Drew Goddard Exits Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ Netflix Series; New Showrunner Named

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Daredevil Road Warrior Infinite Comic number 1 Drew Goddard Exits Marvels Daredevil Netflix Series; New Showrunner Named
Marvel Studios has already had a good 2014, with Captain America: The Winter Soldier breaking box office records with a huge haul in April. Plus, the exciting second trailer for their ambitious August release, Guardians of the Galaxy, has left fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe eager for more.

Then came yesterday’s news that director Edgar Wright has walked away from his long-in-development Ant-Man film for Marvel Studios. The details on what led to Wright’s departure have not been confirmed, but rumors suggest that extensive rewrites to the original screenplay by the director and Joe Cornish led to Wright’s exit. This seems like an isolated incident, but it might be just the first in a series of developmental shake-ups at the studio.

Today, Latino-Review broke some news concerning another hotly anticipated Marvel property: El Mayimbe’s sources said that Cabin in the Woods director Drew Goddard has left the Daredevil series, which is set to air on Netflix. Goddard was set to write and direct the pilot episode of the show, and then remain aboard as showrunner.

Marvel has since confirmed this, and reports that a new showrunner has been named. Steve S. DeKnight (Spartacus, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer) will take over the project for Goddard. Read the official press release below:

Marvel is proud to announce that acclaimed writer, director and producer Steven S. DeKnight (“Spartacus,” “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer,” “Angel”) has joined “Marvel’s Daredevil” as Executive Producer & Showrunner on the all-new 13-episode series premiering on Netflix in 2015. Drew Goddard, who also wrote the first two episodes, will continue to serve as Executive Producer on “Marvel”s Daredevil” as he writes and preps Sony’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” spin-off film, “The Sinister Six.”

Drew Goddard and the Sinister Six Drew Goddard Exits Marvels Daredevil Netflix Series; New Showrunner Named
Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 spinoff Sinister Six - with Goddard set to direct - could, according to the rumor mill, begin filming as soon as January 2015, which has led to the speculation that the film could see a release as soon as 2016. Regardless of whether that’s accurate or not, it seems that Daredevil’s production schedule just left too slim a window for Sinister Six.

It appears that Goddard’s voice will still influence Daredevil, since he has written the first two episodes and is remaining involved in a consulting capacity. What Marvel and Daredevil fans gain with DeKnight is a seasoned veteran of geek-friendly television. Besides his work on all three seasons of Spartacus and on Buffy, DeKnight worked with Joss Whedon on Angel and Dollhouse, along with a stint on Smallville.

Just as Edgar Wright’s leaving Ant-Man has apparently not affected the film’s release date, there is similarly no indication that Daredevil has been delayed, with the 13-episode initial season still set to debut on Netflix in 2015. With the supposed start date of July, 2014 just around the corner, can we expect an official delay in production? Or will the show’s casting be confirmed soon instead? Stay tuned for details as they emerge.


Daredevil is still expected to debut as a 13-episode series on Netflix in 2015.

Source: Latino-Review, Marvel

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  1. Crisis averted

  2. are we witnessing the beginning of the collapse of the marvel empire?

    • I don’t think this is a collapse, more likely we’re seeing the difficulties of having a universe that spans over film and other mediums. Some directors, writers, etc. can’t work within the confines of this new “shared universe” structure which I’m sure is the root of why Wright, among others have left Marvel.

    • No. He’s simply working on the S6 film

    • No.

    • No, I don’t think so. I actually think this might end up being a rather good move. I loved DeKnights vision with Spartacus so if he can bring in that kind of passion to a project with this series then I am all in.

  3. To be honest, I had a feeling this would happen, especially after the news about him tackling Sinister Six. Two huge project running at almost the same time? That can’t be right.

    Well, looks like Marvel wants him to go with Sinister Six instead, and judging from the official statement the decision has been made before this, which means this isn’t NEW. However, the timing of press eventually learning this couldn’t be more inappropriate, after Wright left ANT-MAN. Kinda make Marvel look ‘bad’, don’t you think?

    I wonder if this news leaked earlier this week/month, would people still say bad things about Marvel? Hmmm….

  4. I’m not going to give an opinion until it’s confirmed what’s what. But I’d 100% give the directing gig to one of the following:-

    Ben Stiller
    Adam McKay
    Joe Cornish
    David Gordon Green
    Ruben Fleisher
    Or Paul Feig

    • Yesterday Joe Cornish was moved up on the credits of screenwriters for Ant-Man on IMDB to the first position… he seems the likely candidate for Director if he even wants the job at this point.

