Marvel is Killing Off Wolverine in Comics

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Death of Wolverine Cover Marvel is Killing Off Wolverine in Comics

For those of you just in from distant lands, here’s a brief overview of Marvel’s seminal X-Men character Wolverine. Also known as Logan, also known as James Howlett, Wolverine was first introduced in the November of 1974, in issue #180 of The Incredible Hulk. Logan is a mutant who possesses animal-like senses and reflexes, extraordinary regenerative capabilities, a set of claws and skeleton laced with the indestructible metal adamantium, and a nasty temper.

Wolverine was immortal, or close to it thanks to his regeneration and slow aging. He has escaped certain death countless times, and not even writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven’s disturbing, future-set Old Man Logan could finish him off. Today, however, Marvel has announced that the Ol’ Canuknuckle Head’s final card will be punched this September.

EW reports that Wolverine will be killed off in an upcoming 4-part Marvel limited series, appropriately title Death of Wolverine. Issue #1 will premiere September 3rd, 2014. The series will be written by Charles Soule and drawn by Steve McNiven. The “3 Months to Live” arc of this June’s Wolverine solo series will culminate in the character’s demise on September 24th. According to Marvel executive editor Michael Marts:

“For a long time, no matter who Wolverine was battling, he’s been the eternal victor. He almost always comes out on top. Now he finally comes up against an adversary that he cannot win against, he cannot fight. What does that mean for this character who’s been around for hundred years?”

Check out the cover art for the first issue of Death of Wolverine, along with an official piece of art, courtesy of EW:

Death of Wolverine McNiven cover Marvel is Killing Off Wolverine in Comics

Death of Wolverine art EW Marvel is Killing Off Wolverine in Comics

According to Soule, who has worked on Marvel’s new Inhumans line and Thunderbolts, the final act of Wolverine’s saga “is meant, in part, as a retrospective for both the character and the audience.” Soules went on to say:

“He’s reflecting on his own life as he’s reflecting on his own death. We wanted to have the reader do that at the same time. In each issue, we’re focusing on a different aspect, or a different quintessential Wolverine.”

So what does this mean for the movie version of Wolverine, who has been portrayed by Hugh Jackman since 2000′s X-Men? Well, in a development which echoes last year’s second solo cinematic outing for the character, director James Mangold’s The Wolverine, the comic book version of Logan will lose his healing powers in this summer’s “3 Months to Live” arc.

Coupled with Hugh Jackman’s recent remarks about the “inevitable” recasting of his signature character – along with Jackman’s remarks about who could play the character next in this Yahoo! Screen Q&A video alongside X-Men: Days of Future Past co-stars James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender – this news appears to something both Marvel and Fox have been building towards for some time. The comics unsurprisingly touch on or tease what’s happening in the films, hence properties like Guardians of the Galaxy getting pushed to the forefront when the film began development. It’s all in the marketing.

Wolverine skeleton Marvel is Killing Off Wolverine in Comics

How permanent will the Death of Wolverine prove to be? Could this be a Death of Superman-esque attempt to not only revamp the character but make him relevant to the comic book audience in a new way? As impermanent as comic book deaths has proven to be in the past, Marts asserts that Marvel’s creative team has made this decision “from a standpoint of finality, of closure.” He elaborated about the ripple effect this will have, saying:

“You’re gonna be entering into a world without Wolverine. That affects not only his teammates, but also the Marvel Universe at large. We’ve got a lot of things in the works already.”

Stay tuned for the inevitable developments on how this will affect the film series.

The death of Wolverine, Screen Ranters! What do you think this portends? Sound off in the comments!


Marvel will release Death of Wolverine #1 on September 3rd, 2014.

Source: EW

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  1. Over the years I have read both DC and Marvel, but for me, once DC released Graphic stories like The Killing Joke and The Dark Knight returns, it started a much more serious tone and better writing for al the titles. Thru the years we have been given great stories like JLA: Identity Crisis, which was one of the more hard hitting emotional stories to date. One of the best storylines I think was Blackest Night. The preludes leading up to it thru the Lantern issues and other titles.
    Yet no one ever mentions the great stories they did, so much better than Marvel’s Civil Wars storyline. Though I was a big MS Marvel fan.
    DC rebooting was inevitable, considering that Marvel rebooted a few times before. The creation of the Ultimate Universe was a kind of rebooting.
    I don’t totally agree with them rebooting, because Brightest Day restarted a few really good titles and was worth reading them.
    I’ve been following some of the newer titles from DC and some are good and so need a little more work but not too bad. As for the Man of Steel move, it was a worthy and enjoyable film that is opening up the gateway to the DCU characters and stories, when they happen to get made. I’m patient. It will be worth it.

