Marvel NOW! to Relaunch Marvel Comics Universe; X-Men & Avengers to Merge

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 Marvel NOW! to Relaunch Marvel Comics Universe; X Men & Avengers to Merge

The Marvel Comics Universe is about to get a major overhaul. Every summer, Marvel launches a story that ties all of its flagship books together – and in 2012, the Marvel superheroes are embroiled in the Avengers vs. X-Men conflict, which sees the two iconic superteams battling it out. It’s been a geek-pleaser storyline, but the aftermath is looking far more interesting: EW has dropped the exclusive that Marvel will be shuffling their characters and their creative teams, as part of an initiative that has officially been dubbed “Marvel NOW!”

Marvel NOW! will introduce new titles and re-fashion old ones; among some of the more intriguing books in the lineup will be Uncanny Avengers, which will be the first official blending of the X-Men and Avengers into one team. Scroll down to learn more about this bold new rollout – and what it may have to do with Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In an interview with EW, Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso made sure to differentiate Marvel NOW! from competitor DC Comics’ total reboot of their universe with the “New 52″ initiative. For one thing, there will not be a sudden halt to the old universe followed by a hard push into the new one – the new relaunches will be unveiled a month at a time. Said Alonso:

“This ain’t a reboot. It’s a new beginning…I feel that it’s a much more humane approach for retailers and fans to tell them: ‘Look. In the months of October through February, every week you can go into a comic book store and find a few new jumping-on points for the Marvel Universe, a place you’re going to like visiting. Or revisiting.”

For a sneak peek at the upcoming Marvel NOW! Universe, check out this artwork by Marvel CEO Joe Quesada, which contains plenty of interesting hints and teases:


Marvel NOW Comic Con 2012 570x804 Marvel NOW! to Relaunch Marvel Comics Universe; X Men & Avengers to Merge

A few of the Easter eggs in the image:

  • Thor has swords
  • Cable has an eye-patch
  • Hulk has space armor (and a robo-orb)
  • Nick Fury is Ultimate Universe Nick Fury [Correction: Apparently that's Fury's illegitimate son(???)]
  • Cyclops has a new uniform and eye-beam
  • Fantastic Four member Sue Richards is out on her own (for once)
  • Iron Man has new armor
  • Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) is back to land of the living
  • Rocket Raccoon and Nova – characters rumored for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie Marvel is developing – are (literally) being brought front and center

For details on the more cryptic elements of this picture, check out the interviews with the Marvel creative team on the following pages – and find out about the new books they will be launching. Needless to say, there are some big surprises in store…

NEXT: All-New X-Men…

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  1. Kevin Pollack for the voice of Rocket Raccoon.

  2. thats not ironman, Its mainframe

  3. All these heroes and villains changing teams constantly sounds more confusing that a swingers’ spouse-swap party!

    • Or a WWE Draft lottery.

      Seriously, I’ve no idea who’s on what show now. They all appear on each others’ shows anyway, so screw it. That’s why I stopped watching.

  4. Looks f-ing stupid, reboots have no teeth if they do them every two months. I knowe they are catering to a caffine and riddlin addicted short attention span generation but cooooooooooooooooooooooome on

    Glad I gave up on comics 6 years ago I think I went out on a high note

    • this isn’t a reboot. this is the result of everything that is happening in the avengers vs x-men. in the end the x-men and the avengers are going to be more on the same page and not so separated. is anyone even reaading the article?

  5. This is THE dumbest thing, ever…and, as usual…Cyclops looks stupid. Jean Grey’s skull-cap costume is equally stupid…but, hey, what can you do? Oh yeah, not buy Marvel.

    • not sure why everyone is judging it off one picture. the skull cap jean is the jean from the past wearing her original uniform. and cyclops uniform can always be changed if people really hate it that much…

  6. I don’t think this means a lot in terms of future movies. All I would say it allows filmakers to take even greater liberties with the characters and their storylines (e.g X-Men First Class)

    You can’t really have a go at producers when they deviate far from the source material, if that source material keeps changing every couple of months or years.

