Drew Goddard Confirmed as ‘Daredevil’ Series Showrunner

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daredevil showrunner announced Drew Goddard Confirmed as Daredevil Series Showrunner

Days after Marvel announced their game-changing deal to put forth an interconnected universe on Netflix with four new 13 episode series’ and a Defenders mini-series, rumors targeted Drew Goddard as a strong candidate to pen the pilot episode of the Daredevil series. There is now confirmation that the Cabin in the Woods director and co-writer will have a greater role when The Man Without Fear makes his smaller screen debut.

In addition to scripting the pilot, Goddard will direct that episode while also serving as executive producer and showrunner for the series, meaning that – following the news that Melissa Rosenberg will head-up Jessica Jones – only Luke Cake, Iron Fist, and The Defenders mini-series stand without creative overseers.

Though Goddard has put himself in position to get a high profile job like this with his work as a blockbuster screenwriter on Cloverfield, World War Z, and the previously mentioned Joss Whedon team-up on Cabin in the Woods, Goddard also has a long TV resume, with work as a writer on Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, and as a writer/producer on Lost and Alias.

All of this work demonstrates that Goddard is no stranger to genre writing, but there is also a common thread of intelligence and respect for the audience that runs through these shows, and that should give confidence to Daredevil fans.

daredevil director joe carnahan Drew Goddard Confirmed as Daredevil Series Showrunner

There are other observations one can make from Goddard’s past work that may, theoretically, inform the way that he will unfold the story of Matt Murdock.

Murdock is one of many comic book characters who endures the transformative gut-punch of parental loss at a young age when his father, Jack – a boxer – dies. Blinded as a child and now alone, the boy is left in the dark without a guide – training his remaining senses to do more than compensate, he becomes a hero forged in fire and pain.

Murdock’s past is vital to his present heroism, and Goddard’s penchant for expository flashbacks – he co-wrote “The Man Behind the Curtain” episode of Lost that details Ben Linus’ arrival on the island and his maturation, as well as flashback heavy episodes of Buffy (“Selfless”) and Angel (“Why We Fight”) – makes one wonder if Jack Murdock and that narrative device will be heavily included and employed in the series.

ben affleck jennifer garner daredevil Drew Goddard Confirmed as Daredevil Series Showrunner

Yeah, maybe less of this

Beyond fleshing out who and why Matt Murdock is, though, Goddard will also be charged with establishing a tone for the series and the character, and there are a few paths he can take.

Will the deep cynicism of Cabin in the Woods carry over, pushing Goddard to embrace the gritty anti-heroism of Frank Miller’s portrayal of the character in a way that satisfies the hunger for dark tales that some fans hold, or will his Daredevil fly closer to his origins and the homage to those beginnings that Mark Waid is doing with a more joyous and typically heroic take on the character in Marvel’s present comic book series?

As sure as each direction has its share of supporters, each one also has its merits and its drawbacks, but as we wonder which Daredevil we will see when he finally jumps back onto a screen, at least we now know that that decision is in capable hands.

What do you think: do you want to see a version of Ol’ Hornhead that resembles the Frank Miller take, would you prefer something more in line with what Mark Waid is currently doing, or are you hoping for something in between?


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for more news on Daredevil and the rest of the Marvel TV and film universe as it develops.

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  1. I’m really excited for this.

    • It makes my billy-club twirl!

  2. I’m looking forward to the casting of these Marvel Netflix shows. They need to be good, especially since Agents of Shield has been overall very mixed.

    • Agents of Shield? Mixed?

      It is like watching a school bus fire.

      • horrifically sad, yet you can’t look away?

        • Not the second part, Professor.

  3. Nice, Buffy, Angel and Lost were awesome TV shows and all my favorites so I’m definitely looking forward to this.

    • Swap Lost for Alias and I agree.

      • I remember my sis use to love Alias too. Watched a couple of episodes and thought it was pretty good.

  4. Now this is several different layers of awesome. Let’s hope for the best.

  5. I want it to be dark. DD’s stomping grounds are a place called “Hell’s Kitchen”, I don’t want anything joyous.

  6. One of my friends, a huge DD fan, suggested Damian Lewis to play DD which I think is a great choice.

    • Michael C Hall would be my first choice if they want an older, experienced, superhero, Damian Lewis is kinda busy with ‘Homeland’ at the moment and ‘Dexter’ is done which frees up MCH’s schedule.

      • +1 MCH plus Ving Rhames as Kingpin

        • +1 and +1

  7. Very promising. I think this is going to be a complete 180 from AoS in terms of tone.

  8. That’s a good start. Let’s see how the casting goes.

    • Hail HYDRA!