    • I agree, I haven’t read Identity Crisis yet but Final Crisis was rather interesting with Thought Robot Superman, the monitors etc. I’m enjoy the New 52 for the most part, Forever Evil was cool and I look forward to Future’s End. I think DC in general over the years has always been darker then Marvel for the most part.

      I loved how MOS kept Superman Superman with powers, etc but the world reacted in a realistic sense.

  2. inb4 it’s a clone, or a shapeshifting alien, or a trained actor or it’s a dream of some s*** like that. Everytime.

    You know people say nowadays “oh nobody dies in comics!” but it wasn’t always like this. When Marvel started in the 60′s up until the early 80′s, death was meaningful. You had major characters like Electra dying and staying dead. Then they started bringing back dead characters and it just went to s***.

    • I’ll read it. I want to see what they’re setting up.

      Rather than respond with unbacked vitriol, characters are allowed to die. Will he come back? Naturally, I want to find out. Will he stay dead? I hope so, because I could do with less of Wolverine taking the spotlight.

      This Caesar gives a thumb down.

  3. After being desiccated in the movies they give us this? Of all the characters to kill off this is probably the worst choice, why not kill of cap? Thor? Tony stark? Or even the whole fantastic four? Wolverine is an iconic Marvel character and I for one won’t be buying this, I think after the poor writing and portrayal in the movies we deserve better than this.

    • Yea but this Death of Wolverine event isn’t marketed to the Xmen movie crowd. This is about the comic Wolverine who’s been written excellently for decades.
      And Cap and Thor have both already died.

    • You do realize that every one of the stand-ins for death which you mentioned have died at least once in the comics, right? Was that intended to be irony, or was that just a clueless coincidence?

    • kill cap ? dude are you new into this ?
      if someone is iconic here then its cap and not wolverine

    • Bro. Captain America’s BEEN dead. Civil War arc…

      • …and in Secret Invasion you find out that the Cap that was killed was a Skrull imposter and the real Cap escaped being imprisoned by Skrulls, Captain Current.

  4. Old Man Logan was the perfect way to handle him. Instead of killing him, which is stupid because that was his primary reason for existng as a superhero, being unkillable,… They just have go into self-imposed exile until they come up with a better, more worthy story in which to bring him back. Keep him in miniseries instead… Anything but death. It’s just a stupid idea …period.

  5. This is Idea stinks as always when the no talent hacks of the new comic age can’t think of anything else they kill of someone so they can be relevant again. I have noticed when they hand a comic over to the new whining writers the first thing they is change them to make them less than they where when created. I know lets make them all wife beaters and pedophiles next

  6. Wolverine has been reduced to a single drop of blood — which regenerated back into his entire self (if was a dimensional / magic thing). He has also been closest to dying when a ‘mutant power restrictor collar’ was on him — since his bones are covered in metal, he can’t generate new blood cells — and with his powers switched off, he could not regenerate his existing cells — so he slowly started dying … but, at the last moment, his collar was negated and poof… all better. He’s had all the metal ripped out of his body and put back in; turned into some kind of badger/wolverine but came ‘back’ to his standard human form. All this to say, that killing him off PERMANENTLY would be a major milestone for MARVEL. Unfortunately, this sounds like another “Death of Superman” / Death of Captain America fiasco in the making — especially since it went over like a lead balloon with both titles… and the same guys who bop back and forth from DC to Marvel and back can’t seem to come up with any better story lines.

  7. I think it would be wise for them to kill him off and be done with it. No come backs, 1 life , no continues, no respawns just plain DEAD! I get tired of people dieing and coming back. Yes it makes me feel more about the character but then people just come back. If Marvel is serious about killing him off, i think they should literally change the formula and leave him and whoever characters they kill off next, dead.

    • Not bring him back

  8. Of course it won’t last. You can’t kill a fictional character – he’s not alive to begin with. No comics characters stay dead (maybe Mar-Vell, but he’s been brought back a few times only to die right after) except for Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben.

    Let’s see if they cancel the monthly Wolverine comic or not.

    In any case, he won’t stay dead in the movies, cartoons, etc. He’s the best there is at what he does, and what he does is make tons of cash from licensing.

  9. This is a stupid idea. Marvel should learn that killing heroes is not whats best for business. I hate coming on here and reading CRAP like this! No more hero deaths! I was just talking about how many bad ideas like this marvel has to jack up their golden age! These ideas like killing heroes, and turning heroes evil are CRAP! This is another one of marvels good heroes gone. Marvels plans of sending heroes to their maker are stupid!

