all. They could of used real costumes and then added a CGI effect for the green glow. They could of put a real mask on his face so I don’t know maybe it actually looked like it wasn’t photo shop. Maybe they could of made costume for actors and used CGI to go on top of things like Kilowog to make it look like ryan was interacting with actual people rather than cartoon characters. Most of the cast just looks like Cartoons.

                It’s Roger Rabbit 2

                Also once again I can’t believe I have to repeat my self AGAIN but some people lack reading comprehension.

                It’s not the fact that the film has humor it’s the TYPE of humor. Again it’s the TYPE of humor. One more time for the people who don’t know words it’s the TYPE of humor. Christs sake god forbid I express my opinion with out the 3 people who actually think this looks great ATTACKING me. The article asks for people to express how they feel about the movies. I didn’t attack your posts but god forbid I disagree with you in my own single post sectioned away from you that in no way mentions you.

                I’m sorry

                • Well alot of wire work was done for one as for other practical effects what else could they have possible done? Enlighten me :) Do you know for a fact that for constructs such as the swords and the MG that they weren’t holding any props which were enhanced with CGI after? Also look at the ground Sinestro is standing on at the beginning looks real to me, either that or that is some good lighting they used.

                  Anyway, seems to me your expectations were too high and they weren’t met so Im sorry, thats the way it is sometimes. Also I did say there will be more than just GL fans watching this which includes little kids.

                  And for the record, there are more than just “3 ppl” who think this looks good here.

            • Daniel F…

              I just saw “Thor” today. I very much enjoyed it and thought it was great, but when I saw the “Green Lantern” trailer before the film, I was quite happily filled with anticipation. Just as we know you are completely against what you think they’ve done with the GL film, you too MUST realize there are many people who ARE looking forward to it and are sure it will be a grand and wonderful film. Their reasons are just as legitimate to them as yours are to you…no matter how much you decry such opinions.

              • Yup it look even better on the screen than it does on the internet.

              • Again you must realize that this article asked for our opinions? Does that just mean you or am I allowed to speak as well? I didn’t see it say everyone but Daniel F is allowed to speak their mind. If it says that mind pointing it out to me ? I must of missed it

                • DId you not see my other post responding to you where I said, it’s ok to state your opinions just don’t be preaching the same thing trying to get ppl to accept YOUR views. It’s yours and yours alone.

  24. I really think the most recent Green Lantern Comics, I’m so-so on the movie though. But Thor was awesome, I’m hoping for the best with Green Lantern

    • Beside Batman, Green Lantern is really the only DC character I like. I love the scope, love the different kinds(colors) of Lanterns.

      I hate superman, just so played out. I really hope this next movie can bring something new to the character. And the rest of the main DC characters are just too Blah. Wonder Women(token girl w/ stupid outfit) and the Flash(most one dimentional superhero in either comic.)

      • Replace “Flash” with “Quicksilver”, and the second half of that statement becomes much more accurate. :)

        See? THAT is why all this “competition” between the two pantheons is just silly. They BOTH have great AND horrible characters, brilliant AND idiotic storylines.

        I’m looking forward to seeing what all of these movies manage to bring to the theaters…

  25. ok, that was pretty damn good. It poked fun at both although I thought GL got a bit more “hammered” if you will (yes, I just did that)

    I found it interesting though that the voice for Thor used CORRECT diction for the character. Sorry but Branagh’s excuse for not doing so in the movie was BS and I’m pretty sure the general population would have had not problems understanding him.

    I also have to wonder why a detailed action figure can get the Thor look correct without any radical re-designs.

    One thing you will not get me to do though is choose a side. BOTH comic universes are great in their own right.

  26. simply put…anything from marvel is better. Marvel’s characters are far more superior than anything from dc…Thor was great, Im mixed on the green lantern trailer…and by the way….batman is not a superhero…he has no super powers thus he’s not a superhero

    • pat…

      Even more simply put: NO.

      DC has many fantastic characters and stories. Also, Batman IS a superhero, not because of extranormal abilities but because of his willpower and determination coupled with an extremely well-trained, Olympic-level athletic body and incredible resources, all directed toward the goal of utterly defeating the criminal elements in the world.

      By your definition, Captain America is not a superhero either…he is, after all, described as possessing Olympic-level dexterity and other abilities…NOT super powers. Yes, his aging process is retarded because of the Super Soldier formula, so maybe he DOES have a super power: the ability to stay young. Oooooh, truly a worthy power.

      Seriously, you actually wrote your comment with a straight face…REALLY?

    • IMO, Batman alone is more interesting than anything Marvel has put out. Put me down for Team DC.

    • @”batman is not a superhero…he has no super powers thus he’s not a superhero”

      By that logic neither is Iron Man b/c he just uses a high tech suit to fight villains.

  27. here is something kinda funny for whoever said GL looks original unlike the marvel formula:

    i love cracked lol

    • not as much as screenrant though!

  28. haha, the deadpool cameo was great!

  29. Comparing DC and Marvel is like comparing apple and oranges. They both have their great appeal and flaws in their own right. IMO

    • I’m more of an orange, but I like apples too.