Marvel Announcing Another Classic Character Change-up Tonight on ‘Colbert’ [UPDATED]

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Stephen Colbert Spider Man Marvel Announcing Another Classic Character Change up Tonight on Colbert [UPDATED]

UPDATE: A New Captain America Was Revealed on The Colbert Report! Details HERE!

Marvel Entertainment made waves of headlines yesterday when it took to ABC’s The View daytime television talk show to announce an all-new Thor comic series that would replace the classic hero with a female version, the first woman to wield the power of the mythical hammer of Norse legend known as Mjolnir. The controversial swap was specifically designed to cater to female readers in an effort for Marvel to expand their audience. If anything, they certainly got the geek world’s attention in their lead-up to San Diego Comic-Con next week.

Marvel is continuing with the momentum today, this time taking to The Colbert Report this evening for another comic book title announcement. Thankfully, this time they were clear that the news is specific to comic books instead of letting many think it could be television or film related. While Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report isn’t Disney-owned like most venues or networks Marvel typically makes its official announcements, host Stephen Colbert has been a longtime collaborator with Marvel. He has a Captain America shield on his shelf on the show and in the comics he was actually a character running for President. He even won the popular vote against President Obama in Marvel’s mainstay 616 universe (the main series of Marvel comics).

Tonight’s (Wednesday, July 16th) episode airs at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT where 50 year-old funnyman and soon-to-be host of the Late Show on CBS (when David Letterman retires next year) will invite Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment, on to announce “an all-new comic book title and all-new era for one of Marvel’s most classic Super Heroes.”

Stephen Colbert Captain America Shield Marvel Announcing Another Classic Character Change up Tonight on Colbert [UPDATED]

Keep in mind, that Marvel already announced a week ago that there will be a new Captain America debuting this fall, stepping into the star-spangled costume previous worn by Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes – played by Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, respectively. Joining the new Cap is the all-new female Thor revealed yesterday, which begs the question if tonight’s “classic” hero is another key member of The Avengers as we know them from the films (i.e. Iron Man) or if it’s another headliner like Spider-Man who’s crossed paths with Colbert in the books.

We don’t know if this will be an all-new character, or character swap like yesterday’s announcement, or simply a new direction (“new era”) for someone we know. It could be more details and confirmation on who the new Captain America is, but we already know thanks to the cover of Avengers #35 that it’s Sam Wilson aka Falcon (Anthony Mackie in Captain America: The Winter Soldier). That issue releases in September.

Stephen Colbert Spider Man team up Marvel Comics 674x1024 Marvel Announcing Another Classic Character Change up Tonight on Colbert [UPDATED]

Colbert-Spidey Team-up

Like the Captain America and Thor changes, the new direction for these stories and characters opens new paths for Marvel Studios to follow years down the road when Hollywood and talent contracts prevent the production house from making more followups to the characters we’re familiar with on screen. It allows for Avengers movies for years to come with new versions of their iconic characters.

What are your predictions for tonight?


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Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, Captain America 3 on May 6 2016, and unannounced films for July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. Not sure but Joss Whedon tweeted about the female Thor and used a picture of Katee Sackhoff.

    • That’s because her character on Battlestar Galactica (2003) is a revised version of a male character from the original Battlestar Galactica (1978).

      • Ahh, ok, didn’t know. I never saw the original when it repeated in the 80s and so never cared much for the remake either.

        Most online assume he’s picking her as the movie version of female Thor.

        • Yea, I’ve never even watched or cared for BG either. I just saw your post about it, did a few minutes of research and that’s what it led me to. I am really not a fan of hers at all. Everyone is all gung-ho for her to be Ms. Marvel and I really hope that never happens. Also, everyone automatically (and annoyingly) assuming after yesterdays announcement that the MCU is going to reintroduce Thor as a female sometime in the future…not gonna happen.

        • I never cared for BSG in the 80s. I actually don’t like it. But The BSG reboot is excellent. Do yourself a favor and watch it. It’s all on netflix

        • I never cared to watch the 80’s BSG when I was younger but I know enough about it to know the remake is totally different. I love the new BSG, you should give it a try.

  2. New ironman..marvel making its easy for me to save money on my pull list

    • They made it easy for me to save money a long time ago. I’ve been subscribing to the “Ultimate Marvel Graphic Novels Collection” since December 2011, the collection ends in July 2016 with two books per month (stories like Demon In A Bottle, Avengers Vs X-Men, Planet Hulk, World War Hulk, basically everything from 1962 to present day).

      Honestly, other than “Ghost Rider: Road To Damnation”, “Civil War” and “The Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank”, it’s been mostly crap. Find myself rolling my eyes a lot, hoping something interesting happens and looking forward to ending the story.

