Marvel Crossover Movies Likely But ‘Not Anytime Soon’

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Marvel Movie Crossovers Spider Man Wolverine Avengers Marvel Crossover Movies Likely But Not Anytime Soon

Ever since Marvel Studios successfully proved that a shared cinematic universe can work, with comic book characters showing up in other character movies and eventually teaming up in The Avengers to fight off a greater threat – and win at the box office – a new precedent has been set. And fans want more.

If Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man and Thor can team up, why can’t they team up with other popular characters from Marvel Comics in Spider-Man and the X-Men? The simple answer is because different film studios hold the film licenses for these different franchises, but that doesn’t mean it cannot or will not happen. In fact, there were talks of the beginning of such a thing happening between Marvel Studios.

In chatting with, Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige confirmed that Marvel spoke with Sony about the possibility of including the Oscorp tower from The Amazing Spider-Man in The Avengers but the deal was never really close to happening. That conversation though means they’re willing to talk and it also means that the seemingly separate Marvel universes that each studio is attempting to build can connect, eventually.

Questions about a crossover, with franchise characters making a cameo appearance in another studio’s film, are consistently brought up by the talent and execs at Marvel, Fox and Sony before. And the topic will not die until it happens and eventually it could, but not for a long time. Each of the studios have enough work ahead telling their current stories or (re)establishing key properties so it’s simply too early for large crossovers to occur. Especially for Marvel’s young studio which is still just laying the groundwork and introducing new characters for years and years to come.

Avengers Spider Man X Men Movie Crossover 1024x409 Marvel Crossover Movies Likely But Not Anytime Soon

Answering fan questions for IGN, Kevin Feige touched again on the possibility of The Avengers teaming up with characters including Spider-Man and the X-Men who are owned by other studios.

“I would say not anytime soon. Would we be in a position to team up with other studios who have a few of our characters – because we have so many of our characters ourselves – but I would never say never.”

If Marvel was in a rush for a crossover, to include Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine (he’s absolutely interested) or Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man (who also wants to join The Avengers), then they missed out on a major opportunity in the Quicksilver situation, where directors Bryan Singer and Joss Whedon both cast their own versions of the character for X-Men: Days of Future Past and The Avengers: Age of Ultron, respectively. Quicksilver could have been the perfect shared character to bridge the universes together but he’s instead being used very differently in each movie, even in different time periods.

But rushing they are not. Feige previously went on record explaining that he and the decision-makers at Marvel have movies tentatively planned until 2021 with their own characters and there’s really no room for a full-on crossover “event” film like we see in the crossover events in Marvel Comics. Even if a deal was struck by the studios to share characters, it wouldn’t start with a full blown crossover.


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  1. DC is so fortunate they have all their properties in one place. They really need to take advantage with Batman v Superman.

    • Definitely, concentrate on developing Superman/bringing in the new Batman, introduce WW, reboot Green Lantern as John Stewart (steal Idris Elba or something) have Affleck direct Just League and go from there.

      • I don’t know about Affleck directing Justice League. That’s a big movie to direct and star in as a leading role. Obviously, I wouldn’t say no to that choice but I think it’d make more sense for Affleck to only direct himself in a Batman film.

        • I wouldn’t complain about either option to be honest. Maybe go with your idea, have him direct a stand alone Batman film and if that works then offer it to him?

          • I keep saying this and I don’t get nobody sees it but if Affleck’s gonna direct anything it’s gona be Batman features. He’s got proven results that he can star/write/direct. If he really gets to make Batman his own, you bet your ass he’s gonna be interested in telling stories for his character himself.

            I’ve always found it smart to use John Stewart as GL, I however, before he was cast as Electro, had Jamie Fox in mind. And honestly, I still do. I haven’t jumped onto the Elba bandwagon, I think Foxx has the charisma and also the conviction in his acting to make GL…well, cool. But undoubtedly his Electro part will influence people’s image of him one way or another.

