Marvel Crossover Movies Likely But ‘Not Anytime Soon’

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Marvel Movie Crossovers Spider Man Wolverine Avengers Marvel Crossover Movies Likely But Not Anytime Soon

Ever since Marvel Studios successfully proved that a shared cinematic universe can work, with comic book characters showing up in other character movies and eventually teaming up in The Avengers to fight off a greater threat – and win at the box office – a new precedent has been set. And fans want more.

If Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man and Thor can team up, why can’t they team up with other popular characters from Marvel Comics in Spider-Man and the X-Men? The simple answer is because different film studios hold the film licenses for these different franchises, but that doesn’t mean it cannot or will not happen. In fact, there were talks of the beginning of such a thing happening between Marvel Studios.

In chatting with, Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige confirmed that Marvel spoke with Sony about the possibility of including the Oscorp tower from The Amazing Spider-Man in The Avengers but the deal was never really close to happening. That conversation though means they’re willing to talk and it also means that the seemingly separate Marvel universes that each studio is attempting to build can connect, eventually.

Questions about a crossover, with franchise characters making a cameo appearance in another studio’s film, are consistently brought up by the talent and execs at Marvel, Fox and Sony before. And the topic will not die until it happens and eventually it could, but not for a long time. Each of the studios have enough work ahead telling their current stories or (re)establishing key properties so it’s simply too early for large crossovers to occur. Especially for Marvel’s young studio which is still just laying the groundwork and introducing new characters for years and years to come.

Avengers Spider Man X Men Movie Crossover 1024x409 Marvel Crossover Movies Likely But Not Anytime Soon

Answering fan questions for IGN, Kevin Feige touched again on the possibility of The Avengers teaming up with characters including Spider-Man and the X-Men who are owned by other studios.

“I would say not anytime soon. Would we be in a position to team up with other studios who have a few of our characters – because we have so many of our characters ourselves – but I would never say never.”

If Marvel was in a rush for a crossover, to include Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine (he’s absolutely interested) or Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man (who also wants to join The Avengers), then they missed out on a major opportunity in the Quicksilver situation, where directors Bryan Singer and Joss Whedon both cast their own versions of the character for X-Men: Days of Future Past and The Avengers: Age of Ultron, respectively. Quicksilver could have been the perfect shared character to bridge the universes together but he’s instead being used very differently in each movie, even in different time periods.

But rushing they are not. Feige previously went on record explaining that he and the decision-makers at Marvel have movies tentatively planned until 2021 with their own characters and there’s really no room for a full-on crossover “event” film like we see in the crossover events in Marvel Comics. Even if a deal was struck by the studios to share characters, it wouldn’t start with a full blown crossover.


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  1. To be honest, as much as I love to see Spiderman and Wolverine and Fantastic Four in the same movie with The Avengers… for now, I’m just more interested to see what’s happening and what will come in the Marvel Cinematic Universe alone.

    The possibility of new franchises like Black Panther, Doc Strange, and many other Marvel characters coming to the Universe is already something I’m looking forward to, so I really won’t mind if Spiderman and the likes are roaming on their own busy universe, especially when each of them still need to fix their own continuity issues. It can be a real mess to mesh them into a well-establish MCU, don’t you think?

    • I agree, it’s better not to add characters into the Disney Universe until they are properly portrayed in their own respective Universes. I’d rather wait until all the separate franchises are able to stand alone as good comic adaptations.

  2. I would love to see Spiderman and Wolverine in the Avengers. Or even a Hulk vs Wolverine Movie. But I know it wont happen unless one or all the studios movies start tanking. But I would like to see it. They could do civil war,X-men vs Avengers, A Skrull invasion with the Fantastic Four, A Thing vs Hulk movie, there are various ways to mix the studios and make billions.

    • spider-man+avengers= no going to happen any time soon.

    • I dont think you want to see a hulk vs wolverine. One of my disappointments in wolverine, is that they havent really made him into a good fighter. He simply depends on his healing way too much. They should make Wolverine a lot more ninja like and athletic.

