Marvel NOW! to Relaunch Marvel Comics Universe; X-Men & Avengers to Merge

Published 3 years ago by , Updated May 28th, 2013 at 8:11 pm,

 Marvel NOW! to Relaunch Marvel Comics Universe; X Men & Avengers to Merge

The Marvel Comics Universe is about to get a major overhaul. Every summer, Marvel launches a story that ties all of its flagship books together – and in 2012, the Marvel superheroes are embroiled in the Avengers vs. X-Men conflict, which sees the two iconic superteams battling it out. It’s been a geek-pleaser storyline, but the aftermath is looking far more interesting: EW has dropped the exclusive that Marvel will be shuffling their characters and their creative teams, as part of an initiative that has officially been dubbed “Marvel NOW!”

Marvel NOW! will introduce new titles and re-fashion old ones; among some of the more intriguing books in the lineup will be Uncanny Avengers, which will be the first official blending of the X-Men and Avengers into one team. Scroll down to learn more about this bold new rollout – and what it may have to do with Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In an interview with EW, Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso made sure to differentiate Marvel NOW! from competitor DC Comics’ total reboot of their universe with the “New 52″ initiative. For one thing, there will not be a sudden halt to the old universe followed by a hard push into the new one – the new relaunches will be unveiled a month at a time. Said Alonso:

“This ain’t a reboot. It’s a new beginning…I feel that it’s a much more humane approach for retailers and fans to tell them: ‘Look. In the months of October through February, every week you can go into a comic book store and find a few new jumping-on points for the Marvel Universe, a place you’re going to like visiting. Or revisiting.”

For a sneak peek at the upcoming Marvel NOW! Universe, check out this artwork by Marvel CEO Joe Quesada, which contains plenty of interesting hints and teases:


Marvel NOW Comic Con 2012 570x804 Marvel NOW! to Relaunch Marvel Comics Universe; X Men & Avengers to Merge

A few of the Easter eggs in the image:

  • Thor has swords
  • Cable has an eye-patch
  • Hulk has space armor (and a robo-orb)
  • Nick Fury is Ultimate Universe Nick Fury [Correction: Apparently that's Fury's illegitimate son(???)]
  • Cyclops has a new uniform and eye-beam
  • Fantastic Four member Sue Richards is out on her own (for once)
  • Iron Man has new armor
  • Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) is back to land of the living
  • Rocket Raccoon and Nova – characters rumored for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie Marvel is developing – are (literally) being brought front and center

For details on the more cryptic elements of this picture, check out the interviews with the Marvel creative team on the following pages – and find out about the new books they will be launching. Needless to say, there are some big surprises in store…

NEXT: All-New X-Men…

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  1. Really? Rocket Raccoon?

    • I was thinking the same thing. WTF is a rocket raccoon?

      • If they really put Rocket Raccoon in the Guardians movie and make him a main character in the comics, I might just have to give this whole thing up.

        Nick Fury (the African American), has already been rolled out in Battle Scars. He is Nick Fury’s son. The rest of this just seems ridiculous unless it is a temporary thing. If this is the new direction, I hate it.

        Seems like they are going the cartoon route and getting rid of the good to make way for the bad. Why do they need a reboot anyway? There are plenty of young characters who need to get a chance and the older need a chance to mature.

        Man, I’m just really bummed about this whole thing and I usually love whatever they do unlike some of the other fans who gripe and moan about everything. They are trying hard to drive us away.

        • Man, if you people don’t even know who Rocket Raccoon IS, I would suggest doing a bit of research first before posting comments like this because he is a great character (as are the rest of the Guardians)

          Look what a little googling can yield….

          • Don’t talk to me like I don’t know who Rocket Raccoon is. I know he is an alien, not really a Raccoon. I don’t care. IT IS NOT GONNA FLY TO THE MAINSTREAM!!!

            Here is the deal. The other Guardians are fine, especially Adam Warlock, who I was a fan of when I began reading comics in 1990. But the whole reason, IMO, that Marvel is on top, especially in the cinematic universe, is b/c they have a more realistic approach. True, a Norse god is not something you are going to realistically have happen, but Iron Man, Cap, and even Hulk to a certain extent, are. Even the X-Men are far fetched, but you could see the ties into real issues. Racism, war, nuclear fallout, whatever. Seeing a Raccoon alien shooting huge guns is going to be fine for a young kid, but not for the adults who’ve paid their bills so far.

            • I read your wikipedia page, since that’s how most people get their info on these characters. Even Peter David knew the idea was ridiculous and had a raccoon hide hanging from the wall of an alien ship.