            More on topic: as good as I may find DoFP, I think a part of me will always desire an X-Men reboot. Especially because to me X-men is made by 3 people: Xavier, Wolverine and Cyclops, and the latter has never been noteworthy in the Singer-verse. If any Marvel property really doesn’t need any other Marvel-verse to deliver the most awesome stuff, it’s the X-men.

            I’d friggin love it if Garfield started popping up in marvel films though, but his run will probably be over at the time that might actually possibly happen.

            • I’m not trying to jump on the Idris band wagon I’m just English so I love seeing Brits doing well for themselves in Hollywood (Crazy how popular we have become in recent times).

              Foxx could do it easily if he wanted but I’m guessing he will be part of the Sinister Six and tied up in that? I just really hope they use John Stewart, what better way to distance themselves from the previous incarnation.

              Now who could play Aquaman?

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                  • +1

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                  • +1, and may i add good observation from an “outsider”. i barely get how our gov’t works, let alone the UK, or GB.

                  • *throws rocks*

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            • I feel like Affleck should jus direct Batman and then aid in the directing of Justice League. He could kind of be a Joss Whedon of sorts to who ever directs it. Add some creative juices and keep continuity, but he can still focus on his portrayal as Batman with different heroes without trying to take control of the other properties. This’ll establish a better contrast.

              • Affleck was offered to direct the unmade Justice Leauge film.

        • It would be good for him to have a heavy hand. Direct some Batman movies then co-write Justice League. As the literal leader of Justice League as he plays the character Batman, it would have a much visceral feel if he co-wrote – or even directed – Justice League.

      • My god, i know that Idris Elba is showing up everywhere and he also makes for a really good Heimdall in Thor, but having him play Green Lantern sounds perfect! That’s something to hope for;..

      • why reboot green lantern as someone who was only the green lantern for a small amount of time? why have Affleck both play bats and direct at the same time? No MMH? Hummmmm?

    • I don’t think Marvel care that much tbh, x-men work better within their own continuity anyway (marvel have come close to making them their own thing a couple of times in the comics), and spiderman isn’t needed either as most of his main story points are all solo adventures.

      If I was Marvel the only thing I would be bothered about getting back would be some of the fantastic four villains (doom, galactus and super-skrull) but as Marvel can use Ronan they may already be able to use some of them

    • Do I smell a new avengers coming?

  2. It will never happen.

    Marvel is only being polite by leaving the possibility open in informal and public conversations. But they have nothing to gain, and everything to loose by doing a crossover.

    Crossovers would help Fox and Sony promote their franchises and keep them going for more years and more movies. Left alone, Spider-man, X-men, and Fantastic four will eventually go back to Marvel. No matter how successful a current run of movies manages to be, it’s only a matter of time before it runs it’s natural course. By this time, FF and Spider-man have pretty much exhausted the “reboot” option. X-men is such a huge universe, I could see it going on for a while, but even that will peter out eventually.

    Marvel would be propping them up and prolonging the inevitable with crossovers. MAYBE they don’t have any immediate plans for SM and FF or X-men, but make no mistake, they’ll be happy to have them at Disney for good. Plus all the Avengers stuff, too, will eventually run down a bit, and at that time Disney would want to have a fresh franchise.

    • I don’t think Spider-Man is ever going back to Marvel. Sony’s going to have a firm grasp on that franchise for a long time, especially when it’s still making them loads of money. I think every single Spider-Man film has grossed over 750 million. I’m hoping instead of doing complete re’jigs of the franchise after each series, they do more of a soft reboot similar to the James Bond franchise. Just have different actors, different stories and just keep making the movies.

    • “Left alone, Spider-man, X-men, and Fantastic four will eventually go back to Marvel. No matter how successful a current run of movies manages to be, it’s only a matter of time before it runs it’s natural course.”