    I gave up on comics many years ago, but can imagine that the devoted readers must get increasingly frustrated with these constant re-inventions. As a moviegoer I’m getting sick and tired of the constant movies being rebooted / remade so I can only sympathise with all the comic book readers out there.

  7. ROCKET RACCOON is on of the most honorable and respectful charectars ive ever read. In the parameters of his rank and position in the group he is essentially the best team player and often times voice of reason. He isnt the comic relief…well he is, but not by his charectariztion. STAR-LORD, ROCKET RACCOON and GROOT, on film? Bad ass! Read something by ABNETT & LANNING then comment on the RACCOON.

    • I don’t care if Shakespeare was reincarnated, learned modern culture, and made Rocket Raccoon the greatest character to ever be articulated in any story. It will still be a gun-slinging raccoon on the big screen and it will look ridiculous. I’ve been reading other sites from IGN to Perez Hilton’s garbage and everyone seems to be agreeing with me for the most part. The few that don’t aren’t going to make a big enough difference to make the movie successful.

      • Exactly. Mass popularity is different from the crema of fans. If that espresso’s gonna sell, it needs to sell past the crema.

      • What you are missing is that Guardians is a space movie. Full of all kinds of weird aliens. Not unlike Star wars really. If you can except a 2 foot tall lizard (Yoda) on film what makes rocket any different? I would like to see him done with mostly puppetry. Especially for the close ups. My only worry is if they CG everything than he won’t feel natural. Part of what made CG hulk work is that he doesn’t have much dialog and his close ups are brief. Rocket would have plenty of dialog and close ups.

        Any way in the context of a galactic sized adventure Rocket raccoon can fit in just fine on a screen filled with other strange aliens. If they put in the effort to do him right!

        • My gripe is connected to the idea of Guardians being positioned into shared screen time w/Avengers’ characters movies. See my other comments on this subject.

        • I’m on a Raccoon truce.

  8. An X-men/Avengers merger will see the light of day. It will just rely upon Disney fronting up some money to FOX, after that FOX won’t give a damn.

  9. Don’t hate! This is not a reboot. The idea sounds brilliant and well thought out. Why do you think it’s a reboot because x-men and avengers will continue to occupy the same space afte AvX? This is just a fresh step in the right direction. Why should these teams, and there villains for that matter, reside in a vacuum? Jean Grey’s skull cap costume was dumb but it’s what she wore back then and that’s the point. The All New X-Men are the original team jumping to present day marvel U.

  10. This is what happens when untalented, unimaginative hacks get control of a company and they don’t have the maturaty and intelligence to continue developing characters and stories based on their previous history. Like a child that becomes quickly frustrated with a project and throws it away and starts over. They are thieves taking original stories created by people with far greater talent and twisting those ideas into pale imitations. The original origins and stories are set in stone. The deviations that these no-talents have created are poor copies. Do they wonder why people don’t buy their comics anymore? It is like reading the cheap brand x comics that were rip offs of Marvel and DC that start up companies tried to produce in the 70′s and 80′s instead of reading Marvel and DC comics. I would pay 4 dollars for the comics I bought and read in the 70′s and 80′s – they had great art, characters, and stories, and they were realistic enough without being political. I wouldn’t pay the 30 cents I used to pay for a comic for the garbage they are putting out today, and the more they retcon or reboot the characters, the more they stab lifelong fans in the back and the less I will spend my money on their junk.

    • AMEN, BROTHER ^^^^^

      • They are bringing Jean Grey back AGAIN! Kill her, re-incarnate her, kill her, re-incarnate her, kill her, show future story where she has never come back, so, shoot her through time. Stupid… Time travel is a one-issue event.. the Dr. Strange of Reed Richards sends them back with their minds wiped because that is how its done. What… they forget how to send people back? i guess now, when they do go back, Jean will have had the foresight to clone herself Pheonix free in the future… until they decide to power her up again. STUPID!