              You guys can have your talking raccoon, tree, and walrus. Just give me something that is not ridiculous.

              And no, he’s not the Yoda of Marvel. Yoda was at least semi believable.

              Log Trap

              • Never mind, I guess he was a regular earth Raccoon after all. Not an alien. just adds to the joke.

            • Marvel is on top because they’re realistic? Have we been watching the same movies? Marvel movies work because they fully embrace the fact that these are comic book characters.

              Screw realism, put the raccoon in.

              • Sorry, but there’s nothing good about that idea. Just try to imagine any serious actor trading lines with a raccoon. Now try explaining to that actor, “No, no, no. It’s not REALLY a raccoon…it’s like, an ALIEN raccoon.”

                • Yes, because trading lines with say a 3′ robot who does nothing but click and beep is ridiculous, right? or how about a 3′ alien stranded on earth with a long neck and a glowing finger, Preposterous? or having the main characters journey with a creepy, big eyed, grey skinned hermit corrupted by of all things a stupid ring? No way could that happen!?

                  ALL of those examples were from highly successful movies so I’m not seeing your point nor do I agree with it.

                  • All of those things are far fetched, but still not as much a joke as a talking, gun slinging Raccoon. I’d rather have Gizmo. An alien could look like anything.Also Raccoons lack opposable thumbs.

                    • And here I thought you had actually read about RRs origin. He was a normal raccoon taken from earth and genetically altered to serve patients in the insane asylum on Half-World. The people who run the place thought an animal would be more calming and relate better to the inmates.

                      Raccoons also have extremely dexterous hands which might be one reason for choosing him over say a dog. And if they can alter them to walk upright is it really too difficult to imagine they could change the hand structure a bit?

                      In the end though you obviously dislike the character. Not everyone likes everything and you can hate him if you want to, just don’t expect Marvel to not include the character in the movie because they have already officially announced he IS in. They obviously like the character so you will just have to deal with it.

                  • Screen Rant’s rules: “No profanity or personal attacks.”
                    Mongoose made a valid point and there’s no need to get offensive because of it.

                  • None of those sci-fi characters you’re referring to go digging through your garbage at night. Look, it’s fine that you like Rocket Raccoon. I’m just saying I don’t expect the mass appeal to catch. I think it’s less R2D2 and more Jar Jar, and if the audience despises this coon, or walrus, or an alien chipmunk, (b/c, really, where do you want to draw the line?)if they despise the character, how does Marvel keep the suck from rubbing off on Thor, Iron Man, or Captain America when they have to do scenes with that character? How do you attract future A-list actors for the inevitable reboot, when the actor has to worry about getting stuck acting with a raccoon? There are a lot of problems with this, if you think it through.

                    • Couldn’t have said it better myself.

              • I meant they are realistic compared to DC, their big competitor. And no, I don’t mean that it really could happen. Well, maybe some like Iron Man could happen. I meant the basis for the characters were based on real issues in the 60′s and most of them translate to today.

                Look at the big Marvel characters that are the face of the company. Iron Man; reformed war monger, alcoholic, and cocky millionaire. Cap; spawned from WWII sentiment & explores the differences in the model America of the 40′s & 50′s compared to today. Hulk & Spider-Man; from the radiation scare. X-Men; explores racism and bigotry. FF; spawned from the world’s space race.

                The characters are an exploration of real issues. Sure, many watch for the face value, but a lot of people are drawn to the fact that they go deeper into the psyche of real people, they react to each other like regular folks thrown together, and them and their stories are often symbols of tougher issues in the world.

            • hate to break the news to ya there Tex but I’m one of those “adults” and I like RR.

          • Dude. I already googled Rocket Raccoon. It doesn’t help. Alien or no alien, it’s still Howard the Duck. Please God, don’t let this find its way into a Marvel movie….

            • I agree, wonder who the voice of the raccoon will be. It wont destroy Marvel but it will lessen the appeal. I mean really they were doing well, now you want to bring in a talking walrus and raccoon that speaks english, can stand on its hind legs and shoot guns, oh and he has no special powers. REALLY?!?!?! Plain dumb

              • A foul-mouthed Teddy Bear is #1 at the U.S. Box Office right now. Pretty sure a Raccoon can do alright for himself.

                • haha +1. I hadn’t even thought about that.

                • Yep, and Ted is a joke. If you were having a straight comedy movie it would be fine. Kind of proving my point.

                  • Not really because RR is no more a comedic element that Yoda.