      Kraven’s Last Hunt had unnecessary guff that carried the book on forever and World War Hulk seemed to be over pretty quickly and left me wondering “Is that it, story’s finished already?” after less than 2 hours of reading from cover to cover, including the editorial at the start and the additional pages at the end giving a back story as to how they came up with the idea and sketch work.

      I like the movies so far (The Avengers being the exception) but honestly, their comics just don’t interest me all that much and when they do, the story’s over just when I’m starting to get into it.

      DC’s comics are better and I say this as an unbiased person who only ever read Tank Girl, 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine as a youngster then didn’t pick up a comic book between 1994-2010 (when I bought The Thanos Imperative and The Killing Joke to start my collection of Marvel and DC stuff I missed through not reading their stuff at all for the first 26 years of my existence).

      • Uncanny Avengers and New Avengers are both pretty good right now.

        Picked up the new Silver Surfer series #1. It is fresh, quirky and fun so far. The cover is really cool too.

        Guardians of the Galaxy currently is ok. Some of the humor in it is really lame.

        The new Ghost rider artwork sucks. I don’t like the Manga influenced style for Ghost Rider. And his new skull? Don’t like it. I’m up for new style but not what Tradd Moore did.

  3. Oh lawd……a female Iron Man -_-

    • It will probably be an Asian transexual Daredevil. Gotta play to all those left out now days. Next thing you know…someone will make Harry Potter recimagined and set in Mexico.

  4. I’d really like to see ‘Rescue’ become something. There is a great artistic take on Pepper Potts in the Rescue (Iron Man) Armor.

  5. Well at least we know they won’t be announcing Spiderman will be a female, cuz then she’d be spider woman and they already have a couple of those… if they are going to turn Iron Man into and Iron Woman, we’ll Iron Maiden would be a better name but I think they might have problems with the copyright on that one depending.

    Maybe it’ll be the other way around, Black Widow will become a man, and be dubbed the Black Widower.

    Yesterdays news of Thor seemed like it could be legit, trying to make things more appealing towards female readers, but if they’re just gonna gender swap everyone they might as well just come up with a separate line of books and set it on an alternative earth.

    This whole things stinks of desperation due to low sales.

    • Ya…It is a shame. Why do they have to nuke the classic characters to diversify? It wold have been so easy to make a female Asgardian on par with Thor, but no…nuked. Cap is the most heartbreaking. No Steve Rogers, no Cap. Im betting Spiderman will be gay. I also believe Marvel will lose a ton of readers.

  6. It would not surprise me if they changed the origin story of the Fantastic Four to be inline with the upcoming Sony movie.

    • Fantastic Four’s a FOX movie, and there’s been talk of Marvel getting rid of the Fantastic Four titles completely. They’d rather not promote FOX’s movies with their comic books. Knowing this, it should be very surprising if they do anything involving Fantastic Four that relates to the movie.

      • The Fantastic Four sales are pitiful. Like around 60,000 issues sales/month. Hopefully, Fox is aiming for a wider audience than the current F4 comic book community.

        • Sales in the comics are pitiful and FOX is barely keeping the reboot relevant due to the huge amount of secrecy and lack of any plot details. It’s like even FOX wants the movie to be the worst reboot in history.

  7. wonder if it will be a black Johnny storm to reflect what the movie is doing…

    Would be crazy if they are rebooting Punisher or Blade in the comics.

  8. TWO Versions of The Black Panther. Both would work in the same Universe.

  9. I watched the first Spiderman film and I didn’t like it. It was the first time I wanted the villain to succeed. That’s when I decided not to watch the following ones.

    Regarding the upcoming f4 Crap, Fox suits will have to learn the lesson the hard way. When they see this film didn’t appeal the fans and after the word of mouth, they will have to swallow the pill and go back to what works. Crappy film at its best.

    • What on EARTH does your comment have to do with this article?

  10. A tranny Hulk.

  11. Please let the news be that they’re firing Rick Remender (or at least taking him off Captain America).

    Honestly, I’d prefer more female characters becoming heroes in their own right, rather than just genderflipped versions of existing male characters.

  12. Pepper Pots, she kicked ass remember. And they already have a star power with her so.

  13. seriously this is ridiculous. Marvel can’t think that viewers will be MORE accepting of a female thor (providing the plan is, once hemsworth’s contract is up) to switch his powers over to a female character in the movies, rather than just, you know, recast. Its ridiculous. And pandering at best. Rather than introduce any of the awesome female characters they have, SIF (expanded role), Ms Marvel, lets just yank out an existing popular character and make him a her.

    oy. I’m not a sexist. I love female characters. But I’m really annoyed that they refuse to take chances on good/great NEW characters rather than just watering down the existing brand. Sad.