      • athleticism and fighting skill is what seperates X-23 from wolverine
        x-23 actually knows hand to hand combat and wolverine just kind of wings it.

  3. I would like Marvel Studios to have control of all its characters, but not necessarily because I am dying for crossovers. I mean, cameos and easter eggs are cool, and I would like to see Reed Richards interacting with Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. But I don’t particularly desire an “X-Men meet Avengers” thing, or Spider-Man to be popping up everywhere.

    Really, I just want them all to get good adaptions. The X-Men are looking better, but I am not sure about the Fantastic Four at Fox, and I am not high on the current direction of Spider-Man at Sony. Marvel would probably handle them better, but Marvel has its hands full right now.

    It will be very interesting to see where things stand 10 years down the road from now…

    • I would LOVE to see Spider-man popping up everywhere.

      • alpha flight vs. x-men movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I would very much like to see how Logan interacts with them all. I think he and Tony would either be best friends or worst enemies, I’m not sure what would happen with Bruce and Thor, but it would be damn interesting– and OMG Captain America!! How would that go down? Steve would be like; “OMG JAMES YOU GOT SHOT BY A FIRING SQUAD 70 YEARS AGO HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE???” ‘Lucky Jim’ would be like “WTF are you talking about?” and poor Peter would just be standing around not knowing what to make of it all.

      I would so pay to watch that! The characters do have some unfinished buisiness in their own worlds for the time being though, so if it does happen it won’t be for quite a while longer. We are getting 3-4 movies per year from all the studios combined, though, so for now I’m satisfied. One can only imagine though…

  4. As long as Fox keeps shelling out less than adequate adaptations, there is no way I would ever pay to see a movie that gave any credence to the s*** being produced at Fox that could also undermine the ability of Marvel to reclaim the rights to their property or portray their characters the way Marvel wants them portrayed. Days of Future Past looks as terrible as the previous X-men films and I can’t stand the idea of the Fox-verse sullying the MCU. Sony’s doing a lot better but is still lacking imo. Fox needs to reboot and do it right (at the very least get rid of Singer and all of his terrible interpretations/costumes/ideas) or something b/c these movies suck and are barely recognizable as the X-men.
    I’m doing the best I can to hold back the rage but I can’t stress this enough, I would rather not get any Marvel based movies instead of getting a Fox crossover with the MCU.

    • Agreed. I know I’m in the minority, but I hate even thinking about a fox/mcu crossover.

  5. Yes! even a possibility gives me chills. I would absolutely love a live action “Hulk vs. Wolverine” with Jackman and Ruffalo, they need to take advantage of these great actor before their “reboots” show up and people have lost interest.

    • And before Jackman gets too old. He’s already talking about how tough it is already…

    • spider-man and daredevil should do a movie crossover,

      • I would love to see a Spiderman and Daredevil crossover too, Have them take on Kingpin, Bullseye, and all the Spiderman villains he hires to get them.

  6. Gerald butler for the punisher!!!!

    • no need Thomas Jane is the man

      • +1

  7. + 10000000

  8. They don’t even have to be actual cameos, but props or references would even suffice to make people giddy.

    • I agree even dropping a hint of a certain character would make fans happy

      • taskmaster!!!!!!!! taskmaster!!!!!!!!!!!!! where is taskmaster!!!!!!??????????

    • exactly

      • wolverine should possibly team up with blade,moon knight,ghost rider,the punisher,deadpool,agent zero,and etc.

  9. No thanks. Any such movies would end up being like the comic crossovers. Basically it would be called “Wolverine & everyone else.”

    • on second thought wolverine should just team up with blade since those two know each other pretty well.

  10. Cross-over movies could be fun, or could be too cluttered. For now they are not one of my priorities; I am having enough fun with them as they are. I would rather see a few other heroes and villains introduced though, before I would worry too much about a cross-over.

  11. m glad dc is dc and dc is dc and and and i am and ia i am dc stop it dc bot will dc bot will destroy dc dc bot destroy

    • WHAT?!

    • ^THIS

      • cartoon network cancelled beware the batman so I’m not really a fan of them or DC at this point.