                  • Actually Ted wasn’t always fun and games; he even taught his friend a lesson.

                • And how much fabric softener did “Snuggles” sell?

          • So he’s an earth racoon that was experimented on to give him human level intelligence and a bipedal body plan or its an alien? I’m confused.

            • not experimented on, genetically altered, but yes an earth raccoon.

      • A character that’s been around since the mid-70s.

    • You’re just being plain ignorant. Rocket Raccoon is an awesome character and deserves to be the most famous GotG character. Essentially, he’s the Yoda of the Marvel Universe… no joke.

      • Let’s hear from the anti Ant-Man gang about Rocket Raccoon. Ant-Man is intriguing while RR is a damn gun slinging vermin. Glad you guys want the good thing Marvel has going to fail.

      • Yes, I’m ignorant about the gun-wielding raccoon. I can’t believe so many great heroes will never get their movie and this idiot will. But, that’s just my ignorance speaking.

      • No, dude. This will destroy Marvel if they’re serious about putting “Rocket Raccoon” into the films, which is apparently the idea. So many great characters to choose from, and they go for a coon. Every Cooter Kleetus and Eanus will be gunning for that “Yoda of the Marvel Universe,” and the only question will be who gets the better zinger, R Downey Jr. or some goober with a shotgun.

        • Destroy Marvel? Hardly. You obviously have some personal hang-up with RR which is your problem. He IS going to be in the GotG movie and it’s not just an “idea”.

          I can only guess at this point that you’ve never read the comic because no one I know that has read it has your attitude afterward.

          • I’ve read several of the comics. I wasn’t a huge Guardians fan but I liked Annihilation and its off-shoots. Still will never like Rocket Raccoon. Marvel even got rid of him for years. If they would have made his character just a furry alien or something, that had nothing to do with a Raccoon, it would be fine. I mean, he’s no match for Super Squirrel or Awesome Possum, a Possum who can shoot lasers out of his butt.

            Give it up, you guys like the fuzzy raccoon. We are telling you it’s going to discredit Marvel. I guess we will see who is right in 2014. I’ll take any bet it doesn’t go over well if they use him as he is in the comics.

            • BTW, when I first picked up Annihilation, about a year after it was published, I almost didn’t read it b/c of RR. I remember a bad ass cover to one of those comics who had the group of cosmic heroes, and then RR just made it a joke.

              Look at some of the idiotic powers like the Kangaroo or Armadillo and see where they are now. If we want kids stuff we watch cartoons and read Archie Comics.

          • You’re right. I haven’t read the comic. Probably because it has a walking, talking, gun-slinging coon in it. When I said “destroy” Marvel, that may have been going too far. MAY have been, we’ll see. I guess it all depends on how much it will cost to bring this “glorious” character to life, and how many people want to buy tickets to see something called “Rocket Raccoon.” I’m guessing it won’t have the same appeal as Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, X-Men, Wolverine, Spiderman, Spiderman Reboot, Hulk, Hulk Reboot, Ghost Rider or even the Punisher.

            More than likely, in a market that is becoming increasingly saturated with superhero films, the average movie goer will see something called “Guardians of the Galaxy” and think, “Okay, a little cheesy sounding, but maybe.” Then they’ll hear about Rocket Raccoon, and the’ll be like, “Oh, is this a mutant ninja turtle thing?”

            I’m sure Marvel knows its audience, and will be mindful of breaking the bank on it, but mixing it with Avengers is dangerous to a very lucrative property. It stands to hurt Marvel’s relationship with Chris Evans, R Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, etc. when you start asking them to act with Raccoons. Why? Because Rocket Raccoons and walruses are fundamentally more juvenile than Marvel’s A-list properties.

            • Wouldn’t it be simple just to include him in GoTG but kill him off? They haven’t really killed off any heroes or characters other than agent Coulson. It would add a bit to the franchise by showing audiences that characters can be killed off and it eliminates the raccoon from any future Avengers movies.

            • you mad and butt hurt cause you and your boyfrined dont like rr but everybody in the world with a fully functioning brain knows that rr would could and has kicked all kinds of ass in his comics. whats not to love its a badass coon with a rocket launcher and a irish accent? nothing you could say could ever beat that except one name. Oprah

  2. I’m sure this would open up new story telling angles for these old characters, I’m not sure if it’s for me but I’ll give it a shot.

  3. Wow, this reminds me of DC’s New 52!! Come up with something different Marvel.

    • Except new 52 is a restart, overwriting and nullifying continuity that came before, this is moreof a restructuring within established continuity. So, really not the same thing.