  10. Glad to see him going, don’t want him back. Has to be one of the most overdone characters in the MU. If I never hear his name again or see his shadow grace the cover of a new comic book, I will be happy.

    • Oh put a sock in it will ya pal! That is one of marvels best heroes! You are most likely the ONLY one who feels like this. Killing off characters that aren’t super villains is STUPID and that’s that jack.

      • Agreed. Wolverine is and will always be one of the BEST Marvel characters.

  11. sure in movies he wont be affected but cartoons go off the comics thats why we havent had any x men cartoons since x men evolution then theres 1 season of wolverine and the x men. i think we havent had any new x men cartoons is because they dont have any new stories for the main guy wolverine

    plus there is a big rumor that the writers are tired of people wanting and liking just him and want him dead permanently. i for one agree with the few that dont like this im another that wont follow marvel if they follow through with killing him off for good.

    people dont read x men comics for the other characters or other wise we see them more, they read for wolverine its been this way for years as far back as the 90′s growing up even then people wanted logan there could be another cyclops jean grey or even gambit but there is only one wolverine

    it isn’t X-Men without Wolverine plain and simple

    • Oh, good. I thought they meant that they were killing him off in the movies. I really don’t care what they do in the comics, as long as it STAYS in the comics and doesn’t bother the movies.

  12. What??? Wolverine dead??? They should kill Cyclops, he is nothing but a jerk.

  13. This smells an awful lot like Superman’s “death”. I don’t see Marvel fully killing off their biggest cash cow. They know who writes their checks.

  14. This is stupid and wrong. First, i finally start liking comics and i found out that peter is gone. And now wolvie is going to die????? For the loce of comics, you cant kill the one character that has put millions of dollars in your pocket (speaking of marvel) and you sure cant play with people’s feeling that way. I forgive you for what you (writers) did to spiderman, now pete is back. But WOLVERINE? THIS IS STUPID AND INSANE……

  15. Is it just me, or Marvel is starting to suck? all recent new regarding marvel only upset me, and
    even the art in the comics look awful.

  16. The smartest possible way to do this would be to set it at some unknown point in the future. That way they can kill him off, have it be canon, never retcon it, and still have Wolverine in future canon comics. This is really the only way they can handle it meaningfully, and guarantee that it’s irreversible. I really hope they do it that way.

  17. Why kill him? just have him disappear for 5 years – then they could write tons of stories on what he was doing – and those comics would most likely sell.

  18. I say it’s Peter Parker dying all over again, he’ll die, stay dead for a while (Petey was dead for 2 years or so I believe?)

    And then come back all powerful and asskicking like he has always done

  19. I think were all forgetting the main points. How does he lose his healing factor and when does he die as he is still alive in old man logan set decades into the future. We could still be seeing wolverine in many comics but with the knowledge that his demise will be found later on in the comics storyline. Plus we may see a more hero like aspect of daken in future comics who takes over after his father’s death

    • Old Man Logan is supposed to be set in an alternate timeline (or dimension, whatever), much like the MC2 and Ultimate universes, and not part of the main continuity. But rest assured that he won’t stay dead for very long. No Marvel hero does, especially one so popular.

      I think Daken is too far down the villain path for any chance of redemption for him. You don’t come back from being a cold-blooded murderer and overall b*stard. It was silly in Return of the Jedi and it will be if they make Daken some kind of anti-hero akin to his father.

  20. For someone who’s been reading comics from early age it’s really upsetting to see how I went from so excited with the X-Men film back in 2000 from completely hating the idea. Much like books being adapted there’s always that liberty to change things on the big screen, but Marvel is just using the films to market their comics and changing everything so that later comers can keep up with things. Let me just say I wasn’t around when the X-Men came out and still I was able to get into their stories in the 90s. Yes, the cartoon had something to do with that, but the cartoon had nothing to do with the story being told in the comics, but still I was in love with the characters. Now, they just don’t care about the characters, they are everywhere at the same time, fighting different foes and it’s confusing, that’s why there’s no new readers, bad writing! Killing characters like Wolverine is just lack of imagination. If they don’t have new things to say about them they should just finish things off, and put fans’ pockets to rest once and for all.

    • How is Marvel using the FOX films to market their comics, exactly? It would be pretty much like Microsoft using the iPad to market Windows.

  21. I think they are gonna bring in AoA Wolverine to replace this wolverine. He seems more badass than the current wolverine. Killed Cyclops twice. He had the apocalypse power so he is probably more physically powerful but burdened by what he did. Does not have his memories intact. Did not have Prof X to help smooth out the rougher parts of his personality. Plus it would be nice to see the interactions between him and the current wolverine’s friends. Would they befriend him and try to show him a different path?