    • Ben Stiller? funny that might work…if he was genuinely interested in the source material.

      • If he’s interested he’d be my first choice for Ant-Man…. He’s certainly got the chops for it. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty really upped his game as a director and he balances action, heart and humour with considerable skill.

        • I also think it’d be a popular decision with Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas. They’d need someone they respect and feel comfortably around to keep their motivation up after some pretty drastic change. I’m sure Paul Rudd was just as excited about working with Edgar as he was about his contract/Payday.

  5. Just goes to show that directors with actual vision are not wanted by Marvel. They want guns for hire to churn out vanilla formula. Goddard and Wright were the most interesting aspect of Marvel’s future. Soon RDJ will leave and they’ll be standing there with their d*cks in their hands.

    • Is Goddard not working for Sony?

    • Yes, because Winter Soldier would have been rubbish without RDJ. Oh, wait….

      • Black Widow, Nick Fury, and The Falcon hereby render your argument invalid.

    • I think you’re half right, If a director has a vision that doesn’t jive with the whole shared universe thing they are pretty much useless to what Marvel is doing. A shared universe is a team sport and there are plenty of opportunities for directors with vision to go do something elsewhere. Marvel clearly isn’t the place.

      • Marvel isn’t the place for directors with vision?

    • I think it’s not a matter of demanding adherence to a very basic house style as you suggest. Both Captain America movies are very much genre films, and Guardians of the Galaxy looks to be very much a James Gunn film.

      What I think the issue is, is that the characters and plot have to fit within the extended universe. You can’t make Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang a complete dick bag for example, because he is gonna have to play a different role when he joins the Avengers.

      They also have to ensure that the product is financially viable. Wright has produced some great films that were at best moderate successes with huge cult dvd followings. Marvel likely wanted to ensure that their movie is a success. I think it WOULD have been a success if he had of stayed with.

      • I am sure Wright’s involvement up to this point will still carry over into the finished product regardless of who Disney ultimately chooses to direct. If he had as much to do with the project as they make it sound, it’ll be pretty obvious what he was up to this whole time. Unless of course they scrap his efforts completely… Ala Sam Raimi Spider-Man 4.

    • Aren’t you just jumping to a crazy assumption? Though with your other rather offbeat statements it’s pretty obvious why you’re saying these things. But is it not more likely that he left for another project? You know, like the Sinister Six movie he’s rumored to direct? Leaving a netflix series to pursue a Hollywood blockbuster sounds like a move many would make… without the need of problems with the studio. And while I love Wright’s movies and was excited for his Antman but that doesn’t mean the ordeal with Antman, leading to his departure is Marvel’s fault (even if it does seem fun to always blame corporate). He started the project before there was an established universe and the greater part of a decade later and he made little progress. Not saying it’s his fault either but a lot has changed.

  6. Well, at least DeKnight has one good show in his resume (Spartacus).

    • Buffy was one of the best things on TV, and it had a very small budget for a show of its size/fanbase, don’t be a snob.

    • I wish we could like/trash comments on this site. I would trash 90% of what Dazz says. I would also comment (most of the time) as to why I trash Dazz’ comments. I think it would boost the total comments per article and (I’m assuming) the ad revenue.

      In this case, DeKnight’s resume is good for its combination of Spartacus (Violent action) and Buffey/Angel (Charming Dialogue). I would not want to see a rehash of any of his prior shows in Daredevil. However, if he is able to combine elements of his prior work then this show can only benefit.

      • You CAN like and or trash other peoples comments by simply replying with your opinion on whatever it is they say.

    • DeKnight is actually pretty damn good, only reason im not upset Drew is gone. Spartacus was great, and Buffy, even if you dont like it is a classic. And Angel is a cult classic and pretty good.

      • I agree. When it was announced that Goddard left I was upset that someone else jumped the Marvel ship but with the adding of DeKnight I am actually excited. I liked his Buffy series and I loved Spartacus. I still consider that show to have one of the best finales in TV in a while and I have a feeling he is going to add that kind of passion to this series

  7. There goes more talent.

    • and a different talent coming in…

      • +1
        I think Deknight is one of those talents that can become thing big in the future

  8. Even though I don’t like Buffy or Angel, Spartacus was an amazing show (with one of the best series finale I’ve ever seen) so I still have high hopes for this!