      • As someone who is not keeping up with current comics, this sounds like a huge mess. Bringing X-men from the 60′s? I don’t get that. Where are the modern Beast, Angel, Cyclops, etc? This implies that they’d all be in their sixties (agewise). Or are they from another dimension or what?

        52 at least sounded like something old comic readers, and new, could start with.

        • If they didn’t feel the need to do it every few years. This is, I think, the 4th time they’ve(DC) done a complete overhaul/retcon of their continuity.

          Crisis on infinite Earths: they ditch all previous continuity by saying it happened in other dimensions, then streamline it to a single dimension.

          Infinite Crisis: total overhaul of established continuity

          The first 52: another continuity overhaul reintroducing multi-verse, establishing 52 seperate universes for out of continuity stories to take place.

          New 52: once again re-establishing a new starting point for continuity in a more contemporary way, similar to what Marvel did years ago with the Ultimate line, only they rebooted their mainstream universe instead ofcreating another line.

          • I know they’ve done it before. I was reading DC back in the late eighties, early nineties. I felt like they’d simplified everything, and then quickly started filling up the Universe again. I imagine it’s that way often.

  4. I don’t see any reason why the changes in the comics should reflect on the films. The films are their own stand alone universes. Say they killed Tony Stark in the comics (not saying they’re going to or even should), it doesn’t mean Tony Stark can’t be alive and well on the big screen.

    • The only relevance I see is that they are using characters popularized by the movies to bring attention to characters they want to become popular in future movies, by mixing them together. Like Nova and Rocket Raccoon.

  5. How about Marvel give us an “Ultimate Bronze Age” that would be specific to the 1970′s and totally removed from the current continuity? It would be incredible to see a reimaging of the Champions, Werewolf By Night, and Marvel Team Up, among other classic titles of that period.

    It just feels like Marvel’s current “Heroic Age” is more kid friendly like their Marvel Adventures line. All those inbred Avengers and X-titles may sell for now, but they are as disposable as they are unmemorable.

  6. I foresee modern Wolverine hitting on time-travel-teen Jean Grey, and all the implications therein. And speaking of Jean, is it modern Jean back from the dead in the new team, or time-travel-teen Jean?

    I like the single eye for modern Cyclops, though I dislike the red, mostly cause it looks just like Daredevil.

    Anyone care to take bets how long it’ll be before Black and Gold Iron Man makes its way into the movies?

  7. The most powerful team of superheroes ever assembled. I think those rights to certain characters may be shifting soon.

  8. thats not Ultimate Universe Nick Fury thats 616 Nick Fury son Marcus Johnson (birth name Nick Fury Jr).

    the comic book mini series Battle Scars introduce him as Nick Fury son. Nick Fury Jr (Marcus Johnson) is designed to look like Ultimate Marvel version of Nick Fury and SLJ.

  9. Sounds like Ultimate Suckage to me.
    One of the reasons I enjoyed Marvel so much is that there weren’t nearly as many retcons in it….now it’s going to be trash just like DC, you never really know the history or past events of ANY hero for more than a year or two before they screw it all sideways.

    I suppose at this point, I’m out. Thanks for Nothing, Disney.


  11. I’m not feeling that whole Nick Fury’s son thing. It would have made more sense to me if he was just a new character named Marcus Johnson who works closely with nick fury at shield. Instead he just seems like a stupid idea trying to be in lock step with the films.

  12. Thor has a Skirt now?!?! Maybe we see him do an Angela Joile Leg Pose on a variant cover :)

  13. Why would the Hulk need armor ?

    Why would Thor need swords since Mjolnir is considered the best weapon ever known ?

    Don’t really care about the others. Never collected Avengers, I did collect Uncanny Xmen though.

    • Agree that Thor doesn’t need swords, but Hulk wore armour in Planet Hulk and World War Hulk storylines.

  14. A vs X-men has been crap..

  15. Is it just me or does Wolverines claws look shorter in this image?

  16. I’m sure I’m not the first to mention it, but that’s not actually the Ultimate Marvel Nick Fury, just white Nick Fury’s long lost illegitimate so who happens to have a missing eye and look exactly like the movie and Ultimate versions of Nick Fury!

  17. Comic book fans are the biggest bunch of whiners out there.

    Holy moly. You complain when a company reboots. You complain when a company keeps its convoluted history. You complain when a company kills someone. You complain when they bring people back to life. You complain when they keep things the status quo. You complain when they change things around. You complain about old characters still being around. And then you complain when they try to push new characters.