  22. Well, Marvel is more into movies than comic books these days. (Though still one of the top two book companies.) I’ve even heard, that they only see the books as a form of advertising for their movies. My guess would be that this is an attempt to weaken the character that is most notable to the Movie company that hold the X-Men license for movies, as Marvel wants those rights back, but currently doesn’t have them. If this weakens that companies most prominent character from their Marvel license, then it will make the idea of selling that license back to Marvel that much easier.

  23. This will never last. Wolverine makes them too much money. I hate when they try marketing stuff like this and make you believe it will really happen. Comic writers needs to come up with some better ideas instead of always trying to pitch us a new OMG moment. Just come up with good stories and make them sale themselves instead of trying to pitch us another big event after another. Didn’t we just try this with Peter Parker and we all knew he would be back and guess what. I like Wolverine and don’t want to see him dead for good, but hate this type of story. They do need to dilute him down some in the marvel universe. He would have to have a few clones to be on all the teams he is on and still be off doing his own thing like they have him doing now.

  24. Obviously not going to stay dead. Would be the equivalent of me burning my pay checks every Friday. If they even attempt to really kill him off for good they still have to make money and when it comes down to it that is the deciding factor like everything else in world. No company is going to purposefully make less money.

  25. i strongly agree with the killing off of wolverine. Now before all you call me an idiot or a hater, I love wolvie. At the same time though (also mentioned in a previous comment) there isnt much that wolverine hasnt been through: shot, crushed, vaporized, frozen, mutated into a beast, metal ripped out of his body etc. the list goes on forever. While this was cool for a while, theres no surprises left with wolverine, save for his level of brutality, or seeing “what will he survive next?” Who cares if he doesnt stay dead for long, which I’m sure they will keep him dead as his son Daaken is now becoming a bigger and bigger player in the marvel universe. The death of heroes like this whether permanent or not is meant to do ONE THING to break the heart of the people who have been idolizing him for years and years. For example, when abigail arcane died in swamp thing, possibly the most touching death i have ever seen in comics, and she came back as an avatar of destruction the next issue, however brief her death was, did not in any way diminish the power of her death. Another would be the death of Ultimate spiderman I legitimately cried at the end of that one, with uncle ben and peter walking with bens arm around peter into heaven, and ben says to peter “Ya did good kid”. It was beautiful, poignant, poetic and hit all the right heart strings, it brought the entire story full circle. What they did, was have another young man take up the “mantle” of spidey, he was a different guy, different yet simialar powers, different costume, yet the book has the same “soul” as it did before, just infuse with some fresh energy and interesting story arcs with how the new spiderman and the old spidermans enemies are dealing with the fallout of the original dying. I am going to assume this is what they will do with logan and daaken. Logan will die, Daaken will finally get over his hatred of his father (as most of us do when our parents die) and take up the mask out of respect and honor for his father, or alternatively as a final “#@$% you” to logan (much the same reason he joined the dark avengers) . In closing my fellow marvel fans, aka. “True believers” have FAITH. Do you really think theyre gonna kill off Logan, the best there is, and not do it in a way that will blow us all away and remind you of all the years youve spent with your hero? I dont think so. I hypothesize we will all be saying years from now “remember when wolverine died? man oh man, that was nuts” whether this statement will be a positive one or negative? Only time will tell.

  26. death in comics means nothing. logan will be dead, and his return will be explained by the familiar devices: time travel, clones, it was a Skrull all along, etc

  27. wolvie cant die at least for quite sometime. way long ago in guardians of the galaxy comics, his claws were discovered. so he has to last for several more years in order for that event to have taken place. and just a tidbit here Disney has screwed up the marvel universe ever since they bought it.

    • You realized that with the comics, Disney has maintained a fairly hands off approach, right. Your complaint is with Marvel itself. If you are referring to the movies, you’re just crazy, as their adaptations have been better than any other studio’s

  28. this is total B.S. I never understood why they kill off characters, and now you are going to kill off the most popular and beloved X-Men EVER! all I have to say is that this had better be one of those what if things and not for good, they have killed off other popular characters and brought them back, so this better be a dream sequence!!!!! you hear me Marvel if he’s gone for good you can kiss any money that I would have spent on Marvel comics in the future GOOD-BYE, I can understand having to re-cast someone else for future movies but for me no one will be able to do a better job than Hugh Jackman, I had my doubts about him at first but he has more than proven to me and the rest of the world, that he is Wolverine, he has my total respect for being an actor that knows this character put him on the map ,and has a genuine interest in how he is developed in every movie he has played him in, Thanks Hugh Jackman