      Why or better yet how? I was under the impression as long as the films made profit and or were released within a certain time frame (or a little of both) the properties remained where they are (Sony/Fox).

      Do you know of some other deal made between the property holders? Or are you just assuming they will eventually faulter in their deal or the mouse will make them an offer they cant refuse?

      • I think they will “eventually faulter.” I’m not a fan of ASM. The first movie did well financially, but it had a split audience reaction to put it mildly. Sequels that do better tend to have had higher praise the first time around. But, for the sake for aurgument, lets assume that ASM 2 manages to equal or outperform the first movie, and then there is high expecation for the third movie, and it does well. Realistically, how long will that last? The most they could hope for would be 4 or 5 movies. Chances are they won’t get that far. Sure, a lot of these movies manage to make a profit even when they don’t set records, but are the studious willing to keep forking over the money for movies that are barely making a profit? Will they fund a movie for 150 million when the last few movies barely made the money back?

        • I think it was split because of the whole here is another origin story.

          I expect once it gets rolling (and if it works well) with the opening of the Spider Universe things will be looked at differently.

          While Sams first will always hold true with me the new direction with ASM (to include advances in effects, studio chance taking etc.) will steam roll all previous films and will be the superhero films to beat. Right now I look at IM the first that set that standard.

          As for the money I really dont see an issue with that as long as the material carries it. As flawed as The Avengers was it was still a tremendous money maker. I (again a lot of this is my opinion) think that was based on pure entertainment value. So if ASM can entertain and keep it fresh there is no limit on how long Sony will keep the property.

          In saying that there should be no reason Marvel would not want to say cameo Spiderman in a MoonKnight, Punisher, Daredevil, etc type film or vice versa allowing that character to branch out under the Marvel umbrella and later possibly using/cameoing Spiderman in their film.

        • I bet they will “reboot the actor” and capitalize on that as a change to allow for lower BO returns.

          But either way, I’m sure it is less straight BO return and more investment returns, i.e. what percentage of their budget the movie made back. So again, I bet they will either switch actors/cast and/or simply lower the budget to maintain a good percentage. either one of those WELL before they simply give it back to Marvel Mouse.

      • Yeah, I don’t see the X-Men or Spider-Man franchises losing momentum anytime soon. They’re still going strong with The Wolverine banking as the second biggest box office in the X-Men franchise and TASM getting some pretty solid reviews as well as making 750 mil. Fantastic Four still hasn’t come out so that’s up in the air but if it turns out being good, I can see it being on the same level of success as X-Men.

    • +1

      • The +1 was for Nostelg-O :D

    • I don’t believe that Fox will ever be that clever about crossovers. To my understanding they have been treating their movie rights like a spoiled kid hogging his toys.

    • if marvel thinks they can get another movie that is 1.5 billion I think they might do it. they only way I don’t see them doing it is if it will affect them getting their ips back in the future

  3. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking this would be amazing but obviously it wont happen anytime soon. With all the studios having (albeit varying degrees) of commercial success. Marvel having Phase 2/3 to complete, The Amazing Spider Man having Sinister Six to develop, and fox’s FF and whatever happens with the younger X-Men it may well be a very long time!

    • I don’t think it’ll happen within the next 10 or 15 years, which really sucks since all the actors involved in each franchise would go really well together on screen. I’d love to see Jackman, Downey Jr, Garfield and the rest on the same screen.

      • Agree, that’s probably the saddest thing about it, by the time they can do it all those actors wont be playing the roles anyway. Feels like studio politics really is more important than what the fans/actors/directors want.

        • Well I am pretty tired of politics getting in the way of what the people, or fans (in this case), want. You want to make a difference, than don’t buy there movie tickets. We should be heard as to what we want, but the only way that will ever happen is if we the people make a stand and say enough is enough! Yeah I know people outthere think I am crazy and it would never work, but to me that is just excuse and pure lazyiness on our part. It takes time, and people to make a change, but if we wanted something like this to happen you better believe that we could make a difference. Do not pay and Hollywood goes down. They should be cattering to us, and not the other way around. We ahve a better, realistic chance to make this happen then stopping an asteroid from wiping us out.