    … all while claiming you are “about done with DC/Marvel and I am reading Independent ONLY because there stories are so original and awesome!!!”… yet somehow all know EXACTLY what is going on in the before mentioned DC/Marvel comics. But of course, you dropped it… yeah…

    • It’s true, we are whiners. I don’t care mostly about what Marvel does. I do love comics now and mainly started reading them again after becoming disabled from a football injury. So now I am stuck in a recliner most of the day and I like to read and write instead of watching TV all day. Sorry for being passionate about something that has made the time go by a little faster.

      I understand they need to make their big names fresh and marketable. A lot of times they mess up a good thing. But when they mess up a good thing they are hurting themselves. Honestly, I want them to succeed so I can get more great stories out of them. It’s like watching your good friend hurt themselves and not being able to stop it.

      But I won’t stop reading until they make it so ridiculous that I no longer want to “escape” to that fantasy anymore.

  18. the good thing about this news is that i will be saving money from not buying any more comic books !

  19. Instead of trying to do what DC did and has had sucess with, Marvel should just try to do something original, but no there doing this, and the promo art kinda sucks. Joy. It just looks bad, not saying that it will be, but why? We don’t need it this just seems gimmicky and of the wave of DC. Hopefully it will be more like AOA and not last, but it will, cause forget that these characters have been growing lately, we’re going to abandon all that and jump into new stories, but wait half of them will be rehashing origin stories, yeah we want those one more time. Okay, now that that’s out of my system, bring it on Marvel try not to screw up to much.

    • They are not copying “new 52″ it’s not a reboot with new origins of old characters, it’s a restructuring within established continuity.

      If anything the “new 52″ is a blatant rip-off of Marvel’s Ultimate line. Contemporary reimagining of established characters, which is what “new 52″ did, is exactly what Marvel did with the Ultimate line of comics over a decade ago. So who’s copying whom?

      • not nessicarily, you see, dc has been reinventing their characters with each volume since the 80′s for example teen titans vol 1 #1 Vol 2 vol 3 vol 4. They’ve always been adapting their characters for a new audience because dc knew that their characters can act the same way and talk the same way forever. in 2000 marvel launched it’s first ultimate comic book: spiderman. That was my favorite version of peter parker. what happened? they killed him an have miles morales now. It seems that marvel tries to be too political and their stories suffer with it. it’s sad, really.

        • Not true. Marvel has done this “soft reboot” before in 1998 with Onslaught. Franklin Richards sent the main heroes to another dimension and when they came back they were magically rebooted. It was a little lame but in a way I liked it better than just starting over. If you read Heroes Reborn from back in the late 90s, they explain the new backgrounds of the heroes. Ex. The Thing (Ben Grimm) serves in the Iraq war instead of WWII. Things like that were updated, exactly what they are doing now.

          On the other hand the Ultimates is a joke b/c of Miles Morales. I have never picked up any of those books because of that. I probably will one day when I’m bored enough, but I’m a Marvel who-ah.

  20. Oh and great choice of name! MArvel NOW! WOW! That makes me want to read it! I’m done I’m done!!

  21. Seriously where is gambit. Why do that treat gambit like s***. He was even more popular than wolverine in the early and mid 90s

    • That’s true but Gambit is treated that way because he was just a clump of 90s cliche “cool”. Basically he was marvel comics mocking us and droves of people (including myself sorry to say) bought into it. He gets treated like excrement because he is excrement.

      • Gambit was cool when he first came out, but the general feeling was that he was a replacement for Longshot. Nobody could ever figure out why they got rid of Longshot either, only to then come up with Shatterstar later.

        • Because people keep mistaking the butt-wipings Rob Liefeld produces for quality art?

          • You know it is hard to imagine, but when Liefeld started he was not that bad. I remember he did a What If with Wolverine and the Hulk and the art was pretty damn good. When he got popular and started stylizing his work though, that’s when he became polarizing to say the least. And there was a guy before him name Brent Blevins who seemed like he was trying to be the Picasso of the comic world.

  22. Seriously where is gambit. Why do that treat gambit like dirt. He was even more popular than wolverine in the early and mid 90s

  23. @Afan . . . Gambit is getting his own solo series. I forget when it’s coming out but it is pretty soon if I recall, correctly.

  24. I’m mainly just curious to find out the reasoning behind Hulk’s space armor and Thor’s new swords, not to mention Iron Man’s new suit and any possible upgrades

  25. I dont read comics, but lol at the racoon.

    • Me too ha ha, cant believe there are people above arguing over it! Its an awful idea regardless of the back story. Forget the realism, if you want to see a kids movie with little cute animals go see alvin and the chipmunks!