  12. The business people involved won’t be able to make it happen on their own accord. But the actors involved – RDJ, Hugh, McKellen, Stewart, Fassbender, McAvoy, Garfield, etc. can lobby all three studios hard to get together and make it work.

    They need to understand that a cohesive cinematic universe will only ENLARGE their respective properties rather than endanger it. There are inherent benefits to franchises remaining in their current hands. Marvel only has so much budget to make films. But it doesn’t mean that an integrated approach can’t be engineered.

    The business folk must be convinced to look beyond the financing and revenue part to see the bigger picture. The creative folk (actors and directors) can help to do that.

    • Joe, I’d go as far as to say that Disney is probably the ONLY studio that doesn’t want this to happen, and won’t ever allow it to happen.

      Yes, combining the Fox, Sony, and Disney franchises WOULD “ENLARGE their respective properties.” There is no question it would do that. The problem, from Disney’s perspective is that it would “ENLARGE” the respective Marvel movie properties that are currently held by Fox and Sony.

      Disney wants Spider-man, FF, and X-men for themselves, but Sony and Fox have them for as long as they keep making movies. Sony and Fox will keep on producing movies as long as it’s profitable. They have a certain amount of time, but must put movies into production, OR if they don’t, the movie rights will eventually a go back to Marvel studios, which is owned by Disney.

      Disney could buy them back (if the studious were willing to sell), or they can wait it out and get them back for free. (Another possibility would be to wait until they are worth less and then buy them).

      If Disney decided to combine FF, Spidey, X-men with Avengers, that would work to promote FF, Spidey, and X-men and keep those movies marketable for more years to come.

      Disney is better off waiting. After the current seies of Spider-man and FF run their course, Sony and Fox will either have to put more movies into production, or loose the rights.

      I give it ten years max.

  13. I agree with that even hints would make fans happy

    • when is there going to be a movie that has psylocke in it?

    • That`s got to be the worst idea ever

      • #jacob I had to laugh as I read through that. :)

        • You can’t really have X-Men in the same universe as superpowered superheroes, if you want to have a “real” treatment in the movie. The comics do alot of ignoring the issue of what kind of place mutants live when it’s not an X-book.

          If you look at our real world, and see how people on the street treat each other, then if there really was an anti-mutant movement, they wouldn’t stop at hating mutants, they’d be featured in every superpowered superhero book as people hating them, because in the real world, many people can’t tell the difference between a Sikh and an Arab or a Muslim. If they can’t tell the difference between these, how would they tell the difference between the superhumans and the mutant humans? Captain America would be mutant scum from that point of view. True, special multi-title books do treatments of the issue, but it isn’t there normally in non-X-books.

          If you mix the X-mutants into the cinematic universe, you’d need to leave out the racism, or you’d need to make the racists hate all superpowered people the same way, since a realistic treatment would not have normal people being able to tell the difference between a mutant and other types of superpowered people or aliens.

      • when is marvel going to make a movie about nova, and how good will it be?

    please don’t ruin the awesomeness of the avengers by putting it with lesser characters. the xmen aren’t portrayed correctly and fantastic four will never do well in live action. spiderman’s cool though

    • THANK YOU!!!! You are awesome… AGREED!

    • I don’t want that X-men universe anywhere near Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. It would mean the horror of those plot hole ridden jokes as legit Marvel canon movies. NOPE! Noooooo No thanks!

  15. I’d love to see some crossovers but I doubt they’ll happen soon.. so I’ll just be here, patiently waiting :)

    • When they happen, they won’t be “crossovers.” They’ll be Marvel movies.

      They won’t happen until they are all under one roof; the roof of a “magic kingdom,” the roof of a “mouse house.”

  16. When Kevin Feige says,
    “I would say not anytime soon,”
    what he is really saying is
    “not until those characters are back with Marvel and Disney, which probably won’t be anytime soon.”

    He has said before things like, “Disney is patient” and “Marvel has a lot of characters that could become movies.”