          • im glad dc is dc and dc is dc and and and i am and ia i am dc stop it dc bot will dc bot will destroy dc dc bot destroy

          • They are catering to us. Just not exactly and particularly what the more harcore fans want. Also, if they were doing that, then I’m quite sure there would be some complaints that they weren’t doing what they’re doing now.

            I do appreciate your enthusiasm and passion (because I’ve been through and seen similar things before), but small niches of people – especially online – can’t actually incite any difference with the big studios. It’s not that any one is helplessly weak, it’s just not that big an issue on a bigger scale.

      • If the let Phase 3 play out, let the Sinsiter Six (and maybe even the whole Acts of Vengence storyline), build the new FF and Dr Doom and use Onslaught run through the new X-Men, the good guys and bad guys would be all put together for the whole Secret Wars storyline to happen. They could even use that (much as DC used the Crisis storyline) to reset continuity and characters in their respective universes. Everyone is right though, that’s at least a 2024 proposition.

  4. im not familiar with the business side of it but do Fox and Sony have time limits or is it actually buying the properties then selling it back or is it like music when you sample you pay royalties

    • I think they have to have a property on the shelf for a certain amount of time before the worry of rushing into pre-production to keep it or sell it back to Marvel decision comes into play.

      • asked the blind lawyer haha thanks

    • When Marvel sold off their properties, the exact details of each were a bit different for each but the generalities were all the same….

      1 – The buying studio bought the rights “in perpetuity” (this is the most important and irritating clause)

      2 – As long as the owning studio has a movie in pre-production by a certain time frame (somewhere between 4-8 years) since the last movie, continues ownership. They of course then have to then follow through with an actual movie (so you can’t start pre-production and then call it off to fulfill the contract)

      3 – If owning studio fails to make it to pre-production rights revert back to Marvel. As was evidenced by the recent re-acquisition of DareDevil. Fox struggled to get the film going by October of last year and went into brief negotiations with Marvel to extend the time but weren’t willing to do anything substantial for that privilege (supposedly Marvel was asking for the rights to the Silver Surfer and Galactus back in return). The time came and went and so did DD, back home.

      4 – Also pretty sure Marvel gets a cut of the profits (a small one) but it’s nothing close to what they would be getting if they were making the movies themselves.

    • Yes n yes

    • God yes but you could say that about doom and most of the supers in marvel

      • m glad dc is dc and dc is dc and and and i am and ia i am dc stop it dc bot will dc bot will destroy dc dc bot destroy

        • fool aint no bot in the dc universe is as bad ass as this brotha

  5. Each studio knows how much money they could make on a deal like this, and Disney/Marvel definitely has the funds to buy back the rights to X-men and Spider-man (which they’ve proved by already pitching the deals to Fox and Sony.) The simple fact of the matter is these studios know they have something that Marvel and its fans want very badly, and they’re gonna milk it for all its worth. This is especially evident by Fox pretty much giving Marvel the finger with their own version of Quicksilver and playing keep-away with the term “Mutant.” Until the greedy and childish executives of these studios start caring about the people they make these movies for, rather than just stuffing their wallets, we’re never going to get a truly full Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  6. It will happen – as it’s a surefire way of making huge amounts of cash !

    I don’t understand how Marvel can allow ‘two’ Quicksilver characters to appear in two different movies coming out – That will confuse everyone.

    • Quite easily.

      Marvel Studios can’t do anything about it, it’s not their Quicksilver in the X-Men movie because he can be a mutant and the son of Magneto (if Fox even go that route).

      The comics though…well, they have a multiverse and the X-Men movies are on a separate Earth to the Marvel Studios Earth.

      As far as audiences go, some may question it but the majority will just roll with it.