    • they aren’t rebooting anything! this is just a jumping off point for the changes that are coming out of the avengers vs x-men storyline. the only big change is the original x-men coming forward to visit the present.

      all across the internet it seems that no one is paying attention to the articles at all and just jumping the gun about the whole thing.

    • I agree with you. And to me feels worst than reboot ’cause I never cared much about the Avengers, I’m an X-Men girl. All these attempts to join them always made me crazy. And now, I’ll have to deal with Captain America in my comics. I’m so mad… They should be honest with the public and just say they’ve lost their ways and that everything that was created back in the 60s will end up for good and that they will try to come up with stories with brand-new characters and that’s it.
      I’ve been reading X-Men long enough to know that there are still some old characters that never got the spotlight and the chance to be more than just a power set to the team. Fans know more about these characters than the people who are being payed to write them.

  11. After reading Joe Quesada’s interview with IGN, I have calmed about this more. He soothed a lot of doubts.

    I sort of agree with a previous comment about the comics today being a little sell-outish and very political. If you are a Libertarian, or I guess any kind of conservative, it is hard to find any form of entertainment that doesn’t rub you the wrong way. I can’t remember the book, I think it was something with Wolverine (that narrows it down to any Marvel book), where two characters were talking about how they wished they would have killed Pres. Bush and of course the Civil War was all about how evil they thought he was. I just wonder what would happen if someone had the balls to put that stuff in about Obama. Not that they should, but it is very sickening and I almost quit reading Marvel in general then.

    I have learned that most artists hate conservatives and it’s acceptable to articulate that hate. I try to ignore it. I do think the writing is better now though. Not necessarily the style, which is more realistic so hard to compare, but the content is more mature.

  12. I’m truly, truly hating this. Marvel is making corporate moves all over the place and not trying to deliver a truly inspired idea. This is clearly a way to confuse the issue with Fox having license of the X-men. But it also promotes the two biggest franchises. Yet it doesn’t do anything to help expand the Marvel Universe, or breathe life into truly deserving characters. It just helps the Marvel Movie Agenda which is more evil than anything Mephisto could conjure.
    Marvel and DC both should merge and change their names to Corporate Comics because all we will get from them from now on is profit motivated crap. Used to be that either company would want to tell a good story, and then make a profit only if that sold. Now any hack idea can be promoted and sold like hot cakes because a movie for that idea was optioned.

  13. Where is Deadpool? I want Deadpool!

  14. Oh, please no reboot, it was fine the way it is now and it’s continuity!

    • it’s not a reboot,read the article again.

      • Roy… its a reboot. They are cleverly disguising it as “moving forward” so they are not criticized for copying DC’s lame idea.

  15. They can do it in the comics, but they refuse to do it in the movies. Because of movie at different studios. Spiderman, Wolverine, Storm, should be in Avengers 2.

    • Typo- Because of different copyrights at different movie studios.

  16. as long as they dont make any major changes to costumes/Armour (specifically captain america and thor)and keep nick fury white i dont really have any major complaints…. for know.

  17. As long as they dont make any major changes to costumes/ armors (specifically Thor and captain America), and keep nick fury white i wont have any major complaints for now.

  18. Too much focus on stupid Avengers. X-Men and the X-Universe is all that I care about. All though Avengers:Initiative was awesome!

  19. Junk. DCs New 52 is slowly failing and now Marvel wants to follow the same toilet chute? Wow.

    • My thoughts exactly.

  20. Marvel has lost all credibility with me. Every summer there seems to be a titanic event that rocks the marvel U. And every so often, we see books relaunched and characters altered. Titles get renumbered all the time and now more insidious, they get taken over by someone else (e.g., Daredevil to Black Panther, Thor to JIM, Captain America to a Team-Up Comic, and soon Red Hulk to She Red Hulk – oh boy!!) Gimmicks are good for generating short term interest and getting a title in the top 100. But long-term, it leaves us fans puzzled and frustrated.