  9. Oh yes !!! Steven Deknight ! Spartacus was the show !!!

  10. So, one Whedon collaborator for another.

    • Exactly. Marvel’s success with Whedon and the Russo brothers should lead to more management talent from television coming to Marvel. I wouldn’t be surprised if Goddard came back from Sony to direct a future Marvel film.

  11. Never watched Spartacus before but read the news and I’m on episode 2. Gotta say, I am actually really excited to see this new guy’s take on Daredevil. For me, the show has to have a lot of style. I don’t want it to look like Marvel’s Agents of DAREDEVIL. And I had worried working on both projects would result in sub par work from Goddard. But now we have a guy who will shine on Sinister 6 (Cabin in the Woods gives me faith in him). And we have a show with a showrunner who has handled action heavy genre material with a ton of visual style to the action. What I am most excited about is to hear casting news.

    And as for the whole Wright drama. I’m saddened and worried about Ant-Man without Wright, but I am gonna have faith in Marvel, at the very least until a replacement is announced.

    • I agree. Daredevil needs some very stylized visuals. Maybe not exactly what they did with Spartacus, but something along those lines.

      What are the chances we see Liam McIntyre as Daredevil now? I’d be happy with that.

      RIP Andy Whitfield… Would’ve been a superstar.

      • If Manu Bennett wasn’t signed on with Arrow I would have loved for him to be included in this series somehow. I know he is good friends with Deknight and Liam McIntyre

  12. Wow whats happening? negative news lately.

  13. Don’t feel too bad about Goddard. Like the article says : he will still get Executive Producer title on Daredevil. And he’s working on the script for Sony’s Sinister Six. He’s fine.

    Can’t wait for DeKnight’s treatment on DD

  14. It’s good for Marvel to have the negative press now between films. There is enough time after Cap2 and before GOTG that this news will not impact either film. Also, the coming excitement around GOTG will ease a lot of the tension these headlines are creating in fans.

    • seriously ? non-fans do not care about Ant-man – who the director is, what the story is, etc – but will they go watch it when it comes out in 2015 – yes – why … because Avengers will have just come out and NO ONE cares about a movie before it starts showing commercials/ trailers – and definitely no one cares before a movie even starts filming.

      there is no “negative press” – with switching directors / writers or actors – general audience doesn’t care
      don’t pretend otherwise – heck even fans on this site or any other are 90% likely to go see Ant-man no matter what changes are made – if any of the actors are switched or anything else – they’ll still go see it (or at minimum wait til it’s on Netfilx a few months later – big whoop – they’ll still watch it)

      to think otherwise is silly – even if the news of Edgar Wright came out on the day CAWS was released – do you honestly think anyone would say: oh no Edgar Wright is out? screw it I”m not going to see CAWS – that’s it I’m done with Marvel !!

  15. First Wright and now Goddard…sure is a bit of a turn-over and restructuring going on!

  16. This is not an issue. At all. Not saying Goddard isn’t talented… Cabin in the Woods was entertaining for sure, whether it was his or Whedon’s baby. But in his stead we get the guy who brought us Spartacus, and beyond all the pulp, Spartacus was easily one of the most consistently great shows from beginning to end. DeKnight will deliver in droves.

  17. Damn, first Edgar Wright and now this guy. Looks like somebody saw Captain America 2 and thought, “How the hell do you top that? I’m out!”

  18. Ben Stiller would be an ‘Horrible,” choice to ever touch a Marvel property. Adam McKay is another over the top comedy director that would make ‘Ant-Man’ lame and not taken seriously when things are at their worst. Mark Webb would have been a great choice, if only Sony didn’t own him for another Spidey movie. The sad thing is, the ONLY man who could have made it possible was Edgar Wright, pure and simple.

  19. I’m optimistic that the show will still turn out well. It doesn’t sound like all that much of a change up honestly. Goddard is just moving down the totem pole a bit and they’re bringing in another capable guy to fill the void.

  20. looking forward to this and the other 3 shows+defenders.

  21. hahahahaahahahaha RIP DD

    • What, “RIP DD”?! Did your silicon implants explode and deflate?!

      • *sigh* Yet another failed attempt at I guess humor by goldilocks…

        The DAREDEVIL show is still in motion. I can not wait NETFLIX.

    • Doubt it will “RIP”. If anything this is a director that will bring in, at the very least, some stunning visuals to the show. Also, you don’t think the guy wants to bring another hit after being turned down by Starz over his last purposed project? Yeah, I think this show will be just fine.