  14. Joss Whedon may like female characters, but I doubt he’s going to change Thor into a woman. At least not anytime soon. There has been little to no hints of it happening. The closest I can see is Whedon teasing fans with the idea, having Loki turn Thor into a woman as an illusion…. And Loki already made him appear as Sif, so even that’s already been done.

  15. They’re going to kill Captain America.

    It’s going to be replaced by a black, female trasgendered, overwheight, transracial, transfat with furry tendencies called Captain Tumblr.

    • You are spot on.

  16. ah….MORE PC bs….

  17. Looks like Marvel Comics is gearing up for another Reboot. Like they did a few years ago with Marvel NOW!
    They’re desperate to attract the younger generation into reading comic books, or at least download a digital version.

  18. The way Marvel’s going these days someone’s going to announce they’re becoming a “trans-gender”. Getting really tired of the left-wing politics out of Marvel.

  19. Hahaha my thoughts exactly. Marvel wants to appease the people who only care about fake gay relationships between characters, an people who think they’re oppressed and under represented.theyll regret it when they realise the demographic they’re desperately chasing after only watches movies and doesn’t actually read any of the books.

    • I’ll have you know that as a 32 year old gay male I have been purchasing between 5 and 20 or so titles a month for a little over two decades now and I would love to see more homosexual characters in mainstream comics.

      I also know at least a half dozen homosexual comic buyers/readers (one of them is even a lesbian, so there!)

      There are way more comic book supporters than the stereotypical white, hetero, socially awkward (often times bigoted and sexist) guys who hang out at the local shops and frequent sites such as this.

      We (the comic book buying, reading and loving public that don’t fit into the above group) deserve to be represented and have characters we can relate to on a more personal level depicted in our chosen and preceded medium. Just because we don’t take to the message boards to post our outrage anytime a characters race or gender is changed doesn’t mean we aren’t a part of the paying public.

      I say bring on the black, Latino, asian, middle eastern, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Atheist, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, fat, skinny, tall, short, etc., characters and lets not just have them be the “token” or brought out to make a point in a story arc they are relevant to.

      I’d love to see the different worlds I so enthusiastically visit every Wednesday populated with a wider variety of superheros, just like the real world I live in which happens to be populated by “heros” of every stripe and color.

  20. They will announce a gay character.

  21. Jesus, so many entitled white boys on this site. Why should all the superheroes look like you guys? Give the rest of us a chance.

    • Why you assume all of us are entitled? Or white boys? Or from the US, for that matter?

  22. Lol Shanonigans

  23. its going to be a black woman panther play by a white female australian crocodile

  24. Actually, even if they have a female actress possessing the power of Thor, it wouldn’t necessarily mean that “Thor,” himself, would be a female version. Originally, in the comics, Thor would switch places with whomever struck his cane to the ground, so it all depends on how they go about doing things, really…

  25. Its a black Captain America, Falcon becomes Captain America.

  26. Woman with Thor’s powers named Thor, seriously, the same name?
    Falcon is now Captain America – well nothing changed i am still not interested in a character :p
    Ironman is now Superior Ironman in a really ugly white suit and i guess the same issues i had with Superior Spiderman.
    X-men are no more really. After they dump them in AvX and killed the whole mutant idea, making some individual stories that are ruining origins of some characters, Cyclops for example.

    Way to go Marvel, way to go.

  27. Marvel should be very careful about swapping out characters like this. They have their reasons, I’m sure, but they don’t take into account that messing with existing characters that people love can drive the fans away. What is being done to the Fantastic Four, making Johnny Storm black is a good example(yes, I know FOX has the rights to the FF). Its like they took a good friend and made him a different person. I used to spend around $200 a month on comics, primarily Marvel, but I finally had enough when they killed Spider-Man and revealed that he had been a clone for YEARS, effectively erasing everything that had happened in Spider-Man all the way back to when the Jackal cloned him. I completely gave up comics that day, but I have enjoyed some of the recent movies. LEAVE THE CHARACTERS ALONE, MARVEL!

  28. Ok. I agree that feminine role have been diminished from comic world, but instead of revamp Electra, or ROGUE even MISS MARVEL with the support of PRO-WOMEN GROUPS, you’re going to kill some of the epic rivals of HULK, what next? shehulk. PLease don´t. RELAUNCH FANTASTIC FOUR WITH A STRONG FEMALE CHARACTER, but let THOR THE WAY HE IS. KInd of of misunderstanding THE UNIVERSE, specially the MARVEL UNIVERS. I THINK.