      • Hail HYDRA!

  9. Chad Coleman for Luke Cage(Tyrese from Walking Dead) , Alison Brie for Jessica Jones (Annie from Community), Ryan Kwanten As Iron Fist (Jason from True Blood), and Matt Damon for Daredevil. Michael Chicklis for Kingpin

  10. Daredevil needs a decent portrayal, that Affleck movie was cr@p, he even admitted it himself. I loved DD comics growing up and deserves better. Gritty, darkish and great action is what’s needed. Hoping for the best with this.

  11. I loved Brubaker’s run on Daredevil and hope to see something along those lines. Waid is a great writer, but I love dark and miserable Matt when it comes to storytelling.

  12. It’s good to be friends with Joss Whedon. ;)

    To answer the inevitable question no, I’m not saying it’s the only reason he got the job. I Loved The Cabin in the Woods and I liked Cloverfield so I think he is a great choice and will do a great job but come on, lets be honest, their connection helped.

    • Definitely. Connections in any business always plays a factor, no denying that! Whedon’s talent was the main reason I’m assuming though.

  13. Michael Jai White for Luke Cage!!

    • Word, and he gets +10 pts for being a native New Yorker.
      If for some reason they think he’s too old, I like Omari Hardwick for the role as well. His look dances between the gruffness needed for Cage and the attractive-thing that all of Marvel’s leading men need.
      I mean, hey, I’m not gay or anything but he can do the attractive thing and it’ll help lend credence to his eventual relationship (probably just flirtation at first) with Jessica Jones.

  14. I want gritty series that I can scoop it with a spoon. I want a good costume, I want Turk his informant in it, I want Josie’s bar to be a smoke filled booze smelling sleezy low lifes hole in the wall type bar, and above all I want a reoccuring psychopath Bullseye and the crime boss of them all Kingpin. I’m not asking for much am I?

  15. From what I just read this sound good am looking forward to Daredevil returning because it been years and I miss him he my favorite marvel character.

  16. Luke Cake? Never heard of him…

  17. I think that since Marvel is sticking to the PG-13 light-hearted approach for their movies, they kinda cannot add darker heroes to the mix. Same with Agents of SHIELD, since it’s an ABC family-friendly series
    So I feel like with Netflix they have the chance to give a place to their darker characters, which could start with Daredevil.

    So my bet is that it’s still gonna be very much Marvel Studios and we’re gonna have plenty of laughs, they will take on the darker tone a bit, dare I say they might make these mini-series with a 16 rating. I’m definitely hoping for it.

    I can’t wait these series.

    • I agree and +1. I’m hoping for more gritty and edgy, and less PG-13 for the upcoming Marvel series.

  18. Really hope this works,didn’t like Cabin in the woods story wise but it was well directed.

  19. i grew up on Fran Miller’s version YES PLEASE!

    i can’t wait, this will make me purchase Netflix

  20. Who is Luke Cake?! ^_^

  21. So, I’m assuming this is in the same universe as the rest of Marvel Studio’s projects.. So it’d be cool to see some connections so long as they aren’t ridiculous like AoS

    • everything doesn’t have to be connected, would be nice

  22. Whoever said the Dexter guy, he looks freaking perfect for DD. Assuming he can act if he’s Dexter too…

  23. They needs bring back Ben Affleck for the show,that’s the only way I’ll watch it cuz I luv the movie…….lol I’m jk(I do like Ben tho and really it was the writers fault it sukked,the acting at the time obviously didn’t help)

  24. I think Michael C. Hall would be fantastic, but I think he’s too big a name and too well established for this. I don’t know that it’ll be someone who is a complete unknown, but I assume it’ll be someone that is somewhat surprising.

  25. What is the quality of Netflix shows?

    • I only asked because I was laughing at some of the names being thrown around here for a Netflix show.

      Then I realized, maybe the jokes on me.

    • house of cards and the new season of arrested development were pretty good, imo. great production values, esp in HOC. if netflix does the right thing by giving these series’ a proper budget, it could turn out very well, again, imo.

      • Thanks, good to know.

        Does Netflix really have the cash flow and viewership to make these things happen?

        I hope so, I like to see an end to the status quo of TV programming.

    • They’re great, I loved House of Cards, and Orange is The New Black the writing was just I can’t explain it flowed so well and it was something you would never find on Network Television

  26. Matt Smith as Daredevil….. I’m not a HUGE Doctor Who fan but I don’t hate the idea!