  17. MORPH was not in any of the movies and not even mentioned.
    that’s why x men movies sucks balls!!!! many other stupid characters bot the best MORPH is ignored.
    never given any thought or an explanation why…
    you suck big time 20 century fox.

  18. you can totally fit amazing spiderman into the avenger timeline if you want.

    avengers takes place months before ASM, which is why no spidey in avengers

    spidey shows up after the invasion incident, which is why people/cops are against vigilantes etc

    all the cranes all over the city in ASM are repairing the damage from the avengers.

  19. I don’t see this happening anytime soon, maybe in 2030

  20. With what I saw in the new x-men: days of future past, wolverine goes back into a younger form of himself and is attempting to change the future. well this not only clears up the continuity issues with the entire x men saga, but it allows the x men universe to create a little bit more breathing room for the future. If people really wanted wolverine in the avengers, some type of reference to a timeline change in this movie could be made. A full xmen/avengers crossover would be way too much but maybe just wolverine crossover could work. having 1 genius bad ass (ironman), 2 spies(hawkeye and blkwidow),1 ancient god(thor), 2 science experiments (hulk and cap)and now 1 bad as mutant(wolverine) could make for an even more dynamic movie. And with additions like Falcon and war machine/ironpatriot, it’ll keep the movies feel a little closer to home than the “scifi-ish” movie thor 2. and spiderman might have a shot in joining the team if they show avengers damage in the sequal to spiderman, placing spiderman before the avengers movies. But that’s all just wishful thinking

  21. Let’s get some Wesley Snipes’ Blade action in here too.

    • Isn’t he still in jail?

      • wesley snipes is in jail?

  22. I don’t see how they could possibly cross over any of these movies. Each movie is basically their own world. XMEN could never cross over with avengers because in the xmen world ‘mutants’ are real and very well known, where as according to shield there are no ‘mutants’ and very few ‘special’ people. In spider man doesn’t peter live in NYC? So where was he during the chitauri fight? And shield never showed up in any of the other movies, with the way they are introduced it sounds like they would show up on any of the ‘weird’ things that happen. These movies should just stay seperate, theres no way to make a crossover movie unless they dont give a crap about making things come together/make sense.

  23. I have to disagree. Avengers vs Xmen was an awesome comic and could very well be a great movie, provided it’s done right. The tricky thing would be getting 20th Century Fox & Paramount to work together.

    I would love to see the Spidey vs Wolverine comic adapted into a film. That story was insane!

    • AvX is just a Marvel reset. If they do it as a movie, it should not be part of any film universe, it should stand by itself.

      Age of Apocalypse would make a good standalone (non-universe) crossover thing as well

  24. I don’t want that X-men universe anywhere near Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. It would mean the horror of those plot hole ridden jokes as legit Marvel canon movies. NOPE! Noooooo No thanks!

  25. I dunno I would totally love for the marvel universes to completely crossover merge coexist and flourish, but you can guess the problems that follow with it. Anyways the universes have all their own inconsistencies and issues as it is. I consider the reboots a different side of the same coin, alternate universes and itd be cool for movies to acknowledge that here soon. If spidermans having trouble why doesnt so and so help him, yada yada yada. But if they did do this huge movie, they’d need a wide array of super villains to cause a team up but then it would be way too hectic. i propose that they do a movie from each stand point

  26. hello nerds that watch little kid shows grow up and watch some wrong turn 1-5

    • ZZZzZZZZZzzzzzz…

  27. A vs X

  28. Call me silly, and please don’t shot me, but may I offer I thought? Didn’t the Wachowski Twins do a great job using the Animatrix as an introductory vessel into the Matrix Universe?
    Team up Matt Fraction, Johnathan Bendis, John Bryne, John Romita Jr, Mark Millar, and Warren Ellis with Wheadon, Black, Rami, Favareu, Singer and Arad for single featurettes introducing a new character, while forming a greater mosaic of the marvel universe. Thus making it possible for the Marvel universe to grow, have increased crossovers, and have a direct lead in (just ‘like last flight of the Osiris’ was to ‘revolutions’) to the third Avenger film. Just a thought.