      • Exactly.

  26. The Marvel universe is a joke. Too much comedy for my taste. I hope DC goes for the darker tones that Christopher Nolan has taken with his Batman Trilogy. Superman: Man of Steel will be the best Superman movie ever. No cheese in this new version. It will rock with Zack Snyder at the helm…

    The Amazing Spider-Man was great. Way better than the cheesy Raimi flicks. Will probably see it a second time.

    • Unbelievable. I have been saying for years (also on screenrant)that what we need is for comic book movies (especially the x-men) to be more serious and adult-oriented, and I don’t remember anyone agreeing with me. NOW folks are talking about wanting comic book movies being more serious. MAN OH MAN!

      • Pretty sure there are a fair amount of people who want more adult oriented comic movies. Ever since Blade we’ve known they can be widely successful. The problem is that comic companies have the tobacco motto, “Get ‘em while they’re young”.

        I don’t mind that motto to a certain extent. But Marvel established a teenage + set of movies. What some of us are saying is that having Iron Man, Hulk, or Cap doing scenes with a talking Raccoon is absurd.

        If they go “all in” on Rocket Raccoon, you are going to have another Green lantern movie, or worse. I respect them too much to ever hope for that.

        • “Pretty sure there are a fair amount of people who want more adult oriented comic movies. Ever since Blade we’ve known they can be widely successful. The problem is that comic companies have the tobacco motto, “Get ‘em while they’re young”.”


  27. Forgot to add:

    X-Men First Class was awesome. I hope this merging doesn’t mess that up. We are now on our third Hulk and the continuity of tying in all the Avengers to The Avengers movie just didin’t work for me. The continuity was off a little. And come on Hammer’s orange hands that was too much over the top for my taste.

  28. The movie merging WILL happen. Fox (X-Men) and Sony (Spidey) would be stupid not to let their property appear in one of the subsequent Avengers spin-offs and not to get a 10% share of the gazillion dollars it’ll make with absolutely no further ado! This is a no-brainer… a win-win-situation…
    And it wouldn’t be the first time major movie studios collaborate on one big feature… Titanic was co-produced by Fox and Paramount…

    • I believe there will be a merging one day if the other studios agree with Marvel’s conditions. There is no way I see Marvel letting Fox’s s***** X-Men stories leak over to the MCU. X-Men: First Class was good but it wasn’t a very good X-men movie. Marvel Studios have stayed true to the comics for the most part. If they do let some of the characters leak over into the MCU, it will be on Marvel’s terms and how they want them to look, sound, and everything. That is the only way I’d want Fox and Sony’s properties leaking over. Marvel’s way or No Billion Dollar Highway.

      Face it, Marvel Studios would have made a lot better movies with X-Men, Ghost Rider, and Spider-Man. I don’t care what anyone says, the Lizard would have worked if they stayed true to the comics. People would have responded to that just as well in my mind. Marvel Studios completely changed the way to present comic book characters.


  29. I know this isn’t a popular opinion and I’m likely to be tared and feathered for this, but why isn’t “616″ Fury allowed to be white anymore? I get that the gentleman in the picture is “616″ Fury’s son but, I mean c’mon.

    I get people will take that as a race thing, and it sort of is really. It’s not about hate or anything and I don’t want to say it feels like reverse racism. It’s just, I and many others grew up reading about SGT. Fury and his Howling Commandos, that guy went on to be the top dog of SHIELD we all know and love. So why isn’t he good enough anymore? It feels like my Nick Fury is being wiped away because he’s not black.

    The rest of this looks like rubbish too but I just can’t be shocked by stupid ideas coming out of the house of ideas.

    • Well it comes down the fact that they want to sell to as many people as they can and when many of these comics first started there was no ethnic diversity. This was due to the fact that the creators were mostly white and that was the point of view they were coming from, which is understandable. There were attempts over the years to introduce characters from other backgrounds, to mixed success. But few ever really got to the point of being elite status.

      Now it comes down to a similar issue as far as the lack of varying backgrounds on the creative end in the business still being the norm, and a more global marketplace needing to be exploited for customers. With the books and other tie-ins being pushed in different markets it has become more of necessity for comics not to look like a 50′s American television show. The problem is they still have people who might not have any knowledge of other people, and that combined with a lack of creativity has caused them to just paste people into roles hoping it will look cool and progressive.