    The only good coming from this is I will be able to whittle down my weekly pull list and maybe use the extra money to go after some older books on eBay or at my favorite local comic shop. It will also leave room for the new Valiant titles – welcome back! The indie titles seem to be the only ones with originality these days! I mean how many Avengers, X-Men, and Batman titles can we take!!!

    • WAAAAYYYYY too many Batman titles! lost interest there years ago when there were only 3 of them. X-Men was good when there was only 1 or 2 titles with the name, and a couple of spin offs… not there are 5 titles with X-Men in the title and about 9 spin offs… its the 90′s all over again! Only things are twice the price!

  21. I can’t believe what marvel is doing. this is exactly what dc comics did with the new 52, except that had alot more of a purpose. I will only say this once: there is no reason for marvel to start this marvel now #1st issue thing. The reason why dc did it was because their stories were all spread around and they wanted everything to come back together again. In marvel, there was no wierdness, and even if there was it was short lived. I believe this will be for those people who watch movies more than read comics. That was just my two cents but I’m definitely not buying

  22. This is at least as bad an idea as the “New 52″.

    Except that i stopped bothering with Marvel titles years ago – the last that i followed was (the real) Spider-Girl.

    I was actually still desultorily following some DC titles before the “New 52″.

    Oh, well – it all goes to save me some money…

    • With regards to Spider-Girl, I agree that Mayday Parker is the one. However, suppose they had another Spider-Girl who is related to Peter Parker but with a different mother, like The Black Cat, The Black Widow, Spider-Woman, Psylocke or even Mystique respectively? Would that hold your interest?

  23. Comic books are like pizza. There are so many toppings you can put on, hold off, go half and half, and still call it a pizza. Too few and it gets old fast except for a couple of classics–too many and its just awful. Pair down the number of heroes and villains. When I got into comics in the early 1980s Marvel only put out like 20 books. The only team books were Avengers, X-men, Fantastic Four, and whoever Spider-man was teamed up with.

  24. Okay, this is disappointing. More disappointing than recently getting back into comics after nearly 10 years away only to see the X-titles have expanded to somewhere north of 23984723098 different books.

    As a fan of the X-Men for 25 years, I can say that (with me) the one thing Marvel is accomplishing is upping sales of indies, as I’ve turned to books with more structure (you know, novel concepts like keeping things in the same monthly title). I don’t really care for the Avengers, FF, or Spider-Man. No offense, just never have. “Meh” pretty much sums it up. But the X-Men, I’ve been a diehard fan for decades. And this pretty much sucks. As one previous commenter said, now I’ll have to deal with Captain America in my comics. Bah.

    However, I will probably give “#1″ a chance, as that’s only fair before I completely pass judgement. Oh, and the “All New (oxymoron of a title?) X-Men” idea is just dumb, imo. I mean, really? So 1960s Cyclops runs into 2012 Cyclops, and what? HOLY MAJOR FREAKOUT! I’m hitting snooze one more time…just 5 more minutes, please.

    Ohhhhh, and (pt. 2), so what will the actual team title be now? Are they Avengers? X-Men? Something else? Obviously they aren’t going to reference themselves as the “Uncanny Avengers”.

    Man, I miss the days when it was just Uncanny X-Men, X-Men (series 2), with a little X-Factor and X-Force if you were into that sort of thing.

  25. STUPID. Why do we have to start over with all new #1 issues? You know they will go back to the original numbering in no time at all. They better. Its another gimmick plain & simple. As if all the variant covers aren’t enough to turn people away. Let’s start it over @ #1 & we’ll sell more copies. They’ve done this BS for years & its stupid. I don’t mind characters going in a different direction but this is just a lazy way to sell more comics. If the writers want to break the continuity do it like in the Ultimate & Marvel Knights universe. The main thing for me is the whole renumbering of the books simply to boost sales.

  26. This is indeed shocking news! Why would Susan Storm Richards leave the Fantastic Four, unless Reed and Sue are in for another separation? I wonder who will replace Sue on the FF team? I vote for Medusa and if not her, then my second choice is Crystal. Both of them have served as FF team members in the past,.

  27. Interesting…