SR Pick: I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC: Thor vs. Green Lantern

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Marvel Dc Thor Green Lantern SR Pick: Im a Marvel...and Im a DC: Thor vs. Green Lantern

Without a doubt, the biggest brawl this summer isn’t happening on the big screen, but at the box office, where Marvel’s Thor will face off against DC’s Green Lantern to prove which heavyweight hero is the fanboy favorite.

The mighty God of Thunder swung his hammer into theaters today and has received generally favorable reviews so far (check our Thor review here). Still, the most recent trailers for Green Lantern suggest that Ryan Reynolds and company may turn in an epic piece of escapist cinema, not to mention one that isn’t bogged down by the overarching narrative of The Avengers.

Given that Green Lantern doesn’t hit theaters until June 17th, it’s impossible to know who will win the superhero showdown. But that hasn’t stopped YouTube favorite ItsJustSomeRandomGuy from weighing in on the debate with another entry in his popular “I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC” series.

In the hilarious video, Green Lantern and Thor action figures trade verbal blows on a variety of issues, from Thor‘s Chris Hemsworth looking like a steroid-pumped version of Kurt Cobain to Green Lantern casting Gossip Girl Blake Lively to capture the “tween market.” Check out Thor vs. Green Lantern (the YouTube version) below.

As a comic book fan, I’m not particularly enamored with either Green Lantern or Thor. I like both characters, and have especially come to appreciate Green Lantern more since Geoff Johns resurrected the character in recent years, but when it comes to the movies, I’m really just hoping for a good popcorn flick.

That being said, if I had to pick sides, I’d have to throw my support behind Green Lantern, if only because it will allow Warner Bros. to continue pursuing additional films with some of my other favorite DC characters. We all know how Marvel’s movies are going to play out, thanks to the company’s strategic push toward The Avengers. DC’s future film slate is much more up in the air. Will we ever get a Justice League movie? Maybe not, but the success of films like Green Lantern could help make it more likely.

What do you think? Are you pro-Thor or pro-Green Lantern? More importantly, what do you think of the latest I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC video?

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  1. I’m a Marvel fanboy through and through but I love both franchises and will more than likely be adding all these movies to my blu ray collection. There are a couple gripes that I’ve always seemed to have when it comes to Marvel movies and that is that their final battle scenes always tend to be a bit lacking, and the fact that they say they’ll never produce an R rated CBM.

    • Yeti,

      I agree with you about the ending of Marvel’s movies.. too short.

      This debate about Marvel vs DC is pretty good. I’ve always been a Marvel Man. One reason is their more terrestrial and less goofy powered (for the most part).
      Marvel’s universe is much more culturally diverse than DC by a long shot and that’s not saying much.

      DC is basically left with Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman and now GL as popular characters people are familiar with.
      If they add Flash, then they still only have 5 familiar characters

      Even with the wack Fox version of the Xmen, Marvel has already upped it’s character recognition more than DC.

      Superman is by far the most popular super hero followed by Batman though. That goes a long way. The Nolan Batman movies are by far superior to anything Marvel has introduced though.
      I’m hoping the Avengers take a *gritty* tone

      • Nate,
        I agree with you when you say that Nolsn’s Batman is superior but we have to remember that Marvel studios is still a fairly young studio

  2. telling mom im going to the mall to get her a present so i can c the movie today lol.

  3. I hope that GL is a good movie so that DC can focus on some other characters other than Supes and Bats. I’d love to see a Justice League movie but the rights to certain characters that are essential to a proper JL movie are up in the air. The problem is that WB/DC let the production team approach Hal Jordan all wrong with his personality. Yes, Hal Jordon is very similar to Han Solo when Han decided to do the right thing and became more “noble” but Hal is depicted as a quirky character and that’s the wrong approach. I went to see Thor and I loved it, the only problkem I had with it is that The Destroyer should have kicked Thor’s arse for a while before Thor figured out how to beat him. The Destroyer was given a portion of power from The Gods of Olympus and Asgard and was built to defend Asgard from freaking THE CELESTIALS and other threats. For Thor to have been able to beat him so easily without a good fight in between was pathetic. Maybe there is some explaination to that besides time and budget. Other than that, I can’t wait to see more of The Warriors 3, Sif and the intro of Balder The Brave in the sequel. Another great choice was the casting of Colm Feore as Laufey, his resemblance to Tom Hiddleston and Loki is quite errily close within itself, that was a genius casting decision. Can’t wait to see The Enchantress, Skourge, Ulik, Malekith, Surtur and Beta Ray Bill in the sequels. The Absorbing Man and the Wrecking Crew would also be great if there were someway to fit them in properly.

  4. I started reading comics before there were specialty shops. There were still lots of small neighborhood stores, and I’d walk to all of them looking for something good. I was selective with what I’d spend my money on, but I’d read anything that I could get my hands on. I remember reading story lines like demon in a bottle, some avengers, and x-men by virtue of different friends having various issues, and we’d let each other read what we had. Sometimes we couldn’t finish a story, or I’d hear it described by someone else. It was kind of cool because I had to use my imagination.

    As I got older I began to think of DC heroes as too goodie-goodie compared to Marvel. Personality wise, I actually associated DC with Disney (Superman and Mickey Mouse) and Marvel with Warner Brothers (Spider-man and Bugs Bunny). So I never would have believed the way things have turned out.

    But I enjoyed plenty of DC comics too, and I think generally they have had more consistent quality, whereas Marvel can be hit or miss.

    I’ve said it many times, DC can make a JLA movie whenever they want to. Their characters have been around longer and are more recognizable than Marvel’s to more people younger and older. If Marvel would have tried that, people would only have known the Hulk. Also, people are familiar and comfortable with different versions of DC characters. They can use different actors and make a slightly different universe and it will work fine.

    All I’m saying is that Marvel is doing what they have to do, and in the long run they’ll create more recognition for future projects. DC has more options for now. They’ll do fine.

  5. THOR is awesome. Im not sold on the whole Green Latern thing.

  6. Notice how the maks is designed on the Green Lantern action figure here. That’s the way that they should have designed the mask in the movie. Like Daniel F and I have said here before, they should have made an actual GL suit for the actor made of real material including the mask made of material like leather or something, then build the CGI on top of that. This way they would have had a better template to work with visually instead of the nothing. I can’t stop thinking that GL’s mask and suit is made of FLUBBER. By the time the movie comes out I hope they’d have fixed it. I also hope that they base the sequels on the other earth born Lanterns, Jon Stewart, Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner.


  8. Please stop saying “could of”. It’s “could’ve” as in “could have”.

    • Wow this could of been a good comment. Had it not been wasted. oh well what could of been. I guess we should stop worrying about could of and should of beens.

  9. Make mine marvel nuff said true believer

  10. Isn’t Watchmen and Kickass and Batman’s (Nolan’s and Burton’s) DC Comics. If so then DC’s movies are way beyond the quality of Marvel’s. Thats just fact, Sorry Marvel FanBoys.

    • Derek37_9…

      I appreciate what you are saying (and happen to agree), BUT “Kick Ass” was from a different publisher and different production company.

      • Kick Ass was from Icon, which is an imprint of Marvel

  11. Green Lantern is my hero. :D