      • If that’s the case Dazz, what is stopping all the studios from making a multiverse character of a big name character out there?

        • The thing stopping them is who they have the rights to. Fox and Marvel both have right to Magneto’s kids. Marvel comics have also retconned QS and SW to being inhumans instead of mutants now, so that they can eventually spiral into an Inhumans movie.

          • @JayFTW – How do they both have the rights? Based on your retcon idea, couldn’t the MCU use the Miles Morales version of Spider-Man join the Avengers? It sounds like someone (Whedon/MCU) is being shady in this deal. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are Magneto’s kids and therefore should be included in FOX’s X-Men universe…when we factor in retconning then any character can be used in any other film…I mean technically, Norman Osborne was the first Iron Patriot…so, wouldn’t a lawsuit ensue if the Iron Patriot appeared in a Spidey flick. So I ask again…how does each studio have the rights?

            BTW, I’m fine with it. I can see a different actor playing the same character in multiple films from different studios. I’ll be able to determine the difference and most likely the average movie goer won’t notice that both films have the same character. I just don’t understand where the line is drawn in these character/studio rights.

            • FOX and Sony bought the rights to use only certain characters: FOX having the X-Men and FF families, and Sony having the Spiderman family. Because of that, Marvel can’t even use the word mutant in a movie. With Magneto’s kids though, they existed 20+ years with the Avengers before they even had anything to do with X-Men, which is the angle they went with to make a loophole to use the characters. Retconning the characters only seem to be a middle finger to FOX for using the characters Marvel had stated they were using. Also, only Marvel can retcon the origins of the characters since they own the trademark names for the comics, which these movies are based on

  7. Sometimes the speculation in these articles based upon a throw-away comment like ‘ya never know’ is just mind boggling.

    Scraps. That’s what you guys are using for your articles. Scraps. There’s no meat on this bone.

    • Steven,

      It’s a discussion on the reality of it not being possible right now, but being very possible in the future, based on studio needs/desires now vs. then and what execs and creators are saying in all three camps. There’s 1100 words there that didn’t come out of thin air.

    • Agree. It’s not much more than the regular fan “wishes” you read here all the time. But it’s a topic people want to discuss anyway, so now it has it’s own thread.

    • I welcome these articles with open arms. Part of being a fan is to speculate about the biggest things with the smallest bits of information.

  8. Why does cartoons have the rights to use spiderman and iron man ?

    • Cartoons aren’t adherent to the movie ownership deals Marvel made when they were close to bankruptcy in the late 90s.

    • *ahem* animated shows.

  9. This is a big mess. Even if they do manage to come to an agreement for crossovers, I can see a lot of conflict stemming from differing creative directions as well as the use of each intellectual property.

    • That’s why they’d need one person overseeing the crossover with advice from Whedon, Millar and whoever Sony have with Spiderman and Namor.

      • actually, universal has namor, for now, per KF in some previous article on here.

  10. At least DC has most of everything in one place. But I do see a crossover from the different studios eventually. These superhero movies is huge money. Doing a crossover between the studios would be cheaper, so one studio doesn’t have to fork over a lot and take a risk. Each one would put in a shared portion, thus leaving more for other projects. Though I can see where they may feel it’s unfair because they need to split the earnings. Which can make or break the studio.

    Maybe I am wrong, but that’s how I see it as a film student.

    • All they’d have to do is work out the percentage of time each studio’s property gets on screen and the percentage based on licensed products and tie-in merchandising.

      For example, if Spiderman appears for 30% of an Avengers movie, Sony gets 30% of the box office. If he’s in half of the merchandise tied into the movie, they’d get 50% profit from that.

      On a side note, there have been examples of actors foregoing a salary to star in a movie and instead optioning to have a percentage of the box office and merchandising instead. Sir Alec Guinness did that with Star Wars: Episode IV back in 1977. I’d love to know how much money he made off that.

      • sounds like a disaster waiting to happen

      • haha, 30% for 30% screen time? What if he’s in all the shots? Does Sony get the whole thing? No, that’s a much MUCH too simplistic way to think about it.

        In your example Marvel/Disney hold all the cards and I guarantee you Marvel would demand 90+% or simply call it off. Sony needs Marvel, Marvel doesn’t need Sony.

        This is a bombshell waiting to explode and will do nothing but create some real bad blood between the three. Kind of how when Fox announced using QS in XM:DoFP just to spite Marvel after announcing they would be using QS. That’s the type of bullsh*t maneuver that kills deals.

      • i think marvel still owns all the merch. rights. the agreement is for film rights only. george lucas showed everyone how important merch rights are.

      • Too simplistic an accounting split at least from a studio perspective.
        What does “appears” mean? Physically appear?
        How about if the character is mentioned in conversation?
        How about costs?
        How about creative direction?
        The list is endless…hence I don’t see any collaborative effort anytime soon(if ever).

      • m glad dc is dc and dc is dc and and and i am and ia i am dc stop it dc bot will dc bot will destroy dc dc bot destroy

  11. they really need to sought this Out…!!

  12. I know exactly how to do it…… Use Yggdrasil the world tree from Thor.

    Since Yggdrasil already has branches leading to multiple dimensions including Asgard, Midgard, Muspelheim, Vanaheim….. etc. There could be branches leading to the worlds created by these other film studios.

    Picture Thor coming down in Foxheim….. Dropping down into X-Men Days of Future Past? The only problem with that idea is he might not even get noticed, since there are so many super powered mutants all over the place, he’d be invisible.

    And how about Sonyheim? Hard to imagine the huge, confidant Thor standing next to skinny, emo Spiderman in a team up movie. Thor would take down all of Spidey’s enemies in the first five minutes of the movie and then what? Thor listens to Spiderman whine about his money problems and girl problems at Aunt May’s house while May serves tea.

    Even harder to imagine Thor in Warner-Broheim. Where nobody cracks a joke and the critics aren’t happy either. Thor would be immediately ejected to Anaheim (Disneyland) where he could flirt with Snow White and vanquish the 6 dwarves. Notice I said six not seven dwarves. The seventh dwarf escaped from the “Happiest Place On Earth” and travelled to Warner-Broheim where his bad scripts would be appreciated…… Since nobody in Anaheim liked Ghost Rider or Blade Trinity or Jumper…… Or especially Nick Fury (starring David Hasselhoff).

    • I usually see movies once they go to Dollarmovieheim

      • Me too….. Dollarmovieheim…… Or Sneaking-in-the-backdoorheim.

  13. If this could lead to the Onslaught Saga, this would be awesome. Not exactly holding my breath for it though.

  14. I don’t think it will ever happen either, but I think Spiderman would be the best fit in to the Avengers universe! HOW awesome would Spiderman be in Avengers 3 helping defeat Thanos and his infinity Gauntlet.

  15. exciting times for marvel characters in the movies. a studio crossover would be amazing, but whatever happens, it makes the development (or lack thereof) at Warner/DC look laughable.

    • It sure does.

  16. my question is every version of Spider Man and the X-men . Is the Amazing Spiderman the same as the Ultimate Spiderman etc…?

  17. not going to happen watch AMC movie talk john campea go`s over this topic multiple times watch it on YouTube

  18. hmm, in the meantime there could be AVX one-shots!
    That would be superfun. How hard could it be do do a few days shooting with one character from each mini-MCU going mano-a-mano with another studio’s character?
    To me, this seems like an affordable, low-risk way to keep the spirit of crossovers alive. I’d like to (finally see a svelte, badass Storm (I thought Halle looked fabblehoff in “The Call” recently) go up against THOR. Maybe it could end with a KISS!

  19. Screw all of this… who has the movie rights to the Amalgam Characters?

    • Lobo the Duck

      I’d pay to see that ;)

  20. we just need for he xmen and sony franchises going backwards financially so
    fox and sony can just sell those properties back to marvel because they have
    destroyed those character’s mythos with a bunch of incoherent storylines.
    disney just needs to wait, those franchises will run out of gas without the
    rest of MCU characters. that way they can bring in the fantastic four,xmen
    and spiderman their way without having to connect their universe to theirs.

    • While I’m with ya……Fox used terms like, “cold dead hands” when discussing giving the rights back to Marvel. Fox will do crappy, direct to video movies just to fulfill the terms of the contract before they will ever allow rights to lapse.

  21. Like a wise man/character once sais: TIME IS ALWAYS AGAINST US (morpheus in The Matrix). That is the whole problem here. We ar acustomend to see actors we love portrait the characters we love. But like everybody those actors will get older and be out of the picture for their respective superhero roles.

    Then you see 2 things…or they reboot a franchise or they continue with the timeline/universe (or a third option, a ulternate universe reboot like in star trek and partialy like in x-men DOFP).

    In my opinion, the Marvel universe is too big to reboot without characters getting another tedious introduction movie (remember the first captain america movie and partialy Thor). I loved both those movies but to reboot the whole universe will just piss people off. People already know these characters backstories.

    Just recast the roles and make a good script. Nobody ever complains about james bond getting recast every 6 or 8 years or something. As long as you recast the roles in a good way and make good scripts. Just keep the continuity going. There are so many Marvel stories and story arcs to tell that rebooting franchises wil just slow it down and convolute the continuity of the Marvel Universe.

    As for Crossovers…the studios just need to stick their heads out of their asses. Just do it already. Sony could have done it already…HELLO New York without spiderman????? was he on vacation when all hell broke loose in The Avengers? You know were i am getting at lol.

    To sum it up…yes i will hate to see my favorite actor not doing his iconic superhero role but i would be sadder that the universe that i love would be broken down and rebuild again just beacuse studios cant see past the word reboot. Specialy when it comes to the Marvel universe and the 3 step phase it went through.

  22. Connect? How?
    How would they explain why Spider Man wasnt around when the Battle of New York happened?

    That´s a no no.

    • Well since Oscorp Tower was mentioned as possibly being in The Avengers, one theory floating around for the past year has stated that Spider-Man was just a powerless teenager at the time.

      • Thats why i was hoping for a spiderman conection…never expected him to be in it after the rumours died down. But like Man of Steel it is possible to hint at a shared universe. OK DC owns all their own property so its not really a fair comparison but it would be the first baby steps toward studios working together. Still wondering if there were ever like talks (official or casual) about doing a spiderman reference or cameo in The Avengers.

  23. The X-Men trilogy takes place in “the not too distant future.” That could mean anything considering the point of reference for “not too distant future” is the release date of the films. So it could take place around the same time as “Avengers” or shortly after. Or anything, really. So, if X-Men and Avengers were to try to share continuity, “The Avengers” could take place shortly before the world finds out about mutants and starts fearing them. So that would take care of the problem of the two franchises trying to share continuity.

  24. Honestly if these studios played they’re cards right it could be done. Have a dimension traveling character being together foxs characters with disneys/SM and have a 2-3 film arc covering all the havoc involved, have death, have some romance, some laughs, beat the bad guy(s) at the end and have the separate universes go back to normal at the end. The studios make billions, the fans get the cross over they’ve hope for for years and we all go home happy. Seems simple enough but sadly it probably won’t happen.

  25. As much as I’d love to see Hugh Jackman up there with the rest of the avengers I think the whole mutant thing is too messy to fit in with the MCU concepts– the AMS joining the group on the otherhand, would kick ass and fit perfectly.

    • It’d be way to messy to add X-mutants to MCU. If you have the mutant hate of X-verse in MCU, every single superhero except Iron Man would be tarred with the mutant brush, and be hated, if this functioned like in the real world (remember, Sikhs are not Arabs or Muslim, but they are still attacked like they are; out in the real world. And we’re trying to keep it “real” in the current comic film wave) No cheering for the Avengers, instead tomatoes thrown at Captain America, and people calling him mutant scum. They originated as technological mutations? (ie. Fantastic Four, Spiderman) how is the average stupid jerk on the street going to tell the difference?

      This why the Marvel Comic Universe is schizoid. If it went for realism, there could not be superpowered superheroes who accepted as heroes, they’d all be called mutant scum, if the X-Men exist in the same universe.

  26. How exactly is Whedon getting away with using Quicksilver? I understand the basic concept of which studio’s own certain properties. However, I do not know everything about copyright law. But, with the addition of the same character in two separate film franchises, I feel as if a lawsuit will ensue. Based on what we know about the Quicksilver character, you’d think that FOX would win those rights, but Mickey probably has a pretty decent legal team.

    • I assume Marvel have said “he’s a mutant and Magneto’s kid so Fox own him, however, he was also an Avenger and so technically, Marvel Studios has a right to use him too”.

      Based on that, you wonder why Beast, Wolverine and Spider-Man haven’t appeared in Marvel Studios movies by now.

      • Copyrights and franchises and studios is way too confusing. But I suppose, it’s some lawyers dream case.

        • What Dazz assumed is fairly correct. When the contract was drawn up, Marvel and Fox sat down decided who would get what. Fox basically got everything directly related to “mutant” but there were some gray areas. Two of those were QS and SW. Both studios have equal right to use them (as both have equal claim in the Skrulls). Feige even announced this fact publicly.

          The reason why QS and SW have dual ownership while others like Beast, Wolverine, and Spider-man don’t is because both have spent a lot of their comic careers in both X-men and Avengers camps. Beast and Wolverine may have done brief stints as Avengers but have always been X-Men at their root. Similar thing for Spider-Man and he never made it past honorary Avenger.

      • It reminds me of Captain Marvel. Marvel and DC have a character named Cap. This is what i found out about it…had to check the internet to remindme what the story behind it was.

        The character was originally created in 1940 for the long-defunct publisher Fawcett Comics, who ceased publication of their Captain Marvel in the early 50s under legal pressure from DC Comics, who claimed the character infringed on Superman. In 1967, while that Captain Marvel was still in publishing limbo, Marvel Comics created their own character with the name of “Captain Marvel,” and trademarked it. So when DC eventually gained the rights to publish former rival Fawcett’s Captain Marvel, they couldn’t call him that on the covers of any books featuring him.

        But that was only the cover. This would be actually a much simpler deal… Maybe Marvel put some characters in a kind of Limbo because they are both mutants and were/are Avengers. I think these characters are usable for both studios as long as it doesnt conflict with certain stories/continuity.

  27. i think fox could use an “all new xmen” approach to reset the timeline from zero after DoFP, nicholas hoult as beast could perfom in it.

    They actually said that, in mcu he’s an avenger so they can use it; as far as the crossover goes i think they could apply the same resolution as they did with Quicksilver and use Wolverine, Spidey, The Fantastic Four, but i think they dont wanna go that route ‘cuz i think it will cause more friction between the studios.

    On other note, they are using the term “inhuman” in the new comics to refer to certain mutants, one of them being quicksilver, so i think they are trying to go with that route.

    I just hope for the best, this will be too easy to do if only they could resolve the money part.

    • Well, Son Of M did involve a de-powered Quicksilver somehow entering the Terrigen Mists that give the Inhumans their powers, thus returning his speed so I guess they found a way somehow in that mess.

      Haven’t read any Marvel comics stories since 2010 though so no idea what Marvel NOW! is doing as far as rebooting their entire continuity.

  28. Physically impossible considering that the event sin Avengers left new york city in ravages and Spiderman will not account for this in its next film.